JOB DESCRIPTION

Title:        Project Leader (Community Learning Disability Nurse) – Health

Grade:        Band 7


The project leader will develop a health facilitation framework for people with
learning disabilities throughout Belfast. The post holder’s key role is to
provide strategic leadership on the planning, implementation and monitoring
of the direct enhanced service for people with learning disabilities in Belfast.
The project leader will manage a health check and health facilitation service
for clients and work towards ensuring all clients have health action plans.

The project leader will work in a person centred manner to ensure growth
independence, health, well-being and protection of people with learning
disabilities. He / she will develop through direct enhanced services a health
check and action plan framework, which is integrated within primary care
services and other specialist services.       He / she will develop close
collaborative working with colleagues in Primary Care and acute areas of the
Belfast Trust, and the voluntary and community sector and will offer support in
identifying and meeting their training needs and the provision of specialist
nursing advice.

Accountable to:      Service Manager

Reports to:          Operations Manager

Principal Duties and Responsibilities


1.     Client Care
1.1        To support the GP practices in the identification of clients with a
learning disability who live in Belfast.
     1.2   To provide liaison within GP practices and relevant agencies/centres,
           ensuring information is accessible to people with a learning disability and
           their carers.

     1.3   To facilitate and promote people with learning disabilities understanding of
           their own healthcare needs.

     1.4   To identify barriers to accessing Health Care services for people with a
           learning disability and plan action and initiatives to overcome and facilitate
           easy access across multi-agency boundaries.

     1.5   Provide health promotion workshops and educational sessions to groups
           and individuals.

     1.6   Ensure that healthcare advice, support and information to clients and their
           carers are provided in accordance with their identified needs.

     1.7   Develop the use of client held “personal health records” when clients
           access primary and secondary healthcare services.

     1.8   Work closely with the multi-disciplinary teams and primary care services, to
           facilitate health checks for people with learning disability.

     1.9   Develop close links with secondary care/acute hospital services to facilitate
           access for planned treatment, effective care planning and comprehensive
           discharge/aftercare for patients with a learning disability.

     1.10 To develop, promote, and lead in local Health Action Planning for people
          with a learning disability in Belfast.

     1.11 To carry an identified caseload carrying out specialist assessments and
        highly specialist interventions.

     1.12 Ensure mainstream staff teams have access to information and contact
        points to encourage collaborative working between specialist learning
        disability team and other parts of the Trust including primary and acute care

2.   Professional

     2.1   Participate in regular clinical supervision sessions in order to receive
           professional support and time to reflect upon practice.

     2.2   Ensure that full and complete nursing records are maintained in
           accordance with the NMC’s Standard for records and record keeping.

     2.3   Ensure knowledge and actions are in accordance with NMC’s Codes of
           Conduct and Practice.

     2.4   Ensure client and personnel confidentiality at all times and store all
           confidential information securely in line with Data Protection Legislation.

     2.5   Act in accordance with appropriate Trust Policies and Guidelines.
      2.6   Take responsibility for highlighting and planning professional development
            and update.

3.    Managerial

      3.1   Take responsibility for direct management of the project assistant and
            other staff as required.

      3.2   Allocate and delegation responsibilities and caseload work to other
            relevant staff.

      3.3   Take overall responsibility for the supervision of any Student Nurses
            allocated to the Service on placement.

      3.4 Advise Line Manager and complete appropriate documentation in the event
          of any untoward occurrences.

      3.5 To set up a system to performance manage the direct enhanced service

4.    Quality/Clinical Governance

      4.1   Work with advocacy, carer groups to involve people with learning
            disabilities and family carers in training programmes for health care

      4.2   Ensure appropriate and effective user involvement mechanisms are
            established to inform service developments and strategic planning.

      4.3   Consult and involve people with learning disabilities and family carers in
            the work of the post.
      4.4   Develop, initiate and carry out various forms of audit and quality monitoring
            mechanisms including client and carer satisfaction audits.
      4.5   Develop local and regional support links and networks to ensure sharing of
            best practice audit and research findings.
      4.6   Provide clinical supervision to identified staff across multi-professional
      4.7   Ensure practice is evidence based.
      4.8   To develop and lead on Policies and Procedures pertinent to specialist
      4.9   To undertake risk assessments and manage risk.


      5.1   Identify the training needs of Primary and Secondary Care professionals
            and support staff, including GP Receptionists, in respect of the needs of
            patients with a learning disability across Belfast.
   5.2   Plan and provide training and support sessions to meet highlighted needs
         in line with conditions of direct enhanced service

   5.3   Ensure Primary and Secondary Care staff have access to information and
         contacts, which may assist them if collaborative working of specialist
         referrals are required.

   5.4   Provide learning opportunities theoretical and practical instruction for
         Student Nurses, assessing learning outcomes and monitoring progress
         throughout placement.

   5.5   Provide teaching and education to relatives/carers/social care staff and
         other agencies in respect of supporting clients with health promotion and
         ensuring proactive use and access to Primary and Secondary Health Care

   5.6 To be available in a consultative capacity to other professionals/agencies
       involved in the delivery of care to service users.

Demanding Nature of the Job

    1.To work alone in a community setting.
    2. To attend child protection and adult protection meetings.
    3. To work with people with difficult behaviours and dual diagnosis.
    4. Exposure to the potential for verbal and on occasions physical aggression.
    5. Exposure to body fluids.
    6. To challenge beliefs and working practices in order to promote the culture
   of HF across multi agency boundaries.

There exists the potential for challenging behaviour, which can take the
form of physical and verbal aggression directed towards staff and

Potential employees should be aware of such problems, which can arise from
time to time and should be confident of their ability to cope in such
circumstances. The project leader will be expected to support clients and
others including staff though such incidents.

This job description is not meant to be definitive or restrictive and may
be modified by Management to meet changing needs within the Service.
                                  Person Specification
                        Project Leader (Community Learning Disability Nurse)
                              Health Checks & Health Facilitation

                            Essential                       Desirable                 Identified By
1.1 Education    Registered Nurse on part 1, 5          Teaching and          Application Form
                 or 14 of Register                       assessing health,
                                                         clinical skills,
1.2 Experience      Minimum of 5 years post            Working alongside     Application Form.
                     qualifying experience. 3            primary/acute care
                     years of the last 5 years           staff to deliver      Interview References
                     must have been in a                 health initiatives
                     community learning
                     disability nursing role.           Managing staff
                    Experience and
                     knowledge of health                Project
                     service provision for adults        management
                     with learning disabilities

1.3 Knowledge       A full understanding of the        Knowledge and         Application Form.
                     health and social needs of          ability to conduct
                     people with learning                clinical procedures   Interview References
                     Disabilities                        related to health
                    An understanding of                 checks
                     government policy in
                     relation to the health
                     needs of people with
                     learning disabilities
                    An awareness of the
                     barriers to health that exist
                     for people with Learning
                    Knowledge of Public
                     health needs and health

1.4 Skills          A skilled Communicator             Skilled in            Application Form
                     and negotiator                      information
                    Good presentation and               technology            Interview References
                     teaching skills and has the
                     ability to present
                     information to all
                    Able to undertake

Personal            Able to instigate and                                     Application Form
Qualities            monitor new initiatives
                    Leadership skills                                         Interview References.
                    Full driving license
                    Flexible approach to

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