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									                          TASE: GLCM

Overview and
business story

          get Multiple Sclerosis Insight for Personalized Control

   May 2012                                  Dr. Avi Dukler, President & CEO
Forward-Looking Statements

    Some of the information on this document may contain projections or other forward-looking statements
  regarding future events or the future financial performance of Glycominds Ltd. or Glycominds Inc.

    We wish to caution you that these statements are only predictions and that actual events or results may
  differ materially.

    We refer you to the documents that Glycominds files from time to time with the Israeli Securities
  Authorization and Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange, specifically, Glycominds’ most recent prospectus dated
  February 15, 2011. This document contains and identifies important factors that could cause the actual
  results to differ materially from those contained in our projections or forward-looking statements,
  including, among others, changes in the demand for Glycominds’ products; changes in economic
  conditions generally or technology spending in particular; changes in the competitive dynamics of
  Glycominds’ markets; changes in the LDT regulation; changes in the USA reimbursement system.

   Glycominds assumes no obligation, and does not intend, to update these forward-looking statements.

TASE: GLCM                                                                                                    2

 1    A commercial stage biomarker company

 2    Breakthrough, novel blood tests for Multiple Sclerosis and Crohn’s Disease

 3    Operates CLIA clinical laboratory in Simi Valley, CA

      Strong IP and proprietary technology platform

 5   Operates in a high growth market with limited competition

 6   Generates revenues demonstrating a valid business model

TASE: GLCM                                                                         3
              SPECIALTY LAB &

 3% of esoteric labs creates 33% of a $62 billion market

TASE: GLCM                                                 5
    Double digit growth for esoteric testing

TASE: GLCM                                     6
    High Growth on Multiple Sclerosis US Market

                                                                Almost 500,000 MS patients in the US
                    472,000                                     18.5% growth on drug market
           Total US MS Patients (est)


           80,000           226,000                ~63,000              ~60,000
           RRMS              RRMS                  Avonex              Specialty
            CIS               CIS                  Patients            Pharmacy

222,000                                 250,000
Patients                                Treated    ~100,000             ~25,000
 Not on    101,000          17,000      Patients   COPAXONE              Retail
Therapy     SPMS            SPMS                   Patients            Pharmacy

                                                   ~51,000              ~15,000
           40,000           7,000                   Rebif                Mail
           PPMS             PPMS                   Patients              Order

                                                   ~10,000     Jan 2011              Size              Growth
                                                   Patients    Sales                ~$6.4B             18.5%

TASE: GLCM                                                                                                      7

What Can Biomarkers Do?

             Change Managed Care Efficiency and Costs

TASE: GLCM                                              9
           Potential Mechanism of Action
Non-Cellular component of BBB Basement Membrane
              Contains Collagen Type IV
                                              EAE brain stained for anti-GAGA4
                                              (70598) or its anti-Ha control

 • Number of glycosylated hydroxylysine       Anti-GAGA4 (green)                      Anti-Ha (green)
 residues varies among the various collagen
                                                • Data looks promising, but the secondary
                                                antibody alone also produces some green
 • For instance, Type IV collagen found in
 basement membranes (BM) and type VI
 collagen found in blood vessels have large
                                                • More research is currently being conducted
 number of modifications.

  Ruotsalainen et al., 2005                     Provided courtesy of V. Wee Yong, Professor, University of Calgary

 TASE: GLCM                                                                                                          10
        Next Generation in Glycan Technology for
                 Clinical Development
      From Discovery to Clinical Products
           Established capability to work with small volume of specimens
           Performed extensive screening to discover and validate glycan biomarkers
           Obtained robust analysis for clinical validation
           Developed design-control process for product development and production
           Delivered regulated menu of laboratory developed tests

  Glycan          Screening glycan arrays          array                 cell                  analysis   Lab developed test

      Issued patents is the US*
       8,129,128; 8,048,639; 7,906,291; 7,608,414; 7,592,150; 7,572,592 ; 7,537,900; 6,994,966; 6,972,172
                                       * Not include patent applications and over 100 issued
   TASE: GLCM                                    and granted patents outside the US                                            11
       Leading a Revolution in Managed Care

 2009          2010   2011   2012*   2013   2014*

 * Estimated

TASE: GLCM                                          12
               THE PRODUCTS:
             BLOOD TESTS FOR MS

  MS is still diagnosis of exclusions –
  MRI alone can NOT be sufficient for timely diagnosis, * “No better
         explanation” is challenging for general neurologist

                Today                                                   The                       Solution

   Series of MRI

   Spinal Tap

                                                                        Brettschneider et al Journal of
                                                                        Neuroimmunology 2009;217:95-101.

   “There must be no better explanation for the                       Glycominds test expedites diagnosis
   clinical presentation, and objective evidence                      and can double the effective window
   must be present to support a diagnosis of MS”                      for early treatment.

      Critical time is lost                                              Saving $11,000 of first
                                                                            diagnosis year

TASE: GLCM                       * Polman et al ANN NEUROL 2011;69:292–302
Value and Size of Opportunity for
                   Value Proposition:
                       Patient: Improve early diagnosis; eliminate
                       unnecessary disabilities

                       Physician: Gain differential diagnosis; decide
                       based on patients at risk

                       US Payer: Save first year of diagnosis work-up

                   Size of the US Market for gMSDx test:

                                 Market Size:                              $120 Million
    New CIS/MS patients                              $1,290 / gMS Dx
   31,000 new cases p.a.*       Suspected MS
                                                         charged               p.a.
                              cases 100,000 p.a.
                                                                        Glycominds as market
                                                                        leader will take 30-40%
                                                                        market share in next 5 years

TASE: GLCM                                                                                             15
 MS is heterogeneous disease, prognosis is challenging
Early treatment windows, many treatment options and different efficacy/ safety
 profiles creates an unmet medical need for a Risk / Benefit decisions tool for
                   newly diagnosed and breakthrough cases


           Rebif®                                  The                          Solution

      (glatiramer acetate)




         Gilenya®                                  Freedman M. et al. Multiple Sclerosis
                                                   Journal , published online Dec 2011.

       (Teriflunomide)                        Breakthrough blood test that
           BG-12                              predicts patients’ risk level for
     (Dimethyl Fumarate)
                                              sustained disability progression



 TASE: GLCM                                                                                16
Value and Size of Opportunity for
                   Value Proposition:
                       Patient: Improve early diagnosis; eliminate
                       unnecessary disabilities

                       Physician: Gain differential diagnosis; decide
                       based on patients at risk

                       US Payer: Save drug costs and gain extra QALY
                       (Dominant in cost effectiveness model)

                   Size of the US Market for gMSDx test:

      ~15% p.a. out of
   276,000 RRMSpatients          Market Size:       $3,920 / gMS EDSS      $300 Million
      prior significants         80,000 p.a.             charged
   31,000 new cases p.a..                                               Glycominds as market
                                                                        leader will take 30-40%
                                                                        market share in next 5 years

TASE: GLCM                                                                                             17
  Pipeline: The Risk Management challenge
  Risk for severe side effects in Multiple Sclerosis is associated with
  suppressive immune system.

                                                 The                   Solution

    (natalizumab)    PML
    (Imitoxantrone   Leukemia
     Gilenya®        Herpes Zoster, malignancy

    (alemtuzumab)    Secondary Autoimmunity

                                                 Glycominds test may predict risk
                                                 for severe side effects based on
                                                 immunosupressive system

TASE: GLCM                                                                          18
             GO TO MARKET

Fully integrated clinical laboratory with nation-
            wide CLIA certifications

TASE: GLCM                                          20
    Built an impacting marketing team in the US

TASE: GLCM                                        21
Built an effective sales reps team in the West Coast

  Sales force       USA West Coast Penetration

                               Quarterly Reported Test in the West Coast

   Significant Growth Potential in Diagnosis of
           Multiple Sclerosis in the US

                                      Great             York
North                                 Lakes
West                                                           Central
                                                               North E
West                                                           Central
Coast                                                          North W
                                                South           South

              2012 sales force plan
 TASE: GLCM   Extending sales reps in Q1-2013                            23
 Patient and Caregiver Outreach Campaign

 Patient Education   Social Networks   Patient Associations

TASE: GLCM                                                    24
      Obtaining network of PPO agreements
Done in Q4-11-Q1-2012:                                What to Expect:


                    Payers                Providers

 TASE: GLCM              CONFIDENTIALYour Logo
    Medical Policy Coverage Decisions with
       Target Healthcare Plans in 2013

             (WA)          (CA)



                       ‘Flying below radar” approach
                       with five first tier insurance plans
                       that cover 50% of the commercial
                       market (100 million lives) to
                       reach critical mass, and medical
                       policy coverage in 2013

TASE: GLCM                                                    26

             MRI is the main biomarker in
                  Multiple Sclerosis

                                                       Coronal fluid-attenuated
                    Sagittal T1-weighted MRI           inversion recovery (FLAIR)
                    depicts multiple                   MRI in a patient with
                    hypointense lesions in the         multiple sclerosis
                    corpus callosum; this              demonstrates
                    finding is characteristic of       periventricular high–signal
                    multiple sclerosis.                intensity lesions, which
                                                       exhibit a typical distribution
                                                       for multiple sclerosis.

              Axial diffusion-weighted MRI in a    Axial T2-weighted MRI in a
              patient with multiple sclerosis      patient with multiple sclerosis
              shows several hyperintense           demonstrates numerous white
              lesions, a feature of inflammatory   matter plaques in a callosal and
              disease activity.                    pericallosal white matter

TASE: GLCM                                                                              1628
             Other blood tests for MS are evolving

 Differential diagnosis of NMO
    NMO-IgG tests is commercially available
    as a differential diagnosis of NMO from MS
    The NMO test is provided by Mayo Clinic,
    ARUP and Ahtena labs

 JC Virus Stratification
    StratifyJCV is a companion diagnostics
    tests for Tysabri (a FDA approved
    monocolonal Ab for MS with a risk for PML
    based on a JC virus infection
    StratifyJCV was developed by Biogen Idec
    (Tysabri manufacturer ) and provides in the
    US by Quest Diagnostics

TASE: GLCM                                           1629
             BUSINESS MODEL

   Innovative Science and Business Model
Delivering Value to Patients and Shareholders

               Technology     Glycominds, center of excellence for
                                  Huge market with very high
                                      Multiple Sclerosis

                 Unmet        Glycominds, center of excellence for
               Medical Need           Multiple Sclerosis

                                    High Value, Low Volume.

TASE: GLCM                                                           31
               AND MILESTONES

  Leadership Team                                                  Experienced Board of Directors

    Dr. Avinoam A. Dukler,                                                    Mr. Hanan Gilutz, Chairman
    Founder, Director, President & CEO                                        Master degree in Management;
    Leading Glycominds business and strategy since inspection                 Former VP Marketing at Orbotech (NASDAQ:ORBK)
                                                                              Former manager at McKinsey & Co.
    Mr. Ofer Shainberg, Chief Financial Officer
    LLM, CPA, MBA.                                                            Dr. Chen M. Even, Director
    Expert in financial management in fast growing companies                  Senior VP Commercial Operations, DiaSorin Sp.a (MSE:DIA)
                                                                              A leading diagnostic company Market-CAP €1.7 BILLION
    Mr. Randy Ringold, General Manager CLIA lab
    Founder and General Manger of VDxI Inc.                                   Mr. Robert Taub, Director
    (acquired by IDEXX Laboratories)                                          Founder, Former CEO of Omrix Biopharmaceutical
    Former VP at Quest Diagnostics                                            (acquired by J&J for $438 million) MBA INSEAD

    Mrs. Benita Elkon Baitner, Director of Sales & Marketing                  Mr. Amir Hayek, Director
    RN in ICU and public health                                               Chairman of the Israeli Import and Trade Institute
    Former Product manager at Pfizer and Abbott
                                                                              Mrs. Hila Karah, Director
    Dr. Nir Dotan,                                                            CIO in Eurotrust Ltd.
    Founder, Chief Technology Officer, VP R&D                                 Former partner in Perspective hedge fund,
    Expert in glycan technology                                               Former senior analyst in Oracle hedge fund
    Founder, leading the company technology since its inception
                                                                              Dr. Avinoam A. Dukler,
    Dr. Norman Kachuck, MD, Medical Director                                  Founder, Director, President & CEO
    Multiple Sclerosis Specialist
    Former associate professor of Neurology, Keck School of Medicine of USC
    Director, MS Comprehensive Care and Research Center

TASE: GLCM                                                                                                                               33
2011 was strong year. We delivered:

 1   Raised net $7M in TASE IPO and PIPE

 2   Built effective logistics operation and sales force in Western USA

 3   Signed on a network of agreements with PPO, covering 50 million lives

 4   Completed CLIA regulation and accreditation with CMS and 48 states

 5   Extended IP portfolio via several patent issuances in the US and worldwide

 6   Entered into a series of research collaborations to expand product awareness

TASE: GLCM                                                                          34
                    2012 Expected Milestones
Strengthen Our Financial Position
  Close financial round

Invest in Commercial Capability
  Expand US sales force
  Constantly improving reimbursement payments via PPO agreements
  Medical Policy coverage decision with first local healthcare insurance plan

Advance Research and Development
  Announce new clinical data for the disability test to increase awareness and
  Report gMS-Classifier2 results for CIS prediction to CDMS to enable acceptance
  Conduct other-neurological disease clinical study to extend market potential

TASE: GLCM                                                                         35
               M&A MARKET

 Active Dx M&A Market

       High multiples on sales (x5-10) for strategic and growth companies
       New players (GE, Novartis, Nestle Healthcare, Japanese PE ) acquiring US labs
       Over $15 billion of Dx transactions in the last 18 months


   DATE               ACQUIRER                  TYPE                 TARGET                  TYPE        DEAL VALUE ($M)
   Sep-10             LabCorp                   Lab                  Genzyme                 IVD                    925
   Oct-10             GE Healthcare             Dx/Equip             Clarient                Lab                    587
   Jan-11             Novartis                  Pharma               Genoptix                Lab                    470
   Feb-11             Quest Diagnostics         Lab                  Athena                  Lab                    740
   Mar-11             Quest Diagnostics         Lab                  Celera                  Lab                    671
   May-11             Thermo Fisher             Dx/Equip             Phadia                  Lab                   3,500
   May-11             Nestle                    Food/Health          Prometheus              Dx-Rx/Lab             1,130
   Jun-11             Qiagen                    Dx/Tool              Iphsogen                IVD                    101
   Jul-11             Roche (Ventana)           Dx                   Mtm Laboratories        IVD                    260
   Aug-11             Qiagen                    Dx/Tool              Cellestis               IVD                    374
   Sep-11             PerkinElmer               Dx/Equip             Caliper                 IVD                    600
   Oct-11             Miraca Holdings (Japan)   Japanese Lab         Caris Diagnostics       Lab                    725
   May-12             Hologic                   Imaging/surgey       Gen-Probe               IVD                   3,700
   May-12            Agilent Technologies
  Source: Public Announcements,                 Dx/Tool             Dako
                                                           Dx=Diagnostics systems and kits   IVD                   2,200

   TOTAL                                                                                                        15,983     *
                        * Not including Roche $6.7 billion hostile bid to Illumina shareholders

TASE: GLCM                                                                                                                     37

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