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									Numerology - Get that Number to Speak for you

What is Numerology?

Numerology is the Science of interpretation of the meaning of numbers in relation to predictions
on outcomes relating to one’s fate, character analysis and inherent traits.

This fascinating science of numbers has its roots in the ancient cultures of Babylon, Egypt,
Greece and India where it has been used by people as a means to deeper character analysis.

Practioners across the world have started realizing the vast followership that this practice enjoys
and have therefore started getting into this field through systematic studies and deliberations.

Practioners adept in analysis of the numbers and offering consultancy in the art of analytical and
predictive science of numbers are called as Numerologists.

The Science behind

This science as an analytical and predictive method through use of numbers – either in a
standalone mode or in a combination mode – relates the outcomes and influences on the thought
patterns, human psyche, personality traits, destiny, love life, work influences and family life.

This system of study and analysis of the above factors in ones’ life includes identification of the
number linked to the particular person in form of his date of birth, alphabets contained in the
names or any other random natural selection processes which are then interpreted and analyzed
by the expert numerologist and deeper analysis is provided.

Numbers do cast an effect on the natural bearing on one’s life cycle. That is the reason that
people around the world have fascination to certain specific combination of numbers attributed
to them and like to see them associated with outcomes that have imprints of these combinations.

Numerology is a powerful interpretation technique that can help people with important analysis
in terms of character, situation and mental traits and adopted for overall personal growth and
corrections through modification of behaviors analyzed through numbers.

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