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 Vol. 38 - No. 5    Summer Issue     May-Aug 1996

                           50gEa fflEffi
                                              July 27
                                            Mark Franks
                                   Alt. MS & PL I A-1 after tip

        August 7
            & Bert Schein                                                           4
  Randy Page        CW                                           John kaltemhaler& Nick ilaspa
      MS I PL tip I                                                     Mg 1
       Paramus, NJ—                                                         PL tip / J
                                                                        Paramus, NJ D

                                            August 21
                                 Don Coy & Dot Loewenstein
                                      MS / PL tip / CW
                                    Paramus, NJ

           tlailS re A

                                EgO    5MQORECO OgRREFIEEOEM
                                         August 31
                                         Red Bates
                         E5 CMG Alt.   MS & PL I A-1 after tip
                                       Lincoln Park, NJ

          The banners proclaim the news!
Earn your Freeloaders Dangle at the Summer Dances
                                                PUBLISHED BI-MONTHLY SEPT-MAY
                                                      Circulation: over 2,000
   gland squeeze
          oFF,CIAL         PUBLICATION        Deadlines         Due Out:          Theme:
                                              July 17, '96      Aug. 31, '96         Fall
         EDITORS EMERITUS                     Sept 17, '96      Nov. 10, '96       Holiday
           Doc & Peg Tirrell                  Nov. 17, '96      Jan. 19, '97        Winter
                                              Jan. 17, '97      Mar. 9, '97         Grads
                 EDITORS                      Mar. 17, '97      May 4, '97        Summer
           Charlie & Kathy Porter
99 Stanley Ave., Staten Island, NY 10301                 ADVERTISING RATES
        Home:         718-448-9761            Actual Size         NNJSDA       Non-
  Kathy Office:       201-938-5517            Necessary for       Member   Member
           Fax:       201-938-5466            Camera-Ready Ads Clubs      Advertiser
Internet: kathy_porter@trs.dowjones.com       Full: 6"W x 10"H    $52.00    $57.00
                                              1/2: 6"W x 5"H       26.00      31.00
 FOR OVERNIGHT DELIVERIES ONLY                1/4: 6"W x 2-1/2"H 13,00        18.00
       K. Porter/c/o Corcoran                 1/8: 6"W x 1-1/4"H    6.50     11.00
 15 Mohn Pl., Staten Island, NY 10301
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       ASSOCIATE EDITORS                           listed above is not camera-ready.
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              201-593-8440                    10% Discount for 5 prepaid ads, same size.
                BILLING                                  Ask Editors for details.
           Leo & Lois Bichler
             718-356-2208                     The following extra charges may apply:
    NORTHERN AREA REPORTER                    Creating ad from rough copy         $20.00
             Henry Shiman                     Corrections, sizing, etc.              5.00
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             609-859-1937                        Subscriptions: $8.50 for 5 issues.
    WESTERN AREA REPORTER                               Send all ad copy, checks,
              Donna Poyer                        articles, and subscriptions to Editors.
        Bill & Erma Donaldson                    Sal & Mary Alessi, Leo & Lois Bichler
             201-627-7975                                Greg & Karen Kushla                 'Mk

   NNJSDA OFFICERS 1995-1996                                ASST. TREAS.-
                                                      Harold & Maureen Latham
       PRES.-John & Joan Berg                       82 Hilltop Ct., Clifton, NJ 07012
21 Crescent Rd., West Milford. NJ 07480                      9ni_77cL6R7r1
                                                  PAST PRES.- Dick & Shirley White
      1st VPs-Sal & Mary Alessi                  40 Lakewood Dr., Jaffrey, NH 03452
   5 Villa Rd., Little Falls, NJ 07424                    603-532-7327
    2nd VPs-Richard & Rusty Ball
   52 Kiel Ave., Kinnelon, NJ 07405              COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN 1995-1996
  3rd VPs-Gus & Marilyn Bachmann                             ADVISORS-
   258 Stevens Cr, New Milford, NJ                 Jim & Joyce Kelly - 908-658-4271
             201-261-3921                                  CCNJ LIAISONS
                                                    Margaret Guyre - 201-384-2791
REC. SECYS-Jean Koenig & Lillian Krov               & Donna Brady - 201-387-1135
  228 Hillside Ave., Cranford, NJ 07016                     INSURANCE-
              908-276-8049                        Fred & Kathryn Hill - 908-849-1606
   CORR. SECYS-Don & Fern Walker                        NNJRDLC LIAISONS-
 873 Garrison Ave., Teaneck, NJ 07666           John & Madelyn Kemer-201-384-5407
              201-692-8350                                SDCNJ LIAISONS-
                                                Norman & Audrey Bolin - 201-729-9327
    TREAS.-Jim & Barbara Thoma                           NJ STATE OUTFIT-
8 Wilson Ave., Staten Island, NY 10308           Rusty & Richard Ball - 201-838-0312
                          201-697-2090 NNJSDA Information Line
         1-800-892-8828 SD Info - Sponsored by the SDCNJ & Fed Del-Val SRD
     From the ciesk_of         JOHN & JOAN BERG, NNJSDA PRESIDENTS
                        As we turn over the reins to new Presidents, and this being
                    our last message as NNJSDA Presidents, we would like to
                    leave you with some of our thoughts on square dancing.
                    Please remember that these are our thoughts and not
                    necessarily those of the NNJSDA or any of its members.
    As wetravel the country attending festivals and conventions, or attending
meetings, or reading the some of the national publications, the one question that
is asked the most is, "What is happening to square dancing?" The answer to this
question is simple, "We are what's happening to square dancing." Let's think
about this for a moment. Each year we recruit fewer students; therefore, we
have fewer graduates. The clubs have fewer members. There are fewer
dancers to fill the many leadership positions in the clubs and clubs start to take a
lesser role in the "Wonderful World of Square Dancing." But most of all, because
we have fewer dancers, we will now have fewer students.
    Because of this trend, many articles are being written criticizing square
dancing. They criticize the length of lessons, the way we dress, the cost of halls,
callers, and subsequently the cost of dances. They also say that other forms of
dancing, such as w estern Hnnring, line Harming, etc has had an impact on
square dancing. These are EXCUSES, not reasons.
    WE the dancers are the main reason for the decline in the popularity of
square dancing. Square dancing has always been a numbers game. The higher
the number of students, the more graduates; the more graduates, the more club
members. The more club members, the more square dancing enthusiasts, and
so on. We're sure you have the picture by now. If all of square dancing's critics
would spend as much time showing the world the good side of square dancing
and less time criticizing it, we're sure that we can reverse the present trends.
                                                                  Please turn to page 4

                 Caller from
            PLUS PROGRAM             Dan Guin
                 A-1 aftertip

                Cuer from NJ
                  on Rounds          Al Spinks
                 Dance Date
                                    Friday, May 31, 1996
                                    8:00 - 10:30 P.M.

                                    Lincoln Park Community Center
                    Location        Route 202 (Main St.) & Chapel Hill Rd.
                                    Lincoln Park, NJ (see map page 69)

                 Dress Code         Square Dance Attire. Soft-soled Shoes.

          All Clubs Expected
                to Participate

                                    One Square is Fair

                                     Sal & Mary Alessi
                                                                  NW !IDA

                                                          John & Joan Berg
                             NNJSDA CALENDAR
May:                                   August:
5    Delegates Meeting                 7 NNJSDA Summer Dance
     VFW, Elmwood Park, NJ                 Page/Schain, Paramus, NJ
     '96-'97 Questionnaires Dist.          (MS/PL tip/cw)
     Grand Square Distribution of      11 NNJSDA Exec. Bd. Mtg.
     Summer Issue                      14 NNJSDA Summer Dance
     NNJSDA Special (PL)                   Kaitenthaier/Raspa, Paramus
     Guin/Spinks, Lincoln Park, NJ         (MS/PL tip/RD)
June:                                  21 NNJSDA Summer Dance
2 NNJSDA Exec. Bd                          Coy/Loewenstein, Paramus, NJ
                                           (MS/PL tip/CW)
     Changeover Mtg.
                                       31 NNJSDA Super Blow Out
15 '96-'97 Questionnaires due
     back to Grand Square Editors          Red Bates, Lincoln Park, NJ
                                           (Alt. MS & PL/A-1 aftertip)
26-29 NSDC, San Antonio, TX                Grand Square Distribution of
                                                    Fall Issue
July:                                           September:
10 NNJSDA Summer Dance                              Delegates Meeting
     Landi/Bichler                                   VFW Elmwood Park, NJ
     Roselle, NJ (MS/PL after tip/CW)           17 Grand Square Deadline for
17 NNJSDA Summer Dance                              Holiday Issue
     Koft/Kushla                                October:
     Roselle, NJ (MS/PL after tip/RD)            6 The Gathering, Parsippany, NJ
     Grand Square Deadline for                  November:
     Fall Issue                                 10 22nd Mini-Festival (All Programs)
27 Summer Super Blow Out                            Storey/Jacobs/Franks/Rumbles
     Franks, Lincoln Park, NJ                       Grand Square Distribution of
         (Alt MS & PL/ A-1 aftertip)
                                                    Holiday Issue
                                     'NE SQUARE IS FAIX'

    Presidents' Letter continued from page 3
        Let's take a moment to look at the EXCUSES. When we think back to our
    student days, it was a fun time. If we ever thought of stopping it was because we
    were having trouble learning, not because it was too long. However, our
    instructor had the patience of a saint. Those many angels who came each week
    in square dance clothes were an inspiration to us all_ We were made to feel that
    we had to graduate so we could "belong." That is just what we did and we have
    never regretted it. Some say we should relax our attitude on square dance
    clothes. Some even feel that we should abolish them. Just imagine the NY
    Giants showing up at the Meadowlands in jeans and sweatshirts to play football.
    Our critics say that square dance outfits cost too much. Then these same people
    will purchase western clothes, boots and a Stetson to line dance. It is not
    necessary to spend a fortune; a few simple outfits will suffice. However, if you
    want more, it should be available. It's like driving a Chevy or a BMW; after all
    they will both get you to your destination. Now let's look at the cost. It's your
        You can rent a movie, buy a bottle of soda, a bag of potato chips or you can
    square dance, both for under $10.00. Would you rather be a couch potato or a
    smiling, fit square dancer? The choice is yours.
        As you can see, the decline is our fault. We are taking square dancing for
    gmntoci To many of       square dancing is a way of life. Not a day goes by that it
    doesn't touch on our lives. In some way, it is up to us to see that the rest of
    humanity learns about square dancing. It is time to return to our roots. L et's
    adopt a student and double our membership. WE CAN DO IT. Square 'em up.
                                             John & Joan Berg, NNJSDA Presidents
                  NNJSDA OFFICER NOMINATIONS FOR '96-'97
    The Nominating Committee will place in nomination the following individuals
at the Delegates Meeting on May 5, 1996:
Pres:       Sal & Mary Alessi               5 Villa Road, Little Fails, NJ 07424; 201-256-1647
1st VP:     Richard & Rusty Ball           52 Kiel Avenue, Kinnelon, NJ 07450; 201-838-0312
2nd VP:     Richard & Linda O'Keefe   545 Northfield Ave, W. Orange, NJ 07052; 201-243-0192
3rd VP:     Gus & Marilyn Bachmann 258 Stevens Ct, New Milford, NJ 07646; 201-261-3921
Rec Secy: Margaret Guyre                 79 Shadyside Ave, Dumont, NJ 07628; 201-384-2791
Corr Secy: Bernie & Sandy Beck          657 Prospect St, Glen Rock, NJ 07452; 201-447-0538
Treas:      Jim & Barbara Thoma         8 Wilson Ave, Staten Island, NY 10308; 718-948-3056
Asst Treas: Roger & Maria Hornlein         36 Willow St, Bergenfield, NJ 07621; 201-384-0334
    Nominations from the floor will be accepted for each position. Candidates for
office must meet the eligibility requirements as stated in the Constitution, Article VIII
Election of Officers:
Section 1.  individuals receiving remuneration from any Member Ciub directly or indirectly, are not
            eligible for election to office.
                                                                    ni-cie, f
Section 2. To be eligible as an officer in the hrr•nr=infinn r•
                                                                            nr ffir-,n re1;c -t
                                                            L.,...111 1,..A1,11-.1.1.1......1   111.,/11. 11UYV .0,1 V

            as a Delegate of the Association or an officer of a Member Club.
Section 3. To be eligible to hold office as President of the Association, candidates for office must
            have served as an Officer of the Executive Committee.
Section 4. Election of officers shall take place at the Annual Meeting, from a slate presented by
            the Nominating Committee and nominations from the floor. Any nominations from the
            floor must have prior consent of the candidates. The Nominating Committee's slate
            shall be presented to the Delegates not less than 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting.
Section 5. Election shall be by simple majority of the Delegates present and voting. The vole shall
            be by secret ballot whenever a contest occurs.
Section 6.  The elected officers shall serve for a one-year term, starting June 1st.
Section 7. No person shall hold the same office for more than two consecutive terms.

                 DANCERS ASSOCIATION
                   22 nd Annual
                                        Jerry Storey, Mike Jacobs,
                All-star Line-Up              Mark Franks
                  Cuer from NJ
                    on Rounds            Ron & Ree Rumble
                    Dance Date
                                         Sunday, November 10, 1996
                                         Tickets on Sale September '96

                       Location          To be announced.

                    Dress Code          Square Dance Attire. Soft-soled Shoes.

             All Clubs Expected         One Square is Fair                                      SDA

                   to Participate

                       Inquiries         Sal & Mary Alessi                  John & Joan Berg
                                         201-256-1647                       201-697-2090
                   '96-'97 RAID PROGRAM
     A club raiding seven (7) NNJSDA member clubs in one dancing season will
pay only one-half of their NNJSDA membership dues for the following year.
     1. Must raid seven (7) different clubs between June 1, 1996 and
        May 31, 1997.
     2. Must raid at least one club from each Area (see below for Area list).
     3. Must raid a regular dance (not a special or dinner dance).
     4. Must raid with one or more squares.
     5. Members may not raid with more than one club per dance.
     6. Must have Raid Card signed by an officer of the raided club.
For the dancing season starting June 1, 1996 and ending May 31, 1997, the
Areas are:

                        Mainstream                              Plus & Advanced
Northern Area Clubs:
                       Belles & Beaux                           Hix & Chix
                       Circle Eights                            Hi Taw Twirlers
                       F.A.D.                                   RockyTops
                       See Saw Sq. (1 Sat MS)                   See Saw Sq. (3 Sat. PL)
                       Rockland Promenaders                     Western Wheelers
                       Spinning Wheels
                       Tenafly Squares                          Motiv8ors (A-2)
                       Tenakill Twirlers

Eastern Area Clubs:
                        Alre'Mo Squares                         Kings Squares
                        Ocean Waves                             Richmond Dancers
                                                                Staten Square Set

Southern Area Clubs:
                                                                Bee Sharps
                                                                Country Promenaders
                                       r- i.../.1.- L. - _ I_
                        I ILAIRGIUU1 I I  iutlel VVI            i-iunterdon Fiutterwneels
                          (Alt MS/PL)                             (Alt MS/PL)
                       Rutgers Promenaders

Western Area Clubs:
                       Dingman Dancers                          Ironia Reelers
                       Leisure Sq. (Alt. MS/PL)                 Leisure Sqs.(Ait. MS/PL)
                       Kittatinny Rangers
                       Warren Wheelers

Central Area Clubs:
                       Lakeland Squares                         Cross Trail Squares
                       Y Squares                                Harmony Dancers
                                                                Valley Squares

                                                                Mountain Sqs. (A-2)

    As soon as the card is completed, return to: Sal & Mary Alessi, NNJSDA
Presidents, 5 Villa Road, Little Falls, NJ 07424. If you did not receive your form
or need further information, contact the Alessis at 201-256-1647.
          The Gathering:
  Dancers Getting Together
          to glare
                         1 MIA ITITTVAITI
                         1   7 7AJ   111 V-1111.E.1

      Dancing into the 21st. Century
                   wdol ia "How can we retain our
                                                    enthusiastic dancers?"
        \ .e,,lok6 46°To0"           e
ago* c \eziAev6isv ovo bilt6vtIl 1
       ,A.,, e'i?:;°         _ ke,9"     "What Can We do
    0" ‘'.           cLia tc
                          ,                        MERIN csh        IA
            A 6 iv                "Will ME?"               ???,     Cheese
       "What can we do to attract the Baby Booftierg?"
 "Caller Ethics: what is that--and why
       should I know about it?"                            t‘ce
                                                       a oire"
                       "How can we               „do
                                                   A .
            it.     publicize our club's
        ev Isy i.
            ,6          activities?"     40* kb ot       5
    6 o ,s. . 9,,e)                                    4 4'
                                                        o 0-
      or,"       Date: October 6, 1996                    , 0
                                                          4) •P
    cliev'efo                                                    .„
                                                                 0    0
                        Time: 1 to 9pm                           .I. ,,
                                                                  <5,. .2:0
                 (Dancing from 7 to 9pm)
         Location: Par6ippany High school

                     "P:4454 4. 4 '   '4   44 •••• 44   • 44444   s Yr
          • '4   •

1.   Anyone is eligible to enter whether or not they are
     square dancers. Any number of entries may be
2.   All posters must be 8-1/2" X 11" done in black ink on
     white paper or poster board.
3.   Subject may be any square dance theme, but must
     a. National Square Dance Month - September
     b. Sufficient space left for each club to fill in their own
          class or open house information.
     c. Must not be "localized" to any one geographic area.
4.   The winning poster will be featured on the cover of the
     September Issue of Grand Square. The winning artist(s)
     will receive appropriate recognition at an NNJSDA Summer
5.   The winning poster will be reprinted by the NNJSDA.
     Posters will be distributed to the clubs during the Summer
     Dances for use in promoting classes in NJ, NY, and PA.
6.   Deadline for all entries is Saturday, June 1, 1996. Mail
     or deliver entries to the 3rd VPs, Gus & Marilyn Bachmann,
     258 Stevens Ct, New Milford, NJ 07646,Tel: 201-261-3921.
7.   Judging will be Sunday, June 2, 1996, by the NNJSDA
     Executive Board. All entries become the property of the
     NNJSDA and may be displayed at National and State
     Square Dance Conventions.

 We made a mistake! The Mazziotti DBD
 Plus Class starts THURSDAY, MAY 16,
 not Thursday, May 13! Pascack Re-
 formed Church in Park Ridge, 7:30 to 9:30.

     Call Dick & Laurie Iviazziotti for more info
                  (201) 664-4482
                      'This season club news will-be alphabetical order from A-Z.
                        AL'e'MO SQUARES -- Brooklyn, NY                  MS/PL tips
2 & 4 Sun. Sept-June                 Ft. Hamilton Comm. Rec. Bldg., Ft. Hamilton
    We've had a busy and eventful couple of months. We gave a demo at the
Menorah Nursing Home, where 95% of our audience were in wheelchairs. As we
left, the following Indian prayer came to my mind, "I complained about my shoes
until I saw others without feet." Don & Dot Coy were our callers on this visit of
mercy, and they got them to wave their arms and sing along. It made it all worth
while to invest the few hours we did to entertain them. We have another two
demos planned, one at the St. Francis Nursing Home and then we are back
again at the Menorah Home. We are also on the road again with three raids: the
first at Ocean Waves, the second at Tenafly Squares, and the last at Tenakill
     Dot Coy became a grandmother for the first time. She doesn't look a day
older! The only thing that we have noticed is that she walks and dances about
two feet off the floor. With the first grandchild, you gotta expect that. The son of
our VPs, Sam & Minnie Santiago, was married this past month. They didn't lose
a son, they gained a tenant for the apartment that Sam refurbished. Lucky
     We are ready for the Convention that our own Don & Dot Coy are the
Chairpersons. We are very proud of them. We are also getting ready for our
Graduation, and here again we are so grateful for Don & Dot for doing a great
job. We must have the most enthusiastic graduates in many years. They are

1 0F
trying hard. 718-435-4631
Ad on page 19                   Joe & Phyllis Piazza                  718-376-3149


        ,      N. J. Callers Council of New Jersey
                                    Presents the third

            Associate Callers Dace
            Wednesday July 31st7:30 PM
                                 Mainstream Program
             Featuring our NEWER CALLERS

                 INFO CALL (800) 584-3453                  or (201) 261-1047

             Many people hate any change that doesn't jingle in their pockets.
          Ask your Delegate for the special envelope addressed to you
             that was distributed at the May 5th Delegates Meeting.
                  It contains the '96-'97 NNJSDA Questionnaire,
            Please fill it out and return to the Editors by June 15th.
                        BEE SHARPS Somerville, NJ                               PL
2 & 4 Fri. Sept-June                   St. John's Episcopal Ch., 158 W. High St.
    As Presidents of your dub, how would you like to get a phone call at 3:00
P.M. in the afternoon that the hall you're dancing in that evening has a 48-degree
temperature? It seems that there was a heating problem earlier in the week, but
they thought it would be corrected by Friday. Evidently, it was not. It was too
late to cancel the dance, so three members brought lots of sweaters and
sweatshirts for dancers to wear. Fortunately, there was heat in an adjacent room
and the kitchen where we placed our refreshments, which were plentiful; so the
dancers had a warm place to go in between tips. After dancing 10 to 15 minutes,
many of us were comfortable without sweaters. By the end of the evening, the
temperature read 60 degrees. We want to thank everyone for their patience and
understanding. Our four squares had a super time thanks to Marion Pearce and
Russ Booz.
    We want to thank Hix & Chix for such a big group raiding our February 9
dance, which featured Al Kaesler and Dave Roberts (we had seven squares).
Also thanks to Valley Squares for their raid on February 23, where Dick Mazziotti
and Al Spinks were our caller and cuer (we had 5 squares). A great time was
had by all at both dances. We love raiding other clubs as much as we love being
Ad on page 16                 Irma & John McCarthy                   908-722-3565

                                     2 & 4 Saturdays
ir Pre-Rounds at 8:00                                       Plus Squares 8:30-11:00

       Date;             Caller:                Cuer:              Theme:
     May       11        No Dance - Raiding Country Promenaders
     May       25        Al Kaesler             Karen Kushla
     June       8        No Dance
     *June     15        Steve Forman           Kathy Koft   Annual Dinner
                                 Happy Summer 'Dancing!
     *Sept.    14        Gerry Hardy            TBA          Dessert Dance
                             Desserts served at 7:30 PM.
      *No Pre-Rounds

         All Saints Episcopal Church, 2329 Victory Blvd., Staten Island, NY
     From NJ: Take Victory Blvd. Exit from the SI Expwy. Make left on Victory to Crystal
             Ave. Make left on Crystal. Church lot is the 2nd right.
     From Brooklyn: Take the Bradley Ave. Exit from the SI Expwy. Make right onto
             Bradley. Make left at Victory Blvd. to Crystal Ave. Make right on
             Crystal.Church lot is 2nd right.
                Info: Andersons: 718-727-5141; Reids: 718-727-5469;
                            Rubensteins: 718-442-4916
          Special drawing for a free admission for visitors who come across a bridge.


               SPINNING WHEELS                                                                                    of   WAYNE

                                                                                      * INTRODUCTION TO PLUS / 8:00 to 8:30

                                                                                      * THIRD TIP IS PLUS

                                                                                      * REFRESHMENTS PROVIDED BY MEMBERS

                                                                                      * WESTERN DANCING WITH DOLORES

                                                                                      * RAIDERS & MEMBERS                        - S2.50
                                                                                        GUESTS                                   - $3.00

                                                                CALLER SCHEDULE

             IVIPt T       6                   Ital./111.ov,

                          13           Tom Moss
                          20           Dick Pasvolsky                             Mothers Day Dance
                          27           NO DANCE                                   Memorial Day

            JUNE 3                     Bob Robinson                           ' GRADUATION               STUDENTS FREE
                 10                    Andy Woerner
                 17                    Mickey Mc Farland
                 24                    Bob Robinson


            JULY 15 & 29                            Bob Robinson                  These dances will be held at Temple Emanuel in
            AUG 12 &26                              Ohm      Cirski 1 'v..,
                                                    L"...1-0 I   ne               nAkianri, NJ SEE DIRECTIONS AND MAP BELOW.

The caller of the evening will review one plus figure from the previous week and introduce one new figure. Because we dance each
Monday night, all plus figures on the callerlab list will be presented and then repeated.

                                                                              ROUTE 287
        DIRECTIONS                                             EXIT 53                                  EXIT 58

Church Lane & Hamburg Tpk
                                                                                                          / TEMPLE

       Wayne, NJ
                                                     E                            LONGHILL RD
                                                                                  ROUTE 4_Z

      TEMPLE EMANUEL                                 2                         EJERDAN AVE                                                     CENTER
         Route 202                                   3
        Oakland, NJ                                                      HAMBURG          TPKE
       (Next to Dairy Queen)                                                                                                            CHURCH LANE
                                                              RATZER ROAD
                                                               ALPS ROAD
                                                                                             ROUTE 80
                                                                                ROUTE 48

TO THE CIVIC CENTER FROM ROUTE 287 N or S: Take Exit 53 in Pompton Lakes. Turn Right at the bottom of the ramp. Not counting this traffic
signal drive 5.5 ml through 12 traffic lights (follow Hospital signs), Immediately after passing through the 12th light turn Right into the Church Lane Jug-
Handle, cross over Hamburg Tpke (Civic Center will be on a right diagonal) and turn Into the Jug-Handle on the opposite side of Hamburg Tpke. Go
3/4 of the way around this second leg of the Jug-Handle and turn left into the Civic Center parking lot

TO TEMPLE EMANUEL FROM ROUTE 287 N or S: Take Exit 58 in Oakland and follow signs for Route 202 South. Go over the Railroad tracks, past
a Mom tias station on the ngrit ano rivougii Inc i !VAL u iaz, tlgt",t At:74.11g rrt!!., ctt tte !aft I. TarrInges Fmant tai Just before the Dairy Queen.

       SPINNING WHEELS SQUARE DANCE CLUB                                                              A GREAT PLACE TO DANCE

  FOR INFORMATION CALL : DOLORES GESUMARIA (201) 337-8365                                        or KATHY & HOWIE STEENSTRA (201) 694-2191
                      BELLES & BEAUX -- Glen Rock, NJ                   MS/PL tip
1 & 3 Wed. Sept-May                          Coleman School, 100 Pinelynn Rd.
2 & 4 Tues. June-Aug.                  VFW Hall, 6 Veterans PI., Elmwood Park
    At press time, our students are eagerly awaiting graduation in April, when
they can get out and dance, dance, dance! And an eager group they are!
    Our series of student dances helped to reinforce Dick Mazziotti's teaching, as
did Dick & Laurie's IVl&Ms - if you don't know what this is, call the Mazziottis, or
ask any Belles & Beaux officer. M&M is a great idea - so it was probably Laurie's
suggestion. In any case, Dick did another great job with our class.
    And many, MANY thanks to the multitude of angels who came to class each
week as well as our student dances. This kind of support and encouragement is
what helped our new dancers all year long, and they will continue to need more
during the summer as they hone their newly acquired skills. I know it's
sometimes hard for those of us who have been dancing for a few years to
remember what it was like right after graduation, but we did still need
encouragement from the "old timers." So be sure to get out to those Mainstream
dances this summer and smile away! Next to eating, smiling should be what we
do best!
   Just remember: "square dancing is friendship set to music," so get out this
summer and show our newcomers just how friendly and welcoming we can be!
   This year we are starting our summer series in June at the air-conditioned
VFW Hall in Elmwood Park. Remember: we move to Tuesdays for June, July
and August. Have a wonderful summer.
Ad on page 22                    Margaret Guyre                      201-384-2791

                                                         PLUS LEVEL
                                              2nd & 4th Wednesdays 8:00 - 10:30
                                         *Square Dance Workshops: 7:30 - 8:00
                                             ** Round Dance Lessons: 7:30 - 8:00
                                                    Dancing at Lincoln School
                                                    Crane Street, Caldwell, N.J.

                                                   INFO: SOMMER (201) 857-1370
                                                          MEADOR (201) 256-5414
                                                  RAID: NIOSI    (201) 482-5811
  May 8                Andy Woerner        GRADUATION
                       (Alternate Plus & Mainstream)
                       ALL NEW GRADUATES WELCOME
                                           No Rounds
  May 22               Dalt Young &       Regular Dance
                       Ted Knauss         No Rounds
                       (Alternate Plus & Mainstream)
                       ALL NEW GRADUATES WELCOME
  June 12              Bob Mitchell       Ice Cream Social
                       (Alternate Plus & Mainstream)
                                          No Rounds
                       ALL NEW GRADUATES WELCOME
  Sept. 11             Bob Mitchell       Reunion           H.

                       Lois Bichier       Lines & Western
  Sept. 25             Betsy Gotta        Regular Dance
                       Rcy                Rounds

       Like farmers, we need to learn we can't sow and reap the same day.
                       "FAREWELL" DANCE
                 THIS WILT, BE OUR LAST DANCE

                   FRIDAY, JUNE 7TH, 1996

                      (AIR CONDITIONED)

       CALLER: JOE LANDI                   CUTER: TOM DENNISTON
                       7:30 ROUNDS            8:00 SQUAATS

                 RT 9 TO RT 18 NORTH, MAKE A U-TURN AT RT 516

                              FOR INFORMATION CALL:
                          (908)-752-1046, 821-9178, 257-4465

                         CIRCLE EIGHTS -- Haworth, NJ                    MS/PL tip
4th Fri. Sept-June               St. Luke's Episcopal Ch., Mass. & Grant Ayes.
   As we draw to the close of another season, we can reflect back upon a very
productive year under the able leadership of our Presidents, Susan Jurgensen &
David Wolin.
    We graduated 16 students in April and welcomed them into our club. They're
an exceptional group of outgoing individuals and will certainly make a positive
contribution to our dub in the months ahead. In fact, the Adlers and Firestones
have already agreed to share the responsibilities of Class Coordinators in the fall.
   Don't forget to mark the 4th Friday in May on your calendar, when we will hold
our 2nd Annual Chinese Auction. You may remember the valuable prize we had
last year, thanks to the great job by the Franchinos. Nancy & Bob have even
better surprises planned for this year, so don't miss it. In June, we will have our
annual Pot-Luck Supper with dishes that you will smack your lips on. Just sign
up to bring your favorite dish. Guaranteed you will not go home hungry. Mike &
Sally Schein have agreed to chair the supper again and are busy organizing the
menu. See what success will do; they're at it again.
    We hope to see you all at the Summer Dances and again in the fall on the 4th
Friday of every month. We will have our 3rd Annual Autumn Leaves Dance at
the Boy Scout facility in Alpine on the last Sunday in October. This dance should
prove to be even bigger and better than the last one, so make your plans early.
Ad on page 45                      Rudi Draudin                     201-768-9324

             The reason a lot of people do not recognize opportunity
                       is because it usually goes around
                    wearing overalls looking RP hard work.
                                                        Thomas A. Edison
                           WARREN WHEELERS


                        Sunday, July 28, 1996(2-5P.M.)
                         St. Mark's Family Life Center
                        Spring Lane, Long Valley, N.J.

                 Mainstream, Plus and Round Dances
                    in Air Conditioned Comfort
                    Admission:           $10 / couple in advance
                                         $12 / couple at the door

            Squares by                                         Rounds by

            Red Correll                                    Al & Gale Spinks
                of                                                of
            Waymart, PA                                    Washington, N.J.

For more Information:
McGinley (908) 852-0824
Wasser (908) 689-6462                     Soft Soled Shoes A Must
Raimondo(908) 852-2164

For tickets cut off and mail to: Joe & Mary McGinley, 204 Hurley Dr., Hackettstown, NJ 07840

Name                                       No. tickets             $ 5 /person =$

Street                                       GS                    $10/couple = $

City                   State     Zip      Payable to: Warren Wheelers
r-     1                                   Please enclose a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope

                     COUNTRY PROMENADERS -- Edison, NJ                           PL
2 & 4 Sat. Sept-May                  Stelton Comm. Ctr., Plainfield Ave. (Rt. 529)
                  Alt. Site: 1st Presby. Ch, Miln St. & Springfield Ave. Cranford
    After the blizzards we came back full speed ahead with Howard Richman.
His energy and enthusiasm helped to keep us warm and happy. It was great to
be dancing again after our case of cabin fever.
    Valentine's Day was extra special for us, with Brian Fugere and Al Spinks.
There were kisses for all guests (chocolate ones, that is), a delicious selection of
pies (it was Pie Nite), and party games. Brian led us through his version of Spin
the Bottle, Post Office, and Musical Squares (instead of chairs). He even
supplied 3 CASH PRIZES for the lucky winners! All this fun and dancing too!
    As for our Carnivale, one word comes to mind: WOW! It was awesome!
Imagine Tim Marriner and 30 squares (you read it correctly - 30) of enthusiastic
dancers with many in festive costume. There were balloons, streamers,
refreshments galore, SPIRIT, FUN HOOTS, and CHEERS. What a party! This
was our second annual Carnivale. If you missed out on the fun, you'll have
another chance next year
    Just a little note: at our Carnivale and other dances we draw many single
dancers who mix and match during the evening. Louis and I keep an eye out and
make sure nobody is left out.
    We had a full house for our March 9 dance with Jim Snyder (just missing the
latest snowstorm by one day!). Jim's calling was up-beat and entertaining,
keeping us invigorated and smiling throughout the evening. This was followed by
fun and challenging dancing to the calling of John Kaltenthaler and Mark Franks.
They always have some tricks up their sleeves.
    We finished off our 43rd season with style. The talented Pete Diven (MD)
both called and cued for us on April 27th. We will again have the pleasure of
dancing to Pete' dynamic calling at next year's Carnivale. Will Larsen (CT) did
the honors at our Prom Nite on May 11th. Tuxedos, cocktail dresses, and gowns
were a smashing way to complete another successful season. Will will also help
us start off next season with a bang on the 4th Saturday in September, so mark
your calendars.
    And so, we say good-bye to another very enjoyable dance season. Don't
forget the Five Clubs Summer Dance at the First Presbyterian Church of Roselle,
which begins the 2nd Friday in June. Have a fun, relaxing, and healthy summer.
We look forward to seeing you over the summer, and in September at our
opening dance at the Stelton Community Center.
Ad on page 24, 33               Jan & Louis Thompson                  908-577-9413

     /-\         MAINSTREAM                                             Workshops New Grads
         SQUARE DANCE WEEKEND                                              Intro to Plus
       1AT DEER RUN CAMPGROUND                                          Line Dance Teaches/Party

                    Schaghicoke, NY                                         After Party
                                                                    Weekend Package Fee
                 AUGUST 2, 3, 4 1996
                                                                        $75.00 per couple
                   Two Callers !                                        includes CAMPSITE
                                                                          $30.00 deposit
               GERRY AND CHUCK HARDY                                    For More Info call
         Country and Western Line Dancing with Gerry

               Happiness is like a kiss - in order to get any good out it,
                       you have to give it to somebody else.
                     CROSS TRAIL SQUARES -- Caldwell, NJ                           PL
2 & 4 Wed. Sept-June                                     Lincoln School, Crane St.
    Cross Trail Squares successfully danced around the snowflakes and got itself
into high gear in 1996. We once again shared good times with our friends on Pie
Night (this year it was pizza). We were a caller's nightmare at our Valentine's
Day Dance with everybody seemingly in red and white. Fortunately, club caller
Bob Mitchell was, as always, up to the challenge. At our Presidents' Day Dance,
we were proud to host the Presidents of eight ether NNJSDA clubs for a square
dance with "executive privilege."
    We also held our 28th Annual Cross Trail Squares Dinner Dance in March
with 82 club members dancing to the calls and cues of Bill & Joan Wagner. It
was the 13th year that Bill & Joan led us in dance. Between the good dancing,
good food, and good friends, a wonderful time was had by all.
    The club once again sponsored a bus trip to Atlantic City with 46 would-be
high rollers. All our intrepid travelers enjoyed the action of the casinos, the jokes
of our club Presidents, and each other's company.
    Our raid schedule included a stop at Belles & Beaux where we were proud to
put 20 dancers on the floor including all of the club officers. (Contrary to rumors.
we did not hold a board meeting during the third tip.)
    Cross Trail Squares is also proud of members Sal & Mary Alessi, who have
been nominated as the next Presidents of the NNJSDA, and of Rich & Linda
O'Keefe, who have been nominated as the NNJSDA's 2nd Vice Presidents.
Ad on page 12                     Frank & Alice Lemire                 201-783-1683

             BEE SHARPS of                                                   Somerville
                                     Stiltilnier                                            (111.,
          ,„, e,
             •                 Air Conditioned Hall
                                     Mainstream & Plus Level Dance
                                         Sauirday July 20,1996
     Early Rounds 7:30 I'M                                                  ('tier - Dave Roberts
     Squares 8:00 - 10:30 I'M                                               Caller - !toward Richman

                                             Plus Level Dance
                                           Sunday August 25,1996
     Vatly Rounds 2:00 I'M                                                  ('(ter - Al Spinks
     Squares 2:30 - son Pm                                                  Caller - Joe Landi

          *X     W' °Odell floor             *x                                                         r-

         :-- n f: t_ ;1- ( ) 1 e S Iv -.)e_ :3 a Must                                                   -;-:
                      Dances kid at:                     ....
                                                           0            < ThonipsonANe,
               United Methodist Church
                                                             __I                                         :.;
                150 West Union Alenue
                                                                   Itt-28            West Union .1ve.    '
                   Bound Brook, N.I
             For More Infornrnion Coutuct                                             II< trait          =
            Irma & John          908-722-3565
            Linda & Mike         908-221-1579                                           .
                                                                                 <Lhin2.,:6,1, Ave.

                          NOW IS THE TIME!!!
                  Begin recruiting for fall classes now!
                      DINGMAN DANCERS -- Milford, PA                  MS/PL tip
2 & 4 Tues. Mar-Jun & Sept.-Dec           Delaware Valley H.S., Routes 206 & 6
Jun-Aug                  American Legion Hall, Milford Rd & Christian Hill Rd
   Dingman Dancers has resumed dancing and will continue dancing through
the summer at the air-conditioned American Legion Hall in Milford.
                                                     Days: 201-460-1700 x211
Ad on page 63                  Bill & Jean Gannon                  717-296-4436


              ErtAKILL                          Twirlers
                         BRYAN   SCHOOL,   atootaalde Avenue, CRESSKILL, N.J.

                    MAINSTREAM WITH ONE PLUS TIP
                              THIRD FRIDAYS
                         Squares from 8:00-10:45 P.M.
                              Cuer - Nick Raspa

                May 17                             Dick Mazziotti

    Proper SID attire and                                  Presidents:
    soft-soled shoes are required on                       George & Fanny Meyer
    our beautiful wooden floor.                              201-385-3263

                    HARMONY DANCERS — Springfield, NJ                          PL
 1 & 3 Sat. Sept-May           Chisholm Sch., S. Springfield Ave. at Shunpike
    I don't know who has a connection with the weatherman, but we have had
many snowy close calls, but so far have not had to cancel any dances. So
whoever you are, keep up the good work.
    Our Round Dance Special with Ron Rumble was well attended and plans are
in progress to continue this enjoyable affair for next year. Plus workshops are
currently in progress at the Chisholm School on Sunday nights with Dick
Lighthipe teaching. Thanks to all the angels who are helping out. It was
wonderful to have such a great turnout of club Presidents at our Presidents'
Dance. Fourteen President couples from other clubs joined us that night.
    Harmony Dancers paid the tuition for eight members to complete a CPR
course at Overlook Hospital. The following dancers are now certified in that skill:
Herb Rivkin, Diana Taylor, Jim Malcolm, Leo Eckmann, Corinne Eckmann, Roger
Remington, Jude Remington, and Wayne Schroeder, along with Jack Trainor and
Irene Spangler who had previously taken the training.
    We hope to see you dancing in the summer at the Five Clubs and Association
Ad on page 33, 61           Wayne & Kay Schroeder                  908-396-8286
                     HI TAW TWIRLERS -- New Milford, NJ                       PL
1, 3, 5 Tues. Sept-June                   New Milford Middle Sch., Roslyn Ave.
    As you read this article in May, Hi-Taw Twirlers will be winding down a very
successful and energetic season of Plus dances. The club continues to offer a
high but supportive program of dancing. Attendance at dances has reached a
new high with new friendships forming along the way.
    Our third Tuesday dance in September will usher in new officers dedicated to
the same performance as our present officers, Bernie Beck and Fred Meyer.
    Flyers announcing a Plus class in October will soon be available. Seasoned
Mainstream dancers interested in all-position Plus lessons would do well to join
the class. Keep dancing and have a great summer!
Ad on page 34                    Caroline Sutton                   201-262-0616

                               at our 27th

                                    Big D Weekend
                                              Mainstream, Plus,
                                             and Round Dancing

           SEPTEMBER 20, 21, 22 - 1996
               Mountain in Marshalls Creek, PA
                at   LaKeResorr
         Squares with JOHN & FREDDIE KALTENTHALER
                          and BOB & DIANE MITCHELL
               Rounds with RICK & ROSINA WAGENHOFFER
                              and DOC & PEG TIRRELL
    For info: Freddie & John Kaltenthaler                      717.646-2945
             PO Box 679 McCauley Avenue, Pocono Pines, PA 18350

                          HIX & CHIX -- Elmwood Park, NJ                   PL/MS
PL - 2, 4, 5 Thurs. Sept-Apr                         VFW Hall, 6 Veterans Place
      Every Thurs. May-Aug
    As I write this, the sun is shining and the snow is melting. As you read this,
hopefully, the sun is shining and the grass is growing. Deja vu? Yes. I wrote
those same words last January and here in mid-March they are still appropriate.
    Hix & Chix had a Chinese Auction during our January 25th dance. Thanks
primarily to Gloria Wyman and Connie Huettmann for organizing it. We had a
great time, especially one couple (who shall remain anonymous) who cleaned up,
so to speak.
    Finally, our annual dinner-dance March 10th was a fun time for all. John K.
and Nick Raspa did the squares and rounds. Dancing in a "square" with two
couples in each head position, and one coupe in riormai side positions, made for
a really fun tip. And as always, the Paterson Brownstone's food, service, and
atmosphere were superior. Enjoy your summer dancing!
Ad on page 37                   Dick & Brenda Dexter                201-529-3372
            Ft. Hamilton Army Base
                Community Center
           (entrance on 101st Street)
               7:30 pm- 10:00 pm
DATE           CALLER                    THEME
    May 26 Ralph Stapeneil Memorial Day

   Jun 9 Don Coy (4-7 pm) Family Day
Come to our afternoon 12pmPinic & Demostrations
        ******with the whole family*******

   Jun 23 Randy Page Independence Day

          Soft Sole Shoes Only, Please
         For Info: Please Call
           Vincent @ 718-615-1507
          Caroline g 718-745-3793
          tidocida:00, $ 4 AO ift/ it

  Vie -BestClub with the best Callers

           Mainstream with Plus tips

                  SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, JUNE 26 - 29,1996

                            "CROSS TRAIL THRU
                          TEXAS WELCOMES YOU"
                --   NVED:       Registration Forms, Tour/Special Event info."
                     CONTACT:    Bill & Patti Lawson
                                 9401 Cliflbrook Dr.. Austin, TX 78747-9503
                     PHONE/FAX: (512) 243-1534

                HUNTERDON FLUTTERWHEELS -- Stanton Sta., NJ Alt MS/PL
1 & 3 Fri. Sept-June                                         Echo Hill, Lilac Drive
     It doesn't seem possible that the square dance season is coming to an end for
another year. I guess it's true that time flies when you are having a good time.
     Hunterdon Flutterwheels has really had a good year. We were able to finish
all our raids and to do several demos. PPg Dockry was able to get a lot of folks
on the floor to become new round dancers. They really had fun and loved it.
     We would like to thank all the officers we had this year. They really did a
good job. We would also like to thank all the clubs that came to raid us. And a
big thanks go to Peg Dockry and Wilson Hoff for calling and cueing our dances.
     We would like to give special thanks to all the dancers who visited us and to
all the Flutterwheels' members who came faithfully and supported us. Thank you
all. See you in a square.
Ad on page 23                        Lillian Davis                   908-722-1747

 GBlookIKs                    t Squa re'D a ripe Club
   1st & 3rd Sundays
   7:30 - 10:00 P.M.             J,   1996

       May       5         Marion Pearce                  Ice Cream Social
       *May     19         Frank Riviccio                 Graduation
       *June     2         Frank Riviccio                 Annual Dinner Dance
                       *Mainstream Dances
       Sept.    15         Sandy Corey                     Welcome Back

    For further information: Jim Hamilton         718-836-3848
                             Pat & Bernie Monsen 718-745-3616

REDEEMER-ST. JOHN LUTHERAN CHURCH 939 - 83rd Street, Brooklyn, NY
   DIRECTIQNS; Belt Parkway to Exit 4 (Bay 8 St/14th Ave.) Left at light -
    left at next light to 7th Avenue to 83rd St. - right on 83rd Street.
    Church is on left near next corner.

   FROM VERRAZANQ-,92nd Street Exit - right to 7th Avenue - left on 7th
   Avenue to 83rd Street - Right on 83rd Street. Church is on left near
                                                         1 st & 3rd Thursdays
                                   Y                         8:00 to 10:30

    liAti is
                                                            PLUS Program
        lliv                                            Soft Soled Shoes Please

          Watchung Hills Regional H.S.; Stirling Rd, Warren, NJ
                        Round Dance Workshop                       Ii
                             7:30 to 8:00                           J
              Have a most enjoyable Summer ; And see you again in the Fall
                             ( Dancing in Student Lounge )
   DATE             CALLER                    CUER                      THEME

   May 16           Carl Hanks                Karen Kushla
   Jun  6           Carl Hanks                Peg Tristram              "ICE CREAM SOCIAL"

   Watchung Hills Reg. High is located in Warren at intersection of Sterling Rd (Rte 653) &
   Mountain Ave (Rte 622) North of 1-78 & West of Hillcrest Rd (Rte 531). Preferred entrance at
   light on Mountain Ave , then left to Board of Ed entrance & parking. Main roads into area are
   1-78 (exit 40) to North & Rte 22 (exit North Plainfield) to South .

             Information: Ted Higgins (908) 756-2552 ; Barry & Norma (908) 464-1730

                       IRONIA REELERS Randolph, NJ                            PL
1 & 3 Fri. Sept-June              Ironia Elem. Sch., Dover-Chester Rd., Rt. 513
   It's the Reelers' 35th Anniversary. We plan to celebrate at our dinner dance
on April 19 and to honor charter members, Betty & Dave Manning.
   Our class continues with eight students. Several of them have gone to
student dances in the company of our Presidents, Marion & Bill Grady, and have
enjoyed them greatly.
   We raided Lakeland Squares in February and are planning to raid Richmond
Dancers and Country Promenaders in April. It was a pleasure to welcome the
green and white throng of Garden State Campers on Pie Night in February.
   After boasting in the last issue that our dance schedule had escaped all the
snowstorms, we were snowed out on February 16.
   We mourn the passing of member Margaret Brownell, whom many of us
admired for her capacity to enjoy life in good times and bad.
   We hope this finds you as full of vigor and optimism as springtime itself.
Ad on page 40                  Jean & mars Gruntals                 201-543-7792

The following abbreviations are used frequently in Grand Square:
       NNJSDA       Northern New Jersey Square Dancers Association
       SDCNJ        Square Dance Council of New Jersey
       CCNj         Ca1Iers Counci! of Now Jersey
       NNJRDLC Northern New Jersey Round Dance Leaders Council
       NSDC         National Square Dance Convention
       CNJSDA       Central New Jersey Square Dance Association

                                July 28 - August 2, 1996
                      in the St. Johnsbury, VT - Littleton, NH area
     DOC & PEG TIRRELL                                                    JO YAKIMOWSKI
                      Associate Staff - Barbara & Jim Connelly
  Includes 40+ hours - Cueing Technique -Teaching Technique - Dancing Technique
        Partner's Role - Hash Cueing - The Business Side - Personal Attention

         Reasonable motel and camping Facilities nearby in either VT or NH
                          for more information contact
     Doc & Peg Tirrell PO Box 37, Lower Waterford, VT 05848 802-748-8538
      Jo Yakimowski 1 55 Dale Street, Dedham, MA 02026 617-326-3312

                         KINGS SQUARES -- Brooklyn, NY                       PL
1 & 3 Sun. Sept-June                         Redeemer St. John Ch., 939 83rd St.
    How-dee, all you squares searching for spring flings! Come join our dancers
in their "Peel Off" of winter's gloom.
    After our Alumni Dance with Nick Martellacci, Presidents Dance with Don
Coy, Cookie Night with Dick Pasvolsky, and our great Green St. Patrick's Dance
(corned beef, soda bread, green jello and ail) with Mickey McFarland and her
shamrock-wearing dog, Q.T., we are all ready to welcome the new season in
    Our students are doing well under Frank Riviccio's dedicated teaching and
are looking forward to graduation. So "Follow Your Neighbor" and "Grand Swing
Thru" our front door so we can tiptoe through "Tea Cup Chain" together. Love
and Yellow Rock.
Ad on page 20                        Terry Arcello                718-382-0036


                           Belles & Beaux                                                  + lips

         Summertime and the dancing is. . *cool!
         new night/new location----Tuesdays: June, July & August only!!
        VFW Hall 6 Veterans' Place, Elmwood Park--off Boulevard behind fire house

                              2nd & 4th Tuesdays: 8 - 10:00 pm

          June 11 — Randy Page                            June 25 — Dick Mazziotti
          July 9 — Don Coy                                July 23 — Mickey McFarland
          August 13 John Kaltenthaler                     August 27   Dick Mazziotti

                           It's back to 1st & 3rd Wednesdays at A
                         Coleman School in Glen Rock!
                               101 Pinelynn Road                      4,.4 4
                September 4 — Mickey McFarland—Beach Party!                   0.%
                       wear casual, comfortable clothes!
   SPpiPfriu.r 17th—cper: hGusc    Glei. iguLk High cafeteria, fiarristown Rd.
                      September 18 — John Kaltenthaler
                Questions? Call Rich Si. Rusty (201) 838-0312 or Margaret (201) 384-2791
                 Echo Hill Park, Lilac Drive, Stanton, flJ
     1st & 3rd Fridays          8:00-10:15 PM            Early Rounds 7:30 PM
I        Wilson Hoff - Caller                     Peg Dockery = Cuer
      Alternate MS & Plus Tips                  Soft sole Shoes - Please
                               For More Information
              Stan & Sandy 908-995-7369    Pat & Don           908-782-0696

                                                           To Clinton Approx. 4 mi.
    May    3 Regular Dance
    May   17 Ice Cream Social              Lilac Drive                                   Stanton
                                                         / Echo
       Saturday Jun. 15, 1996                               Hill                   Rt 6181         N
     20th Annual Dinner Dance                              ‘
                                                         t\t7)2 rk
       Stanton Grange, Rt 618, Stanton                                     c.,
          • Ticket Dance                                                  n

          • Dan & Kathy Koft                             i -                      Stanton Station Rd.
          • Calling & Cueing                         .              -II

            For Info and Tickets              Stanton
                                                               0.4 mi.
       Carl & Jane Koch 908-236-6735          Station                            Foothill Rd

    Sep.    6 Welcome Back Dance
    Sep. 20 DANCE CANCELLED                              To Flemington Approx. 5 mi            .

                     KITTATINNY RANGERS -- Andover, NJ                  MS/PL tip
2 & 4 Fri. Sept-June                       Long Pond School, Lime Crest Road
    Happy to say our graduates are dancing weekly and enjoying it more all the
time. We had a class dance at B&B in Bethlehem, PA. Seventeen club
members went and had some happy times. We raided Lakeland Squares with
our students for a class dance. Again, more than two squares went. Everyone
enjoyed Bob Robinson's calling. We take a lot of pride in our students.
    We take the same pride in our caller and instructor Mickey McFarland. She
has a great gift for teaching with humor. We are fortunate indeed to have her.
Many, many thanks from our Mainstream and Plus class, Mickey. We enjoyed
having Q.T. too!
    We had over 100 dancers at our Luau Dinner Dance in March. Everything
about the day was memorable. Joe Fioretti and Marvin Northrup kept the
squares moving fast while Al & Gale Spinks worked their magic with rounds.
Heartfelt thanks to Donna Poyer and her committee.
    We'll close with a blessing. All our members are back and healthy as we go
to press. OK people, go Yellowrock your partner.
Ad on page 34                  John & Ruth Seaman                  201-764-7134

       Cover these dates in your ads for the upcoming issues:
    Issue:                        Deadline:                       Dances Between:
    Fall                          Jul. 17                         Sept. 1 to Nov. 30
    Holiday                       Sept. 17                        Nov. 10 to Jan. 30
    Winter                        Nov. 17                         Jan. 19 to Mar. 30
                    LAKELAND SQUARES — Parsippany, NJ                 MS/PL tip
Every Tues. Sept-July                  Temple Beth Am, 879 S. Beverwyck Rd.
    Welcome spring! We all had a good time at the Valentine's Day, Leap Year,
St. Patrick's Day and other theme dances that were made very festive by Tony &
Jean Stella's wonderful decorations. Our student dances, one each month since
January, have been a big ci irroccIts been great to meet the students and see

them getting out to the dances.
    Sidelined recently are Jim Douglas and Bert Conklin. Our best wishes to Jim
for a speedy recovery. We're glad Catherine has continued coming to the
dances. Our thoughts and prayers are with Bert Conklin, wife of caller Herb
Conklin, who has been hospitalized over the past few months.
    Congratulations and a great big welcome to Lakeland Squares enthusiastic
new graduates: Christine & John Butkus, Vera McDermott, and Kerstin & John
Radel. Thanks for doing a wonderful job go to Pal & Barbara Johnson our
caller/instructors; Class Coordinators Jane & Ron Caporelli and Jo & Frank
Bevacqua; Assistants, Josie & Joe Spiteri, and all the angels who came out every
    We want to welcome all the new grads to our fun-filled world of square
dancing and hope you'll join us Tuesday nights. We have something to please
everyone - new grads and previous grads - lots of good callers, cuers, western
line dances, and fun nights planned. Our hall is AIR-CONDITIONED for your
summer dancing pleasure and we'd love for you to visit us.
Ad on page 36                    Carol Ridings                     201-334-1196

  Opening Dance: SAT., SEPTEMBER 28 8:00-10:30 (pre-rounds 7:30)
                      WILL LARSEN (CT)
  Stelton Comm. Center, Edison, NJ                  Info: Jan (908)577-9413

                    LEISURE SQUARES — E. Stroudsburg, PA                Alt. MS/PL
1 & 3 Sat. Oct-Dec & Mar-May                       J.M. Hill School, East Broad St.
    After this past hard winter and then not dancing in January and February, we
really looked forward to our March Pie Dance. Our bakers outdid themselves
with pumpkin, pecan, apple, and types of lemon pies. Those pies that were not
consumed by the end of the evening were auctioned off by our infamous
auctioneer and President, Chuck Hatfield. Our caller, Dalt Young, getting into the
spirit of the evening, put on a baker's hat and apron. We can always count on
him to wear something appropriate. We were raided by Warren Wheelers who
performed their covered-wagon routine to everyone's delight.
    At our St. Paddy's Dance, the refreshment table had a definite Irish look from
the cream puffs with green-colored filling on down to the spearmint leaves candy.
As has become the custom, Charlotte Miller and Dottie Snyder were the
hostesses for this dance. Dalt wore his green derby and sang Danny Boy and
Wearing of the Green. Ed Miller cued a contra dance to a lively Irish tune and
got a good group up on the floor.
   Ending on a sad note, our sympathy goes out to our Treasurers, Alberta &
Bob Decker, for the loss of their son, Charles (Chip) Decker, through illness.
Ad on page 52                      Millie Connelly                    717-588-9226

           Get your Poster Contest entry ready!
                 All entries must be received by the
            NNJSDA 3rd VPs, Gus & Marilyn Bachmann
          no later than Saturday, June 1. Rules on page 8.
  Come Enjoy the Eighth
                         JUNE 7, 8, 9 - 1996
Mainstream program fot the new graduate and the experienced Dancer.

                      LIMITED TO 18 SQUARES
                   RATE $259.00 - $269.00 PER COUPLE
                        (depending on room style)
                               ( Taxes & Gratuities Not Included)

   MAINSTREAM DANCING                   FACILITIES                Fashions              ALSO INCLUDES

   Beautiful Dance Floor               Indoor & Outdoor                                  6 Delicious Meals
   Dancing Fri. Sat. Sun.            Swimming & Jacuzzi                                  2 Nights Lodging
   Sat. Dance Workshops                   Sauna               Sq uare Dance
                                                              Sq                         All Private Baths
                                     Boating & Fishing          Fashions                    Color TV
   Weekend Starts with                Bicycle Riding
   Dinner Friday 6PM                  Tennis Courts                                         Afterparties
   Dancing Starts 8pm                 Miniature Golf                                    Bring YOUR Talents

        For Info: Mickey (717) 775 - 9862                    or         Dick (201) 948 - 3878

                  REGISTRATION FORM               JUNE 7, 8, 9 - 1996
       POCONO MAINSTREAM WEEKEND for New Grads and Experienced Dancers
     Make checks payable to Mickey McFarland, 1854 Hemlock Farms, Hawley, PA 18428
                 (HIS)               (HERS)                                    (LAST)
  City, State:
  Phone:     (
  Enclosed find $                    ($40 per Couple) deposit for weekend.
  Balance due on arrival.                                                                           GS
  Deposits returned if request is received by May 1, 1996.
  Room rate desired; $259                        $269 (w/refrigerator)
  We expect to arrive by                         PM.       Special Requirements/diet

  We'd like to have a room near (Name) :
                            MOTIV8ORS -- Paramus, NJ                  A-2/C-1 tip
1, 3 & Some 5 Sun. Sept-June                          Jewish Community Center
Every Sun. Jul & Aug                           Midland Ave. at Spring Valley Rd.
                     Alt. Site: 1st Presby. Ch, Maplewood & Sherwood, Clifton
    Winter just keeps coming back to give us one more jolt; but, surely as you are
reading these lines, spring will have come. We deserve some warm weather
after the winter we have just come through. Members of our Advanced class are
dancing with us on a regular basis now, and we certainly welcome them to
Motiv8ors with warm enthusiasm.
    As the dance year winds down, it is most appropriate to express appreciation
to all the club members who shared the various responsibilities of making a
successful year. There are 27 individuals on the staff of Motiv8ors, several of
whom filled more than one role. We thank you very much for your contributions.
A special round of applause goes to Janet Eller and Conrad Yanis, our
Presidents for the past two years. Janet & Conrad are turning the gavel over to
Grace & Steve Weinstein for the coming year.
    We are continuing to meet occasionally at our alternative location in Clifton.
Our members and friends find this location easy to reach, roomy and comfortable
for dancing. It is especially convenient for people coming from the south or west.
Three upcoming dances arc scheduled at the alternative location in May and
June; however, events beyond our control may necessitate changes in these
arrangements. Please consult our latest flyers for the most current schedules. If
there are any questions, feel free to telephone Conrad & Janet at 201-470-8563
or other club officers for the correct information regarding the dance locations.
We don't want anyone to miss any of the fine callers we have slated for the
spring and summer. See you there in a square!
Ad on page 31                        Bob & Liz Sly                 201-391-0248

      60                                                               -4/41
     First Friday of Month -- Rounds at 8:00pm -- Squares from 8:30 to 11pm
United Methodist Church -- John Street at Franklin Avenue -- Pearl River, New York

     Friday, May 3               BRIAN FUGERE                                    NJ
     Friday, June 7              TIM CRAWFORD (Special - No Raids)               Canada

     Saturday,July 20            BOB PARIS **                                    MA
     Saturday,August 17          ROY LEBER           **                          PA

                      ROUNDS BY NICK AND CAROLE RASPA

* *July 20 and August 17 dances will be held at Beth Am Temple in Pearl River, NY
                             Air Conditioned Hall
                            For Further Information, Please Call:
     Eileen & Larry      (914) 362-1924           Roz & Ron           (201) 664-9356
     Sandy & Art         (914) 352-7631           Beverly & Marty     (201) 191 3592

                       JERSEY SHORE PROMENADERS
                                  1996 SUMMER SCHEDULE

                            NEW LOCATION - AIR-CONDITIONED!

                             WALL MUNICIPAL COMPLEX
                            2700 ALLAIRE ROAD, WALL, NJ
                   2ND, 4TH AND 5TH WEDNESDAYS - 7:30 - 10:00 PM

              DATE                  CALLER                         CUER

              MAY 22     BETSY GOTTA     ROY GOTTA
              MAY 29     CLAY GOSS       LYNN SANDSTROM
              JUNE12     AL KAESLER      MARYANN BOSZE
              JUNE 26    JOE LANDI       MARYANN BOSZE
              JULY 31    WES MORRIS      TO BE ANNOUNCED

                                INFO: Burt & Jan Bates - 908-308-1282
                                     Tom & Margy Pettinato - 908-899-0497

                             Square Dancers everywhere are interested in
                         exchanging ideas on promoting square dancing and
                         bringing new friends into the activity. The 1996 Promo-
                         Pak is a packet of promotional ideas offered by Legacy to
                         clubs and associations as a help in recruitment for their
next dance sessions. Traditionally, September was celebrated as Square Dance
Month in the U.S. In other countries, the time frame for beginning classes
differed. Now that many group are offering square dancing to the public at 10 or
12-week intervals, the Promo-Pak is useful on a year-round basis.
    The 1996 theme is: "On Line, In the Round and Square." The poster, which is
included in the packet and can be used for promotion, will reflect this theme, in
an effort to appeal to the computer interests of those we are inviting to join the
square dance activity. The Promo-Pak will be available for mailing on May 20.
                                                                Please turn to page 37

 You Don't Have to Climb a Mountain to Find Good Advanced Dancing!
                             MOUNTAIN SQUARES
                First Presbyterian Church, 494 Route 10 W., Whippany, NJ
                 Level A-2     1st and 3rd Wednesdays 7:45 - 10:15 PM
                     Club Caller                    Upcoming Dances: May 15
                     Inv i .ANDI                    Jun 5 -- Covered Dish Dinner

                A-1 SPECIAL           MAY 29         MARK YOUR CALENDARS
              Information: Groth (201) 746-0656; Beebe (201) 335-0127; Sly (201) 391-0248
        30th NATIONAL
                                       JUNE 20, 21, 22, 1996
                               VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA
ED FOOTE DAVE HODSON ROSS HOWELL MIKE JACOBS                                                                  HERNDON. VA
   PITTSBURGH, PA                  DAYTON. OHIO                            EUSTACE. TX

                LONG ISLAND, N Y                          KNOXVILLE. TN                             WAUKEE, IOWA

                LOS ALAMITOS. CA                       VANCOUVER. CANADA                               LARGO, FL

                      NORM POISSON, JOHN SYBALSKY


ADVANCED (A-2), C-1, C-2, C-3A, C-3B
                             (ALSO PART-TIME C-4 BASIC & C-4)
                SPECIAL TRAIL-END DANCE                                     SPECIAL NON-STAFF CALLER DANCE
                   WED. NITE, JUNE 19                                           THURS. MORNING, JUNE 20
                 ALL HALLS IN OPERATION                                           ALL HALLS IN OPERATION

                             VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA
    • Numerous sightseeing attractions, including Colonial Williamsburg, Busch Gardens Theme Park,
      Jamestown Settlement Historic Park, Yorktown Battlefield & Victory Center, Virginia Marine Science Museum
    • Air Travelers: Convention Center is 20 minute drive from Norfolk Airport
                (Two hotels within walking distance of Convention Center)
    • Information on motels, hotels, campgrounds and sightseeing sent when you register.


                                       FOR TICKETS, CUT OFF AND MAIL

 NAME                                                              Check hall you will be dancing      DANCE FEE: $36/PERSON
                                                                   in the majority of the time. G cDEPOSIT: $10/PERSON
 ADDRESS                                                                   A-2             C-3A   `0,/ (After May 1, Send Full Payment)

                                                                           C-1             C-3B          MAIL TO:
                                                                           C-2             C-4 BASIC     ED & MARILYN FOOTE
Canadian checks and money orders must be in US dollars payable                                           140 McCANDLESS DRIVE
on a US bank. Canadian postal money orders in US dollars are OK.                     C-4                 WEXFORD, PA 15090

                     MOUNTAIN SQUARES -- Whippany, NJ                          A-2
1 & 3 Wed. Sept-June                       First Presbyterian Ch., 494 Route 10
    Goodness, but that dance season passed quickly! Our last dance, with its
wonderful covered-dish supper, is upon us. Please plan to join us for our
traditional end-of-season bash the first Wednesday in June. Call the Hendersons
or the Nitzsches for reservations.
    We have one more A-1 Special on the 5th Wednesday in May. Check our
flyers and ad for details. Our January 30th Special was quite a success. In
addition to a large crowd, there was a surprise anniversary celebration for the
McCabes. The Groths provided a cake, and the HoeIles brought a beautiful
arrangement of flowers for the occasion. Congratulations, Isabelle & Doug, on
your 48th!
    Harry Henderson took quite a spill on an icy path and injured his ankle. We
certainly hope for a quick recovery. Harry & Dot are indomitable, though.
Regardless of the handicap, they arrive to prepare the coffee, etc., for the
refreshment table.
    We enjoyed our Valentine's Day raid to Cross Trail Squares very much.
Hearts and flowers filled the evening. Also, we raided Country Promenaders on
their Carnivals Night and delighted in Tim Marriner's excellent callina. Preceding
this dance, we gathered for a spaghetti dinner prepared and served by the
members of the Jazz Band of Middlesex High School. The McCabe's grandson
is a member of the band, and we were happy to support their event.
    We have a great deal of fun at our dances. Our Presidents, Hilda & Bill
Groth, see to it that everyone has a good time. They have led our group through
another successful season; and we are all very appreciative of their commitment.
Our club's support of John Kaltenthaler's Advanced class is indicative of the
Groth's abiding interest in square dancing and their desire to encourage dancers
in the Advanced program. Thanks from all of us, Bill & Hilda!
    We also express our gratitude to Joe Landi for coming such a long way to call
for us. His cheerful countenance and relaxed demeanor make for a happy
dance. Won't you come out and dance with us? All who dance the A-2 program
are most welcome. You have only learned A-1? Then watch for our occasional
A-1 Specials. See you soon!
Ad on page 27                      Bob & Liz Sly                     201-391-0248

                K's Advanced Workshoppers
                    2nd & 4th Mondays in
                     June, July & August         Ak°
             Rockaway United Methodist Church
        Parish Hall on Valley Road Boonton Township
            Square Dance Attire optional 7:30 PM
               For further information contact:
                 Bill Beebe 201/335-0127 or
               John Kaltenthaler 717/646-2945
   For information about obtaining a NJ square dance license plate, contact
Richard Delgado, SDCNJ Plate Liaison to Motor Vehicle Services, 28 Bayberry
Road, Trenton, NJ 08618, 609-530-0849. The cost is still a bargain at $30.00.
What a great way to advertise square dancing and recruit new dancers.
                      RICHMOND DANCERS --Staten Island, NY                        PL
 2 & 4 Sat. Sept-June                        All Saints Church, 2329 Victory Blvd.
      What a winter! Staten Island broke records for the snowiest and coldest
 winter ever. But that didn't deter Richmond Dancers to go off on successful raids
 to Y Squares, Ocean Waves, and Staten Square Set, under the very able
 leadership of Frank & Shirley Bellotti.
      Thanks are also in order for our Vice Presidents, who coordinate and present
 such wonderful refreshments at each dance. It's so good to have new dancers
 take part in our favorite activity and do it so graciously. Remember to line up
 prospective members for our next RIOS class - keep our dream alive.
      Did you know that Pete & Joan Yuskevich just had a new grandchild? That
 brings their current total to 13 - a baker's dozen. What Richmond Dancer
 President has been taken for Santa Claus? Clue, his initials are B.A.
      It was great to see the Dunlops back from yet another trip (this time down the
 Amazon). The Bichlers and Yuskeviches are back from Florida and the
 Branigans are back from Arizona. All looked well, tanned and ready to dance at
 our March 9 party.
      Congratulations to opera fans Marcia & Sandy Rubenstein on the 60th
 Anniversa ry of .Marcia's parents.
      Well we certainly welcome SPRING, hoping you are all well and looking
 forward to dancing with ALL including those who have not ventured out in the
 cold. We are off today on a Caribbean cruise, but we'll see you soon. God bless
 Ad on page 10                   Grace & Lou Motola                    718-447-1531

                         Y SQUARES
                                  2 & 4 Fridays
                  Carl Kumpf School, Mildred Terrace, Clark, NJ
     7:30-8:00 p.m. Rounds                 8:00-10:30 p.m. Squares & Rounds
                           Soft-soled shoes required.

       MAY 10th        POT LUCK DINNER
                        Caller: Brian Fugere             Cuer:    Karen Kushla
                        Caller: Dan Koft            Cuer:         Karen Kushla
       SEPT. 13th      OPEN HOUSE
                        Caller: Brian Fugere        Cuer:         Karen Kushla
       SEPT. 27th      WELCOME BACK
                        Caller: Brian Fugere         Cuer:        Karen Kushla
        Directions to Carl Kumpf School: GOP exit 135; west on Central
        Ave. At first light turn left on Raritan Rd; at third light turn
        left on Madison Hill Rd. Third street on the right is Mildred
        Terr; half block to school entrance on left.
        Information: The Lamberts      (908) 382-2070
                      Jean Koenig      (908) 276-8049
                      Hall Phone       (908) 574-8354

         We can't ail be shining examples, but we can at least twinkle a little.
                                       o ti vg o rs
                     A-2 Level Dancing Sundays 7:30 to 10:00 pm
                        Jewish Community Center of Paramus
                     Midland Ave & Spring Valley Rd - Paramus, NJ
                              Hall Phone: (201)262-9860
                           (Both locations air-conditioned with ample parking)
                  Nick & Carole Raspa on Rounds starting at 7:00 pm
                         C-1 Aftertip unless otherwise noted
                            *** Spring - Summer 1996 **A

    April 21 Lou Flego                                     July 21 Geo Jedlicka
    May 5    John Kaltenthaler A' + no C-1                         July 28 Tim Marriner
    May 19           Red Bates                                     Aug 4 Dave Lightly
    June 2 Randy Page '                                    Aug 11 Todd Fellegy
    June 16 No dance - Father's Day                        Aug 18 Betsy Gotta/Roy on rounds
    June 23 Don Crosby"                                    Aug 25 TBA
    June 30 Nick Martellacci "                             Sept 1 No dance - Labor Day
    July 7   No dance - July 4th                           Sept 15 No dance - Rosh Hashanah
    July 14 Joe Fioretti                                   Sept 29 TBA **

            A* alternate location: First Presbyterian Church, Clifton, N.J.
            Conrad and Janet: (201) 470-8563                       Sid & Marianne: (908) 757.8374
            Beth: (718) 601-1902                                   George and Fanny: (201) 385-3263

                  ROCKYTOPS of ROCKLAND — Pearl River, NY               PL/A-1 tip
1st Fri. Oct-June             Pearl River United Meth. Ch., John St. at Franklin
    The cold and the snow forced us to cancel our February dance, but our March
dance was exceptional. There were 14+ squares dancing to the challenging
calling of Mark Franks. We were raided by Western Wheelers, Circle Eights, and
the North Jersey Campers. As always, there was terrific round dancing cued by
Nick & Carole Raspa. Our raid to Hi Taws was a great success with over 30
RockyToppers in attendance.
    It's great to see Bob & Arlene Stams back on the dance floor again. John &
Joan Berg are stepping down as Presidents of the NNJSDA after three years.
We thank them for their dedication and hard work. We also congratulate them as
new grandparents.
    The A-2 class sponsored by Motiv8ors and taught by Roy Leber is making
excellent progress. There are two squares of students and several angels from
RockyTops. That's what square dancing is all about, passing on the fun and
helping others to become better dancers. Several RockyTop members have
signed up for C-1 classes. We wish them well.
    Please join us for an enjoyable night of square and round dancing. There's
always a warm reception, wonderful dancing to terrific regional callers and great
cueing by Nick & Carole Raspa, and always a large assortment of tempting
    Our Pearl River location is 20 minutes from the intersection of GSP and Rt. 80
Saddle Brook and 10 minutes from Exit 172 of the GSP.
Ad on page 26                Maria & Roger Huernlein                 201-384-0334

     It is •ossible to make a sound ar ument without makin a lot of noise.

               New Jersey State
               Square Round
           VAIDance Camporee
                                 September 6, 7, 8, 1996
       Sponsored by:             Sussex County Fairgrounds,
        Garden State
       Square Dance
     Campers Association,
                                 Augusta, NJ
     NSDCA Chapter 001.          EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBERS AT SUSSEX FAIRGROUNDS: 201-948-9800; 201-948-9866

          John Kaltenthaler Joe Landi ri Randy Page
          0 Al & Gale Spinks 0 Steve and Wendy Bradt
             Plus, A-1, A-2, Rounds,
  Dance Workshops, Crafts, Games, and After Parties

                            $40 per Couple per Camping Unit
                           Prior to 8/1/96; After 8/1/96, $45 per Couple per Camping Unit
         Includes all Dances, Workshops, and Campsite with water and electric.
                                Square Dance Attire Saturday Night
                               Information • 201-838-3392 • 201-798-3050
                              SQUARE DANCE INFORMATION HOTLINE: 1-800-892-8828
                            All Square Dancers Who Camp Are Welcome

              Please plan your arrival before 12:00 Midnight — Gates close due to security.

Registration: Joan Graupner
                  43 Karla Drive, Whippany, NJ 07981-1743 u            Phone: 201-887-2257

NAME                                                                            PHONE

ADDRESS                                                CITY                             STATE      ZIP-E4

TYPE OF CAMPING UNIT                                                                            LENGTH

NUMBER OF DANCERS: ADULT               CHILDREN                  NON-DANCERS: ADULT                 CHILDREN


DANCE PROGRAMS YOU DANCE: PLUS ( ), A-1       ), A-2 ( ), ROUNDS ( )

CALLER            CUER          AVAILABLE FOR PROGRAMMING?               PROGRAM(S)
     Make Checks payable to: GSSIKA Camporee 1996 • 540 per Couple per Camping Unit (prior to 8/1/96 - 545 after 8/1/96)

                                                            Country Promenaders                                   21

     4                                                      Harmoney Dancers
                                                            Rutgers Promenaders

                 4                                          Valley Squares

     et                           j                         Y Squares

                              First Presbyterian Church
                             117 5th Avenue, Roselle, NJ
2nd & 4th Fridays Air Conditioned Hall Soft-Soled Shoes Pleas
        7:30-8 Pre-rounds                   $7.00/Couple
      8-10:30 Squares & rounds              $3.50/Single

  June 14             MS              Betsy Gotta                                         Roy Gotta
                                      Dan Koft                                            Kathy Koft

  June 28             Plus            Glenn Matthew                                       Karen Kushla

  July 12             Plus            Howard Richman                                      Steve Bradt

  July 26             MS              John Kaltenthaler                                   Al Spinks

  August 9            Plus            Will Larsen                                         Karen Kushla

  August 23           Plus            Jim Snyder                                          Nick Raspa
                                                                                       Roselle Park
                                                 Exit 137 0/
                                            To                                                         To
                                  <-Westfield ;<--1 Mile --->Westfield Ave.,Elizabeth
  Information:                               I
                                                                           N. J. Central R. R.
  Berlinrut      908-964-0391           i  ' I f----i-i i--i ! !-
                                             .      1                    !          :   1 : ' '
  Xrov           908 - 381-3823        South Ave. /                  J First Ave.
  Schmidt        908-613-9505                     ,ii(---- 1 Mile --->
                                                 t.,.                  SecondAve. L_
  Schroder       908-396-8286         Cranford l,---
                                                  a              cr)                     ..-
  Thompson       908-577-9413                                    V)*    Third Ave. .I
  "-fan Phone    90S -245-1611                                             0                           - 0
                                                                                                       I (7i
                                                      1`.                  0
                                                                           _,          Fourth Ave.          ..c
                                                     !0                            I                        0
                                                     1---        Roselle                  Fifth Ave.
                                                    1:,                                         •
                                                 First Presbyterian Church -
          *******************************                                                4C
                                 KITTATINNY RANGERS                                   4c
              2 & 4 Fridays    (7:30 PM)                           Long Pond School
              MS with Plus Tip                                     Andover, NJ

              MAY 10         MICKEY McFARLAND/ ROUNDS AL SPINKS                          r

              MAY 24         RICH MURPHY (50'S DANCE)
           • JUNE 14         MICKEY McFARLAND/ POT LUCK DINNER

              SEPT 27        MICKEY McFARLAND
                                        * * * * * *

                              • INFO: DONNA POYER - 908-852-9285
                             *******************                           ****
               SEE SAW SQUARES -- Upper Saddle River, NJ               MS/PL/CW
PL - 3 Sat. Sept-June         Old Stone Ch. Ed. Ctr, 500 East Saddle River Rd.
    See Saw members and guests enjoyed dancing to the calling of Roy Leber at
our Chinese Auction night in January; Dan Koft at our Hawaiian Night in
February; and Randy Page at our Wearin' of the Green Dance in March. We
raided Hi Taw Twirlers, Hix & Chix, Western Wheelers, RockyTops, Tenakill
Twirlers, and Circle Eights. We were raided by many of the same clubs as well
as by Motiv8ors.
    Although most of our dances are now the Plus program, we're planning a
Mainstream special the first Saturday in June featuring the calling team of Gerry
& Chuck Hardy. That dance will also feature our annual resale of gently used
square dance clothing - a great opportunity for new dancers to build their square
dance wardrobes.
   See Saw Squares welcomes visitors, both couples and singles. We hope to
see you on the dance floor soon.
Ad on page 49                   Lyn & Bob Terry                     201-327-9274

            HI TAW TWIRLERS
                                1996 PLUS DANCES
        ROSLYN AVE., NEW MILFORD, NJ                        PUBLIC PHONE-(201)261-9881

                                  7 JOHN KALTENTHALER
                                     21 PHIL KANDRUT

                                  4 JOHN KALTENTHALER

                                 17 JOHN KALTENTHALER

       Rounds...7:30 — Cuer: Nick Raspa                       Squares...7:45-10:00
                                              BERNIE/SANDY           FRED/MARIAN
                                              Info (201)447-0538     (201)797-3421

5 .1
irmr. .--...s
     s      -s .4ss
             -,•IrrA......--....-.....r.....-  •, .4......-...ss
                                              •ss             •••s-.
                                                                  . or:•               I
                       ***          REUNION * *                4-          ILA_
                                                                               '       i
                                                                           1       /
                                                                          .,57 . -/        !
    T T Trrn-rj
                           CELEBRATION ON JULY 6, 1986
                                                                      A.6 ),i
1 [1886.1986
                                AT GIANTS STADIUM
              JOIN WITH HIX & CHIX IN CELEBRATING                                      !


                    THURSDAY EVENING, JULY 11                 4
                      VFW HALL:FLMWnnn PARK
:                 ROUNDS AT 7:30, SQUARES AT 8               !
               (SEE HIX & CHIX AD FOR DIRECTIONS)             !
                     CONTACT CONNIE/JOHN HUETTEMANN (438-0948)                         !
!                       OR STASIA/FRANK BREMER (438-5063)                              1
k**                                                                       **
 mr%.m...w...--....-.s          .mr-.sss
                               -s          .... .r...s
                                      ...1.-   .
                                               -     •-s
                                                        4.                             s

                  SPINNING WHEELS of WAYNE -- Wayne, NJ MS/PL tip/CW
Every Mon. Sept-June                                         Wayne Civic Center,
2 & 4 Mon. July & Aug                         Hamburg Turnpike & Church Lane
    Another square dance year is almost over and we've again been fortunate to
have had an excellent year due to our varied and capable callers and our
dedicated and friendly dancers.
    We have two classes this year. Our Wednesday class will graduate on June
3 and our Tuesday class will be ready this summer. Kudos to our hard-working
angels who have been so faithful and who have done wonders for us all. Several
of our lady angels are learning the man's part and some can already dance both
parts, so when you come to dance at Spinning Wheels, everyone usually has a
    This summer we will be having dances twice a month at Temple Emanuel on
Rt. 202 in Oakland, which is healthfully air-conditioned. Bob Robinson is our very
talented caller and will keep everyone on their toes.
    We hope to see you on one or every Monday evening. You'll be greeted
warmly and be happy you came.
Ad on page 11                   Dolores Gesumaria                  201-337-8365

                7:15 pm - Tuesday, May 21 & if not sold out June 4
    Or6 .       at Lakeland Squares in our Air Conditioned hall
     OC\\1 Temple Beth Am, 879 South Reverwyck Rd., Parsippany, NJ

                     info: Carol 201-334-1196 or Joyce 201-538-6823

                      CALLING NEW GRADUATES!!!
               Be sure to have your Freeloader Card signed
            by the Treasurers at the NNJSDA Summer Dances.
             The card is in the packet you received from the
                       NNJSDA at your graduation.

                    STATEN SQUARE SET — Staten Island, NY                       PL
1 & 3 Sat. Oct-June                              St. Alban's Ch, 76 St. Alban's Pl.
    It seems as if the dance season is just getting underway and here we are get-
ting ready for spring and summer dances. WELCOME SWEET SPRINGTIME!
    Congratulations to Joe & Eleanor DiGiacomo. They celebrated their 50th
Wedding Anniversary on February 2nd. We wish the love birds many, many
more happy years.
    Peg & Dick Corney have been enlarging their clan this year. On March 9th,
daughter Debra was married, and they have also added 2 new grandsons
making a grand total of ten grandchildren with five of those under the age of one.
Our very best wishes to the bride and groom, babies and their parents, and
especially to Peggy & Dick.
    Get well wishes go out to Tony Franco, who is recovering from a heart attack
and to Tony Attanasio recovering from knee surgery. Jack Nevins is going in for
surgery on March 26th, so by the time this is being read, we hope all will be well
with him. Our best wishes for speedy recoveries to all of them.
    Welcome to all new graduates; it is our wish that you may be fruitful and
multiply. We hope to see you dancing real soon and have a great summer and
look around for people to bring into square dancing.
Ad on page 38                        Chris & Pete Peterson           718-984-1623

                          LAKELAND 11-7I'S                                                      Di
              TEMPLE BETH AM, 879 SOUTH BEVERWYCK ROAD, PARSIPPANY                              DI
                MAINSTREAM WITH 1 PLUS TIP EVERY TUESDAY 8:00-1 0:30 P.M.
                ROUNDS & LINES WILL START AT 7:30 ON SCHEDULED NIGHT                            DI
            Al & Gale Spinks Cue Rounds — 1st and 4th Dance of each month.
              Lois Bichler teaches Western/Line Dances - 3rd & 5th Tuesday                      Df
                May 1996                                              July 1996
         7 Bob Mitchell - Al/Gale Spinks                 2 Herb Conklin - Fruity Nite
           (Covered Dish Supper 5:45 P.M.)                 (Bring a fruit platter)              Df
        14 Mickey McFarland                              9 Joe Fioretti, Fla                    Di
        21 Bob Mitchell - Lois Bichler                  16 Surprise Caller - Lois Bichler       DI
        28 Dick Pasvolsky - Al/Gale Spinks              23 Dalt Young, Pa - Al/Gale Spinks
          (Red, White & Blue Dance and Cake Raffle)
                                                        30 Gerry Hardy - Lois Bichler
                                                           (Ice Cream Social)
                                                             August 1996

                   June 1996                                                                    DI
                                                        We don't dance in August!               DI
         4 Bob Mitchell - Al/Gale Spinks                                                        Eli
        11 Sam Procopio, Pa - Dolores                           September 1996                  DI
           Procopio (Rounds)                             10 Pal Johnson - Al/Gale Spinks        DI
           (Father's Day Ugly Tie Contest).                                                     Eli
                                                           ( Brown Bag Dinner-Starts at 6:30)   Eli
        18 Bob Clark - Lois Bichler                      17 Bob Mitchell - Lois Bichler         [IF
        25 Jim Snyder                                    24 Dick Pasvolsky                      Eli
                                  Temple Beth AM is Air Conditioned
101                                                                                             CI
I CII       Info: Carol 201-334-1196 • Kathy 201-366-8064 • Gail & Butch 201-335-1693         [It
IDlvuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuEi                           iji..jiEli

      .--: 4 :
  :•.....-. j 3t.
 /4e ettrieolV
              a                   .1-
                                               4        Ell I X 4 CHID(
  ,, az.,,,:
  0    ,                          0-Ruiroll                    VFW HALL
                                                       6 Veterans Pl. Elmwood Park
                          _       vg
                                 th 02    0        (Off Boulevard; behind Firehouse)
                                   PLUS PROGRAM         - 2nd, 4th 6 5th Thursday
           ROUNDS        TEACH at        7:30 P.M.: SQUARE UP at 8 P.M.
                                           Dance till 10:30 P.M.

      ALL PLUS DANCING                            EVERY THURSDAY MAY thru AUGUST

      1996                               MAY       --      AUGUST                       1996

          DATE                CALLER                             CUER
May                 2    Dalt Young                       Nick Raspa
                    9    Don Coy                          Nick Raspa
                 16      Dan Koft                         Kathy Koft
                 23      Gerry Hardy                      Nick Raspa RED, WHITES BLUE
                 30      CINDY WHITAKER                   Nick Raspa           SPECIAL
 June               6    Sandy Corey                      Rosina Wagenhoffer
                 13      Howard Richman                   Nick Raspa
                 20      Randy Page                       Nick Raspa
                 27      John Kaltenthaler                Nick    Raspa

 July               4                          NO DANCE
                    11   Dick    Mazziotti                Nick    Raspa    LIBERTY SQUARES
                                                                              10th ANNIVERSARY
                 18      Glen Matthew                     Nick Raspa
                 25      JOE FIORETTI                     Al Spinks            SPECIAL
 August              1   KEN RITUCCI                      Nick Raspa           SPECIAL
                     8   Howard Richman                   Nick Raspa
                    15   Glen Matthew                     Al   Spinks
                 22      Don Coy                          Nick Raspa
                 29      Gerry Hardy                      Nick Raspa

 Sept.              12   Dalt    Young                    Nick    Raspa
                    19   DEE DEE DOUGHERTY                Nick Raspa            SPECIAL
                    26   Randy Page                       Nick Raspa

  REMINDER:               Hix g Chix dance every week                   from May thru
                          Come   and     join us    in our       AIR-CONDITIONED HALL!

  RAID HIX g CHIX with Advance Notice - pay members fee-except SPECIALS.
  More Information:              John & Connie Huettemann - [201)438-0948
                                 Dick g Brenda Dexter             - (201) 529-3372

Legacy continued from page 27
Order from Stan & Cathie Burdick, PO Box 2678, Silver Bay, NY 12874. There is
a charge of $5.00 to cover printing and postage. Please make checks payable to
the Burdicks.
The Legacy goals for 1995-1997 are:
1. Promote communication between organizations and continue support of the
    Common Goals established at Summit meetings.
2. Encourage wide dancer input (not merely caller input) into the evaluation and
    selection of Mainstream call.
3. Encourage caller organizations to investigate the feasibility of establishing a
    square dance entrance program that can be mastered in less than 20 weeks.
4. Motivate and encourage square dance club leaders to hold strictly to the
    advertised programs.                                        Please turn to page 38
                      TENAFLY SQUARES -- Haworth, NJ                             MS
2nd Fri. Sept-Jun                 St. Luke's Episcopal Ch, Mass. & Grant Ayes.
    A couple days before our February Sweetie Pie Night Dance, there were two
severe water main breaks in nearby Milford. The complicated detours made
Manny Amor late for the start of the dance. Every place he asked, nobody knew
where the church was! (And we think square dancing is the world's best-kept
secret!) After two rounds by Nick Raspa, Jim Broderick called a singer to fill time
until Manny arrived to complete the evening. Attendance was boosted by a
raiding party from Belles & Beaux. And everybody enjoyed the great selection of
homemade pies.
    In March Mother Nature did it again with a six-inch cover of white stuff, so we
had to cancel our student dance.
    We hope that you'll look for flyers for the Moonlight on the Hudson in June.
Recent graduates as well as experienced dancers are welcome to this annual
event, which takes place - rain or shine - in an outdoor pavilion overlooking the
Hudson River.
Ad on page 42                       Frank Poole                     201-342-3375

     MAY 4                                     KENTUCKY DERBY
                                               w/ DAN KOFT

     MAY 18**                                  ICE CREAM DANCE
                                               w/ FRANK RIVICCIO

     JUNE 1                                       DINNER DANCE
                                                  w/ AL KAESLER

   St. Albans Church Hall                   Plus Program
   76 St. Albans Pl. Staten Is. N.Y.     8:00 - 11:00 pm
   Hochuli's 718 984-8770            Emma's 718 356-1251
Legacy continued from page 37
5. Encourage Mini-Legacy education seminars in every state, province, and
   country that has a square dance activity, and to establish education programs
   at all state, province, and federation square dance conventions.
6. Increase Levny membership in every state, province, and country that has
   square dance activity, work for a minimum of three trustees each, and strive
   to get Trustee or Affiliate membership from every facet of the square dance
7. Investigate the feasibility of promoting Legacy through the media.
For information write to: Legacy, 1100 Revere Dr., Oconomowoc, WI 53066.
                                  all Dahled up
                               at The Dahl House
                      ....Then learn Country Western
                      Dancing from "Judy May" Dahl...
                     11 years experience C.W. dancing
                      ....Group or Private lessons.

                      TENAKILL TWIRLERS -- Cresskill, NJ                MS/PL tips
3rd Fri. Oct-May                                  Bryan School, Brookside Ave.
    Our January dance, with Don Coy calling and Nick Raspa cueing, was well
attended in spite of forecasts for bad driving conditions after the dance. Men out-
numbered the women and Nick proved to be a versatile partner!
    In February, Mother Nature forced us to cancel what was to have been our
biggest dance of the year with Howard Richman calling and two clubs raiding.
How much more of this beautiful (?) snow can we take?
    For our St. Patrick's Dance it didn't snow; we had rain instead. Flooded roads
and accidents made our caller Don Coy a few minutes late. The evening was
saved by raiding parties from Hi Taw and Alle'Mo Squares led in procession by a
half-square of visitors from See Saw Squares.
    C"mon over and enjoy our dances. You're always welcome.
Ad on page 17                       Frank Poole                       201-342-3375

                    1st & 3rd SUNDAYS
                  MAINSTREAM 7:00-9:30pm
                      WITH PLUS TIPS
                    AND WESTERN DANCING
             205 SPRING VALLEY ROAD                        SQUARES
           PARAMUS , NEW JERSEY 07652
               (201) 261-4166
                                                         "FUN AT DANCING"
                  SUMMER - 1996
      MAY      5 - MICKEY McFARLAND
                    & USED DANCE CLOTHING SALE               .4/14
      MAY     19 - DOT LOEWENSTEIN                            SOFT SOLE

      JUNE 16 - DON COY & DOT COY


            FOR INFORMATION CALL:                          "PROPER SQUARE
            DOROTHY:    (201) 447-4964                      DANCE ATTIRE
            BRENDA/DICK (201) 529- 3372                     PLEASE"
            DOT         (201) 797-1934

                         VALLEY SQUARES — Warren, NJ                    PLIA tip
1 & 3 Thurs. Sept-June Watchung Hills HS, Stirling Road at Mountain Ave
    Spring is here! Carl Hanks is due to return on March 21st. We've missed his
fine calling. The March 7th dance had to be cancelled because of bad weather,
but there should he no problem with our remaining six dances.
    April 20th is the 10th NJ Square & Round Dance Convention in Trenton. it's a
great opportunity to dance to many callers, shop to excess, and see impressive
dancing demonstrations. Hope you made it.
    Richard Stogniew has returned from his bypass surgery in fine form. Our
other ailing members are on the mend. Hope everybody is back in a square
    Over two squares raided Country Promenaders this month. We had a recent
raid on Bee Sharps, too. Come dance with us on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays. We
are a friendly club with good calling and good dancing. See you in a square.
Ad on page 21, 33              Max & Mary Niederle                 908-469-2699

                                          1st AND 3rd FRIDAYS
                                           7:30 PRE ROUNDS
                                           8:00 PLUS LEVEL

                               IRONIA REELERS
                                 IRONIA SCHOOL, (RT 513) DOVER
                               CHESTER ROAD, (IRONIA) RANI)OLPH
                                                                              FERNBROOK       Rh   80
                                                                  1      ,x
     5/17   1-Fli Dan Koft                                               ° Quaker Church Rd.
                  Kathy Koft               MT. FERN
                                           CHURCH                        CU        Route 10
   COVERED DISH - GRADUATES WELCOME                    CC                                          cc
     6/7     i Bob Mitchell                             Cr)
                                                                 1111---8 miles
            6 Al Spinks
                                                                     Sussex T k.
                                                        0                          RAIVDOLPH
     9/18   8:00 - 10:00                               c                           SENIOR
     9/20   EitJim Snyder                   ELEM .                            Morris Tpk.
            c6 Al Spinks                                                      Calais Rd.
                                                     FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL:
                                                     MARION AND BILL GRADY (908-879-4920)
                                                     JEAN AND INARS GRUNTALS (201-543-7792)

                           RECRUITING STARTS NOW!
 NOW is the time to:
         BOOK your hall and your instructor for September's class!
     ▪ SET date for Open Houses!
         Put, date, time, place and contact person on a flyer, with a tear-off
     ▪ Distribute flyers at demos, parades, etc.
     ▪ Have prospective dancers fill out the bottom section with their
         name, address and telephone. Give them back the top portion.
         2-3 weeks before Open House, send an invitation or postcard to
         remind them .
                               at. the
         Route 67, SchaOhticoke, Nel.14                  Yo r Fs
                   JULY 19-211 1996
                            Rounds by
                    ESTHER          IRV MINDLIN

   $25 Deposit (non-refundable after 7/12/96)
       CAMPSITE, DANCING              a.       WORKSHOPS
  Walk-ins (space permitting)-$12 per couple
       MAY-SEPT: P.O.BOX 294, OQUOSSOC, ME 04964 207-864-2194
     OCT-APRIL: .P.O.BOX 7704, NORTH PORT, FL 34287 941-423-7143
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
       DEER RUN CAMPGROUNDS A-2 WEEKEND, 7/19-7/21/96

 CITY                      STATE     ZIP          PHONE
 TRAVEL TRAILER (length)               TENT TRAILER          TENT
 WE PLAN TO ARRIVE ON          AND DEPART ON                      GS

                     WESTERN WHEELERS -- Oradell, NJ                  PLJA-1 tips
2 & 4 Sat. Sept-June      Refrmd Ch of Oradell, 641 Church St (cor. Kinderkamack)
   Sure and b'golly, the snow has melted! In spite of the weather, weather,
weather, we have enjoyed some real super theme dances, thanks to the
ingenuity of the Wymans and Terris, our special events coordinators. Terrific-Ts
resulted in a large variety of great T-shirts with which we decorated the entire
perimeter of our dance hall. Most beautiful, inniest;most risque, you name it,
you found it on a T.
   Eileen Leber, once again, brought her 1,000 lights to brighten up our festive
Mardi Gras. The Beckmanns (world travelers) had an endless assortment of
Mardi Gras decor and items to share with us, including lovely pins and assorted
beads worn by our executive board and, of course, Jerry's pizzelles were
absolutely delicious. Roy Leber complimented the atmosphere with his Dixie
Land Style coordinated calls.
   Silent Auction could have been called Pat Broderick night, as she needed
help carrying out her winnings. Remember that lucky number, Pat!
   During this summer, we strongly urge all to try to attend the NNJSDA Summer
Dances. Encourage new graduates; adopt a couple going back into square
dancing (we did); angel at a workshop; spread the news about upcoming classes
and workshops. We were all at one time in our square dance history looking for
assistance from experienced dancers. Let us dance together - let's keep
square dancing going and growing.
Ad on page 47               Marilyn & Gus Bachmann                  201-261-3921

           Tenafly Squares Mainstream Club
                  Friday, June 14, 1996, 8:00-10:30 PM
                 At the Alpine Boat Basin Pavilion, Alpine, NJ
     Caller: Bob Bourassa                         Cuer: Nick Raspa
                         Rain or Shine - Bring a Chair
               $5.00 per person. Free parking and refreshments.

                   September 13, 1996, 8:00-10:30 PM
        St. Luke's Church, Mass. Ave. & Knickerbocker Rd., Haworth, NJ
     Caller: Bob Mitchell                         Cuer: Nick Raspa
                           New Graduates Welcome
     Information: John & Madelyn 201-384-5407 / John & Betty 201-666-8937

                             PO Box 850
                         Brandon, MS 39043
                          Ocean Waves Square Dance Club
                          c/o Christ United Methodist Church
                          1890 Forest Ave.
                          Staten Island, NY 10303

                  1st & 3rd Fridays - 8:00 to 10:30 P.M.
                          MAINSTREAM with PLUS TIPS
      DATE                           CALLER            WESTERN/LINE

      May        17                 Don Coy                    Dot Coy
      June       7               Frank Riviccio                      4)
      June       21                 Don Coy                    Dot Coy
                             Happy Summer Dancing!
      Sept.      20                 Dan Koft            Welcome Back
      Oct.        4               Betsy Gotta           Apple Festival
      Oct.       18             Howard Richman               Fall Ball
                  New Graduates Welcome at all our dances!
      Contacts:                     Judie Dahl            718-981-2812
                                Fred & Adele Malkin       718-370-7983
                            Y SQUARES -- Clark, NJ                              MS
2 & 4 Fri. Sept-May                             Carl Kumpf School, Mildred Terr.
   Hi everyone! After a snowy winter and a cold spring, we are finally ready for
warm weather. This is a special time in the square dance season- Graduation.
Congratulations to all the graduates. We look forward to seeing you on the
dance floor at the Association dances this summer. Remember you will need to
keep your dancing skills fresh to be ready for club dancing in September. Square
dancing is a wonderful activity filled with good times and dear friends, enjoy.
Ad on page 30, 33                    Jean Koenig                      908-276-8049

     mANNy Am on

                             by Rusty Ball                                        May, 1996

                    THE      One of my personal focuses when looking at an outfit is the
                             belt. I want to see it enhance the outfit, not be an
          SEWINC             afterthought or a distraction. It is getting harder and harder
         CIRCLE              to find just the "right" belt buckle these days, and in Threads
                             MagazineI found some information that led to making my
                             own buckles ("Custom Buttons that Shine", by Jeffrey
                             Mayer, Jan, 96.) Now, I am no jeweler, sculptor, nor artisan.
                             But if I can start with a hunk of plastic clay and end up with
                             a buckle that I am not embarrassed to wear, so can you.
    And it is so much fun--a whole new craft with millions of possibilities.

    it starts with the polymer compound ("clay") sold in craft stores under various names-
    Fimo, Friendly, Sculpey, Cernit, etc. These hake to hardness in 10-30 minutes in the
    oven. One 2oz. package makes at least 2 buckles, plus earrings, a pin, buttons, etc--
    and costs less than $2! Either pick a color to match the fabric, or make the buckle out
    of any color and then paint it. I used matching fabric paint on one, and rubbed
    another with metallic gold "stuff', sold in the same display as the clay. The article
    also describes gold leaf application.

ro    s   r.
         Th The basic design is also very flexible. The simplest was a 3" x 4" flat
             rectangular shape with a slit at each end (fig. 1) for the belt to loop
             through; I closed the ends of the belt with Velcro. I pressed and baked
             another onto the front of a bought buckle I always thought was ugly with
             a capital "ug"; I wanted to take advantage of the metal belt loops on the
                                                                                   Top Layer
     Figure 1   .

             For a third I bent 2 belt loops out of a                               Bottom Layer
             hanger (fig. 2); these were poked
through a bottom layer of clay, and covered with the                                Belt Loop
top layer, gently pressed together. Once it is baked,        f igure 7   BUCKLE END VIEW
the loops are quite firm.

Some information about this clay I learned by reading and experimenting:
* It is extremely light (earrings) and strong (belt buckles).
* It does not shrink or expand when baked. What you make is what you get.
* Layers stick together when pressed firmly--and the bond is permanent when baked.
* Except for some yellowing in the translucent clay, it retains its color perfectly--the
raw color is the baked color. Knead two colors together to make a new color.
* Roll it, mold it, make snakes or braids, use cookie cutters--get the kid in you
involved. Sculpey comes out of the package soft and pliable; Fimo is hard and
crumbly until it is kneaded.
* Sculpey bakes in 10-20 min./275", Fimo 20-30min./265°. Fimo gives a maximum
temperature warning, but I baked them both at 275° and couldn't tell the difference.
* Bake it on a smooth surface (disposable pie pan, etc); it will pick up a texture.
Position a piece carefully or it may distort; I propped some up with foil "pillows".
* It dries according to the thickness of the finished design-1/4" about 10 minutes, 1/2" -
3z," ahnut 20-30. Overbakinq darkens a piece in spots.
* Don't like the baked product? It can still be drilled, cut, sanded, painted, glued.

Let me know if I left anything out. Have fun!

            Rusty Ball, 52 Kiel Avenue, Kinnelon, NJ 07405 -- 201-838-0312
Announcing the 3rd annual..,

  reicaz, amivqram
   - -
                                     TO BE HELD AT THE

  with Bob Paris, Caller and Lois Bichler,
      Country - Western Line Dancing

         OCTOBER 27. 1996
              AT 2:00 P.M.
                       Beverly and John Hood
                         Autumn Leaves Dance Chairmen
                            (914) 356- 0791
                            Susan Jurgensen and David Wolin
                                Presidents, Circle Eights
                                   (201) 525-0001

          May     24       Steve Forman        Chinese Auction
          June    28       Mickey McFarland    Pot-Luck Supper
                                               Inaugural Ball
          Sept.   27       TBA                 Welcome Back

                              At our regular location:
                                      St. Luke's Church,
                                          Cor Mass. & Grant Ayes.,
                                               Haworth, NJ

               CA(OttfiEVZ SVEW gzuz y cRouncl 149.12E ZEaciet1 eouncit
                 Spring has sprung, summer has only just begun, the best of the
               dance season has yet to come. Weekends and festivals galore are
               ever in abundance to tempt your dancing palate. The Northern
New Jersey Square Dance Association hosts summer dances to reach out and
support both new and seasoned dancers. Support your Association and attend
all of the summer dances your schedule will allow, and at the same time reinforce
all the wonderful steps you have learned. An added bonus is the good fellowship
you will share and you will undoubtedly meet "new" friends. Be sure to visit the
various clubs presenting summer dances you can't help but enjoy. Check the
many flyers and the Grand Square ads and you will find that many of the
summer dances do have round dancing available. P.S. You are allowed to ask
the cuer to "do" the dances you know. Cuers enjoy dancers who dance, and will
do all they can to promote your dancing pleasure.
     We would once again encourage those dancers who, having enjoyed the New
Jersey Square & Round Dance Convention, might want to consider attending the
National Square Dance Convention in San Antonio, Texas this year. Attending
the Convention and concentrating on the Round Dance Program can only
enhance what is always great fun. Each day starts with the Showcase of
Rounds, where you are afforded a wonderful opportunity to see choreographers
exhibit their dances. The afternoon can be spent by attending a teach workshop
on the dances that you especially liked in the showcase. A syllabus is available
to help you inp following the program and to choose (that's the killer) which of the
many teaches you might want to attend. In between times, if you elect to skip
lunch and have a very late dinner, there are clinics that are held during those
times for the hearty. Of course, the many square and round dance friends you
see will understand as you whiz by with little or no time to stop to chat. They will
understand that contented smile you are wearing as you wave and promise to
visit with them real soon.
                               Nick & Carole Raspa                    201-896-1891

          nallig PLUS CLASS                                                                                     Yes No
                             Do you know your Mainstream calls well?
                             Are you ready to learn the Plus Program
                             from different positions?
                            If you can answer "yes" to both these questions, you're
             1              eligible to sign up for an exciting, fun-filled plus class
                            with teacher and caller H
                                                                                           oward Richman
                    cAA tot, L AVE
                                           Nt                                             Starting October 14, 1996, classes
                                        ru ie_r oRD   MAI N ST

                                                                                          will be held every Monday
                                                                 AVE                      from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. for 15 weeks.
                                                                                             New Milford Middle School Cafeteria
                                                                                                 Roslyn Ave, New Milford, NJ
               ac                                          oC          1—r.23—C22.1
                                                                           rel iLF aR.p
                                                                                                  To register for the class call
               N                                                                                      Bernie Beck
               IL                                                                                       (201) 447-0538

4   (-)
  Western Wheelers S/D Club
    THE REFORMED CHURCH of ORADELL 641 Church Street 01) Kinderkarnack
           Hall 201-261-1720                Oradell, N.J.
 Pre-Rounds 8:00           PLUS DANCING 8:30-10:45              "A" After Tip
                       Nick Raspa, Club Cuer
   I May 11th, 1996 Randy Pagel          IMay 25th, 1996 M. Northrup.
                       June 8th, 1996 John Kaltenthaler
                 Mark Your '96-'97 Calender
                  September 28th, 1996       February 8th, 1997
                 October 12th, 1996          February 22nd, 1997
                  October 26th, 1996         March 8th, 1997
                 November 9th, 1996          March 22nd, 1997
                 November 23rd, 1996         April 12th, 1997
                 December 14th, 1996         April 26th, 1997
                 New Years Eve, 1996         May 10th, 1997
                 January 11th, 1997          May 24th, 1997
                 January 25th, 1997          June 14th, 1997
                 see   our flyers for scheduled callers
  Western Wheelers dance 2nd & 4th Saturdays
 INFORMATION:             201 / 261-3921, 569-9120 or 914-352-0627
Round Dance Clubs . . .
                  PRINCETON ROUNDS -- Lawrenceville, NJ
Tuesdays                                      Lawrenceville Firehouse, Rt. 206
   Princeton Squares has suspended dancing but notPrinceton Rounds. We
are going strong. Please stop by for a wonderful evening of excellent round
dancing. Cornell & Doris Rockel 609-587-5194
                  RAMAPO RHYTHMAIRES -- Rutherford, NJ
Mondays                            Annunciation Ukrainian Church, Home Ave.
    Having worked formidably through this dance season, we are looking forward
to continuing to exercise all we have mastered, through what promises to be a
fun summer. There are many hints of some wonderful opportunities to continue
enjoying and employing our round dancing skills. Happiness in dancing and well
wishes for a delightful summer to all.
                               Nick & Carole Raspa               201-896-1891

                    GOTTA DANCE                                     You
                   With Roy & Betsy Gotta                          Believe
 1st 3rd & 5th Thursdays - BACtracks(A-2 w/rounds)
      Trinity Episcopal Church, Red Bank, NJ 8:00 pm
 2nd & 4th Sunday (mostly) - tagBACs(c-1 w/rounds)
      Amer. Cz Farmers Cl., Hankins Rd., West Windsor, NJ 7:30 pm
 2nd & 4th Thursdays - Rutgers Promenaders(MS w/rounds)
      Amer. egion, No. Brunswick, NJ 8:00 pm (with the Kofts)
 Every Mon. (no 5ths) - Get A Rounds(1st=Ph 2; 2 3 & 4th=Ph 3/4)
    Amer. Legion, No. Brunswick, NJ 8:00 pm (w/Kathy Koft)
 Occasional Tuesdays - C3A -Amer. Legion, No. Brunswick, NJ 8:00 pm
                           HAND-TO-HAND COMBAT
                                           by Dick Mazziotti, Caller/Teacher
    If Lloyd Shaw would have known what he was talking about, our activity
would be called "hand-to-hand" dancing, not square dancing. Unfortunately,
Mr. Shaw saw fit to concentrate on the music and traditions of square dancing
than in renaming it to teach people some 40-50 years later how to do it. Yes,
dear reader, it's time for the quadrennial admonishment about holding hands.
    Hands, hands, hands. The manipulators of violins and sledge hammers.
The abode of several hundred of the body's bones. You hand someone your
hand to shake hands and show you are handy.
    Have you ever noticed while square dancing that some good dancers
always seem to know where they are, and perhaps where you should be.
These people are blessed with "situational awareness," that is, knowing if they
are in a line, two-faced line, wave, diamond, etc., and whether they are centers
or ends, boys or girls. If you watch closely when you see one these dancers in
action, you will notice that while their hands never leave their arms, they are
constantly, consistently, every-chance-they-get touching hands with those
dancers next to them.
    This laying on of hands at every opportunity is the glue that keeps a square
together and dancing. Dancers who do not touch do not dance a lot. They tend
to get struck by the dreaded mill-arounds. If you would like to be one of those
really good dancers, touch hands at every opportunity.
    Having said that, there is a down side. Touching hands with other dancers
is good. Grasping hands with other dancers is bad. The hand contact, while
ever so necessary, requires a light but persistent touch. Some dancers appear
to be forever falling out of a lifeboat. Their grip leaves indentations in steel.
                                                                                                          Please turn to page 49


            PROGRAM VIDEOS                                                                                           Callerlab
                                 Broadcast quality                 BASIC               Featuring BETSY GOTTA.
                                 video tapes. Filmed          SECOND HALF              Caller, 30-f years. Member
                                 in television studio,       (movements 26-50)         Board of Governors.
                                 featuring overhead
                                                                $4995                  Callerlab.

                                           MAINSTREAM                                  PLUS
                                      (Callerlab sequence 51-67)                 (27 movements)

 Outside U.S add $10. Specify
  "Payable in U.S. Dollars."                  $3995
       Check or MO only
       1987-1990 Tra Bien, Inc      Add $3.50 postage and handling • N.J. res. add 6% sales tax
               Please specify          BASIC             MAINSTREAM ; PLUS . VHS ; BETA
                                                  Mail check or money order to:
I SOI;1 4.14,0
                                 SQUARE DANCE VIDEOS                                                                               I
I    P;
    - 3 01                                               A Division of Tra Bien, Inc                                               I
                                               P.O. Box 1350, Maplewood, NJ 07040                                                  I
U     Name (Please Print)
I                                                                                                                                  I
I      Address                                                                                                                     U
I     City ____
I      State                                                            Zip
I                                                                                                                          GSM
 Imo immum mem= im is mil vim= um IN mew Nim

     SEE SAW
                                              Old Stone Church Education Center
                                                  500 East Saddle River Road
                                                    Upper Saddle River, NJ
                       8:00 All-position PLUS woikshop
                       8:30 PLUS tips
1                     10:30 Class level ADVANCED tips

IMay 18 STEVE FORMAN - Western Night
ijune 15 JOHN KALTENTHALER - Ice Cream Social
'Sept.    No dance

    June 1MAINSTREAM SPECIAL - with Gerry & Chuck Hardy
          Clothing Resale Night - New Graduates Welcome
  info: Lyn & Bob 201-327-9274        Easy directions: GSP exit 172,
        Joan 914-353-2987             west on Grand Ave., north on East
!Raids: Carolyn 914-358-6043          Saddle River Road to Weiss Road.

    Mazziotti Column continued from page 48
    Their hold continues long past the next two moves. One finds oneself
    desperately shaking them off in an attempt to keep dancing and avoid being
    forever joined at the wrist. The only protection I have been able to come up with
    against these bonecrushers is to never let them get a complete grasp. Just tap
    their hand and move on.
        As you make contact with more experienced dancers, you will find that a
    dosado is not necessarily a dosado, and circle to a line often bears no
    resemblance to a circle, as well as other fillips and embellishments dancers add
    to the calls. You were taught the correct way to do the calls. Most really good
    dancers are able to do the flourishes, but restrain themselves unless they are in
    a complete square with others willing to join them. The choice is yours.
        But if you don't want to do a "wrap-around" dosado, simply grasp your skirt
    or belt buckle in both hands, and do a regular back-to-back move. The "slap &
    slide" often replacing circle to a line is more difficult, but not impossible to avoid.
    Watch some of "Mazziotti's Raiders" as they insist on really circling to a line.
        And ladies, you paid enough money for those skirts, both long and short.
    The dancing looks and feels so much better when you use them to style your
    moves. The flowing grace of a well-handled skirt adds to everyone's enjoyment
    of the dance, including your own. And let's face it, in spite of the emphasis we
    tend to put on technical details, the whole idea is to have fun. See you on the
    dance floor.

                            ATTENTION NEW GRADUATES
             Be sure to read that special packet of information you receive
                    at graduation from the NNJSDA representative.
               NOVEMBER 15, 16, 17, 1996
    RED                                        CLIFF
   BATES                                      BRODEUR
                            Rounds by
                        Ralph & Joan Collipi
                               at the
                    Best Western Sovereign Hotel
                        Mystic, Connecticut

                     $264 per couple includes:
                          2 Nights Lodging
                         5 Complete Meals
                      5 Square Dance Sessions
                      A-1 Star Tips / After Party
                       Round Dance Workshop
                          Hardwood Floor
                             Indoor Pool
                     Square Dance Apparel Shop

MAY THRU SEPTEMBER: P.O. BOX 294, OQUOSSOC, ME 04964 • (207) 864-2194
OCTOBER THRU APRIL: P.O. BOX 7704, NORTH PORT, FL 34287 • (941) 423-7143

              MYSTIC ADVENTURE - NOV. 15-17,1996                   GS
             LAST                      HIS                  HERS


City                    State    Zip               Phone

Room Near                        Requests
following is an article from a club that is not currently an NNISDA nternher. . .
                            M & M SQUARES — Park Ridge, NJ                 Basic
1st Saturdays                           Pascack Reformed Church, Pascack Rd
    M&M's Basic Program has been enjoying some successes. We have been
dancing 8-9 squares at the Basic Program, Interesting Level, and have been
getting support from dancers from all programs. A group of C-1 dancers joined
us recently for some fun, especially during the hot hash halfway through the
evening. Please note, we will not be teaching a class. There are already many
clubs with classes. Support them and help them and get students to them. We
will continue to provide dancing at the Basic Program, Interesting Level.
    Our June dance has been cancelled in favor of See Saws, who are having a
Mainstream dance the same night. We are not in competition for dancers. For
this reason, for now, M&M's will remain a caller-run club. We do not want to
siphon off dancers who might be needed as officers in other clubs to be officers
at M&M.
    We would welcome raids by any club interested in dancing the Interesting
Level at the Basic Program. We in the process of deciding, with our dancers,
whether to continue to dance over the summer. Look for flyers (and let us know
if you think we should continue over the summer). Thank you to all the
Mainstream, Plus, A-1&2, and C program dancers who are supporting this effort.
                              Dick & Laurie Mazziotti               201-664-4482

 16-page brochure: "Patterns and Petticoats"
      Featuring Square Dance Patterns,
   Petticoats in sizes to 3X, lengths to 30"
             .. free Pettipants, .
   Specials on some patterns, lace, eyelets,
 laces, S/D jewerly, and 2 blouses and skirt.

 For brochure, send *$1.00 payable to:
   Shirley's Square Dance Shoppe
      Rt. 9-D, Box 423, Dept NE
       Hughsonville, NY 12637

 *Club officers: Send $3.00 postage, and we'll
      mail you 8 copies for your class.

 Shirley's full line S/D Apparel Shoppe is open
         Wed., Thurs., and Sat. 11-4
        or anytime by appointment.
       We recommend calling ahead                                   We accept Visa, MC
            before coming to shop.                                   personal checks.

                   COMING IN THE NEXT ISSUE -
                A list of all the Beginnner, Plus, Advanced,
                   and Round Dance Classes in the area.
                        Baltimore, MD - June 21-24, 2000
                                 "Cruise News"
     The Victory Dance, snowed out in January, has been rescheduled for
Sunday, May 26, 1996 from 3 to 6:00 P.M. at the Baltimore Convention Center,
Sharp Street entrance, Hall D. This is two blocks from the InnerHarbor_ Tickets
are $5.00 per person and dancing will be Mainstream with Plus tips and Phase II
& Ill rounds. We will have a Color Guard for the Authentic Christening of the
"The Baltimore 2000," the official "J Boat" of the 49th NSDC. All area callers and
cuers are invited to help us celebrate. For information call: Dick & Linda
Peterson, General Chairmen of the 49th NSDC, 301-345-7450; or Joe & Norva
Pope, Assistance General Chairmen, 410-255-0620.
     Introduction to the Executive Board directing our cruise toward the 49th
NSDC continues. Rolle & Marian Williams have been appointed Program
Chairmen. The Williams started dancing lessons in Oxon Hill, Prince George
County, Maryland. They retired to Bethany Beach, Delaware and have been as
busy as ever including participating on the committee that helped pass the Bill
that made square dancing the State Folk Dance for Maryland.
     The General Chairmen has selected the Committee Chairmen using the same
criteria: people who love square dancing and who have particular skills to fill
specific needs. Your skills and love for square dancing are needed to fill the
more than 3000 jobs that must be done to create a NSDC. Some tasks must be
completed early in the five-year period prior to the event; others don't start until
much closer to the Convention. Check with your local square dance organization
to find out how you can volunteer.
                   SQUARE UP-4- FOR BALTIMORE IN 2000!
           Dave & Betty Peake, Publicity Chairmen, 49th NSDC, 703-379-6234

        I    COME DANCE WITH US! Cb

             1st and 3rd SATURDAYS
            DALT YOUNG Calling Squares
              Rounds by: ED MILLER

     J. M. HILL SCHOOL               DANCE SCHEDULE 1996
     East Broad Street
     East Stroudsburg, PA            May 4 ITALIAN FEST
                                         18 ICE CREAM SOCIAL

                                     Note: No dances scheduled For
                                           June, July, Aug. or Sept.

                                     Now dancing 8:00 to 10:00 PM
                                     M.S. E Plus S Rounds alternate
                                     InFormation: 717-897-6784
       6th Annual

      1,,Lt             festival                       (7
              October 18-19-20, 1996('\4_ti
               Bennington College
                        Bennington, Vi"
              3S../1 2=a311ODDID
* Bill Harrison
      * Red Bates
            * Cliff Brodeur
                  * Tim Crawford
                       * Jim Pulaski
     Full C-1               * Ralph & Joan Co141
       Hall                       * Esther & Iry Mindlin
 Entire Festival

                    CAMPGROUND NEARBY
                For Information, Call or Write:

 Cliff Brodeur: P.O. Box 914, Pittsfield, MA 01202 • (413) 443-3060
  Red Bates: P.O. Box 7704, North Port, a 34287 • (941) 423-7143
Rockland Promenaders
                        Mainstrecosi Dancing
                      Second St.inday of the Month

                      instrt.icteel Western Line Dancing
                                    between Tips

                         Please Note our
                       NEW NEW LOCATION
                     Less them 2 Miles froisi           asp     Exit   172

     Green meadow Waldorf School
                   Route 45 at Hungry Hollow Road
                     Chestnut Ridge, New York
                          7:30pm - 1 0:00pm
                     Soft-Soled Shoes REQUIRED

                         1996 DANCE SCHEDULE

         May             12                                Dave Hass
         *June             9                       Ralph Stapenell
         *July            14                              Jim Snyder
         *August          11                                  Don Coy
         September 8                             To Be Announced

        4,Call   for our Air-Conditioned Summer Dance Location
                           for June, July, & August
      For Information, Call:           Bob & Sherry             (914) 357-7549
                                       Len & Carol              (914) 354-4374
                                       Jim & Peg                (201) 664-4847
Directions: From GSP Northbound Exit 172, turn left at end of ramp onto Grand. At
the traffic light turn right onto Chestnut Ridge Road. Grccn             Srhnol     less
than 2 miles on your left.
From GSP Southbound from the NYS Thruway, exit at Red Schoolhouse Road, turn right at
the end of the ramp. When Red Schoolhouse Road meets Route 45 (traffic light), turn leL
Green Meadow Waldorf School is less than 1 mile on your right.
                           Dance Calendar
 Mid January to March listing of dances, weekends and workshops prepared from ad:
                 appearing IN THIS ISSUE. Please see ad for details.
      Abbr: A=Advanced; Alt-Alternate; C=Challenge; CW=Country & Western;
   MS=Mninqtr0nm; PI =Plus; RD-Rounds; TBA=To Be Announced; WS=Workshop;
                            *See caller/cuer ad for details
Date    Club                CalleriCuer/Leader                      Place
5     F.A.D. Sqs.           McFarland            Paramus, NJ        MS/PL tips/CW
      Kings Sqs.            Pearce               Brooklyn, NY       PL
      Motiv8ors             Kaltenthaler/Raspa Clifton, NJ          A-2/RD
6     Spinning Wheels       RobinsonGesumaria    Wayne, NJ          MS/CW/PL tip
7     Hi Taw Twirlers       Kaltenthaler/Raspa New Milford, NJ      PURD
      Lakeland Sqs.         Mitchell/Spinks      Parsippany, NJ     MS/PL tip/RD
8     Cross Trail Sqs.      Woerner              Caldwell, NJ       Graduation
9     Hix R Chi x           Coy/Flaspa           Elmwood Park, NJ I-3LJRD
      Rutgers Prom.         Gotta/Gotta          N. Brunswick, NJ MS/RD
10    Bee Sharps            Gotta/Gotta          Somerville, NJ     PL/RD
      Kittatinny Rangers    McFarland/Spinks Andover, NJ            MS/PL tip/RD
      Tenafly Sqs.          Richman/Raspa        Haworth, NJ        MS/RD/Grads Welcr
      Y Squares             Fugere/Kushla        Clark, NJ          MS/RD
11    Country Prom.         Larsen/Bradt         Edison, NJ         PL/DBD or A tip/RD
      Western Wheelers      Page/Raspa           Oradell, NJ        PL/A tip/RD
12    Rockland Prom.        Hass                 Chestnut Ridge, NY       MS/CW
13    Spinning Wheels       Moss/Gesumaria Wayne, NJ                MS/CW/PL tip
14    Dingman Dancers       Murphy               Milford, PA        MS/PL tip
      Lakeland Sqs.         McFarland            Parsippany, NJ     MS/PL tip
15    Belles & Beaux        Richman              Glen Rock NJ       MS/PL tips
      Mountain Sqs.         Landi                Whippany, NJ       A-2
16    Hix & Chix            Koft/Koft            Elmwood Park, NJ PURD
      Valley Sqs.           Hanks/Kushla         Warren, NJ         PL/RD
      Warren Wheelers       Pasvolsky            Pt. Murray, NJ     Alt MS & PL
17    Hunterdon Flut.       Hoff/Dockery         Stanton, NJ        Alt MS & PURD
      Ironia Reelers        Koft/Koft            Randolph, NJ       PL/RD
      Ocean Waves           Coy/Coy              Staten Island, NY MS/CW
      Tenakill Twirlers     Mazziotti/Raspa      Cresskill, NJ      MS/PL tip/RD
18    Harmony Dancers       Guin/Bradt           Springfield, NJ    PL/A tips/RD
      Leisure Sqs.          Young/Miller         E. Stroudsburg, PA Alt MS & PURD
      See Saw Sqs.          Forman/Edison        Up. Saddle River, NJ     PUCW/A tip
      Staten Sq. Set        Riviccio/Bichler     Staten Island, NY PL/CW
19 F.A.D. Sqs.              Loewenstein          Paramus, NJ        MS/PL tips/CW
      Kings Sqs.            Riviccio             Brooklyn, NY       Graduation
      Motiv8ors             Bates/Raspa          Paramus, NJ        A-2/C-1 tip/RD
20    Spinning Wheels       Pasvolsky/Gesumaria Wayne, NJ           MS/CW/PL tip
21    Hi Taw Twirlers       Kandrut/Raspa        New Milford, NJ    PURD
      Lakeland Sqs.         Mitchell/Bichler     Parsippany, NJ     MS/PL tip/CW
22    Cross Trail Sqs.      Young/Knauss         Caldwell, NJ       Alt MS & PL
23    Hix & Chix            Hardy/Raspa          Elmwood Park, NJ PL/RD
      Rutgers Prom.         Gotta/Gotta          N. Brunswick, NJ MS/RD
24    Bee Sharps            Richman/Spinks       Somerville, NJ     PL/RD
      Circle Eights         Forman               Haworth, NJ        MS
      Kittatinny Rangers    Murphy               Andover, NJ        rvIS/PL tip
      Y Squares             Koft/Kushla          Clark, NJ          Graduation
                                                                   Continued on page 56
May contd.
25   Richmond Dancers         Kaesler/Kushla     Staten Island, NY         PURD
     Western Wheelers         Northrup/Raspa     Oradell, NJ               PUA tip/RD
26    ArP1M0 Sqc.             Stapenell          Brooklyn, NY              MS/PL tip
9R    Dingman Dancers         Murphy             Milford, PA               MS/PL tip
     Lakeland Sqs.            Pasvolsky/Spinks   Parsippany, NJ            MS/PL tip/RD
29   Mountain Sqs.            Landi              Whippany, NJ              A-1
30   Hix & Chix               Whitaker/Raspa     Elmwood Park, NJ          PURD
31 NNJSDA Special             Guin/Spinks        Lincoln Park, NJ          PL/RD
 1    See Saw Sqs.            Hardy/Hardy        Up. Saddle River, NJ      MS/CW
      Staten Sq. Set          Kaesler            Staten Island, NY         PL
 2 F.A.D. Sqs.                Loewenstein        Paramus, NJ               MS/PL tips/CW
      Kings Sqs.              Riviccio           Brooklyn, NY              MS
      Motiv8ors               Page/Raspa         Clifton, NJ               A-2/C-1 tip/RD
 3    Dingman Dancers         Murphy             Milford, PA               Graduation
         Spinning Wheels      Rohinson/Gesumaria Wayne, NJ                 MS/CW/PL tip
4        Hi Taw Twirlers      Kaltenthaler/Raspa New Milford, NJ           PL/RD
         Lakeland Sqs.        Mitchell/Spinks    Parsippany, NJ            MS/PL tip/RD
5        Mountain Sqs.        Landi              Whippany, NJ              A-2Valley Sqs.
         Hanks/Kushla         Warren, NJ         PURD
6        Hix & Chix           Corey/Wagenhofer Elmwood Park, NJ        PL/RD
         Valley Sqs.          Hanks/Tristram     Warren, NJ            PL/RD
7        Ironia Reelers       Mitchell/Spinks    Randolph, NJ          Grads Welcome
         Merri Eights         Landi/Denniston    Old Bridge, NJ        PURD
         Ocean Waves          Riviccio           Staten Island, NY     MS/PL tips
         RockyTops            Crawford/Raspa     Pearl River, NJ       PUA-1 tip/RD
8        Western Wheelers     Kaltenthaler/Raspa Oradell, NJ           PL/A tip/RD
9        Alie'Mo Sqs.         Coy                Brooklyn, NY          MS/PL tip
         Rockland Prom.       Stapenell          Chestnut Ridge, NY    MS/CW
10       Spinning Wheels      Woerner/Gesumaria  Wayne, NJ             MS/CW/PL ti
11       Belles & Beaux       Page               Elmwood Park, NJ      MS/PL tips
         Dingman Dancers      Murphy             Milford, PA           MS/PL tip
         Lakeland Sqs.        Procopio/Procopio Parsippany, NJ         MS/PL tip/RD
12       Cross Trail Sqs.     Mitchell           Caldwell, NJ          Alt MS & PL
13       Hix & Chix           Richman/Raspa      Elmwood Park, NJ      PURD
14       Five Clubs           Gottas/Kofts       Roselle, NJ           MS/RD
         Kittatinny Rangers   McFarland          Andover, NJ           MS/PL tip
         Tenafly Sqs.         Barassa/Raspa      Alpine, NJ            MS/RD
15       Hunterdon Flut.      Koft/Koft          Stanton, NJ           Alt MS & PL/RD
         Richmond Dancers     Forman/Koff        Staten Island, NY     PURD
         See Saw Sqs.         Kaltenthaler/Edison Up. Saddle River, NJ PUCW/A tips
16       F.A.D. Sqs.          Coy/Coy             Paramus, NJ          MS/PL tips/CW
17       Spinning Wheels      McFarland!Gesumaria Wayne, NJ            MS/CW/PL ti
18       Dingman Dancers      Murphy              Milford, PA          MS/PL tip
         Lakeland Sqs.        Clark/Bichler       Parsippany, NJ       MS/PL tip/CW
20       Hix & Chix           Page/Raspa          Elmwood Park, NJ PL/RD
21       Ocean Waves          Coy/Coy             Staten Island, NY MS/CW
23       Are'Mo Sqs.          Page                Brooklyn, NY         MS/PL tip
         Motiv8ors            Crosby/Raspa        Clifton, NJ          A-2/C-1 tip/RD
24       Cninninn Wheels      riohinsoniGesumaria Wayne, NJ            MS/CW/PL tip
25       Belles & Beaux       Mazziotti           Elmwood Park, NJ MS/PL tips
         Lakeland Sqs.        Snyder              Parsippany, NJ       MS/PL tip
27       Hix & Chix           Kaltenthaler/Raspa Elmwood Park, NJ PL/RD
                                                                        Continued on page 57
June contd.
28    Circle Eights     McFarland             Haworth, NJ            MS
      Five Clubs        Matthew/Kushla        Roselle, NJ            PURD
30    Motiv8ors         Martellacci/Raspa     Clifton, NJ            A-2/C-1 tip/RD
 2    Lakeland Sqs.     Conklin             Parsippany, NJ            MS/PL tip
 9    Belles & Beaux    Coy                 Elmwood Park, NJ          MS/PL tips
      Dingman Dancers   Murphy              Milford, PA               MS/PL tip
      Lakeland Sqs.     Fioretti            Parsippany, NJ            MS/PL tip
11    Hix & Chix        Mazziotti/Raspa     Elmwood Park, NJ          PURD
12    Five Clubs        Richman/Bradt       Roselle, NJ               PURD
14    Motiv8ors         Fioretti/Raspa      Paramus, NJ               A-2/C-1 tip/RD
      Rockland Prom.    Snyder              TBA                       MS/CW
15    Spinning Wheels   Robinson/Gesumaria  Oakland, NJ               MS/CW/PL tip
16    Lakeland Sqs.     TBA/Bichler         Parsippany, NJ            MS/PL tip/CW
18    Hix & Chix        Matthew/Raspa       Elmwood Park, NJ          PL/RD
20    Bee Sharps        Richman/Roberts Bound Brook, NJ               MS/PURD
      RockyTops         Paris/Raspa         Pearl River, NJ           PLJA-1 tip/RD
21    Motiv8ors         Jedlicka/Raspa      Paramus, NJ               A-2/C-1 tip/RD
23    Belles & Beaux    McFarland           Elmwood Park, NJ          MS/PL tips
      Dingman Dancers   Murphy              Milford, PA               MS/PL tip
      Lakeland Sqs.     Young/Spinks        Parsippany, NJ            MS/PL tip/RD
25    Hix & Chix        Fioretti/Spinks     Elmwood Park, NJ          PURD
26    Five Clubs        Kaltenthaler/Spinks Roselle, NJ               MS/RD
28    Motiv8ors         Marriner/Raspa      Paramus, NJ               A-2/C-1 tip/RD
      Warren Whirs      Correll/Spinks      Long Valley, NJ           MS/PURD
29    Spinning Wheels   Robinson/Gesumaria  Oakland, NJ               MS/CW/PL tip
30    Lakeland Sqs.     Hardy/Bichler       Parsippany, NJ            MS/PL tip/CW
 1    Hix & Chix        Ritucci/Raspa         Elmwood Park, NJ        PL/RD
 4    Motiv8ors         Lightly/Raspa         Paramus, NJ             A-2/C-1 tip/RD
 8    Hix & Chix        Richman/Raspa         Elmwood Park, NJ        PL/RD
 9    Five Clubs        Larsen/Kushla         Roselle, NJ             PURD
11    Motiv8ors         Fellegy/Raspa         Paramus, NJ             A-2/C-1 tip/RD
      Rockland Prom.    Snyder                TBA                     MS/CW
12    Spinning Wheels   Robinson/Gesurnaria   Oakland, NJ             MS/CW/PL tip
13    Belles & Beaux    Kaltenthaler          Elmwood Park, NJ        MS/PL tips
      Dingman Dancers   Murphy                Milford, PA             MS/PL tip
15    Hix & Chix        Matthew/Spinks        Elmwood Park, NJ        PURD
17    RockyTops         Leber/Raspa           Pearl River, NJ         PLJA-1 tip/RD
18    Motiv8ors         Gotta/Gotta           Paramus, NJ             A-2/C-1 tip/RD
22    Hix & Chix        Coy/Raspa             Elmwood Park, NJ        PURD
23    Five Clubs        Snyder/Raspa          Roselle, NJ             PURD
25    Bee Sharps        Landi/Spinks          Bound Brook, NJ         PURD
      Motiv8ors         TBA/Raspa             Paramus, NJ             A-2/C-1 tip/RD
26    Spinning Wheels   Robinson/Gesumaria    Oakland, NJ             MS/CW/PL tip
27    Belles & Beaux    Mazziotti             Elmwood Park, NJ        MS/PL tips
      Dingman Dancers   Murphy                Milford, PA             MS/PL tip
29    Hix & Chix        Hardy/Raspa           Elmwood Park, NJ        PURD
      Motiv8ors         TBA/Raspa             Clifton, NJ             A-2/C-1 tip/RD
 4    Belles & Beaux    McFarland             Glen Rock, NJ           MS/PL tips
 6    Huntedon Flut.    Hoff/Dockry           Stanton, NJ             Alt MS & PI /Rn
 8    Rockland Prom.    IBA                   Chestnut Ridge, NY      MS/CW
                                                                   Continued an page .58
September contd.
10   Lakeland Sqs.                                Johnson/Spinks     Parsippany, NJ       MS/PL tip/RD
11   Cross Trail Sqs.                             Mitchell/Bichler   Caldwell, NJ         PUCW
12   Belles & Beaux                               Mazziotti          Glen Rock, NJ        Open House
     Hix & Chix                                   Young/Raspa        Elmwood Park, NJ     PL/RD
13   Tenafly Sqs                                  Mitchell/Raspa     Haworth, NJ          MS/RD/Grads Welcm
     Y Squares                                    Fugere/Kushla      Clark, NJ            Open House
i A
I •-t   I IlLoi I I I I .J I 141
                                   L./CAI                            Qtoten I low-4 NY
                                                                              s,          PI /Fin
15      Kings Sqs.                                Corey              Brooklyn, NY         PL
17      Hi Taw Twirlers                           Kaltenthaler/Raspa New Milford, NJ      PL/RD
        Lakeland Sqs.                             Mitchell/Bichler   Parsippany, NJ       MS/PL tip/CW
18      Belles & Beaux                            Kaltenthaler       Glen Rock, NJ        MS/PL tips
        Ironia Reelers                            TBA                Randolph, NJ         Open House
19      Hix & Chix                                Dougherty/Raspa Elmwood Park, NJ        PURD
20      Ironia Reelers                            Snyder/Spinks      Randolph, NJ         PURD
        Ocean Waves                               Koft               Staten Island, NY    MS/PL tips
z       Harmony Dancers                           Kaesler/Spinks     Springfield, NJ      PLJA tips/RD
24      Lakeland Sqs.                             Pasvolsky          Parsippany, NJ       MS/PL tip
25      Cross Trail Sqs.                          Gotta/Gotta        Caldwell, NJ         PUHD
26      Hix & Chix                                Page/Raspa         Elmwood Park, NJ     PURD
27      Circle Eights                             TBA                Haworth, NJ          MS
        Kittatinny Rangers                        McFarland          Andover, NJ          MS/PL tip
        Y Squares                                 Fugere/Kushla      Clark, NJ            MS/RD
28      Country Prom.                             Larsen/Bradt       Edison, NJ           PURD
        Western Wheelers                          TBA/Raspa          Oradell, NJ          PL/A tip/RD
29      Motiv8ors                                 TBA/Raspa          Clifton, NJ          A-2/C-1 tip/RD

Non NVSDA (Tubs:
22   Jersey Shore Prom. Gotta/Gotta                                  Wall, NJ             PURD
29   Jersey Shore Prom. Goss/Sandstrom                               Wall, NJ             PURD
12   Jersey Shore Prom. Kaesler/Bosze                                Wall, NJ            PURD
26   Jersey Shore Prom. Landi/Bosze                                  Wall, NJ            PURD
10   Jersey Shore Prom. Matthew/Bosze                                Wall, NJ            PURD
24   Jersey Shore Prom. Whittaker/Sandstrom                          Wall, NJ            PL/RD
31   Jersey Shore Prom. Morris/TBA                                   Wall, NJ            PURD
14   Jersey Shore Prom. Pearce/Bosze                                 Wall, NJ            PURD
28   Jersey Shore Prom. Richman/TBA                                  Wall, NJ            PL/RD
                                                                                         Continued on page 59

                             WHAT IS A SOFT-SOLED SHOE?
                 A man or woman's shoe, specially made for dancing, with
                   a sueded leather bottom is a soft-soled shoe. So is a
             sneaker or other shoes with rubber bottoms. Leather street shoes
            are not soft-soled and are not permitted on gym or hardwood floors.
                Cowboy boots and high-heeled shoes are strictly prohibited.

                                 RECRUITING TIP
          ▪ Contact several callers who may be doing one-niters over the
            next few months.
          ▪ Offer to bring a demo squr to their one-niter. Have plonty of
            flyers ready to sign up prospect dancers .
Weekends, Festivals, Speciau-& Conventions:
7-9 Pocono MS Wknd         McFarland/Pasvolsky                     Marshalls Cr
15    Hunterdon Flut.     Koft/Koft             Stanton, NJ        Alt. MS & PL
20-22 Natl. A&C Cony.     15 callers            Virginia Beach, VA A-2 to C-4
19-21 A-2 Camp Wknd.      Bates/Brodeur/Mindlin Schaghticoke, NY A-2
31    CCNJ Assoc. Call ers Many newer callers Paramus, NJ          MS
2-4 MS SD Wknd.           Hardy/Hardy           Schaghicoke, NY MS/CW
6-8   NJ Camporee         3 callers/2 cuers     Augusta, NJ        PLJA-1&2/19C
20-22 Big D Wknd.         2 callers/2 cuers     Marshal's Creek, PA      MS/PL/F
 6    NNJSDA -            Dancers Getting Parsippany, NJ MS/PL
       The Gathering        Together to Share
18-20 Tumbling Leaves     5 callers/2 cuers     Bennington, VT     PL/A/C-1/RD
10 22nd Mini-Festival Storey/Jacobs/            TBA                All Program!
15-17 Mystic Wknd.        Bates/Brodeur/Collipi Mystic, CT          PLJA- 1/RD

                        EARLY BIRD SAILING CERTIFICATE
                              IN SUPPORT OF THE
                    "SET YOUR SAILS FOR BALTIMORE 2000"
                            JUNE 21, 22, 23 24, 2000
    Order your Baltimore 2000 EARLY BIRD SAILING CERTIFICATE NOW! Redeem this
SAILING CERTIFICATE for your Registration Fee for the 49th National Square Dance
Convention. This is your Admission to the Pre-Convention Dance on February 26, 1999. This
also will be exchanged for your Registration Fee to the 49th National Square Dance Convention
on February 26, 1999, "FOR BALTIMORE 2000." The last date of sale of this EARLY BIRD
"SAILING CERTIFICATE" is January 31, 1999.
    Complete the form below and mail to address indicated. Enter your credit card number, or
check made payable to: The 49th National Square Dance Convention (49th NSDC), 7226
Mandan Road, Greenbelt, MD 20770-2709. Your 'SAILING CERTIFICATE" will be mailed to you.
Thank you for your support. Please print clearly.

AMOUNT PAID (U.S. CURRENCY ONLY) @ $25.00 each X                   =$       Check #

Credit Card (check one) M/C       Visa

Card #                                                 Exp.             \
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Cit y                                                         -r

Country _                           Telephone (_       )

                              Please type or print clearly.
Grand Square - May 1996

                             MAPS FOR THE NNJSDA SUMMER DANCES
                                  is >,
                                    ) K                                                          First Presbyterian Church
                                  a )    iN F01 5 A.\.PARK Chestnut St. & Fifth Ave.
      El,\L      1
                          4                                Roselle, NJ
                \54 Ce
                       Er         v m".D.,.11.s            908-298-9036
                  , •K*                         N
                  s.4 "42
            \A.                     ,A€57F lLti NNE                   IC-r.                  —0•70 ELlZF1tE711
                        Il f li t I l t i                    fr   I             I I I                 t
                                                                      Fir~ T   Pkqe.

                                                        Rr ET
                                                                  Secoha AQt.
C.N1'4C6C3                  csi                                   11.1%..c2t Arc

                    O                                             Fouv.s3h iVie.
                                                      L oc lus                                            Summer Dances on:
                        2                                                      1:h1
                                                                                                              July 10
                                                                               „  11 1.:
                                                                                 7 111                        July 17
                                                                  C Kul

Paramus Jewish Community Center
Spring Valley Road & Midland Ave.
Paramus, NJ

Summer Dances on:
    August 7
    August 14
    August 21

                                                                              Lincoln Park Community Center
                                                                              Route 202 (Main St.) & Chapel Hill Rd.
                                                                              Lincoln Park, NJ


                     MAIN Si.
       COtiriulurry CENTW 13
       LIIMNRY 4- Fire Helirse
      M u NIClPAL SDI-G.                                                                              Summer Dances on:
      CHAF.E- L tittl— ROAD                                                             y via             July 27
                                                                                                          August 31

                       iarmonv Damen                                    Plus Dancing

                                                                1st & 3rd Saturdays
                                                                         800 to 10:30
                                                                        Pre-Rounds 7 30


                                        No Dances in April - Spring Break
 May 18 "Ice Cream Social"                                                                Dan Guinn                Steve Bradt
 September 21 "Welcome Back"                                                                 Al Kaesler                Al Spinks
 October 5                                                                  John Kaltenlbaler                          Al Spinks
                    (Advanced Tip (4? 10:30)

 October 19 "Pumpkin Festival"                                                           V1, Ili Larsen Dave Roberts

                               \ F-
                                                                                                                   61. S‘t"
                                                                                EX r7" 49A                       dr°      V
                                                  I-78 ampurr.
                                                       scantev's le


       c" 11.13 ''CHISHOLM                                                                               3

                                                                                                       Shop Rite
                                                             e. Traffic, Light

                                                                                 ,fr <
                                              ,,. ,,<           ....        •
  WeIern                                                    al .-:n°99
                                                           9                             RT. 22 West
 T errruni,
                                                                                                             RT. .22      ( Exit 1.;i)4tb
                                            RT. 22 East
SVCC   .1 ..   • Ilk Echo Queen Diner

Call: Wayne/Kay Schroeder 908-396-8286
       Corinne/Leo Eckmann 201-379-3901             Soft Soled Shoes, Please
       Jude/Roger Remington 908-322-1879 Chisholm Hall Phone: 201-376-9822
      we've MOVED to
       " RICIII
       You can find us
                HERE at

 Business hours:                             \)k
                                N4 #

        CnEUT CMOS

      DIRECTIONS                                          w

 Traveling Route 80 West - exit 55B (Union Blvd,
 Traveling Rt80 East - exit 53 to Rt46 East to
 Union Blvd. Totowa
 Follow Union Blvd. North about 1 1\2 miles to
 #192 on the right Park in the rear.

  Look for Special Student DISCOUNTS

  We carry a full line of Square Dance
  apparel and accessories

                                                                      ROUTE 00


                                       I• s
                                          •1  s •s111 n nes"1./

  cRttezda g            `wank          Y V I LJ-1/ VT CWT.", TA

   Attention Club Presidents     10                            NNJSDA Raid Program              6
   Calling New Grads         36, 49                            Non Member Club News            51
   Club Ad Makers Info           23                            NSDC-Baltimore                  52
   Dance Calendar                55                            Poster Contest Rules             8
   Early Bird-Baltimore          59                            Presidents' Letter               3
   Legacy                        27                            RD Club News                    47
   Maps NNJ Summer Dances ...60                                Recruiting Tips         16, 40, 58
   Mazziotti Column              42                            Sewing CircleSquared            44
   Member Club News Begins        9                            Sq Dance 800 Tel #               2
   National SD Directory         42                            Sq Dance License Plates         29
   NNJRDLC News                  46                            Square View                      4
   NNJSDA Calendar                4                            What Do All the Letters Mean ..21
   NNJSDA Info Tel #              2                            What Is a Soft-Soled Shoe? ....58

                                    DINGMAN DANCERS
                                    Square dancing in the northern Poconos
   Rich Murphy, Club Caller                                       Mainstream with Plus tip
   2 & 4 Tuesdays                                                                  7:30-9:30 pm
                      Delaware Valley High School Cafeteria
                      Routes 206/6, just north of Milford, PA
         May 14                       June 3 Graduation (Monday night)
         May 28                       June 11 then we move to:
           American Legion Hall, Old Milford Road & Christian Hill Road
         June 18                      July 9                   Aug. 13
                                      July 23                  Aug. 27
                         For information and directions:
          Bill & Jean Gannon        717-296-4436 Days: 201-460-1700 x211
          Ray & Carol Proulx        717-296-7645

                                 ADVERTISERS' INDEX
           Please tell our advertisers that you saw their ad in Grand Square.
A-2 Camp Wknd            41    Hunterdon Flut           23 Oops
Are'Mo Sqs               19    Ironia Reelers           40   Pinnacle RD Sch       22
Bee Sharps               16    Jersey Shore Prom        27 Pocono MS Wknd          25
Belles & Beaux           22    K's Advanced WS          29 Richmond Dancers        10
Big D Weekend             18 Kings Sqs                  20   Rockland Prom         54
Bolos & Petticoats       62    Kittatinny Rangers       34   Rockytops             26
CCNJ Assoc. Callers----9       Lakeland Sqs             36   Rutgers Prom          33
Circle Eights             45 Lklnd 2nd Hand Clothes35         See Saw Sqs          49
Country Prom          24,33    Leisure Sqs              52    Shirley's SD Shop    51
Cross Trail Sq           12    Liberty Sq Reunion       35    Spinning Wheels      11
Dahl House               39    Mainstream Wknd          15    Sq Dance Videos      48
Dingman Dancers          63    Merri 8s Farewell        13 Staten Sq Set           38
F.A.D. Sqs               39    Motiv8ors                31    Tenafly Moonlight    42
Five Clubs               33    Mountain Sqs.            27    Tenakill Twrlrs      17
Gotta Dance              47    Mystic Adventure         50    Tumbling Leaves      53
Harmony Dncrs ----33,61        Natl. A&C Cony           28    Valley Sqs        21,33
1.-11   --
   i G.i V i
               rearliel.,lees  Al I
                               14U vc.Tti I
               i Y li i i “....+3                 WWI
                                                        •••s        0"/
Hi Taw Plus Class        46    NNJSDA            3, 5, 7, 8   Western Wheelers     47
Hix & Chix               37    NSDC                     20    Y Squares         30,33
                               Ocean Waves              43

                                  NNJSDA MEMBER CLUBS
    See club articles (alphabetically A-Z) and ads for further information. Advertisers
Index appears on inside back cover. Clubs desiring to change dance night or location
       MUST contact the Recording Secretary (listed on page 2) for Clearance.
Abbr: A=Advanced; Alt=Alternate; CW=Country & Western; MS=Mainstream; PL=Plus.
              MAINSTREAM                                                  PLUS
                             Weeks of the                                         Weeks of the
Sunday:                            Month:           Sunday:                             Month:
 Are'Mo Sqs                  2, 4 Sept-Jun           Kings Sqs.                   1, 3 Sept-Jun
 F.A.D. Sqs.                 1, 3 Sept-Jun          Tuesday:
 Rockland Prom.                  2 All Year          Hi Taw Twirlers             1,3, 5 Sept-Jun
Monday:                                             Wednesday:
 Spinning WhIs Every Wk.Sept-Jun                     Cross Trail Sqs.              2, 4 Sept-Jun
                      2, 4 Jul-Aug                  Thursday:
Tuesday:                                             Hix & Chix                2, 4, 5 Sept-Apr
 Belles & Beaux      2, 4 Jun-Aug                                           Every Wk May-Aug
 Dingman Dncrs    2, 4, 5 Mar-Dec                     Valley Sqs.                 1, 3 Sept-Jun
 Lakeland Sqs   Every Wk Sept-Jul                     Warren Whlrs.               1, 3 Sept-Jun
 Belles & Beaux              1,    Sept-May         Friday:
Thursday:                                            Bee Sharps             2, 4 Sept-Jun
 Rutgers Prom.          2, 4 Sept-May                *Five Clubs    4 Jun; 2 Jul; 2, 4 Aug
 Warren Whlrs.           1, 3 Sept-Jun               Hunterdon Flutterwh. 1, 3 Sept-Jun
Friday:                                              lronia Reelers         1, 3 Sept-Jun
 Circle Eights              4 Sept-Jun               Rockytops                  1 Oct-Jun
 *Five Clubs               2 Jun; 4 Jul
 Hunterdon Flutterwh 1, 3 Sept-Jun                  Saturday:
 Kittatinny Rangers      2, 4 Sept-Jun               Country Prom.         2, 4 Sept-May
 Ocean Waves             1, 3 Sept-Jun               Harmony Dancers       1, 3 Sept-May
 Tenafly Sqs.               2 Sept-Jun               Leisure Sqs 1, 3 Oct-Dec & Mar-May
 Tenakill Twirlers          3 Oct-May                Richmond Dancers       2, 4 Sept-Jun
 Y Squares              2, 4 Sept-May                See Saw Sqs.              3 Sept-Jun
Saturday:                                            Staten Square Set       1, 3 Oct-Jun
 Leisure Sqs. 1, 3 Oct-Dec & Mar-May                 Western Whlrs.         2, 4 Sept-Jun
        *Five Clubs: Country Promenaders, Harmony Dancers, Rutgers Promenaders,
                               Valley Squares, and Y Squares

Sunday:                                             Wednesday:
 Motiv8ors (A-2) 1, 3 some 5 Sept-Jun                Mountain Sqs. (A-2)           1, 3 Sept-Jun
                        Every Jul-Aug

                                   DANCES CANCELLED
 May                                  June contd.                      July contd.
 11 - Richmond Dancers                16 - Motiv8ors                    7 - Motiv8ors
 27 - Spinning Wheels                 19 - Mountain Sqs.               September
 June                                 21 - Hunterdon Flut               1 - Motiv8ors
  7 - Hunterdon Flut.                 July                             15 - Motiv8ors
  8 - Richmond Dancers                 4 - Hix & Chix                  20 - Hunterdon Flut.
                 Leisure Sqs. is not dancing June, July, August & September.
                             FAD is not dancing in July & August.
                          Lakeland Sqs. does not dance in August.
                         See Saw Sqs. is not dancing in September.
                 Merri Eights & Princeton Squares have suspended dancing.
          Many clubs are closed for the summer. Check ads and call before traveling .
     'The Editors of Grand Square reserve the right to edit, correct, or otherwise modify
           articles or ad copy submitted for publication. Signed articles and fetters are
04            the opinions of the authors and not necessarily those of the NNISDA.

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