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While transferring photos from iPhone 5 to iPad 4 is not an easy task, this post will introduce the ways to transfer photos from iPhone 5 to iPad 4 with Leawo iTransfer and iTunes.

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									Plans to Transfer Photos from iPhone 5 to iPad 4

Both equipped with excellent screen, iPhone 5 and iPad 4 are

usually applied as powerful film scanners. Getting remarkable

camera, the Apple devices can easily supply buyers peaceful as well

as pleasant entertaining practice. Naturally, with smaller sized and

also much more transportable layout, the 8-megapixel centered

iPhone 5 turns out to be a much more preferred choice as digicam

than the new iPad. At the same time, iPad with Retina dispaly has

defeated iPhone 5 to be chosen as an ideal image viewer for

becoming a big-size display centered monster gadget. And then can

buyers photograph using iPhone 5 but view the images on the new

iPad? Of course, if they have learned the strategies to pass shots

from iPhone 5 to iPad 4, that will not be a tough task.

Actually, the exchange of pictures begining from iPhone 5 to the

latest iPad is actually of great benefits to buyers. As soon as they

wish to back up iPhone photos, they can send these iPhone 5 shots

to the new iPad. Moreover, when the integrated storage area of

iPhone 5 exhausts, buyers can easily leave space to new iPhone

shots by transferring iPhone images to iPad with Retina display.

Additionaly, the image moving from the latest Apple mobile to iPad
4 additionally supplies consumers a method to modify iPhone

images on iPad. Therefore, here two methods will be covered to

guide users transfer photos from iPhone 5 to iPad 4.

Method One: Sync iPhone 5 images to iPad 4

As a qualified iPhone transfer, iTunes is generally employed to take

care of the image transportation from Apple mobile to personal

computer. In the event that it is finished, end users can deal with

the sending of images from the latest iPhone to iPad 4 by

synchronizing these iPhone 5 images to iPad 4. But, this specific

method is not merely complex in operations but not fully baked in

performance. In most cases, exclusively these images captured by

the newest iPhone can be engaged in the transportation practice.

Step One: Move iPhone 5 pictures to personal computer

Get and even install the latest iTunes to make certain iPhone 5 and

the latest Apple tablet can be supported. And then link the Apple

cellphone to the computer. In a section titled "Scanner and Camera

Wizard", consumers are allowed to export the images in the Apple

device to the computer.
Step Two: Authorize the computer

As soon as it is finished, open iTunes and click "Authorize This

Computer" alternative in the drop-down menu of "Store".

Immediately after a dialog panel shows, use the Apple ID to finish

the authorization practice.

Synchronize iPhone images to iPad 4

Connect the latest Apple tablet to the personal computer, click the

symbol of "iPad xxx" and select "Photos" tab in the right section.

Then select "Choose folder…" alternative in the drop-down menu of

"Sync Photos from" to add the iPhone images for synchronization.

Method II: Transfer using Leawo iTransfer

Specially crafted as an iPad 4 transfer, Leawo iTransfer have the

ability to provide consumers a much better plus easier choice to

send iPhone 5 shots to the latest iPad. Using Leawo iTransfer,
owners happen to be not merely granted to send photographs shot

by iPhone 5 but these free downloaded photos on iPhone 5.

Additionally, the whole image sending procedure turns out to be

easily done in a few clicks. But, owners need to install iTunes to

make sure this powerful iOS transfer performs.

Step 1: Mount Leawo iTransfer

Get the latest Leawo iTransfer to ensure that iOS 6 products can be

accessed. Connect the new Apple mobile to the personal computer,

open Leawo iTransfer and then link iPad 4 to the personal computer.

In this way, the two Apple gadgets can be recognized.

Step Two: Choose iPhone 5 shots

Simply click "Photo" tab beneath the symbol of iPhone 5 to show all

images available. Later opt for these iPhone images are required to

be transported from iPhone 5 to iPad 4, right click on them

individually and even choose"iPad xxx" alternative in the drop-down

menu of "Transfer to".

Step Three: Transfer iPhone 5 images
And then, the image will be transported from iPhone 5 to iPad 4

immediately. Right after the practice ends, owners are able to see

iPhone 5 images on iPad 4.

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