How to Write a Killer CV- Resume

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					                    How to Write a Killer CV- Resume

In the present scenario of employment it is very vital to ensure that you’re CV and other
belonging documents are designed in such a way that it would attract the attention of
potential employers. It needs to stand out from the crowd so that there are high chances of
you getting hired. One of the easiest ways is to be informative as much as possible enlisting
your educational background, employment history and forget about what role you are
applying for. Your CV is the first impression and it counts. It is a snapshot of your
achievements in your life focusing on your strengths and skills. If it’s not up to the mark
most of the employers will bin it and you need to say goodbye to the job application.

By now you must be worried how to write a CV resume? Well it’s very important that you
stick to a Curriculum vitae format. Providing information in an unorganized way will not
do. The CV should be broken into different section separated by white spaces or boxes. If
there is a lot of information that you need to write, it’s better to go for boxes. The key idea
behind this is it is easier for the employer to switch different section quickly. Make your CV
short; none of the employers bothers to go through a three page CV. Start with your
personal details. Next write your profile. You need to highlight by appropriate bullets your
main skills that make you suitable for the job. The next section that comes is your work
experience, no to worry if you are a fresher, you can include your qualification or
educational background in this part. If you have work experience you need to give details
of employment history. The most important part in this is highlighting your key roles that
you carried out in different companies where you have already worked. Try and use power
words wherever possible. Just for example write “actively led a team to success” rather than
“led a team to success”. These small things count and give your CV a preference over

Including interest and hobbies for resume is crucial. Most of the employers focus on
your core skills to hire you. If the employer is unimpressed by the time he comes to your
hobbies and interest part in the resume, whatever information you include in this section
will not help them to change their mind. But that doesn’t mean that this section has no
importance. A brief description could catch the employers’ eye and persuade him to go
through your skills for another time. There is absolutely no need to enlist your
achievements since childhood. A maximum of three is fair and good. This section just gives
a broader view what type of person you are. It would be nice if you include balanced
interest types. Try and include individual pursuits that signify your quietness to active group
member. It generally creates a good impression among employers and tells your diversity.
There are lot of hobbies and interest CV example that you can find browsing the net.
This section can differentiate you from others.

Try and build a killer CV so that your job hunt becomes successful very quickly and you land
yourself in your dream company.

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