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                                       Guess Paper – 2011
                                           Class – XII
                          Subject –           Informatics Practices
                                                                                                                           M.M- 70
                                                           Set -I                                                          Time- 3 Hrs
1.   a) What type of network would you suggest for following type of requirements of an                                             1
           i) Around 200 computers in two different buildings adjacent to one another are to be
           ii) The cost of network should not be very high.
           iii) It should be fairly easy to implement.
     b) When would you prefer switch over a hub?                                                                                    2
     c) Name two guided transmission media for networking.                                                                          1
     d) Compare and contrast :                                                                                                      2
         i)     TTF and OTF
         ii)    Static and Dynamic fonts
     e) Define: IP Address, Node, Bridge, Repeater                                                                                  4

2.   a)     Develop an application as per following interface:

                     a) i) Initially the buttons Replace characters and Append these characters                                     2
                        should be disabled. These should become enabled only if the user enters a
                        string ending with “OK”.
                        ii) If the input string is not ending with “OK” display an error message and
                        add “OK” string at the end of it.
                     b) Upon clicking the Replace characters button, all ‘a’s should be replaced                                    2
                        with ‘0’s, all ‘e’s should be replaced with ‘u’s and all ‘i’s should be
                        replaced with ‘y’s. display the result in output label.
                     c) Upon clicking Append these characters button, the characters in charTF                                      1
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                            should get appended to input string and displayed in output label.

     b) Sunita is not clear about the difference between the following two statements:             2
          i) SELECT (24*8 );
         ii) SELECT (24*8 ) from empl;
         Help her understand the difference between these two statements.
     c) When a PRIMARY KEY constraint is included in a table, what other constraints does this 1
     d) Given the following CREATE TABLE command, identify foreign key constraints and             2
        their complete details. (i.e, the parent table, child table, field name, restriction etc.)
              CREATE TABLE lego_composer (
                          Construction int(11) NOT NULL,
                          Brique int(11) NOT NULL,
                          Nombre integer NOT NULL Default 1,
                          CONSTRAINT Construction_composer FOREIGN KEY (construction)
                  CONSTRAINT brique_composer FOREIGN KEY (brique)
             PRIMARY KEY (Construction, Brique) );

3.   a) In JDBC coding, what method would you use to move to last record of the recordset                                   1
     b) Identify the errors in the following code and tell the output after correcting the code.                            3



           1. int v= Integer.getInt ( text1.getText() + text2.getText());
           2. JOptionPane.showMessageDialog( null, (v +1));

     c) Write code to remove first and last row of a table namely atbl.                                                     1

     d) Define a method. What is method prototype?                                                                          1

     e)   Find out the output of the following java codes:                                                                  4
           i) int j=1, s=0;
          while (j<10) {
             System.out.print (j +”+”);
               s= s+j;
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                    j= j+ j % 3;             }
                      System.out.println (”=”+s);
             ii)      float x=9;
                      float y=5;
                      int z=(int) (x /y);
                       switch(z) {
                            case 1 : x= x+2 ;
                            case 2 : x= x+3;
                             default: x= + 1;
                      System.out.println(“Value of x:” +x);

     f)   Which package is by default imported in every java program?                                                           1

     g) Passing the address means call by value or call by reference.                                                           1

4.   a) Define abstract classes and methods in java.                                                                            2

     b) Explain the difference between a constructor and a method by emphasizing on their calling                               2
     c) What is an element and an attribute in XML?                                                                             2

     d) Which two tags let you create the :                                                                                     2
          i)     unnumbered lists
          ii)    numbered lists
     e) Name ACID properties of a transaction.                                                                                  2

5.   a) Which command has to be given to start using the database created by you ?                                              1

     b) Create a table MEMBER with the following details .                                                                      6

                              Field name                             Field type                                    size
                          Mem_code                              Character                            3
                          Mem_name                              Character                            30
                          Mem_phone                             Character                            10
                          Mem_add                               Character                            50
          i)         Add the constraint - mem_code as primary key in the existing table MEMBER.
          ii)        Add a new record in the table.
          iii)       Show the structure of the table.
          iv)        Drop the Primary key constraint.
          v)         Delete the column mem_add.
          vi)        Drop the table.
     c) What will be the output of the following :                                                                              5
                 1. Select ROUND(124.44) + POW(4,2)
                 2. Select TRUNCATE(30.500,5) + ROUND(100.50,1)
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            3. Select YEAR(‘2009-08-15 01:02:03’) + 20
            4. Select LENGTH(‘RAMESH SHARMA’)
6.   a) Consider the table BUS given below:                                                                                        7

                                                          TABLE: BUS
                    Busno           Origin             Dest    Rate                    KM             Time           Type
                   21               Del             Jul       45.5                    210           9.50            AC
                   198              Del             Amrit     NULL                    250           10.00           NULL
                   101              Chandi          Del       12.5                    250           22.00           NON
                   49               Mum             Pune      35.0                    205           11.00           NON
                   12               Del             Agra      50.0                    330           6.00            AC
                   25               Del             Hrdw      20.5                    250           5.00            NON
                   24               Del             Agra      25.0                    330           8.30            NON

         b) Insert a new row in the table BUS with data:
               22, Agra, Delhi, 50, 330, 14.00, AC
         c) Modify a row Busno 198 by changing the Rate to 30 and type to ‘NON’
         d) Add a new column Tax_charge number(6) with constraint NOT NULL to the table.
         e) Display the starting and the destination stations together in one column.
         f) Display the number of buses which start from Delhi before 10 am.
         g) Give the output of the following MySQL queries:
               1) Select Busno, Type from BUS where dest in(‘Del’, ‘Agra’);
               2) Select Busno,origin, Dest from Bus Table where Dest like ‘A%’.

     b) Define with examples: Cross join, Equi join, Natural join                                                                  3

7.   a) What is the impact of e-commerce on Society ?                                                                              2

     b) Name and explain the purpose of any two e-governance projects in India .                                                   2

     c) What is the purpose of comments and indentation in a program?                                                              1

     d) What does x mean in javax.swing?                                                                                           1

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