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Manicure pedicure kits


Natural Kosmetics (NK) offers like a safe, sanitary and easy way to get a great manicure at home by manicure kits, pedicure kits, beauty supplies, beauty products, french manicure.If you want to more information Visit us :

More Info
									          Naturally Beautiful

To look beautiful is a desire of every single person and the new technology and
knowledge has brought us many ways to keep ourselves healthy and beautiful.
One of the best ways to keep you attractive is to visit beauty supplies, which
is a famous cosmetic distribution company
devoted in bringing only natural beauty
products to the market.

Everyone devotes long hours for beauty
treatments in the parlors and also large
amount of money but the results are not as
effective as desired.

So keep all the chemical treatments aside and seek a very natural way to
rejuvenate your skin and beauty when you choose to visit Natural Kosmetics
which is a pioneer in the field of waterless natural manicure pedicure

Natural Kosmetics, the distribution company, provides products that have
ECOCERT Certified ingredients and are formulated with 100% raw vegetable
active ingredients from renewable sources that receive the ECOCERT seal and
that are recognized internationally. This minimizes the chances of allergic skin

Natural Kosmetics is committed to environmental sustainability, i.e. knowing
how to use natural resources. We know that we cannot live without water;
therefore, the solution is to make rational use of this precious natural resource.

                                    Therefore, Natural Kosmetics has specialized
                                    in waterless manicure and pedicure
                                    treatments. It uses part of its proceeds from
                                    the   sales   of   disposable   manicure    and
                                    pedicure kits to plant seedlings that will
                                    help reforest the Amazon rainforest.

By purchasing the Natural Kosmetics product line, you are protecting the
environment and not wasting water.

The guests will spend less time in salons.

No water is involved; no soaking of hands or feet.

Free movement; the user can answer phone calls, read favorite magazines as
hands are in gloves.

Natural Kosmetics Treatment represents their commitment to the excellence in
hand and foot care with their special waterless manicure pedicure

Manicure Pedicure Kits:

The Manicure kits of Natural Kosmetic’s feature a
new concept of natural ingredients that signifies a high
quality treatment.

Natural Kosmetics manicure pedicure kits strictly
follow the quality control procedures and offer
important benefits for the clients and the beauty salon.

The waterless manicure and pedicure kits are provided
                       with convenient gloves and socks and an exclusive
                       emulsion that quickly softens the cuticles and helps to
                       speeding up the manicure and pedicure treatment.

                       Any kind of contamination/ allergies by fungi or bacteria
                       (mycosis) are obliterated which in turn is healthy for both,
                       the client and the professional.

                       The emulsion which is provided with these kits is all free of
parabens (preservatives) and all petrochemical substances which may cause
dermatitis and allergies.

After the use you will feel your skin feel as perfectly hydrated and the treatment
leaves a mild and delicate fragrance on your skin and you will surely love it.

Natural Kosmetics manicure/ pedicure kits, provide a complete package for
the treatment of the guest hands or feet.

Benefits :-

.These french manicure/ pedicure kits have great benefits:

.These contain Vitamin E as an antioxidant which helps prevent skin ageing.

.Ingredient Coconut Oil helps to protect the skin from UV rays.

.Urea helps to highly moisturize the skin.

.Keratin helps to strengthen your nails.

.The best ingredient contained is Copaiba Oil which has all special properties
like it is an antiseptic, antimycotic, anti-inflammatory and a good healer.

So the clients can take advantage of all these perfect benefits and can save time,
money while saving water.

So drop all the artificial captivities and go green with these waterless and
natural manicure pedicure kits at Natural Kosmetics, which is a hassle free
and an amazing experience.

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