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 Construction in Singapore – Key Trends and Opportunities to

This report provides detailed market analysis, information and insights into the Singapore construction
market, including:
• The Singapore construction market’s growth prospects by sector, project type and type of
construction activity
• Analysis of equipment, material and service costs across each project type within Singapore
• Critical insight into the impact of industry trends, issues and the risks and opportunities they present
to participants in the Singapore construction market
• Assessment of the competitive forces facing the construction industry in Singapore and profiles of
the leading players
• Profiles of the ten largest construction projects in Singapore

Singapore’s construction industry valued SGD27.7 billion (US$22 billion) in 2011, and recorded a
CAGR of 11.57% during the review period. The industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.88% over
the forecast period. Infrastructure construction was the largest market, accounting for 32% of total
industry value and recording a CAGR of 12.48% during the review period. The infrastructure
construction market valued SGD8.9 billion (US$7.1 billion) in 2011. Singapore’s government invested
heavily in rail and road infrastructure and has a strong pipeline of rail transit projects nationwide. It
allocated SGD464.2 million in 2012 towards various long-term development plans.

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the construction industry in Singapore:
• Historical (2007-2011) and forecast (2012-2016) valuations of the construction market in Singapore
using the construction output and value-add methods
• Segmentation by sector (commercial, industrial, infrastructure, institutional and residential) and by
project type
• Breakdown of values within each project type, by type of activity (new construction, repair and
maintenance, refurbishment and demolition) and by type of cost (materials, equipment and services)
• Analysis of key construction industry issues, including regulation, cost management, funding and
• Assessment of the competitive environment using Porter’s Five Forces
• Detailed profiles of the leading construction companies in Singapore
• Profiles of the top ten construction mega-projects in Singapore by value

Reasons To Buy
• Identify and evaluate market opportunities using our standardized valuation and forecasting
• Assess market growth potential at a micro-level via 600+ time series data forecasts
•   Understand the latest industry and market trends
•   Formulate and validate business strategies by leveraging our critical and actionable insight
•   Assess business risks, including cost, regulatory and competitive pressures
•   Evaluate competitive risk and success factors

Table of Contents :

1 Executive Summary
 1.1 Market Size, Share and Growth Rates
 1.2 Macro Highlights
 1.3 Porter Highlights
 1.4 Business Attractiveness
 1.5 Singapore Benchmarks with Other Construction Industries
 2 Introduction
 2.1 What is this Report About?
 2.2 Definitions
 2.3 Summary Methodology
 3 Construction Industry Dynamics
 3.1 Macro Factor Analysis
 3.2 Market Analysis
 3.3 Forecast Assumptions
 4 Market Dynamics
 4.1 Commercial Construction Market Dynamics
 4.1.1 Commercial construction output analysis
 4.2 Industrial Construction Market Dynamics
 4.2.1 Industrial construction output analysis
 4.3 Infrastructure Construction Market Dynamics
 4.3.1 Infrastructure construction output analysis
 4.4 Institutional Construction Output
 4.4.1 Institutional construction output analysis
 4.5 Residential Construction Output

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