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									                                   Support Staff Vacancy List 04/2012

   1. Internal Auditor (LEVEL 8) Reference No. IA 01/12/12

       Salary Notch: R 198 975

Minimum Requirements

      3 years Internal Auditing qualification or equivalent qualification
      3 years appropriate auditing experience
      A valid Driver’s License with more than 3 yrs driving experience
      Advanced computer skills
      Registration with relevant professional authority

Required Knowledge, Skills and Competencies

      Auditing standards and procedures.
      Development of a Risk Management plan
      Exceptional analytical and decision making skills
      Results orientation with solid improvement skills
      Strong interpersonal skills and including the ability to interface at all levels within the institution,
       external organizations, government department and other authorities.
      Strong skills in project management and engagement closure.
      Planning and coordinating skills.
      Client liaison and the ability to identify client’s needs.
      Ability to stay abreast of relevant current business, economic developments and technology
      Ability to display teamwork, integrity and leadership.
      Excellent problem solving skills.
      Creative and innovative thinking skills to develop new methods, policy, strategy and leadership.
      Coaching and training skills.
      Research and advanced computer skills.
      Independence and ability to wok unsupervised.
      Objectivity and professionalism.
      Understanding and Knowledge of relevant legislation including FETC Act, PFMA, DORA,
       Treasury’s instructions, BCEA, EEA, etc.
      Liaise with functional delivery sites.
      Compile audit coverage plan.
      Provide input for the development of risks based 3 year strategic plan, 1 year operational and
       departmental and school/ site/ unit implementation plans.
      Develop a project plan, scheduling audit assignments.

HR: Admin Vacancies                             2012/12/11                                             Page 1
    2. Senior Finance Officer (LEVEL 8) Reference No. SFO 02/12/12

         Salary Notch: R 198 975

Minimum Requirements

        A B Com Degree( Accounting) or a 3 year equivalent qualification
        3 yrs or more experience in a relevant field.
        A valid Driver’s License with more than 3 yrs driving experience
        Advance computer skills
        Knowledge of an appropriate system (MIS) e.g. Thusanang will be an added advantage.

Skills/ Abilities

        Excellent communication skills
        Strong report writing skills
        Strong interpersonal skills
        Advanced excel skills
        Ability to work under pressure and plan/prioritize work load
        Proactive and innovative approach to problem solving
        Excellent team leader

    3. Governance Coordinator (Level 7) Reference No. GO 03/12/12

         Salary Notch: R160 224

Minimum Requirements

        An appropriate recognized 3- year qualification or equivalent secretarial qualification
        At least 3 years appropriate experience
        An educator’s qualification with communication as a major will be an added advantage.
        Advance computer skills

The successful candidate will ensure the co ordination and running of the affairs of the College Council,
Academic Board and their sub- committees, as well as proper records keeping of all college governance
and operational events and activities.

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       Key Performance Areas
            Plan, arrange and co-ordinate events and activities of the college statutory bodies and
               their subsidiaries as well as those of SMT, BMT and other College formations.
            Take minutes and notes of identified events and activities including those of statutory
            Maintain proper records- written and/or electronic in an orderly and systematic manner
               of said events and activities.
            Attend to the needs of, and resolve queries of governance formations.
            Attend to claims and travel requirements of governance members.
            Undertake any other duty or responsibility within reason as required by the Principal or
               his duly delegated authority.

       Personal Attributes

           Strong communication skills
           Advanced report writing
           Sound interpersonal skills
           Superior planning, organizing and coordinating skills
           Goal setting and self driven
           Ability to work independently and under pressure

   4. Finance Clerk (Level 5) Reference No. FC 04/12/12

       Salary Notch: R108 078

Minimum Requirements

      An appropriate, recognized 3- year qualification or equivalent finance qualification.
      At least 1 year appropriate and relevant experience
      Advance computer skills
      Knowledge of the Thusanang system (MIS) will be an added advantage

Primary Functions

    Refunds: Compiling refund, making sure that the necessary documentation are attached and
     signatures before the refund is send to head office for payment
    Cashier work: processing receipts on the system
    Installment agreements: drafting of contracts and checking if the agreement is followed
    Managing Students accounts for different departments
    Administration work which includes filling, emailing and faxing requested documents to the

   5. Drivers (Level 4) Reference No. DR 05/11/12, DR 06/11/12,DR 07/12/12

       Salary Notch: R 90 396

HR: Admin Vacancies                           2012/12/11                                       Page 3
       Minimum Requirements

      A valid Drivers Licence (code 10) and PDP (3 yrs ) with more than 3 yrs driving experience

      Senior Certificate( Matric)

   6. MIS Officer (Level 5) Reference No. MIS 08/12/12

       Salary Notch: R108 078

Minimum Requirements

      Appropriate 3 year qualification
      Advanced Computer Skills
      Knowledge of/or experience in Thusanang System(MIS) will be an added advantage

Primary Functions

      Assisting during the enrolment period with capturing student on the system
      Capturing of class registers on the system
      Capturing of marks on the system
      Printing of all above mentioned documents
      Printing progress reports
      Responsible for consumable stock regarding computers
      Assisting the MIS system supervisor
      Creating class groups on the system
      Sort students according class groups on system
      Link lecturer and subject teaching on the system
      Insert new lectures personal details on system for a roster and subject offering

   7. Marketing Officer (PR) (Level 5) Reference No. MO 09/12/12

       Salary Notch: R108 078

Minimum Requirements

      3 year tertiary qualification in Marketing or equivalent relevant Diploma
      At least 3 years of appropriate Marketing, PR, Advertising or relevant experience is
      A valid driver’s license with more than 3 yrs driving experience

Duties and Responsibilities

HR: Admin Vacancies                          2012/12/11                                             Page 4
The candidate should be clued up on marketing and be a natural speaker with excellent presentation
skills and a flair for storytelling! Event management is an important part of the job and you should be
competent enough to assist in arranging events with attention to detail and creativity. We are looking
for someone who can turn an average event into an experience.

If the terms social media, corporate identity, customer loyalty programmes and branding are all day-to-
day lingo to you in your role as professional communicator then we may be looking for you.

Well written reporting is critical and computer literacy is non-negotiable. We are looking for someone
who is well read and fascinated with trends. Importantly, you need to be a good listener and a quick
learner with a passion for the finer things in life.

To assist the creative team in coming up with concepts and writing the copy for headlines, payoff lines
and creative rationales. Consumerised copywriting - writing copy for consumer adverts or leaflets, drop
cards etc.

Proof Reading:
Checking all layouts of all Publications within the College - for spelling, grammar, consistency on
campaign elements. Learning College Corporate Identities (CI's) and ensuring that CI's are being
followed on layouts. Check overall campaigns to ensure consistency.

Media liaisons and press releases of possible partnerships and events
Initiate sponsorships and donations through fundraisers or proposals to partners

Personal Attributes
        Strong client facing skills
        Ability to play leading role while working collaboratively
        Excellent brainstorming and problem solving skills
        Good written and oral communication skills
        Excellent presentation skills
    • Managing customer relationships through appropriate media, including the company's
       website and social media platforms:

       - Enhancing the customer database and introducing a customer loyalty program
       - Drive on line marketing programs and sales
       - Maintain the College's Corporate Identity Manual and marketing collateral
       - Manage all internal communications, e.g. in-house newsletter, Annual Reports etc.
       - Assist in Planning and organizing corporate events
Furthermore your personal attributes must be:
     Good command of English - written and spoken
     Articulate - written and spoken
     Attention to detail
     Ability to work under pressure

HR: Admin Vacancies                            2012/12/11                                             Page 5
      High energy levels
      Can do attitude
      Team player
      Photography (When required)
      Good planning and co-ordinating skills
      Polite but assertive personality
      Responsible and reliable

   8. Student Support: Sports and Cultural Officer (Level 5) Reference No. SSCO 10/12/12

Minimum Requirements

      Appropriate 3 year qualification in sports management or equivalent qualification
      Advanced computer skills
      A valid driver’s license with more than 3 yrs driving experience

Primary Function

    Co-ordinate the college’s sport and cultural activities
    Liase with the Provincial Sport Organization
    The incumbent will report to the Student Support Manager

   9. Psychologist (Level 7) Reference No. PSY 11/12/12
      Salary Notch: R160 224

       Minimum Requirements
           Appropriate 3 year Degree in Psychology or equivalent relevant qualification
           Registration with the relevant board
           3 year or more in the relevant field
           Advanced computer skills
           A valid driver’s license with more than 3 years driving experience

Primary Functions

      The incumbent will report to the Student Support Manager
      Debrief and Support students to manage academic and social stress across all College sites
      Train Lecturers and volunteers as lay counselors
      Develop and plan programmes to render effective and efficient intervention activities
      Provide administration management and oversee daily, monthly quarterly and annual reports.

   10. Entrepreneurial Development/ SMME Officer (Level 7) Reference No ED 12/12/12
       Salary Notch: R160 224

HR: Admin Vacancies                         2012/12/11                                      Page 6
Minimum Requirements
    An Appropriate 3 year qualification or equivalent relevant qualification(Marketing)
    Advance Computer skills
    A valid driver’s license with more than 3 years driving experience

Primary Functions

Purpose of the job: To manage a large portfolio of lower value and start up Small Business customers

Achieve challenging sales and income targets:

               The recruitment of start up business and supporting their growth and development
               Proactively cross- selling products to existing customers
               Managing customer satisfaction and retention
               Providing advice and support to customers and colleagues
               To manage credit and support portfolio risk with support from PSBCS
               To manage own career and personal development

    Work- based Integration(WBI) that includes student workplace exposure, experience and

Responsibilities: Income growth and customer acquisition:

               Maintain and grow portfolio value(income) in line with agreed targets by
                - Actively and professionally looking for new and improved ways to recruit start up
                - Via own efforts or by building effective networks with other areas in the bank or
                    external agencies
                - Act as the primary point of contact for new/prospective up Start business.
                - Identify sales and services opportunities with existing customers and expand
                    assigned portfolio through product optimization and profitable cross selling
               Actively participate in all sales campaigns, aiming to achieve and exceed all individual
                and team targets
                Regularly review value and complexity of customers within portfolio and migrate any
                high value customers to Relationship Managers where appropriate.

Customer retention and satisfaction:

HR: Admin Vacancies                             2012/12/11                                          Page 7
                    To take full responsibility for customer satisfaction within the assigned portfolio by
                     improving customer satisfaction standards.
                    Focus on understanding the need of Small business customers with a specific focus on
                    Responsible for managing the Small business customer contact strategy and minimum
                     service standards.
                    Supported by and working very close with central Small Business Support team,
                     successfully resolve all complex queries and complaints for customers.

Risk :

                   Understanding and apply the relevant governance and compliance procedures to
                    activities undertaken and maintain ongoing completion of relevant governance and
                    compliance training e.g. NCA, FAIS, Competition Commission etc.
                   Maintaining customer records and accurate completion of applicants and paper work

One team ethos:

                   Proactively work with colleagues across the group to support the growth of lead
                    generation by introducing and working with relevant group specialists as required.
                   Promoting alternative delivery channels and sign posting other internal products and
                   Support colleagues within own team (assigned relationship manager) and wider local
                    learn by their knowledge and understanding of small business customers, products and

Community Involvement:

        Proactively raise the profile and reputation of the Bank in the local community

Females and people with disabilities are particularly encouraged to apply.

The College is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer. It is our intention to
promote representivity (race, gender, disability) through the filling of positions.

Candidates are to submit: • A complete Employment Profile Form (PS) obtainable from Head Office,
any campus or from our website • originally certified copies of qualifications • an original certified copy of
ID • A valid driver’s license • A complete CV. No emailed or faxed applications will be entertained.
Correspondence will be limited to shortlisted candidate only.

The College reserves the right not to fill the advertised posts.

HR: Admin Vacancies                                2012/12/11                                         Page 8
Enquires: Mr. Tebogo Mophaleng and Ms Mmatshepo Santho - 086 176 8849 at EXT 1032 and
1038 respectively

The closing date for applications is 11 January 16:00 pm

        Any applications received after this date will not be considered.

Applications for the above positions should be hand delivered or posted on the address below:

1822a Molele Street
Cnr Koma Road


Sent via post to the Human Resources
For attention: Ms M Santho
Private Bag X33

HR: Admin Vacancies                         2012/12/11                                  Page 9

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