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					                                                                                                               2012 Alaska Tour Tips

GENERAL INFORMATION                                1
Touring Alaska & Canada                            2     ESCORTED CRuISETOuR TIPS             10
Personal Travel Identification Requirements        2        What Your Tour Includes           10
Climate                                            3        What Your Tour Does Not Include   10
Altitude                                           3        Tour Directors                    10
Contact Information                                3        Optional Meal Pan                 10
Guests with Disabilities                           3        Gratuities During Your Tour       11
CruiseTour Number                                  5        Vouchers                          11
CruiseTours Luggage Program                        6
CruiseTour Luggage Program Summary                 7    SCENIC RAIL OPTION                    11
Packing Advice                                     7    Anchorage Seward Cruisetrain          11     general information
Express Docs And Ship Luggage Tag Information      8
Airline Connections                                8
Motor Coach Travel                                 8                                               Touring Alaska & Canada                                    2
Daily Schedules                                    8                                               Personal Travel Identification Requirements                2
A Note about Hotels in Alaska and                                                                  Climate                                                    3
                             the Yukon Territory   9                                               Altitude                                                   3
Itinerary Changes                                  9                                               Contact Information                                        3
                                                                                                   Guests with Disabilities                                   3
Booking Optional Excursions                        9
                                                                                                   CruiseTour Number                                          5
Extra Cost Provision                               9
                                                                                                   CruiseTours Luggage Program                                6
You and Your Tour                                  9                                               CruiseTour Luggage Program Summary                         7
                                                                                                   Packing Advice                                             7
CRUISETOURS                                        9                                               Express Docs And Ship Luggage Tag Information              8
 HOSTED CRuISETOuR TIPS                            9                                               Airline Connections                                        8
     What Your Tour Includes                        9                                              Motor Coach Travel                                         8
     What Your Tour Does Not Include               10                                              Daily Schedules                                            8
                                                                                                   A Note about Hotels in Alaska and
     Tour Hosts                                    10
                                                                                                                                the Yukon Territory           9
     Gratuities During Your Tour                   10                                              Itinerary Changes                                          9
     Vouchers                                      10                                              Booking Optional Excursions                                9
                                                                                                   Extra Cost Provision                                       9
                                                                                                   You and Your Tour                                          9

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2012 Alaska Tour Tips                                                                                                     | 1
                                                                                                                                                     general information

TOURING ALASKA & CANADA                                              or Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI)                               countries, including some countries in the Western
We are pleased that you have selected a Holland                      compliant documents are required for cruises to Alaska,                      Hemisphere.
America Line Alaska & the Yukon CruiseTour and we                    Bermuda, Canada, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico and                           Recent guidance from the Department of Homeland
look forward to your visit.                                          the Panama Canal. u.S. and Canadian citizens ages                            Security indicates the documentary requirements under
We have provided this “Tour Tips” booklet* to ensure                 16 and above may present one of the following valid                          WHTI for closed-loop cruises are not limited to cruises
that you have the finest vacation experience possible.               WHTI-compliant documents:                                                    that travel only to contiguous territories or adjacent
Please take a moment to acquaint yourself with this                   ☐ Passport (recommended travel document) (valid                             islands. This means u.S. citizens calling on ports in
information. Please also read the supplemental “Know                    for travel by air, land and sea)                                          Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica and Belize will also be
Before You Go” booklet* for information on the cruise                 ☐ Passport Card (valid for land and sea border                              exempt from the passport requirement.
portion of your vacation and your Express Docs for                      crossings only)                                                           Birth certificates from Puerto Rico issued prior to
specific information regarding your personal travel plans.                                                                                        July 1, 2010 are not valid forms of proof of citizenship
                                                                      ☐ State Issued Enhanced Driver’s License (EDL)
* These booklets are available to print or download on the Holland      (valid for land and sea border crossings only)*                           that is accepted by U.S. Customs and Border
America Line web site (                                                                                             Protection. Guests from Puerto Rico either need to
                                                                      ☐ Other documents approved by the Department of                             present a WHTI-compliant document or a government-
PERSONAL TRAVEL IDENTIFICATION                                          Homeland Security
REQUIREMENTS                                                                                                                                      issued photo identification with a validated birth
Holland America Line highly recommends that all                      For a list of approved documents visit:                                      certificate issued after July 1, 2010.
guests carry a passport that is valid for at least six                      Children: u.S. citizen children under the age of 16
months beyond the completion date of your travel.                                                                                                 traveling on a closed-loop cruise (a cruise in the
                                                                     * The EDL driver’s license, or non-driver photo identification, is offered
Having a passport will enable you to fly from the u.S.                                                                                            Western Hemisphere which originates and ends in the
                                                                     in the U.S. states of Michigan, New York, Vermont and Washington
to a foreign port in the event you miss your scheduled                                                                                            same u.S. port) will be able to present their government
                                                                     and in the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario
embarkation or to fly back to the u.S. if you need to                                                                                             issued birth certificate or other proof of u.S. citizenship,
                                                                     and Quebec, to applicants that can prove identity and citizenship.
disembark the ship mid-cruise due to an emergency.                                                                                                such as a naturalization certificate or citizenship card
                                                                     Please note the EDL is not the same as an Enhanced (or Endorsed)
PLEASE NOTE: It is your sole responsibility to obtain                                                                                             to sail. Birth certificates can be an original, photocopy
                                                                     Commercial Driver’s License.
and have available the proper travel documents that                                                                                               or certified original. For more information regarding
                                                                     U.S. citizens on closed-loop cruises: u.S. citizens on                       passports and WHTI compliant documents, please visit
are necessary for your travel, including all costs related
                                                                     cruises in the Western Hemisphere that originate and               
to arrangements to obtain entry to countries you visit
                                                                     terminate in the same u.S. port are required to have                         or call the National Passport Information Center toll
and re-entry to your destination country. Boarding may
                                                                     proof of citizenship such as a valid u.S. passport or a                      free at 1-877-487-2778 or TDD/TYY at 1-888-874-7793.
be denied or fines may be levied against those guests
                                                                     government issued birth certificate combined with a
without proper documentation. Payment of any fines                                                                                                Travel by air
                                                                     government issued photo I.D. Other approved proof
levied is the responsibility of the individual guest.                                                                                             Passports are required for all international air travel
                                                                     of citizenship documents such as a passport card,
For U.S. and Canadian Citizens:                                                                                                                   to and from the united States, regardless of age or
                                                                     an enhanced driver’s license (EDL) or certificate of
Travel by land or Sea                                                                                                                             citizenship. This includes air travel to and from Canada,
                                                                     naturalization along with a government-issued photo
Travel document requirements vary based on cruise                                                                                                 Bermuda, the Caribbean and Mexico.
                                                                     ID are also acceptable. A passport is still the preferred
itinerary and whether international flights are required.            document. PLEASE NOTE – WHTI-compliant                                       PLEASE NOTE: Passport Cards and EDL’s are NOT
For voyages that are scheduled to end outside the u.S.,              documents are acceptable for entry or re-entry into the                      valid for air travel between Vancouver and the united
a passport that is valid for six months beyond the                   united States. You may be required to present additional                     States.
completion date of your travel is required. Passports                or different travel documents when entering foreign

2012 Alaska Tour Tips                                                                                                                                                        | 2
                                                                                                                              general information

For Non-U.S./Non-Canadian Citizens: You must                 enforced compliance of the Electronic System for Travel       CONTACT INFORMATION
have and carry a passport valid for six months beyond        Authorization (ESTA) requirement for Visa Waiver              You will come to enjoy the attentive service of Holland
the duration of your travel. Please carefully verify the     Program (VWP) travelers. ALL VWP travelers to the             America Line personnel all across the Great Land.
existing identification requirements for your particular     u.S. will be required to have an approved electronic travel   Our Driver-Guides, Guest Service Hosts, McKinley
travel situation. In addition, non- u.S. citizens who        authorization via ESTA. Travelers who have not obtained       Explorer® Rail Guides, Klondike Spirit crew and Tour
have previously been admitted to the united States           approval through ESTA should expect to be denied              Concierges are all available to answer your questions
for permanent residence must carry their Permanent           boarding on any air carrier bound for the u.S. Countries      and provide assistance you may need during your tour.
Resident Card (Form I-551), commonly known as                participating in the VWP are: Andorra, Austria,               However, should a question arise during your stay in
a Green Card. Resident aliens not in possession of           Australia, Belgium, Brunei, Czech Republic, Denmark,          one of the following cities, you may contact the Guest
this must obtain one at the nearest office of the u.S.       Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary,           Service Hosts at the following numbers.
Immigration Service.                                         Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein,           Alyeska:       1-907-550-7711
                                                             Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, the Netherlands,
Visas: Canadian visa requirements affect all Alaska                                                                           Anchorage:     1-907-550-7711
                                                             New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Republic of Korea, San
sailings, Alaska CruiseTours and Canada & New
                                                             Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden,            Dawson:        1-867-993-5599
England sailings that enter Canada. u.S. citizens are
                                                             Switzerland, and the united Kingdom. For more details            Denali:        1-907-683-2406
NOT required to obtain a Canadian Visa; however,
                                                             please visit the uS Department of State’s Visa Waiver
many of NON-U.S. or NON CANADIAN citizens                                                                                     Fairbanks:     1-907-452-2843
                                                             Program page at
do require a visa for Canada. (Please note almost all
                                                                                                                              Whitehorse: 1-867-668-3225
cruises in and out of Seattle visit Canada as required by    CLIMATE
the Passenger Services Act.)                                 Many of our guests have questions about the weather              Juneau:        1-907-586-9625
                                                             in Alaska and Canada. These destinations offer a wide            Skagway:       1-907-983-2241
If you are a NON-U.S. or NON-CANADIAN citizen,
                                                             range in climate. It is not unusual for temperatures to
you will be DENIED BOARDING without compensation                                                                              Seward:        1-907-550-7711
                                                             range from 40° to 90°F (4.5° to 32°C), depending on
if you do not hold the proper Visa documents. Canadian                                                                        Seattle:       1-206-626-8600
                                                             location and the time of year.
officials WILL NOT allow guests to remain onboard
while in a Canadian port without proper documentation.       Along the coast of British Columbia and Alaska,                  Talkeetna:     1-907-733-8830
To verify if your nationality requires a Canadian visa,      temperatures are usually mild (50° to 60°F or 10°                Vancouver:     1-604-683-5776
please visit the following Canadian immigration website:     to 15.5°C) and occasional rain is to be expected.                 Southeastern Alaska’s temperatures range, in general,         GUESTS WITH DISABILITIES
                                                             from 40° to 80°F (4.5° to 26.7°C). Spring and fall            We do not discriminate against persons on the basis of
All guests, regardless of nationality, are responsible for                                                                 disability. We seek, to the extent feasible, to accommodate
                                                             temperatures are cooler, but comfortable, averaging
obtaining all necessary identification. All guests should                                                                  the needs of persons with disabilities. For more specific
                                                             about 47°F (8.3°C). The interior of Alaska, Yukon and
keep themselves apprised of the changes in government                                                                      information regarding the following categories, please
                                                             areas of Washington State and British Columbia can
requirements. Guests arriving at the pier without                                                                          visit our website at Stateroom
                                                             be warmer in June and July, with temperatures often
proper documentation will be denied boarding without                                                                       Information; Mobility Equipment; Ship Transfer
                                                             reaching 90°F (32°C) and above.
compensation. Holland America Line is not able to                                                                          Options; Shore-side Mobility including Airports and/or
make visa arrangements en route or upon arrival. Please      ALTITUDE                                                      Train Stations and Land Tours and/or Shore Excursions;
understand that this is a requirement of the Canadian        During the course of your tour, you may travel at             Service Animals; Blind or Low Vision; Deaf or Hard of
government, and NOT that of Holland America Line.            elevations ranging from sea level to 4,700 feet. If you       Hearing; Oxygen; Food Allergy Information; Children
                                                             have any concerns, we recommend you consult a                 with Special Needs; Wheelchair Accessible Route Maps. If
Visa Waiver Program: Effective January 20, 2010, the
                                                             physician in advance of your trip.                            you require special accommodations on your tour due to
Department of Homeland Security is transitioned to

2012 Alaska Tour Tips                                                                                                                                | 3
                                                                                                                               general information

a disability, please contact Holland America Line Access      100 pounds without the battery are not allowed to be          you. Guests who are unable to care for their own basic
& Compliance Department via e-mail at                         transferred from the ship to tender and/or from tender        needs (e.g. dressing, eating and attending safety drills) or via phone at                to shore.                                                     MuST have a capable traveling companion. In limited
1-800-547-8493; TTY 1-800-254 8669; locally at                For persons not capable of walking on their own,              situations (either on board or ashore), we may find
1-206-626-7044 to make arrangements. Please be advised        the use of a wheelchair will be the primary mobility          it necessary to ask an individual to make alternative
that accessible facilities and services can be limited in     assistance aid for getting on and off the ship. In some       travel arrangements, such as if an individual with a
certain areas of Alaska and the Yukon. In order to help       situations, mobility assistance will involve carrying         disability is unable to satisfy certain specified safety and
ensure availability of these accommodations and receive       guests. Situations may occur in which guests with             other criteria, even when provided with appropriate
detailed information about the accessibility of your tour,    limited mobility may not be able to go ashore at the time     auxiliary aids and services. The medical staff on board
we recommend that you contact Access & Compliance as          they desire or are unable to go ashore at all in certain      is not available for daily care unless an individual is
far in advance as possible.                                   ports. For the safety of all concerned, the Captain shall     hospitalized in the ship’s Medical Center.
Accessible hotel rooms in Alaska and the Yukon can            make the final determination regarding the carrying of        Airports: Wheelchair assistance that is requested for
be limited. It is important that you advise our Access        guests with mobility impairments and their mobility           airports must be done directly through the airline.
& Compliance Department in advance of any need                assistance device (wheelchair, scooter, walker, etc.),        Holland America Line is not able to arrange for
you may have for an accessible hotel room during your         taking into account all appropriate matters including,        wheelchair assistance at airports.
CruiseTour, so arrangements may be made with the              but not limited to, weather conditions, ship’s location,      Accessible Transfers: It is important that our Access
hotel properties prior to your arrival. Holland America       weight of the guest, etc. While every effort is made to       & Compliance Department is advised as far in advance
Line offers a limited number of staterooms designed           assist guests, we are unable to provide staff members         as possible, preferably at the time of booking, if you
to be wheelchair and scooter accessible. For the safety       who can spend all or most of their time working with a        require lift equipped transportation in order to arrange
of all guests and crew, scooters and other mobility           single guest in order to address ongoing special needs.       for an appropriate motorcoach to be assigned to your
equipment need to be securely stored and charged in           Guests who require that level of care will need to travel     CruiseTour and any airport transfers you have booked.
the guest’s stateroom, and not in hallways or elevator        with a companion who is able to provide them with the         The motorcoach lift capacity for the wheelchair/scooter
lobbies. Scooters left in these areas could restrict people   assistance necessary.                                         and passenger combined cannot exceed 600 pounds.
needing to travel through these areas in an emergency,        Certain third-party transfer and shore excursions
particularly other guests using mobility aids, since                                                                        Lift equipped transportation is limited in Vancouver.
                                                              facilities may not be fully accessible to guests with         Thus, it may be necessary for Holland America Line
they would have no way of getting by a scooter left in        disabilities. Although we endeavor to make sure these
a hallway. For this reason, Holland America Line has                                                                        to make alternate transportation arrangements such
                                                              companies comply with legal requirements, we cannot           as a sedan vehicle for guests who are able to transfer
size and weight guidelines for scooters. If you plan on       guarantee all are able to provide facilities that are
bringing a scooter on the vessel, please contact our                                                                        from a wheelchair to the front or back seat of a sedan.
                                                              accessible to persons with disabilities. For detailed, up     For guests who are not able to transfer to a sedan,
Access & Compliance Department.                               to date information on accessibility issues involving         due to the limited number of wheelchair accessible
Certain ship transfer operations (i.e. during tendering       shore excursions, we strongly recommend contacting            transfer vehicles available, it may be necessary to
and at the gangways) may not be fully accessible to           our Shore Excursions Department prior to embarkation          request that guests needing this vehicle travel with only
wheelchairs or scooters. When a ship is unable to dock,       at 1-888-425-9376 (or locally at 1-206-626-7320).             one companion from his/her party, with additional
guests are taken ashore on smaller boats called tenders.      It is essential that we be notified of any special medical,   members in the party accommodated separately on
Some guests with limited mobility may find it difficult       physical or other requirements you may have (including        standard transfer coaches.
to embark or disembark the ship at certain times while        whether you intend to bring a scooter with you) as
at dock or while tendering due to steep gangways and                                                                        Embarkation/Disembarkation-Wheelchair Assistance:
                                                              soon as possible, preferably at the time of booking,          Guests requiring assistance with embarkation and
steps, particularly during low or high tide. Also please      so that we may make our best effort to accommodate
note that scooters and wheelchairs which are more than                                                                      disembarkation procedures do not need to request this

2012 Alaska Tour Tips                                                                                                                                  | 4
                                                                                                                          general information

assistance in advance. For embarkation procedures please     a motorcoach, we suggest the use of a portable oxygen      please feel free to contact the Access & Compliance
advise the Shore Operations staff upon arrival of your       concentrator during your tour. When planning for           Department.
need for assistance boarding the ship. Please note that      appropriate battery power, please be prepared for          PLEASE NOTE: Some airlines have restrictions
this service is on a first come first served basis, guests   early morning departures and evening arrivals during       concerning traveling with oxygen and oxygen
should be prepared to wait if assistance is not available    your tour. Holland America Line’s itineraries feature      containers. It is the traveler’s responsibility to be
immediately upon arrival. Guests requesting this service     many highlights in order to provide you with the           familiar with and comply with the regulations
will be assisted as far as the security checkpoint on the    most complete vacation possible. Because of this, it is    of the airline on which he/she is traveling. For
ship — if the use of a mobility device is needed while       necessary to cover quite a bit of ground every day.        information regarding the Transportation Security
on board, we recommend you rent a wheelchair for the         Any guests needing continuous or intermittent              Administration’s Screening Tips for Persons with
duration of your cruise. For additional details on the       oxygen for chronic conditions must make their own          Disabilities, please visit the Travelers with Disabilities
pre-arranged rental program, please see the contact          arrangements prior to travel. Please contact us, or your   and Medical Conditions section of their website at
information listed below for Special Needs at Sea or         travel professional, for more information. The following
CareVacations.                                               companies have been approved for all oxygen and/           Pets: With the exception of qualified service animals for
For disembarkation procedures, please contact the Front      or oxygen equipment being delivered to a Holland           guests with disabilities, animals or pets are not allowed
Office once on board to advise them of your need for         America Line vessel or to your beginning CruiseTour        on board. If you plan to bring a service animal, you
assistance. The Front Office staff will provide you with     hotel property:                                            must call our Access & Compliance Department. (Please
details on the times and meeting location where staff          Special Needs at Sea                                     see the contact information in the GuESTS WITH
will be available to assist you in disembarking the ship.      Phone: 1-800-513-4515 (locally at 954-585-0575)          DISABILITIES section.) You will need to provide health
Wheelchairs: Holland America Line is no longer able            Fax: 1-800-513-4516                                      certificate documentation for the animal.
to provide complimentary wheelchair assistance for             Email:                        Please be sure you understand the requirements for a
any purpose other than embarkation, disembarkation,            Website:                       service animal to disembark in each port of call. The
and emergency situations. Holland America Line                 CareVacations/CruiseShipAssist                           best places to obtain specific information on required
wheelchairs are not available for shore excursions, for        Phone: 1-877-478-7827 (locally at 780-986-6404)          documentation and immunizations for your service
use on board, or for use during your CruiseTour. If you        Fax: 1-800-648-1116                                      animal are the u.S. Department of Agriculture’s website,
will require regular use of a wheelchair, we recommend         Email:                             local customs offices in the specific ports, and from
that you bring your own wheelchair with you. You may           Website:                        your service animal’s veterinarian. All documentation
also make advance rental arrangements prior to your                                                                     and immunization requirements are established by
sailing and have a wheelchair delivered directly to the      Oxygen and/or oxygen equipment deliveries will NOT
                                                             be accepted from any other company. You are welcome,       government authorities and not by Holland America
ship for use on board, in ports of call, and throughout                                                                 Line. Should you need assistance in locating this
your CruiseTour.                                             however, to bring your own oxygen and/or oxygen
                                                             equipment from your home. Please note that our staff       information, please contact our Access & Compliance
For additional details on the pre-arranged rental            and crew are not permitted to handle your oxygen           Department.
program, please see the contact information listed below     and/or oxygen equipment during the embarkation             CRUISETOUR NUMBER
for Special Needs at Sea or CareVacations.                   and disembarkation process, thus you must be able          Holland America Line guests are each assigned to a
Oxygen: Guests traveling with oxygen should notify           to handle your supplies if you bring your own. Please      group number which corresponds to the tour itinerary.
Access & Compliance of the amount of oxygen                  contact the Access & Compliance Department prior           The maximum group size will be determined by
being used as well as the type of oxygen or oxygen           to sailing if you will require oxygen while on your        the number of seats available on our motorcoaches.
equipment being used. Due to limitations on the              cruise. If you require additional information on the       Sometimes, a tour will be traveling with a group of
volume of gas or liquid oxygen that can be carried on        ship’s facilities or ability to accommodate your needs,    other guests, and, on some CruiseTour itineraries,

2012 Alaska Tour Tips                                                                                                                            | 5
                                                                                                                             general information

with a Tour Concierge. Sometimes, a tour will be very        ☐ Luggage may not be available immediately upon                 be transported separately from you and will not be
popular and more than one motorcoach will be sold. In          arrival at each location. Make sure you have your             accessible during transit and may not be available.
these instances we will split the total number of guests       essential ID and medication with you in your hand             •	 Recommended items for this bag include clothing,
on this tour into smaller groups. When this happens we         carry tote.                                                      sleepwear, non-essential toiletries, extra shoes and
will assign a letter to your tour number, forming two       How to Pack for Your Land Tour: CruiseTours                         anything else you might need in the evenings, but
different and distinct motorcoaches that will travel the    cover great distances and involve various arrivals and              not need access to during the day.
same itinerary. For example, when there are two tour        departures. Packing light and minimizing bags needed
Y2C’s, there will be a tour Y2CA and Y2CB. When you                                                                          •	 You will receive luggage tags and instructions for
                                                            on land will help you get the most out of our luggage               your Join Me Tonight luggage either onboard prior
arrive into Alaska, all hotel and motorcoach assignments    transportation services. The best way to be comfortable
will be organized around these splits.                                                                                          to debarkation, or in Anchorage, Fairbanks, or
                                                            and avoid hassles is to choose casual, comfortable                  Whitehorse upon arrival.
If you are traveling with guests on a separate booking,     clothing you will be able to wear all day.
please make sure that your travel professional advises                                                                       •	 If you are traveling on Yukon & Denali
                                                            There are four categories of luggage.                               CruiseTours (Tours Y1* – Y3* and Y5* – Y6*)
Holland America Line of this information at least
30 days prior to departure. We will do our best to ensure   1. Hand Carry Tote/backpack                                         you will have all of your luggage in Skagway,
that groups are kept together, but there may be times          No Holland America Line tag required. We do                      Whitehorse, Dawson City, Tok, Fairbanks, and
when this is not possible.                                     recommend attaching a personal ID tag. You’ll want               Beaver Creek, depending on your itinerary.
                                                               this bag with you every step of the way! Be sure to              However, you will only have one piece of luggage
CRUISETOURS LUGGAGE PROGRAM                                    bring just the essentials.                                       during your Denali National Park stay.
All Holland America Line CruiseTours include
a convenient luggage handling service at all your              •	 Recommended items include: travel documents,               •	 If you are on Yukon & Denali CruiseTour Y4*,
destinations. You will have access to all your luggage            photo ID, important medication, toiletries,                   you will have all of your luggage in Whitehorse,
during the cruise portion of your vacation, however               camera, personal electronics, any valuables and               Dawson City, Tok and Fairbanks. You will have
access to your luggage will be limited during the land            any extra clothing items as personally needed.                one piece of luggage during your Denali National
portion of your vacation. Please note the specific land        •	 The hand carry tote should be a size that is                  Park stay.
tour luggage instructions below.                                  comfortable to carry and able to be stowed under           •	 If you are traveling on Denali CruiseTours or
 ☐ upon arrival, our staff will arrange for your luggage          a seat. Soft sided tote bags or backpacks no larger           Expedition CruiseTours, (D1* – D7*, V3* – V5*,
   to be delivered to your first overnight destination.           than 17”x14”x4” with a zippered enclosure are                 u1* - u4*, E1* and E3*) you will only have one
   Due to airport security, you must identify and claim           recommended.                                                  piece of luggage throughout your tour.
   your own luggage from the luggage carousel at the           •	 Wheeled carry on cases that are used as carryon            •	 If you are on Expedition CruiseTour E2* you will
   airport. Please check for any airline damage at this           luggage on airlines are too large and are NOT                 have access to all of your luggage in Fairbanks and
   time, all airline damage must be claimed prior to              suitable as hand-carried luggage on motorcoaches              Anchorage. However, you will only be permitted
   departing from airport.                                        and trains.                                                   one soft sided bag weighing less than 35 pounds
 ☐ All you need to do is leave your luggage where           2. “Join Me Tonight” luggage program                                for your stay at the Denali Backcountry Lodge. The
   instructed, with the appropriate luggage tags (which        You are allowed one piece of “Join Me Tonight”                   lodge is in a remote location where vehicles are
   will be provided to you upon arrival). Your luggage         luggage per person. You simply pack one bag and                  highly restricted, and therefore luggage transport
   will be delivered directly to your room at the next         then place the bag, with the appropriate luggage tags,           space is limited. The rest of your luggage will be
   overnight location.                                         where instructed for pickup. Our luggage handlers                sent ahead to Anchorage and will be delivered to
                                                               will pick it up and deliver it to your room at the next          your hotel room the day you arrive.
 ☐ Luggage is transported separately and is inaccessible
                                                               overnight location on your land tour. This bag will       * Applies to both “Tour First” and “Cruise First” versions of the CruiseTours.
   until it arrives at your next overnight location.

2012 Alaska Tour Tips                                                                                                                                           | 6
                                                                                                                             general information

3. “Join Me onboard” luggage program for guests who          •	 “Join Me in Fairbanks/Anchorage” luggage program          PACKING ADVICE
   cruise aFTer their land tour                                 for guests who cruise PRIOR to their land tour            Given the extreme variation and fickle nature of weather
    If you are cruising after your land tour, you should     •	 If you are cruising before your land tour, you should     in the Far North, we recommend that you dress in
    pack a separate bag for items you will not need on          pack a separate bag for items you will not need on        layers. We suggest a waterproof, outer layer and an
    land.                                                       land.                                                     insulating, inner layer. Comfortable, sturdy shoes are a
                                                                                                                          must. Although a dress code will be in effect for dinners
    This bag is perfect for the items you may need on        •	 It is recommended to pack items used on your cruise       on the cruise portion of your CruiseTour, casual dress is
    your cruise but will not need on your land tour, such       but will NOT need on land, in this luggage. These         encouraged for dinners on the land portion.
    as formal wear, dress shoes, or dinner jackets. (On         bags will be inaccessible until they are delivered to
    the land portion of the CruiseTour, the dress code is       the final destination of your itinerary.                  Important Luggage Reminders :
    always casual so there is no need for formal wear.)      •	 You will receive the appropriate “Join Me in               •	 All luggage should have a sturdy personal
    •	 All luggage is delivered to your first itinerary         Anchorage” or “Join Me in Fairbanks” tags upon the            identification tag that will not be lost or damaged in
       destination. upon departure from that city, any          start of your CruiseTour. Clear instructions will be          the course of typical airport luggage handling.
       “Join Me Onboard” tagged bag(s) will be securely         given regarding the placement and use of these tags        •	 Essential medicines, travel documents, valuables and
       stored and inaccessible until they are delivered to      upon your arrival.                                            breakables should be hand carried in your possession
       your onboard stateroom.                                                                                                at all times. Do not pack these items in your checked
                                                                                                                              luggage, as it will not be accessible at all times.
CruiseTour Luggage Program Summary
 TOUR NUMBER                                                 LUGGAGE DELIVERy SNAPSHOT
                                                             All luggage will be delivered each night while on the highway portion of your tour prior to Fairbanks. One bag will
 Y1C, Y2C, Y3C, Y5C, Y6C,
                                                             be delivered to Denali, remainder of luggage will be sent ahead to Anchorage.
                                                             You will receive one bag in Denali, remainder of luggage will be sent ahead from Anchorage to Fairbanks, where
 Y1T, Y2T, Y3T, Y5T, Y6T
                                                             you will have all luggage for remainder of tour.
                                                             One piece delivered in Denali, all remainder of luggage will meet you in Fairbanks and be available for the
                                                             remainder of the tour.
                                                             All luggage available in Whitehorse, Dawson City, Tok and Fairbanks. One piece will be delivered in Denali;
                                                             remainder of luggage will meet you onboard ship.
                                                             Travel with one full size piece during land tour, remainder of luggage will be sent ahead to Fairbanks, your final
 D1C, D3C, D4C, D5C, D6C, D7C
 D1T, D2T, D3T, D4T, D5T, D6T, D7T, U1T, U2T,
                                                             Travel with one bag, remainder of luggage will meet you aboard ship in Seward.
 U3T, U4T, V3T, V4T, V5T
                                                             Travel with one full size piece during land tour, remainder of luggage will be sent ahead to Anchorage, your final
 D2C, E1C, U1C, U2C, U3C, U4C, V4C
                                                             Travel with one soft-sided 35 pounds bag during land tour, remainder of luggage will be sent ahead to Anchorage,
 E2C, E2T
                                                             your final destination
                                                             One piece of checked luggage will travel with you. Your total land luggage allowance (including carry-on) cannot
 E3C, E3T                                                    exceed 50 pounds due to floatplane limitations. Your remaining luggage will be stored and will be waiting for you
                                                             when you reach your Anchorage hotel.
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 •	 Firearms, explosives, fireworks, and illegal drugs are   To learn more about Holland America Line’s ongoing             10:30 am. Final motorcoach to Vancouver departs
    prohibited without exception.                            commitment to environmental stewardship and                    promptly at 11:00 am. Flights should be scheduled to
 •	 Many domestic airline carriers now impose excess         conservation in all of our operations, visit                   depart Seattle no earlier than 3:00 pm.
    baggage fees for one or more bags and bags weighing                  Vancouver/Vancouver: Flights should be scheduled to
    over 50 pounds, so check with your carrier regarding     Ship Luggage Tags: Printable luggage tags are available        depart no earlier than 11:00 am and arrive no later than
    weight restrictions.                                     at the Online Check-In start page. You may select to           2:00 pm.
 •	 Holland America Line will make every effort to assist    print as many as you need for your vacation. There are       PLEASE NOTE: You will be responsible for any and
    you in safeguarding your belongings. But please          also luggage tags available for you at the airport on the    all expenses incurred if joining a cruise or land tour
    remember, you are responsible for your belongings        day of sailing and the pier prior to your final check        already in progress.
    at all times.                                            in. At the airport, please find Holland America Line
                                                             representatives outside of the customs area or/and at        MOTORCOACH TRAVEL
 •	 Holland America Line is not responsible for money,       the luggage carousel. The representatives will help you      During the land portion of your tour, you will travel
    jewelry, cameras, binoculars, documents, or any          with luggage tags. Also, luggage tags will be located        in motorcoaches that are air-conditioned, comfortable
    other articles you retain in your personal control       near the entrance to the pier area where you will be         and restroom-equipped. Periodic stops will be made
PLEASE NOTE: We strongly encourage our guests to             checking in your luggage. The luggage tags are clearly       for picture taking, and stretching. Some days involve
obtain baggage insurance. Your travel professional can       marked with your ship name. Please attach a tag to each      stopping more frequently than others. We determine
assist you with this. For further information, please see    piece of luggage you will be checking on the cruise.         the number of stops by the day’s schedule and our
the baggage policy as detailed in the Baggage section of     There is a space on the tag for you to print the following   experiences with interest levels from previous visitors.
your Cruise Contract.                                        information; name, stateroom number, and sailing date        Smoking is not permitted on board motorcoaches.

EXPRESS DOCS AND SHIP LUGGAGE TAG                            PLEASE NOTE: For security reasons, luggage without           There are no reserved or assigned seats. If you require
INFORMATION                                                  tags or owner identification may not be loaded on the        specific seating due to a disability, or require a lift-
Express Docs Eco-friendly Cruise Documents:                  ship. If you should have questions or need assistance,       equipped motorcoach for your tour, please contact
Preparing for your Holland America Line cruise is            Holland America Line representatives at the pier will be     Holland America Line Access & Compliance Department
now easier, faster and more convenient than ever. With       happy to assist you.                                         via e-mail at or via
Express Docs, your CruiseTour documents are available                                                                     phone at 1-800-547-8493; TTY 1-800-254 8669; locally at
                                                             AIRLINE CONNECTIONS                                          1-206-626-7044 to make arrangements.
up to 50 days before your cruise departure date, and you     Transfers between airport and pier, customs inspections
can print part or all of your Express Docs when it’s most    and airport security checks take time. If you purchased      PLEASE NOTE: Tour buses in Denali National Park are
convenient for you, 24/7. This includes your boarding        your own air transportation, please be sure to allow         operated by the National Park Service concessionaire,
pass, itinerary, and if you booked air with Holland          adequate time for transfers, inspections and security        not by Holland America Line. Although the buses are
America Line, air travel information. Your information       checks.                                                      not equipped with a restroom, there will be frequent
is encrypted, secure, easily updated and ready to email                                                                   stops for restroom breaks during your nature tour.
or print for yourself, family and friends as often as you      Anchorage/Seward: Flights should be scheduled to not
                                                               depart earlier than 2:00 pm and not arrive later than      DAILy SCHEDULES
wish. No more waiting for printed cruise documents.                                                                       Alaska is the largest state in the united States – more
                                                               3:00 pm.
What’s more, since our eco-friendly CruiseTour                                                                            than twice the size of Texas! Holland America Line’s
documents are delivered electronically, they help save         Seattle: Flights should be scheduled to not depart         itineraries feature many highlights in order to provide
paper and conserve precious fossil fuels.                      earlier than 12:00 pm and not arrive later than 1:00 pm.   you with the most complete vacation possible. Because
For more information, please visit                             Seattle/Vancouver: Flights should be scheduled to          of this, it is necessary to cover quite a bit of ground .                arrive at Seattle-Tacoma Airport no later than             every day. Please be prepared for early morning

2012 Alaska Tour Tips                                                                                                                              | 8

departures and evening arrivals during your tour.
We are sure you will take home many unforgettable
                                                               discourage additional sightseeing if it requires canceling
                                                               or changing your tour reservations. Hotel reservations
memories of scenery, sights and adventures!                    are at a premium in Alaska and Canada, and your final
A NOTE ABOUT HOTELS IN ALASKA AND THE                          prearranged reservations should be retained.
yUKON TERRITORy                                                Refunds cannot be made on unused sightseeing tours,              HOSTED CRuISETOuR TIPS                                            9
There are certain tour destinations in Alaska and              hotel accommodations or transfers when voluntarily                  What Your Tour Includes                                         9
the Yukon where you should not expect the deluxe               canceled by guests en route.                                        What Your Tour Does Not Include                                10
accommodations available in other, more developed              BOOKING OPTIONAL EXCURSIONS                                         Tour Hosts                                                     10
travel destinations. In comparison with the Lower 48,          During the cruise and land portion of your CruiseTour,              Gratuities During Your Tour                                    10
this is still a relatively remote land. Holland America Line   you will be able to purchase optional sightseeing and
makes every effort to use high quality properties in every                                                                         Vouchers                                                       10
                                                               adventure excursions at most destinations. We encourage
location. All are clean, comfortable and brimming with                                                                          ESCORTED CRuISETOuR TIPS                                          10
                                                               our guests to review and pre-purchase their excursion
northern hospitality. Considering the isolated locations       options on-line by going to the Holland America Line                What Your Tour Includes                                        10
of several places you will visit on your tour, we think you    web site: Choose from                What Your Tour Does Not Include                                10
will be pleasantly surprised.                                  a wide variety of excursions, both on land and at sea, that         Tour Directors                                                 10
Although it does not happen frequently, we reserve the         fit your lifestyle, ranging from easygoing activities to high       Optional Meal Pan                                              10
right to make changes in the accommodations during the         adventure – all in a customized eBrochure created just for
course of the tour.                                            you!                                                                Gratuities During Your Tour                                    11
                                                                                                                                   Vouchers                                                       11
Triple and quad rooms are available in only certain cities     EXTRA COST PROVISION
in Alaska and the Yukon. When available, they may              At tour destinations, weather may adversely affect
contain two double beds, two beds and a rollaway, or one       flights. If you are required to spend an additional night,      HOSTED CRUISETOUR TIPS
double bed and a convertible sofa.                             due to weather, or other circumstances beyond HAL’s             TOURS: D2*, D4*, D5*, E1C, E2*, E3, V4*, V5*,
If you have a triple or quad booking, please be aware of       control, you will be responsible for your own hotel and                U1, U2, U3, and U4
the bedding arrangements. If your CruiseTour goes to a         meal costs. Neither the tour operator nor the airline will
                                                               assume this additional expense.                                 PLEASE NOTE: If your tour number was not included
city that does not accommodate triples or quads, you will                                                                      above, please look in your itinerary for further details.
be placed in two separate rooms and this additional cost       yOU AND yOUR TOUR
                                                                                                                               *Applies to both “Tour First” and “Cruise First” versions of the
is already reflected in your CruiseTour pricing.               Make the most of your time. We have done our
Please note that a majority of hotels in Alaska and the        best to provide you with the elements of a great
                                                               vacation – exhilarating sightseeing, the best possible          What your Tour includes
Yukon do not permit smoking in the hotel rooms and
common areas. Smoking rooms, if offered by the hotel,          accommodations and a knowledgeable, dedicated crew.              •	 All transportation, as indicated in the itineraries
are subject to availability.                                   Relax, enjoy what this great land has to offer, and leave
                                                                                                                                •	 Transfer of guest and luggage during the tour
                                                               the details to us. We understand that at times traveling
ITINERARy CHANGES                                              can be stressful, especially when so many different              •	 (Please see exceptions under “What your Tour does
If you find you have free time during a stopover, you are      activities are involved; but we are there for you every             not include”.)
encouraged to pre-purchase your optional sightseeing           step of the way. If at any time we can be of assistance in       •	 Hotel accommodations (shared basis)
and adventure excursions. Please review the Alaska             making your vacation experience more enjoyable, please
section of “Find Shore Excursions” available online            feel free to contact any Holland America Line Tour Host.         •	 The services of a variety of Holland America Line
for a complete list of choices for your tour. We highly        We welcome you and look forward to seeing you soon!                 Hosts throughout the land portion of your tour

2012 Alaska Tour Tips                                                                                                                                           | 9

 •	 Sightseeing as indicated in itineraries                   •	 Driver-Guides: uS$4.00 per guest, per day                        •	 The services of a Holland America Line Tour
 •	 Planning and tour operation charges                       •	 McKinley Explorer® Rail Guides: uS$1.50 per                      •	 Concierge throughout the land portion of your tour
                                                                 guest, per day                                                   •	 Sightseeing as indicated in itineraries
What your Tour does not include
                                                              •	 Hotel Bell Staff: All luggage-handling gratuities are            •	 Planning and tour operation charges
 •	 A Holland America Line Tour Concierge                        included in your tour for all hotels shown on your
 •	 Air transportation, unless included in the itinerary         itinerary                                                       What your Tour does not include
    or if the optional Fly Cruise Plan or Seattle             •	 Expedition Tours: The all-inclusive lodges used in               •	 Air transportation, unless included in the itinerary
    Connector package has been purchased                         these tours suggest gratuities between uS$50 -100                   or if the optional Fly Cruise Plan or Seattle
 •	 Transfer of guest and luggage at the Anchorage,              per person per night. However, guests are free to tip               Connector package has been purchased
    Fairbanks, Vancouver and Seattle airports except             what they would like. Gratuities can be given to the             •	 Transfer of guest and luggage at the Anchorage,
    where specifically indicated in the itinerary                lodge manager at check-out.                                         Fairbanks, Vancouver and Seattle airports except
 •	 Meals, except while aboard cruise ships and where         •	 Optional Excursion Guides: uS$2.00 per guest , per                  where specifically indicated in the itinerary
    specifically indicated in the itinerary                      ½ day tour uS$5.00 full day tour                                 •	 Meals, except while aboard cruise ships and where
 •	 Gratuities for Driver-Guides and other Holland           vouchers                                                                specifically indicated in the itinerary. (Meal Plans are
    America Line Hosts (please see the section “Gratuities   Most services in Alaska and the Yukon do not require                    available for selected tours. Please see the Alaska &
    during your Tour” for more information)                  vouchers. However, if your itinerary requires one or                    the Yukon 2012 brochure for more information)

 •	 Sightseeing while in port on the cruise portion of       more vouchers, you will receive them in your Express                 •	 Gratuities for Driver-Guides and Tour Concierge
    tours                                                    Docs. Keep any vouchers on your person so that they                     (Please see the section “Gratuities during your
                                                             will be readily available for each service. Do not pack                 Tour” for more information.)
Tour Hosts                                                   them in your luggage.                                                •	 Sightseeing while in port on the cruise portion of
Throughout the land portion of your tour, you will be                                                                                tours, unless specifically noted.
met by friendly, reliable Holland America Line Tour          ESCORTED CRUISETOUR TIPS
                                                                                                                                 Tour Concierge
Hosts who will assist you with any itinerary questions or    TOURS: y1*, y2*, y3*, y4*, y5*, y6*, D1*, D3*,
                                                                                                                                 Throughout the land portion of your tour, you will be
concerns you might have as well as provide you with ideas           D6*, D7* and V3T
                                                                                                                                 accompanied by your friendly, reliable Tour Concierge
and information on additional sightseeing opportunities.     PLEASE NOTE: If your tour number was not included                   who will assist you with any itinerary questions or
Examples of Tour Hosts include our friendly, helpful         above, please look in your itinerary for further details.           concerns you might have as well as provide you with
Guest Service Hosts found at our Service Desks and our
                                                             * Applies to both “Tour First” and “Cruise First” versions of the   ideas and information on additional sightseeing
capable and competent Driver-Guides.
                                                             CruiseTours.                                                        opportunities. However, your Tour Concierge will not
Gratuities during your Tour                                                                                                      provide narration; your Driver-Guides will keep you
                                                             What your Tour includes
Because gratuity standards on land differ from those                                                                             informed and entertained.
aboard ship, many of our guests request guidelines on         •	 All transportation, as indicated in the itineraries
                                                                                                                                 optional Meal Plan
local standards for the service crews. Gratuities are         •	 Transfer of guest and luggage during the tour
                                                                                                                                 If you have purchased Optional Meal Plan, you will
strictly up to you and should be based on the quality of         (Please see exceptions under “What your Tour does
                                                                                                                                 receive your meal vouchers at the start of your land
service you feel you have received. If you desire to offer       not include”.)
                                                                                                                                 tour. Additional details are available in your travel
an individual expression of your appreciation, you may        •	 Hotel accommodations (shared basis)                             documents. For guests with dietary restrictions, please
use the following guidelines.
                                                                                                                                 advise your meal server.

2012 Alaska Tour Tips                                                                                                                                      | 10
                                                                                                                               scenic rail option

Gratuities during your Tour
Because gratuity standards on land differ from those
                                                                scenic rail option                                          Y4C, D3C, D4C and D5C may also purchase this rail
                                                                                                                            upgrade. unfortunately, the rail option is NOT available
aboard ship, many of our guests request guidelines on                                                                       with CruiseTours Y1*, Y2*, Y3*, Y5*, Y6*, D1*, D2*,
local standards for the service crews. Gratuities are                                                                       D6*, D7*, V3* – V5*, u1* – u4*, E1C, E2C and E3*.
strictly up to you and should be based on the quality of     Anchorage Seward Cruisetrain                             11
                                                                                                                            * Applies to both “Tour First” and “Cruise First” versions of the
service you feel you have received. If you desire to offer                                                                  CruiseTours.
an individual expression of your appreciation, you may       ANCHORAGE SEWARD CRUISETRAIN
                                                                                                                            PLEASE NOTE: Due to the time parameters involved,
use the following guidelines.                                (The Alaska Railroad’s Coastal Classic Route)                  an additional paid overnight in Anchorage may be
 •	 Tour Concierge: uS$4.00 per guest, per day               The majority of guests who board our ships in Seward           required for many guests on Holland America Line’s
 •	 Driver-Guides: uS$4.00 per guest, per day                enjoy a deluxe narrated three-hour motorcoach tour             Fly Cruise Plan who add this option. The cost of this
                                                             from Anchorage. As an option exclusively for our cruise        overnight will be the guests’ responsibility. Guests with
 •	 McKinley Explorer® Rail Guides: uS$1.50 per
                                                             and tour guests, Holland America Line offers a low-level       independent flight arrangements and departing the
    guest, per day
                                                             dome Cruisetrain from Anchorage to Seward and from             same day as debarking the ship should not schedule
 •	 Klondike Spirit Cabin Crew: uS$1.00 per guest, per       Seward to Anchorage on days the ships are in the Port          their flights before 2:00 pm from Anchorage.
    day                                                      of Seward. This is a beautiful trip that can enhance the       Booking:
 •	 Optional Excursion Guides: uS$2.00 per guest , per       beginning of the cruise experience. The specific dates of      This trip may be booked at the time of cruise booking
    ½ day tour uS$5.00 full day tour                         the train operation for 2012 are as follows: May 20, 27,       with Holland America Line. As space permits, it will
                                                             June 3, 10, 17, 24, July 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, August 5, 12, 19,   also be available to purchase in Alaska through the
 •	 Hotel Bell Staff: All luggage-handling gratuities are
                                                             26, September 2, 9, 16.                                        Holland America Line service desks in the Ted Stevens
    included in your tour for all hotels shown on your
    itinerary.                                               Availability:                                                  Anchorage International Airport, as well as Anchorage’s
                                                                                                                            Egan Convention Center. They can be reached at
vouchers                                                     anchorage to Seward
                                                                                                                            1-907-550-7711. It may be purchased outright or as an
Most services in Alaska and the Yukon do not require         This option is available to “cruise only” guests on
                                                                                                                            upgrade option to an already purchased motorcoach
vouchers. However, if your itinerary requires one or         a southbound Glacier Discovery cruise who have
more vouchers, you will receive them in your Express         arrived prior to 11:30 am at the Ted Stevens Anchorage
Docs. Keep any vouchers on your person so that they          International Airport or 11:30 am at the Anchorage             Pricing:
will be readily available for each service. Do not pack      Egan Convention Center on the day of the sailing. The          The pricing for one-way transfers, either from
them in your luggage.                                        train leaves the depot at 1:00 pm sharp. Guests on a           Anchorage to Seward, or Seward to Anchorage, is as
                                                             Tour First CruiseTour and booked on CruiseTours Y4T,           follows:
PLEASE NOTE: For Optional Meal Plan vouchers,
                                                             D3T, D4T, D5T and E2Tmay also purchase this rail                 MOTORCOACH TRANSFER
please see the “optional Meal Plan” section.
                                                             upgrade. unfortunately, the rail option is NOT available         uS$75 (about CAD76.00) PER PERSON
                                                             with Y1*, Y2*, Y3*, Y5*, Y6*, D1*, D2*, D6*, D7*, V3*
                                                             – V5*, u1* – u4*, E1C, E2C and E3*.                              CRUISETRAIN TRANSFER
                                                                                                                              uS$122 (about CAD124.00) PER PERSON
                                                             Seward to anchorage
                                                             This option is available to “cruise only” guests on a            CRUISETRAIN TRANSFER UPGRADE FROM
                                                             northbound Glacier Discovery cruise. Guests on a                 MOTORCOACH TRANSFER
                                                             Cruise First CruiseTour and booked on CruiseTours                uS$47 (about CAD48.00) PER PERSON

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                                                               scenic rail option

PLEASE NOTE: The price in Canadian dollars is
calculated using the exchange rate in effect at the time of
printing, and will not be guaranteed.
The Cruise Train Transfer is available only as above,
as the train is being operated exclusively for Holland
America Line cruise guests. It is a four and one-half
hour trip that arrives shipside at 5:30 pm for pre-
cruise guests or at the Anchorage Airport rail depot
at 11:30 am for post-cruise guests. If guests purchase
air transportation independently from Holland
America Line, guests will be responsible for any and all
expenses incurred when joining the vessel or tour in
progress. Food is available for purchase on board the
train. Pricing includes transfers from the Ted Stevens
Anchorage International Airport (or Egan Convention
Center) to the rail departure point for pre-cruise guests.
Pricing includes transfers to the Ted Stevens Anchorage
International Airport, Egan Convention Center or
local downtown hotels for post-cruise guests. Luggage
handling to or from Seward is included. Seats on the
cruise train are capacity controlled. For best availability,
book in advance.

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