Frequently Asked Questions About Wi-Fi Dog Fence

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					Frequently Asked Questions About Wi-Fi Dog Fence

Modern advancements in pet industry have grown extremely through these past
years. Compare those old, huge, and inconvenient pet containment systems to
Perimeter Wi-Fi Dog Fence; you can find a lot of advantages that it can offer.
This wireless is the first and only Wi-Fi fence for dogs. This wireless pet
containment system uses the state-of-the-art transceivers that are used in asset
tracking applications and within the most advanced wireless communication system
devices. This containment system will provide you an great fence system that not
only provides you freedom of the hassles of burying wires, but the indoor
SmartStation controls your dog's boundary and links important system and safety
information back to you!

The receiver collar for this WiFi dog fence system is connected wirelessly and
communicates information to the indoor SmartStation, where you can view critical
safety information such as the distance of the dog from the boundary area, whether
your dog might be trying to make a run for it, or be instantly alerted if your dog is
left exposed by the system for any reason. You can also see other notifications such
as the collar battery status on the pet's collar, your range from the control unit, and
fixed and view the dog's collar stimulation level.
Can I adjust the correction levels adjustable on this wireless dog fence

Yes. You can automatically increase the levels depending on the speed and distance
of your pet. You can also fix the stimulation levels to a specific level at all times.

Do the system have "advanced correction" feature?

Yes, although unlike physical dog fence there is no either within the allowed
distance in the area or they are being corrected. The corrections will time out after
a period of 30 seconds.

Does this Wi-Fi dog fence need a computer or internet service?

No. This wireless dog fence system is a self-contained system that does not
requires additional personal computers or an outside internet services. This
containment fence utilizes a Wi-Fi-like radio signal, protocol 802.15, and operates
individually of your computer unit, Wi-Fi router or other computer devices.

Will this WiFi dog fence system obstruct with my wireless computer

                                                        The system uses Wi-Fi radio
                                                        signal protocol 802.15 and
                                                        operates              entirely
                                                        independent of a wireless
                                                        computer router or other
                                                        Wi-Fi devices and hardware.
                                                        Wireless routers do run on
                                                        the same 2.4GHz radio rate
                                                        as this wireless system;
                                                        however they are operating
                                                        a different signal protocol –

                                                        Is this wireless Wi-Fi dog
                                                        fence system easy to
                                                        install or setup?

Definitely yes! You just have to plug the indoor SmartStation into any household
110v outlet, attach the rechargeable battery into the receiver collar, and you are
ready to use your pet’s boundary.

To setup the fence's boundary, simply press the program button on the controller,
walk the collar out to the nearest desired fence boundary, return to the indoor
SmartStation, and press the program button to save your settings. Several
attempts at setting the boundary may be necessary to ensure that the preferred
boundary is achieved.
How many dogs can wireless dog fence able to contain?

This WiFi Dog Fence is exceptional in means that the indoor SmartStation and
your dog’s pet collar are highly included transceivers that continually monitor the
movements of the dog within the boundary area, this link limits this pet
containment system to a maximum of 2 pets.

What is the maximum range of the WiFi dog fence system?

Wi-Fi dog fence system can achieve at radius of 200 ft. or a total area of 2.5 acres
with an open direct line of sight between the dog's collar and the indoor control

What kind of batteries does the dog's collar need?

The receiver collar uses a replaceable, rechargeable lithium ion battery. It is
charged in the system SmartStation and it takes only 4 to 6 hours to recharge.

How long can the battery last for the collar in this wireless fence?

The rechargeable 3.6v lithium ion battery should take 300 recharge cycles. Even
with common weekly charging the battery will last years. For ideal battery life, it is
recommended to only charge the collar battery when it is necessary by the indoor

What size of dog is this dog fence system recommend for?

The size of pet collar transceiver is slightly larger than traditional in-ground wire
systems and similar to competitive wireless systems. It weighs only 2.3 oz. with the
battery installed and its outer measurements are 1.5”W x 2.5”L x 1.25”D. To
regulate if this is adequate for your use, simply use a ruler to estimate these
measurements for a collar receiver next to your dog.

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Description: Modern advancements in pet industry have grown extremely through these past years. Compare those old, huge, and inconvenient pet containment systems to Perimeter Wi-Fi Dog Fence; you can find a lot of advantages that it can offer.