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									                       Quibids: Auction and Win

An online penny auction website named Quibids. com is gaining fame these days. This is a place where
you can win exciting products, even the electronic items at very cheap prices by bidding on them
appropriately . The wonderful products can be won at very low prices than their retail price by bidding
on Quibids . Bidding and winning is not that simple as it is apparently visible. It is essential that you plan
a bit before you start bidding on an item. (Quibids Promo Code)

Though it appears to be very easy that you just need to bid for a product and if the last bid is yours, the
product is yours . The process is quite intricate actually. The product is yours if you bid on the highest
price at the zero time but you can do so only if you have sufficient knowledge about the site and how it
works . One bid will cost you 60 cents. one can get these bids in different packs of 10, 15, 25, 50, 100,
250, 500 etc . The people who are new on the site may feel unfortunate because they are not able to
win products quickly and have wasted money on bidding but they should know the proper strategies of
bidding on this penny auction site.

Whenever you make a bid, the timer is reset by a maximum of 20 seconds which provides the
opportunity to other bidders to decide and bid at higher price if they want the item . This bid war
continues for long time unless a last bid is made . this system is similar to the traditional system of
auctioning . You can get the item if the bid you have made is not outdone by anyone at the zero time.
You just need to pay the price you have auctioned plus the shipping charges .

If you are not ready to loose the product to someone else, then you can make use of the “Buy it now”
feature available there and buy the product right then. It helps them get the product at the value price
of the item subtracting the value of bids already made by the user . This makes sure that you do not
loose out the item to someone else just because you could not make the top bid .

There are many important facts about the bidding on this site which are necessary to know for any
beginner. Being well informed will help you get the desired products at the best prices ever . may sometimes provide you the chance to win the bid and get the product at heavily
discounted price but do not think that it happens always. This makes it important that some particular
tactics to win are implemented so as to boost the chances for winning the auction.

One should know properly as to when should the bid be made so that he/she has the maximum chances
of win. Moreover, he should know what the average price of the final auction for that product is, so that
he can wait for the bids to reach a particular price level and then start bidding . It is very good to know
that the last 50 auction prices can be tracked to get an idea about its value price. This way,
is amazingly beneficial for those who know every bit of it and use the strategies to win the auction for
their favorite product .

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