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					                                                                               September 17, 2012

Mr. Corpus J. Zorola, CTPM
Senior Buyer
Brownsville Independent School District

Dear Mr. Zorola:

        We hope these words find you well. This is our letter of introduction; where we intend
to describe to you how we are the best choice to handle this project for BISD. We will also give
you a little bit of insight in who we are, who already trust us to be their advertising firm and the
experience we have handling this type of business.

          ink Ape Media is a young up and coming advertising firm that has been gamrng
momentum in the last couple of years. We are located at 2672 Greenhaven St., in Brownsville
Texas 78521. You can reach us at or by calling at 956-908-0519. We
serve the lower Rio Grande Valley; from Brownsville to McAllen, we have distinguished
ourselves for a prompt service and an accurate work. Our work areas are primarily
Advertisement, Image Printing and Public Relations. In our advertising department we can
provide services like: Billboard or Large Format Media; Television Production and Media;
Newspaper Ads; Radio Sport development; Internet Marketing and Website development and
many more areas. Also, in our Image Printing department, we are capable of designing and
printing the most successful and effective graphic works. We have also served in the capacity as
Public Relations to government entities that have struggled to get their messages across.

        Our clients range from Small Business to Governmental Entities. We have successfully
created Public Service Campaigns for the Cameron County Judges Office. Campaigns like "Don't
leave your child behind" where we encourage citizens to not fail to notice their kids. We
recently showcased our Border Protection Video, a documentary about the current state of our
region in terms of security and spilled over violence. We have also had the privilege to create a
very successful campaign to bring awareness about how dangerous is to not be prepared for a
hurricane. Several projects that we feel are making a difference for our community. If you need
more information about these projects we encourage you to call the Cameron County's office.
Our main contact there was Cristobal M. Valadez - Cameron County Judge's Chief of Staff.

      We currently handle several projects for private companies that include Lawyers like the
Mendez Law Group, Healthcare companies like Synergy Rehab or franchises like Jones Liquor.
Our portfolio includes several small businesses like restaurants, automobile shops and many

    2672 Greenhaven St., Brownsville, Texas 78521 - Phone 956-908-0519

                                               u I t     n 9

     different areas. We have handle advertising in Billboards, TV, the internet and newspapers.
     They are all extremely pleased with our work and looking forward to keep making business with

             It is important to notice that our company knows the local market very well. The
     successof these types of projects rests in knowing the market. We feel our company has the
     local advantage and the right profile to serve BISO. We have already started talking to our
     clients and have been getting excellent responds. They like the idea of advertising in School
     Buses and love it if we were the ones providing this service; they trust us and will keep on
     buying from us. Pink Ape Media is from Brownsville. Our employees Jive here and we all pay
     BISDtaxes. We are committed to the education of OUR children.

             We are dynamic team, created to fill every client's necessities and every provider's
     requirements. We have the right amount of personnel to fulfill the job in its entirety. We are
     willing to work hard to provide the best results. And best of all we know how to get clients to
     advertise in all of the buses in a real short period of time. BISOwill love working with us and we
     will enjoy working once more for our community; especially to better the education of our

             One of the other advantages in choosing us for this project is our financial commitment
     to the project. We are willing to invest money in advertisement. We plan to place several TV
     spots in our local media as well as newspaper ads. This is to fill those buses with advertisement
     as quickly as possible. We will also utilize the internet to spread the word about this new and
     exciting way to advertise. We are also willing to invest in signs to place on your buses to
     promote the service (AO SPACE    AVAILABLEHERE).

             With all of these been said, we are very grateful for the opportunity that BISOhas put
     out. We are sure your will make the best decision that will ensure the best results for our
     children. We believe, we hold the best proposal. We leave you wishing great success in this
     Endeavour and putting ourselves at your service. Again, our email
     and our phone number is 956-908-0519.

      an Antonio Villalobos
     General Manager

         2672 Greenhaven st., Brownsville, Texas 78521 - Phone 956-908-0519