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					                          Chapter no-1 Networking Questions

(1)Tara Nathan wants too upload and download files from /to remote internet server, write the
name of the relevant communication protocol which will let her do the same
(2) Two Doctors in same room have connected their Palm Tops using Bluetooth for working
on a group presentation. What kind of network they have formed?
(3)Arrange the following communication channels in ascending order of their data
transmission rates.
 Ethernet cable, Optical Fiber, Telephone Cable, Co-axial cable
(4)Define any two threats to network security.
(5)Differentiate between Star and Bus Topology of network.
(6)Which protocol is used for transfer of hyper text document on the internet?
(7)Which transmission medium should be used to transfer data across continents at very high
(8)Two neighbour schools, at a distance of 120 meter from each, decide to join their LANs
using UTP cable so they can share their- e-learning resources. But after
Joining their LANs they are not able to share the resources due to loss of signal in between
.Which device should they use to so that is amplified in between?
(9) Sonata says that following number indicate an address.
     What is the above address called? To which object/device is it assign.
(10) In which Topology, each node is connected to other all nodes directly?
(11) Define IP address.
(12) Which symbol is used to separate the MAC address?
(13) Which of the following communication media will you suggest to procure by the
company for connecting their local offices in Mumbai for very effective and fast
     (1) Optical Fiber (2) Ethernet Cable (3) telephone Cable
(14) What is the difference between star and Ring topology?
(15)Identify the wired and wireless technology from the following.
  (1) Bluetooth (2) Optical Fiber (3) Co-axial (4) Infrared
(16) What does the last three byte of MAC address indicate?
(17)By which other name the ring topology is called?
(18)Define Snooping.
(19)What do you mean by topology? Write the names of two types of topology
(20)Define Bridge Router and Gateway
(21)Which protocol is used to control the transfer of E-mail messages on Internet?
(22)Define: hub and Switch
(23) Write two advantages of Microwave and Disadvantage of Fiber optics
 (24)Which Device offer a dedicate bandwidth.
(25) Which Device is used to connect two dissimilar networks?
(26)How many bytes represent the IP address?
(27)Write two differences between Hub and Switch.
(28)Which topology provides each device with a point to point connection to every device in
the network?
(29)Which is the most commonly used protocol on internet that ensures end to end
(30)Which device links two similar types of network?
(31) What do you means by server? Write its types?
(32) Write two disadvantage of Co-axial cable and two advantage of radio wave.
(33) Out of the following device, which device will you prefer to connect all the computers
with in an office?
        (1)Telephone (2) Hub/Switch (3) Modem
(34)What is the length of MAC address in bytes?
(35) For which purpose repeater is used?
(36)Give advantage and disadvantage of ring topology.
(37)Write two advantage of network.
(38)Write two advantage and Disadvantage of bus topology
(39)What is Domain Name?
(40)What is difference between Bridged and Router?
(41)Write two names of guided and unguided media.
(42) Economic considering which media is used in city cable network.
(43)Write two advantages and disadvantages of twister pair.
(44)One office in Mumbai and second in Australia. which type of network would this
connection result into?
(45)Which network is example of Cable of TV?
(46)What is hub? What are its types.
(47)Which device is used to convert digital signal to analog and analog to digital signal?
(48)What is Bandwidth?
(49)What is modem? Write types of modems.
(50)Define : snooping and W3C
(51)Mr.Jignesh wants to prevent unauthorized access to / from school ‘s local are network
.write the name of a system (S/w and H/W) , which he should install to do the same.
(52)Define : Trojan horse and worm
(53)What is NIC?
(54)Which file of O.S contain list of domain name?
(55)what is gateway?
(56)Define :DOS
                  Chapter no :10 Web Application development

(1)What do you means by Browser? Give two example of browser
(2)Write any two most popular web server name.
(3)Define : URL.
(4)Write full name of: HTTP,FTP and SGML
(5)what is protocol?
(6)What do you understand by web server?
(7) Which document fixed –content document that is created and stored in a sever.
(8) Which document is created by web server whenever a browser request the document
(9) Which technology is used to create dynamic document?

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