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       The “Strozzina”                    Tuscany Recognises                                Up to                                  Articles
    Re-Opens in Style                                    Quality
      The Underground                           Conference to                         Date Events                                   on Life
     Section of Palazzo                        Promote “DOP”                            Calendar                                    in Italy
 Strozzi Re-opens After                      Quality Extra-virgin
           Restauration                                Olive-Oil
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Tuscan Wines Still Claim Fame                                                                                              AMERICAN
                                                                                                                           CHURCH GETS
Renewed recognition for long-time tradition                                                                                RECTOR
M                                                                                                                          Reverend Roger
          ay has become the unof-
          ficial month of wine in
          Tuscany. With various fes-
                                                                                                                           Featherston of Melbourne
tivals, auctions, and events that will                                                                                     is new church leader
conclude with “Cantine Aperte”
(Open Cellars) on May 29th, this is
one of the best periods of the year
to enjoy the wines Tuscany has to
   Although Tuscany’s most recent
claim to fame in the wine world
may be the emergence of numerous
“Supertuscan” wines on the inter-
national market, other local wines,
like Chianti Classico, that the area
                                                                                                                           I n a festive celebration punc-
                                                                                                                             tuated by hymns, the Rever-
                                                                                                                           end Roger Featherston was
has always been known for, are still
                                                                                                                           instituted on Sunday after-
holding onto their popularity.
                                                                                                                           noon as the new rector of St.
   In fact, it seems that interest is
                                                                                                                           James Church. The ceremony
growing in new demographics; re-
                                                                                                                           was officiated by the Right
cent data shows that an increased
                                                                                                                           Reverend Pierre Whalon,
number of younger people and of
                                                                                                                           Bishop-in-Charge of the Con-
women aspiring to join the ranks
                                                                                                                           vocation of American Episco-
of professional sommeliers in Tus-
                                                                                                                           pal Churches in Europe; and
cany. At last count, sommeliers in
this region had reached 3,500. And,                                                                                                               see pg. 4
as of last week, this group includes
a member of the regional govern-            The national wine festival “Alla      euro. Other Tuscans that managed       to the public on the last Sunday of
ment. At a wine-tasting competition      Corte del Vino,” held each year in       to earn top bids at the benefit auc-    May, originally began as a Tuscan
held in Florence last weekend, Vice-     San Casciano Val di Pesa, opened         tion were a double magnum 1999         wine event, and because of its suc-
President Riccardo Nencini was           last week with a benefit auction of       Ornellaia, which sold for an impres-   cess, has now expanded to every re-
awarded the title of Honorary Som-       some of the best wines from all over     sive 1,300 euro, and a 5-litre Sas-    gion in Italy.
melier in recognition of his support     the country. And in another tribute      soalloro by Jacopo Biondi Santi,          Nevertheless, not everything is
of quality wines and his acknowl-        to Tuscan wine’s continued popu-         which went for 1,000 euro.             rosy for the Tuscan wine industry.
edgement of the difficulties related      larity, the top seller was a 2002 Sas-      The annual Open Cellars Cel-
to wine making in Tuscany.               sicaia, which sold for a hefty 5,000     ebration, which opens winery doors                               see pg. 3
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                                                                                                                                                 Florence NEWS
                                                                                                                         continued from pg. 1

                                                             Tuscan Wines Still Claim Fame                                                        Table of CONTENTS
   via santa maria 32r - 50125 Firenze
           tel. fax 0552306616
          info@theflorentine.net                                 Disturbing news has come from regional health officials who recently
                                                             discovered the presence of the parasite “Flavescenza dorata.” Once the
                                                             strain has invaded, it ultimately destroys 90% of an infected vineyard. In
               Azimuth s.r.l.
                                                             an unprecedented attempt to block the spread of this dangerous parasite,
                                                             officials have ordered vineyard owners to treat their grapevines should they
                                                                                                                                                     3 FLORENCE NEWSClaim Fame
                                                                                                                                                       Tuscan Wines Still
   direzione: via dei Fossi 14c. 59100 Prato                 find any trace of the organism. Some areas of Tuscany, like Massa Carrara,
                                                             have been obliged to treat plants even though the parasite’s presence has                   American Church gets
            direttore responsabile                           not been verified.                                                                           Australian Rector
            Fabiana Ceccarelli                                  “Flavescenza dorata” was brought to Europe from the United States in
                capo redattore                               1966 and has slowly made its way through France and northern Italy, until
                 Carla Rossi
                                                             finally reaching Tuscany this year. Though the parasite is very aggressive and
                                                             destructive, hopes are that this preventive treatment will impede damage to
                                                             one of Tuscany’s most prospering and important industries, that of wine.
                                                                                                                                                     4 The “Strozzina”
                                                                                                                                                       Re-Opens in Style
   Marco Badiani, Elia Della Chiesa,                                                                                                                     What Inflation?
  Giovanni Giusti, Antonio Lo Iacono,
     Anthony Tucker, Nita Tucker.
                                                               Marco’s picks
      progetto grafico e impaginazione
                                                               One of TF’s news editors offers tips on how readers can best enjoy the wine           5 Tuscany Recognises Quality
        Leo Cardini - Cathy Gale                               event of the year : Open     Cellars
                                                                                                                                                         Best Beaches
                                                                 “A road map of Tuscany in
        La Marina, Calenzano (Fi)                                hand, the list of open wine
                                                                 cellars downloaded from
                                                                                                                                                     6 NATIONALWorker Taken
                                                                                                                                                       Italian Aid
                                                                                                                                                       Hostage in Afghanistan
                 iscrizione al ROC
                                                                 no.it in the glove compart-
     (reg. degli operatori di comunicazione)
                                                                 ment, and a desire for new                                                              Wage Rate Battle Heats Up
            n. 9927 reg. trib. di Prato
             trasmessa il 19/04/05                               eno-discoveries: the basics
                                                                 for starting off on the Open                                                            Radio Vaticano Cardinal
                                                                 Cellars experience. And,                                                                Charged for “Electrosmog”
                                                                 given that the territory is so

                                                                                                                                                     7 SPORT NEWS Champion
                                                                 vast, I will offer some direc-
                                                                 tions to the cantinas that                                                            Juventus Italian
                                                                 are the most beautiful and
                                                                 most “generous.”                                                                        Fiorentina: Only a Miracle
                                                                 One of the areas closest to Florence is Chianti RUFINA (which spans                     Can Save Her Now
                                                                 from southern Florence towards the Consuma Pass). First stop at the
                                                                 Castello di Nipozzano, which produces Mormoreto, and then a bit farther
                                                                 along to the enchanting Pomino Farm (both under the Frescobaldi brand),
                                                                 which produces a white wine from one of the highest elevation vineyards             9 TOP PICKS
                                                                                                                                                       Events Highlights
                                                                 in Tuscany (700 metres).
                                                                 Another area that must be visited this Sunday is the CHIANTI CLASSICO

                                                                                                                                                   10 CALENDAR OF EVENTS
                                                                 region. Start from CASTELLINA IN CHIANTI at the Castello di Fonter-
                                                                 uotoli and the cantina Castellare di Castellina. Then, move on to the area
                                                                 of GAIOLE IN CHIANTI, where the impressive cantinas of the Baron Rica-
                                                                 soli at Castello di Brolio, one of the big name winemakers, is a must. After
                                                                 that, I recommend a trip to Tenuta di Coltibuono.
                                                                 In GREVE IN CHIANTI, I suggest stopping by the Villa Calcinaia and the
                                                                 Castello di Verrazzano, which is the home of Giovanni da Verrazzano, the          15 CULTUREVOICES:
                                                                                                                                                              & CUSTOMS
                                                                                                                                                      A Window on Language
                                                                 man who discovered New York Bay and, after whom, a New York bridge
                                                                 has been named. Here you can buy an original “Minituscan.”                              and Customs in Italy
                                                                 RADDA IN CHIANTI has many treats to offer: heading up to VOLPAIA one
                                                                 can visit the beautiful cantinas of the same name - note that visits are only
                                                                 available at certain times. Then head back down toward Radda for a stop
                                                                 at the pleasant Pruneto Estate, perched on top of a hill, and the Terreno
                                                                                                                                                   16 Carrara - Where Giants
                                                                                                                                                      are Born
                                                                 Farm. Castello D’Albola is a larger winery. Another mandatory stop must

                                                                                                                                                   18 AInPre-Raphaelite Church
                                                                 be made at Colle Bereto, whose proprietors own the bar in Piazza Strozzi

                                                                 in Florence, and is a bit of paradise on earth.
                                                                 But I must particularly emphasise a visit to Dievole in CASTELNUOVO
                                                                                                                                                         the Heart of Diladdarno
                                                                 BERARDENGA (SI), which is in a breathtaking location, and whose own-
                                                                 ers, both hospitable and generous, organise a delightful tasting itinerary
  �������                        � � � ��
                                                                 that ends in the main cellars accompanied by music and special Pecorino
                                                                 In the land of Brunello, MONTALCINO, it is obligatory to pay homage to
                                                                                                                                                   20 HOWPurchase of Real
                                                                                                                                                            DO YOU.....?
                                                                                                                                                      Estate in Italy
                           ��������������������                  one of the temples of wine, Castello di Poggio alle Mura dei Banfi, as well
                           ���������������������                 as the farm of Silvio Nardi, which offers a delicious red.

  � �� � � ����                  � � � ��
                                                                 For those who would like to combine a bit of the sea with wine-tasting,
                                                                 then I recommend heading out to the many wine producers in Maremma,
                                                                 the Etruscan Coast, and the area of Bolgheri. At SUVERTO, the Petra
                                                                                                                                                   21 FOODthe WINE Stove
                                                                                                                                                      Over Tuscan
                                                                                                                                                      Erbe Toscane
                           ���������������������                 Cellar is worth visiting.                                                               (Tuscan Herbs)
                            �������������������                  Finally, remember to be curious and go to the smaller wineries that are
                                      �                          hidden throughout the countryside. This is the only way you can really be-
  �������                       � � � � ��
                                                                 come a wine explorer. If you find something worth mentioning, write to me
                                                                 about it so I can keep it in mind for next year’s Cantine Aperte.”                22 USEFUL NUMBERS
                                                                                                                                                      CLASSIFIED ADS
                           ��������������������                  Marco Badiani
4                                                                                   News
Thursday 26 May 2005                                                                                                                                www.theflorentine.net

    Florence NEWS
     News in BRIEF                            The “Strozzina”                                                                    WHAT
                                              Re-Opens in Style
    “Nottata Fiorentina”
    Trial-Run a Success
    Although the last-minute organis-
    ing and limited information about
    the trial-run of the all-night festival                                                                                      Florence cost of
                                              The underground section of Palazzo Strozzi
    “Nottata Fiorentina” last Saturday
    caused several complaints, the
    Pre-“Nottata Fiorentina” went
                                              reopens after long restoration works
                                                                                                                                 living increase less
    well according to Mayor Leon-
    ardo Domenici. The participation
    of the 450-strong brass band of
                                                                                                                                 in April than in most
    the Bersaglieri (the military unit
    that was celebrating its 53rd                                                                                                Italian cities
    annual rally in Florence this past
    week) helped liven up the piazzas
    and streets of Florence until late
    into the night. A second trial-run
    all-night festival has been set for
    June 24th, which is the city’s pa-
    tron saint holiday.

    Work-Related Mortalities
    Reach Alarming Rate
    According to most recent statis-
    tics, Tuscany has an average of 1
    work-related death every 3 days.
    Thus far in 2005 there have been
    31 work-related deaths. In 2004,
    Tuscany registered 99 work-re-                                                                                               I nflation rates are continuously
                                                                                                                                   on the rise in Italy, according
                                                                                                                                 to the Italian Statistical Institute,
    lated deaths for the entire year.

                                                                                                                                 ISTAT. In a trend that began with
                                                    he lower level of Palazzo Stro-     sented are well-known painters of
    Fountain by Mario                                                                                                            the changeover to the Euro, prices
                                                    zzi, affectionately called “Stro-   the era, such as Giovanni Fattori,
    Botta Unveiled                                                                                                               of just about everything have risen
    A fountain by famed Italian-
                                                    zzina,” has finally reopened its     Ottone Rosai, and Lorenzo Viani.
                                                                                                                                 dramatically in the past few years.
    Swiss architect Mario Botta was           doors to the public, offering yet an-        The Strozzina will host another
                                                                                                                                 Interestingly, and to the relief of
    unveiled in the gardens of Via            other breathtaking exhibition space       interesting event this weekend. Fer-
                                                                                                                                 Florentines, statistics also note
    dei Bassi, at the corner of Viale         in Florence. The 1,300 square metre       ragamo will be putting on a fash-
                                                                                                                                 that among Italian cities, Florence
    Canova, last week. Botta is best          subterranean space has been closed        ion show on Saturday, May 30th.
    known for his designs for the new                                                                                            recorded the lowest overall in-
                                              for almost 30 years, but with the re-     Alhough the event is by invitation
    La Scala Theatre in Milan. The                                                                                               crease during the month of April.
                                              cently finished restoration project        only, the show will also be broad-
    commercial centre near the foun-                                                                                                 Florence, along with Ancona,
                                              that cost a total of 760,000 euro, the    cast on large screens in squares
    tain was also designed by Botta.                                                                                             recorded an increase of only
                                              space is open once again.                 throughout the city centre.
                                                                                                                                 1.2%. Bologna followed closely
    Locks removed from
                                                 Strozzina’s reopening was inau-           The Strozzina and all of its ac-
                                                                                                                                 with a 1.4% increase. The cities
    Ponte Vecchio                             gurated last week with a show dedi-       tivities fall into the city-organised
                                                                                                                                 with the highest inflation rates
    The locks attached to the fence           cated to 19th century figurative art       initiative, “Genio Fiorentino,”
                                                                                                                                 were Aosta (+2.8%) and Turin
    surrounding the statue of Cellini         from Florence and Tuscany at large.       which has the goal of improving
    on the Ponte Vecchio had been             Many of the works on display are          cultural and tourist activities in the
    growing exponentially recently,                                                                                                  The energy sector seems to
                                              from private collections and have         city and province of Florence.
    and the City finally decided last                                                                                             be the area with the highest in-
                                              never before been on exhibition for                                          o
    week that it was time to start                                                                                               crease in prices. On a national
                                              the public. Among the artists repre-
    removing them. Attaching a lock                                                                                              level, the price of gasoline rose
    to the fence became a trend that                                                                                             by 4.4% in April, while diesel in-
    caught on quickly among young-                                                                  continued from pg. 1         creased by 4.8%.
    sters. Often, young couples, as                                                                                                  Restaurant and hotel prices
    an expression of love, will buy a
    lock, attach it to the fence and
                                                 AMERICAN CHURCH GETS AUSTRALIAN RECTOR                                          have also risen in the past month.
                                                 dignified by the presence of US Consul General William McIlhenny,                Restaurants prices were up a bit
    then toss the key off the Ponte
    Vecchio, into the Arno River.                the Reverend Lawrence McLean, and other representatives from a                  with a 0.4% rise and those of
                                                 broad spectrum of ecumenical partners in Florence.                              hotels registered a slightly great-
    Tuscans Tip Scales                                                                                                           er increase of 2.8%.
                                                    During his homily, Bp. Whalon admonished the new rector to
    Just over 30% of Tuscany’s pop-
    ulation is overweight and 8% fall            “care alike for young and old, strong and weak, rich and poor,” and
    into the category of obese. For              to strengthen and nourish the community by word and example. The
    women, the most at-risk group                congregation, in turn, was asked to support Fr. Featherston and his
    are those aged around 40, with               wife, Finola, in their marriage and respective ministries. The ceremony
    children, belonging to the middle            proceeded with the presentation of symbolic gifts ranging from the
    class, and with a medium-high
    level of education. For men, how-            sublime to the frivolous; and culminated with a celebration of the Holy
    ever, those at risk are aged 50              Eucharist and some touching personal reflections from the newly-insti-
    and are depressed.                           tuted rector.
                                                    Fr. Featherston was selected from a pool of over 150 candidates
    All Orsanmichele Statues are                 over the course of a nine-month search process. As rector, he is
    now Restored
    It took 20 years to restore all 12           charged with the spiritual and administrative supervision of the parish
    statues that were originally locat-          and its ministries. Though commonly known as ‘la chiesa Americana,’
    ed on the ornate exterior walls of           St. James is actually an international, multiethnic and multidenomina-
    the Church of Orsanmichele. The              tional community. (In fact, the Featherstons hail from Melbourne, Aus-
    final restorative touches on the              tralia!) In addition to daily and Sunday worship in English, the parish
    San Matteo Statue by Ghiberti
    were completed last week. The                offers university student, youth and children’s programs, child care,
    statue is now on display at the              lending library, weekly Food Bank for the needy and logistical support
    Opificio delle Pietre Dure and will           for travelers. The parish also hosts a monthly Thrift Shop and various
    be returned to the interior of the           choirs, as well as independent groups including AA and the Children’s
    church in June.                              Lending Library.
                                                 For more information, visit www.stjames.it or call 055 29 44 17.
                                                                               News                                                                             5
www.theflorentine.net                                                                                                                       Thursday 26 May 2005

                                                                                                                       Florence NEWS
Tuscany Recognises Quality                                                                                                 TUSCANY’S
Conference to promote “DOP”                                                                                                BEST BEACHES
quality extra-virgin olive oil
       he Tuscan oil consortium Chi-     tant achievement that has been long
       anti Classico DOP (Denomi-        undervalued both abroad and within
       nation of Protected Origin)       the Italy’s own borders. In fact, only
organised a national conference last     4% of commercial oils sold to the
week to promote the high quality of      public have a DOC (or IGP) seal of
Italian olive oil that bears the DOP     quality. This is surprising consider-
                                         ing the results of a survey in which 2
seal. DOP consortiums from all re-
gions of Italy were invited to the
event for a weekend of tastings and
                                         out of 3 Italians agree that the olive
                                         oil they use must be of high quality,                                             T   his year Tuscany definitely has
                                                                                                                               its share of “blue-flag” beach-
                                                                                                                          es, that is beaches that have been
                                         and in which half of all consumers
discussions on what makes Italian        questioned are also willing to pay                                               recognised for their water quality,
olive oil so special.                    more for higher quality oil. Promot-                                             beauty, and accessibility. With 28
    DOP is a seal used to guarantee      ers of the event hope that familiaris-                                           flags in all, Tuscany is the second
the quality of oils based on their       ing people with the quality seal will                                            highest scorer among all other
taste, their colour, and the origin      convince them not to settle for oils                                             Italian regions. Following closely
and manufacture of its olives.           without it.                                                                      behind highest scorer Liguria,
    Of the 71 oils with the DOP seal        The DOP oil consortiums com-                                                  Tuscany even outranked Sardinia.
in Europe, 36 are from Italy, making     prise 605,000 companies and pro-                                                     The best beaches of all, which
it the country with the most DOP-        duce about 400,000 tons of oil per                                               received the maximum score of
approved oils. According to the Tus-     year.                                                                            five flags, are Castiglione della
can oil consortium, this is an impor-                                        o                                            Pescaia and Giglio Island. Beach-
                                                                                                                          es that received four flags are
                                                                                                                          Castagnetto Carducci, Orbetello,

   Granny Gang Busted                                                                                                     Capalbio, Follonica, Scarlino, Ma-
                                                                                                                          rina di Grosseto, and Bibbona,
   73-Year-Old Bank Robber and Two Sons Caught                                                                            most of which are located in the
                                                                                  KFFL r 13734       18/4/05   17:51   Page 1
                                                                                                                          province of Grosseto.

   7  3-year-old widow Maria Sparta Leonardi (whose husband was killed
      in a mafia-related shootout) was responsible for testing the metal
   detectors at banks around Florence before her two sons, Carmelo and
   Francesco, robbed them. She would pass through the detectors at bank
   entrances with a metal and iron walking cane in order to discover which
                                                                                      Did you know that Knight Frank has
   ones were not in operation. Once she gave the go ahead, her sons would
   storm the bank.
                                                                                      five offices in Tuscany and Umbria?
      Although several bank robberies in the Florence area may eventually
   be attributed to the family, the long-time suspicion of local authorities
   that they were involved in criminal activities was not verified until last
   week. When an alert was sent out to be on the lookout for suspects in a
   robbery at the Credito Artigiano Bank in Via Scipione Ammirato, police
   immediately began to search for the whereabouts of the brothers. When
   one was spotted throwing a jacket into a dumpster, he was tailed back to
   his home in the Sant’ Ambrogio neighbourhood, where he resided with
   his mother and brother.
      25,000 euro in cash was discovered in their apartment along with
   wigs, fake beards, several sunglasses, hats, and other paraphernalia that
   was most likely used during robberies.
      The threesome had been watched closely since they arrived in Flor-
   ence several years ago from the province of Catania. They had been
   forced to flee their hometown after their family lost a power struggle
   with a rival mafia family.

                                                                                      Whether you are buying, selling, restoring or in need of estate
                                                                                      management advice, you will always find a local Knight Frank agent
                                                                                      close at hand.
                               ������   ������
       ������������������������������   ����������������������������������
                                                                                      For further information contact in complete confidence:
                                                                                      Rima Stubbs, Italian Head Office, 0577 731 120
        �����������������������������   �����������������������������                 London: Edward Rees, + (0) 44 20 7629 8171
                �������������������     ������������������
                  ����������������      �������������                                 Offices: London Florence Milan Rome Venice
                     ���������������    �����������������������
6                                                                                  News
Thursday 26 May 2005                                                                                                                               www.theflorentine.net

 National NEWS
      News in BRIEF                           Italian Aid Worker Taken                                                           TOURISTS ARE
                                                                                                                                 THE BIGGEST
    Airline Strike May 28
    Onboard flight attendant union
    representatives have agreed to
                                              Hostage in Afghanistan                                                             SPENDERS
    hold a 24-hour strike on Saturday,
    May 28th after the Transportation         32-year-old Clementina Cantoni was dragged                                         G     ermans are still the most nu-
                                                                                                                                       merous tourists in Italy, mak-
    Ministry requested that they push
    the date back from the previ-             from her car and kidnapped last week                                               ing up 23% of all visitors in 2004.
                                                                                                                                 U.S. citizens follow at 11.2%,
    ous week, during which various
    other flight sectors had already                                                                                              British at 8.8%, French at 9%

    organised strikes. Although the                    espite rumours of her death,                                              and Japanese at 1%. The num-
    representative union, SULT, did                    the search and negotiations                                               bers are reversed for the amount
    agree to the date change, a press                  for the captured Italian aid                                              each nationality spends per per-
    release was also sent to authori-
                                              worker continued this week.                                                        son while in Italy. Japanese spend
    ties and newspapers stating their                                                                                            an average of 141 euro per day,
    disapproval of being forced to               Clementina Cantoni, who was
                                              on an aid mission with CARE Inter-                                                 Americans 110 euro, British 104,
    change the date, as well their in-                                                                                           and Germans 80. Most is spent
    creasing dissatisfaction with Ali-        national in Afghanistan, was forced
                                              out of a car in a residential neigh-                                               on lodging (43%), then food and
    talia Airlines’ treatment of work-
    ers during negotiations.                  bourhood of Kabul and taken hos-                                                   shopping (21%), and lastly, trans-
                                              tage last week. Although some au-                                                  portation (10%).
    Open Cellars to Donate                    thorities believe she was kidnapped
    Funds to Africa                           by the same criminal gang that had
    The annual “Open Cellars” wine
    event attracts thousands of visi-
                                              kidnapped three U.N. workers last
                                              year, Afghan officials stated that she
                                                                                                                                 WAGE RATE
    tors each year and this year has
    decided to give a percentage              was actually kidnapped by a lone as-
                                                                                          Although it had been rumoured
                                                                                                                                 BATTLE HEATS UP
    of proceeds to the organisation           sailant who has made demands that
                                              his mother be released from prison.
                                                                                       that the sixth ultimatum-date set         State workers’ demands
    “Wine for Life,” which will use the
    money for programs to fight AIDS           The alleged captor is Timor Shah,
                                                                                       by her captor had passed last Sun-        for a raise continue to
                                                                                       day, Afghan officials deny that any
    in Africa. Calculations are that
    every 100 bottles of wine sold
                                              and his sole request is the release of
                                                                                       deadlines were made and that ne-          be met with refusal
                                              his mother, who was also charged
                                                                                       gotiations are still in progress. Ital-
    will allow a woman infected with          with kidnapping.                                                                       fter the latest in a number of
    AIDS to deliver a healthy baby,                                                    ian President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi            talks between Italian govern-
                                                 Clementina had been working in
    while for every 1,000 bottles sold                                                 wrote a long note to Afghan Presi-        ment officials and major union
    the family of an AIDS victim will         Afghanistan for the past three years,
                                                                                       dent, Hamid Karzai, requesting his        representatives, it seems that
    be able to be financially support-         aiding widows and children who
                                                                                       utmost attention in the matter of the     both sides continue to move far-
    ed for an entire year.                    have fallen victim to the war. In a
                                                                                       safe return of Clementina.                ther from an agreement.
                                              rally of support, a demonstration of
                                                                                          Clementina is reported to be well,
    Violin Insured for                        about 500 widows marched through                                                      In the midst of economic trou-
    7 Million Euro                                                                     although a video-record verifying
                                              the capital pleading for her release                                               bles, the Italian government is
    “Cannone” was composer Nic-                                                        the report is not available.
                                              last Sunday.                                                                       pushing for cuts in every sector
    colò Paganini’s prized violin and                                                                                      o
    upon his death in 1840, he gen-                                                                                              possible; meanwhile, state work-
    erously donated it to his home                                                                                               ers have long been requesting a

                                                 Radio Vaticano Cardinal
    town of Genoa. The violin is still                                                                                           raise in wages.
    used today for special concert                                                                                                  Once again, state workers’
    events. In a rare trip outside of                                                                                            unions could not manage to get
    Italy, the violin will be travelling to

                                                 Charged for “Electrosmog”
    Ekaterinbur, Russia for a ceremo-                                                                                            the government to agree upon
    ny at the end of May. Considering                                                                                            a one hundred euro raise for all
    the historical value of the violin,                                                                                          sectors in negotiations last Fri-
    insurance agencies have decided                                                                                              day, and the CGIL, CISL, and
    to cover it with a 7 million euro                                                         that Leukaemia rates among
                                                                                              children living near the trans-    UIL unions have now decided
                                                                                              mitting towers of Radio Vati-      that they will be organising a gen-
                                                                                              cano were six times higher         eral strike sometime in June.
    U.S. & Italy Open                                                                         than the average.
    Anti-Terror Offices                                                                           The civil case that was
    The United States and Italy re-                                                           brought against the Vatican
    cently agreed to create perma-
                                                                                              and its radio programmers
    nent offices in both Rome and
    Washington D.C., respectively,                                                            charged that the high inci-
    in order to facilitate the exchange                                                       dence of Leukaemia among
    of anti-terrorism information be-                                                         those living near the main
    tween the two countries.                                                                  transmitting towers is the re-
                                                                                              sult of the towers’ excessive

    Italy’s Emission Plan                             judge ruled last week that       transmission.
    Not Accepted by EU                                Cardinal Roberto Tucci, head        Upon hearing the guilty verdict,
    The EU has once again rejected                    of Radio Vaticano’s manage-      residents and environmental or-
    Italy’s plans to be within Kyoto
                                              ment board, and Father Pasquale          ganisations applauded the outcome.
    Agreement pollution level maxi-
    mums by the year 2010. The 569            Borgomeo, be suspended for 10            Many groups have requested com-
    million tons of carbon dioxide            days because of their responsibility     pensation from the radio and the
    emitted each year in Italy must           for the excessively high transmis-       church, but the judge will decide the
    be reduced by 6.5% by the 2010            sion levels of the radio’s programs.     euro amounts at a later date.
    deadline. EU officials claim to               In 2001 it was discovered that           Lawyers representing Radio Vati-
    have refused the plan because             the “electrosmog” transmitted by         cano were dismayed at the outcome,
    Italy had left industrial emissions       Radio Vaticano’s towers, located         claiming that the radio had immedi-
    levels too high to be able to meet        just to the north of Rome, were sev-     ately lowered transmission levels in        �������������������������������
    the deadline.
                                              en times higher than the maximum         2001 in accordance with the new,                ��������������������
                                              levels permitted under Italian law.      and stricter, emissions laws. They
                                                 It was then subsequently reported     will be making an appeal.                        ���������������������
                                                                                     Sports                                                                           7
www.theflorentine.net                                                                                                                               Thursday 26 May 2005

                                                                                                                                    Sports NEWS
SERIE A Results
 sun        Atalanta
                            22 05 2005

                           Roma           0-1
                                                  Juventus Italian Champion
                                                  Anticlimactic championship finale deems team from Turin as winners
 sun        Chievo         Bologna        1-0        Juventus won it’s 28th Italian        championship hopefuls, with a well-
 sun        Lazio          Fiorentina     1-1     championship title last Saturday.        united team that boasts one of the
 sun        Livorno        Juventus       2-2     From the beginning of the season,        league’s best scorers, Cristiano Lu-
 sun        Milan          Palermo        3-3     Juventus had maintained a top spot       carelli.
                                                  in the classifications, threatened           Although it was once again the
 sun        Parma          Siena          0-0     only by AC Milan, who, in the final       players who brought the title to
 sun        Reggina        Lecce          2-2     two matches, seemingly decided to        Turin, Coach Capello must also be
 sun        Sampdoria      Inter          0-1     save their energy for the European-      recognised as the charismatic per-
                                                  wide Champions League Finals.            sonality who always knew how to
                                                     Although Juventus only needed         manage the most difficult situations,
  Standings                                       one point to win the entire cham-        keeping potentially volatile prob-
                                                  pionship before the match against        lems at bay, as well as bringing out
 team           points     team          points
                                                  Livorno on Sunday, it had to play        the best in all of the team’s players.
                                                  a tough game to earn it. Livorno
                                                  played incredibly well against the
 Juventus         83       Lazio           43
 Milan            78       Reggina         43
                                                                                                                                       News in BRIEF
                                                  Fiorentina: Only a Miracle                                                          Formula 1: Finn Wins
                                                  Can Save Her Now                                                                    at Montecarlo
                                                                                                                                      Raikkonen, a Finnish driver
                                                                                                                                      for McLaren beat out Wil-
 Cagliari         44       Fiorentina      39     The 1-1 tie against Lazio last Sunday leaves the                                    liams of Heidfeld and Web-
                                                                                                                                      ber for the GP victory at
 Roma             44       Atalanta        35
                                                  team in dire position                                                               Montecarlo. Alonso for Re-
                                                                                                                                      nault arrived just short of
                                                      Just another 90 minutes, and Fio-                                               the podium and the Ferrari
  Next week        29.05 2005                     rentina’s fate, that is in which divi-                                              drivers arrived way behind
                                                  sion, A or B, the team will be com-                                                 with Schumacher in sev-
 date hrs          home team      opponent        peting next season, will be decided.                                                enth place and Barrichello
                                                      An incredible error by Referee                                                  at eighth.
 sun    15.00      Fiorentina Brescia
                                                  Rosetti in their last game might have
 sun    15.00      Siena      Atalanta            resulted in Fiorentina losing the op-                                               European Football:
 sun    15.00      Bologna Sampdoria              portunity necessary to score a win-                                                 Mister “Trap” takes
 sun    15.00      Inter      Reggina             ning goal. Already ahead 1-0 against                                                Portuguese Title
                                                  Roman team Lazio, Fiorentina was                                                    Another victory for Giovanni
 sun    15.00      Roma        Chievo                                                                                                 Trapattoni. The ex-Italian
                                                  on its way to scoring another goal
 sun    15.00      Palermo       Lazio                                                     next Sunday in Florence. Fiorentina        National team coach has
                                                  when a defensive player literally de-
 sun    15.00      Udinese       Milan            cided to play goalie and blocked the     will be playing against Brescia (who       now led the Portuguese
 sun    15.00      Lecce        Parma             ball with his hands. Somehow the         is 2 points ahead of them and also         team Benfica to the title.
                                                  referee did not call the grave foul.     fighting to stay in the A Series), but      With Trapattoni’s lineup, the
 sun    15.00      Messina     Livorno
                                                  If Fiorentina had received the foul      a simple victory against them will         team managed to tie the last
 sun    15.00      Juventus   Cagliari                                                     not be enough. A number of other           game of the championship
                                                  it deserved, it might have scored the
                                                  game’s winning goal. Futhermore, if      teams playing on Sunday must also          against Boavista thus win-
  Top 5 scorers                                   the player had been removed from         lose their matches in order to make        ning the championship.This
                                                  play, as he should have been accord-     room in the classification for Fio-         is now Trapattoni’s eighth
 player             team                goals                                              rentina. Fans will flock to stadiums        championship title, which he
                                                  ing to the rules, Lazio, weakened by
 1. Lucarelli        Livorno               23     the loss of a player, might not have     next weekend, eyes fixed on the             has won with four different
 2. Gilardino        Parma                 22     scored the subsequent game-tying         game and ears attached to their ra-        teams (Juventus, Inter, Bay-
 3. Montella         Roma                  21     goal.                                    dios, hoping that somehow all of the       ern Monaco, and Benfica).
 4. Toni             Palermo               18         There is nothing left to do now      needed results will fall into place.
 5. Vucinic          Lecce                 18     but hope for the best at the last game                              Cardinsky

                                  Match Ball Tennis Club                                                                                   Services Include
                                                                                                                   Annual memberships with monthly payments
                                  Located on the banks of the Arno, just minutes from
                                  central Florence                                                                    Shorter term agreements can be arranged
                                  Private club in a beautiful, serene Tuscan atmosphere.                                                 Daily usage available
                                                                                                                                         Very reasonable rates
                                  Facilities include:
                                  16 tennis courts
                                  Large outdoor pool and lounge area                                                                       Membership Plans
                                  Kiosk adjacent to pool
                                                                                                                           Introductions and match coordination
                                  Spa area                                                                                                  Instruction available
                                  Exercise room                                                                                Tennis programs for young people

          Via della Massa - 50010 Candeli FIRENZE                          tel. 055 631 572 www.matchball.net email: info@matchball.net
8                                                                                    Useful Information
Thursday 26 May 2005                                                                                                                                                          www.theflorentine.net

     ��������������������������                                                                                      �����������������������
     �����                                                                                                 ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������





     �����������                                                                                                       �����������������������������������������

                       ��            ��                      ��      ��     ��       ��

     ����������      �����     � �������         �������     ��� �   ���   ���   �   ���
                                                                                                 NATIONAL HOLIDAYS
                     �������   � ��������                    ��� �     �   ���   �   ���
                     �������   � ��������                     �� �    ��   ���   �    ��
                                                               ��     ��   ���   �    ��        ���������                        �������������
     ����������      �����     �     �����                    �� �    ��   ���   �    ��
                                                              �� �    ��    ��   �    ��
                                                              �� �    ��     �   �    ��        ���������                              ��������
     ����������      ������� � �������
                     ������� � �������
                     ������� � �������                                                          ��������                         �������������

    ������                                         ������                                       ��������                        �������������

     ������������������������                   ���������������������������
                                                                                                ��������                        ��������������
     ����������������������                     �������������������������
                                                                                                �����                                ����������
    �����������������                           ���������������������������
                                                                                                ������                    �������������������

     ���������������������������                ����������           ����������                 ���������            �����������������������
                                                 �� � �� � ���         �� � �� � ����           ����������                        ��������������
     ��������������������������                  �� � �� � ���         �� � �� � ���
     �������������������������                                                                  ����������           �����������������������
                                                 �� � �� � ���         �� � �� � ���
     ���������������������                       �� � �� � ���         �� � �� � ���            �����������                      �������������
                                                 �� � �� � ��          �� � �� � ���            �����������          ������������������������
     ����������������������                      ��� � �� � ���        ��� � �� � ���
     ���������������������                                                                      �������                   ��������������������
                                                                                                                  What’s on & Where to Go                                                                                           9
www.theflorentine.net                                                                                                                                                                                       Thursday 26 May 2005

                                                                                                                                                               Events in FLORENCE
  Pic of the week
  Send your photo to info@theflorentine.net
  We will choose our favorite and publish it as our “Pic of the Week!”
                                                                                                                                          OUR TOP PICKS
                                                                                                                                                                                                             t tt

                                                                                                                                         t OPEN CELLARS
                                                                                                                                           May 29
                                                                                                                                           “Cantine Aperte”, or, Open Cellars is a national event during which almost all
                                                                                                                                           Italian wineries open their doors to the public, offering wine and food tastings,
                                                                                                                                           along with tours through vineyards and cellars. Originally an event that just
                                                                                                                                           encompassed Tuscan wineries, the 12th annual edition now includes wineries
                                                                                                                                           throughout the entire Italian peninsula. For more information go to: http://www.

                                                                                                                                         t VERNON LEE AND FLORENCE 70 YEARS LATER
                                                                                                                                           May 26, 27, 28
                                                                                                                                           This International Conference has gathered a host of important scholars and
                                                                                                                                           authors to discuss the life and artistic contribution of British Writer Vernon Lee
                                                                                                                                           and her adopted city of Florence. Vernon Lee (whose real name was Violet Paget),
                                                                                                                                           was born in 1856 and spent much of her life at the Villa ‘Il Palmerino’ in Fiesole
                                                                                                                                           and made important contributions to the literary world with numerous works:
                                                                                                                                           Studies of the Eighteenth Century Italy, The Countess of Albany, Renaissance
                                                                                                                                           Fancies and Studies, Limbo, Genius Loci, Hortus Vitae, The Enchanted Woods,
                                                                                                                                           The Spirit of Rome, Laurus Nobilis, Louis Norbert, The Handling of Words and
                                                                                                                                           The Golden Keys.
                                                                                                                                           Several English speaking guests have been invited to talk at the conference. Among
                                                                                                                                           the list of speakers and themes to be discussed are: Alex R.Falzon with, Vernon
                                                                                                                                           Lee,Eugene Lee-Hamilton and the Sonnetmania in Tuscan; Mary Patricia Kane,
                                                                                                                                           Of Realism and the Fantastic:Enfìguring Class and Gender in Vanitas; Hilary
                                                                                                                                           Fraser, Writing in the Margins and Reading between the Lines in Vernon Lee ‘s
  Author: Anna Piussi                                 title: “Bersaglieri a Porta Romana”.                                                 Library.

                                                                                                                                         t FABBRICA EUROPA 2005
                                                                                                                                           May 6 to 28
                                 ��������������������                                                                                      This annual event offers a space for contemporary artists to meet and compare
                                                                                                                                           works in various media ranging from dance, to music, to cinema, video and other
                                 �����������������������������                                                                             visual arts. Artists come from all over Europe and around the world to participate
                                                                                                                                           in this festival.
                                                                                                                                           May 28th is the last night of the festival and the event will be closed out with an
  �������� ������ ������ ���� ������� ��� �������� ��� ��������� ���� ���� ��������� ������ ���������� ������ �������� �������� ����
                                                                                                                                           impressive 60 piece band made up of the Cuban group La Banda Municipale
  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������           Di Santiago De Cuba and the Italian group La Banda Improvissa. For more
  ������������������                                                                                                                       information go to: http://www.fabbricaeuropa.com/index.html
  ����������������                  ������������������������������������
  �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������                      t FLORENTINE INGENUITY: 101 EVENTS IN THE PROVINCE
                                                                                                                                           Genio fiorentino, 101 eventi in provincia
                                                                                                                                           Cultural, artistic, sports, economic and gastronomic events, 101 in total, as
  �� ��� ������������� ����� ��� ��������� ��� ����� ������������� ����������� ���� ���������� ������ ������� ���� ���������� ��������     testament to the ingenuity of Florentines. From Dante to Boccaccio, Machiavelli
  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������                 and Leonardo and more. A way to experience the territory in a new way. Starting
  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������                                                        May 15th, tourists will be offered promotional packets that provide a free night’s
                                                                                                                                           lodging with 3 night’s reserved at hotels within the province. For more information
  ��������������                  ������������������������������                                                                           go to the APT (Tourist Agency of Florence) in Via Manzoni, 16, or call 055
  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������                    2332200. Visit the website at www.geniofiorentino.it.
  ����� ������� ������������ ��� ��� ������������ ���� ���� ����������� �������� ������ ���� ����� ��� �� ��������� ������������������
  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������               t MAY MUSIC FESTIVAL OF FLORENCE
  ������ ������� ����� ��� ���� ������ �������� �� ����� ��� ������ ��������������� ������������� ���� ���� ����� ��������� ��������       Maggio Musicale Fiorentino - April 30 to May 31
  ���������                                                                                                                                The Maggio Musicale Fiorentino is a world renowned classical music and dance
                                                                                                                                           festival held every year in Florence. Events ranging from opera, to symphony, and
  ���������������               ��������������������������������                                                                           ballet are performed by some of the top musicians and dancers. For a complete
  �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������                  list of concerts and ticket price information go to: www.maggiofiorentino.com/
  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������                          index_eng.shtml
  �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������                      t MEDICI MONTH
                                                                                                                                           May 31 to July 22
  �����������������               ��������������������������������                                                                         Relive the reign of the family that turned Tuscany into the capital of art and culture
  ���� �������� ��������������������� ���������� ������� ��������� ����������� ���� ������ ���� ������ ������ �������� �� ������� ���      with the events offered during Medici Month. Theatre, conferences, itineraries
  �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������                      dedicated to the most celebrated personalities, as well as the lesser noted ones,
                                                                                                                                           but all from the Medici lineage, will lead participants into the world of the most
                                                                                                                                           powerful family of Florence.
  �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������                  The third annual festival will take place in various, appropriate locations around
  �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������                                                the city. The opening event will be held in Palazzo Vecchio, where the play The
                                                                                                                                           Emperor of Florence (L’Imperatore di Firenze) will recount the life of Cosimo I,
  ����������������              ����������������������������                                                                               the first in a long line of Medici rulers. For more information go to
  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������              www.mesemediceo.it
  ���������������������������������������� ������ ��� ���� ����������� ���������� ����� �������� ������� ���� �������������� ������
  ������� ���������� ������ ������������� ��� ����� �������� ������� ����� ��� ���� ��������� �������� ���� ������� �����������������
  ����������                                                                                                                                                                              see   t events list next pages >
   10                                                                            What’s on & Where to Go
   Thursday 26 May 2005                                                                                                                                                    www.theflorentine.net

     Events in FLORENCE MAY 26 to JUNE 2
                                                    Salami, salami!
                                                    Florence queer festival. Mime, clown and         SATURDAY 28                                    n LECTURES & CONFERENCES
                                                    marionette show                                                                               t Vernon Lee and Florence 70 Years
                                                    Cinema Spazio, via del Sole 10, tel.                                                            Later (in English)
   n CINEMA                                         055.284642, www.florencequeer festival.          n DANCE                                         International Conference dedicated to
                                                    it, 21.30, € 6                                t Sioned Huws: Passion No Patience                British writer and adopted city of Florence
   Super Size Me (in English)
                                                                                                    Fabbrica Europa 2005. Choreographed             Britsh Institute, Palazzo Lanfredini,
   Odeon CineHall, piazza Strozzi, tel
                                                                                                    performance that integrates dance and           9.30 and Lungarno Guicciardini 9, tel.
   055.214068, www.cinehall.it, 17.40,                FRIDAY 27                                     technology                                      055.26778270, www.britishinstitute.it,
   20.10, 22.45
                                                                                                    Stazione Leopolda, Alcatraz, p.le di            www.viesseux.fi.it
   n DANCE                                          n DANCE                                         Porta al Prato, tel. 055.2480515, www.
                                                                                                    fabbricaeuropa.net, 21.00, € 12
t Bache. Les ballets C. de la B.                  t Incoherent Skies / Cieli sgangherati                                                             SUNDAY 29
   Fabbrica Europa 2005. A dance piece              Fabbrica Europa 2005.                           n EXHIBITS
   accompanied by the music of Henry                Theatre piece dedicated to war and peace.
                                                    Stazione Leopolda, palco centrale, p.le di      Helfried Kodré “Transformations,
                                                                                                                                                    n FESTIVALS & FAIRS
   Stazione Leopolda, palco centrale, P.le di       Porta al Prato, tel. 055.2480515, 21.30, €      Jewellery and Sculpture”                      t Open Cellars
   Porta al Prato,                                  12, www.fabbricaeuropa.net                      Le arti orafe, via Santa Maria 22r, tel.        Cantine Aperte. National event during
   tel. 055.2480515, www.fabbricaeuropa.                                                            055.2280508, www.artiorafe.it, open all         which almost all Italian wineries open
   net, 21.30, € 15                             t Sioned Huws: Passion No Patience                  day                                             their doors to the public for wine and food
                                                  Fabbrica Europa 2005. Cheorgraphed
                                                  performance that integrates dance and
   n   EXHIBITS                                   technology
                                                                                                    n MUSIC & CONCERTS                              10-18 all participating wineries.
                                                                                                                                                    Info: www.movimentoturismovino.it/
   Made/Fatto                                     Stazione Leopolda, Alcatraz, p.le di
                                                  Porta al Prato, tel. 055.2480515, www.
                                                                                                  t The Municipal Band of Santiago di
   Annual Student Art Show                                                                          Cuba & Banda Improvvisa                         Antique market
   California State University, via G. Leopardi   fabbricaeuropa.net, 20.00, € 12                   Fabbrica Europa 2005. Cuban big band            Piazza Garibaldi, Fiesole, tel. 800414240,
   12, tel. 055 2345700, 9.00-13.00, 15.00-                                                         meets traditional Italian band to close out     www.comune.fiesole.fi.it
   19.00, free admittance                           n EXHIBITS                                      the festival with a 60 piece ensemble
                                                                                                    Stazione Leopolda, palco centrale, p.le di      n GUIDED TOURS
   Helfried Kodré “Transformations,                                                                 Porta al Prato, tel. 055.2480515, www.
   Jewelry and Sculpture”                           Annual Student Art Show                         fabbricaeuropa.net, 21.30, € 10                 “Il Baluardo a San Giorgio”
   Le arti orafe, via Santa Maria 22r, tel.         The California State University, va G.                                                          Extraordinary opening of historical military
   055.2280508, www.artiorafe.it, open all          Leopardi 12, tel. 055-234-5700, 9.00-           Gianni Zei Guitar Duo                           tower
   day                                              13.00, 15.00-19.00, free admittance             Jazz Club, via Nuova de’ Caccini 3,             Via di Belvedere (near Porta San Giorgio
                                                                                                    tel 055.2479700, 22.15, membership              and Forte Belvedere), tel. 055.2616051,
                                                    Helfried Kodré “Transformations,                mandatory
   n MUSIC & CONCERTS                               Jewelry and Sculpture”
                                                                                                                                                    9:30 – 12:30, free entrance
                                                    Le arti orafe, via Santa Maria 22r, tel.        Girone Jazz                                     Rose Garden Tour
t Musica X immagine                                 055.2280508, www.artiorafe.it, open all         Circolo il Girone, via Aretina 24, tel.         A guided tour of the antique roses in the
   Fabbrica Europa 2005.
                                                    day                                             0556505188, 21.00                               Boboli Gardens
   Audio-visual display
   Stazione Leopolda, sala Vassiliev, p.le di                                                                                                       Giardino di Boboli, tel. 055 2298732,
   Porta al Prato, tel. 055.2480515, 23.00,         n MUSIC & CONCERTS                            t Musica X immagine                               reservation mandatory
                                                                                                    Fabbrica Europa 2005.
   free admittance, www.fabbricaeuropa.net                                                          Audio-visual display
                                                  t Musica X immagine                               CanGo Cantieri Goldonetta, via Santa            n MUSIC & CONCERTS
   Perfidia Quartet                                  Fabbrica Europa 2005.
                                                    Audio-visual display                            Maria 25, tel. 055.280525, www.                 La Fonte Orchestra of the disabled
   Cuban music
                                                    CanGo Cantieri Goldonetta, via Santa            fabbricaeuropa.net, 17.00, free admittance      Auditorium della Clinica Medica di Careggi,
   Jazz Club, via Nuova de’ Caccini 3,
                                                    Maria 25, tel. 055.280525, www.                                                                 v.le Morgagni, tel. 055.580996, 10.30,
   tel 055.2479700, 22.15, membership
                                                    fabbricaeuropa.net, 17.00, free admittance
                                                                                                  t Giuseppe Verdi Symphony Orchestra               free admittance
   mandatory                                                                                        of Milan
                                                    Vocimania in Seventies                          Maggio musicale fiorentino.                      Sgrana & (Tra)balla
   Gem Boy in Concert
                                                    Jazz Club, via Nuova de’ Caccini 3,             Brahms, Beethoven,, Skrjabin                    Popular folk music
   Concert for the inauguration of bar and
                                                    tel 055.2479700, 22.15, membership              Teatro Comunale, c.so Italia 13, tel.           C. P. A. Centro Popolare Autogestito, v.le
   pizzeria Zero
                                                    mandatory                                       800.112211, 19.00, �20-70, www.                 Giannotti 79, tel. 055.6580479, 21.00,
   via dell’Olmatello 2 angolo Viale Guidoni,
                                                                                                    maggiofiorentino.com                             www.cpafisud.org
   22.00, free admittance
                                                    Burma Jazz 4tet
                                                    Caruso Jazz Café, Via Lambertesca 16r,          Live Jazz Music
   Rock & Gothic Night
   Closer Music Club, via Ghibellina 69/r, info     tel. 055.281940, www.carusojazzcafe.            Caruso Jazz Café, via Lambertesca 16r, tel.     n SPORT & ACTIVITIES
                                                    com, 21.00, € 8-12                              055.281940, www.carusojazzcafe.com,
   338.87108383                                                                                                                                     33° edition “100 km del Passatore”
                                                                                                    21.00, € 8-12
                                                    Baby & KM dj’s                                                                                  Walking Race Florence-Faenza
   Live Jazz Music
                                                    Closer, via Ghibellina 69/r, tel.               Rockstar Night                                  Starting point: Piazza della Signoria, arival
   Caruso Jazz Café, via Lambertesca 16r, tel.
                                                    338.87108383, 22.00, free admittance            With DJ’s Hanzel & Emotional Violence           in Faenza, tel. 0546.664603
   055.281940, www.carusojazzcafe.com,
                                                                                                    Closer, via Ghibellina 69/r, tel.
   21.00, € 8-12                                                                                                                                    “Together Along the Banks of the
                                                    Sgrana & (Tra)balla                             338.87108383, 22.00, free admittance
                                                    Popular folk musica                                                                             Arno”
t Festival of Florentine and Tuscan                 C. P. A. Centro Popolare Autogestito, v.le      Sgrana & (Tra) balla                            On foot or by bicycle along the Arno River
   Music “Odoardo Spadaro”
                                                    Giannotti 79, tel. 055.6580479, 21.00,          Popular folk music                              at Poggio dell’Incontro
   Genio fiorentino. Florence International
                                                    www.cpafisud.org                                 C. P. A. Centro Popolare Autogestito, v.le      Meeting point: 9.30 at Circolo Marina
   Music Festival featuring young musical
                                                                                                    Giannotti 79, tel. 055.6580479, 21.00,          di Candeli, via della Massa 42, Bagno a
   talents of the world
                                                                                                    www.cpafisud.org                                 Ripoli, tel. 329.2249275. 7 or 11 km on
   Teatro Puccini, via delle Cascine 41, tel.       n THEATRE                                                                                       foot, 23 km by bike, € 8, by reservation
   055.362067, www.teatropuccini.it, 21.00
                                                  t Tea Flowers / I fiori del tè                     n SPORT & ACTIVITIES                            only
                                                    Fabbrica Europa 2005. A play/ installation
   n THEATRE                                        that narrates the history of tea through    t “Florentine Ingenuità and the Arno”               Fiorentina-Brescia
                                                                                                  Genio fiorentino.                                  Football match
t Slipping                                          narration and sensorial stimulations
                                                                                                  Sailing regatta                                   Stadio Artemio Franchi, 15.00, by
   Fabbrica Europa 2005.                            Teatro dell’Istituto Francese, piazza degli
                                                                                                  Canottieri Firenze, Ponte Vecchio/                reservation only
   Dance & acrobatics by duo Furiosas/              Ognissanti 2, tel. 0552718820, 19.00 and
                                                    21.00                                         Ponte Santa Trinità, 11.00-16.30, tel.
   Carmen Blanco Principal
   Stazione Leopolda, spazio teatro, p.le di                                                                                                         MONDAY 30
   Porta al Prato, tel. 055.2480515, www.           n LECTURES & CONFERENCES                        33° edition “100 km del Passatore”
   fabbricaeuropa.net, 20.00, € 12                                                                  Walking Race Florence-Faenza
                                                  t Vernon Lee and Florence 70 Years                Starting Point: Piazza della Signoria tel.      n CINEMA
t Tea Flowers / I fiori del play/ installation
  Fabbrica Europa 2005. A
                           tè                       Later (in English)
                                                                                                    0546.664603                                     The Racket (in English)
                                                    International Conference dedicated to
   that narrates the history of tea through         British writer and adopted city of Florence     Regata velica ufficiale F.I.V. Classe            Odeon CineHall, piazza Strozzi, tel
   narration and sensorial stimulations             Gabinetto Viesseux, Palazzo Strozzi, 9.30       Optimist e Laser                                055.214068, www.cinehall.it, 17.40,
   Teatro dell’Istituto Francese, piazza degli      and Britsh Institute, Palazzo Lanfredini,       Sailing competition                             20.10, 22.45
   Ognissanti 2, tel. 0552718820, 19.00 and         Lungarno Guicciardini 9, 15.30, tel.            Lago di Bilancino, Barberino di Mugello,
   21.00                                            055.26778270, www.britishinstitute.it,          11-16.30, tel. 055282130
                                                                                   What’s on & Where to Go                                                                                            11
  www.theflorentine.net                                                                                                                                                         Thursday 26 May 2005

                                                                                                     Events in FLORENCE MAY 26 to JUNE 2
  n MUSIC & CONCERTS                                 n THEATRE                                        “Stone Prayers, Sacred Architecture“             t “The Designs of New York and Other
                                                                                                      Mario Botta                                        Works”, Matteo Pericoli
  Heavy Metal Night                                  Serestate Teatro. Classic Theatre                open until July 30, Istituto Statale d’Arte di     Genio fiorentino
  Closer, via Ghibellina 69/r, tel.                  Teatro di Legno, Area Pettini Burresi, via       Firenze, Piazzale di Porta Romana 9, tel.          open until July 31, Basilica di
  338.87108383, 22.00, free admittance               Faentina 145, tel. 055.2767822,                  055.220521, www.isa.firenze.it, 10.00-              Sant’Alessandro, Fiesole, tel. 800.414240
                                                     www.accademia-teatrale.it, 21.15                 19.00, free admission
  Li dardi di Cupidu                                                                                                                                   t Anthological exhibition by Jean-
  Sicilian arias and songs from the XVII                                                              Art Series: The Soul of the Bicycle                Michel Folon
  century                                             THURSDAY 2                                      open until June 30, Art Nest, via Delle            Genio fiorentino
  Cenacolo di Andrea del Sarto a San Salvi,                                                           Ruote 23 r, www.artnest.it, 18-20, closed          Open until September 18, Forte Belvedere
  via Andrea del Sarto 16, 21.00                                                                      Tues, Sun, free admittance                         e Sala d’Arme di Palazzo Vecchio, 10.00-
  Concert by ‘Homme Arme’ at the
                                                     n CINEMA                                         “The Divine Comedy”
                                                                                                                                                         19.00, Wed and Fri 10.00-22.00, tel.
  Cenacolo                                           Modigliani (in English)                          Cecco Bonanotte
  Cenacolo di Andrea del Sarto a San Salvi,          Odeon CineHall, piazza Strozzi, tel              open until June 1st , Gabinetto di Disegni e       Pedaling Through Time
  via Andrea del Sarto 16, tel. 0552767828,          055.214068, www.cinehall.it, 17.40,              Stampe degli Uffizi, via della Ninna 5, tel.        Pedalando nel tempo
  21.00                                              20.10, 22.45                                     055.2340940, www.polomuseale.firenze.               open until June 30, Istituto e Museo di
                                                                                                      it, 8.15-18.50, free admittance                    Storia della Scienza, piazza dei Giudici
                                                     n FESTIVALS & FAIRS                                                                                 1, tel. 055.265311, www.galileo.ims.fi.it,
   TUESDAY 31                                                                                         “L’uomo di pena. Beast of Burden”                  9.30-17, Tues 9.30-13, € 6,50
                                                     Little fair                                      Joseph Sheppard
                                                     Fiesole, tel. 055.5978373, www.comune.           open until May 29, Accademia delle                 Forms of David. Baselitz, Fabro,
  n CINEMA                                           fiesole.fi.it                                      Arti del Disegno, via Ricasoli 68, tel.            Kounellis, Morris, Struth
                                                                                                      055.216261, Mon-Fri 10-13, 16-19, Sun              open until September 4, Galleria
  Spanglish (in English)                                                                                                                                 dell’Accademia, via Ricasoli 58, tel.
  Odeon CineHall, piazza Strozzi, tel                n GUIDED TOURS                                   10-13, free admittance
                                                                                                                                                         055.294883, www.polomuseale.firenze.it,
  055.214068, www.cinehall.it, 17.40,                                                                 Onofrio Pepe Sculptures                            Tues-Sun 8.15-18.50, € 8
                                                     Guided visits to the Jewish Museum
  20.10, 22.45                                                                                        open until June 5, Saletta Costantini
                                                     and Synagogue
                                                                                                      del Museo Archeologico, Fiesole, tel.              When God Lived in Ife. Masterpieces
                                                     For information Comunità Ebraica, tel.
  n MUSIC & CONCERTS                                 055.245252                                       055.59477                                          of Ancient Nigeria
                                                                                                                                                         Quando Dio abitava a Ife. Capolavori
t Orchestra della Toscana e Orchestra                                                                 “Alberto della Ragione” Collections                dell’antica Nigeria
  Giovanile Italiana                                                                                  from the 1900’s                                    open until July 3, Palazzo Strozzi, piazza
  Genio fiorentino. Mahler                             ONGOING                                         May 13-31, Forte di Belvedere, 10.00-              Strozzi 1, tel. 055.22645155, www.
  Teatro Verdi, via Ghibellina 99, tel.                                                               19.00, Wed and Fri 10.00-22.00, tel.               anticanigeria.it, Mon-Sun 10-20, € 8
  055.212320, 21.00, € 13/15,                        n EXHIBITS                                       0552625939
                                                                                                                                                         Netherlands Skies
                                                                                                      Art in the Library
                                                  t Gianni Cacciarini “Opere”                                                                            open until May 31, Zp Studio, via Fra
t Concert of Harmonic Choral Group                   Genio fiorentino.                                 Ten years of acquisitions and donations to         Giovanni Angelico 6, tel. 055.671221, by
  Genio fiorentino.                                   May 26 to July 2, Museo Marino Marini,           the Marucelliana Library                           reservation only
  Chiesa di San Michele Visdomini, via de’           piazza San Pancrazio, tel. 055.219432,           Open until July 16, Biblioteca Marucelliana,
  Servi, 21.15, tel. 055.2036426                                                                      Via Cavour 43-47, tel. 055.27221,                  Francesco Carone, Giacomo Costa,
                                                                                                      www.maru.firenze.sbn.it, Mon-Fri 8.30-              Alessandro Casati
  University Party: Koan Dj                       t “Florence and Kyoto, Parallel Cities”             19.00                                              Painting exhibition
  Closer, via Ghibellina 69/r, tel.                  by Fosco Maraini                                                                                    open until June 30, Quarter, Centro
  338.87108383, 22.00, free admittance               Genio fiorentino.                                 Boboli Garden “Antonio Manzi at                    Produzione Arte, Viale Giannotti 81, www.
                                                     May 15-29, Gabinetto Viessieux, Palazzo          court”                                             quarterfirenze.com, Tues-Sun 16-20, free
  n THEATRE                                          Strozzi, Sala Ferri                              Sculpture exhibition
                                                                                                      Open until September 18, Giardino di

t L’imperatore di Firenze                            Ideas, Models, Inventions. The Patents           Boboli, Orto Botanico (Giardino degli              The Number and its Shapes
  Mese Mediceo. La storia di Cosimo I de’            of Ferragamo 1929-1964                           Ananassi-Tepidarium), tel. 055.307454              Il numero e le sue forme
  Medici                                             open until December 31, Museo Salvatore                                                             open until October 9, Museo di Storia
  Palazzo Vecchio, Salone Cinquecento,               Ferragamo, via Tornabuoni 2, tel.                “Espaces Poétiques” by Michéle Gallo               della Scienza, piazza dei Giudici 1, tel.
  piazza della Signoria, tel. 055.6120205,           055.3360456, www.museoferragamo.it,              Painting exhibition                                055.265311, 9.30-17, Tues 9.30-13, �
  21.00, € 8-10, www.mesemediceo.it                  Mon-Fri 9-13, 14-18, free admittance             open until July 14, Istituto Francese,             7,50, www.galileo.ims.fi.it
                                                                                                      Palazzo Lenzi, Piazza Ognissanti 2, tel.
                                                     From Parmigianino to Tiepolo                     055.2718801, www.istitutofrancese.it               Food and Flavours in the Ancient
   WEDNESDAY 1                                       open until July 24, Galleria Palatina,
                                                     Palazzo Pitti, piazza Pitti 1, tel.              “Grande formato quadrato”                          Cibi e Sapori nel mondo antico
                                                     055.2654321, www.firenzemusei.it/                 Painting exhibition by Arturo Carmassi             open until January 15 2006, Museo
  n CINEMA                                           palatina, Tues-Sun 8.15-18.50,                    open until July 15, Galleria Il Ponte, via di
                                                                                                       Mezzo 42 b, tel. 055.240617,
                                                                                                                                                         Archeologico, via della Colonna 36, tel.
                                                     € 4,25/8,50                                                                                         055. 294883 /23575, Mon 14-19, Tues,
  The Paths of Cinema / Strade del                                                                     www.galleriailponte.com                           Thur 8.30-19, Wed, Fri, Sun 8.30-14, € 4,
  Cinema                                             “Conversations and Landscapes”                                                                      www.firenzemusei.it/archeologica
  International Silent Film Festival with live       Ruggero Savinio                                  “The Long Line of Art in Florence of
  musical accompaniment                              open until May 30, Galleria Falteri, via         the 1900’s”                                        Maria de’ Medici: a Florentine
  Flog, via Mercati 24/b, tel. 055.490437,           della Spada 38 r, tel. 055.217740, www.          Exhibition of Raffaele Monti and Piero             Princess on the French Throne
  www.stradelcinema.it, 21.00                        falteri.it, Tues-Sat 10-13.30, 16-19.30, free    Pananti                                            Maria de’ Medici: una principessa
                                                     admittance                                       open until June 26, Palazzo Strozzi, Piazza        fiorentina sul trono di Francia
                                                                                                      Strozzi, tel. 055.2776461,
  n GUIDED TOURS                                     Gustavo Giulietti 1935-2003                      www.palazzostrozzi.info
                                                                                                                                                         open until September 4, Museo degli
                                                                                                                                                         Argenti, Palazzo Pitti, piazza Pitti 1, tel.
  Guided visits by Associazione                      open until June 19, Palazzo Pitti, Galleria                                                         055.2388709, Mon-Sun 8.15-17.30, € 4,
                                                     di Arte Moderna, piazza Pitti 1, tel.            Giuseppe Giliberto “Jazz...in Paint”
  Akropolis                                                                                                                                              www.polomuseale.firenze.it/argenti
                                                     055.294883, Mon-Sun 8.15-13.50, closed           Open until September 3, Caruso
  Information tel. 055.461428, www.
                                                     1°,3°,5° Mon and 2°, 4° Sun, € 5                 Jazz Café, Via Lambertesca 16r, tel.               From Bernardo Daddi to Beato
                                                                                                      055.281940, www.carusojazzcafe.com                 Angelico and Botticelli
  n MUSIC & CONCERTS                              t Secret Rooms. The Artists of the                  Lorenzo Banci                                      Da Bernardo Daddi al Beato Angelico a
                                                    Riccardi                                                                                             Botticelli
                                                    Genio fiorentino.                                  Painting exhibition “La luce oltre la siepe”
  College Night Dj set with Spike dj                                                                  Open until September 10, Palazzo Antinori          open until June 4, Museo di San Marco,
  Jazz Club, via Nuova de’ Caccini 3,               open until July 17, Palazzo Medici Riccardi,                                                         piazza San Marco 3, tel. 055.2388608,
                                                    via Cavour 1, www.palazzo-medici.it,              Corsini, piazza Antinori 3, 9-19.30, free
  tel 055.2479700, 22.15, membership                                                                  admittance                                         Mon-Fri 8.15–13.50, Sat, Sun 8.15–19,
  mandatory                                         tel. 055.2760340, Mon-Sun 9-19, Wed                                                                  closed 1°, 3°, 5° Sun and 2°,4° Mon, €
                                                    closed, € 4                                       Jurjen De Haan                                     4, www.polomuseale.firenze.it/musei/
  The Pop Side of the ’80’s: Diana dj
  Closer, via Ghibellina 69/r, tel.               t Tuscany-Taiwan, 30 illustrators and               Open until June 7, Galleria Immaginaria Arti
                                                                                                      Visive, via Guelfa 22 r, 9-13, 15.30-19.30,
  338.87108383, 22.00, free admittance               10,000 Km                                                                                           Mediterrania
                                                     Teatro Puccini, via delle Cascine 41, tel..      Sun 17-20
                                                                                                                                                         Photo exhibition
  Summer 2005 Opening Night at Le                    055.362067, www.teatropuccini.it, open           Michele Dantini, Chené Gómez,                      Open until June 13, Libreria Martelli, via
  Pavoniere                                          until May 30, 15.30-19.30, free admittance       Alessandro Casati                                  Martelli 22, tel. 055.2657603
  Locale in the Cascine park with pool,                                                               open until July 17, Quarter, Centro
  cocktails, dinner and music until late night.      Maria Callas’ Jewels by Swarovski                                                                   Giuseppe Mazzini: the thought and
                                                     Sala delle Reali Poste, Piazzale degli Uffizi,    Produzione Arte, viale Donato Giannotti
  Le Pavoniere, via della Catena 2, Parco                                                             81, 15-20, www.quarterfirenze.com                   myth in the artistic collections of G.
  delle Cascine, tel. 055.308160,                    tel.. 055.2388651, www.uffizi.firenze.it,                                                             Spadolini
  www.tenax.org                                      open until May 29, Tues-Sun 10-17, free                                                             Open until June 30, Fondazione Spadolini
                                                     admittance                                                                                          Nuova Antologia, Mon-Thur 9.30-17.00
12                                                                            What’s on & Where to Go
Thursday 26 May 2005                                                                                                                                                 www.theflorentine.net

  Events in FLORENCE MAY 26 to JUNE 2
Philip Perkis                                   Parco Sud All’Anconella
                                                                                                n LECTURES & CONFERENCES                      t Tribute to Boccaccio. Painting
Photo exhibition                                Restaurant, bar, concerts, films, games                                                          exhibition with contemporary works
May 13 to June, Fondazione Studio               and activities for children.                    Pencils for Peace. 1st National                 inspired by Boccaccio’s novels
Marangoni, via San Zanobi 32r, tel.             From May to September, Associazione             competition for young cartoonists               Genio fiorentino
055.280368, 11, 10.30-13, 15.30-18              Culturale Fiesolana32, via di Villamagna        Matite per la Pace                              from May 15 to June 5, Palazzo Pretorio,
                                                                                                deadline June 30, Informagiovani, via           piazza Vicariato 4, Cerataldo, tel.
“Città ad ovest di una stella”
painting exhibition by Mafonso                  n SPORT & ACTIVITIES                            Mannelli 119h, tel. 055.2624367/8/9,            0571.661259, € 6,
                                                                                                Scuola Internazionale Comics, tel.              www.comune.certaldo.fi.it
May 20 to July 30, Galleria Varart, via         Le Pavoniere                                    055.218950
dell’Oriuolo 47/49r, tel. 055.284265            Pool, bar, restaurant and music.                                                              t Decameron: ceramic works by
                                                                                                                                                Eugenio Taccini showing Boccaccio’s
Vittoria Colonna and Michelangelo               Le Pavoniere, via della Catena 2, Parco
                                                delle Cascine, tel. 055.308160, open all
                                                                                                n SPORT & ACTIVITIES                            novels
May 24 to September 12, Casa Buonarroti,                                                                                                        Genio fiorentino
via Ghibellina 70, www.casabuonarroti.it        the summer every day                            International workshop for children:
                                                                                                a chance to play with games from all            Open until June 5, Palazzo Stiozzi Ridolfi,
Maestro Arrighini                               n THEATRE                                       over the world                                  Certaldo, tel. 0571661259
May 21 to June 11, Maison Enrico Coveri,                                                        La Mongolfiera, ex Gasometro, via
Galleria del Palazzo, lungarno Guicciardini   t The Emperor of Florence                         dell’Anconella 3, tel. 055.2767124, Mon,        Le Corbusier, the Architect and his
19, tel. 055.281044,                            Medici Month.                                   Wed, Fri 17-19, free admittance                 books
www.galleriadelpalazzo.com, 11-19, free         The history of Cosimo I de’Medici
                                                                                                Multisport 2005, UISP Summer Camps              Le Corbusier, l’architetto e i suoi libri
admittance                                      Chiesa di Santa Maria della Croce
                                                                                                Multisport 05, centri estivi UISP               Open until May 29, Centro per l’Arte
                                                al Tempio, via San Giuseppe 10, tel.
L’Officina delle Meraviglie. Un                                                                  Unione Italiana Sport Per tutti UISP, Via       Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, v.le della
                                                055.6120205, www.mesemediceo.it, June
Giardino incantato: il Giardino di                                                              Bocchi 32, tel. 055.6583501, June 13            Repubblica 277, Prato, tel. 0574.5317,
                                                2-19, 21.00, € 8-10
Boboli, Rondò di Bacco                                                                          to September 9, Programs for children           www.centropecci.it, 12.00-19.00, Sat, Sun
May 27 to 5, Giardino di Boboli, 10-12.30,                                                      from 4 to 11, Centre offers half and full       10.00-19.00, closed on Tues, € 5,00
15-18.30                                         UPCOMING                                       day programs from Monday to Friday,             Extraordinary opening of the parish
                                                                                                enrolment mandatory                             churches of S. Amato and S. Ansano.
Duncan Stewart. Artist for Higher
May 28 to June 8, Il Punto, borgo San           n MUSIC & CONCERTS                              Animated Bicycles                               Vinci
                                                                                                                                                Open until September 24 on Sat., tel.
Jacopo 36, 16.30-19.30, free admittance                                                         Activities for children
                                                Lenny Kravitz “Electric Church”                 Villa Favard, via Aretina, every Wed 16.30-     0571.568012, www.comune.vinci.fi.it
n FESTIVALS & FAIRS                             June 4, Nelson Mandela Forum, tel.
                                                055.678841, www.mandelaforum.it, by
                                                                                                18, and Giardini Caponnetto, lungarno           Leonardo After Five Centuries. 1505
                                                                                                Colombo, every Fri 16.30-18, from April         – 2005, Work in Progress
First Italian exhibition for biohousing         reservation only                                to June                                         Open until October 31, Museo Ideale
and interior design
                                                Mark Knopfler                                    Bellariva swimming pool                         Leonardo Da Vinci, Vinci, tel. 0571.56296,
May 22- 31. Limonaia di Villa Strozzi, tel.
                                                June 12, Nelson Mandela Forum, tel.             Summer centre for children ages 6-14.           www.museoleonardo.it
055.6581012, www.popcafe.net
                                                055.678841, www.mandelaforum.it, by             Swimming lessons, learning workshops,
                                                reservation only                                                                                “The Genius of Leonardo” permanent
n GUIDED TOURS                                                                                  10% discount for more than 10 days of
                                                                                                                                                exhibition of 40 models of civil,
                                                Elvis Costello                                                                                  military and aerial “functioning
Guided visits to the park of                    June 15, 21.00, Villa Solaria, Sesto            Piscina di Bellariva, lungarno Aldo Moro,       machines” from the Leonardesque
Montececeri and to Fonte Sotterra               Fiorentino, �23-34, by reservation only,        tel. 055.670852                                 Codices
every Sunday in April, May, June,               www.boxol.it                                                                                    permanent exhibition
September, October, tel. 055.5978373,                                                           San Marcellino swimming pool
                                                                                                Swimming lessons for children from 4 and        Museo Leonardo Servi, Vinci tel.
www.comune.fiesole.fi.it                          Mozart Day                                                                                      055.282966
                                                Estate Fiesolana                                up. Acquagym for children and adults.
Città Nascosta                                  June 7, Cattedrale di Fiesole, tel.             Piscina San Marcellino, via Chiantigiana    t The Colours of moon rock. The
Discover the best-kept secrets of               800.414240, by reservation only,                28, tel 055.6530000                           collection of scagliola works by
Florence and Tuscany through exclusive,         www.estatefiesolana.it                                                                         Bianco Bianchi
individually planned guided tours                                                               n   THEATRE                                   Genio fiorentino
Associazione culturale città nascosta,          Kholeho Mosala. Tribute to Nelson                                                             Open until October 2, Museo di San
lungarno Cellini 25, tel. 055.6802590           Mandela                                         Theatre Summer Nights: classical
                                                                                                                                              Francesco, Greve in Chianti, tel.
                                                Estate Fiesolana.                               theatre, theatre for children,
Craftsmen of the Oltrarno 2005.                                                                                                               055.8545215
                                                Traditional African music                       improvised theatre
Itineraries to discover artistic crafts         June 9, 21.15, Teatro Romano di Fiesole,        May 21 to July 8, Area Pettini Burresi, via t The Island of Treasures
May 2 to July 29, Oltrarno starting point       Comune di Fiesole, tel. 800 414240,             Faentina 145, tel. 055.5522816,               Genio fiorentino
in Piazza Pitti, reservations C.A.T. tel.       www.estatefiesolana.com, € 13-18                 www.comune.fi.it                               Archaeological exhibition of ancient and
055.3036108                                                                                                                                   modern ceramics for the table
                                                                                                Burattini i Libertà
n MUSIC & CONCERTS                              n SPORT & ACTIVITIES                            May 26, Ludoteca Il Castoro, Via U. della
                                                                                                                                              May 29 to October 30, Museo della
                                                                                                                                              Manifattura Chini, Borgo San Lorenzo, tel.
                                                World Motorcycle Championship                   Faggiola 64/a, 16.30-18.30
Organ and instrumental concert                  Gran Premio Alice d’Italia
Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Ricci, via del        June 3-5, Autodromo del Mugello, via                                                          t The Island of Treasures
Corso, tel. 055.289367, until December          Senni, 15 Scarperia, tel. 055.8499111,           OUT OF TOWN                                    Genio fiorentino
31, Mon-Sun 21.15, Sat 18.00, € 11              www.mugellocircuit.it, by reservation only                                                      Archaeological exhibition
                                                                                                                                                May 28 to Novembre 30, Raccolta
Music Thursday                                                                                  n EXHIBITS                                      Comunale d’arte, Castelfiorentino, tel.
Until June 9, every Thur 21.00, Accademia
Musicale di Firenze, via Adriani 27, tel.        CHILDREN                                    t Exhibition of ceramic works by J.M.              0571.686341
055.680487,                                                                                     Folon
                                                                                                                                                “Reflections of a Gallery: the
                                                                                                Genio fiorentino
www.accademiamusicaledifirenze.it                n EXHIBITS                                      May 28 to September 12, Oratorio di
                                                                                                                                                paintings of the Bardini succession”
                                                                                                                                                Painting exhibition
Concerts at English Church of St.               Designing an exhibition                         Santa Caterina, Bagno a Ripoli, tel.
                                                                                                                                                until December, Villa Medicea, Cerreto
Mark’s                                          An exhibition of works by children at city      055.6390356-7,
                                                                                                                                                Guidi, tel. 0571.55707,
Chiesa Anglicana di St. Mark’s, via Maggio      recreation centres                              www.comune.bagno-a-ripoli.fi.it
16-18, tel. 3408119192, every day               Open until June 20, Ospedale Pediatrico      t Exhibition of ceramic works by J.M.              Treasures of Ancient Art at Cerreto
                                                Meyer, 9-19                                     Folon
n PARKS                                                                                         Genio fiorentino
                                                                                                                                                Art exhibition
Renai Park                                      n FESTIVALS & FAIRS                             from May 28 to September 1, Limonaia
                                                                                                                                                May 21 until December, Villa Medicea,
A bike path follows the Arno River from                                                         della Villa di Pescille, Panzano, tel.
                                                Mukky Day                                                                                       Cerreto Guidi, tel. 0571.55707,
the end of the Cascine park all the way to                                                      055.8546287
                                                State-run milk production company Mukki                                                         www.comune.cerreto-guidi.fi.it
the entrance of the Renai park. Activities:     opens doors of new factory to public            Hugo Pratt “Periplo immaginario”
swimming, free climbing walls, nature
walks, cycling, sailing, etc.
                                                May 29, Area Mercafir, via dell’Olmatello        open until August 28, Palazzo Squarcialupi,     n FESTIVALS & FAIRS
                                                20, all day, www.mukki.it                       Santa Maria della Scala, Siena, tel.
Parco dei Renai, Signa, April 4 to June 30,                                                     199.109910, www.fondazionemps.it, every         Chiantilife. Art in Impruneta
12.00-20.00, Sat, Sun 9.00-20.00.                                                               day 11-19, € 8                                  May 28-29, Villa Corsini a Mezzomonte, tel.
                                                                                                                                                055.852638, www.mediag.it
Guided visits to gardens in Fiesole
April, May, June, September, October on                                                                                                         Terracotta festival
Thursday, tel. 055.598720,                                                                                                                      Mostra mercato dei prodotti in terracotta
www.comune.fiesole.fi.it                                                                                                                          May from 27 to 29
                                                                                                                                                Samminiatello, tel. 0571.518993
                                                                                    What’s on & Where to Go                                                                                                    13
    www.theflorentine.net                                                                                                                                                              Thursday 26 May 2005

                                                                                                   Events in FLORENCE MAY 26 to JUNE 2
    48th Chianti Wine Fair                         t   From the Stables to the Hunting at             Flight Day
    May 29 to June 5, Montespertoli city               Montili                                        Event with flying vehicles, parachutists
    center, tel. 0571.609412,                          Genio fiorentino.                               and air balloons                                              ����������������������������������������
    www.comune.montespertoli.fi.it                      Opening of the new pathway and guided          May 29, Campo Sportivo di Petroio, Vinci,                     ���������������������������������������
                                                       visit                                          tel. 0571.568012                                                   ����������������������������
    Antique Window                                     June 1st, 16.00, Parco di Villa Demidoff,
    Antique furniture market
    May 28, 29, Scandicci city center, tel.
                                                       Pratolino, Vaglia, tel. 055.845271,            n THEATRE                                                        ����������������������������������
    055.750072, www.comune.scandicci.fi.it                                                             Scendi in piazza.                                                    ��������������������������
                                                       Guided visits to the Bellosguardo villa        Genio fiorentino. Markets, exhibitions,
    Arts and Crafts Fair                               and to the centre                                                                                                 �����������������������������
    May 29, Le Bagnese, tel. 055.7591458                                                              concerts, and shows in piazza
                                                       May 30 to June 5, Villa Caruso                 June from 1 to 30, Tavarnuzze city center,                         ����������������������������
    www.comune.scandicci.fi.it                          Bellosguardo and city center of Lastra a                                                                              ����������������������
                                                                                                      tel. 055.2036408,
    Blackthorn Mushroom festival                       Signa, tel. 055.8723749,                       www.comune.impruneta.fi.it
                                                       www.comune.lastra-a-signa.fi.it                                                                                  �����������������������������������
    May 28, 29, Fiorenzula city center, tel.                                                                                                                         ��������������������������������������
    055.819617, www.comune.firenzuola.fi.it                                                             Milletrecentoventisette appunto, su
    Market of Strange Things and Cherry
                                                       n MUSIC & CONCERTS                             l’ora prima, il dì sesto d’aprile
                                                                                                      Theatre show in costume
    Festival                                       t   Jazz concert In the mood with the              June 1st, Museo d’arte sacra presso                                  ��������������������������
    May 29, Giardino Bombici, Fucecchio, tel.          Cam Big Band                                   Oratorio del Crocefisso, Incisa Valdarno,
    0571.242717                                        Genio fiorentino                                tel. 055.8333433, www.geniofiorentino.it                               ����������������������
                                                       June 2, 17.00, Parco di Villa Demidoff,
    Chocolate Festival                                 Pratolino, Vaglia, tel. 055.409155,
    May 28-29, Burchio, Incisa in Valdarno, tel.       www.geniofiorentino.it
    338.5244641                                                                                       The management of The Florentine is not
                                                                                                      responsible for the accuracy of the dates and
                                                       Music at Palazzo Pretorio                      times of events as reported herein or for any                      ���������������������
    Strawberries and Cream Festival                    Concerts with guided tours and typical
    May 29, Matassino, tel. 055.8669232                                                               changes thereto.
    www.reggello.comune.fi.it                           Palazzo Pretorio tel. 0571652730
    Medieval Festival in Malmantile                    www.comune.certaldo.fi.it
    May 28, 29, Malmantile, tel. 055.8743219, t Homero Francesch Concert                                   If you have any event to add to our list please send us an e-mail at
    www.comune.lastra-a-signa.fi.it              Genio fiorentino: classical music concert,                                              annunci@theflorentine.net
    Wine Day                                    Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms
    May 29, Pontassieve, tel. 055.8360239,      Abbey at Badia a Settimo, tel.
    www.comune.pontassieve.fi.it                 055.7310537, www.badiadisettimo.it,
                                                17.00, € 7
    Scarperia in bloom with pictures
    made with flowers
    May 29, Scarperia city center, tel.
                                                    SPORT & ACTIVITIES                                                                                              �������������
    055.8468165, www.prolocoscarperia.com       Vivi lo sport
                                                A festival celebrating all types of sports.

                                                                                                          FOOD - GAMES - CLOTHING SALE
    Feast for the Madonna of Pentecost          May 27-29, Foro Boario, Borgo San
    May 30, Tavernelle in Val di Pesa city      Lorenzo, tel. 055849661
    center, tel. 055.8077832
                                                Mangiandando                                               �������������������������������������������������������
                                                Walking tour with food and wine tasting
    Festival of country life                    May 29, Territorio di Capraia e Limite, tel.                                     �����������
    May27- 29, Villa e parco Demidoff,          0571.978124,
    Pratolino, tel. 055.845271                  www.comune.caparia-e-limite.fi.it
    Organic Products Fair
    May 28, all day, p.za IV Novembre, Sesto
                                                Mangiandando                                                                   Saturday, May 28
                                                Walking tour with food and wine tasting
    Fiorentino, tel. 055.446357,
                                                May 29, Cerreto Guidi, tel. 338.8336961                                         12.00 - 4.00 pm
                                                March to Barbiana
    Crafts and Collectors Market                Peace walk for students
    every 3rd weekend of the month, Figline     May 29, from Vicchio to Barbiana, tel.                                      ���������������������������������������������
    Valdarno historical center, tel. 055951569, 055.8439220, www.comune.vicchio.fi.it
    www.comune.figline-valdarno.fi.it                                                                                              ��������������������������������������������
    Seafood festival
    May 27, 28, 29, Piscina Fiammetta,
    Certaldo, tel. 0571.667349,                                                         �� �����������������������
    ‘900....come eravamo!
                                                         ��������������������������                            �������������������������������������������                   ����
    4th annual historical town festival
    May 28 to June 5, Circolo La Rinascente,             ������������������                            ����������������������������������������������������������            �����������������
    Cascine del Riccio, tel. 055.6585131,
    www.comune.fi.it                                      ���������������������                                ��������������������������������������������                   �������
    n GUIDED TOURS                                       ��������������                                           ����������������������������������                         ����������
t   Wine and Fashion in the Florentine
                                                         ����������������������                    ������������������������������������������������������������������        �������
    Mountains. Itineraries with guided
    visits, shopping                                     ���������������������                                  ����������������������������������������                     ������
    Genio fiorentino.
    Tours to discover the beauties of                    ������������������������                      ����������������������������������������������������������            ����
    theFlorentine Mountains: the art, culture,
    nature together with food, visits to artisan
    workshops and local commecial centres.                                                              ���������������
    (Dicomano, Londa, Pelago, Pontassieve,
    Reggello, Rufina, San Godenzo, starting at
                                                         �������������������������                             ����������������������������������������                      �������������
    8.45, lasting 7 hours)
    from January to December on Mon and
                                                         ���������������������                                                         �
                                                                                                                    �������������������������������                          �������
    Sat, Resco Travel tel. 055.868009.
    Guided tours through the Fucecchio                   �����������������������                                ���������������������������������������                      �������������
    Marsh Natural Reserve
    May 29, Padule di Fucecchio, tel.                    �������������������                                ����������������������������������������������
                                                                                                                                 �                                           �������������
    0573.84540, www.zoneumidetoscane.it
                                                         ��������������������                                                          �
                                                                                                            ��������������������������������������������                     �������������

                                                         ������                                                       �
                                                                                                                      ��������������������������                             �������������
Thursday 26 May 2005                                                                                                                                             www.theflorentine.net

Museums, galleries, monuments & churches in FLORENCE
      elow, is a list of the major museums                                                    Tel. 055 2388602                                 Gallery of Costumes
      and churches of Florence. Museum           SANTA MARIA NOVELLA                          Daily: from 8:15 to 17                           This is another of the galleries within
      ticket offices usually close about                                                       Holidays and Sunday: 8:15 to 17                  the walls of the Pitti Palace.
45 minutes before museum closes. In           Church of Santa Maria Novella                   Closed: Mon • Entrance: € 6,00                   Piazza Pitti - Tel. 055 2388713
most cases, museum admission is free for      Some of the most important works of art in                                                       Daily: 8:15 to 13:50
EU citizens under 18 and over 65, and         Florence left in their original location.       Archeology Museum                                Holidays and Sunday: 8:15 to 13:50
discounts for those aged 18-25.               Piazza S. Maria Novella - Tel. 055 282187       One of the most important museums of             Closed: Mon • Entrance: € 5,00
                                              Daily: 9:30 to 17 – Thurs: 13 - 17              Etruscan art.                                    Museum of Silver
                                              Holidays and Sunday: 13 - 17                    Via della Colonna 38 - Tel. 055 23575            There is much more than silver in this
The list is organized by neighborhoods:       Entrance: € 2,50
1) Santa Croce                                                                                Daily: Mon from 14 to 19; Tues & Thurs           impressive museum.
2) Santa Maria Novella                                                                        from 8:30 to 19; Wed, Fri &                      Piazza Pitti - Tel. 055 2388710-761
                                              Church of Santa Trinita
3) San Giovanni (Duomo)                                                                       Sat from 8:30 to 14                              Daily: 8:15 to 13:50
                                              16th Century façade by Buontalenti and
4) Santo Spirito                                                                              Holidays and Sunday: from 8:30 to 14             Holidays and Sunday: 8:15 to 13:50
                                              home to Ghirlandaio frescoes.
5) Outside Historic Center                                                                    Closed: Mon • Entrance: € 4,00                   Closed: Mon • Entrance: € 2,00
                                              Piazza S. Trinita - Tel. 055 216912
                                              Daily: from 8 to 12 and from 4 to 6                                                              Museum of Porcelain
                                                                                              Museum of San Marco                              This museum contains ceramics from
                                              Entrance: free                                  Dedicated to the ethereal paintings of
         SANTA CROCE                                                                                                                           factories of Sevre, Meissen and Vienna.
                                              Church of Ognissanti                            Fra Angelico.                                    Giardino di Boboli Tel. 055 2388709
                                              This convent dates back to 1251 and             Piazza S.Marco 1 - Tel. 055 2388606              Daily: 9 to 13:30
Uffizi Gallery
                                              houses two frescoes by Ghirlandaio.             Daily: 8:15 to 13:50 – Sat: 8:15 to 12:50        Holidays and Sunday: 9 to 13:30
One of the greatest museums in Italy and
                                              Via Borgo Ognissanti 42, 50123                  Holidays and Sunday: from 8:15 to 19             Closed: Mon • Entrance: € 3,00
the world and contains masterpieces by
                                              Firenze – Tel. 0552388720                       Closed: Mon • Entrance: € 4,00                   Boboli Gardens
artists such as Giotto, Leonardo da Vinci,
Botticelli, Michelangelo, and many others.    Open: Monday, Tuesday and Saturday, 9-12                                                         Just behind Palazzo Pitti, extends one of
                                                                                              Museum Florence “As it Was”
Piazza Uffizi 6 - Tel. 055 2388651             Closed: New Year’s Day, May 1st,                                                                 the largest and most beautiful examples
                                                                                              (Museo “Firenze Com’era”)
Daily: 8:15 to 18:50                          Christmas Day • Entrance: Free                                                                   of the Italian Garden. -Tel. 055 2651816
                                                                                              Via dell’Oriuolo 24 - Tel. 055 2616545
Holidays and Sunday: 8:15 to 18:50                Cenacolo of Ognissanti                                                                       Daily: 8:15-17 November, December,
                                                                                              Daily: 9 to 14
Closed: Mon • Entrance: € 6,50                    The refectory of the convent of                                                              January, February – 8:15-18 March,
                                                                                              Holidays and Sunday: 9 to 14
                                                  Ognissanti is famous for fresco painted                                                      October - Ore 8:15-19 April, May,
                                                                                              Closed: Thurs • Entrance: € 2,60
Bargello Museum                                   in 1488 by Domenico Ghirlandaio.                                                             September Ore 8:15-20 June, July,
Once a prison, now home to some of Italy’s        Via Borgo Ognissanti 42, 50123              The palace of Cosimo de Medici                   August - Closed: first and last Monday of
finest sculpture                                   Firenze – Tel. 0552388720                   (Palazzo Medici-Riccardi)                        month, Holidays • Entrance: € 2,00
Via del Proconsolo 4 - Tel. 055 2388606           Open: Monday, Tuesday and Saturday, 9-12    Via Cavour 3 - Tel. 055 2760340
Daily: from 8:30 to 13:50                         Closed: New Year’s Day, May 1st,                                                          Church of Santo Spirito
                                                                                              Daily: 9 to 19
Holidays and Sunday: 8:15 to 13:50                Christmas Day • Entrance: Free                                                            Some say this church was
                                                                                              Holidays and Sunday: from 9 to 19
Closed: Mon • Entrance: € 4,00                                                                                                              Brunellieschi’s greatest work.
                                              Marino Marini Museum                            Closed: Wed • Entrance: € 4,00
                                                                                                                                            Piazza S. Spirito - Tel. 055 210030
Palazzo Vecchio                               Museum dedicated to the great modern                                                          Daily: 7:30 to 12 and 16 to
                                                                                              Hospital of the Innocents
Modern day home of town hall for              Tuscan sculptor.                                                                              18 - Sat 16 to 18
                                                                                              (Ospedale degli Innocenti)
Florence, next to Uffizi                       Piazza S. Pancrazio - Tel. 055 219432                                                         Holidays and Sunday: 16 to 18
                                                                                              The world’s first orphanage.
Piazza Signoria - Tel. 055 2768325            Daily: from 10 to 17 • Holidays: 10 -13                                                       Closed: Wed afternoons• Entrance: free
                                                                                              Piazza SS. Annunziata 12
Weekdays: 9 to 19 - Thur 9 to 14              Closed: Holidays, Tuesday and Sunday                                                             Cenacolo of Santo Spirito
                                                                                              Tel.055 2491708
Holidays and Sunday: 9 to 19                  Entrance: € 4,00                                                                                 Former Augustian refectory
                                                                                              Daily: from 8:30 to 14
Entrance: € 5,70                                                                              Holidays and Sunday: from 8:30 to 14             Piazza S. Spirito 29
                                                                                              Closed: Wed • Entrance: € 3,00                   Tel. 055 287043
Church of Santa Croce                                  SAN GIOVANNI                                                                            Daily: 9 to 14
Includes monuments to Dante,                                                                  Orsanmichele                                     Holidays and Sunday: 9 to 14
                                              Cupola del Duomo and Church of                                                                   Closed: Mon • Entrance:€ 2,10
Michelangelo, and others.                                                                     From grain storage to church.
                                              Santa Maria del Fiore
Piazza S. Croce - Tel. 055 244619                                                             Via Arte della Lana - Tel. 055 284944
                                              This is the dome of the duomo and the church.                                                 Brancacci Chapel
Daily: 9:30 to 17:30                                                                          Daily: from 9 to 12 and from 16 to 18
                                              Piazza Duomo - Tel. 055 2302885                                                               Known for 15th century frescoes by
Holidays and Sunday: 13 to 17                                                                 Sat from 9 to 13 and from 16 to 18
                                              Daily: 8:30 to 17 – Sat: 8:30 to 17:40                                                        Masaccio an Masolino
Entrance: € 4,00                                                                              Holidays and Sunday: from 9 to 13 and
                                              Holidays and Sunday: Closed                                                                   Piazza del Carmine - Tel. 055 2382195
    Museum of the works of                                                                    from 16 to 18 • Entrance: free
                                              Entrance: € 6,00                                                                              Daily: 10 to 17
    Santa Croce
                                                  Campanile del Duomo                         Church of San Lorenzo                         Holidays and Sunday: from 13 to 17
    Access through the church
                                                  The Duomo bell tower designed by Giotto     Church with a rough façade and                Closed: Tues • Entrance:€ 3,10
    Piazza S. Croce 16 - Tel. 055 2466105
                                                  Piazza Duomo - Tel. 055 2302885             incredible interior.
    Daily: 9:30 to 17:30                                                                                                                    Zoological Museum La Specola
                                                  Winter: 9 - 16:20 - Summer: 9 - 18:50       Piazza S. Lorenzo - Tel. 055 216634
    Holidays and Sunday: 13 to 17                                                                                                           Opened in 1775, it claims to be the oldest
                                                  Holidays and Sundays: Closed
    Entrance: € 4,00                                                                          Daily: 10 to 17
                                                                                                                                            scientific museum in Europe.
                                                  Entrance: € 6,00                            Holidays and Sunday: Closed
                                                  Baptistery of San Giovanni                                                                Via Romana 17 - Tel. 055 228825
The home of Michelangelo                                                                      Entrance: € 2,50
                                                  Next to the Duomo with doors called                                                       Daily: 9 to 13
(Casa Buonarroti)                                                                                                                           Holidays and Sunday: 9 to 13
                                                  “The Gates of Paradise”                     Church of Santissima Annunziata
Via Ghibellina 70 - Tel. 055 241752                                                                                                         Closed: Wed • Entrance: € 5,00
                                                  Piazza S. Giovanni - Tel. 055 2302885       Heavily ornamented, and perhaps more
Daily: 9:30 to 14
                                                  Daily: from 12 to 19 • Entrance: € 6,00     typical church of Italy.
Holidays and Sunday: 9 to 16
Closed: Tues • Entrance: € 6,50                                                               Piazza SS. Annunziata - Tel. 055 2398034
                                              Museum of works from the Duomo                  Daily: 7:30 to 12:30 and 16 to 18:30           OUTSIDE HISTORIC CENTER
                                              The original “Gates of Paradise” are here.      Holidays and Sunday: 7:30 to 12:30
Museum of the History of Science              Piazza Duomo 9 - Tel. 055 2302885                                                             Church of San Miniato al Monte
This museum shows that Florence was a                                                         and 16 to 18:30 • Entrance: free
                                              Daily: from 9 -14:30                                                                          Beautiful marble façade and an
center of scientific research as well as one   Holidays and Sunday: from 8-14:00                                                             exceptional interior
of painting and sculpture. Holds some of      Entrance: € 6,00                                                                              Via Monte alle Croci - Tel. 055 2342731
Galileo’s original experiments.                                                                        SANTO SPIRITO                        Daily: Summer 8 to 15:30 - Winter 8 to
Piazza dei Giudici 1 - Tel. 055 265311        Accademia Gallery                                                                             12:30 and 14:30 to 14:30
Daily: Summer, 9 to 17 – Tues and Sat,        Home to the David, the most famous              Palazzo Pitti                                 Holidays and Sunday: Summer 8 to 19:30
9:30 to 13 - Winter 9:30 to 17                sculpture in the world.                         This palace, originally commissioned in       Winter 8:30 to 12:30 and from
Wed from 9 to 13                              Via Ricasoli 60 - Tel. 055 2388609              1448, is now home to various museums          14:30 to 19:30 • Entrance: free
Holidays and Sunday: Closed                   Daily: from 8:15 to 18:50                       and the Boboli Gardens:
Entrance: € 6,50                              Holidays and Sunday: from 8:15 to 18:50            Palatina Gallery                           Stibbert Museum
                                              Closed: Mon • Entrance: € 6,50                     This Pitti Palace gallery has an           Bizzare and vast Arms collection
Horne Museum                                                                                     important collection of paintings from     Via Stibbert 26 - Tel. 055 486049
Art collection of Herbert P. Horne            Opificio delle Pietre Dure                          the 15th to 17th century.                  Daily: Mon, Tues, & Wed from 10 to 14
Via dei Benci 6 - Tel. 055 244661             (Laboratory of Semi-Precious Stones)               Piazza Pitti - Tel. 055 2388614            Fri & Sat 10 to 18
Daily: 9 to 13                                Via Alfani, 78 - Tel: 055 26511                    Daily: 8:15 to 19                          Holidays and Sunday: 10 to 18
Holidays and Sunday: Closed                   Open: 9, 10:45, 12:30 Mon-Sat, 15:45,              Holidays and Sunday: 8:15 to 18:50         Closed: Thurs• Entrance: € 5,00
Entrance: € 5,00                              17:30 Thurs. ,Closed: Sunday and                   Closed: Mon • Entrance: € 5,00
                                              holidays • Entrance: € 2,00                        Modern Art Gallery                         Forte di Belvedere
Monastery of San Salvi                                                                           The gallery, located on the second floor,   This Fort has one of the most beautiful
Home of famous Renaissance Last Supper        Medici Chapels (Cappelle Medicee)                  primarily has paintings from the 18th      views of Florence and is host to important
fresco by Andrea del Sarto                    This structure houses the Cappella dei             and 19th centuries.                        modern art exhibitions.
Via di S. Salvi 16 - Tel. 055 2388603         Principi (the chapel of the Princes) and           Piazza Pitti - Tel. 055 294883             Via S. Leonardo - Tel. 055 2001486
Daily: from 9 to 13:50                        the Sagrestia Nuova (New Sacristy) of the          Daily: 8:15 to 13:50                       Open: Winter: 9 -18, Summer 9 - 19
Holidays and Sunday: from 8:15 to 13:50       San Lorenzo basilica.                              Holidays and Sunday: 8:15 to 13:50         (hours may very for exhibtions)
Closed: Mon • Entrance: free                  Piazza Madonna degli Aldobrandini                  Closed: Mon • Entrance: € 5,00             Entrance: € 8,00
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ITALIAN VOICES: A Window on Language and
Customs in Italy...“La Familiarità”
by Linda Falcone

     f you want to be suc- “ Ah ha! Loads has               Ah ha! Loads has
     cessful in Italy, get                               been said about the
     yourself a newsagent.      been said about          importance of family
Mine is called Matteo.
He sells papers, but his
                                the importance of inrst in this culture, then
                                                             Italy. But if family is

news is free because he         family in Italy. But familiarity comes in sec-
sees it as his duty to tell                              ond. Expectations are
you everything you need         if family is first in the motor of a society.
to know. Should you try                                  Know a country’s so-
the new trattoria in Porta
                                this culture, then       cial expectations and
Romana? Should you              familiarity comes you will understand the
run back upstairs and get                                country. Italians do not
your umbrella? Is it best       in second. ”             expect to be treated well
to wait ‘til Thursday to                                 if they are wearing the
change your dollars? He’ll tell you if face of a stranger. La familiarità
the trains are running, if Via Cavour means power in Italy. If you are fa-
has been closed off, or if you should miliar, then you have clout. If you
hurry to the corner-shop to purchase walk through a door daily, you can
sheets on sale at a good price.            expect a smile, a discount, or a piece                      Italian is “piacere,” which doubles                certainly know your family. Or at
    I pass his stand daily to collect of priceless advice. If you are just                             as the word for pleasure. “It is my                the very least, they will know whose
my newspaper, and he takes my moseying through for your due slice                                      pleasure to do you a pleasure. If you              family your house belonged to in
spare change and questions with of customer service, you’ll often find                                  are familiar, then I’ll see you around,            the fifteenth century. And those
the grace worthy of his nickname: your plate left empty in Italy. In a                                 and my kindness will be returned to                rich bankers, merchants, artists, or
“L’ambasciatore di Firenze”, the Am- word, la familiarità is a pre-requi-                              me,” is the common attitude. After                 architects, as the case may be, are
bassador of Florence. For many of us site for customer service.                                        all, the city is small, and statistics             what made the town what it is to-
who don’t know any better, Matteo              “When a customer comes by, I                            show you are not going anywhere.                   day. Roots are respected. They can
is an island of customer service in like to be reminded that there is a                                Here, workers prefer to work in                    be your roots or someone else’s; as
an ocean of indifferent bank clerks world out there. Tell me a joke, or                                their cities rather than filling their              long as you establish a connection,
and stale bureaucrats. “It’s difficult what the politicians are doing to                                pockets with another town’s mon-                   any connection that will somehow
to get good customer service in Ita- ruin our country, and if you can do                               ey. University students seldom “go                 ground you. “Know that your exis-
ly,” I told him one morning.               both at the same time, even better,”                        away” to college. Children play                    tence comes from somewhere, and
    “Not at all,” was his reply. “Ital- Giovanni, the fruit-vendor at the                              bandiera genovese, capture the flag,                make those roots known to me.”
ians are very capable of bending Sant’ Ambrogio market told me re-                                     in the very same courtyards where                  That is the essence of la familiarità.
over backwards to help a client. We cently. Does he save the best grapes                               their parents used to play. In Italian,            It may seem like a lot to ask of the
also bend the rules without hesita- for the customer with the best joke?                               there is no expression equivalent                  woman who comes to buy a piece of
tion, reach creative compromises, “Of course!” he exclaimed, “and                                      to the English word “hometown”.                    bread at the Forno, but it will pay off
and give out sizable favours. But none of that sterile garbage without                                 If it is your town, it is obvious that             for her too. If she comes by enough,
there is no investment to be made seeds. My grapes are virile!”                                        it is also your home. Anything else                they will set her square of schiac-
in the casual customer. It is lonely           In Italy, if you want real grapes,                      would be quasi-adulterous.                         ciata aside so that it’s ready in the
to see a face once only. We depend real attention, and even real affec-                                    So customer-familiarity is read-               morning when she stops by at her
on familiarity. Noi contiamo sulla tion, become a familiar face. The                                   ily expected and easily achieved. If               usual, familiar hour.
familiarità.”                              most common word for favour in                              no one knows you, they will most


              �������������                              ���������������������                                ��������������������������������������������������������������������
        ��������������������������                             ������������                                   �����������������������������������������������������������������������������
           ���������������������                            ��������������������                              �������������������������������������������������������������������������������
           ��������������������                               ��������������
   �����������������������������������             �����������������������������������
     �����������������������������                    �����������������������������

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 Culture & CUSTOMS

   Carrara - Where Giants are Born
   by Roisin McGuigan

       he sculpture of David
       by Michelangelo is glob-
       ally recognized as one
of the finest pieces of Renais-
sance art in existence. Once a
metaphor for the invigorated
and developing Florentine
Republic, youthful, defiant,
and brave, Il Gigante ‘The
Giant’ as it was known by
Renaissance contemporaries,
has in modern times been reduced          excavation and exportation for al-
to an iconic tourist image for the        most 2,500 years. The Apuan Alps
cultured traveller, just another item     surrounding the town contain the
struck off the ‘must do’ list. Unfor-     highest concentration of marble in
tunately, not many of those travel-       the world and have been the source
lers consider ‘Il Gigante’ beyond its     of material for the finest examples of
famed artistic status. It is a common     sculpture, as well as an architectural
belief that Michelangelo went to the      wonder for some of the most cre-
mines at Carrara to hand-pick the         ative hands and minds throughout
pristine marble block from the quar-      the civilised world for centuries.
ry, but this is actually a fallacy. One      From at least the first century
often-overlooked fact is that Mi-         B.C., armies of marble workers have
chelangelo came to this particular        worked the quarries but so far have
piece of stone after another sculptor     unearthed only a fraction of the bil-
had begun to carve it. The raw mar-       lions of tonnes of stone embedded
ble block then sat unfinished until        in the Apuan Alps. There are 40             Historically, the powerful alli-      tech excavation equipment that en-
Lorenzo di Medici commissioned            kinds of marble, each one named          ance between, as well as the wealth      sure nothing goes to waste. The now
the 29-year-old prodigy to com-           for its particular colour and textural   of church and state drove the re-        ubiquitous Italian speckled pave-
plete the carving. One truth remains      variance, from swirled gray Arab-        quirement for marble in the country      ments and tiles are a by-product of
however, that the recently restored       escato to zebra-striped Zebrino, all     and the Renaissance era placed a         mining processes. Another by-prod-
piece housed in the Academia Gal-         of which have been used with ex-         huge demand on the Carrara mines.        uct, marble sand, is used in cement,
lery is one of the finest examples of      quisite aesthetic and visual effect      Florentine figureheads, the Medici,       and even marble dust has found its
the purity and beauty of its chosen       in ecclesiastical buildings and pala-    were of course instrumental through      niche in the production of glossy
medium: fine white marble sourced          zzi throughout Italy. The instantly      their commissioning of palaces,          magazines and cosmetics.
in the hills around the nearby town       recognisable stone adorns not only       churches and sculptures, all used to        Generations of families have been
of Carrara.                               the facades of fine Romanesque            display the wealth and, by proxy, the    supported by the huge international
   Carrara is situated about 100 km       churches in the homeland but has         power of the Florentine Republic.        marble trade; however, there has
from Florence on the east coat of         been used by equally appreciative        In addition Lorenzo di Medici was        been a sharp downturn in demand
northern Tuscany and has been the         architects and craftsmen in Asia and     keen to demonstrate the aesthetic,       for the stone in recent years result-
source of this precious art material,     America; it once lined the lobby of      political, and religious perspectives    ing in one of the biggest local em-
a centre of sculptural production,        the tragically devastated World          of the ‘free thinkers’ within Floren-    ployers closing down. The impact on
and a competitive force in marble         Trade Center in New York.                tine society as well as the develop-     the region was immense as this com-
                                                                                   ing revolution and rebirth of the Re-    pany alone had been responsible for
                                                                                   public, to the onlookers in the wider    60% of the industry’s output, which
                                                                                   world. But there was also an impor-      is extreme considering that the
                                                                                   tant economic spin-off for local so-     mines produce approximately 1.5
                                                                                   ciety; numerous tradesmen, labour-       million tonnes per annum. Other
                                                                                   ers, artisans and their families lived   global and economic factors such as
                                                                                   from and depended upon the work          the introduction of the Euro and the
                                                                                   generated by the industry, from the      fall off in incoming business inter-
                                                                                   excavation of the stone at the be-       est from Asian countries due to the
                                                                                   ginning of the chain right down to       SARS virus as well as instability in
          ����������������������������                                             the construction of the monumental
                                                                                   buildings it adorned. This economic
                                                                                                                            the Middle East have all taken their
                                                                                                                            toll on exports. Added to this, coun-
                                                                                   trend continued within the region        tries such as India, China, and Tur-
              ���������������������������������                                    and nowadays it has been calcu-          key also mine marble. It is of lower
                                                                                   lated that there are 10,000 workers      quality, but combined with reduced
                        �����������������                                          employed by the industry in mining
                                                                                   and associated professions.
                                                                                                                            overheads they are in a position to
                                                                                                                            offer lower commodity prices, put-
                           ������������������                                         The industry has been revolution-     ting increased pressure on the Ital-
                                                                                   ized over the last 40 years. Dynamite    ian suppliers.
                                                                                   has been replaced by diamond-wire           In their heyday, the mines were
                      ������������������������������                               cutting machines and other high-         also the Mecca for the who’s who of
                                                                          Life in Italy                                                                              17
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                                                                                                              Travel & LEISURE

                                                                                                             “ From at least the first
                                                                                                               century B.C., armies of
                                                                                                               marble workers have
                                                                                  ing artistic trends to       worked the quarries        metaphor reinstated,
   the       arts;
                                                                                  deal with, what will be                                 whether the statue of
masters      such
as Canova, Mi-
                                                                                  Carrara’s future?            but so far have un-        David will again be the
                                                                                     Despite the indis-                                   icon of Carrara and the
chelangelo, and                                                                                                earthed only a fraction
                                                                                  cernible future for Car-                                marble industry that
Donatello came
                                                                                  rara, Florence contin-                                  spawned its creation,
to Carrara to
                                                                                  ues to profit from the
                                                                                                               of the billions of tonnes  standing once again de-
choose the finest
pieces for their
                                                                                  global attraction to         of stone embedded in       fiant in the face of eco-
                                                                                  the great church and                                    nomic adversity ready
commissions,                                                                                                   the Apuan Alps.”
                                                                                  artworks built from its                                 and willing to face its
and their 20th
                                                                                  neighbours’ quarries:                                   commercial opponent
century counter-
                                                                                  the Tuscany region was                                  and remain steadfast
parts like Henry
                                                                                  ranked in the Top Ten of world des-       to weather the changing climate to
Moore and Luciano Fabro were no           cannot ensure its longterm future       tinations by National Geographic’s        emerge, again, as a victorious com-
different. Some of the work the local     since the art market makes up only      Traveller Magazine in 2004. But           petitor in the marble trade.
sculpture workshop SGF has pro-           a fraction of this vast industry.       Carrara is changing as it must, in
duced for the international art mar-          In Roman times, marble was the      line with the demands of the world,
ket includes Pygmalion at Les Halles      ultimate status symbol - no price                                                  Roisin McGuigan has a Degree
                                                                                  and tourism is forming part of those
in Paris by Julio Silva and Continui-     was too high to pay for it, but what                                               in History of Art and Fine Art.
                                                                                  changes. It remains to be seen, how-
tat II by Max Bill – weighing in at       are the long-term prices paid by to-                                               She is a professional artist and
                                                                                  ever, if some day tourists will come
320 tonnes, it is the heaviest sculp-     day’s local residents? There is some                                               arts manager and works both in
                                                                                  to visit Michelangelo’s ‘giant’ legacy
ture in the world ever transported,       noise pollution and visible air pol-    with its former status as striking         Ireland and Italy.
and now resides at Deutschebank’s         lution, but the dust from marble is
head office in Frankfurt. Nowadays,        not toxic. Ecological impact is also
though, artists have moved with the       a concern so much so that the Gov-
times and have been drawn by the          ernment is considering awarding
development of new technologies           ‘Parco Nazionale ‘ status to the Alpi
away from the traditional materials       Apuane which would halt the speed
to produce their work. In an attempt      of excavation.
to redress this, the authorities of the       So how in 2005 does an industry
Carrara art world have established        whose success is dictated by indus-
a permanent art park at Pietrasanta       trial developments, cheaper con-
filled with 3-dimensional works of         struction methods and materials,
wonder by commissioned contem-            broader artistic concepts and new
porary artists in an effort to remind,    technologies, international trade
entice, and engender demand for           competition, as well as a growing
the stone again as a prized artistic      global conscience regarding the en-
medium. The ‘Scolpire all’ Aperto’        vironmental impact of the mining
biennale is held in Carrara from July     industry, survive? Can the marble
to October and is a great opportu-        industry thrive, live up to, and per-
nity to see how the artistic hand and     haps as it would hope, supersede
mind conceives and creates art from       its existing legacy? With basic eco-
this solid material. But however fa-      nomic issues of supply and demand,
mous the art created from Carrara         ecological devastation, regional
marble becomes, the art produced          economics, and drastically chang-


                                                                              �� �������                     ������� � �� � � � �� � � � � �� � � � � �




                                                                                                                              � � �� � � � � � � � � � � � � � �
                                                                              �� �� �������
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  The ARTS
   A Pre-Raphaelite Church
   In the Heart of Diladdarno
   by Sofia Novello
                                                     Fr. Lawrence and Jacqueline MacLean

       rom the outside, it is just one among the painter J.R. Spencer Stanhope,
       many XVIth century palazzi which can be his wife, and Sir Walter Spen-
       found at almost every corner of the city. But cer Stanhope. It is still an open
number 18 of via Maggio is no ordinary palace debate whether it was Bodley
and hides more beauty than the eye can see at a or John Roddam who actually
first glimpse. Behind the Renaissance façade is designed the church interiors.
indeed the church of St Mark, the first Anglo- It is usually assumed that it was
Catholic church founded in Florence, established John Roddam who introduced
in 1881 by Reverend Charles Tooth, chaplain of the red and green decoration for
the English church in Siena, with the purpose of the walls and ceiling: the pillars
promoting Anglo-Catholic principles among the are painted Indian red and the golden pilasters                  decorative, flowery motifs evoke the great oeu-
Florentines and offering the resident                                decorated with plant motifs, most of      vres of the masters of the Italian Renaissance,
Anglo-Catholic community an alter-
native to the English church of Holy
                                                                            unfortunately lost during the
                                            “ St Mark’s continues them in 1966. The decoration - also
                                                                                                               Botticelli, Ghirlandaio, Carpaccio, their exam-
                                                                                                               ple re-interpreted by the English 19th century
Trinity, started in the city thirty years     today in its role      repeated in green and red on the ceil-    imagination. Other elements also contribute to
before.                                                              ings and along the arches - which         the overall effect of an English church in Renais-
    The church stands today - still in its
                                              of a liturgical and    include flowery motifs, such as sun-       sance style: the high altar, on a wooden Neo-
original site more than a century later       cultural meeting-      flowers and lilies, hymns’ inscriptions    Renaissance golden structure with four small
- not only as the last English church in                             written in gothic characters, religious   Corinthian pillars, has a marble front with an
Florence (Holy Trinity being managed
                                              point, it welcomes     monograms, heraldic motifs, and sil-      alabaster bas-relief which portrays a perfect copy
by the English until the Second World         all religions and      very blue damask stencilling, was ap-     of Fra Angelico’s Last Supper. It also contains
War, then sold to the Waldensians in
1965), but also as a unique and pictur-
                                                                                                designer by
                                              races, and hundreds parently prompted to the Elizabethan
                                                                     XVth century patterns in
                                                                                                               a triptych inspired by the XVth century Tuscan
                                                                                                               maestri, a central panel with the Crucified Christ
esque example of the fusion of diverse        of people from all     style found on the original hangings,     adored by St Mary Magdalene set in a Tuscan
artistic styles, each of which has left                              brocades, and tapestries of the period,   landscape, St Mark and Our Lady on the left, and
its distinctive mark on the outline of
                                              over the world visit   and well documented in 19th century       St John the Evangelist and St George on the right
the church and has contributed to its         it every year. ”       encyclopaedias and dictionaries which     panel. The roundels, dated approximately 1884,
ultimate charm. The building where it                                had already been a precious source of     depicting the Risen Christ and praying angels,
is situated is a combination of origi-                               inspiration for William Morris and the    are in Pre-Raphaelite style inspired to the Ital-
nal Medieval interiors with a typical Florentine Arts and Crafts movement.                                     ian Quattrocento. A special touch is added by a
XVIth century façade. Though never demon-                     A current study has pointed out similarities     series of seven hanging lamps in Venetian style
strated, it is likely that this was the location of between the pineapple stencil on St Mark’s walls           in front of the High Altar, donated at the end of
the Machiavelli palace, home to the Machiavelli and the pomegranate pattern found in both All                  the 1800s by an English lady in memory of her
family in the 1500s. The interior decorations Saints and Holy Trinity, suggesting the involve-                 late husband. But St Mark’s two gems remain
were added in the 19th century under the coordi- ment of Bodley in the decorating process. Many                the paintings now standing in the central nave of
nation of Reverend Tooth and they were initially scholars indicate however that the hand at St                 the church: L’Arcangelo Michele che Calpesta il
designed to follow the principles of the Victorian Mark’s is not the same, and claim that it was John          Drago on the right pillar and The Annunciation
Neo-Gothicism beloved by the English commu- Roddam who did the stencilling, possibly from an                   on the left. These two paintings are by 19th cen-
nity of the time. For the purpose, Reverend Tooth original design by Bodley.                                   tury artist Giuseppe Catani Chiti from Prato, one
involved in the project many resident English art-            When the art work was completed - and de-        of the most representative interpreters of Italian
ists, and was helped in particular by the architect spite Reverend Tooth’s initial intentions - , St           Pre-Raphaelitism, educated within the Neo-Re-
G.F.Bodley - well-known Neo-Gothic decorator, Mark’s had little of the pseudo-Medieval qual-                   naissance environment of the Accademia of Si-
architect of the Holy Trinity church in Florence ity it had sought. The dominant gold and warm                 ena and apprentice to one of the founders of the
and All Saints in Cambridge - Pre-Raphaelite soft Indian red colouring, and the Pre-Raphaelite                 Italian movement of the Nazareni, whose prin

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                                                                                                                                           The ARTS
                     St. Mark’s Church
                           Interior of St. Mark’s Church, Firenze
                                                                              “It seems hard to believe that one could regain simple
                                                                               meanings of life within such a decorated, ornate,
                                                                               even distracting context. However, this was the main
                                                                               purpose which both the Pre-Raphaelites and the An-
                                                                               glo-Catholic movement had in mind when building
                                                                               the church: to express religious mystery and create an
                                                                               atmosphere conducive to devotional worship.”

                                                                   regular Bible studies, a thrift shop - a good     a young St Mark. It’s the first image the church
                                                                   place for taking clothes and other items for      possesses of the saint.
                                                                   sale for the homeless - and lessons of con-          As Father Lawrence has pointed out during our
                                                                   versational Italian. Its musical evenings,        interview, though projected towards the future,
                                                                   held in the church, have now reached their        St Mark’s is very much a first century church, still
                                                                   third season and are so well reviewed that        recreating that primeval, uplifting atmosphere of
                                                                   even the Washington Post recommends               a place where people come and leave with the
                                                                   them. Most people coming to the musical           message of God. It seems hard to believe that
                                                                   evenings also take part in the Sung masses,       one could regain simple meanings of life within
                                                                   organized every Sunday morning after Said         such a decorated, ornate, even distracting con-
                                                                   mass. But St Mark’s also regularly hosts ca-      text. However, this was the main purpose which
                                                                   thedral choirs from England and many oth-         both the Pre-Raphaelites and the Anglo-Catho-
                                                                   er countries worldwide - Australia and USA        lic movement had in mind when building the
                                                                   - which specifically request the pleasure of       church: to express religious mystery and create
                                                                   singing in this church and are invited to per-    an atmosphere conducive to devotional worship.
                                                                   form in its suggestive environment. Music         And besides, for the pre-Raphaelites themselves,
                                                                   becomes an important moment for gather-           as Berenice Shreiner writes, “Decoration is not
                                                                   ing, but for charity too, as among the many       there to tell a story, but to reinforce the sense of
    ciples inspired the members of the PRB.                  charity activities organized by the church, there is    abstract wall plane - a symbol for the infinite na-
    Between the XIXth and XXth century, St                   also the retiring collection following the evening      ture of God.”
Mark’s became an important cultural and spiri-               concerts which raises funds for the orphanage of
tual base for the English community in Florence,             Amala, India, where a special missionary activity
visited by artists and personalities of the time,            is currently held.
especially by the members and friends of the Pre-                The church is extremely attentive to its artistic
Raphaelite movement. Pre-Raphaelite artist Hol-              patrimony as well. Father Lawrence MacLean,
man Hunt is known to have had a special bond                 the present chaplain, supervised closely the re-
with the church: St Mark’s still possesses a com-            cent and complete restoration of the beautiful
munion chalice inscribed in the memory of his                Greek icon dated late 17th century Virgin and
wife, Fanny, who died in Florence in 1866 of an              Child, now back to its splendour and displayed
illness brought on by childbirth.                            in the Lady Chapel for everyone to see. Other              Said Masses: Tuesday,
    St Mark’s continues today in its role of a litur-        paintings are currently being restored, the beau-          Thursday and Saturday 9.30 a.m
gical and cultural meeting-point, it welcomes all            tiful Venetian Lady displayed in the chaplaincy            Wednesday 10.00 a.m
religions and races, and hundreds of people from             has recently undergone cleaning. In 2003, thanks
all over the world visit it every year. Every week           to the donations of the congregation and friends           Friday 12.30 a.m
it hosts many activities which have increased in             of the church, Father Lawrence was also able to            Sung Mass : Sunday 10.30 a.m
number over the years and made the church well-              commission a new icon. This was written by the
known within the local community: a book club,               Fraternity of Jesus of Florence, and it represents



20                                                                                Life in Italy
Thursday 26 May 2005                                                                                                                               www.theflorentine.net

 How do YOU......?
The Purchase of Real Estate in Italy
We asked Bill Thomson, the managing director of the
Knight Frank real estate network in Italy, to help us
out with some basic questions regarding the purchase
of property.
   TF: Regarding purchasing prop-          just as there are in most other ad-
erty in Italy for non-Italians, we         vanced countries around the world,
have been warned that it is easy to        that prohibit discrimination of any
get “burned,” that you may buy a           kind. You should (and will) be treat-
property, or think you have bought a       ed exactly like an Italian. However,
property, only to then have it taken       if you are not, you should be asking
back and find that all of your money        your real estate professional or your
has been lost. What do we need to          attorney to look into the matter.
know to protect ourselves?                     TF: How long must you own a
   BT: Why is it that so many Ameri-       property in Italy in order to achieve
cans assume that Italy is in the Third     the maximum tax benefits?
World! Here are the essential steps:           BT: If you sell a property that you
First, when you find a property that        have owned for five years or longer,
you want to buy - but before you           you will not be taxed (in Italy) on
have agreed to a deal with your re-        its resale. But, if you sell in less than
altor, ask him or her the following        five years, it is seen as speculation
question: “What percentage of the          and therefore subject to high rates
sale will I have to pay you?” In Italy,    of income tax. There is not a capital         improvements, description of per-       property, and if you should fail to
in most cases, the buyer, as well as       gains tax rate in Italy.                      mits that have been obtained or will    close, for any reason, you will lose
the seller, must pay a commission.             However, if you are an American           be obtained, loans required, and on     your deposit.
Thus, the purchase price you are of-       citizen, you may be subject to US in-         and on.                                    With this system, there is no need
fering is your offer price plus a real-    come taxes, regardless of the taxes              Second, based on your satisfac-      for appriasals, title searches, and so
tor fee.                                   you pay in Italy. In this matter, you         tion with the accuracy and thor-        on, until after the Compromesso
   Second, once you have gotten            should consult with your US tax               oughness of the Compromesso, you        has been executed. Once you have
past the commission stage and want         professional.                                 will then elect to proceed and pay      signed that document you will have
to proceed with the transaction, you           TF: What are some of the proce-           a non-refundable deposit as des-        all the time in the world to verify
should definitely seek a local attor-       dures regarding inspection, apprais-          ignated in that document. In Italy,     the accuracy of all of the representa-
ney who will assist you. Ask for rec-      als, title fees, and closing?                 these deposits are normally 20% of      tions made by the vendor. (Usually,
ommendations, and be sure you find              BT: The purchase rituals in this          the purchase price.                     it will take 3 or 4 months before the
a representative who is experienced        country allow buyers to agree to                 When you elect to proceed and        final closing takes place.)
in real estate, and one who will not       purchase a property based on a se-            make this deposit, you can feel rea-       TF: Can you give an example of a
bog you down (and thus overcharge)         ries of promises made by the seller           sonably confident that the vendor        common mistake or misunderstand-
in the details. A good attorney will       (“vendor”) of the property. This may          has told you the truth and that he      ing that non-Italians make during a
perform the necessary steps so you         sound like fairyland to those of you          or she will proceed to closing. Fur-    real estate transaction?
can be assured you are buying ex-          who are used to a more formalized             thermore, the laws in Italy stipulate      BT: In my experience, many for-
actly what you think you are buy-          and seemingly “secure” transaction,           that if a vendor reneges, or has pro-   eigners try and find out too much
ing, from whom you think you are           but it actually works quite well. Fol-        vided false or misleading informa-      about a property before deciding if
buying it from, and that you will pay      lowing is a brief description of how          tion, that vendor must refund your      they like it! Look at the property,
only that which you have agreed to         things all come together:                     deposit plus a penalty of 100%. In      imagine yourself living there, and
pay. It really is not as complicated a         First, your attorney will draw up         20 years of doing real estate here      then ask if this is a place that you
process as many are led to believe.        a Compromesso, which is a promise             in Italy, I have never seen a signed    would like to have as your home.
   TF: What are the laws for buying        to purchase, based on the declara-            Compromesso that did not proceed        At that early point there is no need
property for stranieri in Italy?           tions that have been made by the              to a sale.                              to find out how much ice the fridge
   BT: Italy has no laws that differ-      vendor. This document will describe              I do, however, offer a word of       makes. First, stop and take notice
entiate between Italians and foreign-      the transaction in detail and will            warning to the buyer: once you have     of the sunset...or the noise from the
ers when it comes to the purchase of       include such information as the lot           signed, you have obligated yourself     motorway.
real estate. There are laws in Italy,      size, a description and size of the           to complete the purchase of the                                             o

             Learn Italian where it is spoken

   Basic and intensive courses                       EUROCENTRES FIRENZE                      ����������
   Multimedia learning centre with language lab         Piazza Santo Spirito, 9
                                                            50125 FIRENZE                   �����������������������
   Free access to internet
                                                          tel. +39 055 213030
   Art history, drawing and painting, italian            fax: +39 055 216497
   cooking, wine tasting, fashion design, Opera.           e-mail: info@ecfi.it
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                                                                                                                                 Food & WINE
 Over the Tuscan Stove -Erbe Toscane (Tuscan Herbs)
 A must in the Tuscan kitchen
 and a great gift!                                                                          Recipe for Erbe Toscane:
                                                                                              1 cup fresh rosemary
                                                                                              needles/ Rosmarino
       The following is from Judy Witts - owner of Divina Cucina. Judy                        1/2 cup fresh sage
       offers cooking classes and walking tours of Florence and Chianti                       2 cloves fresh garlic,
       and has agreed to provide regular contributions to The Florentine.                     sliced/ Aglio
                                                                                              Fine Sea salt/ Sale fine

                                                                                            Remove the rosemary needles from the branches and the sage
  What gives the                                                                            leaves from the stems.
  Florentine roast                                                                          Spread out the herbs on a wooden cutting board, add the garlic,
  pork, Arista, that                                                                        and sprinkle with 1 teaspoon of sea salt.
  fabulous flavour?                                                                          Using a mezzaluna or large knife, chop in a rocking motion
                                                                                            until the herb mixture is almost a powder.
  Why are the roast                                                                         If the mixture seems too wet, add another teaspoon of salt.
  potatoes here the                                                                         Spread the mixture on a wooden cutting board and let dry over
  best you’ve ever had?                                                                     night.
                                                                                            When dry, the Tuscan herb mixture can be kept in a tightly
                                                                                            sealed jar on your shelf; it does not need to be refrigerated.
  Where can you get                                                                         Try creating your own blends! Change the proportions of the
  some of this magical                                                                      herbs; add thyme, lemon peel, orange rind, fennel seeds, or, if
  and fragrant season-                                                                      you’re lucky enough to have some, fennel pollen.
  ing for your own                                                                          Be creative!
  kitchen?                                                                                  When using dried mixtures, remember that they already con-
                                                                                            tain salt.

      he secret is right outside your garden door, or at your local vegetable               I adore making these roast potatoes with Erbe Toscane:
      vendor. Tuscan kitchen flavours are simple and easy to incorporate into                Preheat oven to 200°C.
      your own home cooking.                                                                Wash the potatoes (and peel if you are cooking for a Floren-
   Tuscany is not the only region in Italy with claim to a characteristic sea-              tine).
soning; indeed, each region has its own signature herb(s). Sicily’s is oregano,             Cut into small bite-size pieces.
Siena’s is tarragon, or dragoncello, and Rome’s specials are mint and garlic.               Place in a bowl and toss with extra virgin olive oil and some of
Tuscany to me is rosemary and sage. Used separately or together, these herbs                the prepared Tuscan herbs (recipe above).
are never absent from my kitchen. Of course, there’s no substitute for using                Add some additional sea salt/sale grosso and mix well with
fresh herbs, but for when this is not possible, it’s best to keep a ready stock of          your hands.
herbs you’ve dried yourself. Finely chopping the fresh herbs and sprinkling                 Place the potatoes on a cookie sheet and bake for approxi-
them with fine (not coarse!) sea salt will help them to dry well, preserve their             mately 1 hour. Turn the potatoes after 30 minutes.
fragrance, and allow you to save them for later use.                                        Warning: these potatoes are addictive!
   I myself tend to opt for preparing a dried blend I call Erbe Toscane. It                 I also add whole peeled garlic cloves, zucchini, and carrots for
mixes well with olive oil to make a dipping sauce, and I personally like to                 a wonderful roast veggie dish.
heat in oil, which then becomes perfect for drizzling on my bean soup.
   Many Tuscan butchers use a similar combination of herbs, to which they
add fennel seeds, black pepper, and a hearty amount of garlic, thus creat-
ing a wetter consistency ideal for the inside of roast pork or as a rub on the
outside of beef. Look out for the prepared roasts at the Sant’ Ambrogio
and San Lorenzo markets, and you will see how the Tuscan masters season
their meats.                                                                                     Even if you are not Tuscan, you can
For more recommendations see Divina Cucina’s dining guide online at:
                                                                                                   certainly learn to cook like one!

                            Opportunità unica in
                            “The Florentine”!                                                      �����������
                             Comunicare direttamente                                               ������������������
                             agli anglosassoni toscanizzati!

   “...E ora, icchè vu gli scrivete?”
  Sifira Rose Vi offre servizi aziendali di marketing e comunicazione.
  Ma non solo; noi siamo anglosassoni e siamo pure toscanizzati.                                   ���������������������������
  Il meglio dei due mondi....

 www.sifirarose.com tel/fax 055 8361048 cell. 335 670877
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   Useful NUMBERS
                                              �������������������                                             CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING
                                              ����������������������������������                                               Annunci Economici
           ������������������                 ������������������

                     ���                      �����������������������������������
                                                                                               Each form must contain just one announcement and refer to a single
                                                                                               category. To publish multiple ads, photocopy the form or download the form
                     ������                   ������������������������                         at www.theflorentine.net.
                                              �����������������                                Ogni modulo deve contenere un solo annuncio ed essere riferito ad
                     ���                      ������������������������������                   una sola categoria. Per pubblicare più annunci, fotocopiare il modulo o
                                                                                               scaricarlo da Internet www.theflorentine.net.
                ������������                  ���������������������������������������
                                                                                               CATEGORIES / CATEGORIE
                     ���                      �������������������������������
                                                                                               Housing for sale / Immobili vendita
                                              �������������������������������������������      Housing for rent / Immobili affitto
     �������������������������                �����������������������������������������        Rooms for rent / Camere in affitto
                     ���                      ���������������������������
                                                                                               Help wanted / Offerte di lavoro
                                                                                               Vehicles / Veicoli
                                              �����������������                                Private lessons, classes / Lezioni private, corsi
         ���������������������                ��������������������������                       Leisure & vacation / Tempo libero e vacanze
          �����������                         ����������������������������������               Services / Servizi
                                              ���������������������������������                COST INFORMATION (VAT INCLUDED) / TARIFFE (IVA INCLUSA)
        �����������������������                                                                Up to 20 words €20 / Fino a 20 parole €20
                                                                                               Any additional word €0,50 / Ogni parola in più €0,50
            ����������                        ������������������
                                                                                               The cost is double for outlined ads / Il costo raddoppia col riquadro
                                              �����������������                                Up to 20 words €40 / Fino a 20 parole €40
                                              ����������������������������������               Any additional word €1 / Ogni parola in più €1
                                              ������������������������������                   FREE CATEGORIES / CATEGORIE GRATUITE
  �������������������������������             �������������������������������������������      Housing wanted / Cerco casa
  �����������������������������������������                                                    Household items for sale / Oggetti in vendita
                                                                                               Jobs wanted / Cerco lavoro
                                              ��������������������                             Personals / Personali
  ������������������������                    �������������                                    Lost & found / Oggetti smarriti
  ��������������������������������������                                                       Pets / Animali
  ����������������������������                ��������������������������������������
                                                                                               Free ads must not exceed 25 words
  ���������������                             �����������������                                Gli annunci gratuiti non possono superare le 25 parole
  �����������                                 ������������������������������������
                                                                                               HOW TO ADVERTISE / COME PUBBLICARE UN ANNUNCIO
  �������������������                         ����������������������                           Send or consign the completed form and payment (cash, check, money order, or
                                              ���������������������������                      money transfer) to:
  �������������������������������                                                              Inviare o consegnare il modulo compilato e l’attestazione di pagamento (contanti,
  ��������������������������������            ������������������������                         assegno, vaglia, bonifico) a:
  ������������������������                    ����������������������������������������                                         *   The Florentine c/o Agile Logica snc
  ���������������                             ����������������������������������                                               )   Via Santa Maria 32 r, 50125 Firenze
                                                                                                                                   Tel/Fax 055.2306616
  �����������������������                     �������������������   �           �                                              @   annunci@theflorentine.net
  �����������������                           �          �                                     Ads must be received by 12.00 on Monday in order to be published in the issue the
                                              ������������������                               following Thursday. If the ad is received after this deadline then it will be published
                                                                                               the following week.
  ���������������                           ���������������������������������������            Gli annunci devono pervenire entro le 12.00 del lunedì per la pubblicazione nel
                                            ����������������������������������                 numero che esce giovedì della stessa settimana. Nel caso l’annuncio pervenga
  ���������������������������               ���������������������                              dopo tale termine verrà pubblicato sul numero successivo.
  ����������������������������������������� ����������������������
  ����������������������������������        �������������������������                          The Florentine is only offering a service, and does not receive commissions or
  ����������������������������������������                                                     trades, is not responsible for quality, provenance, or accuracy of ads, nor for the
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  ������������������������������                                                               The Florentine reserves the right to its unquestionable authority to refuse or suspend
  ���������������������������������                                                            publication of any classified ad. The Florentine will publish personal and/or sensitive
                                            ����������������������������������                 information, in accordance with laws D.Lgs.196/2003, only with direct and specific
  �������������������������                                                                    consent from the interested party.
  �������������������������������������                                                        The Florentine offre esclusivamente un servizio, non riceve provvigioni sulle
                                                                                               contrattazioni, non effettua commerci, non è responsabile per la qualità,
  ������������������������                  �������������������������
                                                                                               provenienza, veridicità delle inserzioni e neppure per le conseguenze dirette
  ���������������������������������           ����������������������������������������         e indirette che possono derivare dalla corrispondenza di tali dati alla realtà.
  �������������������                         ��������������������������������������           The Florentine si riserva, a suo insindacabile giudizio, di rifiutare o sospendere
                                              ���������������������������������                un’inserzione.The Florentine precisa che le inserzioni recanti dati personali e/o
                                              ������������������������������                   sensibili ai sensi del D. Lgs. 196/2003 vengono pubblicate solo se l’interessato
  ��������������������������������                                                             esprime diretto e specifico consenso.
  ��������������������������                                                                            �� � � � � � � �
                                              ��������������������                                � �� � � � �� � � � � �
                                                                                                                                                                     �� � � � � � � �� � � � � �� � � � �
  �������                                     ���������������������������                            � � � �� � �� � ��

  ����������������������������������������                                                           � � � � � � ��� � � � �
                                                                                                                                                                             � � �� � � � � � � � � � � � � � �
                                                                                                     � � � � �� � �� � �
                                                                                          Useful Numbers                                                                            23
www.theflorentine.net                                                                                                                                            Thursday 26 May 2005

                                                                                                                                             Classified ADS
                    Classified Advertising Form                                                     Housing for Rent/Immobili in Affitto       Bilingual Italian / English, good
                                                                                                                                             German and French, extensive
                                                                                                   Studio in Chianti. Renting indipendent    experience in education , pr, sales,
  Name / Nome ___________________________________________________                                  studio fully furnished in Mercatale       marketing, interpreting in UK and Italy,
                                                                                                   (Chianti) for two, large garden, well     seeks job. Elena: 340 875041
  Address / Indirizzo ______________________________________________                               connected. Contact kiki237@hotmail.
                                                                                                   com, www.crespello.it                     English, Spanish and Italian speaker
  _________________________________________________________________                                Tel. 348 38 52 338                        with considerable experience in bars
                                                                                                                                             and restaurants. Serious hardworker.
  Tel. / Fax _______________________________________________________                               Housing Wanted/I Cerco Casa               Call Eduardo 338.2125090
                                                                                                   English teacher seeks 3-4 rooms           Italian and history of art graduate
  Fiscal Code /VAT Number /                                                                        apartment semi-furnished near San         seeks employment. Fluent Italian
  Codice fiscale / partita IVA ______________________________________                               Marco. Tel. 333.6139895                   and mother tounge English speaker.
                                                                                                                                             Preferably art based also tourism,
   o Housing for sale / Immobili vendita
                                                       FREE CATEGORIES /
                                                       CATEGORIE GRATUITE
                                                                                                   Rooms for Rent/Camere in Affitto           anything considered. Ashton
   o Housing for rent / Immobili affitto                 o Housing wanted / Cerco casa               Beautiful studio flat, furnished, with    Sydney University architecture
   o Rooms for rent / Camere in affitto                  o Household items for sale /                terrace. Short rentals only, maximum     graduate seeks work in any field. Good
   o Help wanted / Offerte di lavoro                      Oggetti in vendita                        three months. Central but tranquil       knowledge of computers and Italian.
   o Vehicles / Veicoli                                 o Jobs wanted / Cerco lavoro                area. Please contact                     Please call Giulietta 392.2641734
   o Private lessons, classes / Lezioni private, corsi o Personals / Personali                      Alison 334.3418636
   o Leisure & vacation / Tempo libero e vacanze
   o Services / Servizi
                                                        o Lost & found / Oggetti smarriti
                                                        o Pets / Animali
                                                                                                   Room for rent near piazza Gavinana        Help Wanted/Offerte di lavoro
                                                                                                   in a big and beautiful flat, bathroom,
                                                                                                   kitchen, large dining room. Bus n° 23      Immediate part time work. Mail
          Number of words / N. parole ___________                    € _______________             from the city center. Call btwn 8-11pm.     boxes in via Norvegia12 urgently
                                                                                                   Tel 055.6530294                            needs a delivery person for afternoon
          Outlined (doubled price) /                                                                                                          work in South Florence area. Basic
          Riquadro (il costo raddoppia) o Yes o No € _______________
                                                                                                   Personals/Personali                        Italian language needed. Call Cristina
                                                                                                                                              055.6533238 or write to
          Sub total / Sub totale                                     € _______________             Looking for English speaking               mbe348@mbe.it
          Number of issues / N. uscite                               € _______________             friends to improve my English
                                                                                                   conversation and understanding. No        A PH.D. student at New York
          Total cost       / Costo      totale                       € _______________             private lessons. Maria 328.4147758        University seeks 20-25 year olds to
                                                                                                                                             interview (paid), for her research project
                                                                                                   Meet up Florence! Young Foreigners
                                                                                                                                             on the bicultural experience, who
  METHOD OF PAYMENT / MODALITÀ DI PAGAMENTO                                                        (all nationalities) Informal Networking
                                                                                                                                             were born and raised in Italy by their
   o Cash (send together with announcement) / Contanti (allegare in busta chiusa e                 Session. Are you living or would you
                                                                                                                                             American caucasian mother and their
     spedire insieme all’annuncio)                                                                 like to live in Florence? Opportunity
                                                                                                                                             Italian father and who are studying in the
   o Check written out to B’ Gruppo Srl / Assegno non trasferibile intestato a                     to meet new people, meet people
                                                                                                                                             US. Please contact: Jane McCall Politi
     B’Gruppo srl                                                                                  who have been living in Florence for
                                                                                                                                             - jqp2084@nyu.edu, 335-1591491 Italy,
   o Postal Money Order for B’ Gruppo Srl, via Valentini 10, 59100 Prato / Vaglia                  several years, network, ask questions,
                                                                                                                                             917-885-5481 US.
     postale intestato a B’Gruppo srl, via Valentini 10, 59100 Prato                               etc. Come to the SHOT CAFE Via
                                                                                                   Pucci 5/a Firenze (near Duomo) Every      Tour Company based in Florence is
   o Money Transfer to B’Gruppo srl, Credito Emiliano, c/c 5642/9, ABI 03032,
                                                                                                   Tuesday in June at 7.30pm. Ask for        searching for full-time and part time front
     CAB 21500 (attach or fax a copy of transaction) / Bonifico bancario intestato a
                                                                                                   Anna or Kandace at the bar. More          office managers and historian guides:
     B’Gruppo srl, Credito Emiliano, c/c 5642/9, ABI 03032, CAB 21500 (allegare                    info call Anna 3493629859 (english/
     o inviare per fax copia della contabile)                                                                                                Front Office Managers
                                                                                                   italian) or Kandace 3490579445 or         Candidates must be fluent in English
  ADVERTISEMENT / ANNUNCIO                                                                         email info@florenceforfun.org              and Italian; additional languages such
  Write in block letters, one word per square, in English) / Scrivere in stampatello, una                                                    as German are desirable. Candidates
  sola parola per casella, in inglese                                                              Private Lessons/Lezioni Private           must possess strong management,
                                                                                                   Italian in Chianti. Individual classes    organizational and writing skills
   1                               2                                  3                            and/or with B&B with a 35 years           and the ability to multi-task quickly
                                                                                                   internationally experienced lady          and efficiently. The positions are
   4                               5                                  6
                                                                                                   teacher in a charming studio in           concentrated during the months of
   7                               8                                  9                                                                      March - October yet will require working
                                                                                                   owner’s villa in Mercatale Chianti
   10                              11                                 12                           25 km from Florence in August/            in the off- season on projects.
   13                              14                                 15                           September. Contact Kiki237@hotmail.       Historian Guides
                                                                                                   com; www.crespello.it                     Personable, bright, well presented
   16                              17                                 18                           Tel 348 38 52 338                         candidates with art history and or
   19                              20                                                                                                        history qualifications required for casual
                                                                                                   Italian Language Lessons, in your         on call guiding work until November.
   Supplemental Words / Inizio supplemento                                                         home. I am a native Italian and work      Please send a letter of
   21                              22                                 23                           as a professor for different American     introduction, references and CV to
                                                                                                   Universities. Please call Alba at         tourvacancies@hotmail.com
   24                              25                                 26                           339.5405066
   27                              28                                 29
                                                                                                   Beading and jewellery design              Vehicles/Veicoli
   30                              31                                 32                           classes taught by International           Auto for sale 2001, VW Passat, only
   33                              34                                 35                           jewellery artist. Individual and small    66,000 kilometres, full time 4 wheel
                                                                                                   groups. Charming centro location,         drive, V6 engine - 2.8 cc. complete
   36                              37                                 38                           beginner welcome! Lily 055.289649         service history with Ignesti. Fully
   39                              40                                 41                                                                     equipped, including air conditioning,
   42                              43                                 44
                                                                                                   Leisures & Vacation/                      leather seats and trim, alloy wheels,

   45                              46                                 47
                                                                                                   Tempo libero e vacanze                    CD player with 6-CD changer and 6
                                                                                                                                             speakers on each side. 17 inch wheels
                                                                                                   Agriturismo Poggio Asciutto,              with new tires. complete trim, with roof
   48                              49                                 50                           Greve in Chianti, wine, oliveoil,         rack and fog lights. 14,000 Euro. Call
   For more words attach a separate piece of paper / Per più parole aggiungere 1 foglio            honey, vegetables, chili pepper,
                                                                                                   jam and courses of Tuscan                 +39-055-220-518
  I authorize The Florentine to insert and save this form in their electronic archives in          country-style cooking. Come to            Yamaha Majestic for sale. Registered
  conformation with editorial and advertising policy. I accept full responsibility for all of      learn cooking or to have lunch or
                                                                                                   dinner! (by reservation only). Tel.       2003, 250 cc, 26.000 km, metallic
  the data contained in this form.                                                                 055.852835; www.poggioasciutto.it;        brown, windshield, 48 ltr. Carrier case,
  Autorizzo The Florentine ad inserire e conservare nel suo archivio elettronico tutti i           farm@poggioasciutto.it                    2.300 Euro. Call Tiziano 347.763362
  dati contenuti del presente modulo e ad utilizzarli per fini conformi all’attività editoriale
                                                                                                                                             Fiat Punto 55 Special Anno ‘99,
  e pubblicitaria. Mi assumo la responsabilità per tutti i dati contenuti nel modulo.
                                                                                                   Jobs Wanted/Cerco lavoro                  arancio metallizzato, 5 porte, autoradio,
                                                                                                                                             unico proprietario, 16,000 KM,
  Signature / Firma _______________________________________________                                Painter handyman seeks work.              occasione unica, vendesi 3.500,00 Euro.
                                                                                                   Punctual, reliable and neat. Free         Call 055 2047914, 055 283933
                                                                                                   estimates, fair rates.
  Date / Data_______________________________
                                                                                                   Call Tim 334.1453933



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