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					                               S  piritual use

                     P    ositive feelings

              A    ctivity to fulfil spiritual needs

                     C    loseness to others and self

                               E  nvironment

A project led and hosted by:

      Claire Healey, Occupational Therapist
      Somerset Partnership NHS and Social Care Trust
      Holford House
      Cheddon Road
      TA2 7AZ

      Tel: Taunton (01823) 333437

   Aims                 Objectives                        Input                      Output                         Outcomes
To produce a     •   Allocate and develop a       Key stakeholders will be:   •   To produce a room          •   To be able to address
  ‘spiritual         room on Holford House        • Service users                 that can be used as            clients/carers/families and
   SPACE’            to act as a spiritual room   • Spirituality forum            a spiritual SPACE &            staff needs more
                 •   To provide appropriate       • Family/carer                  can fulfil the spiritual       effectively whilst a patient
                     resources to address         • ACORN project at              needs of client                is admitted to a Psychiatric
To produce a         spiritual needs and             Parkgate House           •   To have a spiritual            Inpatient Unit
  spiritual          create expressive            • Carer assessment              assessment needs           •   To improve service
assessment           meaning                      • Mental health                 tool that identifies a         professionalism and work
 needs tool      •   Create a relaxed and            professionals                clients’ spiritual             towards National Service
                     quiet environment            • Hospital Chaplain             needs – which can              Framework
                 •   To develop a tool with       • Accessing existing            then be used as part       •   To provide a system of
                     the input of key                spiritual pack               of the individuals’            care that can be used
                     stakeholders                 • Faith and spiritual           care plan                      throughout the trust –

                 •   To pilot the tool               communities              •   To have identified             which improves on
                 •   To audit the tool            • Designated staff to           the barriers whilst            individuals’ organised care
                 •   To identify best practice       guide and develop the        using the tool             •   To enhance the existing
                     for administering the tool      process                  •   Introduce best                 electronic patient record
                 •   To address possible          • Investment of time and        practice methods to        •   The project will address
                     issues and barriers that        support of staff e.g.        inpatient teams                the whole person
                     would affect the                admin                    •   Provide a strategy to      •   By educating staff and
                     effectiveness of the tool    • Acute care forum              assist staff with the          reducing barriers it will aid
                                                                                  delivery of the tool           to develop in-patient
                                                  • Service user
               Long term                             participation                                               teams
                 • Introduce into trust-wide         groups/worker                                           •   It will be linked to the
                     practice as part of a        • Mental health                                                Practice Development Unit
                     service users’ care             agencies e.g. MIND                                      •   Research carried out by
                     pathway and integrate        •  Acute inpatient units                                       Rethink has found that
                     the tool to enhance                                                                         spirituality is often
                                                  •  Practice development
                     electronic patient record                                                                   accompanied with a
                     (EPR)                                                                                       number of positive
                                         Costings of the project

              Item                                     Evidence Base
                                        Page 28 of the Somerset spirituality Project – a
 Access to an internal space to       safe space/place where users can meditate, pray &
  facilitate spiritual practice on                        practice faith
Holford House during admission         Mental Health Policy Implementation guide. DoH             Nil
  which is an environment that            (Apr 2002). National minimum standards for         A room to be
  provides safety, privacy and        general adult services in Psychiatric Intensive Care   allocated for
  dignity during visits. An area           Units (PICU) and low secure environments             project
 should be designated for use            Standards 9.2.6 & 7.2.9 - Ethnicity Culture &
    when children are visiting        Gender, Carer Involvement +4.3.13 – PICU & Low
                                                    Secure Position & Layout

                                      To enhance safety and observation (references as
Door to room needs to be fitted
                                                          above)                                 £750
   with an observing panel
                                                   4.10.2 – Observation
 A dimmer switch to be fitted to
                                                (Reference as above & 4.13.1
     help create a relaxed                                                                       £200
                                                     Furniture & Fittings)
environment that is comfortable
                                                                                             5ltr at £28 per
Fire retardant paint, ‘Timonox’,
                                                To comply with fire regulations                      ltr
colour to be agreed, purchased
                                                         and safety                          £140 + Labour
       and painted locally
                                                                                                  = £300
 A lockable cupboard to store
                                        As above references recreation, OT and other
 resources and adaptations to                                                                    £350
                                                       Fittings 4.11.1
Comfortable seating appropriate         As above references recreation, OT and other
         for families                                  Fittings 4.11.1

                                            The Somerset Spirituality Project -
  Various religious and spiritual
                                       Recommendations to People Working in Mental               £250
texts. Full listing to be confirmed
                                              Health Services pg28, 2002
  with support of service users.
   Various sacred music and
                                      The Royal College of Psychiatrists Special Interest        £150
       relaxation resources
                                        Group - Advice on Spiritual Practices 2005/6

           CD Player                                   To utilise above                           £40
 Miscellaneous – e.g. blanket,
prayer mat, meditation cushion             Aids to create a SPACE for service users              £150
 and glass paints for window
                                       A portable tool to give people the opportunity to
   Roll-up massage mattress                                                                      £129
                                                relax – see above references

 Time invested in creating tool                                                                Good-will

                                      Grand total                                               £2819


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National Minimum Standards for General Adult Services in Psychiatric Intensive
Care Units (PICU) and Low Secure Environments.

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