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VIEWS: 12 PAGES: 2 is a penny auction website which has become extremely popular recently mostly because of its very persuasive television advertising. Penny auction websites offer merchandise which can be very costly if purchased in the retail market but can be obtained at a fraction of their cost through the penny auction.

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									                      Quibids: Auction and Win

Quibids Promo Code is an online penny auction site that has got popular these days . One just needs to bid and
the product he/she aspires to win is available to them at the reasonable price. It is remarkable that
Quibids allow its users to win exciting items at heavily cut-rate prices. The process is bit tough though . A
lot of planning and efforts are required before testing your luck on bidding .

Though it appears to be very easy that you just need to bid for a product and if the last bid is yours, the
product is yours . Something else happens in actuality . The product is yours if you bid on the highest
price at the zero time but you can do so only if you have sufficient knowledge about the site and how it
works . The price of a bid is $ 0.60 . These bids come in packs of 15, 25, 50, 100 or 250 or more . The
people who are new on the site may feel unfortunate because they are not able to win products quickly
and have wasted money on bidding but they should know the proper strategies of bidding on this penny
auction site.

A person makes a bid and at the same time, the timer is again reset by 15 or 20 seconds so that
someone else could auction for the item in the provided time . This keeps taking place till the final bid is
made . One can take this process same as the old one i.e. “Going once..Going twice…sold”. You can get
the item if the bid you have made is not outdone by anyone at the zero time. After that, you only need
to make the payment along with the shipping charges .

Those who do not want to win the auction by continuing biddings or those who wish to really purchase
the item can use the “buy now” feature that is available on the site . This helps the user to buy the
product at the last auction price made subtracting the price of bids made till then. To make sure that the
product is in your hands only, this feature can be very supportive.
Before starting bidding, there are various things that one must be aware of . Such familiarity can help
the bidder to increase his chances of winning. At times, you may be lucky enough to grab the exciting
products in just 25 bids or less but other times, the case may be opposite . This makes it important that
some particular tactics to win are implemented so as to boost the chances for winning the auction.

The individual should know which day of the week is best to make bids and what time of the day is
suitable to get the best price . Moreover, he should know what the average price of the final auction for
that product is, so that he can wait for the bids to reach a particular price level and then start bidding . It
is very good to know that the last 50 auction prices can be tracked to get an idea about its value price.
This way, is amazingly beneficial for those who know every bit of it and use the strategies
to win the auction for their favorite product .

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