Covering Letter for CV FOR Beauty therapist by udarimaheshika82

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									                                                                                     W C S PERERA


Dear Sir / Madam

Beauty therapist

Please accept this letter and accompanying resume as my application for the above position.

I am a motivated and skilled beauty therapist with a warm and friendly attitude. I have four years
of experience in the beauty industry – two as a make-up artist and two as a beauty therapist – and
have a strong commitment to advancing my skills and knowledge to help me deliver the highest
quality of service to clients.

I have a Diploma in Beauty Therapy as well as a Certificate II in Retail Make-up and Skin Care. In
my current role as Beauty Therapist at Chamari Salon & Academy, I work with a team of three
senior therapists and have experience performing a wide range of beauty therapies using the
latest equipment and techniques.

Throughout my time at the Salon, colleagues and clients have appreciated me for my caring
approach to helping clients achieve their goals. I make a point of carefully listening to each client’s
concerns, ensuring I understand their individual needs so that I can advise them of the best
products and therapies to meet their needs. I am also diligent about being up-to-date on the latest
beauty information and ensuring I have strong product knowledge to help customers choose the
right products, which returning customers consistently commend me on.

I also enjoy working as part of a team to help achieve successful growth for the business and am
always enthusiastic about taking on additional duties or learning new skills. For instance, in my
previous role as a make-up artist at The Makeover Team, a small business offering professional
make-up services, I was given the opportunity to research and develop a promotional idea to run
a make-up workshop for customers. I was able to work with the team to develop the promotional
material, topics and structure for the workshop and was given the responsibility for leading the
first event. Based on feedback from clients and the increase in product sales for the month, the
workshop became part of the Team’s regular program and is now offered quarterly each year.

I receive great personal satisfaction from working with clients to help them achieve their goals and
am enthusiastic about the opportunity to work with the team at yours.

Yours sincerely,

 W.C.S perera

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