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Convergence with Water Resource Investigation _ Development Department00002 by keralaguest


									      Hence, the Water Resoilrces Investigation & Development Department
                                                                               (WRiDD) hereby
      approves Activities 1, 2, 3 & 4 as permitted activity for the Sub-Divisions
                                                                                  of the yRDD
      and wBSMICL under the coirvergent Action prograrnrne under
      V/RDD and WBMICL have cr.eated MI structures namely, Shailow
                                                                   Cluster, Mini-Tube
      Weil, Medium Duty Tube We1i, Heavy Duty Tube Well RLIs of different
t//                                                    ,                  types, Canal
      Irngation. SFN4I Structure and Flvdram.
      I-{aving cor-rsidered ihe current Schedule of Rates (SoR) pubiished by pancitayat
      Ilural Development Departt.nent, GoWB. and for the of bringing uliformity arid
      cost ef'fectiveness, the State Covernment hereby uppror.i the Scheme
                                                                                 na,red l-iereafter as
      'Source To Field Scherne' (STF Scheme) as a State Sclierne uncler the MNREGS.
      STF Scheme will be irnplemenied in two parts during each financial year.
      Salient Features of STF Scheme
          Part A
          1. Activity 1 to 4 shall be implemented b1r the Block Development officer (BDo)
               and Engineer (AE) of the SLrb-Divisions under the V/RDD and
               WUSMIC joinrly.
          2' AE o1'Lhe Siib-Divisron of WRDD and WBMIC shall make available to the Block
               Developi'nent OfJlcer Schemes for implen-ientation of activity 1 to
                                                                                           4, clearly
               urer.iliot.tittg the location, type and CCA (ha) of the MI Structure
                                                                                    where the fie1d
               works are to be undertaken.
          3 ln every 6 Ha of CCA created under a MI Scheme, there sirall be a need to
               engage one unskilled MftrREGS Job Seeker for 100 days to do
                                                                                   earth cutting and
               shi[tin g.
          4' The Job Seeker who resides in the Command shall be prelerred for engagement
               under tlie STF Scheme.
          5. The Job Seeker shall be assigned to excavate field channel of 1ft x lft cross_
               section of i200 ft running for every Ha of CCA, enduring the
                                                                                  contours that will
              achieve equitable water distribution. while minimizing wastage
                                                                                     of cultivatable
         6.  Ort rccciving the Schenres drawn by the AEs of the wRDD ancl the
                                                                                    wBSMIC for
             cvcry Ml Scherlre, thc lllock Dcvelopment Otllcer shall assign work tcl the
             Seeker, and also appoint Work Supervisor from amongst the
                                                                               staff of WRDD /
             WBSMICL in consultation rvith the AE. BDO shall *ui. puy*ent
                                                                                    of w,ages and
             upload the MIS reports online.
         7 ' AE of the Sub-Division and the
                                                   SAE of the Sub-Division shall supervise the
             works and make test checks and repoft it to the BDOs.
         Fart E
         1' ExecLrtive Engineers of WRDD and the Divisional Engineers of the WBSMIC
             will fiLirction as the prA for the part B of the approved SfF schemes.
         2' Against every Rs 100 pavout as wage to IrnvngcS Job Seekers under the STF
             Schenre tire Executive Etrgineer of the Divisions and the Divisional
                                                                                    Engineers of
             the WBSMIC will be awarded N{aterial Creclit of Rs 66
                                                                         on accrual basis.
         l Or.r l.raving earned lhe Material Credit the Executive Engineer of tire Divisions and
             tlie Divisional pngineers of the WBSMIC shall nlu[. u claini to t]re
        Programme Coordinator, MNREGS towards implementation of Activity 5,6,7 &.
        8 against technically vetted schernes for eacir MI Scheme for which Part A has
        becn courpleted.
   4    Part tl ol'tlre S'i-[" Scircrlcs wiil be in accordance with the Cr.ridelines prescribed
        under MNRECS.
   5.   On satisfaction of the clain-rs made by the Executive Engineer of the Divisions
        and the Divisional Engiireers of the WBSMIC, tire District programme
        Coordinator will make fi-rnds avaiiable to the F.xecutive Engineers of the WRDD
        and tire Divisional Engineers of the WBSMIC for the implementation of Part B of
        the approved schemes under STF.
   6.   The Executive Engineers of the WRDD and Divisional Engineers of the
        WBSMIC will take up ti-re works of the Part B as a deposit scheme without
        charging departmentai supervision charges.
   l. The Executive       Engineers of the WRDD and Divisional Engineers of the
        WBSMIC       will maintain the original vouchers against payments made for
        Statr-rtory Audits.
   8    The Execr-rtive Engirieers of the WI1DD and Divisional , Engineers of the
        WllSMiC shall be rcsponsiLrle lbr Lrploading tirc reports on Lire MNI{ECS MlS.
   9.   Any other reports that the District Programme Coordinator would seek shall be
        made available to him.
        The Executive Engineers of t1-ie WRDD and Divisional Engineers of the
        WBSMIC sl'rall n-rake claim to the District Programme Coordinator for making
        funds avaiiable to the PIAs for meeting the administrative expenses for effective
        supervision on the basis of total funds utilized under Part A and part B.

This Schente shall be irrplemented from the date of issue of this memorandura.

                                                                              0 ! r,
                                                                            -. s*-g-z\u(/\ \
                                                                           (Subrata Biswas)


        No: 218   /SWRIDDl?}ll(A)                      Dared: 5tr'December,2Oll
                            & Rural Deveiopnent Department
   2. District Magistrare (Ali)
   3. Executive Engineer & Nodal Officer WRDD
   4. Chiel Engineer, WRDD (Al1)
   5. PS tO MiC, WRIDD
   6. PS to MIC, P&RD

                                                                           (Subrata Biswas)

Estimate for Construction of Field Channcls undcr STF Scheme (Unit 6 Ha CCA)

(PAI?T   -   A)

    1. Flushing and Desilting of Conveyance Systems                 4 mandays
    2. Construction of field channels 1ft x1 ft (i200 rft per ha)   96 mandays
                                                      Total         100 nrundcrys

    A. Details of loeation: Block IGP    lMouza:
    B. Unique No of the MI Structure:
    C.   Type of MI Structure:



Assistottt Engineer
Nante of the Sub-Divisiort.

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