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									PRICELIST 2005/6

                            We specialise in the servicing and supplying of Inhalation Sedation Equipment for use in the dental environment.
                            This enables us to focus on client requirements, providing a total solution to all needs.

                            We offer a wide choice of products from various manufacturers’, continually undergoing evaluation for client suitability
                            and conformity to standards.

                            We strive to ensure competitive pricing, ensuring that our clients need never withhold proper maintenance due to
                            economic consideration. All our engineers are manufacturer trained and R A Medical holds sole UK authorised service
                            agent status for Matrx and Porter products.

                            Our depth of knowledge in the field, covers 35+ years of experience enabling us to offer sound, practical advice in all
                            aspects of inhalation sedation administration.
                            We operate a policy of assistance and support for the promotion of Relative Analgesia in Dentistry and are willing to
                            sponsor, advise and demonstrate, actively supporting Post-Graduate, lecture and training courses for health authorities
                            and specialist interest organisations.

                            SAFETY & QUALITY
                            Quality Control is of paramount importance within R A Medical. Strict procedures control all aspects of operation.
                            We currently hold and operate to BS EN ISO 9001: 2000.

                            CONDITIONS OF SALE
                            The current minimum order charge is £20.00. All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT, Carriage and Packing. Orders will be
                            accepted by post, fax, telephone and/or internet. The prices charged will be those ruling at the date of receipt of order.
                            R A Medical must be notified within 3 working days of any shortages, damaged or incorrect goods.
                            Failure to do this invalidates claims.

                            The right is reserved to charge up to 50% of the total invoice, inclusive of carriage charges for orders cancelled for any of
                            the following reasons:

                            1.   Once a verbal or written order has been received and progression has commenced.
                            2.   Once an order has been despatched.
                            3.   If the goods have been received and subsequently not required and are returned to R A Medical.
                            4.   If the wrong description or order code has been given and goods are despatched.

                            PAY M E N T T E R M S
                            Account Customers: Payment must be made within the stated terms. Payment should be made on invoice as statements
                            are not normally issued. Failure to do so may result in interest being charged.
                            All goods and services remain the property of R A Medical Services until paid for in full.
                            R A Medical reserve the right to change or alter product design and/or specifications without prior notice or warning.

                            H O W T O PAY
                            BACS*        (R A Medical Services Ltd)
                                         Barclays Bank, Keighley Branch,
                                         Sort Code: 20-45-14
                                         Account No. 40691666

                            Cheque       Please make payable to:
                                         R A Medical Services Ltd
                                         Please write related invoice numbers on reverse

                            Finance      Leasing and finance facilities available, please ask for details.
                            *Preferred method of payment

      2                                      TELEPHONE: 01535 652444 • FAX: 01535 653333
                                                                                          TA B L E O F C O N T E N T S
F R E Q U E N T LY A S K E D Q U E S T I O N S / U S E F U L C O N TA C T S          4

SERVICING                                                                            5

P O R T E R S E D AT I O N E Q U I P M E N T                                         6

P O R T E R N I T R O U S O X I D E S C AVA N G E R B R E AT H I N G S Y S T E M S   7

PORTER SYSTEM SUNDRIES                                                               8

M AT R X S E D AT I O N E Q U I P M E N T                                            9

M AT R X S C AV E N G E R B R E AT H I N G S Y S T E M S                             10

DYNOMITE NASAL HOODS                                                                 11

A C C U T R O N S E D AT I O N E Q U I P M E N T                                     12

CYLINDER SECURING OPTIONS                                                            13

M E D I C A L G A S P R E S S U R E R E G U L AT O R S                               14

R E S U S C I TAT I O N E Q U I P M E N T                                            16

MONITORING EQUIPMENT                                                                 17

D E F I B R I L L AT I O N E Q U I P M E N T                                         18

NITROUS OXIDE MONITORS AND SCAVENGING                                                19

          TELEPHONE: 01535 652444 • FAX: 01535 653333                                            3
Q U E S T I O N S / U S E F U L C O N TA C T S   Equipment for Nitrous oxide/oxygen Inhalation Sedation
                                                 Dedicated purpose-designed machines for the administration of inhalation sedation (formerly termed relative
                                                 analgesia) for dentistry should be used. Such machines should conform to British Standards and be
        F R E Q U E N T LY A S K E D

                                                 maintained according to manufacturers' guidance with regular, documented servicing.
                                                 Scavenging of Waste Gases must be active and sufficient to fully conform to current C.O.S.H.H. standards.
                                                 Breathing systems should have a separate inspiratory and expiratory limb to allow proper scavenging. Nasal
                                                 masks should be close fitting providing a good seal without air entrainment valves.
                                                 Conscious Sedation in the Provision of Dental Care
                                                 Report of an Expert Group on Sedation for Dentistry DOH 2003

                                                 Q. What equipment is required for administration of Inhalation Sedation?
                                                 A. The basic requirement is a purpose-designed Flowmeter, medical gas supply - either an installed pipeline or
                                                    mobile four cylinder stand with a scavenging system for nitrous oxide.

                                                 Q. Why do I need to use an Active Scavenger Breathing System?
                                                 A. C.O.S.H.H. and H & S require that staff are protected from exposure to waste nitrous oxide in the surgery
                                                    environment. Chronic exposure to nitrous oxide has been linked to occurrences such as spontaneous
                                                    abortion and reduced fertility.
                                                    The currently recommended occupational limit of exposure is 100 ppm (parts per million) over an 8-hour
                                                    TWA (Time Weighted Average). This can only be achieved by use of the following: Active Scavenging
                                                    (defined as a flow rate of 45 lpm at the nasal hood), Staff rotation and good surgery ventilation or room air
                                                    changes (recommended 12-15 per hour).

                                                 A number of active scavenger breathing assemblies are available from different manufacturers.
                                                 A study published in 2002 stated:
                                                 "This study compared the effectiveness of three nitrous oxide scavenging systems,
                                                 the Porter/brown, the Accutron, and the Matrx, in actual time during use in a standardized
                                                 mock dental treatment protocol that reflected clinical practice while minimizing the influence
                                                 of confounding variables. At every occasion during the procedure, the Porter/brown scavenger
                                                 system left the operatory with significantly less nitrous oxide than any of the other scavengers
                                                 tested. The Porter/brown removed between 71% and 91% of the nitrous oxide compared to
                                                 the control (no device)."
                                                 Clinical evaluation of the efficacy of three nitrous oxide scavenging units during dental treatment
                                                 Certismo, Walton, Hartzell, Farris General Dentistry Sept-Oct 2002

                                                 Useful Contacts

                                                 Society for Advancement of                                 Dental Sedation Teachers Group
                                                 Anaesthesia in Dentistry                                   Dr Carole A Boyle - Chairman
                                                 21 Portland Place                                          Department of Sedation and Special Care Dentistry
                                                 London W1B 1PY                                             GKT Dental Institute
                                                 Gen Enquiries: T:020 7631 8893                             Floor 26, Guy's Tower
                                                 Course Enquiries: T: 0207935 1656                          London. SE1 9RT
                                                 Fax: 01403 780465                                          T: 020 7188 6074
                                                 email:                                   email:

                                                 Both of the above organisations are a good source of advice regarding conscious sedation and training.
                                                 The aim of the DSTG is:
                                                 "To exchange ideas on practice and research in the field of conscious sedation in dentistry".

                4                                             TELEPHONE: 01535 652444 • FAX: 01535 653333
Equipment Maintenance Information

                                                                                                  EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE
Frequently Asked Q & A
Q. How often should I have my equipment serviced?
A. Equipment should be serviced according to original manufacturer recommendation.

                                                                                                       I N F O R M AT I O N
   In the U.K. this usually means one service visit per annum. Frequency of machine
   use may indicate six monthly service intervals. Medical gas hose assemblies are also
   inspected for wear or damage. Regulations now state that these should be replaced
   every four years.

Q. Do I need a pipeline check?
A. Where the flowmeter head is connected to a medical gas pipeline system it may be
   subject to variance in operating pressures. Flowmeters can be damaged by unstable
   regulators delivering incorrect or fluctuating psi. The Engineers carry out a leak and
   pressure check, also inspecting the regulators for wear or damage. Regulations now
   state that pressure reducing regulators should be replaced every five years.

Q. How do I organise a service visit?
A. When a request to attend a machine is received, the details are passed to our Service
   Co-ordinator. She will then identify the next available date in your area. Contact will
   be made, offering details of date and approximate time of day. Every endeavour is made
   to accommodate specific requests with regard to time of day and day of week, wherever
   possible. Following the service, an automatic annual visit will then be offered, unless
   otherwise instructed.

Standard Service of Flowmeter
Models include: Cyprane. Fraser Harlake, Fraser
Sweatman, Matrx, Porter                                                  £84.10
Second/Subsequent Unit
Serviced at same time as first unit                                      £71.50
Postal Service
For units serviced in our Service Centre
(Additional carriage charge applies)                                     £71.50
Standard Service of Mobile 4 Cylinder Stand                              £41.15
Standard Service of Oxygen Therapy Unit                                  £15.90
Standard Service of Scavenging Unit                                      £45.00
Pipeline Leak and Pressure Check                                         £11.95

Standard Service includes: Engineer attending on-site, service replacement components,
12-month certification and performance warranty. Cover does not include accidental
damage or equipment mis-use.
Please note: Any damaged components replaced during service are charged at list price
in force at time.
In some areas, Regional service supplements will apply.
Please contact Customer Services for further information.

R A Medical Services Ltd are the sole OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) trained
Service Provider for both Porter and Matrx sedation equipment in the UK & Ireland
As part of our Quality System BS EN ISO 9001: 2000, training is updated on a regular basis.
This ensures that our engineers deliver the highest level of maintenance and service to the
customer. It is vitally important to ensure that your supplier or service provider can maintain
equipment according to manufacturers' guidance, including regular, documented servicing,
as recommended in 'Consious Sedation in the Provision of Dental Care' 2003.

             TELEPHONE: 01535 652444 • FAX: 01535 653333                                                   5
                                                                           CODE           DESCRIPTION                                              PRICE

                                                                           C3000          C3000 MXR R A Head                                     £1,335.00


                                                                           C3400-RA       Package comprising: C3000 MXR, Top Mounting
                                                                                          4 Cylinder Stand w/pair Medical Gas Supply Hoses
                                                                                          Reservoir Bag and Scavenger Breathing Assembly         £2,725.00
                                                                           C3400-RA       Package comprising: C3000 MXR, Low Mounting
                                                                           SHORT          4 Cylinder Stand (allows under-cabinet storage)
                                                                                          w/pair Medical Gas Supply Hoses, Reservoir Bag
                                                                                          and Scavenger Breathing Assembly                       £2,815.00

                                               C3000-RA   C3000-RA SHORT

                                                                           AVS-5000       Automatic Vacuum Switch                                 £275.60
                                                                           1506-1         Positive Pressure Demand Valve with Universal Mask
                                                                                          10ft hose and Porter Quick Connect                 £291.00

                                               AVS-5000   1506-1

                                                                           RA2001         Oxygen Flexible Medical Gas Hose Assembly
                                                                                          One metre - DISS to BS Probe                             £50.00
                                                                           RA2002         Nitrous Oxide Flexible Medical Gas Hose Assembly
                                                                                          One metre - DISS to BS Probe                             £50.00
                                               RA2001     RA2002                          Please Note: to extend hose length add £6.00 p/mtr
                                                                           RA2022         Optional Oxygen Failure Alarm - Audible                 £350.00
                                                                                          (Fitting charge applies)

                                                                           Porter Mounting Options
                                                                           2045-2RA       Mobile 4 Cylinder Stand, 26" Post                      £1,239.00
                                                                           2045-RASHORT Mobile 4 Cylinder Stand - Low Mounting                   £1,329.00
                                               P2020      P2036-3          P2020          Solid Wall Mount -Telescoping Arm Extends to 18"        £158.00
                                                                           P2036-3        Cabinet Slide Mount - Slides out for easy access and
                                                                                          retracts for storage                                    £301.60

                                               P2030      2035-1           P2030          Cabinet Mount, Swing Away - Swings forward for use
                                                                                          and back for storage                               £191.30
                                                                           2035-1         Cabinet Mount, Slide Away - extends 5" from cabinet     £165.30

                                                                           RA2003         Swing Arm Bracket - supplied w/Porter Mounting Peg       £98.00

      6                                                     TELEPHONE: 01535 652444 • FAX: 01535 653333
                                                                                                             P O R T E R S C AV E N G E R B R E AT H I N G
CODE         DESCRIPTION                                              PRICE

5155-1       Porter brown Scavenger Breathing System

             w/Adult Hood                                            £310.00
5155-2       Porter brown Scavenger Breathing System
             w/ Paediatric Hood                                      £310.00
5155-3       Porter Adult Scavenger Assy (no vacuum control block)   £280.00
5155-4       Porter Adult Scavenger Assy (no vacuum control block)   £280.00
             Please Note: 5155-3/4 are for use with an AVS
             (Automatic Vacuum Switch)

                                                                               5155-1 & 5155-2

5054A        Porter Adult Hood Assy (w/three inner liners)           £152.00
5054B        Porter Paediatric Hood Assy (w/three inner liners)      £152.00
5054A/RA     Porter Adult Outer Hood w/Connectors (no liners)        £120.00
5054B/RA     Porter Paediatric Outer Hood w/Connectors (no liners)   £120.00
                                                                               5054A             5054B

5054-1       Porter Adult Hood Liner Pack (3)                         £34.00
5054-2       Porter Paediatric Hood Liner Pack (3)                    £34.00

                                                                               5054-1            5054-2

5053AD12     Porter Adult Unscented Disposable Liners (pack 12)       £24.95
5053AD144    Porter Adult Unscented Disposable Liners (box 144)      £206.00
5053AD12C    Porter Adult Citrus Disposable Liners (pack 12)          £24.95
5053AD144C   Porter Adult Citrus Disposable Liners (box 144)         £206.00
                                                                               5053AD12          5053AD12C

5053PD12     Porter Paediatric Unscented Disposable Liners (pack 12) £24.95
5053PD144    Porter Paediatric Unscented Disposable Liners (box 144) £206.00
5053PD12C    Porter Paediatric Citrus Disposable Liners (pack 12)     £24.95
5053PD144C   Porter Paediatric Citrus Disposable Liners (box 144)    £206.00

                                                                               5053PD12          5053PD12C

RA2004       One Pair Disposable Coaxial Hose                          £4.00
RA2005       Pack 10 Disposable Coaxial Hose                          £38.00
RA2006       Pack 50 Disposable Coaxial Hose                         £145.00
RA2007       Pack 100 Disposable Coaxial Hose                        £260.00

             TELEPHONE: 01535 652444 • FAX: 01535 653333                                                                         7
                                                         CODE         DESCRIPTION                                                PRICE

                                                         RA2008       Replacement Cover for MXR C2000                            £38.50
                                                         RA2009       Replacement Cover for MXR C3000                            £38.50
                         RA2008 & RA2009   5057
                                                         5056         Coaxial Inhaler Tubing (grey)                             £143.00
                                                         5057         Tension Slide Adjuster                                     £10.00

                                                         5058         Fresh Gas Hose ‘Y’ Connector                               £19.00
                         5058              5060A
                                                         5059         Replacement 8 foot Vacuum Hose                             £39.00
                                                         RA2010       Connector for extending Vacuum Hose                         £4.00
                                                         5060A        Fresh Gas Corrugated Hose (grey)                           £32.00

                         RA2011            5061          RA2011       Optional Fresh Gas Hose - Autoclavable                     £25.00
                                                         5061         Mask to Tubing Connectors (pack 2)                         £22.00

                                                         5062         Vacuum Line ‘Y’ Connector                                  £21.00
                         5062              5065          5065         Vacuum Tube Holder                                         £17.00
                                                         RA2012       Vacuum Tube Reinforcing loop                               £10.50

                                                         5501-RK      Vacuum Control Block                                       £53.00

                         5501-RK           P2400         P2400        Replacement MXR Knobs (pack 2)                             £65.00

                                                         1570-22      22mm Right Angled Fresh Gas Connector                      £16.00
                                                         RA2013       Porter AGS/Probe Adapter                                   £39.95

                         1570-22           RA2013

                                                         PA-1358-000 Replacement Porter T Handle (for 4 Cylinder Stand)          £26.00
                                                         A-3492-000   E-Stand Cylinder Restraint Kit                             £76.15

                         RA2014            PA-1358-000
                                                         RA2014       2 Litre Latex Free Reservoir Bag                           £16.50
                                                         RA2015       3 Litre Latex Free Reservoir Bag                           £17.00
                                                         RA2016       2 Litre Reservoir Bag - green single patient use            £5.00

                         RA2016            RA2015

                                                         RA2017       Bodok Seals - each                                          £1.50
                                                         RA2018       Cylinder Content Labels (pack 4) - In Use / Full            £5.00

                         RA2017            RA2018
                                                         RA2019       Ratchet Cylinder Key                                       £21.00
                                                         RA2020       Bullnose Cylinder Key (spindle)                             £5.00
                                                         RA2021       Mobile Stand Covers - various designs/colours available    £30.00

                         RA2019            RA2020

   8                                         TELEPHONE: 01535 652444 • FAX: 01535 653333
CODE          DESCRIPTION                                                     PRICE

                                                                                                                M AT R X S E D AT I O N E Q U I P M E N T
9450 0163     Quantiflex MDM Mixer - Head only                              £1,335.00
              Features oxygen/nitrous oxide flowtubes, in-ratio
              oxygen failsafe, oxygen flush, air intake valve,                          9450 0163   9152 5176

              non-rebreathing check valve, mixture percentage
              dial, total flow control knob (automatic adjustment)
              optional quick connect for demand valve resuscitator
9150 5071     Demand Valve Resuscitator (for MDM)
              Includes oxygen demand valve, 6ft hose assy w/quick
              connect & clear adult facemask (MDM will require an
              Ohio quick connect outlet port fitting at a cost of £65.00)    £279.00
9152 5176     Digital MDM Mixer (Electronic) - Head only                    £1,700.00
9150 5092     Demand Valve Resuscitator(for DMDM)
              Includes oxygen demand valve, 6ft hose assy w/quick
                                                                                        RA2022      RA2023
              connect & clear adult facemask                                 £279.00
9450 0163/P   MDM Package with 4 Cylinder Stand, hoses, reservoir
              bag & Scavenger Breathing Assembly                  £2,725.00
9152 5176/P   Digital MDM Package with 4 Cylinder Stand, hoses.
              reservoir bag & Scavenger Breathing Assembly                  £3,115.00
                                                                                        RA2001      RA2002
RA2001        Oxygen Flexible Medical Gas Hose Assembly - one
              metre - Diameter Index Safety System/B.S. Probe                 £50.00
RA2002        Nitrous Oxide Flexible Medical Gas Hose Assembly -
              one metre - Diameter Index Safety System/B.S. Probe             £50.00

Matrx Mounting Options
9430 5385     Matrx Mobile 4 Cylinder Stand (5 leg base)                    £1,239.00
9180 5050     Matrx High Mobile Stand (no yoke assy)                         £155.00
9150 5116     Matrx Short Mobile Stand (no yoke assy)                        £155.00

9350 5007     Undercabinet Mount for MDM/RA - w/mounting screw
              & washers (not suitable for DMDM)                              £125.00
9350 5072     Telescoping (15”) wall arm bracket w/mounting peg              £128.00    9430 5385   9180 5050

RA2003        Swing Arm Bracket (s.s.) w/Matrx mounting peg                   £98.00
9250 5044     Top Mounting Bracket for MDM/RA                                 £50.00    9350 5072   9350 5072
9150 5093     Replacement Bottom Mounting Peg w/nut                           £21.00
9350 5007/A   Replacement Mounting screw & washer for
              cabinet mount (pack 2)                                          £14.00
6593 6800     Replacement T Handle for Mobile 4 Cylinder Stand                £26.00
                                                                                        RA2003      9150 5093
RA2022        Optional Oxygen Failure Alarm (fitting charge applies)         £350.00

              TELEPHONE: 01535 652444 • FAX: 01535 653333                                                                        9
                                                                            CODE         DESCRIPTION                                           PRICE

                                                                            9151 5126    Matrx Passive Scavenging System w/Small Nasal hood   £160.00
                                                                            9151 5127    Matrx Passive Scavenging System w/Medium Nasal Hood £160.00
                            9151 5126
                                                                            9151 5128    Matrx Passive Scavenging System w/Large Nasal Hood £160.00

                                                                            Replacement Parts for Passive System
                                                                            2019 8200    Body, Non Rebreathing Connector                       £13.00

                            2012 8300 & 2019 8200
                                                                            2012 8300    Non-Return Expiratory Valve                           £26.00
                                                                            1017 6000    Tube Harness/Slide Adjuster                           £13.00
                                                                            6197 4500    Clear 22mm Corrugated Hose (152cm)                    £14.00
                                                                            1005 9400    Fresh Gas Connector 22mm Female                       £13.00
                                                                            RA2023       22mm Scavenging Hose - per metre                       £5.00
                            6197 4500
                                                                            RA2024       30mm Scavenging Hose - per metre                       £7.00
                                                                            8713 043     30mm F to 22mm Tubing Connector                       £13.00
                                                                            8713 021     30mm F to 30mm Tubing Connector                       £13.00

                                                                            Autoclavable Nasal Hoods (Blue Latex Free)
                                                                            9153 5094    Small Reusable Hood                                   £47.00
                                                                            9152 5095    Medium Reusable Hood                                  £47.00

                            9152 5095               9153 5094/RA & RA2025
                                                                            9151 5096    Large Reusable Hood                                   £47.00
                                                                            9153 5094/RA Small Hood w/blanking Cap                             £50.00
                                                                            9152 5095/RA Medium Hood w/blanking Cap                            £50.00
                                                                            9151 5096/RA Large Hood w/blanking Cap                             £50.00
                                                                            RA2025       Blanking Cap only                                      £6.50
                            9151 5096

                                                                            Active ANS System (Autoclavable Nitrous Scavenger)
                                                                            9151 5194    ANS System w/small Nasal Hood                        £230.00
                                                                            9151 5193    ANS System w/medium Nasal Hood                       £230.00

                            9151 5192               9151 5202 & 9151 5203
                                                                            9151 5192    ANS System w/large Nasal Hood                        £230.00
                                                                            9151 5202    Vacuum Tubing w/Y assy (replacement part)             £36.00
                                                                            9151 5203    Fresh Gas Tubing w/Y assy (replacement part)          £36.00
                                                                            9151 5177    Scavenger Cone Assy (replacement part)                £38.00

                            9151 5177                                       Replacement Parts for ANS (Old System)
                                                                            9151 5151    ID External Fresh Gas Adapter                         £15.00
                                                                            9151 5152    Scavenger Cone Assy                                   £35.00
                                                                            9151 5153    Y’ Piece                                              £15.00

                            9151 5152                                       9151 5154    Vacuum Tubing                                         £32.00
                                                                            9151 5155    Fresh Gas Tubing                                      £32.00
                                                                            9151 5156    Fresh Gas Connector                                    £7.00
                                                                            9151 5157    Hood/Hose Connector                                    £7.00
                                                                            9151 5159    Brass Shut off Valve                                  £53.00
                                                                            9151 5160    1.5” Connector Tubing                                  £5.00
                                                                            9151 5161    Slide Adjuster                                        £10.00

10                                                     TELEPHONE: 01535 652444 • FAX: 01535 653333
CODE          DESCRIPTION                                         PRICE

                                                                                        DYNOMITE NASAL HOODS
12-Pack Bag
9131 6496     Bubblegum - Small                                   £29.60
9131 6503     Bubblegum - Medium                                  £29.60   Bubblegum

9131 6510     Bubblegum - Large                                   £29.60
9131 6497     Strawberry - Small                                  £29.60
9131 6504     Strawberry - Medium                                 £29.60
9131 6511     Strawberry - Large                                  £29.60
9131 6498     Orange - Small                                      £29.60
9131 6505     Orange - Medium                                     £29.60   Strawberry
9131 6512     Orange - Large                                      £29.60
9131 6499     Vanilla - Small                                     £29.60
9131 6506     Vanilla - Medium                                    £29.60
9131 6513     Vanilla - Large                                     £29.60
9131 6501     Assorted Scents - Small                             £29.60
9131 6508     Assorted Scents - Medium                            £29.60   Orange
9131 6515     Assorted Scents - Large                             £29.60
9131 6516     Assorted Scents - Various sizes                     £29.60

24-Pack Bag
9131 6461     Bubblegum - Small                                   £48.30   Vanilla
9131 6468     Bubblegum - Medium                                  £48.30
9131 6475     Bubblegum - Large                                   £48.30
9131 6462     Strawberry - Small                                  £48.30
9131 6469     Strawberry - Medium                                 £48.30
9131 6476     Strawberry - Large                                  £48.30
9131 6463     Orange - Small                                      £48.30   Plain
9131 6470     Orange - Medium                                     £48.30
9131 6477     Orange - Large                                      £48.30
9131 6464     Vanilla - Small                                     £48.30
9131 6471     Vanilla - Medium                                    £48.30
9131 6478     Vanilla - Large                                     £48.30
9131 6466     Assorted Scents - Small                             £48.30
9131 6473     Assorted Scents - Medium                            £48.30
9131 6480     Assorted Scents - Large                             £48.30
9131 6481     Assorted Scents - Various sizes                     £48.30

24-Pack Decorative Canister
9131 6482     Bubblegum - Small                                   £51.00
9131 6519     Bubblegum - Medium                                  £51.00
9131 6489     Bubblegum - Large                                   £51.00
9131 6483     Strawberry - Small                                  £51.00
9131 6520     Strawberry - Medium                                 £51.00
9131 6490     Strawberry - Large                                  £51.00
9131 6484     Orange - Small                                      £51.00
9131 6521     Orange - Medium                                     £51.00
9313 6491     Orange - Large                                      £51.00
9131 6485     Vanilla - Small                                     £51.00
9131 6522     Vanilla - Medium                                    £51.00
9131 6492     Vanilla - Large                                     £51.00
9131 6487     Assorted Scents - Small                             £51.00   9131 6487
9131 6524     Assorted Scents - Medium                            £51.00
9131 6494     Assorted Scents - Large                             £51.00
9131 6495     Assorted Scents - Various sizes                     £51.00
9151 5142     Dynomite Adapter
              Allows Matrx Dynomite to be used with double-hose
                                                                           9151 5142
              scavenging systems i.e. Porter brown & Accutron     £33.20

              TELEPHONE: 01535 652444 • FAX: 01535 653333                                  11
                                                                                                  CODE           DESCRIPTION                                               PRICE

                                                                                                  Accutron Scavenger System - Active
                                                                                                  35010          Scavenger Circuit w/24 assorted scented hoods            £279.00
                                                                                                  33011          Scavenger Circuit w/Large multi-use Nasal hood           £279.00
                                                                                                  33012          Scavenger Circuit w/Medium multi-use Nasal hood          £279.00
                                                                                                  33013          Scavenger Circuit w/Small multi-use Nasal hood           £279.00
                                                                                                  33018          Multi-use Large Hood (grey)                               £47.00
                                                   33018, 33019 & 33020
                                                                                                  33019          Multi-use Medium Hood (grey)                              £47.00
                                                                                                  33020          Multi-use Small Hood (grey)                               £47.00

                                                                                                  Sundry Items
                                                                                                  21348          Replacement Ultra Perspex Cover                           £38.00
                                                                                                  22099          Replacement Perspex Scavenger Hub                         £24.00

                                                   21348                      22099
                                                                                                  33018-1        Blanking Disc (non-autoclavable)                           £0.30
                                                                                                  350000         Porter Brown to Accutron Scavenger Adapter                £33.00
                                                                                                  21179          Single Connector for nasal Hood                            £8.00

                                                   33018-1                    350000

                                                                                                  Single Patient Scented Nasal Hoods (Non-Autoclavable)
                                                                                                  33017-1        Small Variety Pack (24) strawberry, orange & bubblegum    £75.00
                                                                                                  33017-10       Small Outlaw Orange (pack 24)                             £75.00
                                                                                                  33017-11       Small Sassy Strawberry (pack 24)                          £75.00
                                                                                                  33017-12       Small Birthday Bubblegum (pack 24)                        £75.00
                                                                                                  33017-17       Small Groovy Grape (pack 24)                              £75.00
                                                   33016-11        33016-16            33016-10
                                                                                                  33016-1        Medium Variety Pack (24)
                                                                                                                 orange, strawberry & bubblegum                            £75.00
                                                                                                  33016-2        Medium Variety Pack (24) pina colada, vanilla & orange    £75.00
                                                   33016-13                            33016-14
                                                                                                  33016-3        Medium Variety Pack (24) mint, peach & vanilla            £75.00
                                                                                                  33016-10       Medium Outlaw Orange (pack 24)                            £75.00
                                                                                                  33016-11       Medium Sassy Strawberry (pack 24)                         £75.00
                                                   33016-15        33017-17            33016-12
                                                                                                  33016-12       Medium Birthday Bubblegum (pack 24)                       £75.00
                                                                                                  33016-13       Medium Pina Colada (pack 24)                              £75.00
                                                                                                  33016-14       Medium French Vanilla (pack 24)                           £75.00
                                                                                                  33016-15       Medium Perfect Peach (pack 24)                            £75.00
                                                                                                  33016-16       Medium Fresh Mint (pack 24)                               £75.00
                                                                                                  33015-3        Large Variety Pack (24) Mint, Vanilla & Peach             £75.00
                                                                                                  33015-14       Large French Vanilla (pack 24)                            £75.00
                                                                                                  33015-15       Large Perfect Peach (pack 24)                             £75.00
                                                                                                  33015-16       Large Fresh Mint (pack 24)                                £75.00

12                                                                              TELEPHONE: 01535 652444 • FAX: 01535 653333
                                                                                                     CYLINDER SECURING OPTIONS
CODE        DESCRIPTION                                            PRICE
8822        Cylinder Wall Bracket                                  £40.00
8824        Cylinder Ring size D/E                                 £35.00
8826        Cylinder Ring size G                                   £35.00   8822 & 8824       8855

8827        Cylinder Ring size J                                   £35.00
8855        Cylinder Cradle size D - wall mounting                 £56.95
CY13/F2     Cylinder Holder size F                                 £48.95
            Wall Mounting Bracket - holds two F size Cylinders
8801        Cylinder Trolley - size G                             £135.30
8802        Cylinder Trolley - size F                             £115.00
8803        Cylinder Trolley - size E                              £95.00
1538        Porter Mobile Oxygen Trolley - size E                 £123.50
            (cylinder not included)

                                            8803                            1538

Sundry Pipeline Items
RA2026      Oxygen Wall Outlet - Surface Mount                     £56.50
RA2027      Nitrous Oxide Wall Outlet - Surface Mount              £56.50
RA2028      Oxygen High Pressure Hose (white) - per metre           £6.50   RA2026 & RA2027

RA2029      Nitrous Oxide high pressure hose (blue) - per metre     £6.50
RA2030      Oxygen B.S. Probe                                      £26.50
RA2031      Nitrous Oxide B.S. Probe                               £26.50
RA6101      Oxygen Schrader Valve (B.S. type)                      £49.00
                                                                            RA2030 & RA2031
RA6105      Nitrous Oxide Schrader Valve (B.S. type)               £49.00
RA2030      Compressed Gases Sign - Green Diamond                   £5.00
RA2033      Compressed Gases Sign - Adhesive Vinyl                 £28.00
RA2034      Compressed Gases Sign - Rigid Plastic                  £35.00
                                                                            RA2030 & RA2033

            TELEPHONE: 01535 652444 • FAX: 01535 653333                                                 13
                                             CODE         DESCRIPTION                                             PRICE

                                             5000         Oxygen Single Stage Medireg - Bullnose Fitting          £71.50
                                                          for use with F or G size cylinders
                                             R1601N       Nitrous Oxide Single Stage Regulator                    £71.50
     R E G U L AT O R S

                                             5005         Oxygen Single Stage Medireg - Pin Index Fitting         £95.80
                                                          for use with E or J size cylinders



                          R1601N              5050             5005

                                             5050         Oxygen Dialreg - Bullnose Fitting most suitable for    £107.00
                                                          emergency oxygen use - E size cyl, 0-15 LPM
                                             5055         Oxygen Dialreg - Pin Index Fitting most suitable for   £135.00
                                                          emergency oxygen use - D size cyl, 0-15 LPM
                          5055     5150
                                             5150         Oxygen Flowreg - Bullnose Fitting, 0-15 LPM             £91.50
                                             5152         Oxygen Flowreg - Pin Index Fitting, 0-15 LPM           £128.00
                                             6501         Oxygen Flowmeter w/3/8”nut connection, 0-15 LPM         £49.50

                          5152     6501

                                             6505         Oxygen Flowmeter w/BOC Probe                            £71.90
                                             5032         Oxygen Single Stage w/Schrader - Bullnose Fitting      £129.50
                                             5037         Oxygen Single Stage w/Schrader - Pin Index Fitting     £150.20
                          6505     5032


                                             6600         Replacement Plastic Tubing Nipple (white)                £4.00
                                                          for 6501 & 6505
                                             5050-02-00   ReplacementPlastic Tubing Nipple (white)                 £6.00
                          6600     6461                   for 5050/5055/5150/5152
                                             6461         Replacement Flow Control Knob (white)                    £6.00

     14                              TELEPHONE: 01535 652444 • FAX: 01535 653333
Cylinder Size                   D            AF           E            F            G            J

                                                                                                                                                           MEDICAL GAS PRESSURE
Approx Dimensions Inc valve     490 x 102    760 x 173    830 x 102    890 x 140    1290x 178    1600x230
Approx weight empty kg          3.8          11.4         6.6          13           30.6         68.7
Valve Type                      Pin-Index    Bullnose     Pin-Index    Bullnose     Bullnose     Pin-Index

                                                                                                                                                                R E G U L AT O R S
Gaseous Litres                  0.34 (340)   1.36(1360)   0.68 (680)   1.36(1360)   3.4 (3400)   10.6(10600)

GAS                           COLOUR CODE

Customer Service Centre                                                         Linde Gas UK Ltd
Priestley Road                                                                  Johnsons Bridge Road
Worsley                                                                         Church Lane
Manchester                                                                      West Bromwich
M28 2UT                                                                         B71 1AR

TEL: 0800 111 333                                                               CUSTOMER SERVICES:
                                                                                FREECALL 0800 0567 345 (24 hr. Emergency No.)
FAX: 0800 111 555                                                               FREEFAX 0500 2111000

1)    Cylinders should be stored in a secure, weather proof, well ventilated area.
2)    The cylinders should be secured by means of brackets or chains to prevent toppling.
3)    The floor should be level and constructed of concrete or other non-combustible material.
4)    The store should have an adequate means of access, to facilitate delivery and collection of cylinders.
5)    So far as practicable, lighting and electrical equipment should be sited in a safe position, remote from the cylinder storage
6)    The storage area should be clearly identified i.e. by use of compressed gases warning sign.
7)    Lubricants should be avoided. Only lubricants that are made for oxygen service and specified by the equipment supplier should be used.
8)    Always use clean hands or gloves when assembling oxygen equipment i.e. when changing cylinders.
9)    Medical Gas Pressure Reducing Regulators should be handled with care and replaced every 5 years - sooner if damaged
10)   Separate or identify full and empty cylinders

The above advice is taken in excerpt from the following source:
Take Care with Oxygen HSE (Health & Safety Executive) HSE(rev2)
Medical Gas Pipeline Systems; Health Technical Memorandum 2022

Maintaining Standards states that a portable source of oxygen should be available to deal with medical emergencies. This should ideally be
capable of delivering a maximum of 15 litres per minute for a minimum of 20 minutes. This indicates use of a ‘D’ size cylinder (pin index fitting) with
340 gaseous litre capacity. If extra capacity is required, then use an ‘E’ size cylinder (pin index fitting) with 680 gaseous litres, although this will
require the use of a cylinder trolley.

                 TELEPHONE: 01535 652444 • FAX: 01535 653333                                                                                                      15
                                                                                   CODE           DESCRIPTION                                                   PRICE

                                                                                   RA2035         Res-Q-Vac Manual Suction System
                                                                                                  Fast, powerful vacuum force with direct Yankauer facility.
                                                                                                  Vacuum up to 750cm H20 with peak flow rate 20L/min         £85.00
                                             RA2035                    RA2036      RA2036         Rescuer Manual Vacuum Pump
                                                                                                  Includes Adult & Child Catheter. Compact & lightweight.       £29.95
                                                                                   RA2037         Disposable Collection Jar for Rescuer Pump
                                                                                                  Includes adult & child catheter                                £9.95
                                                                                   RA2038         Pack 4 Disposable Guedal Airways (size 1,2,3,4)                £5.00
                                             RA2038                    830011
                                                                                   830011         Laerdal Pocket Mask
                                                                                                  One way valve, filter, oxygen inlet and case.
                                                                                                  Adult & Paediatric Single Patient Use.                        £18.00
                                                                                   46 00 09       Laerdal Resusci Face Shield with Key Ring
                                                                                                  Plastic sheet and hydrophobic filter help prevent possible
                                                                                                  contact with blood or saliva. Single Patient Use               £4.00
                                             40 00 09                  RA1158
                                                                                   RA1158         Intersurgical Pocket Mask
                                                                                                  Complete with one way valve, oxygen inlet, filter,
                                                                                                  head strap and case.                                          £12.00
                                                                                   RA7152         Intersurgical Adult Resuscitation Bag - 1.5 litre bag
                                                                                                  w/oxygen reservoir, oxygen tubing and facemask
                                             RA7152                    RA2039                     Single Patient Use.                                           £22.00
                                                                                   RA2039         Besmed Adult (900ml) Resuscitator
                                                                                                  Compact & lightweight. Powered by hand.
                                                                                                  Single Patient Use                                             £9.95
                                                                                   RA2040         Besmed Child (550ml Resuscitator w/40cm H20 Pop Off
                                                                                                  Single Patient Use                                             £9.95
                                             1161 000                  1105 000
                                                                                   1105 000       Oxygen therapy facemask & tubing - Adult                       £5.00
                                                                                   1161 000       Nasal Cannula & tubing - Adult                                 £2.75
                                                                                   1161           Adult Nasal Cannula & Tubing - Box 50                         £75.00
                                                                                   RA1174         Oxygen Tubing w/connectors                                     £2.00
                                             6742                      RA1174
                                                                                   RA1170         Oxygen Green Bubble Tubing p/metre                             £0.22
                                                                                   RA1170/A       Oxygen Green Bubble Tubing - 50m Box                          £10.00
                                                                                   6742           Humidifier
                                                                                                  225cc ‘Bubble Through’ Humidifier w/male thread to
                                                                                                  connect directly onto flowmeter outlet                        £11.00

                                                                                   Dealing with Medical Emergencies
                                                                                   “It is essential that all premises where dental treatment takes place have available
                                                                                   and in working order: Portable suction apparatus to clear the oropharynx, oral
                                                                                   airways to maintain the natural airway, equipment with appropriate attachments to
                                                                                   provide intermittent positive pressure ventilation of the lungs and a portable
                                                                                   source of oxygen.”
                                             1506-1 (please refer to page 6)
                                                                                   G.D.C. : Maintaining Standards Nov 1997 (Rev Nov 2001)

                                            The Porter Oxygen Positive Pressure/Demand Valve provides trained individuals with a safe and effective means of
                                            delivering 100% oxygen, by inhalation, in line with the flow rate demanded by the patient. Lightweight and durable, the
                                            Oxygen Demand Valve is designed for the demands of the pre-hospital and in-hospital environment.
                                            Supplied with an Audible Pressure Relief System and sensitive Manual Ventilation Button, conveniently located on the front
                                            of the Resuscitator. The Manual Ventilation Button helps to ensure a patient airway by enabling both hands to remain on the
                                            mask, facilitating a superior mask to face seal. The Manual Ventilation Flow rate is set at 40 L/min in line with the 1992
                                            American Heart Association “Recommendations and Guidelines for Resuscitation”.
                                            During spontaneous respirations, the Demand Valve Resuscitator is designed to provide 100% oxygen to a breathing patient
                                            with minimal respiratory effort. The oxygen demand flow being controlled by the patient’s inspiratory effort.

16                                                                        TELEPHONE: 01535 652444 • FAX: 01535 653333
CODE           DESCRIPTION                                                  PRICE

                                                                                               MONITORING EQUIPMENT
9500           Nonin Onyx Finger Pulse Oximeter
               Integral finger clip sensor, LED display, SP02 and pulse
               rate (no audible alarm)                                     £395.00

9600           Nonin 9600 Avant Benchtop Digital Pulse Oximeter
               Battery charge-power cord, 5 hour battery life, Adult
               sensor,115 hour memory and battery back up
               Covered by 3 year Warranty on main unit & sensor           £1,250.00

2120           Nonin 2120 Avant NIBP & Digital Pulse Oximeter                         9600
               Battery charge-power cord, 5 hour battery life, Adult
               sensor and cuff, 115 hour memory and battery back up
               Covered by 3 year Warranty on main unit & sensor      £1,950.00

4000           Nonin 4000 Avant Digital Oximeter with Bluetooth
               Battery charge-power cord, 18 hour battery pack,
               4100 Patient Module w/Adult articulated sensor
               and two (2) cut-to-size reusable wristbands.
               33 hour memory.
               Covered by 3 year Warranty on main unit & sensor           £1,614.00

nVision Avant Nonin nVision Oximetry Data Management Software
              Comprehensive date analysis, Windows based                              8000AP
              application with on-line help, simple and fast editing.
              Inc cable                                                    £455.00

8000Q          Nonin Ear Clip Sensor .5m cable (3 month warranty)          £177.00
8000AP         Nonin Paediatric Articulated Finger Clip Sensor             £182.00
8000AA         Nonin Adult Articulated Finger Clip Sensor                  £182.00    8000AA

8500VI         Nonin Extension lead for Paediatric Sensor - 3 metres        £80.00
2120-CUFF-C Nonin NIBP Cuff - Child Size 18-26cm circumference              £47.00

UA-767         A & D Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
               One button operation; automatic power on, cuff inflation,              4000
               blood pressure measurement and cuff deflation. LCD
               display diastolic and heart rate shown simultaneously     £69.50

MPM 1.1        Medigas PM3010 Handheld infra-red N20 Monitor
               Supplied with 220v charger, fixing clip, IrDA computer
               interface, PMCOM communications software
               and manual                                             £1,050.00
               Compact, lightweight monitor measuring levels of N20
               in the range 0-1000 ppm with a resolution of 5 ppm
               Reading displayed in real time or as a 8-hour TWA
               (Time Weighted Average).

MPM 2.2        Rigid Carry Case                                             £30.00
MPM 2.3        2 metre sample tube w/connector                               £4.00
MPM 2.4        In car charging adapter 912v DC only                         £50.00

             TELEPHONE: 01535 652444 • FAX: 01535 653333                                       17
                                                                           CODE          DESCRIPTION                                                   PRICE

                                                                           9300E-202     Powerheart AED G3 Automated External Defibrillator
                                                                                         Lightweight, easy to use one-button operation, voice prompt
                                                                                         guides user through rescue, pacemaker pulse detection
                                                                                         Supplied with Adult, pre-gelled disposable pads - 2yr shelf
                                                                                         life. Automated battery self test. Weight 3.10 kg
                                                                                         Warranty: 4 year, full operational replacement           £1,395.00

                                                                           9300A-202     Powerheart AED G3 Automatic Defibrillator
                                                                                         No shock button to push. Automatically detects, analyzes
                                                                                         and delivers life-saving defibrillation shock(s).
                                                                                         Lightweight, voice and screen prompts, pacemaker pulse
                                                                                         detection. Automated battery self test. Weight 3.10 kg
                                                                                         Supplied with Adult pre-gelled disposable pads.
                                                                                         Warranty: 4 year, full operational replacement         £1,695.00


                                                                           168-6000-001 AED G3 Carry Case                                              £84.00

                                                                           170-2145-001 Wall Mount Wire Rack for AED
                                                                                        This wire rack provides convenient storage and easy
                                             168-6000-001   180-2021-001                accessability of the AED                                       £40.00

                                                                           180-2021-001 AED Wall Mount Storage Case w/Strobe Light & Alarm
                                                                                        A Storage Wall Case that will hold the AED inc carry case,
                                                                                        Rescue Kit and spare battery bag. The alarm strobe
                                                            9131-001                    is activated when the AED is removed from the case,
                                                                                        silenced by key or replacing the AED.
                                                                                        Dimensions: 18.5” wide x 18” tall x 7.5” deep              £275.00

                                                                           5650-001      AED Wall Mount Sign                                           £20.00

                                                                           5550-003      Ready Kit
                                                                                         Includes: nitrile gloves, razor, scissors, towel, 4” gauze,
                                                                                         antiseptic wipes, one-way filter mask                         £19.50

                                                                           9131-001      Adult defibrillation electrodes, two year shelf life          £25.00

                                                                           9730-003      Paediatric defibrillation electrodes two year shelf life      £60.00

18                                                            TELEPHONE: 01535 652444 • FAX: 01535 653333
CODE            DESCRIPTION                                               PRICE

                                                                                                                          NITROUS OXIDE SCAVENGING
RA2041          MediScav Active Scavenger Unit
                Comes complete with external debris filter/outlet,
                one metre 30mm transfer hose and vent warning label.

                Unit is CE marked, requires a 240v power point and
                external wall vent                                       £670.00
RA2042          30mm plastic corrugated hose - per metre                  £12.00
RA2043          Waste Hose Assembly
                Rigid Venting Kit for External Walls, inc Filter          £25.00    RA2041
RA2044          Replacement Debris Filter                                 £65.95
RA2045          Replacement Inner Filter                                   £9.50
40520           Cattani Adapter 16-11mm                                    £8.00
PTR03           Platform Trolley                                          £69.00

This system is designed for connection to a gas disposal duct, which is not
automatically included with the Mediscav and which, proir to use should be
installed by a competent contractor.
30mm outside diameter copper pipe - alternatively, plastic plumbing tube and
fittings may be used. To contain the resistance within acceptable limits, keep
bends and other restrictive fittings to a minimum.

                                                                                   Please note: It is essential that an
                                                                                   Active Breathing System be used
                                                                                   with the MediScav, for example,
                                                                                   the Porter brown Scavenger - see
                                                                                   page 7 for details.

         TO MEDISCAV UNIT                         30MM EXIT PIPE

               TELEPHONE: 01535 652444 • FAX: 01535 653333                                                                     19
Holmes House, Skipton Road, Steeton, WestYorkshire BD20 6SD
            Tel: 01535 652444 Fax: 01535 653333
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