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									           2013 predictions for White box lovers

Is it comfortable to flaunt a large screen tablet? In fact, we are getting used to with
the exorbitantly large screens of our tablets and iPads without realizing the
uneasiness behind this show off. Smaller tablets and iPads are soon to invade the
market. The big news is that approximately 34 million small tablets were shipped
last year and this number will double up in the coming 2013. Small tablets like
Amazon Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble Nook HD gained much popularity but the
show-stopper of the year was Google Nexus 7. However Apple’s iPad mini with 7.9
inch screen took away all the limelight. The news for the current year is that Apple
will soon be launching mini iPad2. This in itself proves that size does matter.

Why don’t our tablets and iPads have a good GPS navigation within building maps?
Now a day good GPS units also have loaded maps. Tablet makers should seriously
focus on these lines. Integrated GPS navigation should be present in tablets and
iPads in the year 2013.

Apple surprises its consumers every year with a new launch. In fact in 2012 it
releases two new iPads, iPad5 and iPad mini. It is rumored that in early 2013 we
will get to see a lighter and slimmer iPad5.

Amazon rocked us last year with a Kindle Fire line. Therefore, in 2013 we all are
expecting a third generation Fire launch. In 2013, it will have a head on competition
with new Nexus but the benefit is all ours in this gang war of brands. Many
manufacturers are soon to launch low cost tablets in the market. Asus is working on
7-inch low-cost slate. If the trend follows, 2013 will see many price drops in the
mobile market. There will be head on collision between brands over size and price.
The big rumor is Iconia B1 priced at $99. It will definitely be a big competition for
white box tablets. It can capture as a disposable tablet for kids who will soon relish
the tablet occasion all over the globe.

According to various research analysts, numerous 7-inch tablets will rule the
market with price range as low as $79 to $199 in 2013.

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