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					Jeremy Smitherman
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PHP 4 – PHP 5
Experience: 8 years
    Proficient in both procedural and Object Oriented aspects of language experience developing
       dynamic web applications powered by MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases.
    Full understanding of OOP principals including design patterns and their implementation.
    Experience with cross-system and cross language interoperability with .NET, Java, and Python.
    Experience with multi-application data sharing and manipulation with XML and JSON.
    Have developed enterprise grade software with rapid application development frameworks such
       as CakePHP.

Experience: 7 years
    Experience with planning, organization and deployment of MySQL databases with command-line
       tools, MySQL Workbench, and PHPMyAdmin
    Understanding of the utility and applicability of stored procedures, views, functions, indexes,
       foreign keys, constraints, and normalization to maximize organization of data.
    Experience developing/deploying databases with maximum performance in mind.

Microsoft SQL Server
Experience: 2 years
    Experience with planning, organization, and deployment of multi-million record databases for
       enterprise grade applications.
    Developed code to access, modify, and manipulate data stored on SQL server backends using
       .NET languages (C#,VB), PHP, Java, Python, and C.
    Experience performing administrative and maintenance duties using SQL Management Studio
       for SQL Server 2000, 2005, and 2008

.NET (C#)
Experience: 2 years
    Fundamental understanding of the language and maximizing its use with Visual Studio and SQL
    Developed, debugged, and maintained basic applications utilizing general Object Oriented
        strategies and design patterns.
    Developed applications utilizing storage and serialization of data using XML.

Experience: 2 years
     Developed several console tools and Swing Framework applications.
       Experience with Apache POI for office development, and database aware applications (MySQL
        and MSSQL)

Experience: 1 year
    Developed small scale one-off tools including using libraries for Excel reading and creation.
    Developed tools for importing structured data into MySQL and MSSQL.

C / GTK+
Experience: 8 months
     Learning the GTK+ application framework for creating high performance gui based applications.
     Experience developing one-off console tools for high performance database import operations.

ExtJS Javascript Framework
Experience: 1.5 years
     Developed and maintained commercial and enterprise scale apps with the ExtJS framework.

CakePHP MVC Framework for PHP
Experience 1.5 years
    Developed and maintained several applications using the CakePHP framework for rapid
       application development with both MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server.

Experience: 11 years
    Complete understanding of page design and layout, W3C Standards, XHTML compliance.
    Experience developing static and dynamic websites in WYSIWYG and “From Scratch”

Experience: 6 years
     Experience using inline styles and stylesheets to develop and style static and dynamic websites.
     Understanding of classes, inheritance, and dynamic changes to styles with backend and client-
       side programming.

Experience: 4 years
     Developed applications with JavaScript generated frontends with frameworks such as ExtJS and
     Experience developing applications utilizing Prototype and Scriptaculous frameworks.
     Understanding of DOM and modifying the DOM dynamically.
     Developed applications using AJAX with PHP and .NET (C#) backends.

Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator
Experience: 5 years
    Basic photo manipulation
    Experience with graphic design for web graphics.
Linux Operating System
Experience: 8 years
     Worked with multiple distributions of Linux including Ubuntu, Knoppix, Red Hat, CentOS,
       Mandrake/Mandriva, and others.
     Comfortable with operating system both from console and X Server environment.
     Experience administrating many different servers (Apache, Apache2, pure-ftp, VOIP, MySQL,
       Samba, gaming servers) in both console and X Server environment.

Microsoft Windows Operating Systems (DOS, Win3.1, Win95, Win98, Win2K, XP, Vista)
Experience: 18 years
    Full understanding of usage of Microsoft operating systems.
    Professional experience with troubleshooting and repair of Microsoft operating systems.
    Administrated servers in Windows environment including MySQL, SQL Server, PHP, Apache,
       Filezilla, and IIS .

    Employment History

Application (Web/Desktop/Server) Developer
March 27, 2009 – September 25, 2009
    Responsible for end to end development of web-based critical path management software for
        clients such as Raytheon and Boeing under the management and supervision of a project lead.
    Planned, designed, developed, and implemented all presentation code, and majority of backend
    Part of the team responsible for developing automated tasks in Java, Python, and C# to interact
        with data provided by PHP.
    Wrote and contributed to tools for OPDEC's line of Microsoft Project Add-On's.

Teklinks Inc.
Lead Web Application Developer
October 10, 2008 – March 25, 2009
     Responsible for organizing, planning, and developing custom web software solutions for clients
        of Teklinks Inc. including Motivano/Time-Warner.
     Managed and maintained products through the entire software development cycle.
     Initial point of contact for clients with questions or concerns about software developed by the
        Development Dept. at Teklinks.

Vista Information Systems
Web Application Developer
May 1, 2008 – October 10, 2008
     Responsible for developing custom software with the direction of a project manager.
     Worked with a small team and project manager to plan and organize solutions for clients.

Airhorn Productions LLC
January 1, 2004 – April 1, 2008
     Small graphic design and printing company started in 2004.
     Matured into a web design company and shifted graphic design and printing to a minor role in

Uptech Computers
PC Technician
February 1, 2008 – April 1, 2008
     Worked with clients and a team of technicians to troubleshoot and remedy issues with software
       and hardware for personal computers.
     Performed customer service and Point of Sale duties.

Best Buy Inc.
Lead PC/Mac Technician
April 4, 2007 – January 1, 2008
     Lead technician diagnosing and servicing PC and Mac computers.
     Trained and directed a small team of technicians in PC troubleshooting and repair
     Responsible for discovering sales opportunities with new PC and Mac computers by identifying
         customer goals and needs and offering solutions to that effect.


Jefferson State Community College
Hoover, AL
Summer 2009 - Present
Major: Mass Communications / Journalism

Virginia College
Homewood, AL
Career Training: Computer Programming

University of Montevallo
Montevallo, AL
Fall 2004- Spring 2005
Major: Mass Communications

Montevallo High School
Montevallo, AL
Graduated 2004

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