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Volume 1 Spring, 2001

Alumni Newsletter Department of Chemical Engineering University of Tulsa

Letter from the Chairman
Dear Alumni and Friends, I hope you like the new alumni newsletter, In TUChE. Say that again, how did you pronounce that? Did you say: “In T-U-C-H-E”, sounding out the individual letters or did you say it like: “In Touch”? Get it? In TUChE sounds like “In Touch” which is what we hope to accomplish with our TUChE newsletter and the accompanying alumni page on our website (see the “Alumni” link at Thanks to Bob Purinton (BS, 1976 and MS, 1986) for this catchy little title. He is the winner of the Name the Newsletter contest with that entry. His prize is a very firm handshake and pat on the back from me! Many more prizes just like that are still available. I’ve been at TU for almost a year now, and I’ve had an opportunity to meet a number of our alumni, but I haven’t met nearly enough yet. Anytime you’re nearby, please come in to the Chemical Engineering office to receive your prize. In TUChE is great, but personal contact is better, and I hope to have the opportunity to meet many more of our alumni. It’s been a really exciting year for me. After 21 years in the Chemical Engineering Department at LSU, I moved my family (wife, Judy, and three boys, Jerry, Joey and David) to Tulsa from Baton Rouge last summer to take this position. I love the small school environment, and the faculty, staff, students, and administration here at TU are the salt of the earth. That was enough excitement for me for one year, but the rest of the Chemical Engineering Department wouldn’t leave it there. They graduated an outstanding group of students, received faculty teaching and staff awards, started an Omega Chi Epsilon Chapter, took 25 students out to the AIChE meeting in Los Angeles, and many other events which are too numerous to mention. Thanks to all the faculty, staff, and students who made it a really great year for me. But I’m spoiling the rest of the newsletter for you. Please read on for more details. I hope that In TUChE touches you to be in touch with us. Sincerely,

Geoffrey L. Price Professor and Chairman

Volume 1 University of Tulsa ________________________________________________________________

Spring 2001

Alumni Scholarship Fund Established
The Department of Chemical Engineering has established an alumni scholarship fund which will be used to help recruit students into the Chemical Engineering program at TU. The Industrial Advisory Board voted unanimously to establish the fund at its Spring 2001 meeting. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarships to help reduce the tuition gap between TU and the public universities. All alumni are encouraged to support this fund by sending a tax deductible gift to TU at the address listed below. Please make checks payable to The University of Tulsa and in the memo portion of your check write: Chemical Engineering Alumni Scholarship. Thanks for your support!
The University of Tulsa Chemical Engineering Department 600 S. College Avenue Tulsa, OK 74104-3189

If you would like to know more about monetary contributions of any kind, please contact Kayla Acebo at (918) 631-3152 or send an e-mail to

In TUChE is published for the benefit of the department’s alumni and students. Comments and suggestions should be directed to:
EDITORIAL STAFF Geoffrey L. Price Chairman (918) 631-2575 Sheila A. Kumpe Editor (918) 631-2226 University of Tulsa Chemical Engineering Department 600 S. College Avenue Tulsa, OK 74104-3189

Pass It On

Remember your experience at TU? Remember the small school environment, caring and competent teachers, focus on academics, prestige in graduation? Do you also know college bound students who could benefit from this environment? If you do, let us know. Send us an email with contact information and we’ll forward materials. Sons and daughters are especially welcome!

A chemical engineering alumnus, Guy J. Turcotte (BS, 1975), was inducted into the Engineering and Natural Sciences Hall of Fame in a ceremony at the ACAC on March 29, 2001. Geoffrey L. Price, Chairman of the Chemical Engineering Department introduced the recipient, and Dean Steven Bellovich, College of Engineering and Natural Sciences, presented the award. Our congratulations go to Mr. Turcotte for this well deserved honor. Guy was born in Wainwright, Alberta in 1952 and graduated from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) in 1972 with a diploma in Gas Technology (honors). He then completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering (honors) in 1975 at the University of Tulsa, followed by a Masters of Business Administration degree which was completed in 1976 at the University of Alberta. Mr. Turcotte is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and a founding shareholder of Western Oil Sands Inc., which is partner with Shell Canada Limited and Chevron Canada Resources in a $5 billion oil sands development called the Athabasca Oil Sands Project. The Athabasca Oil Sands Project includes the Muskeg River Mine to be constructed 70 kilometres north of Fort McMurray, Alberta, and the Scotford Upgrader to be constructed next to Shell’s existing Scotford Refinery north of Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. Western Oil Sands concluded almost $1 billion of financing in 1999 for its participation in the Athabasca Oil Sands Project. The project will deliver 155,000 BPD of synthetic crude production in late 2002. Mr. Turcotte founded Chauvco Resources Ltd. in January, 1981 which was sold to Pioneer Natural Resources Limited of Houston, Texas in late 1997. Mr. Turcotte is also the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Fort Chicago Energy Partners L.P which owns equity interest in the Alliance Pipeline project and the Aux Sable natural gas liquids extraction plant project. The Alliance Pipeline project involves the design, construction and operation of the 3,000 km main line natural gas pipeline from northwestern Alberta to a delivery point near Chicago, Illinois. The Aux Sable plant

project involves the construction and operation of a natural gas liquids extraction facility located near Chicago. Mr. Turcotte provided a major contribution to the Calgary petroleum community as a result of the evolution and financing of the Alliance projects, which commenced commercial service on December 1, 2000. From 1984 to 1988, and from 1989 to 1994, Guy served on the Board of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP). He has served on various Boards in the industry and is currently on the Board of Directors of Fort Chicago Energy Partners L. P., Alliance Pipeline Ltd., Western Oil Sands Inc., The Westaim Corporation and is a member of the Young Presidents' Organization. Guy received the Independent Petroleum Association of Canada Chairman's award in 1990. He also received the Wall Street Transcript Gold award for the outstanding Chief Executive Officer in the category of Canadian Junior Oil Producers in 1990 and in 1991, received the same award in the Canadian Intermediate Oil Producer category. The Pinnacle Award honoring Entrepreneurship in Alberta was presented to Guy in late 1991. Mr. Turcotte was the first recipient of NAIT’s Alumni Award of Distinction, which was presented to him in April, 1997. Mr. Turcotte is also the Chairman and majority shareholder of Stone Creek Properties Inc., a privately owned company which owns two major real estate developments. The SilverTip project includes a 700 housing unit development, a world-class golf course and a 1200 room hotel village forming part of an international destination resort. The second project is in Invermere, British Columbia. An 18-hole championship golf course opened in May, 2000, with 300 units of residential real estate being brought on-stream starting in 2000. In accepting the award, Guy acknowledged his admiration for Professor Frank Manning who was one of Guy’s chemical engineering professors. He spoke about how he happened to come to the University of Tulsa after narrowing his search to 3 or 4 schools then choosing Tulsa because he could get away from home and head south. He also told an anecdote about several men, Guy included, being assigned to the women’s dorm when he arrived in Tulsa because the other dorms were full. Complaints from the female students prompted Tulsa administrators to move him after the first semester. Mr. Turcotte is married to Dawn Turcotte and they have four children: Paula, Joe, Tom and Alex - ages 8, 6, 4 and 2. Congratulations!

At the 32nd Annual Honors and Awards Assembly of the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Dr. Christi L. Patton was awarded the Kermit E. Brown Award for Teaching Excellence by the Teaching Effectiveness Committee. The committee is composed of both faculty and students, who selected Dr. Patton from among 51 submitted nominations for 12 faculty members. Dr. Patton is also responsible for the initial startup of the Chemical Engineering Honor Society. After a year it will petition to become a chapter of Omega Chi Epsilon.

Omega Chi Epsilon promotes
high scholarship, encourages original investigation in chemical engineering and recognizes the valuable traits of character, integrity, and leadership. It serves both undergraduate and graduate students and fosters meaningful student-faculty dialogue. The key at the top represents the objectives of Omega Chi Epsilon. The four arms of the Maltese cross represent the first four objectives: 1. Recognition—to recognize excellence in chemical engineering. 2. Investigation—to promote original investigation and innovation in chemical engineering. 3. Service—to provide service to the chemical engineering department or school and its student body. 4. Comradeship—to promote comradeship among chemical engineers.

Congratulations to Dr. Patton for this well-deserved honor!!

These four are bound intimately together by the fifth objective: 5. Professionalism—to promote honesty, integrity and social responsibility: the hallmarks of professional ethics.

1947 Randall Sanger (BS ‘47) has been retired since 1985 from Monsanto and McDonnell Douglas. 1948 Calvin McKee (BS ‘48) has 6 children, 10 grandchildren, and 1 great grandchild! Served in the Korean War as a paratrooper. Worked all over the world as a VP with Gulf Oil. Then became president of Warren Petroleum and Anchor Gasoline Corporation. Also, has been a former ChE Advisory Board member and a Trustee for the University of Tulsa. 1950 Dean Lovejoy (BS ‘50) now retired from Mobil Oil. William Plaster (BS ‘50) worked at Continental Oil Co. a couple of years after graduation, then received his MS in ChE from OSU in 1955. He retired in 1985 from Phillips Petroleum. 1955 Oliver Engle (BS ‘55) retired from Conoco in 1995 after 40 years of service! 1956 Lee Pigeon, Sr. (BS ‘55, MS ‘56) was employed 38 1/2 years with Eastman Chemical Co in various R&D and production positions with the last 23 years in engineering management. Also president of Tryon Road Water Supply Corp. for 20 years and president of the Humane Society of Gregg County for 18 years. In addition, he was on the Board of Directors of Fractionation Research for 10 years. Amir Sarem (BS ‘54, MS ‘56) is president of Improved Petroleum Recovery Consultants in Yorba Linda, CA. Visit his website at 1960 Wayne Rumley (BS ‘60) is president of R&R Engineering in Tulsa and serves on several boards including the ChE Advisory Board. 1961 Robert Smith (BS ‘61) did graduate work at Purdue, has worked in the Middle East and the North Sea, owned his own company, and is currently doing consulting work. He has also taught seminars at Texas A&M, published 47 technical papers, and holds 3 patents. 1962 John Cegielski, Jr. (BS ‘59, MS ‘62) Even after working for several companies, patenting inventions, and consulting, he feels his greatest accomplishment has been raising 5 children all contributors to our society! Charles Crawford (BS ‘62) retired from Sun Oil Company after 33 years. He ran twice for Tulsa City Council and was beaten both times by Sam Roop. He currently does volunteer work for the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office. Reid Miller (BS ‘62) went on to obtain his doctorate degree and teaches ChE at Washington State University. Thomas Sontag (BS ‘59, MS ‘62) retired in 1998 after working for several companies. He’s now an active volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, American Red Cross, and is a volunteer income tax preparer for the IRS. L. Duane Wilson (BS ‘62) is Vice President of RMS&T Technology for Conoco in Ponca City, OK. Currently serves on TU’s Board of Trustees. 1964 David Allan (BS ‘62, MS ‘64) has retired from Exxon Corp. after 34 years in research, planning, and executive level jobs. He is currently an Economic Development Manager for the Ft. McDowell Indian Community and building a resort hotel, an 18 hole golf course, and a new casino. Doy Cole (BS ‘62, MS ‘64) retired in Texas in June 1999. Don Husted (BS ‘64) Instead of the slogan: It’s join the Navy and see the world—it’s be a chemical engineer and see the world as Don as done. Charles Martin (BS ’64) received his MS in Civil Engineering from OSU in 1996 and works now for VECO in Denver. He has a physician daughter with two grandchildren and a son and daughter-in-law who both work at Raytheon in Dallas.

Perry Reeder (BS ‘64) currently retired but spent many years with Exxon, Koch Refining, and Orion Refining. 1965 Bob Baker (BS ‘65) has worked for Phillips Petroleum in many different capacities, Chemical Market Resources, Inc., Eastchem Corp., and is currently with New Tech Chemical as a sales rep for chemicals. Has four grandchildren! 1966 James Ross (BS ‘66) works at Phillips Petroleum. Tak Sung (BS ‘66) obtained MS and Ph.D. in ChE from University of Maryland then obtained a JD from George Washington University Law School. Worked as an intellectual property lawyer until 1996 when he retired. Jeff Smyth (BS ‘66) worked at Cities Service in engineering for 4 years before returning to TU for an MBA in 1970. Has held a number of financial positions through the years and is currently senior vice president and chief financial officer of Fossil Bay Resources, Ltd. in Dallas. 1967 Chandra Tripathy (MS ‘67) stayed in Tulsa until 1978 working as a senior application engineer, chief engineer, vice president and general manager and president of an oil and gas equipment manufacturer. Moved to Houston at the end of 1978 as the president of a similar company. Presently owns En-Fab, Inc. with another partner. En-Fab’s web site is Patrick Young (BS ‘67) is currently retired. 1968 Harold Dinsmore (BS ‘68) after a tour in Vietnam has worked for Sun Oil, Williams Bros. Engineering Co., and John Zink Co. Eric Johnson (BS ‘68) completed a 32 year career with Conoco on 1-1-00. Favorite job was as manager of a Conoco/Pennzoil joint venture that constructed and started up a lube oil hydrocracker. 1969 George Roe (BS ‘69) retired after 29 years with Shell Oil/Shell Chemical. Judith (Reynolds) Wagner (BS ‘69) works at BP America in Houston as a Project General Manager, Holstein. 1970 Lee Ratcliff (BS ‘70) has worked for Eastman Chemical for 31 years since leaving TU. 1971 Jeffrey Roseberry (BS ‘71) earned a masters in business from Kellogg, Northwestern University in 1985. Founded ProMark Associates in 1988. He has developed unique chemical air filtration products to improve IAQ. Was granted a patent in 1995 for a method of disposing of used motor oil. Married in 1993. 1972 Ron Dobbs (BS ‘72) worked as a chemist with the City of Tulsa then as an analytical chemist with Sherry Laboratories. Presently, he is a teacher and adjunct professor at Spartan Aeronautics and Tulsa Community College. For many years he coached little league baseball, football, and basketball. 1973 Curtis Lawson (BS ‘73) received his MS in ChE from Purdue in 1976 and has been with DuPont for 25 years! Michael Soper (BS ‘72, MS ‘73) is an ophthalmologist in Muskogee (Soper Eye Center) and is currently on the ChE Advisory Board. 1974 Roop Bhan (MS ‘74) worked for Ozark-Mahoning Co. twice, Mapco for a while, John Zink Co., and now at Callidus. Dan Lansdown (BS ‘74) is president of Domain Engineering and is currently on the ChE Advisory Board. 1976 Denis Zigrang (MS ‘70, Ph.D. ‘76) with wife, Betty, enjoys a pleasant retirement frequently traveling to Portland, OR to visit grandchildren and relatives in other states.

1977 Don Tomiello (BS ‘77) is manager of transportation operations at Dynegy Midstream Services L.P. in Houston. 1978 John Hottovy (MS ‘78) works for Chevron Phillips Chemical Company and currently serves on our Advisory Board. Jesus Briceno (BS ‘76, MS ‘78) has worked most of his career in Venezuela but has recently moved to Houston with Onyx Engineering, Inc. Stan Ruth (BS ‘78) has worked in various industries for the past 13 years. Along with his wife and daughters, he lives in Beaumont, TX and enjoys all the recreational opportunities in that area. Jerry Wilburg (BS ‘78) works at Thermoflo Equiment Company in Tulsa. 1979 Sheila Dubey (MS ‘79) has been with Shell Oil / Equilon Enterprises in various capacities. Jose Riera (BS ‘79) worked for PDVSA in Venezuela before returning to Tulsa to work at John Zink Co. Wife is also a TU alum and they have twin daughters! Jose is also an instrument rated pilot and volunteers for the USAF Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol. Timothy Raburn (BS ‘79) was employed as a Petroleum Engineer for the first ten years of his career. He currently heads up a national sales force which provides natural gas products and services to utilities and industrials throughout the U.S. Resides in Kansas City with wife Marna (White) (BS ‘84) and four children. Jeff Sheppard (BS ‘79) worked in gas processing for 7 years after graduation. After that he has worked in the pharmaceutical industry in a variety of positions. Jeff has lived in Germany, Singapore, The Netherlands, Ireland, and England. He is currently managing the process engineering design for a $250 million bulk chemical facility being constructed in Singapore. 1980 Peter Pickard (BS ‘80) has been married for 15 years, 4 dogs, 1 cat, no kids. Has been at Callidus since 1994. Has traveled in the last 7 years to Israel, India, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico and having a good time! David Hamilton (BS ‘80) is married with 3 children. Has been working in the gas processing industry. He’s currently the Senior Field Engineer for Duke Energy Field Services in Oklahoma. Jazan Urriza (BS ‘80) works at St. Jude Medical in Sylmar, CA. 1981 Tony Henshaw (BS ‘81) Six years ago he started his own engineering company, Morning Star Technology, Inc., Tulsa, OK specializing in the design and construction of refined products, loading racks, and terminals. Kirk Raney (BS ‘81) received his Ph.D. in ChE from Rice University in 1985 and has been working for Shell Chemical Co. since then. Grant Wood (BS ‘81) since graduating has worked as a process engineer and as a sales engineer for various companies. Currently, he works with high-tech and semiconductor companies. Has been married for 19 years and has 2 teenage daughters. 1982 Russell Kroll (BS ‘82) became an attorney. Rebecca Sherry (BS ‘82) received an MBA from Washington University in 1996 and currently works at Anheuser-Busch. 1984 Cindy Boster (BS ‘84) worked as an engineer at the American Airlines Maintenance Base in Tulsa from 1986 to 2000. Currently she is in St. Louis while hubby is attending the Concordia Seminary. Jon Edmondson (BS ‘84) also received an MBA from Wharton School of Business in 1989. Jon is a lucky guy—he has recently returned from a 3 year overseas stint with Shell Oil based out of London. David Pharis (BS ‘84) employed by Conoco from 1984 to 1994 and since then employed at Hanover Russell here in Tulsa. Nicholas Zafer (BS ‘84) and wife, Laurie, became proud parents last year with the arrival of Nicholas George. Nick is employed by Pharmacia Corp. in Kalamazoo, MI. 1985 Kathleen Stirling (BS ‘85) works as a Technology Manager with NPTO-DOE here in Tulsa.

1986 Judith Carley (BS ‘86) has worked over 15 years for Schlumberger with environmental responsibilities for all of their U.S. and Canadian oilfield locations. Judith is married with two children. Doug Elliott (BS ‘86) went on to become a patent attorney and is now with Thomason, Moser & Patterson in Houston. Paul Klein (BS ‘86) made a career change to computer programming in 2000 and has a great job with the Legislative Budget Board of Texas. Robert Purinton (BS ’76, MS ‘86) left Schlumberger in 1997 after 20 years. Joined Tulsa Heaters, Inc. as Design/Sales Engineer. Bought an older home in mid-town Tulsa in 1999 and fixing it up. Enjoys singing with the Tulsa Oratorio Chorus and various groups at Boston Avenue Methodist Church. Currently on the ChE Advisory Board. Troy Reusser (BS ‘86) also received an MBA from the University of Chicago. Has worked for Conoco and is currently with Koch Industries. Loretta (Svoboda) Steffanelli (BS ‘86) has worked in Alaska, California, Texas, and now back in Tulsa at John Zink Company. David Tomasko (BS ‘86) went to graduate school at the University of Illinois, took a post-doc position at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia and has been teaching at The Ohio State University since 1993. J. Kevin Whear (BS ‘86) is the Director of Research for Daramil in Owensboro, KY. 1987 Omar Barkat (MS ‘84, Ph.D. ‘87) teaches at McNeese State University in Lake Charles, LA and has recently been named the “Southwest Louisiana Industries Professor of Chemical Engineering.” 1988 John Williams (BS ‘88) works in Power Development at Williams Energy. John married Cristinia Smith in 1994 and they have two sons. 1989 Kari (Oliver) McCartney (BS ‘89) spent 2 1/2 years with Shell Oil, 8 1/2 years with ABB, and now with Schweitzer-Maudvit International. 1990 Daniel Alcott (BS ‘90) has been working for the last 11 years in the oil and gas industry in Houston for various companies. Still follows TU’s basketball and football programs. Carol (Engel) Barrow (BS ‘90) and hubby, Kurt, have two daughters and are in Singapore for Exxon Mobil on a three year assignment. Jennifer (Maddy) Halleck (BS ‘90) started her own business in 1997, Air Compliance Engineering, providing consulting services for a variety of companies. Married Michael Halleck (BSEE ‘89) in 1997 and recently became parents to a daughter. Jayme (Ramey) Meier (BS ‘90) married with children and working at Exxon Mobil. 1992 Ken Parker (BS ‘92) has worked in a variety of engineering and project management positions. Recently completed a $65 million fiber optic route from Portland to Seattle and now works for Metromedia Fiber Networks in Seattle. 1993 Brenda (Rush) McLaury (BS ‘93) works at Sun Oil in Tulsa. Husband is Brenton McLaury, a faculty member with the Mechanical Engineering Department. H. Lynn Tomlinson (BS ‘93) worked first at Chevron Research & Technology in California. Married in October 1993 and they have a son, Gavin, born in December 1996. Currently, Lynn is a Senior Process Engineer at Syntroleum Corporation in Tulsa. Kuo-Ying Amanda Wu (MS ‘90, Ph.D. ‘93) worked as a vice manager of a technical department for more than 2 years, then became an assistant to a British general manager. Missing research, Amanda went back to industry as a researcher. Then she later chose teaching for more freedom but was “accidentally” promoted to Dean of Student Affairs and Assistant Professor of Industrial Management of Fortune Institute of Technology in Taiwan and has been very busy since. 1994 Kenneth Gaines (BS ‘94) has been working as an investment specialist lately but plans to return to chemical engineering. Brian Habeck (MS ‘94) works for Dow Chemical in West Virginia and currently serves on the ChE Advisory Board.

Aaron Stuber (BS ‘94) After spending 4 years conducting air emissions tests at refineries, gas plants and general industry, Aaron is currently employed as a Senior Process Engineer at a Tulsa consulting firm. Recently passed the PE exam. 1995 Brenda (Schneider) Habeck (BS ‘95) works for DuPont in West Virginia and currently serves on the ChE Advisory Board. Johan Johan (BS ‘95) received his Masters in Environmental Engineering from OSU in 1998 and has worked at So & Associates since then. Robert Neuman (BS ‘95) has been with Koch since graduating and got married last year in St. Thomas. Bob Pendergrass (MS ‘95) wanted us to know that he passed the EIT exam last fall. Sanat Shetty (MS ‘91, Ph.D. ‘95) did post-doctoral research work with Prof. Ramon Cerro then joined Fintube L.P. in Tulsa in 1997. Wife, Anju, is a power analyst with Williams Energy and daughter, Anika, is attending University School here at TU. Michelle Sluga (BS’ 95) works as a Senior Project Engineer with Underwriters Laboratories in Illinois. Shannon Winters (BS ‘95) is currently working on a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management at Washington University in St. Louis while working as a Jr. Project Engineer at KV Pharmaceuticals. 1996 Abhijeet Borole (MS ‘93, Ph.D. ‘96) works at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in developing bioprocessing technology for upgrading of fossil fuels and in developing biocatalysts. Laurie (Zigrang) Davie (BS ‘96) works at Syntroleum Corp. and recently gave Dr. Denis Zigrang (MS ‘70, Ph.D. ‘76) his 9th grandchild! Judd Hollis (BS ‘96) worked for Phillips Petroleum for a while but mostly has been self-employed as an independent investor and money manager. Devyn (Lusk) Mitchell (BS ‘96) married another TU alum (Ryan Mitchell-BS ‘98) and works for Westvaco Corporation in Beaumont, TX as a project engineer. Suzanne Parker (BS ‘96) has worked for Williams Gas Pipeline since graduation in the Energy Services group and now Pipeline design. Getting married August, 2001. Kari Russell (BS ‘96) works at Atkins Benham here in Tulsa but has done a lot of traveling back and forth to Anheuser Busch in St. Louis on a big project. 1997 Chris Clausen (BS ‘97) has worked at Smithco Engineering and now at BDT Engineering. Gets to travel a lot! Karen Durham (BS ‘97) has worked at Zeeco and NATCO since graduating. But get this! Karen is now into competition ballroom, Latin, and swing dancing!! Diana Garcia (MS ‘97) The lovely Diana has been employed with Energy Solutions International for 3 years as a Project Engineer and has worked on leak detection projects all over the world. Steve Lamb (BS ‘97) has worked in Budapest, Hungary, gotten his MBA from TU in 1999, worked at Williams Communication and now at McLeod USA Telecom. Bobby Nelson (BS ‘97) has worked in the telecommunications industry since graduating. Ryan Miller (BS ‘97) has worked for Chevron in San Francisco since graduation. Ryan also has time for scuba diving and travel. In 2000, he worked in China for 3 months and dove Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Tony Uerling (BS ‘97) has worked for BP Amoco since graduation in a number of different roles. Wyatt Vreeland (BS ‘97) is finishing his Ph.D. in ChE at Northwestern University. 1998 Andrew Craig (BS ‘98) since graduation he has enjoyed working at Petro-Chem Development. However, Andrew has recently been employed by Hanover Russell and gotten married! In addition, he is now pursuing a master’s in business with an ecommerce emphasis.

Joanne (Yamasaki) Zuniga (BS ‘98) works at Chevron USA in New Orleans as a Completions Engineer. Brett Zuniga (BS ‘98) works for Dominion Prod. Co. in New Orleans as a Local Area Network Administrator. 1999 Sami Al-Ghamdi (BS ‘99) joined the consulting services department of Saudi Aramco in Dhahran. Currently, he’s on assignment with Ras Tanura Refinery. Cherie (Nebel) Almeida (BS ‘99,) got married in July, 2000 to Brandon who is a TU employee. Cherie is currently a ChE graduate student at TU. Research is in bioremediation of a brine and oil site. Anna Guy (BS ‘99) has become a mother since graduating and also works at Callidus Technology. Andrea (High) Jannasch (BS ‘99) married Nathan Jannasch (BS ‘99) on March 11, 2000. Both are working in Tulsa. James W. Kirk II (BS ‘99) is attending law school at The University of Houston. Celesta (McGee) White (BS ‘99) is currently in the ChE Ph.D. program at Georgia Tech. Husband, Bryan (TU Chemistry ‘99) is a Ph.D. student at Tech in the School of Chemistry & Biochemistry. 2000 Murtuza Rangoonwala (MS ‘00) works as a Network Engineer at Williams here in Tulsa.

Teacher Alumni Highlights
Paul Buthod (BS ‘39, MS ‘43) Retired in 1986 after teaching at TU for nearly 50 years!! Moved to Sanger, TX where his daughters and their families live nearby. Paul recently had his new swimming pool installed with its allweather cover. He can once again swim yearround. Paul has been a life-long swimmer. Wallace Philoon taught in the department from 1964 through 1986, a total of 22 years. He has sold his South Tulsa home and is now a resident of Southern Hills Retirement Community. Both of Wallace’s sons are Chemical Engineers. Allen is in Houston, TX and Steve is in Des Plaines, IL. Rich Thompson taught in the department from September, 1962 to September, 1994, 32 years, as well as serving as Chairman for a number of years. Rich retired from short-course teaching with Oil and Gas Consultants, International in December, 1999. He will go on his 22nd Sierra Club service trip in August to Glacier National Park to do trail maintenance. He also does home renovation for low-income families with his church’s volunteer group. He is still running races, though very slowly. He will coteach Thermodynamics this fall at TU with Dr. Laura Ford. His wife, Marilyn, still works at Queenie’s Plus in Utica Square Shopping Center in Tulsa, OK.


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1938 Jorge Hernandez-Guzman 1939 Albert L. Brenneman 1940 William B. Barten Ross W. Humphrey 1941 Carlos P. De La Cova Jose Martorano-Battisti 1942 John R. Brown John M. Henry 1944 William F. Brown John L. Carlson Luis J. Cordero 1945 Sam Kiguchi 1946 Hernando L. Sanchez 1947 Ralph L. Clarke Joseph H. Mitchell, Jr. 1949 Andre J. Ginestet Wilbur R. Phillips R. J. Riggs Joseph I. Savoca 1950 Harry L. Donaldson Paul K. Garetson J.R. Jackman 1951 Mehmet H. Bezman Stephen H. Dyer Bruce F. McCall Hamon R. Tittsworth Edward L. Wiley 1953 William E. Claybaugh Adil Fakhri Bernard E. Gardner, Jr. Hasan Goker Zuhayr A. Moghrabi Bob L. Roberts Mustafa Solim John W. Towner 1954 Ghaleb M. Ali-Ahmed Jesus R. Cabello Ahymad Ebrahimi Habib N. Ghorayeb Jawdat N. Khuri Salira S. Mushalwar F. J. Nouri Khalil R. Shebaklu 1955 Chandur B. Advani Shahriar Darabi Avijit Mazumder John W. Poliwczuk Harold L. Sparks Donald D. White Anushiravan A. Yeganeh 1956 Robert C. Anderson Sener Aral Morris M. Dodd 1957 William G. Ferguson John B. Godwin, Jr. Robert L. Thomas 1958 Tarun K. Banerjee Charles A. Westmoreland 1959 Issam F. Awayda Suresh K. Barshikar Hernando Celedon Hemendrakumar I. Desai Ronnie D. Montgomery 1960 Don E. Black Edgard Coronado Carolos Correa Frederico D. Franco Centeno I. Guerra Feraidoon Moustoufi C. S. Shah 1961 William Catramby Jacobo Estrugo William C. Hafer, Jr. Siavouch Mossadeghi Antonio A. Pietri Duane D. Shaul Massoud Shokrai William K. Stark Charles R. Wolfe Ebrahim Zamanzodeh 1962 Kenneth R. Hall James S. Robinson, Jr. 1963 Ernesto J. Brodella Paul H. Cantrell Hassan M. El Ubaioi 1964 Ameer N. Koohyar Eloy J. Melendez Suresh Patel Eloy M. Santeliz Gary E. Vaughn

1965 Ghita Belkacem Albert S. Griffin, Jr. J. David Lawson Dennis Loerke Ricardo A. Santander 1966 Cavit Aydemir Ronald D. Campbell Ahmet Z. Kutlu Jean J. Lamort Manuel A. Marquez Sushil K. Sarin Robert D. Wright 1967 Jose A. Alvarez Rajden K. Babayan Jasim D. Jasim Abbas E. Jourabchi Gungor Karaoguz Antoon H. Keyser Richard N. Marple Daniel K. Morgan Sheron K. Ouyang Poddltur N. Reddy Jose D. Torres 1968 Omer S. Asya A. H. Bilgic Freddy D. Cabrera Saul Claros Freddy C. D’Alessandria Mustapha A. Fekih Carlos A. Mager Pradeep Pandya Abdul-W K. Salaymeh Surinder Wazir 1969 Husain E. Al-Jasem Hugo E. Caceres Gomez George L. Cummings Ricardo A. Nunez Cemal Ozdem 1970 Mohsen Jazayeri Ronald J. Reed 1971 Swadhinata Bandyopadhyay Kantilal M. Bhavsar Gonzalo Castillo-Gallegos Luis G. Castro Mohammad Hassouneh Hani A. Hussain Arunkumar N. Jariwala Kiumars Kamali Bharatkumar C. Maniar Prasant J. Merchant Bimal C. Narayan Dennis E. O’Brien Carlos Saavedra-Franco Jitendra H. Thosani 1972 Parviz Alidaee Abdullah Al-Roumi Hamzeh Bdeir Ronald W. Hand Billy E. Harrell Nejat Kosal Virender K. Labroo Gary W. Larrabee Suphanee Leemasawatdigul Ramesh Mehta Ramon M. Oliveros Vinodkumar B. Patel Ashvinkumar P. Patel V. Antonio Serrano Prakash G. Sutaria Ajay S. Vakil Nagarajan Venkatraman 1973 Dwayne H. Atwell Omer Biceroglu Rino Cochesa Jashvant Gandhi Stanley E. Johnson Mansour Kazemi Joseph R. Kolmer Abbas F. Mazarei Surendra K. Mehta Charles R. Miller Luis G. Rivas Khosrow Vosooghzadeh Yavuz Yorulmaz 1974 Mohammed R. Al-Baho Hurcle L. Bennett, Jr. Carlota G. Garrido Antonio J. Khaled Christopher G. Mees Dale A. Nichols Rasikbhai I. Patel Muhammad B. Sharif Moussa P. Toure Romula E. Valera Raul Villamediana 1975 Tayseer A. Abdel-Halim Milad Abdussalam Abdullatif H. Al-Torah Ali N. Caglayan Hanh T. Dao Mark F. Gerlach Majid T. Ghinani Brian C. Jackson Mashhadi-Mohammad Khatami Heddy M. Romero Khalil M. Rustom Quamars Tolooie Hossein Vanaki 1976 Ali Beba Ahmad Behzadi-Teshnizi Michael E. Cease Mohammad F. Charida Haideh Enami Adel Farazimajd Edna L. Farro S. M. Hashemi Fleura Jalehchian Vijayaraghaven Sampath Frederick Whittier 1977 Angus D. Connell Tung-Sheng Kuo Krishnakumar M. Merchant Rahman Sofian Khalifa M. Sahli Carmine Vertone

1978 Husain M. Al-Damkhi Manuel A. Alvarez Adalberto Arias Anis A. Ashraf David R. Avila Moreira Mustapha Benhabiles Ajit R. Dharwadkar Saadollah Dianat Hedayat Eshraghi-Azar Hector J. Fajardo Abdelmalek Ferhi Luis P. Gutierrez Delgado Mike S. Hadi Luis C. Luzardo Matheus Anil Mathur Abbas Moshfeghian Jose F. Quintero Perez Ali Rahimi Nia Gorganrou Nadeem M. Shaikh Hossein Saberi-Ghomi Eduardo Sotolongo Cardozo Sohrab Tafreshi-Hosseini Napoleon O. Umesi Alirez Yassari 1979 Aman F. Aka Waleid S. Alfahad Moeez A. Allawala Mohammed Al-Mansur Efrain A. Briceno Nancy W. Brown Raul D. Citraro O’Brien Mohamed F. Elgazwi Abrahim Ghassayi Paul L. Lee Dale E. Lee Maria E. Narino Deicy A. Perozo Romero Felix E. Ramirez Hernandes Jose V. Vergara Jerry C. Wooten 1980 Hocine Aitakli Abolghassen Behdad Esteban Benitez-Torres Marcos Camperos Wen-Cheng E. Chen Hugh M. Garol Roy D. Roberts Senuse I. Senuisi Marek S. Turowicz 1981 Angel E. Barroeta Charles R. Bigbie III Boyd E. Cabanaw Kim C. Dorrough Clyde A. Emigh Jahangir Jahangiri Awadh R. Mansour Thomas E. Neirman Edwin A. Saa Wirat Sakornwimon Jose R. Santiago-Sturup 1982 Frank Cassick Hassan H. El-Zein Kathryn P. Gilling Michael A. Hein Alan D. Irwin Mihail Karambles Jamil M. Kassim Stacy D. Marshall Sandra K. Martin Bahman Safary Yusuf K. Salviz Saham Tafreshi Jin-Wu Wang 1983 Shueh-Hen Cheng Andrew J. Holman Rebecca S. Klopp Kelly Malone Bahram Raoofi Raymond E. Rusek Farhad Sadeghzadeh Fernando E. Salinas John W. Schmid Douglas M. Werhane 1984 Albert E. Angela Ozgur Buyuktanir Elias I. Jabbour Salim M. Khalil Kim-Phuong T. Nguyen 1985 Hassan A. Aicha Daniel M. Coombs Fouad Fleyfel Shannon B. Gaskill Dong X. Hoang John T. Hoekstra Mazen M. Motar Jose P. Paterno Susan H. Rehbein-Trussell Michael S. Robinson Dwight A. Tyrrell 1986 Wirongana Ruengphrathuengsu Son Vu 1987 Patrick S. Barry Jennifer D. Goins Ziya Gurun Sandra Lam Jack B. Pearson Kishore S. Sundararajan 1988 Mohamad W. Ali Mohamad R. A-Rahman Mike Halvaci Adisak Jangkamolkulchai Mohsen Madani-Esfahani Othman B. Md-Salleh Rosman M. Saad Alan B. Young 1989 Azizul Abdul-Rahman Ghormallah S. Al-Ghamdi Hussain A. Al-Obaid Steven W. Autry Cheng M. Chang Kathy L. Hansen Raymond W. Rigdon Kenneth D. Tyrrell Shihong Zhou

1990 Mohammed A. Al-Dousari Adel A. Al-Hemaid Naser A. Al-Salman B. Scott Brown Stacey M. Hoffman Chawan Ongcharit Christopher L. Phillips Kristine I. Vanags Nihal Guler-Quadir Sangyong Kim 1991 Mark G. Brus Jin-Chu Chen Mark W. O’Brien Andreas A. Papadimitriou Jose A. Salazar 1992 Mohamad-Nizam Ahmad Chunhsin Chen Vinay V. Deshmane Trabazo C. Pajaro Robert H. Patrick, Jr. 1993 Alison M. Chirkis Lee B. Shelton Salina Sulaiman Hamka Suleiman 1994 Abduljaleil Al-Bigishi Aabed A. Alsa’adoun Christopher D. Collins Ikhwan Embi Monica A. Garces Teuku J. Gunawan Saleem Hasan Muhammad Ismail Bryan C. Jewett Mohammed Junid Ing K. Lee Scott L. Lowry Nadia Sallak Pappademos Johnny K. Prijambada Punjai T. Selvaraj Julio E. Suarez 1995 Abdulrahman M. Al-Abdulatif Abdulla Al-Bokhdaim Tariq Al-Douhan Fahad D. Al-Qurashi William Blackledge Zhong Y. Ding Lance R. Golwas Mazen M. Mashour Saeed A. Oboud James H. Scott Kerri D. Selsor 1996 Nawaf Z. Al-Jowiser Jaber Al-Juaidiyah Ali Al-Kharji Ahmed Al-Mehairi Mohammad A. Al-Mujaidli Sami A. Al-Otaibi Khamis M. Al-Rowaili Ali S. Al-Saiyrafi Zainon S. Aznan Judy A. Cupples Sultan Zaid M. Dhohoury Bruno Figueroa Jonas J. Figueroa Nicholas S. Lurty Pattie J. Manry Duane R. Mikulencak Derek Norman Naser Shamsaldeen 1997 Ghanim A. Al-Ghanim Khalid Al-Mohanna Sager Al-Mutairi Bandar M. Al-Mutairi Yousef Al-Najjr Anwer S. Al-Olimi Barakat A. Al-Shammari Heather D. Correll Drema D. Giustozzi Jay D. Kiper Phuong H. Le Hassan A. Mairza Federico Papa-Oliva Tengku F. Tengku-Amri 1998 Roseliana Alias Mohamad Al-Mezini Kamil B. Al-Shanfari Marlycia T. Banks Ahmed S. Khogeer Abdulla H. Mohamed Faisal A. Mohammad Andrew J. Schultz Ganesh Subramaniam 1999 Hesham M. Al-Johi Osamah M. Al-Omair Abdulrahman S. Khouri Prem C. Menon 2000 Omar M. Al-Junaibi Salem M. Al-Qahtani William E. Snyder


Chris Mayfield, Jill Brant, Ryan Moore, Thi Le MAY & AUGUST ‘01 GRADS Bachelor of Science: Zola Afonso Abdulaziz Al-Badi Ahmad Al-Ghamdi David Bradford Jill Brant Noelle Edwards Patricia Hill Nina Korzhova Thi Le Chris Mayfield Ryan Moore Jacqueline Nichols Aaron Vokoun Master of Engineering: Saad Al-Hajri Talal Al-Wahaibi Master of Science: Lydia Gutierrez Master of Science in Engineering: Hassan Asiree Jin Wang Hassan Asiree

David Bradford Ryan Moore, Dr. Francis Manning, Jill Brant, Thi Le, Chris Mayfield, David Bradford

Aaron Vokoun Noelle Edwards

Jacqueline Nichols

Nina Korzhova

Zola Afonso

Ryan Moore, Thi Le, David Bradford, Jill Brant, Chris Mayfield, Nina Korzhova, Noelle Edwards

Thi Le

Faculty Activities
Laura Ford taught the introductory chemical engineering series again this past year. Laura attended a workshop on incorporating safety into design, and she used some of that material in the safety part of the fall semester course. She also taught the engineering science fluid mechanics course both semesters. With the cooperation of Dr. Patton, she held a water day at the beginning of the fall semester to make sure all the students had some common experiences with water flow. These demonstrations were then referred to throughout the semester. Laura is advising three graduate students. Chunyang Wei is working on the chemical vapor etching reactor. Cherie Almeida and Kimberly Carter, co-advised with Dr. Sublette, are remediating oil and brine spills. Laura got her first federallyfunded grant from the Integrated Petroleum Environmental Consortium in May 2001. The National Science Foundation is currently reviewing a CAREER proposal. Laura chaired a session at the 7th Annual International Petroleum Environmental Conference in November 2000. She had a paper published in the proceedings of the 2000 Annual Meeting of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Laura is the academic advisor for the sophomore class and the faculty advisor for the student chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. She is serving on the Fringe Benefits Committee. Laura helped the E-Week Committee hold an Engineering and Natural Sciences Open House. 215 middle school students visited displays of engineering and science principles that were run by university students. Kraemer Luks has completed a three-year grant from the National Science Foundation begun in February 1998, to study the problem: Effect of cosolvents on solute solubility in and separability between liquid phases in liquid-liquid-vapor equilibrium systems. He published two papers on this research during Year 2. A third paper has been co-authored with graduate student Lydia Gutierrez and is under review by the Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data, entitled Three-Phase Liquid-Liquid-Vapor Equilibria of the Binary Mixture Carbon Dioxide + 1Methylnaphthalene. Two more papers with Ms. Gutierrez on this research are currently in preparation.

Professor Luks is also working on fundamental classical thermodynamics problems in the area of phase equilibrium computations. A paper co-authored with undergraduate student Joseph Labadie and graduate student Diana Garcia, entitled Patterns of Solidfluid Phase Equilibria. II. Interplay with Fluid Phase Criticality and Stability has recently appeared in the journal Fluid Phase Equilibria. Another paper with Mr. Labadie entitled Asymptotic Convergence of the Solid-Fluid Phase Equilibrium Problem Using a Quadrature (Discrete) Compositional Description has appeared recently in I&EC Research. A paper examining quadrature fundamentals as applied to fluidfluid-phase and solid-fluid-phase equilibria, is being currently co-authored with Mr. Labadie and will be submitted for publication shortly. A second paper with Mr. Labadie is being authored addressing crystallization thermodynamics in complex systems. Luks is also studying he thermodynamic phase space topography of n-phase azeotropy from a theoretical viewpoint. Professor Luks taught ChE 3063 (Equilibrium Thermodynamics) and ChE 7023 (Thermodynamics) as well as teamed with Dr. Patton in teaching ChE 4003 (Chemical Engineering Lab I and II). Frank Manning continues to serve as the College’s designated Representative to the Midwest Section of the American Society for Engineering Education. He also serves as the College’s Campus Rep. In addition to his extensive departmental teaching schedule (3 classes per semester), Frank continued to teach three reviews (Introduction, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, and Engineering Economics) of the eight Saturday morning review sessions for the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Examination. This review was offered in both the fall and spring semesters. He also proctored the Fundamentals of Engineering exam in April, 2001. Frank also served as Chair of the Faculty Financial Review Committee in 2000/2001. Christi Patton Christi Patton continues to teach three classes per semester for the department. This past year she taught ES 3053 (Engineering Thermodynamics), ChE 7863 (Advanced Problem Solving in Chemical Engineering), ES 3073 (Heat Transfer), and ChE 7043 (Heat and Mass Transfer) as well as team-taught ChE 4003 and 4013 (Senior Lab I and II) with Kraemer Luks. Dr. Patton and Dr. Luks continue to upgrade the experiments in the laboratory as they work to develop new experiments for the future. The course now has a greater emphasis on safety and communications.

In addition to teaching, Christi has encouraged children to study science and engineering through visits to several elementary, middle and high schools in the area and organizing SWE-Brownie Science days. Last year more than 300 second and third grade Girl Scouts visited the University of Tulsa to learn about polymers, water treatment plants, environmental clean-up, chemistry, lasers and more. Christi also has worked to establish a chapter of Omega Chi Epsilon (the national Chemical Engineering Honor Society) at TU. Once officers were elected and by-laws adopted, 21 undergraduate and graduate students were initiated into this charter group. Geoffrey Price joined the department starting the fall semester of 2000 as Professor and Chairman. He comes to TU from Louisiana State University where he began as an Assistant Professor in 1979 and was promoted through the professional ranks to the Robert Hughes Harvey Endowed Professor. Geof’s research area is in catalysis, especially zeolites and zeolite catalysis. His main research funding that he brought to TU is an NSF GOALI grant with General Motors studying zeolitebased catalytic converters. He has extensive publications in several areas of catalysis technology including reforming, selective oxidation, and hydrogenation. He jumped right into teaching last year with ChE 4063 (Chemical Reactor Design) and ES 3053 (Thermodynamics). Chuck Sheppard taught the Graduate Reaction Kinetics course (ChE 7033) last fall and Mass Transfer (ChE 3084) and Process Control (ChE 4113) last spring. PowerPoint and WebCt (the university's "hub" for internet-enhanced courses) were used. In 7033 the students learn about molecular stability, mechanisms catalytic reactions plus residence time distribution and complex reactors (e.g., fluidized catalytic crackers). In 3084 the students learn about equilibrium stages, distillation column design, gas absorption design via both equilibrium stages and mass transfer coefficients, extraction & leaching, and humidification (cooling towers). They also designed a separation system using HYSYS. In 4113 Doug Cooper's CONTROL SYSTEMS dynamic process simulator is used; the students learn how to qualitatively predict a process's dynamic response, how to model simple process from first principals, and how to fit dynamic models (e.g., first order plus dead time) to complicated processes plus how to tune PID controls and cascade and override control.

Chuck, along with Keith Wisecarver and Mike Volk (Petroleum Engineering), are conducting research on the "Fundamentals of Delayed Coking Joint Industry Project". Summer 2001's research included analyzing data from both the micro-coker and the pilot-coker. Communication of results is through quarterly reports and biannual advisory board meetings. Papers have been presented at the Spring 2000 & 2001 AIChE meetings (see Keith Wisecarver for more). His fluidized catalytic cracker research (with Keith) is progressing at a slower pace. Graduate student Hisham Bamufleh is reacting an Arab heavy gas-oil cut. He has been active in the national AIChE/Center for Chemical Process Safety SACHE (Safety and Chemical Engineering Education) committee (meeting quarterly). Chuck and Scott Ostrowski of Exxon-Mobil will lead a safety workshop for chemical engineering faculty in September 2002. Chuck is also Graduate Student Advisor. Twelve new students came in last year. Of those, 4 are American-trained students (2 of which are supported by prestigious University Woobanks scholarships, one on the coking project and one of our TU students on a University teaching assistantship), 2 Arab supported students, 2 Indonesian students (one supported by BP/Amoco), and 2 Indian students. In the spring semester 2 more of our TU alumnus joined the program and another 2 should join this year. The graduate program is growing with 25 students currently active. Kerry Sublette organized and chaired the 7th International Petroleum Environmental Conference held November 7-10, 2000 in Albuquerque, NM attended by approximately 350 education and industry personnel. Kerry has also been leading a major initiative to obtain continued federal funding for the Integrated Petroleum Environmental Consortium (IPEC) which is a joint effort of The University of Tulsa, The University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, and The University of Arkansas. IPEC was successful in FY98 and FY99 in obtaining appropriations of $1.5 million in the VA/HUD Bill from the EPA account each year. IPEC received appropriations for $750,000 for FY00 and FY01. Kerry continues to lead a task force to raise funds for the construction and operation of an ecological research station in the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve in cooperation with The Nature Conservancy.

The research station will consist of a 10,000-ft2 research and education building featuring laboratories, classrooms, bunkrooms, and kitchen and mess facilities as well as long-term housing for visiting scientists. In December 1999 Kerry was instrumental in arranging the donation of the BioSep™ patents from DuPont, which have been evaluated by PriceWaterhouseCoopers at $17 million. BioSep™ is a unique immobilization matrix for microorganisms with wide ranging applications in waste water and groundwater treatment. Kerry also serves as TU’s technical champion for BioSep™ raising money for additional research and seeking out technical development partnerships. Kerry’s grant activity this year has included: 1) the restoration of soil ecosystems following crude oil and brine spills (funded by DOE); 2) the biotreatment of hydrocarbon contaminated air (funded by BP Amoco); and 3) bioreactor design for microbial oxidation of sulfides (funded by DOE). In addition to his extensive research activities, Kerry taught a course to non-science majors entitled Ecosystem Damage and Recovery as well as ChE 4163 (Environmental Engineering). Register now!!!! 8TH ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL PETROLEUM ENVIRONMENTAL CONFERENCE November 6-9, 2001 Renaissance Hotel, Houston, TX For more information, see web site at:

Advisory Board
A hearty thanks goes out to the current members of ChE’s Advisory Board!
Ellen Boyer Femgineering, Arlington, TX Brian Habeck Dow Chemical Company, West Virginia Ops South Charleston, WV Brenda Habeck DuPont Corporation, Washington Works Parkersburg, WV Jay Hawkins NALCO/Exxon Energy Chemicals, L.P. Robinson, IL John Hottovy Phillips Petroleum Company, Bartlesville, OK Dan Lansdown Domain Engineering, Inc., Tulsa, OK Reed Melton ThermaTran, Inc., Tulsa, OK Bob Purinton Tulsa Heaters, Inc., Tulsa, OK

Keith Wisecarver has kept busy with research and teaching. Keith taught ChE 7003 (Fluid Mechanics) and co-taught ChE 4183 (Petroleum Refinery Design) with Dr. Manning. Keith is currently advising or co-advising (with Chuck Sheppard) eight of our graduate students. Keith's research interests are generally in the areas of petroleum refining processes and multiphase reactors. Keith and Chuck Sheppard continue to be busy with the DOE/Joint Industry Project "Fundamentals of Delayed Coking." The project has continued to grow; we now have 12 member companies in the JIP (Baker Petrolite, Chevron, Citgo, Conoco, Equilon, Exxon-Mobile, Foster Wheeler, Great Lakes Carbon, KBC, Marathon-Ashland, Petrobras, and Suncor) and a three-year budget of over $2 million. More information on this project is available at the Fundamentals of Delayed Coking web site (http:// Other research projects Keith is working on include fluid catalytic cracking, gas-liquid reactor design, and Fischer-Tropsch processes.

Wayne Rumley R&R Engineering Company, Inc., Tulsa, OK Thomas Russell T.H. Russell L.L.C., Tulsa, OK Michael Soper, M.D. Soper Eye Center, Muskogee, OK Tom Steiner John Zink Company, Tulsa, OK Ken Van Valkenburgh Vanco Engineering, Tulsa, OK W. Wayne Wilson Conoco, Inc., Ponca City, OK Stephen Yeretsky (ret.) Friendswood, TX

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600 South College Avenue Tulsa, OK 74104-3189


The University of Tulsa is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution. For EEO/ AA information, contact the Office of Legal Compliance at (918) 631-2423; for disability accommodations, contact Dr. Jane Corso at (918) 631-2315.

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