A Beautiful Ceramic Cup by RahmiHaunaan


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									                                                  A Beautifull Ceramic Cup

        At Sunday morning, a mother asked her daughter to accompany her. The mother want to give one present to
the girl. Because that day was her seventeen birthdays. “Honey, what present did u want for celebrate your birthday?
Said the Mom with a nice smile on herface. “Mmmm…actually it’s up to you mom, I’ve just wanted to feel happy
everytime without sad, I still can’t forget what that I have got at my school lately, I don’t understand how could they did
it to me? Still on my mind…so hard to erase it from my mind” said the girl with a sad face.

        My bestfriend could ignore me because of small thing, although I’m not sure, was that my fault? They just
ignored me without give any reason, it made me little bit confuse Mom. They are all of my best friend…I felt so
lost..have i done something wrong Mom? Why they don’t try to understand me Ma…Huft..I hate them….but at the
otherside I miss them…I was feeling not usefull. The mother smiled to hergirl and said “ I knew honey, it will be so hard
for you, I ever have the same case like you…

        They were walking while talking..They entered the Kedaung Glasses Shop. Suddenly mother pull the girl’s hand.
Bringing her into glasses side of the shop. And she took a beautifull one cup. The most beautifull one. And Mother said,
did u know. What kind of this cup before sell in this shop? Mmm..i don’t know truly mom…so please tell me…Ok,
wait..listen carefully honey…

        Actually at the early time this beautifull cup were made from ugly bad clay. The Potter took it from bad soil and
rattle it till soft and flexible for made a cup. It needed so manytime rattle in order the clay can soft and easy for made.
The clay feel so sick, all of the body felt so broken and crumble. The clay scream loudly when hisbody hit the wood
surface of table. Sick…siiick…siccckkk…so siiiccckkkk..stop..please stop..stop..said the clay in hopeness. But the potter did
not hear his voice, he just continoued his job till the clay ready to made. Body clay was be formed as what that potter
wanted to made. For this time he wanted to make a nice beautifull cup.

        The clay put on a spin plate while the potter gave any pressure on several sides to make it into a cup. Almost 1
hour the clay always spin on the plate, Oh no..said the clay..i’m dizziness…please..so dizziness…stop..stop..please stop…I
felt want to throw up “,continued the clay..but the potter still didn’t hear his voice. Just continued his job. And then, the
clay had a form. He looked into the mirror infront of the jobdesk where he’s standing on now. “Ooow…was it me????”,
said the clay shocked, hooohhh…it was good, mybody’s look good…said the clay happy. But suddenly the potter took
him and brought him into the outside of room, and put it on the roof under the sun light. Oh how could he let me here??
Said the clay. I would be bad and dark because of tan, hey sir..please let me in..there was so hot in here. Let me in on
your desk..said the clay full hopeness to the potter. But still like usual, the potter didn’t hear his voice. About 5 hours the
potter let him on the roof. And then took him into a burner. Oh nooo..hot,,so hot…hot…sick..please..help me..so hot in
here..said the cup..but the potter add the temperature of the burner into high…the clay couldn’t scream anymore, just
accept his condition..after burn the cup in burner, then the potter took it and let it down for an hour till the clay was
cool. Now the potter got a sandpaper and rub it into the body of clay….Oh no..so sick…mr..please..stooopppp…so
sick…my body would be injury said the clay, but the potter still continued. After a few minute, the potter stopped his job
and put the cup on the desk. The clay could look himself. OO…was it me..said him awesome…how could I was so
beautifull ???asked her in herheart.

        After enjoying herself for few minutes, the potter took her and brushed paint some colour into herbody. She felt
amused each time the cool paint touch her body. Almost 2 hours he must endure feeling of amuse and now the potter
was stop. The potter smiled to her and said…now look….you were so beautifull now…the cup looking herself into the
mirror. She’s really awesome when she look herbody…on the reflection of the mirror there was standing a beautifull
cup…she could believe if it was her…Oh,, it’s me..it’s me…she said. I were so beautifull now…Thanks mr.potter said the

        Now honey, did you want to be beautifull as look as the beautifull cup??? Asked the mother to that girl…Of
course Momm…I want to be beautifull one..she said…Now..if you wan to be beautifull like a cup..as a human, nice in
attitude, patient, kind person, humanis, smart and usefull. It need much test, sacrifice, hurdle,that you must pass. Every
test that you get will increase the value of yours and you will be luminous, usefull and are missing by other people. As
look as a beautifull cup.

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