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									       SDE Dissertation Space
    Dissertation Submission Guide

                  Version: 1.4
              Author: Clement Choo
                Date: 19-6-2012




    Table of Contents

    1       Introduction                         ………………………………………   1
    2       Dissertation Workflow for Submission ………………………………………   2
    3       Preparation of document              ………………………………………   4
    3.1.1   Using Adobe Acrobat                  ………………………………………   5
    4       Dissertation Submission              ………………………………………   14
    5       Checklist                            ………………………………………   31




1 Introduction

This document covers what you need to know in order to submit your dissertation to the online
SDE Dissertation Space Digital Repository.

It should be noted that this documentation is continually in change to keep up with the changes
made to the system.

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2 Dissertation Submission Workflow

A) Student will prepare his work by converting his documents to portable document format
   (pdf) according to the recommended standard.

B) Student will submit his work to the SDE Dissertation Space Digital Repository System.

C) Student’s submission will be automatically accepted by the system and pending for
   reviewer’s approval. The submitted work will go into the workflow pool ready to be
   picked up by the reviewer.

D) Reviewer will be informed by email to validate student’s submission.

E)   Reviewer will perform either action:

       •   Approve the work submitted, an email will be sent to inform the student that his
           work has been approved.

       •   Reject the work submitted, an email will be sent to inform the student that his work
           has been rejected and he has to re-submit his work again.

F)   Once the reviewer has approved the submitted work, it will be made available to the SDE
     community for viewing in the SDE Dissertation Space Digital Repository System.

Figure 1 shows the submission process in diagrammatic form.

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                    Submit                   Retrieve
                     Work                     Work 


      submit                                              Reviewer validates
    dissertation     View                                    submission
                    Approved                   Accept
                   Submission                Submission


                         SDE Dissertation Space 
                           Digital Repository 

                                 Figure 1

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    3 Preparation of document

The following steps are used for converting Microsoft Word documents to portable document
format (pdf) conforming to PDF/A standard which is recommended for long-term archiving of
electronic documents defined by ISO 19005-1:2005 standard.

Documents that will be converted to portable document format must comply with the listed
elements in its content.

     •   Audio and video content are forbidden.

     •   JavaScript and executable file launches are prohibited.

     •   All fonts must be embedded and also must be legally embeddable for unlimited, universal

     •   Encryption is disallowed.

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    3.1.1 Using Adobe Acrobat

          Pre-requisites for conversion of documents to portable document format (pdf)

          − Microsoft Office

          − Adobe Acrobat

          − A single complete dissertation document file that could be printed and bound.

          − Document filename must be named by his official name printed on the submitted
            dissertation followed by the academic year of submission.
            (e.g. Ang Pei Min Cheryl 2008-2009.doc)

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    Step 1   Open your document in Microsoft office.

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    Step 2   •   Press Ctrl + P

             •   Select Adobe PDF from combo box.

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    Step 3   •   Select Scale to paper size: A4

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    Step 4   •   Select Properties.

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    Step 5   •   Select Portrait in Layout Tab

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    Step 6   •    Select the following settings in Adobe PDF Settings:

             1.   Adobe PDF Page Size: A4
             2.   Adobe PDF Security: None
             3.   Default Settings: PDF/A-1b:2005 RGB
             4.   Rely on system fonts only; do not use document fonts: unchecked

             •    Click on OK button

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    Step 7   •   Save the file in the following filename format:
                 Surname Chinese name English name (if any) yyyy-yyyy

                 For multiple files (other than appendix files – appendix files should be
                 included in the main file), use the initial of the name:

                 Yu Siew Lan 2008-2009.pdf (main file)
                 YSL filename1a.pdf
                 YSL filename2a.pdf
                 YSL filename3a.pdf

             •   Click on Save button.

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    Step 8   •   Verify that your file is residing in your folder.

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4 Dissertation Submission

To submit the dissertation files, launch SDE Dissertation Space at this URL:

    Step 1       •   Select Start My Submission.

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Step 2   •   Enter your NUS UserID and Password.

             Note: Do not include any nusstu or nusstf in the User ID.

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Step 3   •   Click on start a new submission hyperlink.

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Step 4       •   This will start the dissertation submission workflow.


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Step 5   •   Select Dissertation (Restricted) from the Collection combo box


         − Accepted submissions in Dissertation Restricted Collection are viewable
           only by SDE staff and users who have been granted the access.

         •   Click on Next to proceed to the next step

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Step 6   •   Click on Next to proceed to the next step

         •   Click on Save & Exit if you wish to save your
             work and resume work at a later time.

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Step 7   Note: Please use Cut & Paste function from your document to minimize typo.

            •   Fill in only the following information:

                 − Authors: Use only the Last name textbox and Name must not consist
                   of comma.

                 − Title: Exactly as how it appears in your dissertation title and should
                   be in Sentence case.

                 − Type: Dissertation

                 − Language : English

            •   To add additional fields click on Add More.

            •   Click on Next to proceed to the next step.

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Step 8   • Enter the required compulsory keyword entry.
           Note: 1 keyword in 1 textbox
           − Department
           − Course
           − Supervisor
           − Year of submission

             Example for department keyword
             − Building or Architecture or Real Estate or MEM or PFM

         •   To add additional keywords click on the Add More.

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Step 9   • Enter the abstract content in your dissertation into the Abstract textbox.
           (You can cut the content from your document and paste it in.)

         • Click on Next to proceed to the next step.

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Step 10   • Click on the Browse button to locate the pdf file that you will be
            uploading to the system.

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Step 11   • Select your file to upload.

          • Click on Open button

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Step 12   • Click on Upload file & add another to upload the file. Continue with the
            process if you have multiple files to submit.

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Step 13   • Verify that the required files are uploaded.

          • To remove a file, select the checkbox and click on Remove selected files.

          • Click on Next to proceed to the next step.

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Step 14   • Verify the data that you have entered is correct.

          • Click on Correct one of these to make amendments, if any.

          • Click on Next to proceed to the next step when done.

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Step 15   You are required to read the agreement on the Distribution License and the
          Academic Dishonesty Plagiarism.

          • Select I Grant the License checkbox, without doing so will abort the
            whole submission.

          • Click on Complete submission to complete the submission process.

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Step 16   • Click on Go to the Submission page to view your submission status.

             Note: Clicking on the Submit another item will start
                   a New Submission.

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Step 17   • Click on the Logout to exit from the application.


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    1. Create a folder on the desktop.

    2. Copy all the files into the folder.

    3. Determine which files are required to be uploaded.

    4. Determine which document needed to be converted to pdf format. Information can be found on
       page 4.

    5. Determine if merging the content is required.

    6. Change the filenames as required by the guideline. Information can be found on page 12.

    7. Go to https://lib.sde.nus.edu.sg/dspace/

    8. Start your submission by selecting Start My Submission.

    9. Follow the steps from page 14 to page 30.

    10. You will receive an email when your submission has been approved and accepted into the


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