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									Generating Passive Income Online

A passive income, an income which is earned by minimal effort and is earned other than the salary, can
help you solve most or all of your money problems. Whether one wants to generate passive income out
of ambition or out of necessity it is possible for anyone to have one or more passive income sources.
Most people want to earn an extra income but they find it hard to get started. With some initial
investment you can have an income source for which you would hardly be working later. Here are a few
ideas to generate passive income online.

You can become a pre-seller online. A website can be set up that allows pre sale of items by one or more
than one companies. These companies shall provide you with a commission on sale of each product. You
must target those companies which provide large commissions and which are ready to make a long term
commitment. Also, make sure to choose a company which offers variety in their products. This increases
prospects of selling. This way you can earn for long time. This is also called taking an affiliated program.

Creating an e-book is another lucrative concept. You may want to do a little research on the areas where
people are looking for information but web doesn`t have enough to offer. It could be creating a
children`s picture book, an informative e-book, a traveler`s guide, etc. All you would need is an initial
spending on website, e-book writing software and web hosting. You can either do marketing of your e-
book yourself or hire someone to manage it. You can even ad online advertisements using Adsense and
other software for promoting traffic. The book rights shall remain with you and you can use these rights
to charge people for re-print or use of the content by them. If you do not want to write an e-book then
you can provide articles on websites that pay life-long royalties to writers, example, ehow and

Another way of using putting your professional knowledge is by setting a blog or a website where you
provide information on people and help solve their problems. For example, if you are an insurance agent
you can start a blog or a website that shall provide information about insurances and answer queries of
people. With time you can start charging little fee for answering queries and also put up ads for
additional extra income.

Some websites offer interesting passive income associations like, pay per click, online surveys, etc. These
websites themselves are looking for traffic and pay you for filling our simple forms or visiting a set
number of sites. It may take 30 minutes to an hour two and you can make anything between 20 – 100
dollars for simply spending some time online.

Referrals is a great way to put your social and professional resources to use in order to generate passive
income. You can post ads online stating your resources along with your fee of providing contact of the


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