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A Visit With Cole - Cossatot Community College


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    A Visit                                                                                                        Good Eats
                                                                                                                  at Nashville
                                                                                                                  By Rebecca Heaston
                                                                                                                  Of the Chronicle Staff

                                                                                                                     The Nashville campus
By Sherrie Lockeby
                                                                                                                  is buzzing with excite-
Of the Chronicle Staff
                                                                                                                  ment. There will be a
                                                                                                                  new addition on the
Editor’s Note: In last
                                                                                                                  campus when classes
month’s issue, the
                                                                                                                  resume in January.
Chronicle discussed
                                                                                                                      The Campus Corner
Steve Cole’s candidacy
                                                                                                                  Café will open its doors
for District 21 State
                                                                                                                  when the spring semes-
Representative. Cole is
                                                                                                                  ter begins.
running as a Democrat         Students4Students decorated the annual Christmas tree in the Student Cen-
                                                                                                                     Robert Womack will
in the upcoming Pri-          ter. Check out the tree trimming tips in Allie’s Alley, on page three.
                                                                                                                  operate the café, located
mary on May 20. In this
issue, Cole will detail
                              “I saw how much it
                              meant to the people
                                                           entrepreneurship, in-
                                                           frastructure, and taking
                                                                                        Texas Law Has             at the Nashville campus.
                                                                                                                  There will be additional
why he is running, and        who received it when I       care of the elderly and       Residents Up             help hired by Mr. Wom-
what he stands for.
   Steve Cole is motivat-
                              handed out the check,”
                              he said.
                                                           the young.                        In Arms              ack to help run the café.
                                                                                                                     Since the campus is
ed by what people need           He has raised money       Legal Immigration            By Susan Lindsey          located at the edge of
- and he wants to fill that   for Rural Development           Cole says that he is     Of the Chronicle Staff     town, staff and students
need.                         for many cities within       for legal immigration,         Texas legislature       currently have to drive
   Cole says that he was      District 21, including       but it should go by the     signed into law last       in order to eat. The new
first motivated to run        Nashville, Ogden, Gill-      book.                       week a new gun bill        café will afford them
when, as Chairperson          ham, and Lockesburg.            “We should hold ev-      allowing residents to      more time to spend on
for the Rural Develop-           Cole’s platform has                                   carry a handgun in their   their studies, as well as
ment Commission, he           five main points: Legal      Continued on
                                                                                       vehicle.                   taste delicious foods and
was able to help fund         immigration, education, Page Ten                            The NRA has finally     beverages.
special projects.
                                                                                       won their fight—at least      The buzz is not entire-
                                                        Chili Cook-off judges are      in the state of Texas.     ly from the power tools
                                                        smiling before tasting            Governer Rick Perry     used in the construction
                                                        a dozen or so entries of       signed into law a bill     of the café, but from the
                                                        mouth-watering, tongue-        that has many people up    staff and students at the
                                                        tingling chilies. From left in arms, literally. The       college. Everyone is
                                                        to right are Christie Mc-      new bill will allow any    eagerly awaiting the
                                                        Cullough, Richie Wells,        resident with the legal    opening of the café and
                                                        Monte Stringfellow, and
                                                        Teresa Torix. Related          Continued on               Continued on
                                                        story on page three.
                                                                                     Page Twelve                  Page Three
From the Editor
    Well, 2007 is drawing to a close. It’s been a hec-
tic semester with lots of excitement, and we’re look-
ing forward to a large December graduating class.
That said, the New Year always brings in a new
group of students who opt to start the year follow-
ing the motto - “Learn more, live better!” And the
students who already started are a semester closer to
getting that associate’s degree, and going off to new
jobs or new schools.
    That said, the New Year is also bringing some-
thing new to CCCUA. The English department
will play host to a literary journal, to be published
quarterly on-line. The journal will consist of essays,
short sories, poetry, photographs, and drawings, all           This young fellow gets a soothing word from nurses as he finds
from CCCUA students, staff, and faculty. If you                himself getting his yearly flu shot at the Sevier County Fair-
have something you would like to submit, just send             grounds.Photo by Mark Riley.
it to Sunni Thibodeau at sthibodeau@cccua.edu.
Photos and drawings should be sent as jpegs.                    Drive-By Shooting in De Queen
Hopefully this will be just the beginning - we’d
like to see the contributor base expand beyond the                  Claims 1,465 “Victims”
college base, and maybe even see a print edition
                                                         De Queen, Ark. - -         needed assistance.         lation, so it shows you
eventually. So, come join us for your chance to see
                                                           Students and faculty       CCCUA RN students        about what we could do
your name in print.
                                                         from Cossatot Com-         under the direction of     with larger numbers.”
    PTK and Students4Students have been busy with
                                                         munity College of the      Sarita Floyd helped        Since the inception of
various Christmas projects, mostly aimed at feeding
                                                         University of Arkan-       administer the shots,      the idea, the event has
the hungry and helping those with few resources to
                                                         sas were involved in a     while students from the    spread to other commu-
have a good holiday. We’d like to take this chance
                                                         recent drive-by shooting   CCCUA CAMP pro-            nities.
to remind you that no matter what your feelings are
                                                         in this community.         gram helped to interpret     CCCUA faculty and
politically speaking, there are thousands of young
                                                            ARNEC students          for Hispanic clients.      students helping with
people serving this country overseas on this holiday.
                                                         helped the Sevier Coun-      This is the third year   the shots were: Sarita
We hope that you will take the time to remember
                                                         ty Health Department       for the program, al-       Floyd, Jackie Wright,
them during this holiday season.
                                                         administer more than       though only the second     Emily Akins, John Bai-
Hope you all have a happy holiday !
                                                         1,400 flu shots to area    year for the drive-        ley, Melynie Fielding,
                                                         residents, and the will-   through format.            Tonya Foreman, Joseph

 Cossatot Chronicle                                      ing “victims” never had
                                                         to leave their cars.
                                                                                      The idea was the
                                                                                    brainchild of Sevier
                                                                                                               Hodges, Emma Lee,
                                                                                                               Tanya Roden, and Missy
 Editor: Sunni Thibodeau                                    Instead, participants   County Judge Dick Tall-    White. Those helping
 Reporters: Susan Lindsey, Sherri Lockeby,               gathered at the local      man, who was searching     with the paperwork
 Rebecca Heaston, Allie Hennard                          fairgrounds where they     for a way to inoculate     included: Kay Cobb,
 Contributors: Kristal Hardin, Ashley McKelvy,           lined up for the shots     large numbers of people    Deedy Tody, Karen
 Layout Advisor: Mark Riley                              while still inside their   in the event of a pan-     Taylor, Brandon Sims,
                                                         cars. A community          demic without exposing     Marilyn Archer, Daniela
 The Cossatot Chronicle is funded by Students4
                                                         effort made necessary      those same people to       Aguilar, Rosalinda Mar-
 Students and is free to the student body and mem-
                                                         paperwork available to     disease.                   rufo, Roxanna Barrien-
 bers of the community. Artlicles and letters should     those needing the shots    “This year, we did 1,465   tos, Violeta Camarillo,
 be submitted to the Cossatot Chronicle at the front     prior to the event, and    innoculations in just      Jose Hernandez, Evelin
 desk in De Queen, Nashville, or Ashdown, or sent        volunteers retrieved       about six hours,” Tall-    Buenrostro, and Belen
 to cccua_news@yahoo.com.                                completed paperwork,       man said. “That’s about    Montiel.
                                                         or helped those who        10 percent of the popu-

Cossatot Chronicle - November/December, 2007                                                                                    Page 2
Allie’s                        would like to put the tree
                               (placing it in a window
                               lets others driving by
                                                             string them on the out-
                                                             side of the tree; putting
                                                             the lights deep in the
                                                                                          should go on first, but
                                                                                          not just on the outside
                                                                                          of the branches. Like
                                                                                                                       from Page One

Alley                          enjoy it as well, but you
                               can’t go wrong when it’s
                               right in the center of the
                                                             branches makes it look
                                                             fuller and brighter.
                                                                Finally, the best part:
                                                                                          the lights, hang some
                                                                                          deep in the branches for
                                                                                          a fuller tree. Your tree
                                                                                                                       the convenience that it
                                                                                                                       will bring.
                                                                                                                           “It will be nice to sit
                               room). Next, set your         decorations! The deco-       will look much pret-         down and eat between
   Trimming                    tree up                       rations are going to be      tier if you hang large,      classes without having
   the Tree                    in the                                                     deep-colored ornaments
                                                                                          close to the base, and
                                                                                                                       to drive all the way into
                                                                                                                       town,” one student said.
By Allie Hennard               room,
Of the Chronicle Staff         working                                                    smaller, lighter orna-       “ It takes time to go
                               from                                                       ments towards the out-       to town and then wait to
    Ah, Christmas time!        the                                                        side. After you finish       get something to eat, by
The chestnuts are roast-       bottom,                                                    hanging the ornaments,       the time I get back to
ing on an open fire,           up. As                                                     twist pieces of ribbon       campus it’s time for
shoppers rush home             you                                                        throughout the tree,         my class and I have not
with their treasures,          assem-                                                     running it in between        had a chance to rest or
 the stockings are hung        ble the                                                    the ornaments. This          study.”
by the chimney with            tree,                                                      finishing touch adds            LindaWoodard is
care, and the halls are        sepa-                                                      that extra polish to your    another student looking
decked – well, almost.         rate                                                       tree. Finally, clean up      forward to the eatery.
    Everyone knows you         each                                                       your mess and vacuum          “ I hope that they
can’t sing “O, Christmas       little                                                     around the tree, and         remember that we are
Tree” to an empty wall,        limb                                                       add a tree skirt to the      students living on
and for many people,           on                                                         base. You don’t have to      budgets and that they
decorating the Christ-         ev-                                                        use an actual tree skirt;    will keep the prices rea-
mas tree is nothing but        ery                                                        pieces of material or        sonable enough to enjoy
a hassle. You may feel         branch. This is a pro-                                     tulle will be perfect.       the café,” she said.
that you can never hope        cess I like to call “fluff-   the focal point of your         Decorating a tree is         The Campus Corner
to achieve decorating          ing.” It is time-consum-      tree, so you want to dis-    not hard; you just have      Café will be open for
a tree that could rival        ing and monotonous,           play them in an attrac-      to be creative and not       breakfast offering such
the beauty of those you        but very necessary. You       tive way. It is usually      afraid to break away         treats as cinnamon rolls
have seen in the finest        don’t want your tree to       best to start by putting     from the traditional red     and sausage and bis-
department stores. But         look smashed like it was      your tree topper on first.   and green. Try using         cuits. The lunch menu
I promise, you can. I          still in the box. For a       There are many different     a wacky leopard-print        will consist of items like
feel your pain, so I’ve        more natural look, form       things you can use to top    material for a tree skirt;   sub sandwiches, soups,
offered a few pointers         the limbs towards the         off your tree. Tradition-    do lime green instead        salads, baked potatoes,
for making “how lovely         outside of the tree.          ally, there are angels and   of Christmas green, and      and pizza by the slice.
are your branches,” a              Putting on the lights     stars, but you can also      use an array of feath-       The café will be serving
painless reality.              is the next step of the       use big bows, feathers,      ers for the tree topper.     cappuccinos and lattes
    First you need to          process. There are only       or just a large concentra-   Experiment and have          as well. These beverages
select your tree; there is     a couple of things you        tion of ornaments and        fun with it; if you don’t    will be a warm treat on
a wide variety of trees        need to remember when         flowers, etc. If you want    like it you can always       cold days.
available from real to ar-     doing this. First, put        bows on your tree, put       change it. Most im-             The café will have a
tificial, and fat to skinny.   them on from bottom           them on next (evenly         portantly, just fit your     trial run the first week of
Price doesn’t matter;          to top in a logical order     spaced). You should          Christmas tree deco-         classes with the hours of
you can make even the          so that they will not be      put ornaments that you       rations to your own          operation as 7:30 A.M.
ugliest $5 tree look           difficult to take off in      have lots of on first. For   personal style. If you       until 7:00 P.M. These
dazzling. Then choose          January.                      example, if you have         do that, you can’t go        hours will be subject to
the place in which you             Second, don’t just        150 gold balls, they         wrong!                       change or adjustment as
          Happy Holidays from the Chronicle Staff!
Page 3                                                                         Cossatot Chronicle - November/December, 2007
      Hunter Ed Class is a Hit                                                          Chili Cook-Off
  Chronicle staffer attends safety class
                                                                                          Fires Up
By Sherrie Lockeby
Of the Chronicle
                                                                                              Cossatot Community College of the Univer-
                                                                                      sity of Arkansas ushered in the month of November
    The turnout at the last
                                                                                      with a chili cook-off.
Hunter Education class
                                                                                         More than a dozen entries were up for judging,
in Sevier County was a
                              This buck is one that hunters would like to have on     ranging from Michael Wright’s two pots of fiery red
hit. The class was held
                              their wall at home. Photo by Justin Westphall           chili to Mark Kutak’s white bean and chicken chili.
at Cossatot Community
                                                                                         Judging was done by four souls graded with iron
College of the Uni-           is that the all Hunter Ed was to show them that
                                                                                      stomachs and teflon tongues: Christi McCullough,
versity of Arkansas on        classes are free. Reve-     we actually learned the
                                                                                      Teresa Torix, Richie Wells, and Monte Stringfellow.
Saturday, Nov, 6. Class       nue from hunting licens- true safety laws con-
                                                                                         The first place winning chili was entered by Katy
began at 8 am and lasted      es and Wildlife Manage- cerning ATV’s.
                                                                                      Pickens, second place was a tie between Kay Cobb
until around 4 pm.            ment areas allow the        The most important
                                                                                      and Mike Kinkade, and third place went to Karen
    This was the last op-     program to be instructed thing that the class
portunity for would-be        free of charge.             learned was to treat all
                                                                                         Cries of “foul” from Michael Wright and Steve
hunters to take advan-             The instructor was     guns as if they were
                                                                                      Cole were promptly quashed by the powers that be
tage of the class - it will   Jimmy Newton and            loaded. To drill this
                                                                                      in the form of Lilly Bell Johnson, and satisfied din-
not be given again until      he was quite a riot. He     point into the minds of
                                                                                      ers and judges headed back to individual offices to
next year.                    instructed the class of all his students, Newton
                                                                                      finish out the day in solitutude.
    More than 50 people       the safety measures that passed around 4 huge rat
showed up to get their        should be taken while       traps that were set and
little orange Hunter          hunting, plus a few extra ready to snap. Everyone
Education card. To my         tips about ATV safety.      was a little apprehensive
surprise, about 25 per-          Arkansas Children’s      to even hold them, let
cent of the people there      Hospital provided a sur- alone to and pass one to
were adult females,           vey for the class to fill   the person behind them.
10 percent were adult         out about ATV safety.       Even when we were
males, and the rest were      I learned that it is ille-  being extremely careful
all children of mixed         gal to have a passenger     some of the traps sprang,
gender.                       on the back of an ATV.      and everyone jumped.
   According to the law,      Towards the end of the      At the time it was funny,
anyone born after 1969        class, Newton passed        but we got his point. The
is required to have a         out another survey from class was kind of boring,
                                                                                      Monte Stringfellow clowns around as he tastes a
Hunter Education card         Arkansas Children’s         but I made it through
                                                                                      bowl of chili in the CCCUA Chili Cookoff.
on their person while         Hospital that looked        and I have my little
hunting for any type of       exactly like the one that orange card.
game. The greatest thing      we filled out earlier. This                                Phi Theta Kappa wants to thank everyone who
                                                                                       brought items for the Thanksgiving Food Drive and
                                                                                       who allowed students to bring foods for extra points.
  Pre-registration Online Through Dec. 14                                              We collected over 250 items.
                                                                                         Our PTK president took the items to the Chalice
      Registration Jan. 4- 15 (4 p.m.)                                                 Cupboard. They will make boxes and distribute them
                                                                                       for Thanksgiving.
           Classes Begin Jan. 14                                                         Thank you again!

Cossatot Chronicle - November/December, 2007                                                                                       Page 4
Must See TV? No More!                                                                                            Concert Goers
                                                                                                                   Rock Out
Technology provides options, creates controversy
                                I have an unhealthy      from ads that play when     nos, 24, The West Wing,
By Ashley McKelvy           fondness for America’s       I watch a show online.      and The Wire for being
Special to the              Next Top Model, which        They also make nothing      both smart and commer-      By Susan Lindsey
 Chronicle                  I can catch on the CW’s      when someone pays to        cially popular. He even     Of the Chronicle Staff
                            website (www.cwtv.           download episodes from      goes so far as to argue
   Is there such a thing    com). I can indulge my       iTunes.                     that the worst televi-      Oklahoma City’s Cox
as “Must See TV” any-       love for Jon Stewart at         The studios have sug-    sion shows of today are     Convention Center was
more?                       www.thedailyshow.com,        gested that new media       typically better than the   home to a concert of
    One of my cousins       where the folks at Com-      ventures are experimen-     worst programs from 30      epic proportions. Four
was a huge Gilmore          edy Central have kindly      tal and may not be prof-    years ago.                  rock bands—Breaking
Girls fan, but between      stockpiled clips dating      itable. This claim seems       Now, the closest I’ve    Benjamin, Seether,
school, gymnastics,         back to the 1990s. Once      disingenuous at best, but   ever been to being a        Three Days Grace, and
and hanging out with        upon a time, I bought        the writers have simply     major Hollywood player      The Red—graced the
friends, she never          episodes of The Office       pointed out that if the     is the time I played        stage of the arena to de-
watched the show much on iTunes, but now I               new media ventures          “Young Woman Order-         light fans of all ages.
until the summer. She       can watch them free on       make little to no money,    ing Coffee” in a student    The show opened with
would buy the latest sea- NBC’s homepage (www.           their percentage will be    film. I’m no expert on      The Red. This band had
son on DVD and watch        nbc.com).                    correspondingly small.      the intricacies of Hol-     energy galore. With
the episodes when she          Digital media isn’t          If, however, the         lywood business, but        their hard hitting sounds
had time. If you don’t      perfect. Sometimes the       studios make money,         technology has changed      and their dynamic stage
want to buy the DVDs,       picture can be a little      then they feel that they    the way we access me-       presence, there was no
you can rent them from      grainy, and occasionally     deserve a cut since they    dia. It makes sense that    doubt this band was
your local video store      the transmission is halt-    helped create the final     networks would find         there to rock. They
or Netflix. Lately, I’ve    ing, but I am willing to     product. This seems         ways to use the latest      gave fans a taste of their
started watching shows      put up with these prob-      especially true since       innovations to create       album as well as fin-
online.                     lems once in a while in      defenders of popular        new sources of rev-         ished up with the radio
   I still sit down to      order to watch what I        culture often argue that    enue, but it also makes     hit “Breathe Into Me.”
watch some shows in         want when I want.            the overall quality of      sense that the people       Following them was
prime time, usually            It’s no wonder that       television has steadily     who help create quality     Seether, bringing out
because I am watching       the recent writers’ strike   improved in recent          television should share     the hits like “Gasoline,”
with my family, or sim-     has centered on writers      years. Good writing has     in the profits.             “Fine Again,” “Driven
ply out of habit. But, if I demanding a fair share       a lot to do with that.                                  Under,” “Remedy,” and
don’t have time to watch of profits from DVDs            Steven Johnson makes                                    “Broken” which Shaun
                                                                                        If you’ve had a
a show at its regularly     and new media.               the argument in his book                                Morgan performed with
                                                                                        tough time this
scheduled time, I go on-       Writers do make           Everything Bad is Good                                  Adam Gontier of Three
line to see if I can watch some money off of             for You that TV shows                                   Days Grace. Their set
                                                                                        remember that
it on the network’s home DVD sales. Accord-              have become more lay-                                   was finished by a cover
                                                                                      academic advisors
page. Watching online       ing to Mark Harris of        ered and complex. The                                   of the Three Days Grace
                                                                                       and a counselor
has the added bonus of      Entertainment Weekly,        plots have become more                                  hit “(I Hate) Everything
                                                                                           are waiting
taking up less time since they make one-third of a       intricate, and as a re-                                 About You.”
                                                                                          to help you.
the regular commercial      cent off of every dollar     sult, shows are training                                Next up was Breaking
breaks only show one ad spent. They would like           viewers to become more      College is the most         Benjamin, whose lead
that usually lasts about                                 media savvy in order to      important under-           singer Ben Burnley
                            to double that, making
thirty seconds.                                          keep up with multiple       taking of your life;        kept the crowd pumped
                            their take two-thirds of
   The Internet has even a cent. They also want          storylines and charac-      the CCCUA faculty           by speaking directly to
allowed me to watch                                      ters. Johnson, along with    and staff want to
                            a share of sales from                                                                Continued on
shows on channels that I new media, since they           other critics, praised        help you get the
                                                                                        most out of it.          Page Twelve
don’t have at home.         currently receive $0.00      shows like The Sopra-
Page 5                                                                   Cossatot Chronicle - November/December, 2007
        ‘Inspiring,’ ‘Smart,’ Film                                                          High Schools
             Worth Viewing                                                               Invade Campuses at
By Ashley McKelvy
Special to the
                            the ways that segrega-
                            tion impacted their per-
                            sonal and professional
                                                           Thomas struggles with
                                                           the limitations of his        Nashville, De Queen
                                                           job, while Dr. Blalock
Chronicle                   lives.                         depends on his assistant
                               Inside their workspac-      so much that he wants
   Something the Lord       es, race is rarely, if ever,   to keep him in that job
Made tells the remark-      addressed. Dr. Blalock         even if it’s not in Thom-
able story of Dr. Alfred    sees them as equals,           as’ best interest. Despite
Blalock and Vivian          although when offering         all of these struggles,
Thomas who made sig-        a suggestion on surgi-         the men were dedicated
nificant contributions      cal technique, Thomas          to their work. While
to the field of cardiac     is polite and deferential      the movie does not shy
surgery. They worked        to his boss. The early         away from discussing
together from 1930          part of the film is set in     the impact of segrega-
until Blalock’s death in    Nashville, Tennessee,          tion, it also celebrates
the 1960s, and the two      which seems fairly pro-        the medical advance-             The CCCUA College/Career Planning Program
worked as equals despite    gressive in its attitudes      ments that these men          was held on the De Queen Campus on Oct 25th,
the fact that they were     toward race. This helps        made together.                in the Frachiseur/Pulliam Building, and on the
divided by race and         to create the sense that          Alan Rickman is won-       Nashville Campus on Oct 30th, 2007. High School
social status.              they are peers. Thomas         derful as Dr. Blalock,        Juniors and Seniors and their parents attended. Col-
   Thomas was black         even mentions that he          and Mos Def’s por-            lege/University Representatives were available, and
and had only a high         hoped to enroll at Ten-        trayal of Vivian Thomas       military recruiters were also on hand. The event was
school education, but       nessee State University        proves that he is a gifted    in a browsing format. Organizers Julie Rhodes and
under Dr. Blalock’s         before money troubles          actor. This isn’t the first   Nancy Cowling called the event a success as some-
tutelage, he learned to     force him to defer that        film I’ve seen Mos Def        where in the neighborhood of 500 – 600 students
perform experimental        particular dream.              in, but this is by far the    from the surrounding area visited the campuses to
surgeries on dogs. At          When Thomas moves           most demanding role           meet with 25 different colleges, universities and
first, they worked on       with Blalock to work at        I’ve seen him do, and he      other institutions.
treating patients with      John’s Hopkins, the race       is up to the challenge.
shock, but they went on     issues become ampli-           He carries the film with
to create a revolution-     fied. They continue to         an easy grace, and his
ary technique to treat      work as partners, but the      silences can speak vol-
“blue babies.” They         university treats them         umes. The two men are
even designed medical       very differently, which        a joy to watch, and they
equipment to be used in     creates tensions. Dr.          always seem aware of
their heart surgeries on    Blalock respects his           the complex dynamics at
infants.                    assistant, but he can be       play between their char-
    The film takes a riv-   oblivious to Thomas’           acters. Something the
eting and nuanced look      problems unless they           Lord Made is a smart
at their relationship and   are pointed out to him.        and inspiring film.

        Congratulations to the third CCCUA registered
        nursing class on their pinning ceremony Dec. 7!
Cossatot Chronicle - November/December, 2007                                                                                      Page 6
   Continuing Education                                                    What are You Doing for
    Schedule for Spring                                                      Christmas Break?
 More information is available from Rachel Parson at   Everyone looks forward                                                                                          a home-cooked meal.
                                                         to Christmas Break                                    Shane Smith: This                                       They need to learn to
rparson@cccua.edu. Courses are as follows:
                                                        - here are some com-                                   Christmas Break I am                                    cook.
CED 4011 01 - Truck Driver Training , 7 a.m.             ments from CCCUA                                      more than
- 3 p.m, Mon.-Fri., Feb 11- March 7. De Queen.                                                                 likely go-                                              Barbara
                                                          students and staff.
Cost: $360 Reg. Deadline: Feb. 4                                                                               ing to be                                               Reid:
                                                       Regina Tatum: I plan                                    working                                                 Christmas
CED 4011 02 - Truck Driver Training , 7 a.m. -         on spenidning Christ-                                                                                           vacation -
                                                                                                               my tail off
3:30 p.m, Mon.-Fri., Mar. 31 – Apr. 25. Nashville .    mas with my husband,                                                                                            well, there
Cost: $360 Reg. Deadline: March 24                                                                             at Fred’s. When I’m not
                                                       Robert, and my chil-                                    at work, however, I’m                                   will be many changes
CED 3000 01 Defensive Driving 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.         dren,                                                   probably going to be                                    during this time. My
,Sat., Feb. 9. De Queen. Cost: $68 Deadline :Feb. 4    Jordan,                                                 playing Halo 3 online                                   youngest son will be
                                                       Joyce,                                                  with my friends. My                                     moving to Longview,
CED 3000 01 Defensive Driving 8 a.m. - 12 p.m,         Jewell,                                                 plans for Christmas are                                 Texas. I will also be
Sat., Feb. 9 . Nashville Cost: $68 Deadline :Feb. 4    Jaxon,                                                  just going to be spend-                                 moving into another
                                                       and Jaide. We’re go-                                    ing time at home with                                   home during this time.
CED 3000 03 Defensive Driving Sat, March 8
                                                       ing to eat fried turkey,                                my mom and dad.                                         Christmas this year will
8 a.m. - 12 p.m. De Queen. Cost: $68 Deadline:
March 3                                                dressing, sweet potato                                                                                          be busier than usual.
                                                       casserole, and pumpkin                                  Noel Youngblood: I
                                                                                                               am going to the Greater                                 LaVersa
CED 3000 04 Defensive Driving 1 p.m.. -5               pie - just to start.
                                                                                                               Cincinnati area to see                                  Morris:
p.m. Sat, March 8. Nashville. Cost: $68 Deadline:
                                                       Petey Bell: I plan on                                   my family , g to a                                      Since I
March 3
                                                       spending my Christmas                                   Bengals game in Paul                                    am in
CED 1018 01 Beginning Grant Writing Tuesday.           Break hanging out with                                  Brown Stadium, and go                                   nursing
5 -8 p.m. Feb. 5-26. De Queen. $69 Deadline: Jan.      family and friends. I                                   ice skating in Fountain                                 class and they won’t let
29                                                     have a very big family,                                 Square.                                                 you sleep in class, that’s
                                                       so spending time with                                                                                           probably what I will
CED 0507 01 MS Excel 07 Level 1, Part 3 Mon.,          them is always fun.                                     Carmel Davis: For the                                   do - along with catching
4:30 - 7:30 p.m. Feb. 11-18. Ashdown Cost: $35                                                                 Christmas holiday, I will                               up on playtime with my
Deadline: Feb. 4.                                      Luis Monteil: I plan to                                 be cooking,                                             son.
                                                       be with my family over                                  cooking,
CED 0508 01 MS Excel 07 Level 1, Part 4                Christ-                                                                                                         Corinna
                                                                                                               and cook-
4:30-7:30 p.m. , Mon., Mar. 3- 10 p.m., Ashdown        mas.                                                                                                            Soto:
                                                                                                               ing. Our
Cost: $36 Deadline: Feb. 25                            Also, I                                                                                                         My plans
                                                                                                               kids are
CED 0509 01 Computer Concepts/Windows                  will try                                                going to be home for                                    hopefully
Tues., 5:00P 8:00p.m., Mar. 4 – 11 Nashville.          to help                                                 the holidays and that is                                for Christ-
Cost: Free. Deadline: Feb. 25                          other                                                   the only time they get                                  mas break
                                                       people who are in need.                                                                                         is to go to Mexico to
CED 3005 01 Introduction to Floral Design                                                                                                                              spend some time with
Thurs., Feb. 21 –Mar. 13 5:00P 8:00P NV $58            Watch What You Eat During the Holidays!                                                                         my aunt, uncle, and 2
                                                       In the United States 1 in 5 college students are classified as obese
February 14                                            [1]. Perhaps more alarming is that previous research indicates                                                  cousins. I also plan to
                                                       obesity rates rising fastest in 18 to 29 year olds and those with some                                          visit my boyfriend’s
CED 5000 01 EMT Basic Refresher 8:00a.m.-              college education [2]. These are grave statistics, given that for the
                                                                                                                                                                       family while I am down
8:30 p.m. Sat-Sun. Feb. 2-3 De Queen Cost: $86         first time in history, predictions suggest the youth of today may live
January 25 x                                           shorter lives than their parents [3]. (see the whole report at http://                                          there. If I don’t get to
                                                       www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/articlerender.fcgi?artid=1660573)                                                     go, I will just stay in De
CED 5005 01 BLS for Healthcare Providers               1 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance: National College Health Risk Behavior Survey--United States, 1995. MMWR     Queen and spend Christ-
                                                       CDC Surveill Summ. 1997;46:1–56.
8:00a.m. - 12:30 p.m., Sat. Feb. 16 Ashdown Cost:      2 Mokdad AH, Serdula MK, Dietz WD, Bowman BA, Marks JS, Koplan JP. The Spread of the Obesity Epidemic in        mas with my family.
                                                       the United States, 1991-1998. JAMA. 1999;282:1519–1522. doi: 10.1001/jama.282.16.1519. [PubMed]
$44 Deadline: February 11                              3 Olshansky SJ, Passaro DJ, Hershow RC, Layden J, Carnes BA, Brody J, Hayflick L, Butler RN, Allison
                                                       DB, Ludwig DS. A potential decline in life expectancy in the United States in the 21st century. N Engl J Med.
                                                       2005;352:1138–1145. doi: 10.1056/NEJMsr043743. [PubMed]

Page 7                                                                                  Cossatot Chronicle - November/December, 2007
Alumni Corner
                                                            corrections, but it was      profiling people in the       for the paper, I always
                                                            the beginning of my          community. My job was         took the pictures for my
                                                            career in journalism. It     to do profiles on three       articles.
       The Life and Times of a                              was also the day I fell in   people in the local busi-        Second lesson – carry
       Non-Traditional Student                              love with writing.           ness community.               a camera everywhere
                                                                                            At first I was so          you go!
                                                                                         nervous I couldn’t catch         My internship turned
By Kristal Hardin                                                                        my interviewing rhythm.       into a job. And every so
Editor’s Note: Kristal                                                                   My first interview was        often Anita would get
Hardin is a 2003 gradu-                                                                  with a woman that had         the red pen out and send
ate of CCCUA, and is                                                                     worked for the cable          me an article with marks
currently completing a                                                                   company for years. On         to indicate I needed to
four-year degree from                                                                    the surface there didn’t      pay more attention to
Texas A&M Univeristy-                                                                    seem to be much to            my editing.
Texarkana.                                                                               write about, but the             Since those early days
                                                                                         longer she talked and the     I have had the opportu-
   Non-traditional stu-                                                                  more comfortable we           nity to write about many
dents try harder in col-                                                                 both became, the more         interesting people and
lege than their younger                                                                  interesting she became.       places in Sevier County.
counterparts.                                                                               First lesson – relax       I have written about
   Non-traditional stu-                                                                  and listen, listen, listen!   Hoo-Rah Days and The
dents want more from                                                                     My real break came            Trail of Tears Powwow
college than recently                                                                    when Sunni took us on         with the Native Ameri-
graduated high school                                                                    a tour of the De Queen        can Indian dance, regalia
students entering col-                                                                   Daily Citizen and Bee.        and stories.
lege.                                                                                    Anita Kimball was the            When I took up
   Non-traditional stu-                                                                  owner and publisher at        journalism, I thought it
                              something that I could
dents walk slower than                                         Journalism came easy      the time. She was offer-      meant sitting at a com-
                              do to take care of myself
the energetic up- and -                                     mainly because I am          ing internships at the pa-    puter and talking to peo-
                              financially and be able
coming younger people                                       nosy by nature. I also       per for the summer. The       ple over the telephone
                              to do this when the time
on the college campus.                                      like to meet new people.     job was close to home.        most of the time. I was
                              came that I would be
   While the first two                                      I ask questions. These       It was my big break into      naïve to think interviews
                              working from a wheel-
statements may be sub-                                      are vital keys to learning   the world of journalism,      wouldn’t involve a bit of
jective and many recent                                     information necessary in     so to speak.                  the physical side of life
                                 I met with the disabil-
high school graduates                                       creating an interesting         My first story was         – like walking. So many
                              ity counselor at CCCUA
entering Cossatot Com-                                      article.                     local and concerned a         of my stories have had
                              and she suggested
munity College Univer-                                         Sunni gave us many        young girl who got her-       an additional story that
                              journalism might be the
sity of Arkansas may ve-                                    opportunities to hone        self stuck on a sandbar       I don’t usually mention
                              perfect fit. She asked if I
hemently beg to differ,                                     our skills in the safe,      in the middle of what         – the story of how I am
                              did any writing.
the last is an absolute. At                                 friendly college envi-       was normally a dry            able to accomplish my
                                 I said, “Letters. To
least in my case… and it                                    ronment, writing for         creek, but after a hard       job since I can’t walk up
                              family and friends.”
is getting truer everyday.                                  the Cossatot Chronicle       rain the night before,        steps or walk on uneven
                                 She said, “You’ll
   I came to college,                                       before sending us out        the rapidly flowing           terrain, etc. to “get the
                              learn. Sunni Thibodeau
journalism and Arkansas                                     to write hard news in        water was dangerously         story.”
                              is the journalism teacher.
later in life. I decided to                                 a sometimes not-so-          deep, and a man with             This was the case
                              She is a great instruc-
go back to school after a                                   friendly real world.         bulldozer rescued her.        when I interviewed
divorce and a diagnosis                                     My first opportunity         “Real, exciting home-         Thomas Young, a
                                 Our very first assign-
of limb girdle muscular                                     outside the college came     town news.” But I was         wildlife rehabilitator in
                              ment was to write a
dystrophy. I left Florida                                   when I wrote several         proud of my first story.      Mena, Ark. He was ulti-
                              short story about which
and eventually ended up                                     articles for the Texarka-    I even took my own            mately my favorite inter-
                              “hand” we write with.
in De Queen, Ark.                                           na Gazette. They had a       photographs. In fact, the     view of all times and the
                              I still have the story.
   I needed to find                                         special summer section       whole time I freelanced       most difficult to master
                              There were quite a few

Cossatot Chronicle - November/December, 2007                                                                                         Page 8
physically, although he
was determined to help                                                                     Grads                          from Page Eleven
me get his interview.
So I wrote the original                                                                    Edgar Hernandez                      Amity
interview story for the                                                                    George C. Loucks                  Nashville
Cossatot Chronicle and                                                                     Ray Turner                  Mineral Springs
the De Queen Citizen
and Bee. Then I wrote
                                                                                           CANDIDATES FOR DIPLOMAS
the story about “how I
                                                                                           Diploma of General Education
                                                                                           Jesus Bahena                    De Queen
got the interview.” That
                                                                                           Paul Bates                    Murfreesboro
story was accepted by
                                                                                           Jessica Bush                    De Queen
the Muscular Dystrophy
                                                                                           JoAnna Combs                   Lockesburg
Association’s national                                                                     Ashley Flowers                  De Queen
Quest magazine. (http://                                                                   Amanda Horn                     De Queen
www.mdausa.org/publi-                                                                      Racquel Jacobs                      Dierks
cations/Quest/q122day_                                                                     Shalonda Johnson               Broken Bow
by_day.html)                                                                               Christina Leeper                De Queen
 The last time I talked                                                                    Shantal Mata                    De Queen
to Young he had raised                                                                     Katrina Maxwell                 De Queen
12 bears, releasing ten                                                                    Kathleen O’Dell                      Kirby
back to the wild. He                                                                       Brient Potter                 Murfreesboro
had rehabilitated more        and built by Karolyn         ing feature articles for
                                                                                           Reyna Salazar                     Nashville
                              Hendrix for her beloved      magazines.
than 5,000 hawks, 2,000                                                                    Jacqueline Sandoval             De Queen
                              father, Tom T. Wilmeth,          To think it all started
owls, 18 bald eagles,                                                                      Brandi Stone                      Nashville
nine golden eagles, and       killed in the line of duty   with the question, “did
countless rabbits, squir-     in World War II.             I write anything?” My
rel and deer. And he             My CCCUA Gradua-          answer, “Letters.” Now
does all this for free. His   tion Day came in 2003.       I write for anyone and
understanding wife has        I received my Associ-        everyone. And I love
put up with alligators in     ate of Arts. It just made    it. It’s amazing how
the bathtub and a year-       sense to keep going with     education can build your
old bobcat named Tigger       my journalistic pursuit.     confidence. And a little
having total run of the       Texas A & M – Texar-         confidence can go a long
house.                        kana offers a great mass     way.
   Stories about Wax’s        communications pro-              So is it really true that
General Store in Gilliam      gram with a bachelor’s       non-traditional students
(now closed) and an           degree for journalism        try harder at college,
older building in Sevier      students. I felt there was   want more from college
County that turned out        still so much more to        and walk slower than
to be one of the Julius       learn.                       their younger cohorts?
                                 And learn I did. So           I know this college         The Nashville staff and faculty helped prepare food
Rosenwald Schools built                                                                    for the Buckmaster Hunt for Disabled Youth. The
for African-American          here it is at the end of     student does.
                              2007. I have had to take                                     event allows youngsters who might not otherwise
children that is still left                                                                be able to participate in hunting as a sport, and the
from the 1920s and            some school time off         Photos accompanying
                              for family and health,       this article were taken         Buckmasters Luncheon was held at the Jones Ranch
1930s were picked up by                                                                    near Mineral Springs. Members of the CCCUA
the Associated Press.         but this December I will     by Kristal Hardin, and
                              finally receive my bach-     previously appeared             family prepared potato salad, baked beans, cole
   I attended and wrote                                                                    slaw, and lots of great desserts. Steve Cole, Mike
another article that also     elor’s degree in mass        in the De Queen Daily
                              communications.              Citizen and the De              Kinkade, Steve McJunkins, and Rose Ray helped
was picked up by the                                                                       with the cooking chores and getting the meal ready
AP on the dedication             I still write a column    Queen Bee.
                              for the De Queen Bee.                                        to serve. CCCUA student Dana Smith helped Paul
of the Chapel of Peace                                                                     Jones coordinate the event.
located near De Queen,        And I really enjoy writ-

Page 9                                                                        Cossatot Chronicle - November/December, 2007
            Wonder about                                Cole                            He feels that we need
                                                                                     to balance the education     The Elderly
                                                        from Page One
             Ladybugs?                                  eryone accountable,” he
                                                                                     system by focusing on
                                                                                     Science, Technology,
                                                                                                                  Cole feels very strongly
                                                                                                                  that more attention
                                                        said. “That’s fair, that’s   Engineering, and Math        needs to be placed in
   Lucky Little Critters Do Good Things                 just fair.”                  (STEM subjects). He          taking care of the elder-
                                                           Cole believes that        also has thought about       ly. With the restrictions
By Sherrie Lockeby                                      everyone should get into     introducing entrepre-        on Medicaid and all the
Of the Chronicle Staff                                  the system.                  neurship classes at high     red tape that goes with
                                                           But that doesn’t mean     schools, because most        it, he feels that many
   Many people wonder - why the sudden swarm of         people should be pulled      area businesses are lo-      of our senior citizens’
ladybugs?                                               into a legal limbo and       cally owned and oper-        needs and desires are not
   The sweet little polka-dotted beetle bugs are        abandoned. He would          ated.                        being met. Cole believes
driving me crazy, too. However, I found some            like to see                                               he has the potential to
interesting information on the cuties. They are great   some help                                                 make positive changes
for the environment!                                    to integrate                                              in this area. He also
   A ladybug can consume up to 50 pests a day, and      those who                                                 sees a need for improve-
they also eat the eggs. So, when a colony of them       come into the                                             ment in healthcare for
moves onto your lawn, remember that they are just       country.                                                  both senior citizens and
hungry, and they are actually helping control the          “We’re                                                 children.
bad bugs naturally.                                     working [on                                                   Cole feels that when
  However, if they decide to homestead in your          a project for]                                            bringing in new indus-
house they will become annoying fast. One way           those who                                                 try that “there needs to
to get them out is to take the leg of a pair of panty   can’t speak                                               be a balance” between
hose or a knee-high stocking and attach it to the       English very                                              environmentally friendly
end of your vacuum cleaner hose with a rubber           well, to build                                            buildings and cost effec-
band. When you turn on the vacuum the hose will         an academy                                                tive buildings. Cole says
be sucked in, and you can collect all the bugs.         to catch them                                             he is “all about” the en-
   Then, just remove the pantyhose and take the         up to speed,” he said.
bugs back outside where they belong. No need to                                      Infrastructure               vironment, but he looks
                                                         He also said that one of    Infrastructure is a big      at the situation from a
feel guilty!                                            the main reasons it takes    issue in District 21.        logical standpoint. Go-
 Ladybugs are also a symbol of good luck, so take       some immigrants so              Cole believes that bet-   ing green is very expen-
heed when the urge hits you to squish one.              long to get through the      ter roads leading in and     sive, but he believes that
                                                        naturalization process is    out of the district will     a good balance is what is
                                                        because they cannot pass
Book Buyback Schedule:                                  the test. The test is in
                                                                                     improve not only our
                                                                                     industry, but also our
                                                                                                                  important. Cole says that
                                                                                                                  his campaign so far has
                                                        English, and many can-       economy.                     been “very positive.”
                                                        not read English.               Large businesses have         “I’m pretty dog-gone
                                                                                     too much trouble receiv-     persistent,” he said, and,
                                                        Education                    ing freight and shipping     when he gets an idea in
                                                           Cole also notes that      out product because the      his head he will not let it
                                                        he is a firm believer in     transportation systems       go. But he wants to hear
                                                        education.                   are poor.                    from the public.
De Queen Dec. 3 – 6 8:00 am to 5:00 pm,                    He is the Vice Chan-         The new four-lane             “I am your advocate,”
Dec. 7th 8:00 am to 1:00 pm.                            cellor and Dean of           highway in DeQueen           he said, inviting those
                                                        Academics at Cossatot        will promote an abun-        with ideas of their own
Nashville Dec. 3 – 6 9:00 am to 4:00 pm,                Community College of         dance of highway front-      to call him.
Dec. 7th 9:00 am to noon.                               the University of Arkan-     age industry, but Cole is    “If the idea is sound,
                                                        sas and is currently a       focused on all of district   I’ll do whatever is in my
Ashdown Dec. 5 – 6 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.                 doctoral candidate from      21.                          power to make it hap-
                                                        Walden University.                                        pen,” he said.

Cossatot Chronicle - November/December, 2007                                                                                    Page 10
Congratulations to the Grads of 2007!
PTK=Phi Theta Kappa                                                                           Certificates of Proficiency
ABG=Alpha Beta Gamma                          Administrative Assistant                        Child Development
NVTHS=Nat.Voc.Tec.Honor Soc.                  Rachel Dawn Alaniz                    Horatio   Jean Batty *                     De Queen
*completed grad. requirements Summer 2007        PTK                                          Kelli Bowman                      Ashdown
                                              Riki Ann Horn                       Foreman     Faith Lynn Dickison *                 Amity
Associate of Arts                                PTK                                          Alissa Eason                        Gillham
Melynda Bryant                        Kirby   Business Management                             Patricia Ellen Jenkins *             Wickes
  PTK                                         Cathy L. Morphew                   De Queen     Dominique Lofton                   Nashville
Ashlee Danielle Buchanan *     Murfreesboro   Venita Kay Smith                    Ashdown     Kristan Mauger                     Foreman
Evelin Buenrostro                De Queen       PTK                                           Wendy Parsons                     Newhope
  PTK                                                                                         Kristi Pennington *                  Wickes
Lezlie Carlene Cusher               Horatio   Early Childhood Education                       Amber Perez                        Nashville
  PTK, Magna Cum Laude                        Maria T. Blair *                    Ashdown     Kellie Still                     De Queen
Faith Lynn Dickison *                Amity      PTK                                           Jenni Sue Sweeden              Murfreesboro
Brandy Frohnappel *               Nashville   General Technology                              Megan Tallant                      Foreman
Missy L. Glasgow *                  Dierks    Derek A. Turner                       Dierks    Shelly Taylor                    De Queen
Lesia Green                       Nashville                                                   Amanda Thrash                     Ashdown
Regina Renaee Grubbs *          Lockesburg    Information Technology                          Samantha Walker *                  Nashville
  Cum Laude                                   Keiko Meeks                          Delight
Dorisandra Beiza Gutierrez *     De Queen     Stephen L. Westfall *               Nashville   English as A Second Language Education
Tana L. Harris                      Delight                                                   Maria T. Blair *                   Ashdown
                                              Nursing RN                                         PTK
  PTK, Cum Laude                              Barbara Ann Bevill               Lockesburg
Sheila Hughes                    De Queen                                                     Ashlee Danielle Buchanan *     Murfreesboro
                                              Dusty Brantley                    De Queen      Sonnie Burris *                    Bismarck
Taneshia Brook Marshall         Lockesburg       PTK
Courtney McDonald                De Queen                                                     Paula Christopher                     Dierks
                                              Sonya J. Bunyard                   De Queen        PTK
Lucia J. Ochoa                   De Queen        NVTHS
Amber Perez                       Nashville                                                   Tommie Crow *                    Texarkana
                                              Brandy Sue Carter                    Gillham    Brandy Frohnappe *                 Nashville
Regina Carol Royal                Winthrop    Michelle Medlin                         Cove
  PTK                                                                                         Dorisandra Beiza Gutierrez *      De Queen
                                              Roxanna L. Morrow                 De Queen      Tammy Henderson                    Nashville
Mary Joan Ruth                   De Queen     La Tishua Shunyet Page               Prescott
Lesia Stephens *                 De Queen                                                     Wilhelmina Johnson                Alexander
                                              Kari Dee Robbins                       Dierks   Cindy Kennedy *                        Hope
  PTK ,Cum Laude                              Jeannie Stevens                     Foreman
Michael Stokes *                    Dierks                                                    Twana Kirkpatrick *               De Queen
                                              Dary L. Wright                  Murfreesboro    Shelley Korsmeier *                 Malvern
Jessica Leigh Vega *             De Queen
Melissa Kay Watson *                Delight                                                   Susan Lindsey                New Boston, TX
                                              Associate of General Studies                    Marcene Linzy *                        Hope
  PTK, Magna Cum Laude                        Darwin E. Corbell, Jr. *      Mineral Springs
Carrie Sue Yingst                 McCaskill                                                   Dedra Lipsey *                    De Queen
                                              Danita Keith                        Nashville   Joye Miller                       De Queen
  PTK                                         Darrell Robert Welter          Scott City, MO   Brenda Miner                          Mena
Associate of Arts in Teaching                                                                 Barbara Reynolds *                     Hope
Language Arts/Social Studies                  Associate of Science                            Cynthia Smalley *                      Cove
Rebecca Allison Heaston        Murfreesboro   Ricky F. Snider                         Kirby   Barbara White *                       Dierks
                                              Technical Certificates                          Medical Transcription
Associate of Applied Science                  Collision Repair                                Shakonda Lashawn Haney             Nashville
Accounting                                    Benjamin F. Lowrey               Lockesburg     Rachel Evonne Wheat *             De Queen
Briana Nicole Hill                   Amity    Lonn Thomas McClinton              Winthrop       PTK
Jenny Johnson *                   Ashdown
Rebecca Sue Martinez              Foreman     Residential Construction Technology             Welding
   PTK                                        George C. Loucks                    Nashville   Jeremy Lee Davis                   Nashville
Rosa Maria Ortega                De Queen     Tou Lee Vang                          Fulton
Cathy L. Morphew                 De Queen                                                     Continued on Page Nine
Page 11                                                                   Cossatot Chronicle - November/December, 2007
                                                                                                               pistol with her when she
                                                       coordinated a                                           is driving, and this law
                                                       Thanksgiving feast         from Page One                allows her to do that
                                                       for students, fac-                                      without us having to
                                                       ulty, and staff before     right to carry a hand-       spend the extra money
                                                       Thanksgiving break.        gun the ability to carry     to get her licensed. It’s
                                                       Here, students and         their weapon in their        great.”
                                                                                  vehicle while traveling         But there are always
                                                       staff members help
                                                                                  within the state lines, no   two sides to every coin.
                                                       themselves to the          license required.               Opponents feel that
                                                       wide array of good-           What does this new        this law will increase
                                                       ies on the tables.         law mean for Texas           the number of deaths on
                                                                                  roadways? Some               roadways.
                                                                                  people feel that it was a      “I feel this new law
                                                                                  wonderful move by the        will increase the number

 Check out the Campus Bookstore                                                   governor.
                                                                                  Gun owner Don Watson
                                                                                                               of incidences of road
                                                                                                               rage and deaths because
  for all your graduation needs!                                                  couldn’t be happier.
                                                                                  “When I am traveling,
                                                                                                               of ignorance,” Paula
                                                                                                               Watson said.
                                                                                  I like to know that my          Bowie County had
   Graduation gifts with or without the College logo                              wife and I are pro-          such a death just three
                                                                                  tected,” he said. “If we     years ago. A fight that
                      Desk sets, Wooden pens, Key chains,                         were to break down,          began in a local night
                      Clocks, Lap blankets, Bookmarks, and                        and I had to leave to get    club across the state
                                                                                  assistance, I like know-     line in Miller County,
                      more. Some clearance items are still                        ing that she has the         Arkansas, ended when
                      available, including assorted tee-shirts,                   opportunity to protect       one of the members of
                      Polos, Jackets and Windbreakers!                            herself.”                    the initial brawl drove
                                                                                      Billy Lindsey, li-       alongside the other per-
Concert                                                                           censed handgun carrier,      son and began firing into
                           up on the stage and         on the stage with an
from Page Three                                                                   agrees.                      the car, killing the other
                           they all performed a        acoustic guitar per-
                                                                                      “I want my wife to       person.
them. They brought         cover of the Deftones hit   forming a cover of
                                                                                  be able to carry her
out their hits like “The   “Change (In the House       “Rooster” from Alice
Diary of Jane,” “So        of Flies).” To the audi-    in Chains. Coming
Cold,” and “Breath.”
In the middle of their
                           ence’s surprise, Burnley
                           came from the stage to
                                                       from an Alice fan, he
                                                       did an awesome job
                                                                                        The Learning Center
set, Chad Szeliga per-     walk among the crowd        and would have made            A resource and tutoring center
formed a 15-minute solo    while singing and pass-     even Layne Staley
that would make even       ing out water. I person-    proud. This was fol-
                                                                                              provided by CCCUA
Keith Moon roll over in    ally got the opportunity    lowed by their hits like          Open M/W/F 8:00a-4:30p
his grave. The crowd       to lay my hands on him.     “(I Hate) Everything
pleaser came when          And yes, ladies, he re-     About You,” “Pain,”        l      Free online computer access
Burnley said, “I know      ally does have a great      “Animal I Have Be-         l      Free tutoring provided
you guys have been         six-pack. They finished     come,” “Never Too
packed in here, shoulder   up their set with their
                                                                                  l      Here to help you achieve
                                                       Late,” and their finale
to shoulder for hours      first radio hit, “Polyam-   “Riot.” All in all, this          your academic goals
now, so I am going to      orous.”                     concert goer really        l      Academic and Personal Counseling
throw you guys out a          The show finished up     enjoyed the experience.
couple cases of water.”    with Three Days Grace       And at $35 a ticket, I            available by appointment
At this time Morgan of     taking the stage. They      couldn’t have asked for              Call 870-584-4471 ext. 140
Seether and Barry Stock,   started their set with      a better show.
guitarist for TDG, came    a lone Adam Gontier                                                   Flexible Hours!
Cossatot Chronicle - November/December, 2007                                                                                Page 12

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