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					                           where creativity and spirituality meet
                                  Subud International Cultural Association

Cultural Newsletter                                                                                 October 2007

          “It is clear that the teaching of Subud is within each one of you and comes from

                      It is yourself, but not your normal self. It is the ‘you’ within you.”
                                                                           Bapak M. Subuh
                                                                           Los Angeles, California 1963. (1963 LAX 6)

Hello to you all! I’m very happy that starting now, SICA is going to have
a monthly newsletter to communicate its activities to all the members.
In this way we expect to create a network that supports, spreads, and
integrates the projects and cultural activities of individuals and groups of

we hope that we will also have a Spanish, French and German transla-
tion in the future.

During the celebration of 50 years of Subud in the West, (Ascot, UK
in August 2007) I appointed an Interim Board of Directors for SICA:

                                                                                      Olivia Moyano, SICA Chair

so we can achieve excellence in this cultural effort.

After 10 years of experience in television, radio, and graphic media in my country (Argentina) now I’m

as a healthy, strong and intelligent child, so that in the future it becomes an “adult” who is able to bring
fruits full of a true culture coming from the inner.

Olivia Moyano
SICA Chair
 1.                                       2.                        3.                    4.

        1. Bachtiar Lorot (Tunisia), Arnold Landen (SICA Vice Chair, Germany), Erica Sapir (France)
          2. Latifah Taormina (USA) 3. Benjamin Garzon ( Ecuador) 4. Istiharoh Glasgow (USA).

              5.                          6.                                     7.

                   5. Susannah Rosenthal (USA) 6. Osanna Vaughn (WSA Chairlady, Germany)
                                 7. Arnold Landen (SICA Vice Chair, Germany).

the next world congress in order to make a “better home for SICA to live in” so that SICA can better serve
the goals and purposes that Bapak gave us in 1983 when SICA began.

           “This is why Bapak made the decision to set up a Subud wing called the
           Subud International Cultural Association, or SICA. Bapak hoped that

           create something truly new or different, something that would touch other people,
           meaning people who are not in Subud, people outside Subud . . . .”

                                                                                 Ibu Rahayu, Singapore, 2002

situation of SICA and identifying the key issues that the board should address. See the report sent in by
Britain’s SICA Chair, Mairi Store on the Searching for SICA workshop.
August 2007, Ascot, England

There was a long and interesting cultural programme schedule
in Ascot, which contained cultural activities and entertainment.

in Subud. The artists also exhibited their works in different places
like the “Drama Studio,” the “Theatre,” the “Main Marquee,” and the “Music Room.”


In Music:

Concert by “The Bandstand,” Classic Music Concert by Michael

Spall, Taize Harmony Chanting by Ralph Nimmann, and The Music
of Bob Dylan, Jazz Standards such by Helen Berenger and Music

                                                                    Music in the theatre.
In Dance:

by Maya Cockburn, World Dance by Stefan Freedman, Reggae Disco (DJ Ricardo), Dance Workout and

In the Visual Arts:

Sixth Form Café and the Windsor Street Gallery in Chertsey, a
small town about 10 miles away.

The gallery in Chertsey exhibited the work of those Subud mem-
bers who are professional artists.

A. Azadeh, S. Benko, M. Blakley, R. Bolt, M. Budget,                Inspire, Art Exhibition.

H. Coombes, S. Davanzo, R. Darlington, J. Fountain, S. Garrard, M. Gibbs, C. Harrington, S. Hughes,
        Art Exhibition                 Information and Projects              Sculpture Exhibition
     in the main marquee                     in the hall

In the Literary Arts:

In Theatre and Drama:

Drama for Kids in the Drama

Workshops, Networking and Social Gatherings:
There were also many different workshops in the meeting: Be-

Writing Workshop by Mardijah Simpson, Art Workshop by

Dancing Workshop by Marisol, Searching for SICA by Mairi

                                                                  Networking & Social Gathering
The Workshop programme included different Networking and


                                            Hammond Peek talking with other artists in the Gathering.

                                            Kong,” is also chair of Subud Christ Church group in New
                                            Zealand and the Financial Coordinator for our next World
                                            Subud Congress in New Zealand.

SICA Britain Mairi Store, SICA UK Chair’s report on the Searching for SICA Workshop     Read Report
Report on Subud Writers Workshop                                                        Read Report
Social Life:

                                                                                                See More Photos
After the visit of the international helpers some ideas arose to help to address the economical crisis in this coun-
try. The members came up with different projects and strategies to help members overcome the hardships

Gym classes, a Conference about Odontology, a Conference about Health, a “Telling Stories” Workshop,

Contact SICA Peru: Honorata Herrera,

SICA England, Subud RADIO

SICA Bangladesh:
A new translation of Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet

Abdus Salam Molla from Bangladesh.

This book is dedicated to Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo.

SICA Chile: “Virganix, The Unknown Art”

                                         investigation , she discovered how to paint in a new unknown way.

                                         drafts which are composed in black and white system. Then comes the

                                         heaven and bringing back to earth a small little sample of it. Susilowa-
                                         ti (Marcela Davanzo de Amesti) lives and works in Santiago de Chile.
                                                                                                    More Photos
                                                 Un Buen Ayuno

The First Row

                                  Is published monthly

                            DEADLINE FOR NEXT ISSUE
                                 15 November 2007

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                          Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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