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									           Astrology – The Science of Predictive Correction to Destiny

What is Astrology?

Astrology is an ancient predictive and science of analysis of human situations through in-depth
study and analysis of the positions of planets and stars in the relevant horoscope of the planet
charts of individuals.

It has been used from ancient times by the Egyptians, Indians and various other cultures across
the world. With gradual development of mathematics and evolution of astronomy as a
methodological science for study of planets, stars, their positions and effects on the nature and
circumstances ancient astrologists recorded their findings on influences of the planetary positions
and classifications on the patterns of human mind and the courses in their life cycles.

Thus evolved solid foundations for the future generations in form of established text on this
science which has since been used widely across the globe under several schools employing their
own interpretations on the planetary positions in relation to pre-emptive analysis of human traits
and characters.

Important Factors for consideration during use of this Science

Since during the course of planetary analysis methodological preparation of the planetary charts
is required, t is always advisable to employ the services of an expert astrologer or a panel of
astrologers who are adept in the field. This is a vast field which cannot be mastered only by
reading a few texts floating around. It has to be mastered with patience, practice and through
analysis of mind and application of analytical skills.

Now a days the task of astrologers have been rendered fairly simple, effective and fast on
account of availability of various software and tools relating to astrological horoscopes and trait
analysis, character analysis and predictions from the available database. The automated tools
provide accurate positions of the planets and places on the globe from the database searches and
therefore eliminate the factors of boredom and complacency creeping in manual predictive
astrological practices..

Whatever the method used, Astrologycontinues to be a fascinating field and an effective means
for achieving desired goals in life through harmony with the nature’s forces.

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