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									BACKGROUND INFORMATION – The Free E-Mail You’ve Been Waiting For

GMX (Global Mail Exchange) Inc. – at a glance

                  A specialized freemail provider with more than 10 years
                  experience and a pioneer of Internet communication
                  The preferred email choice for more than 11 million users
                  High email security and customer privacy with high tech data
                  centres (highly redundant systems) located in Germany and the
                  United States
                  A major branch of the United Internet Group – product overview

                  Launched in January 2008,
                  5 GB mail storage, attachments
                  of up to 50 MB, supports
                  mobile devices via POP3 or
                  Secure log-in, virus protection
                  and superior anti-spam
                  GMX Mail Collector: all external
                  email accounts can be fully managed within the GMX mailbox
                  GMX File Storage: 1 GB for all file types, friends can be invited to
                  share folders
                  Address Book: manage a large number of contact details –
                  compatible with other digital address books
                  GMX Organizer: quick and easy planning via Drag & Drop –
                  events from other digital calendars can be imported
                  User Lab allows members to submit and discuss new ideas to
                  make GMX work better - now and in the future
                  Show real emotions in Emails with GMX LiveEmoticons

United Internet Group: Facts & Figures

                  United Internet Group, founded in 1988, is highly profitable with
                  a market capitalization of 2 billion USD or 1 billion GBP and some
                  4,000 employees at locations in America, Europe and Asia
                  With 1&1 and Fasthosts, the Group offers the largest global web
                  hosting service: more than 10 million managed domains
                  55,000 hosted servers and a monthly transfer volume of 4,000
                  terrabytes as well as over 5 billion e-mails

Press contact UK:
Richard Stevenson
Corporate Communications
Phone: +44-1753 490 414
BACKGROUND INFORMATION – competitor overview

                               Yahoo!     Windows GoogleMail GMX.CO.UK
                                Mail        Live
POP3                            paid        paid     yes        yes
IMAP                             no        paid      yes        yes
E-mail storage space          unlimited    5 GB    counting     5 GB
E-Mail addresses                1+1          1         1        10
SPAM Filter                     yes         yes      yes        yes
Personal Black/Whitelist        yes         yes       no        yes
AntiVirus for incoming and      yes         yes      yes        yes
outgoing e-mails
Virus check for attachments     yes         yes      yes        yes
Multi upload of attachments     yes         yes      yes        yes
Keyboard shortcuts              yes         yes      yes        yes
Drag&Drop e-mail                yes         yes       no        yes
Right-Click context menus       yes         yes      yes        yes
Auto-responder                  yes         yes      yes        yes
E-Mail signatures               yes         yes      yes        yes
Search                          yes         yes      yes        yes
SSL Login                        no         yes      yes        yes
E-Mail filter rules             paid        yes      yes        yes
Alternate FROM Address           no         yes      yes        yes
POP3 Mail Collection             no        paid      yes        yes
Non-POP3 Mail Collection         no         no        no        yes
User forum                      yes         no       yes        yes
E-Mail Support available        yes         yes       no        yes
Online help                     yes         yes      yes        yes
Addressbook                     yes         yes      yes        yes
Organizer                       yes         yes      yes        yes
Integrated FileStorage           no         no        no        yes
IM Integration                  yes         yes      yes        no
Customizable color theme        yes         yes       no        no
Newsfeeds                       yes         no       yes        no

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