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									   NIA-CAR holds WST Trainers’ Train-
       True to its                Trainers (TOT) on Controlled         them with sufficient                Hapid IS, ATI-CAR and DA-
commitment as the                 Irrigation and Technology            technical information in            CARFU.
chair of the Regi o na l          Updates on Rice Production           order to effectively transfer               The conduct of
Technical Working Group           at NIA Training Center               the technology to farmers,          the activity was in close
(RTWG) for the successful         in Wangal, La Trinidad,              the training was attended           coordination with ATI-
implementation of Water           Benguet on April 14-15, 2010.        by 34 participants from the         CAR as well as with the
Saving Technology                          With the objectives         NIA-CAR regional office,            Philippine Rice Research
(WST), NIA-Cordillera             of introducing CI and                the three NIS in the region,        Institute (PhilRice) and
Administrative Region             other WST to the future              West Apayao-Abulug IS,              International Rice Research
conducted Training of             implementers and providing           Upper Chico River IS and                      Turn to page 7...

Hands on experience on making and installing observation well equips the NIA-CAR trainees with indespensable knowledge in the implementa-
tion of Controlled Irrigation which they are soon to download to provincial trainees.

 Reuyan visits projects in Benguet NIA turns
          A c t i n g              66 hectares, part of which is       only because of the form                        National Irrigation
Administrator Alexander            the Calawa Drip Irrigation          of irrigation but also of           Administration marked
Reuyan together with NIA-          Farm that particularly              the crop being planted, a           another milestone as
CAR staff led by Acting RIM        took the interest of the            certain bell pepper variety         i t c e l e b r a t e d i t s 4 7 th
John Socalo and Region 11          Acting Administrator not                      Turn to page 7...         Anniversary with the theme
RIM Felix Razo conducted a                                                                                 “Matatag na NIA: Pag-asa
visitation-cum-inspection of                                                                               ng magsasaka sa buhay na
CIS projects in Benguet last                                                                               masagana” at the grounds
April 22, 2010.                                                                                            of NIA Central Office, EDSA,
          Farms employing                                                                                  Diliman,Quezon City on
Drip Irrigation, which are                                                                                 June 15-18, 2010.
parts of the Paswek-Kalipkip                                                                                           The event was
CIS in Banangan,Sablan are                                                                                 capped by a grand
the first destination of the                                                                               parade of participants and
visiting party followed by                                                                                 representatives from all
the Aguyad CIS project in                                                                                  the regional offices fronted
Tadyangan, Tuba.                                                                                           by the regional managers
          The Paswek-                                                                                      and operation managers
Kalipkip CIS was                                                                                           together with the muses on
implemented by the then           Hail to the tasty bell peppers! Acting Administrator Reuyan and Acting   June 15. It
NIA-Benguet PIO in 2004-          RiM Socalo team up to hoist a bell pepper as a display of their high
2005 and currently irrigates      regards for the luscious, yummy celika pepper.                                       Turn to page 7...
       Tebteb ni Cordillera                          Editorial                                                              2

    Of Dreams and Hallucinations                                        from the RIM’s table
         That tomorrow will be a new day is a thought            JOHN L. SOCALO
that comes with the inauguration of Benigno Aguino                  Acting Regional
III as president of the Philippines. And by new day, we
mean better. By better, we mean more efforts, not just                     Manager
of the new administration, but of every Filipino.

         Hopes has also been made higher by the
promise of a better irrigation—a promise that
lodged responsibilities not only to NIA’s incoming
administrator but also to every NIAn. Embodied in                           Irrigators’
these responsibilities are the principles of unity and            Associations are a must           trainings and workshops,
dedication, accountability and innovation, and the                in an irrigation-dependent        and disseminate
dignity to face whatever changes that could occur in              society. They are our             information. We share
the name of improvement and success.                              partners, our better half.        responsibilities with them
                            Many problems have been               Their success is our              so we can both benefit. We
                        besetting irrigation and the rice         success, their failure is our     help them become dynamic
                        self-sufficiency program. Several         failure. Without IAs, NIA         and viable.
environmental phenomena that are not favorable to                 is like a bird with broken                 Empowerment
agriculture happen. Discrepancies pop up everywhere—              wings—weak and purpose-           also entails redefinition of
between demand and production, between area irrigable             defying. Establishing IAs is      who IAs really are, what
and serviceable, between water supply and requirement.            first step to learning to fly,    they can really do and how
These discrepancies usually hamper us from achieving              but in order to survive in an     far they can really achieve.
that dream of becoming a country self-sufficient of food          atmosphere of duties and          The room is still wide for
production.                                                       responsibilities, IAs need        improvement and lurking
         These discrepancies are also the reason why              to be empowered.                  in every corner is change.
more and more determined efforts are needed to expand                       Empowerment             In our pursuit of abundance
irrigated areas, achieve higher cropping intensity                comes in different forms          in life, no matter where
and attain elevated crop production. On-going and                 depending on the type             we are, we must try every
proposed irrigation programs and strategies have to be            of IAs—whether young              means to cope. Changes
propped up. So do water saving technologies and other             and lean or young and             are already trendy, but we
                                                                  barely breathing, old             can stand beside every
water augmentation schemes. The NIAns need to be
                                                                  and healthy or old and            change without losing
empowered, and so do the Irrigators’ Associations.
                                                                  inactive. Whatever the            our hopes and willpower.
         On NIA’s shoulders are gigantic responsibilities,        types of IAs are, they all        Decisions have to be made
but which are necessary for these responsibilities are            need empowerment from             and making the right one
rooted in hopes and dreams whose very foundation                  us. And that enters our           can be trivial. One thing
is that same water that flows to the ricefields. Yes, as          initiative, our commitment        is sure though, NIA-CAR
the president puts it, “the dream starts to become a              and our imaginative ideas.        has envisioned the best
reality”. And unless we want that dream to end up a               We help in their formation,       for every IA. This agency
mere hallucination, we better put our best foot forward           organization, management          is with you, IA members,
and broaden the contribution of irrigation to food                and strengthening. We             every step of the way. Just
sufficiency. We got a lot of work to do and dreams to             assist them in their              do your best and be your
fulfill.                                                          meetings, give them               best.

EDITORIAL STAFF                                                                                       Editorial Consultants
                                                                                                      GRACE A. FANGED
     Editorial Adviser          The Official Newsletter of the National Irrigation Administration   BENITO T. ESPIQUE, JR.
                                                Cordillera Administrative Region
                                                 Wangal, La Trinidad, Benguet                           Associate Editors
                                                                                                      RITA L. AFIDCHAO
                                     Tebteb ni Cordillera are Ibaloi words                            HELEN T. LAOYAN
                                    meaning Spring of the Cordillera. With
                                     the region dubbed as the “Watershed                               Layout/ Graphics
         Contibutors                    Cradle of Northern Philippines”,                            MYLENE I. MALECDAN
      RITA AFIDCHAO                this paper hopes to see the headwaters of
     CHRISANTA BERAY                           rivers in the North                                      Tebteb ni Cordillera
                                          eternally and lavishly flow.                                welcomes contributory
    PAULITA YAGYAGAN                                                                                    articles, photos and
                                   Tebteb is also called Eb-eb, Obob, Bubon
                                   or Ub-bog in other parts of the Cordillera.                                      pictures.
         Tebteb ni Cordillera                          opinion                                                   3

                       WHERE DO I                                       The life
                        BELONG?                                        equation
                                                                       When I was in
         One hot sum-           ates, some don’t. Some         second year
mer day, a thirsty fox          flatters, some sincere.        high school, our
was strolling through an        Some openly express            Math teacher
orchard till he came to         (whether positive or           would always try
a bunch of grapes just          negative), some just in-
                                                               to find a way to
ripening on a lofty vine        sinuate. Others keep si-
                                lent (but in their mind        reduce our scores
branch. Drawing back                                           in her quizzes and
a few paces, he took a          and heart are bits of ad-
                                miration or envy). Some        tests. She would
run, jumped and tried                                          make us stand in
to reach for the grapes         give a cold shoulder -
                                just a shrug. Apathetic?       her class and quiz
but missed. Again and
again he would draw             Some would think it first      us on end. Not that
back, run, and jump for         before opening up their        she hated us so
the bunch of grapes but         beautiful mouths; some         much. She sure
he could not reach it.          just blabs, blabs, blabs,      had a different
Giving up, he casually          and blabs... blah, blah,       way of showing
walked away, lifted up          blah. Blah, blah, blah!        us her love. Even
his noshe in the air and        Flash-floods!                  if you arrived
said: ‘I AM SURE THEY                    Some loves to         at the correct
ARE SOUR!’”         Sour        lord it over, some just        answer, she
grapes!                         silently do their own.         would scrutinize
Our reactions shows             Some seems to know it          your solution for any       between the lines: “Life
what we really are –            all, others just accom-        slip-up. Not only one       is a matter of algebraic
our character. The most         plish. Others make oth-        student trembled when       equation. I wish you the
                                ers better, some don’t         Ms. Edith appeared.         best in your endeavors
                                (afraid that the other         But in all fairness, she    toward your dreams,
                                 person will someday be        brought out the best        as I find contentment in
                                    higher or better than                                  knowing that I am part
                                                               in her students. One
                                    them or just pure                                      in molding you.”
                                     selfishness). But isn’t   time, in order to satisfy
                                                               her, I answered with                 William Arthur
                                      it more gratifying                                   Ward once said
                                       and joyous when         acronyms. “What do
                                                               you mean by CPA?”           “When we seek to
                                        you make some-                                     discover the best in
                                        one get better?        she asked. “Closure
                                                               property in addition,”      others, we somehow
                                        Good people du-                                    bring out the best in
                                      plicate themselves.      I replied. “Don’t
                                                               ever presume that           ourselves.” We may
                                    They multiply them-                                    have feared her then,
                                   selves. They are not        everybody knows
                                 egoistic.                     what you mean.” And         never understanding
                                         Some adapt to         it’s true, not only in      what she wanted
mon situation when our          changes, some don’t.           mathematics, but in         from us. Little did
character is laid out in        Some hate those who            life generally.             we know that in the
the open is when some-          change (because they                   That Math           long run, she would
one is having good suc-         can’t do it themselves).       teacher happened            help us become what
cess, albeit achieving it       Envy! Some don’t even          to be our adviser the       we will be someday.
the right way. PONDER           like the change even if        year before when we         Looking back, I think
ON THIS: how do you             that change is for the         were freshmen.         In   Teacher Edith is the
react when you see your         betterment of the ma-          our home room class         best teacher I ever
neighbour, friend, office-      jority, if not all. There      we submitted a sheet        had. Not only did she
mate or others achieving        are those who are will-        of paper on which           make me see life as an
or have achieved what           ing to change (but will-                                   algebraic equation.
                                                               we wrote our dreams.
you have been longing           ingness without action is                                  She made me see
                                nothing) and there are         Seventeen years later,
for but you did not?                                           my paper was handed         another equation in
        Different      cir-     those who exonerate                                        life, that debit is always
                                themselves. Vanity!            back to me. On it was
cumstances,      different                                     written in bold letters     equal to credit. What
attitudes, different reac-               Others       think
                                they are impeccable, oth       “I want to be an            we give is what we
tions.                                                                                     receive, what we take
        Some appreci-                                          engineer someday”.
                                          Turn to page 7...    On its back I could read    is what we pay for.
            Tebteb ni Cordillera                                news                                                                            4
  NIA-CAR mourns for former chief
                                   colleague, a caring brother
                                   and a wonderful friend,”
                                   mentioned Benito T.
                                   Espique, Division Manager
                                   of Engineering and
                                   Operations, in his eulogy
                                   speech during the service.
                                            Melchor was the
Borromeo P. Melchor                third regional manager
                                   and first Cordilleran to
         Teary-eyes. Sad                                              “ solemsly swear, that I will faithfully do the duties...” pledges the newly
                                   head NIA-CAR since
smiles. Grief-stricken                                                elected officers and members of the Board of Directors of BFFIA before
                                   the establishment of the
expressions.                                                          Acting RIM John Socalo after the election held at NIA-CAR Training Hall on
                                   regional office in 1993.           June 2, 2010.
         These were                Prior to his headship of
evident in the faces of NIA-
CAR employees during the
                                   NIA-CAR, he was Benguet                        Awas heads BFFIA
                                   Provincial Irrigation Officer               Domingo Awas                      elected from the members
necrological service of the        for six years. He was with         was elected president of                   of the BFFIA but not of
late Borromeo Melchor              NIA for 30 years when he           the Beguet Federation                      the Board of Directors,
held at NIA-CAR regional           ran in the gubernatorial           of Farmers Irrigators’                     officers of the organization
office ground on April 27.         race in 2004 and won.              Association (BFFIA) during                 were chosen from the BOD
         Borromeo P.                        After more than an        the General Assembly and                   whose members were
Melchor, former Benguet            hour of necrological service       Election of the organization               selected earlier by the
governor and NIA-CAR               in NIA, the remains of the         held at NIA Training Hall on               body to represent each of
regional manager, died             former governor was also           June 2, 2010.                              the municipalities of the
at the Benguet General             brought to the Benguet                      Awas was the                      province.
Hospital at 4:30 in the                                               active Vice-President of
                                   Provincial Capitol where                                                                Other elected
morning of April 27 due                                               the federation for CY 2008-                officers and the new
                                   another service was held
to kidney complications,                                              2010. He is the president                  members the Board of
                                   and then brought to the
his lingering illness for some                                        of Akiki IA of Akiki CIS in                Directors of BFFIA are listed
                                   birthplace of the deceased
time.                                                                 Tublay.                                    below:
                                   in Tublay, Benguet where
         “He was a splendid                                                    With the exception                     BFFIA OFFICERS
                                   he was buried.
boss, a great and fatherly                                            of the auditor who was                             FOR CY 2010

‘Save lives’ - NIA-CAR, Red Cross                                                                                Vice President: Lorenzo
           “A gift of blood is a   Cross in case the person           which old cells are being                  Secretary: Esther Coga
                                                                                                                 Treasurer: Doro Wakit
gift of life.”                     or a relative needs blood          replaced by new cells                      Auditor: Myrna Batil
           NIA-CAR has             transfusion.                       because the bone marrow
joined Red Cross in the                     Aside from saving         produces new cells.”                           Board of Directors
advocacy and realization of        lives of recipients in need                “Blood donated will                Atok – Jose Tiro
the above statement when           of blood, a donor can also         be screened from Hepatitis                 Bakun – Ernesto Soliben
NIAns donated blood in a           benefit from bloodletting.         B, Hepatitis C, Syphilis, and              Bokod – Doro Wakit
Bloodletting Activity held         Veronica Tactay,a medical          HIV, and of course, the                    Buguias – Mario Colinio
at NIA Training Hall on June       technologist of the PNRC-          hemoglobin and blood type                  Itogon – Paquito Alunes
28.                                Benguet Chapter, said              of the donor are checked,”                 Kabayan – Arsenio Lamsis
           The activity was        “bloodletting works like a         Tactay added.                              Kapangan – Cerilo Tilado
                                                                                                                 Kibungan – Saturnino
conducted by Philippine            ‘change oil mechanism’ in
National Red Cross-Benguet                                                                                       La Trinidad – Esther Caga
Chapter. This was the fourth                                                                                     Mankayan – Lito
time that a Bloodletting                                                                                         Guinsiman
Activity was conducted in                                                                                        Sablan – Norman Manuel
NIA-CAR where NIAns show                                                                                         Tuba – Lorenzo Balag-ey
an act of charity through                                                                                        Tublay – Domingo Awas
blood donation.
           Each donor let 450
                                                                                                                      Great ability
cc or one cup of blood, and                                                                                           develops and
each received a Donor’s                                                                                               reveals itself
Membership Card which                                                                                               increasingly with
is presented everytime a
blood donation is made
or when blood needs to                                                                                              new assignment.
                                   Bloody generosity. NIAns did it again. They donate blood; they save
be withdrawn from Red              lives.                                                                           -Baltasar Gracian
          Tebteb ni Cordillera                                news                                                                   5
  Financial management training held for                                                                      NIA-CAR
         With the aim to         importance of financial            functionality survey for IAs              observes
strengthen the financial
management skills of
                                 management, to be able
                                 to prepare financial plans
                                                                    to measure and assess their
                                                                    capability to manage their
                                                                                                              Arbor Day
Irrigators’ Associations,        and reports to Securities          own finances, operate and
three batches of Financial       and Exchange Commission            maintain their systems                         In observance of
Management Training              (SEC) adopting the                 and manage their                     Arbor Day as part of this
Workshop were held at the        format.                            organizations. The results           year’s celebration of the
NIA Training Hall on June                 Staffs of the             revealed that most of the            Philippine Environment
17-18, 21-22 and July 1-2        Institutional Development          IAs got low ratings in the           Month, DENR-CAR linked
respectively.                    Unit who were organizers           financial management                 up with NIA-CAR and other
         The first batch of      and speakers of the                aspect, a difficulty the IDD         agencies in a tree planting
the seminar-workshop was         activities came up with the        wished to have addressed             activity held at Busol
attended by 25 participants,     training after conducting a        through the training.                Watershed in Ambiong, La
31 in the second batch and                                                                               Trinidad, Benguet on June
43 in the third. Participants                                                                            25.
came from the eight                                                                                                Arbor Day is a
amortizing CIS, existing CIS                                                                             holiday in which individuals
and projects for CY 2010 in                                                                              and groups are encouraged
Benguet.                                                                                                 to plant and care for trees.
         After a series                                                                                  It is celebrated around
of lecture-discussions,                                                                                  the world on different
workshops/exercises                                                                                      dates depending on the
and open forums,                                                                                         suitable planting season.
the participants who                                                                                     In the Philippines, it was
are secretaries and/or                                                                                   institutionalized that Arbor
treasurers of IAs directly                                                                               Day be celebrated every
involved in financial            Re-GREENing Mother Earth is a means and an aim for NIAns as they        25th of June.
records are expected             join DENR and other agencies in a tree planting endeavor during the               Tree planting
to have known the                Arbor Day. Photo by: Elnora Melchor                                     is also one of the
 IA members to attend inter’l confab                                 Never doubt that
                                                                                                         counterpart activities of
                                                                                                         IAs in the watershed-based
                by: Paulita Yagyagan                                                                     approach to irrigation
                                                                    a small, group of                    project implementation
         Three members of        Ifugao and Delfin Otlagon              thoughtful,                      where IAs are tasked to
Irrigators’ Associations of      of Hinghuyapon IA of
CAR are to represent the         Hinyon, Ifugao. Other               committed citizens                  undergo watershed related
                                                                                                         activities. Watershed
region at the Slow Food’s        participants from CAR                can change the                     advocacy was initiated by
Terra Madre Conference           are Rowena Gonnay and              world. Indeed, it is                 then RIM Abraham Akilit
in Turin, Italy on October       Rowena Sawil, both of
20-26, 2010.                     Kalinga.                           the only thing that                  in recognition of the vast
                                                                                                         importance of watershed
         The Terra Madre                 These Cordilleran               ever has.                       preservation in sustaining
is a bi-annual gathering of      participants are heirloom                                               irrigation water.
over 5,000 farmers, chefs,       rice seed keepers,
students and researchers         producers, processors and
who represent over 30            quality controllers and are
countries. The conference        expected to gain a larger
fosters discussion on            understanding of the
topics in the field of food,     global movement for the
gastronomy, globalization        preservation of culturally
and economics including          related food production,
workshop on organic              which they will be able
certification, rural             to share to other terraces
communities, rare livestock      farmers upon their return.
breed, heritage grains and               This opportunity
indigenous agriculture           for farmers is made
system.                          possible by the continued
         IA members who          support of RICE, Inc.,
shall join the conference        a non-government
are Blacio Akinchang of          organization, Eighth               A beautiful environment is a conducive working one. This minipark
Cadaclan IA in Barlig,           Wonder, the marketing              developed within NIA-CAR compound is medicine fit for tired eyes
Mountain Province,               arm of heirloom rice, and          and souls. The covered pathway in the backdrop was timely built for
Jimmy Lingayo Kinakin-                                              this rainy season to facilitate the pace from one building to another.
                                 DA particularly NIA-CAR.           Building repainting is also on-going.
Lungab IA in Kinakin,
          Tebteb ni Cordillera                            feature                                                                      6
          NIA-CAR recorded an overall 74% accomplishment in its project implementation as of June 30, 2010.
          As per report of the Engineering Section, the physical and financial accomplishments of CY 2010 funded projects
were both pegged at 74% of the 133 projects of the regional office for CY 2010 funded by the regular funds (BSPP and
PDAF) and pump priming (SONA) projects (P6.524 B) and NDCC). Among the six provinces covered by the regional
office, the provinces of Kalinga and Ifugao are the most advanced, recording 97% and 86% accomplishment respectively.
          A total area of 5,672 ha. has already been rehabilitated as against the overall target for CY 2010 of 7,428 ha.,
203 ha. restored versus 1,430 ha. restoration target and 15 ha. generated as compared to 116 ha. target. Meanwhile,
farmer-beneficiaries add up to 7,721.
                                                 CY 2010 FUNDED PROJECTS
                                                    As of June 30, 2010
     NAME                                        PROGRAM - CY 2010                               ACTUAL ACCOMPLISHMENT TO DATE
      OF          No.                         AREA, HA.                                         AREA, HA.           STATUS OF
    PROJECT       OF                         ADDITIONAL              JOB     FB                ADDITIONAL            ACCOMP.   JOB         FB
                         (P'000)    REHAB                   TOTAL                     REHAB                 TOTAL
                 PROJ                       REST'N NEW               GEN                       REST'D NEW           PHY FIN GEN
ABRA              11     20,020.000     280     173      43    496     242      413      100       10     0     110   56    52   157          45
APAYAO             6     49,200.000   1,312     476       0 1,788      463    2,548      311      141     0     452   48    51   276         300
BENGUET           36     38,958.936     179     415      73    667     461    1,103       94      253   15      362   64    64   342         523
IFUGAO            15     15,220.000     472      45       0    517     160    1,061      425       45     0     470   86    86   138         923
KALINGA           20    104,110.554   4,595     301       0 4,896    1,217    5,251    4,487      245     0   4,732   97    97 1,164       4,955
MT. PROVINCE      45     68,500.000     590      20       0    610     823    1,977      255        9     0     263   65    66   483         975
TOTAL FOR CAR     133   296,009.490   7,428   1,430     116 8,974    3,366   12,353    5,672      703   15    6,389   74    74 2,560       7,721

                                                                                                                  Brush Dam &
                                                                                                                    Spur Dike
                                                                                                                  of HAPID IS,
                                                                                                                 Lamut, Ifugao
                                                                                                                      as of
                                                                                                                 May 24, 2010
                                                                                                               Fund: RRENIS 2010
                                                                                                                Area: 1,218 ha.

 Desilting Works &
Road Improvement
along UCRIS-Que-
 zon Main Canal
        as of
   May 31, 2010
  Fund: NDC VI &
                                                                                      BINENG-JAPPOS CIS
                                                                    Twin Tanks are a cause for celebration. NIA-
                                                           CAR staff, Jappos Ba-ca Coroz IA, Inc. members, the
                                                           officiating priest and other guests dance the “Tayaw”
                                                           during the blessing of the Bineng-Jappos Communal
                                                           Irrigation System in Bineng, La Trinidad, Benguet on
                                                           June 6, 2010.
                                                                    The “Tayaw” is a Cordilleran dance with dif-
                                                           ferent versions in various places in the region and is
                                                           performed during festivities, rituals and celebrations.
                                                                    The Bineng-Jappos CIS has two tanks, the first of
                                                           which was constructed in 2000 under BSPP. The other
                                                           was just completed this year under RRECIS to augment
*Photos courtesy of Eng’r. Liza Jane Chugsayan             the water irrigating the 47 ha.
          Tebteb ni Cordillera                                    news                                                        7
NIA-CAR holds...from p. 1                                            LA VIDA AQUE...from p. 3
Institute (IRRI).                            Earlier this year,         ers simply acknowledge          but be on the right path.
         Speakers from              a series of orientation-            their weaknesses (No            Do your work honestly
PhilRice who are research           workshops on WST were               false humility please).         and with integrity. You
specialists included Eng’r.         consecutively conducted             Some hate (to know)             will have your flaws.
Mina Florague who                   by NIA-CAR for IA                   the truth, some get hurt        Nobody is perfect. But
discussed AO 25 otherwise           presidents of the three             because of the truth.           at least you are trying
known as Guidelines for             NISs in the region and IA           Some like (to know)             not to cheat, not to
the Adoption of Water-              members in Abra.                    the truth and welcome           be dishonest. Having a
Saving Technologies                          WST, which                 the truth even if it hurts      good character won’t
(WST) in Irrigated Rice                                                 because they know it is         make you befriend ev-
                                    includes technologies               good and they will learn
Production Systems in               developed to reduce water                                           erybody. Enemies will
the Philippines, Glenn                                                  from it and the truth will      come and go. Dislikes,
                                    use in rice production              set them free.
Ilar and Eda Suplido                without yield reduction,                                            hates, envy, sour grapes
                                                                                Some         listen,
who lectured on the                 is one of the identified                                            will be there. After all
                                                                        some don’t (especially
eight components of                 measures to adapt to the                                            you cannot please ev-
                                                                        when they think they
the Palaycheck System.              effects of climate change.                                          erybody. But if you will
                                                                        are the ones being al-
Researchers from IRRI                        This can be                                                have the right reaction
                                                                        luded to). Suspicions!
were Emma Quicho who                achieved by modifying                                               and right attitude to face
                                                                        Some love to talk about
talked on Aerobic Rice              the farming operations,                                             the storms that comes
                                                                        others, BUT THINK
and Omar Jayag who                  water management                                                    your way, then you can
                                                                        ABOUT THIS: can’t it be
discussed WST on Rice               and other cultural                                                  still be the last man/
                                                                        possible that the person
Production.                         management practices.                                               woman standing. The
                                                                        who talks to you about
         T        h       e         It specifically promotes                                            Book of books says: “If
                                                                        another person will not
mainstreaming and                   Controlled Irrigation (CI)                                          it is possible, as far as it
                                                                        talk (READ: spread ru-
institutionalization of             or Alternate Wetting and                                            depends on you, live at
                                                                        mors) about you to oth-
WST is being done through           Drying (AWD), in which                                              peace with everyone...
                                                                        ers? Hmmm?.!..?...!
the cascading approach              ricefields are alternately                                          therefore make every
                                                                                Different        cir-
where specialists train             flooded and non-flooded                                             effort to do what leads
                                                                        cumstances,       different
prospective trainers in the         to a predetermined level                                            to peace and mutual
                                                                        attitudes, different reac-
regional level who will             through the monitoring                                              edification.”(Romans
                                                                        tions. The list can go on
train provincial trainers           of field water with the aid                                         12:18/14:19 NIV).
                                                                        and on... and on... and
who will in turn train the          of an observation tube                                                      My          friend,
farmers.                            installed in a paddy.                                               where are you? What
                                                                                We may not be
                                                                                                        are you? How are you?
                                                                        one in the list depicted
Reuyan visits... from p. 1                                              but here is one sure thing
                                                                        – we are what comes             NIA turns...from p. 1
called Celika.                                                          out of our mouth. As
         Meanwhile, the Aguyad CIS project was yet to be                the Good Book says:             was closely followed by
started during the time of the visitation but was completed             “A good man out of              the opening program in
on June 10. The project which consisted of two reservoirs and           the good treasure of his        which DA Secretary Bernie
660 linear meters of mainline rehabilitated seven hectares              heart brings forth good;        Fondevilla, the guest
of high value crop plantation.                                          an evil man out of the          of honor and speaker,
                                                                        evil treasure of his heart      underscored on good
                                                                        brings forth evil. For out      manners and right conduct
                                                                        of the abundance of the         learned from kindergarten
                                                                        heart his mouth speaks.”        that must be continued
                                                                        (Luke 6:45 NKJV). Two           in the discharge of one’s
                                                                        country singers, Reba           duties and responsibilities
                                                                        McEntire and Vince Gill,        as a NIAn.
                                                                        put it this way: “the                    The opening day
                                                                        heart won’t lie.” What is       was also made extra colorful
                                                                        in our heart then even-         by the selection of muses
                                                                        tually tells about us. It       where the representative
                                                                        shows where we are,
                                                                        what we are, and how            of Region 11 was crowned
                                                                        we are.                         muse of NIA’s 47th year.
                                                                                To the (un)af-                   Various sports
                                                                        fected, (un)concerned,          competitions as well as
                                                                        (un)interested, our right       contests on Ballroom
                                                                        reaction and attitude to        Dancing, Choir, and
ARDOMA members listen intently to Mr. Tarcelo Balusdan, techni-         different circumstances         Cultural Presentations
                                                                        is what counts. Go on,          were also held to play
cian of Calawa Drip Irrigation, as he talks about the Drip Irrigation
and Celika. ARDOMA visited in time of the planting season.              do what you do best             central role in this year’s
                                                                                                        anniversary celebration.
          Tebteb ni Cordillera                                  FEATURE                                                  8

                                         discovering irrigation & Pepper

        It’s yummy. It’s
healthful. It’s eaten raw.
        These are what
Celika possessed that
must have caught the
interest (and of course,
the taste) of the Acting
Administrator in the bell
pepper during his visit to
Sablan, Benguet in April.
                                                             Celika is a bell pepper variety belonging to the cultivar
                                                    group of the species Capsicum annum (chilli pepper), and there
                                                    are some grown in greenhouses in Sablan. When the usual bell
                                                    pepper is 18-24 inches in height, Celika is a vine and needs trellises
                                                    to support it. It is a high-value crop with price that can reach as
                                                    high as Php200.00 per kilogram.
                                                             Planting season for the pepper in Calawa Drip Irrigation
                                                    starts in May while the harvest starts as early as July and continues
                                                    consecutively for the next eight to nine months until the plants
                                                    need to be replaced.
                                                             With the seeds being imported from abroad, Celika is so
                                                    sensitive to diseases and water requirement that it requires careful
                                                    attention and timely irrigation through drip.
        Drip irrigation is the direct application of
slow, even water trickle to soil and plants using
plastic tubing placed at the soil surface or the
plants’ root zone.
        Although drip irrigation can be expensive, it
offers many benefits especially in the efficient use
of water. Well-designed drip irrigation systems lose
practically no water to runoff, percolate deeply,
or evaporate as well as reduce water contact
with crop leaves, stems, and fruit which helps in
the prevention of diseases. Irrigation scheduling is
automated and can be managed to meet crop
demands, holding the promise of increased yield
                                                                         application of fertilizers along with water.
and quality. Since water is applied directly to the
                                                                                  Considered as the most efficient way of
root zone, this kind of irrigation enables the precise
                                                                         irrigating, drip irrigation can be an adaptation
                                                                         strategy to counter the effect of dry spell when
                                                                         water becomes scarce.

                                                                         ARDOMA also visits Drip IS
                                                                                  On June 5, the Association of Regional
                                                                         Directors and Operation Managers (ARDOMA)
                                                                         also visited the same Celika plantation and drip
                                                                         irrigation that the Acting Administrator visited in
                                                                                  The group had come from the ARDOMA
                                                                         meeting in UPRIIS before proceeding to NIA-CAR
                                                                         regional office. After lunch, while their ladies went
                                                                         to tour the strawberry farms and vegetable trading
Acting Administrator Reuyan and ARDOMA members pose with NIA-            post in La Trinidad, ARDOMA members chose to
CAR staff and IA leaders during their visit to Paswek-Kalipkip CIS,
Sablan, Benguet from which the Drip Irrigation traces its source.        visit the Drip Irrigation in Sablan, a thirty-minute
                                    Photo by: Eng’r. Ronilio Cervantes   drive from Baguio City.

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