Convergence support under MGNREGS for effective implementation of Nijo Griho Nijo Bhumi Prakalpo_Memo 747 dt 31.07.1200001 by keralaguest



                        Government of West Bengal
                       Office of the District Magistrate
                              Paschim Medinipur
                                      MGNREGA CELL
      11"t   floor, Sahid Kshudiram Parikalpana Bhawan, Zilla Parishad Complex, Midnaporel
     Memo     No.?4lerMGNREGA                                           Date:         *]   f     July,2012

The Block Development Officer
                          Dev. Block (All)

       Sub:- Convergence support under       MGNREGS for effective implementation                    of Nijo
                Griho Nijo Bhumi Prakalpo.
       Ref.- Letter of the Commissioner,  MGNREGS fo the Govt. of West Bengal, P&RD
                deparTment vide Memo No. 63/Comm. dt. 13.07.201 2.


       Enclosed please find herewith the letter of the Commissioner, MGNREGS to the Govt
of West Bengal, P&RD department which will speak for itself.

       This is for favour of your information and taking necessary action.

                                                                              Yours faithfully,
Enclo : As stated
                                                                          MGNREGA Cell
                                                                         Paschim Medinipur

Memo                                                                              o"t",        3f{     u\,20't2
       Copy forwarded for information and necessary action to the Sub-Divisional Officer, Midnapore
Sadar / Kharagpur / Jhargram / Ghatal Sub-Division.

                                                                          MGNREGA Cell
                                                                         Paschim Medinipur

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      Memo No. 53/Comm.
                        R. No.
                                     Government of West Bengal
                             Department of Panchayats & Rura! Development
                                      JessoP Building (1st Floor)
                                        63, Netaji Subhas Road
                                            Kolkata-700 001

                                                                                     Dated: 13 JulY, 2012

      The District Magistrate and District Prograntme coordinator , MGNREGA

                             Sub.: Convergence support under MGNREGS for effective
                             imptementation of Nigo Griho Nigo Bhumi Prakalpo'


      your are certainty aware of Nigo Grrho Nigo Bhumi Prakalpo (NGNP) implemented by the Land &
      Land Reforms Department Government of West Bengal This unique initiative of the

      Government seeks to provide Homestead land to the Rural Landless and Homeless
                                                                                        Poor As the
      Nodal Department, Land & Land Reforms Depadment identifies families residing in the
                                                                                               other criteria
      areas who clo not have land and dwelling units and are eligible based on certain
                                                                                       land is distributed by
      specified in the scheme and arranges distribution of land rn a cluster. once the
                                                                                                 schemes of
      the committee formed for the purpose the questron of convergence with several other
      the State Government, especrally those implementeci by the Panchayats and Rural Development
                                                                                    infrastructure facrlities
      Department come to the fore in order to ensure the land is developed with all
      and dwelling houses are allotted to the beneficiaries under the scheme

      It is expected that under MGNREGS several schemes like land development, drainage
      trrigation facilittes where the land cluster distributed to the beneficiaries is such
                                                                                            that some agrtcultural

      activity is also possible, raisrng of the area identified for construction of houses, micro

      facilitres in rarn-fade areas, inter-connectivity rn the form of rural roads, development
                                                                                                 of commorr
      rnfrastructure for carrying out activrties of self-llelp Group, rf the land allottees
                                                                                            are organized in

      SHGs etc

      I am forwarding a detailed list of srtes where the beneficraries have already recetved land under
      NGNB or are likely to receive lancl rn near future Further list rnclurding the details of the

      selectecl uncler NGNB will be avarlable fronr the Land & Lanci Reforms set trp in the
                                                                                                distrrct. I wr:uid
      suggest the followrng actrvrtres by the drstrtct MGNREGA Cell
       1    Obtaining detailed list from the DL&LRO in the district and BL & LRO in the Blocks
       2    ldentifying details of the schemes which can be implemented at each site in consultation
           the local Gram Sansad.
       J   preparing self of projects with plan and estimates for such identtfied activities
       4   Revising the Annual Action Plan under MGNREGS for the concerned Gram
                                                                                         NGNB who
       5   lmplementing identified schemes with participation of the beneficiaries under
                                                                                       MGNREGS it
           should normally be holders of Job Cards. While implementing schemes under
                                                                                            own land and
           should be seen that the beneficraries work collectively for development of their
           allied facilities in order to develop the spirit of ownership.

                                                                                         of the overall the
    since the district Land & Land Reforms officer is responsible for in implementation
                                                                                            of the project'
    project it is an advrsable that they be consulted at different process of development
    The sub Divisional officers as chairperson of the LPLD or Programme lmplementation
                                                                                      also be apprised of
    are actively associated with implementation of the project. Hence, they should
                                                                               Programme officer under
    development of the convergent initiative under MGNREGS. since the
                                                                       NGNB they should co-
    MGNREGS (Block Development Officer) plays key role in implementing
    ordinate the convergent initiative.
                                                                                          officers and the
    Kindly communicate these set of guidelines to the DL&LRD, the sub*divisronal
                                                                            operationalizing the policy'
    Block Development Officers in your district and take concerted steps in


                                                                                 MGNREGS, West Bengal

                                                                                 Dated: 13 JulY,2012
    Memo No. 63/1 Comm'
                                                                               Land & Land Reforms
    copy forwarded to the Land Reforms commissioner and Principal secretary,
                                                                      his has a reference to his letter
    Department, Government of west Bengal for favour of information
    dated addressed to the Principal Secretary, Panchayats & Rural

                                                                                                          l'\   I   t,n.*-
                                                                                 MGNREGS, West Bengal

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