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New Year’s Resolutions for Recruiters 2013


RecruiterBox shares some New Year’s Resolutions that can help recruiters revamp their recruitment strategies and stay ahead of the game in 2013. To learn about our innovative recruitment software or for more tips on successful recruiting, visit us at today!

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									 New Year’s
Resolutions for
      January 2013
         Happy New Year
• Welcome to 2013. We’ve made it—through a
  Mayan apocalypse and a job market still in
  recovery and all!
• It’s a New Year and that means it’s the perfect time
  for your business to do a little spring cleaning and
  start revamping its recruitment strategies
• RecruiterBox is here to help! That’s why we’ve
  created a 2013 Resolutions List full of resolutions
  and solutions for recruiters
   Make Technology Your
       Biggest Ally
• Whether it’s the latest ATS or the contact list on your
  smart phone, take advantage of the software and
  technology you have
• Don’t think of your software as a means for the
  higher-ups to keep tabs, treat it like the helpful
  database it is—and enter in as many useful details
  as you can
• Recruiting systems will help you stay organized and
  ahead of the competition
• The CRM can be your friend
      Optimize for Mobile
• People use their smartphones for everything—
  including job searches
• Optimize your application process for people using
  mobile devices
• Think like you’re in 2013: try asking candidates if they
  want alerts or text updates about job postings and
  more sent to their phones
 Take Advantage of Social
       Job Search
• Since it exploded in 2012, Social Job Search might
  not be new, but it’s definitely still newsworthy
• Facebook and Twitter are great for getting your
  business seen and for sharing updates and postings
• Linkedin is the most powerful social site for
  accessing professionals and is one of the most used
  profile and resume resources—take advantage of it
• Stay visible and involved
• Tap into the millions using social media
  Don’t Start from Scratch
             (when you don’t need to)
• It may be a new year, but that doesn’t mean you
  can’t use old contacts or proven methods
• Tap into past referrals and resources from previous
  recruitment campaigns
• Explore what’s already in your network and expand
  from there
Always Respond
    • Good news or bad, it’s not a big
      deal, so don’t make it one—just
      shoot off a quick email
    • Don’t let potential candidates
      lose interest because you failed
      to respond in time
    • Don’t worry about being too
      terse—it’s better to get a short
      response than no response, even
      if the candidate didn’t get the
    • Respect candidates by
      responding—it will give you more
      than good karma
    Invest in Recruitment
• If you’re part of a big corporation, responding to
  every candidate might not be an option, since just
  keeping track of your candidates can be hard
• The latest software from recruiterbox can help you
  manage your applicants, their applications, and
• Recruitment software is the key to improving your
  efficiency, especially if you’re a company that’s
  expanding quickly
Don’t Deceive Candidates
• Sparing a candidate’s feelings
  isn’t worth telling white lies, even
  little ones
• You’re talking about life-altering
  events in peoples lives. Jobs are
  a big deal, so treat the
  conversation seriously
• Even if you feel like you’re doing
  a candidate a favor, it’s never
  better to fib
• Honesty is the best (business)
  policy—it’s simpler for you and
  better for them
   Get Inside Their Heads
• Think the way your candidates would
• Read trade journals and keep up with any trending
  news that relates to your industry
• Any deeper understanding you can get is valuable
• Become your potential hires, put on their shoes and
  get inside their heads to stay ahead of the game
• Be compelling
• Appeal to your audience
   Think Outside The Box
• Knowledge is power. As a recruiter, don’t just strive to
  educate yourself, demonstrate what you can do
• Don’t do it to show off, but to build a better understanding
  of what you do, feel more secure in your job, gain more
  confidence, and develop and heighten your skills
                              o Write a blog
                              o Host a webinar
                              o Network outside of your
                                traditional circles
                              o Start a club
                              o Speak at an event
                              o Read books, or even write one
                              o Working on yourself will help
                                you in your work with others
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