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November 2011
Monthly Journal
Volume 104
Page no 233—260   £2.00

British Goat Society Monthly Journal November 2011

                                BRITISH GOAT SOCIETY
                                  Registered Charity No: 210646
               Gibshiel, Tarset, Hexham, Northumberland NE48 1RR
                               Tel/Fax 01434 240 866
             Email:   Website:

                                           Copy Date
                 Copy date is the first day of the month preceding publication
                 All copy and advertisements to reach the editor in good time
                 Your classified ads, photographs and news are most welcome

                                   Classified Advertising Rates
 Up to thirty words just £10.00. Thereafter 25p per word. For boxed adverts please add an extra
                  £5.00. For boxed and displayed add £10.00 to the above rates.
        Prices include vat at the current rate and includes free entry on the BGS website.
    Adverts must be sent to the BGS Secretary by the 1st of the month prior to publication.
        For information on other adverts please contact the Secretary at the BGS Office.

                                          CAE Testing
To obtain the cheapest rates, you should find out from your vet how much it will be to test blood
  samples locally or alternatively instruct your vet to send blood samples to: SAC Veterinary
                 Services, Veterinary Centre, Drummonhill, Stratherick Road,
                                        Inverness IV2 4JZ
                                    Front Cover Picture
    Daycroft Icecream whispering in a neighbour’s ear. What do you think she is saying?
  Email captions by Friday 6th January to: Photo: Garethe El Tawab
  The BGS Monthly Journal (ISSN 2044-7426) is published by the British Goat Society and is
  available to most classes of members, otherwise it is available for an annual subscription of
              £20.00 or £2.00 per single copy. There are usually 11 issues per year.
          Editor: Jane Wilson, Gibshiel, Tarset, Hexham Northumberland NE48 1RR
                    Tel/Fax: 01434 240 866         Email:

                                   Page                                       Page
Chairman’s Notes                     237      Milk Recorded Yields               244
New Members                          238      Betemba Does the Double            250
Secretary’s Notes                    238      Kids4Kids Concert                  251
Worth Considering                    239      Edible Garden Show                 252
Keeping Goats in the News            239      Prospective Judges                 254
Commercial Corner                    240      Irish Goat Producers               255
Scottish GK Federation is 90         241      Classified Adverts                 258
BGS Herd Book CD                     242      BGS Calendar         Inside back cover

                        British Goat Society Monthly Journal November 2011
                                          Mrs. Maureen Ross
                Balmedie Farm, Belhelvie, Aberdeenshire AB23 8YT Tel: 01358 743 398

                                          Mr Richard Wood
                2 Dunsley Gardens, Dinnington, Newcastle upon Tyne NE13 7LL
                                   Tel: 01661 823 733 Email:

                           COMMITTEE MEMBERS AND OFFICERS

Vice Chair & Milk Recording Secretary: Mrs Agnes Aitken
                Hillberry, Dunnottar, Stonehaven, Kincardinshire, Scotland AB39 3XB
                Tel: 01569 766 775 Email:
Vice Chair & Herd Book Coordinator: Margaret Hardman
                17 Greenfield Road, Sheffield, Yorkshire S8 7RQ
                Tel: 01142 740 192
Vice Chair & Hon. Solicitor: Mr Nick Parr
                118 Frog Grove Lane, Woodstreet, Guildford, Surrey GU3 3HB
                Tel: 01483 825 836 Email:
Secretary:      Jane Wilson
                Gibshiel, Tarset, Hexham, Northumberland NE48 1RR
                Tel/Fax: 01434 240 866 Email:
Overseas Representative: Mrs Christine Ball
                Orchard Cottage, Befcote Lane, Gnosall, Staffs ST20 0EB
                Tel: 01785 824 897 Email:
Web Manager: Mr Peter Cox
                Hawkdene, Hadleigh Road, Elmsett, Ipswich, Suffolk IP7 6ND
                Tel: 01473 658 407 Email:
Publications & Public Relations Officer: Ros Earthy
                The Old Post Office, Hayton, Aspatria, Cumbria CA7 2PD
                Tel: 01697 323 755 Email:
Publicity Coordinator: Shane Jones
                4 Bank Square, Builth Wells, Powys LD2 3BB
                Tel: 01982 552 062 Email:
Show Coordinator: Mr Colin Newton
                Page Bank Lodge, Whitworth Lane, Page Bank, Spennymoor, Co. Durham DL16 7RD
                Tel: 01388 819 665 Email:
Commercial Liaison Officer: Mr Richard Pemble
                14 Wyecliffe Gardens, Merstham, Surrey RH1 3HN
                Tel: 01737 646 280 Email:
Representative for Northern Ireland: Terry Hanna
                35 Mullaghdrin Road, Dromara, Dromore, Co. Down BT25 2AG
                Tel: 0289753 2685 Email:

Year Book Coordinator: Mr Michael Ackroyd
              118 Frog Grove Lane, Woodstreet, Guildford, Surrey GU3 3HB
              Tel: 01483 825 836 Email:

Government & Scientific Liaison Officer: Mrs Ruth Goodwin
              Southside Cottage, Brook Hill, Albury, Nr. Guildford, Surrey GU5 9DJ
              Tel: 01483 202 159 Email:

                         British Goat Society Monthly Journal November 2011

                                 CHAIRMAN’S NOTES

I am writing these notes just before I set off for the Autumn Conference to be held in
Gloucester. We enjoyed an excellent Autumn Conference hosted by the Derbyshire
Dairy Goat Club on Saturday 22nd October. There was a good turn out and the venue
was comfortable and easy to find. Janet and Peter Cox attended and very kindly do-
nated 4 BGS bronze medals to be auction. We auctioned two of these and they raised
£165 towards our funds. The other two will be auctioned at the Gloucester Autumn

I am very pleased, and mightily relieved, that the Herd Book has finally been published
and distributed to members. I am also grateful to so many members who have taken the
time to tell me how pleased they are to receive it.

Once again I do apologise for the delay in publishing the Herd Book. I understand how
frustrating this has been for members – particularly those without access to a computer
and the Grassroots system. However, it was imperative that we publish as accurate a
Herd Book as possible and to this end a tremendous amount of work was put in by
Margaret Hardman, Agnes Aitken, Nick Parr and our Secretary.

By the time this Monthly Journal is published the British Goat Society will have its
very own calendar for sale. A great deal of hard work has been put into this project by
Shane Jones and I do hope members will want to purchase a copy for themselves or as
Christmas presents.

As summer gives way to autumn and then winter, may I invite members to submit arti-
cles, reports and photographs for inclusion in the Monthly Journal. It would help our
Secretary immensely in producing an interesting and attractive publication.

Richard Wood

                      British Goat Society Monthly Journal November 2011

                                    NEW MEMBERS
       We would like to extend a warm welcome to new members who are:

                Mr Baum, Leicestershire; Miss Baum, Leicestershire;
                Mrs Halas, Cleveland; Dr R Wilson, Northumberland;
                      Mrs Shore, Shropshire; Ms Zitnet, USA;
               Mr Durrell, Powys; Miss Harcourt-Cooze, Herefordshire

                                SECRETARY’S NOTES

Dear Members,
PayPal is now working on Grassroots for registrations, transfers & membership re-
newal through the BGS website link “Members Online”. Would any members who
have used Grassroots for online registrations and transfers over the past months and not
so far, paid please do so immediately. If you have used Grassroots simply to transfer
goats out of your herd, I need to know this. If you have any queries do please contact
the BGS office.
Hot on the heels of you receiving Herd Book 136, would you please note that Herd
Book 137 closes for registrations on 30th November and every endeavour will be made
to ensure that this edition is published on time.
The final show results booklet and your membership renewal form are enclosed with
this Journal. In most cases your membership renewal becomes due on 1st January. If
you pay by Bankers Order/Standing Order please ensure that the payment reflects the
current charge for your membership type and has been suitably updated following the
increase on 1st January this year.
The CD version of the BGS Herd Books mentioned last month is proving very popular.
Full details appear in this Journal and will make exceptional Christmas presents for
goat enthusiasts.
Thanks to much work by Shane Jones, the first ever BGS calendar for 2012 has been
produced and copies are available through the office, priced very reasonably at £5 each
plus £1 p&p. They are A4, opening to A3. Only 100 have been printed so stocks are
limited. Cheques payable to the British Goat Society. If you purchased a calendar at the
Gloucestershire Autumn Conference would you please contact Shane Jones.
Tel: 01982 552 062.
Whether you are a member with a couple of goats or a large Commercial herd, it would
be excellent to hear from you and, as Ros Earthy says on the next page, if you’ve got a
story share it!
Best Wishes
                      British Goat Society Monthly Journal November 2011

                         AN IDEA WORTH CONSIDERING?

F    or the last two years the Northern
     England Goat Club has held a herd
competition. The idea is to give mem-
                                                     male, etc. A total of nine classes includ-
                                                     ing the sire and progeny and the two herd
                                                     prizes. This year must be regarded as a
bers who do not wish to show, or are not             success. The individual prizes may have
able to do so, a chance to ‘show’ their              gone to goats which had appeared in
goats in a home situation. Members en-               show rings this year, but the large herd
ter either a large herd (over ten) or a              prize went to a commercial herd of meat
small herd. Individual male and female               goats (kept in excellent accommodation
goats are also judged and there is a sire            and in beautiful condition) while the win-
and progeny class. The most difficult                ning small herd was kept by a junior
part of the proceeding is to find someone            BGS member.
able to visit all the herds to act as judge.
                                                     Perhaps this is an idea that other clubs
The final results produce a winner for               might like to consider?
best large herd, best small herd and indi-
vidual winners in best milker, best adult                                         Ros Earthy

                          KEEPING GOATS IN THE NEWS!

I   n my role as public relations officer
    for the BGS I am sometimes con-
tacted by the media for information or
                                                     your goat wins a nice cup what about a
                                                     photo? Don’t worry if your goat hap-
                                                     pened to be the only one eligible for that
stories. Although I would not go so far              award, there is no need to refer to that.
as saying that all publicity is good pub-            What is needed is a pleasant photo of a
licity, I do think that there is great value         nice looking goat, and by ‘nice looking’
in reminding the public of the existence             I mean smart and healthy looking. You
of goats. It is a pity if goat-related sto-          may be worried that your ANs ears are
ries do not reach the public and perhaps             not quite as long as desirable but you
this is an area in which we could be do-             can be quite sure that 99% of the readers
ing more. Local papers are often keen on             will know nothing about it.
animal pictures.
                                                     Don’t be modest...if you’ve got a story
What about pictures of next year’s kids,             share it. And don’t forget to include the
especially if you have multiple births.              BGS web address!
Later in the season there are shows. If
                                                                                  Ros Earthy

                        British Goat Society Monthly Journal November 2011

                                Commercial Corner

The BBC Good Food Show, NEC,
Birmingham hosts The World Cheese
Awards which have run for more than 20
years. It is the largest cheese competition
in the world.
Our members Tricia & Tom Wallis,
Lowna Dairy, Cottingham, East York-
shire will be among the 240 judges, for
classes where over 40 tonnes of cheese,
2,500 entries from 34 countries, will be
judged in one day.
In 2010 the World Champion Cheese
Award went to the UK’s Cornish Blue.
                                                       THE LARGEST CHEESE IN                     THE
Since 2003 Tricia and Tom have won
many medals themselves at the World
                                                    In August 2010, 25 volunteers from Cas-
Cheese Awards and the British Cheese
                                                    tel Di Lama in Italy worked for eight
                                                    hours putting together 850kg of curd
Their cheeses are named after local vil-            from 3,500 litres of milk taken from
lages. In 2003 at their first show, the             3,000 goats to set a world record for the
Rowley Round won a silver medal at the              largest recorded goats cheese. After
British Cheese Awards.                              shrinkage, the Pecorino cheese, (above)
                                                    weighed 534.7kg, was 29cm high with a
The Wauldby won a Bronze at the World               diameter of 158cms.
Cheese Awards that same year and again
in 2010 between winning Bronze and
Silvers awards at the British Cheese
Awards in 2004 & 2007
The Blue Stone cheese has won Gold at
the World Cheese Awards, plus Silver &
Bronze in different years at the British
Cheese Awards
Locally at the Great Yorkshire Show’s
Cheese and Dairy show they have won
many classes over the years., including
1st during the 2011 event.
                                                            A selection of Lowna Dairy cheeses

                       British Goat Society Monthly Journal November 2011


T     he Scottish Goatkeepers Federation
      (SGF) was founded in 1921 and at
that time was the only goat club repre-
senting goatkeepers in Scotland. Satur-
day 8 October 2011 was the AGM of the
SGF which was held in the Glencarse
Hotel and it had been agreed to mark the
occasion with a celebration cake.
Rosanna Ross, daughter of SGF lifelong
member Maureen Ross, kindly agreed to
bake and suitably decorate two cakes –
one rich fruit cake and one sponge cake.
Before the AGM business started, a                of the fruit cake would be distributed to
finger buffet lunch was enjoyed by all            those SGF members who were not able
present – AGMs are such a grand time              to attend the AGM.
for goatkeepers to get together and catch
up on news and discuss plans for the              Members then took their seats, suitably
following year. Prior to the cake cut-            refreshed and caked up, for the business
ting, Maureen Ross gave an interesting            of the day. Mrs Janet Darke intimated
talk about the origins of the SGF, chart-         she wished to stand down from the posi-
ing the rise and fall in popularity of            tion of chair, a position she had held for
goats in Scotland through the many dec-           many years. Following a vote, the fol-
ades of the Federation. The president             lowing office bearers were elected –
Mrs Fiona Fairley and chairwoman Mrs              President, Mrs Fiona Fairley; Chairper-
Janet Darke, were then called upon to             son, Miss Beth Fairley (daughter of
cut the cakes. The cakes were absolutely          Fiona); Secretary, Mrs Lisa Sinclair
beautiful. Little remained of the sponge          (daughter of retiring chairwoman Janet)
cake and it was agreed what did remain            and Treasurer, Mrs Agnes Aitken (not
                                                  related to anyone!).
                                                  It was a very pleasant gathering with
                                                  several long time SGF members in at-
                                                  tendance, Willie Wybar (Balfron),
                                                  Hamish Campbell (Forgandenny), Mau-
                                                  reen Ross (Balmedie) and Gordon Web-
                                                  ster (Monikie) to name but a few.
                                                  I’m sure the collective stories they could
                                                  tell would fill at least one very interest-
                                                  ing book – food for thought perhaps?
                                                                               Agnes Aitken

                      British Goat Society Monthly Journal November 2011

                  BGS HERD BOOKS ON DISC

                Now available to BGS members on CD
                     Herd Books 1 – 135 on disc

As a Society we are so fortunate in having records that go back to 1875.
 Obviously very few of the ‘early’ Herd Books still exist and those that
remain are very fragile so very few members have ever had the opportu-
  nity to even view these early volumes. Despite the age of some of the
            documents, the quality of reproduction is excellent.

  There is a wealth of information in these Herd Books – we can see the
introduction of all the various breeds – how the champion award evolved,
  what it took to gain a * at a show. You can research the beginnings of
            some of the most famous herds. The list is endless.

                The disc is really easy and quick to access.
      Each of the 135 Herd Books are in separate folders on the disc.
The sub-folders in each Herd Book are clearly marked eg Saanen section,
 list of Q* and * milkers etc. You can also utilise the ‘search’ facility on
                   your computer when using this disc.

               This disc is now available at a cost of £25.
  Please send your order together with your cheque made payable to the
                ‘British Goat Society’ to the BGS Office,
          Gibshiel, Tarset, Hexham, Northumberland NE48 1RR

               British Goat Society Monthly Journal November 2011

                          All animal transport movements including Pets to Vets,
                          To Shows, and any premises for whatever reason.
                          A friendly, caring service with over 30yrs of animal
       Ardross            keeping inc. dogs, horses, cats and Dairy Goats.

        Animal            All types of animals catered for with exception of large
                          horses. Whatever shape or size. Van and or Trailer
     Transport            service provided 24hr service whatever you or your
      Services            animals need within the United Kingdom
                          Competitive rates Call Gordon for a quotation
                          Tel: 01491 681619
                          Mob: 07768 360331
                                                            SVS approved & City
                                                             & Guild Qualified

                                 THE TACK ROOM
Goat Show Coats, Made to measure in quality cotton
Choice of colours.
Kid Coats, Polar fleece lined cotton drill.
Head collars,
8 colours, guaranteed fit.
Quick release or buckle, 8 colours, various sizes.
Turn-out Coats,
Waterproof and warm. Ideal for angoras.
  For details of colours, measurements etc. of these and other products please visit our
 website or request a catalogue. Mail order service available, personal callers welcome by
                                  THE TACK ROOM
                                       Llugwy Farm
                                      Llanbister Road
                                     Powys LD1 5UT
          Tel: 01547 550641

                      British Goat Society Monthly Journal November 2011

                          OFFICIALLY RECORDED YIELDS

 Lactation Certificates have been received for the following milkers this year. They are
  published here unverified and will be published in Herd Book 137 after verification.
                             These are "extended" lactations
 Where (lactation 1 or 2) appears in brackets it indicates that further lactation figures are
                           also being published in this Journal.

Goats Name                     Yield Kg       Ave               Ave
                                              B/fat%            Prot %
Ashdene Nilecharm              4532           3.31              2.92        Extended
Willbeck Bridie *              4101           4.17              2.98        Extended
Kattern Georgie Q*             4074           3.58              2.99        Extended
Mineshop Miah Q*7              3946           3.90              2.79        Extended
Ardross Wazaat                 3776           3.12              2.67        Extended
Cheswell Octakimba *4          3694           3.40              2.94        Extended
Rouval Wywanda *               3561           3.42              2.63        Extended
Dulyn Menai *                  3374           3.17              2.58        Extended
Cossin Colleen Q*8             3276           3.97              2.85        Extended
Oakvale Tulip Q*               3139           4.24              3.00        Extended
Brynglas Pelina *              3110           3.20              2.47        Extended
Nutbrook Venetia               3097           4.19              3.08        Extended
Toddbrook Bucklebury *1        2998           3.28              2.82        Extended
Penprys Sweetstuff             2836           3.38              2.37        Extended
Everest Vectra                 2798           3.76              2.85        Extended
Dulyn Mali                     2874           3.48              3.22        Extended
Gillfield Chanel *             2772           3.78              3.00        Extended
Holdbrook Lunatick Q*5         2753           4.76              3.35        Extended
Sandford Angelique             2719           2.85              2.69        Extended
Yorgan Jessica *               2635           3.24              2.81        Extended
Moonlin Cariona                2622           3.54              3.08        Extended
Zeila Klotilde                 2437           4.21              2.84        Extended
Brynglas Meil                  2422           3.69              2.62        Extended
Sandford Aprilia               2421           3.69              3.06        Extended
Sandford Amaretto              2398           3.92              2.69        Extended
Richlin Stella                 2093           3.76              2.71        Extended
Duffran Isis (lactation 1)     2061           3.34              2.88        Extended

                      British Goat Society Monthly Journal November 2011

                          OFFICIALLY RECORDED YIELDS

Lactation Certificates have been received for the following milkers this year. They are
 published here unverified and will be published in Herd Book 137 after verification.
                         These are 365 days (or less) lactations
 Where (lactation 1 or 2) appears in brackets it indicates that further lactation figures
                        are also being published in this Journal.
Goats Name                     Yield Kg            Ave B/fat %           Ave Pro %
Homeacres Hosanna *            2854                3.09                  2.62
Moonlin Willora                2430                3.82                  2.89
Timyon Jemini *3               2424                4.24                  2.85
 Moonlin Dialara               2411                3.83                  3.08
Hetherton Merrylass *2         2333                3.29                  2.75
Norbarton Dahlia               2332                3.01                  2.57
Charnocks Bronenid *4          2288                3.25                  2.55
Holdbrook Lunatick Q*5         2284                4.93                  3.34
Brynglas Mercedes *2           2252                3.31                  2.51
Moonlin Dialina                2229                4.01                  3.08
Barruths Campari Q*8           2170                3.28                  2.50
Oakvale Honey Q*7              2165                3.39                  2.51
Toddbrook Valaquenta Q*        2129                3.34                  2.61
Ardross Xanthus Q*3            2114                3.38                  2.79
Charnocks Bronzena *5          2046                3.55                  2.59
Zeila Kloklo *                 2015                3.43                  2.47
Jacmar Guinevieve *14          2008                3.08                  2.72
Homeacres Hotspot              1965                3.33                  3.21
Hetherton Korensa Q*1          1935                4.11                  2.85
Montrue Mzuzu Q*3              1935                3.29                  2.44
Hansus Periwinkle *            1933                3.08                  2.45
Poplartime Esmeralda Q*        1902                4.32                  3.48
Braynusen Bollinger Q*         1888                4.95                  3.59
Newtons Ruby Q*14              1862                3.20                  2.74
Charnocks Bronava              1854                3.14                  2.83
Rhenelfa Gail *3               1811                3.32                  2.56
Monach Cinnamon *6             1784                4.40                  3.07
Ardross Xsara *                1774                3.75                  2.81
Holdbrook Lunasea *5           1759                5.04                  3.69
Monach Araucaria Q*3           1749                4.84                  3.21
Severnvale Millie *            1739                3.16                  2.63
Cossin Crumble *10             1734                3.47                  2.78
Dulyn Mali                     1710                3.51                  3.11
                      British Goat Society Monthly Journal November 2011


Goats Name                              Yield Kg         Ave B/fat%      Ave Pro %
Dulyn Mali                              1710             3.51            3.11
Moonlin Cariona                         1687             3.50            2.99
Zeila Krhoda                            1674             3.52            2.73
Ivans Dlovely Q*3                       1668             4.96            3.51
Carrick Callisto Q*                     1665             4.23            2.99
Brynglas Pegina                         1664             3.50            2.37
Montrue Peace *4                        1655             3.69            2.79
Windsinger Juvela                       1648             5.61            3.86
Brynglas Paigle *1                      1639             3.50            2.54
Anjo Cyndi                              1629             4.68            2.62
Moonlin Diana                           1616             3.89            3.00
Moonlin Willara                         1605             3.39            2.93
Hetherton Psychic Q*                    1603             3.96            3.06
Richlin Magicbach                       1571             3.67            2.65
Nightshaze Strumpet Q*2                 1554             3.94            2.78
Moonlin Dialora                         1543             3.93            3.30
Theban Cornelia Q*8                     1530             3.58            2.82
Zeila Kim                               1526             3.59            2.61
Rowangate Capella Q*(lactation 2)       1523             4.08            3.01
Crayshill Caroline *                    1519             4.45            3.02
Charnocks Bronxanna                     1518             3.56            2.65
Barruths Camppo Q*9                     1513             2.93            2.75
Teilos Anna Q*1                         1512             4.42            3.22
Jacmar Daisy *                          1511             3.12            2.71
Kinmea Sky Q*                           1510             4.71            4.02
Charnocks Bronzia                       1502             3.61            2.66
Willbeck Maple                          1501             3.49            2.66
Crayshill Christabel *6                 1499             4.12            2.78
Nutbrook Venetia                        1495             4.18            2.99
Charnocks Bronsybil Q*5                 1494             3.52            2.94
Longlane Emily                          1489             3.42            2.80
Sandcroft Soleil                        1488             3.50            2.75
Dulyn Menna *                           1477             3.29            2.65
Teilos Alwena Q*1                       1471             4.48            3.41
Lochinvar Breda *1                      1470             4.12            3.24
Chesswood Amorey                        1466             3.68            2.97
Sandford Angelique                      1450             3.03            2.66
 Hellgill Tennessee                     1449             3.70            3.22
Lyncol Betemba *1                       1449             3.86            2.85
Abbotswell Illena                       1448             5.19            4.06
                    British Goat Society Monthly Journal November 2011


Goats Name                              Yield kg       Ave B/fat %        Ave Pro %
Chanom Cyperus Q*                       1447           4.86               3.16
Hansus Soldanella                       1445           3.66               2.89
Richlin Esther                          1444           3.86               2.59
Tyegronon Eeyecacher *7                 1439           5.93               4.81
Crayshill Charm                         1439           3.59               2.74
Monach Astrantia Q*17                   1434           5.14               3.59
Treleth Donau *                         1432           3.86               2.80
Lochinvar Kelpie                        1427           3.73               2.76
Poplartime Eleanor                      1421           4.71               3.62
Richlin Myfanwy                         1419           4.10               2.89
Kaydee Moncariad                        1411           4.42               3.10
Penprys Megan                           1407           4.48               3.11
Airways Annatarina Q*1                  1404           4.07               2.63
Broadwater Peggy Q*4                    1400           3.34               3.10
Poplartime Electraa                     1399           4.78               3.66
Monochrome Mystery                      1396           3.97               3.19
Gaedi Kashirina                         1395           3.09               2.56
Gillfield Shanida *                     1392           4.44               2.99
Monach Achileatwo                       1392           3.23               2.85
Lovelsglen Comet Q*1                    1366           3.17               3.06
Crayshill Arianne                       1357           4.40               2.93
Norbarton Danelarose *2                 1344           3.52               2.72
Moonlin Delphi                          1344           3.50               2.89
Annith Earendil                         1343           3.38               2.65
Penprys Tracy                           1325           3.84               2.87
Duffran Isis (lactation 2)              1324           3.97               2.88
Moonlin Wendora                         1307           3.77               2.93
Sandford Aprilia                        1306           3.54               2.72
Willobrook Polyhanna                    1306           3.77               2.86
Guilden Butterkup Q*5                   1305           2.71               2.96
Sandford Asperula                       1300           2.99               2.47
Kaydee Monsirius *1                     1298           4.86               3.21
Bawnowlaig Donnfhla                     1293           4.25               3.52
Willyn Frstsunris                       1291           3.18               2.66
Jemaly Malachite *3                     1289           4.54               3.02
Hetherton Selene *                      1287           3.46               2.73
Toddbrook Willow Q*                     1282           3.69               2.66
Kaydee Monsirius *1                     1270           4.49               3.23
Brynglas Pamina                         1267           3.67               2.69

                     British Goat Society Monthly Journal November 2011


Goats Name                         Yield                Ave B/fat %      Ave pro %
Friarlea Bronwen                   1261                 3.52             2.64
Burnhead Arpeggio                  1259                 4.12             3.39
Severnvale Poppy                   1248                 3.11             2.85
Carrick Rania Q*3                  1246                 3.93             2.75
Friarlea Zany                      1244                 4.18             3.62
Monach Burnet *4                   1244                 5.20             3.47
Ivans Truelove                     1240                 4.45             3.70
Wrotham Granbeth *1                1235                 3.48             2.95
Lyncol Bokero                      1235                 5.67             2.70
Richlin Mistymary                  1231                 4.08             2.80
Sandford Moonlight                 1229                 3.05             2.72
Zeila Kit                          1222                 3.31             2.79
Severnvale Marigold *              1216                 3.23             2.49
Abbotswell Indalo                  1212                 5.39             3.88
Moonlin Duchette                   1205                 3.72             3.14
Dresden Duvarmint *13              1205                 3.45             2.79
Vicarshill Harebell *              1204                 4.28             3.16
Hurstpier Pimienta Q*8             1202                 5.04             3.99
Toddbrook Bramble Q*3              1202                 4.30             3.05
Wrotham Takatie *                  1202                 3.75             2.81
Broadwater Pomfret *4              1198                 3.86             3.01
Woolsome Magnesium                 1190                 4.11             2.99
Toddbrook Zirac                    1187                 2.88             2.82
Spuncombe Quakermeg                1186                 3.22             2.94
Rowangate Capella Q* (lact1)       1179                 3.95             3.01
Poplartime Catriona                1174                 4.40             3.31
Brynglas Malon                     1173                 4.00             2.68
Janvil Flora                       1172                 2.62             2.56
Kaydee Monfreya *                  1170                 4.50             3.08
Crayshill Rosebay                  1168                 3.80             3.04
Albadora Gingertyde                1166                 4.66             3.30
Moonlin Lillianne                  1164                 3.21             2.85
Wytsend Asheena                    1152                 6.00             3.82
Michsica Capricole Q*2             1152                 3.82             3.04
Coppershel May                     1146                 3.56             3.03
Hansus Beckmannia                  1145                 3.76             2.79
Poplartime Elena                   1144                 4.05             3.48
Moonlin Wendara                    1143                 3.66             3.13
Moonlin Willina                    1142                 3.88             3.25
Klimova Yoksel *9                  1141                 5.12             4.85
Willowlane Iris                    1139                 3.41             3.01
                    British Goat Society Monthly Journal November 2011


Goats Name                   Yield kg              Ave B/fat %        Ave pro %
Hunningley Zafirah *         1139                  3.79               2.68
Imported Averil              1133                  5.88               4.46
Coppershel Moss Q*           1133                  3.60               3.01
Rogerian Amity *             1129                  3.52               3.08
Duffran Kopeck               1123                  3.66               2.82
Hurstpier Sesame Q*8         1123                  5.23               3.88
Broadwater Priscilla         1119                  4.17               3.26
Alailah Mysalice             1117                  4.21               2.62
Willyn Firstlady             1114                  3.62               2.95
Sandford Amaretto            1113                  3.51               2.45
Wilowriver Navara            1109                  3.88               3.44
Annith Nenya                 1106                  3.78               2.94
Friarlea Xcite *             1094                  4.53               3.45
Frenchall Polly              1093                  4.83               2.79
Lyncol Rufiji Q*2            1091                  3.57               2.75
Colemans Poppy Q*1           1090                  4.37               3.73
Stefash Ellie Q*5            1090                  4.69               3.88
Dresden Duvernal *12         1089                  3.32               2.81
Brynglas Maude               1089                  3.78               2.65
Laylasev                     1087                  5.98               3.73
Richlin Muriel               1081                  4.48               3.25
Dalbury Amy *1               1080                  3.86               2.86
Monochrome Mistake           1078                  3.60               3.21
Northcourt Lara *8           1070                  3.39               3.21
Jemaly Myrtle *2             1066                  4.39               3.77
Moonlin Lyria                1065                  3.94               3.13
Albadora Hawthorne           1062                  4.07               3.23
Everest Violet               1055                  3.98               2.99
Ivans Jeni                   1055                  4.59               3.37
Guneryhite Bhini             1050                  3.76               4.05
Timyon Minimo *4             1048                  3.95               3.16
Tyegronon Gglamour Q*8       1047                  4.44               4.33
Northcourt Xanda Q*7         1033                  3.82               3.85
Teilos Gwenllian *           1023                  3.57               3.01
Ardross X *5                 1022                  4.85               3.78
Yorgan Kelisa                1015                  3.54               2.78
Rogerian Brogan *4           1015                  3.57               2.69
Coppershel Felina Q*         1009                  4.33               3.26
Burnhead Alicia              1004                  3.56               3.32
Jobre Annabell               1001                  3.64               3.03
                 British Goat Society Monthly Journal November 2011


L    yncol Betemba went on to be Best in Show at the 2011 Great Yorkshire Show for
     the 3rd time this year also being B.I.S in 2009 &2010. As said in the last journal
many exhibitors enter liquid milk in the Great Yorkshire Cheese & Dairy show spon-
sored by Morrisons Supermarkets. There are 8 classes for liquid
milk, 3 of which Goats milk is eligible to enter. Classes are:
Milk from an individual goat (Swiss),
Milk from an individual goat Anglo Nubian
Speciality milk either goats, ewe's or buffalo
Other classes are for milk from dairy cows spilt in
by breed etc eg channel island breeds.
Betemba won the milk from an individual goat class & then
went on to be judged the best overall liquid milk beating over
100 entries throughout the 8 classes.
To put the cream on top of the milk (forgive the pun) she was
then given a Prince of Wales Award For Outstanding quality (only 6 awarded out of the
18 available) so the 2011 G.Y.S truly was the double for Betemba.
                                                                      Colin Newton 

                      British Goat Society Monthly Journal November 2011

Kids For Kids helps children in Darfur. One project provides a handpumped water supply.
                This picture shows a concrete water trough for the goats.

             British Goat Society Monthly Journal November 2011


                                                         Photos: Fay Ogden

    British Goat Society Monthly Journal November 2011

                            The Edible Garden Show

L    ast year I was approached by the
     organisers of a new show that was
to be held at Stoneleigh in March of this
                                                    The Goat section had the Toggenburg
                                                    Breeders Society and the British Goat
                                                    Society stands as well as two large pens
year. Called the Edible Garden Show it              with my milkers in one and kids in the
was to be a show all about growing your             other. We also had a table at the back
own food. It was aimed mainly at any-               with an electric socket for the urn, so we
one who had a garden, allotment or a                had hot water for washing up and hot
smallholding and who wanted to pro-                 drinks.
duce fresh food for the family. It was
intended to show also how animals such              I went over on the Thursday and set up
as chickens, goats and pigs could fit in            the stands, tables and pens, met up with
and add another dimension to growing                the pig and chicken people and sorted out
your own food without having to have a              the ventilation requirements and biosecu-
farm.                                               rity etc. ( I had been given the job of bio-
I was very interested as I actually started         security officer for the livestock) I then
keeping goats in my small back garden               booked in and checked up on the room
so I agreed to meet the organisers and              that Christine and I were sharing in the
put forward some suggestions.                       Blackdown Village before returning
                                                    home to put the odd bits and pieces in
I asked Christine Ball if she would be              ready for an early start in the morning.
interested in helping me to organise
                                                    Friday morning with the goats all settled
something as we have worked together
                                                    in their pens and flowers on the stands,
on several other events, and I asked vari-
                                                    disinfectant mats all ready, it was time
ous members of the Midshires and
                                                    for the show to open at 10.00am. Within
Worcester goat societies if they would
                                                    a very short time the whole place was
also help.
                                                    packed, I had been warned that I was to
The outcome was a livestock marquee                 be introduced to James Paice during the
containing Goats, Pigs and Chickens                 morning so had to time our demonstra-
attached to the main exhibition hall.               tions round this and one thing I was
Each section had its own area for public-           pleased about was that his tour did keep
ity stands and pens and a large shared              well to time.
demonstration ring which was in use all
                                                    The show was running for three days and
day with live demonstrations of milking
                                                    I have never seen so many people at a
goats, showing pigs, talking about
                                                    show as there were for those three days:
breeds of hens and letting the public
                                                    we hardly had time to draw breath, let
actually handle and pet the animals, ask
                                                    alone have a coffee and as for going to
questions and generally find out how to
                                                    the loo, it took at least 20 minutes to get
start keeping the different animals them-
                                                    though the crowds to reach it!!
                                                                                Continued on page ????

                       British Goat Society Monthly Journal November 2011

     Edible garden show cont’d                             Prospective Judges

We were busy all day long and fell into
                                                     To all prospective licenced Judges
bed exhausted each night but felt so
pleased that a brand new show was so
successful and very proud to be part of it.          A     ny Member wishing to do proba-
                                                           tioner judging with a view to ap-
                                                      plying for judges licence are asked to
One very good thing was that on the last
                                                      forward their details to the show co-
day after all the public had left and we
                                                       ordinator Colin Newton, Page Bank
were able to pack up, no trade stand peo-
                                                        Lodge, Page Bank, Spennymoor,
ple were allowed to bring their vehicles
                                                             Co Durham DH16 7RD.
up to the hall entrances until all the live-
stock had left, so we were not blocked in            You will then be put forward to proba-
and delayed.                                           tioner judge with a licenced judge
                                                     willing to have a probationer with them.
The stewarding was excellent and all
parking was free and mainly under cover.             Unfortunately all costs must be met by
and the livestock marquee had a steward              the probationer judge e.g. meals, travel
allocated just for the animals who was in              expenses and accommodation costs.
attendance all day and sorted out any
minor problems promptly.                               It is preferable for a probationer to
                                                     judge at least one or two shows outside
Next year the Edible Garden Show is                               their own area.
going to be even bigger, taking over both             This is hoped it will make it easier for
exhibition halls and having a larger live-             any candidate wishing to become a
stock section. We have several new dem-                 licenced judge to get probationer
onstrations planned and will be taking                        judging appointments.
more goats and if all goes to plan may                                       

even have some baby kids there as well.                                         Colin Newton

Although the goat section comes under
the Toggenburg Breeders Society in the
catalogue it is combined with the British
Goat Society and also supports the
Worcestershire Goat Society and any
member who would like to come and
give us a hand will be made very wel-
The show dates are 17th - 19 March 2012
at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire.

                               Fay Ogden

                       British Goat Society Monthly Journal November 2011


      Chairman- Seamus McLaughlin, Letter, Fahan, Co. Donegal 074 9360845
        Secretary- Bernie Whyte,Moyrath, Ardagh, Co. Longford. 087 6334313

Dear Jane                                            The Irish Goat Producers Association
We thank you for the kind invitation to              was founded in 1989 and its aims are;-
send in an article on our Association.             •      To promote goat keeping and to
Having survived for the past 22 years we                  circulate knowledge and informa-
are proud!                                                tion about goats.
                                                   •      To improve the various breeds of
We may be small in numbers but we                         goat and especially to develop
have big hearts and are not easily                        those qualities which are generally
deterred..... Firstly we must acknowl-                    recognised and valued in milking
edge the support and kindness that we                     stock.
here in Ireland have received from all of          •      To further the wellbeing of the
the BGS judges who have taken the                         goat and safeguard against cruelty
time out and put in huge effort to come                   from whatever source.
over and judge for us.                             •      To extend and develop the com-
We must also acknowledge and thank                        mercial aspect of goat products.
Christine Ball and Brian Perry who
gave us our AI course and set us on a                            Annual Events
new and improved path of breeding.                 Shows-
Whilst we are attached to Northern Ire-                      All Ireland Goat Show
land an invisible border separates us so           We hold our annual “All Ireland Goat
we have no movement between North                  Show” in June of each year. The classes
and South and cannot attend each others            cater for BGS registered animals and
Shows, use each others males etc, with             from each section, Best Kid, Best Goat-
Scrapie and CAE being the main deter-              ling, Best Milker, Best Male the All Ire-
rent (we are currently in discussion with          land Champion is selected.
our Department of Agriculture and Food
on this issue). At present this is a major         This Show is extremely popular with all
handicap for us here in this Club so our           our members, each one bidding for the
survival has been determined by people             title. The day itself is thoroughly enjoy-
with a great love of goats and a strong            able and a day of great craic and friend-
will and a hope that things will soon              ship. It's our "first look" at each others
change for the better.                             new stock and usually our judge is one of
                                                   the members of the Northern Ireland
Thanking you,                                      Goat Club.
Bernie Whyte

                       British Goat Society Monthly Journal November 2011

          Transport for Goats
  Livestock, Small and Pet Animals
      Birds and Poultry, Equines
  Throughout UK / Ireland / Europe
  Airfreight to the rest of the world
Tel: 01483 200123 Mob: 07736 251 800

British Goat Society Monthly Journal November 2011

                      Irish Goat Producers Association cont’d

Club Show-                                         ticular day and we feel it is vital for the
BGS Show/Milking Competition - July                two clubs to work together and support
                                                   one another. There is great friendship
This Show is the highlight of the year             between the Clubs with members sup-
for members. For the past 5 years we               porting and advising one another.
have been averaging 15 milkers and this
we are very pleased with. Last year,                          Bodies-
                                                   Government Bodies-
2011, two of our members secured Q*'s              We continue to liaise with the Depart-
and for a small show, this is a huge               ment of Agriculture and Food and Tea-
achievement! The Show usually takes                gasc, Irish Agriculture and Food Devel-
place on Sat/Sun. We have wonderful                opment Authority, in an effort to have
facilities at our Mart premises which              goats and goat farming brought into the
from last year include full use a modern           limelight.
kitchen with central heating.                      In the past, we have successfully negoti-
After the stripping out and the feeding of         ated compensation for commercial farm-
the goats, come our now famous BBQ!                ers whose herds contacted T.B. We are
On the menu last year, we had Irish Beef           working with butchers here in Ireland in
and Roast Goat ! Followed by home-                 an effort to try and secure better prices
made dessert and a pint of Guinness!               for goat meat, the consumption of which
                                                   is on the rise. We have secured air time
The evening is so enjoyable and very               on Ear To The Ground, a farming pro-
relaxed. The mart caretaker and his fam-           gramme on our National TV channel,
ily joined in the fun this year as did             RTE, to highlight the rising demand for
members of our families. It's a night we           goat meat. The programme will be aired
don't want to end!                                 shortly. We are looking forward to it!
Farm Walk-
                                                   Our Face book page is open to all and its
Each year, we team up with our friends             our way of keeping in daily contact with
from the Northern Ireland Goat Club                 members and passing on information!
and have an annual farm walk. This                                           Bernie Whyte
usually entails a visit to a commercial
herd in Southern Ireland. This day usu-
ally starts with both Clubs meeting for
lunch and then we make our way to the
Farm. It's a very informative day, where
information is shared, we learn about
how our commercial farmers are doing
and they in turn can "suss out" new
males and enquire about new stock. A
lot of net working is done on that par-
                       British Goat Society Monthly Journal November 2011


              FOR SALE
Small scale separator. "Clair Milky"
model. V.g.c. - nearly new. 40 litres per
hour. £300 or near offer.
Phone 01947 810752 or
email "

 International Goat Association

  The next International Conference on
      goats will be organised in the
         Canary Islands, Spain,
   from 24th to 27th September 2012.



  Government Agricultural Websites
Northern Ireland
  Dalton Livestock:
                      British Goat Society Monthly Journal November 2011
                                       2012 BGS Calendar

BGS calendar for 2012 has been produced and copies are available through the office,
     priced very reasonably at £5 each plus £1 p&p. They are A4 opening to A3.
                  Only 100 have been printed so stocks are limited.
Please make cheques payable to the British Goat Society and send to Gibshiel, Tarset,
                       Hexham, Northumberland NE48 1RR

   Badge price (including P&P) £3.95 each (10 or more £3.50 each to affiliated societies/clubs, plus postage cost)
       Poster (A2 420mm x 594 mm) £7.50 including postage; History of the BGS £7.00 including postage

                            British Goat Society Monthly Journal November 2011

British Goat         Society Monthly Journal

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