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									                                             Demo Dance Academy
                                                Demo Branch
                           Principal: Maysie Noodneg, 7 Northcote Walk, Edinburgh, EH20 9AT
                                                        0777 123 4567

                                                   FEE REMINDER
    Mrs Martha Lukeat                                                                                           23 June 2009
    7 Wilberforce Place
    N71 3XY

    Dear Mrs Lukeat
    According to our records, we have not yet received payment for this term's fees, as detailed below.

    Please note that fees are due on or before the first day of term. Failure to make payment within the next 7 days will
    result in a further 10% charge being added to the amount due.

    If you have already paid, please contact us with details of your payment and accept our apologies.

    Many thanks.

    Yours sincerely

    Maysie Noodneg

    PUPIL NAME:                           Mark Lukeat                                       REFERENCE 20110001
    CLASSES ATTENDED: DAY                   CLASS                                         TIME
    Class 1           Saturday                Boys Dance P1-P3 - Munro Centre             11:15 - 12:00
    Class 2
    Class 3
    Class 4
    Class 5

                             Term 1                        29th Aug - 30 Oct 2008
                             Weeks                                                                10
                             Fee Due 45 Min Class (£4.25pw)                                   £42.50
                             Extras                                                            £0.00
                             Less Deposit                                                      £0.00
                             Total due this term                                             £42.50

                                 REMITTANCE ADVICE (Reminder)
Mark Lukeat                                                                                Amount
£42.50                                                                                     Enclosed

                               Please detach this section, and return with your payment

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