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                           Ben Gibson: A Leader for His Time
                           [By Mahsa Khalilifar]
                           Ben Gibson is 23 and in his third year of law school. Why so young? He graduated from the University of Florida in three years,
                           that’s why. Gibson, who graduated with a degree in political science, said his strengths and interests guided him toward the
                           legal area.

“I love challenges, competition, negotiation,      Gibson is also the vice chair for student bar       sharing amongst the presidents of America’s
advocating on behalf of others, and                associations within the ABA Law Student             law schools.”
persuading others,” he explained.                  Division.
                                                                                                       Leaning toward real estate law, Gibson is
Now attending Florida State University             “In this capacity, I serve as the                   looking forward to what a future in that field
College of Law, Gibson is definitely tackling      representative of the student body presidents       will entail.
challenges, especially as his school’s             at all 96 ABA-accredited law schools.
student bar association president. He enjoys       These presidents, in turn, represent all            “Real estate in many ways drives the
it all, though; his passion for the subject was    50,000-plus law students in the country,”          economy of Florida, and I’ve always loved
obvious as he described his outlook on the         he said. “My job is to serve as a resource          the idea of helping to develop a project
legal system:                                      for all SBA presidents and to help facilitate       and improving a piece of land for others to
                                                   communication, programming, and idea                enjoy. [The real estate field also] has an
“I think it’s remarkable that our founders                                                             entrepreneurship aspect to it, which I really
                                                     Q. What do you do for fun?
chose to create a nation and a society that                                                            enjoy,” he said.
                                                     A. I love traveling, especially to warm spots
would adhere to the rule of law. Justice             in the Caribbean and to the ski slopes of
and the idea that no man is above the law            Colorado. I enjoy watching college football,      Gibson stressed the importance of being
is a cornerstone of what we hold dear in             grilling out with friends, watching movies,       involved in school activities while at law
America. The rule of law is essential to an          working out, running, and just spending           school:
enduring society, and the fact that we have          quality time hanging out with good people.
decided as a country to settle our disputes                                                            “Getting involved in student organizations is
                                                     Q. What CD is in your CD player right now,
not on the streets but in the courtroom is                                                             one of the best things you can do during law
                                                     or what is the last song you heard?
what separates us from many other nations...                                                           school. Law school organizations allow you
                                                     A. I listen to mostly country, classic rock,
An understanding of law, I believe, therefore,                                                         to network with other students who share the
                                                     and acoustic music.
is essential to an understanding of America                                                            same passions and ideas as you do. Serving
and who we are as a nation,” he said.                Q. What is the last magazine you read?            as a leader of a law student organization also
                                                     A. Fast Company.                                  helps you to develop leadership skills you
Last year, Gibson took part in a graduate                                                              will call on as an attorney.”
                                                     Q. What is your favorite TV show?
internship program with the Florida House of
                                                     A. Entourage, Seinfeld, Man vs. Wild, and
Representatives.                                                                                       Although it is not easy to budget time
                                                     The Big Idea.
                                                                                                       between his position with the student bar
“I worked with the Economic Expansion and            Q. Who is your role model?                        association and his law school work, Gibson
Infrastructure Council and performed staff           A. Above all else, Christ, my parents, and        is determined to get what needs to be done
analyses on numerous pieces of legislation,”         certain individuals I know who overcame           done.
he explained.                                        great obstacles to become the successes
                                                     they are today.                                   “At times it is a juggle, but I would have it
The internship also paid for an entire year’s                                                          no other way. You have got to love what you
                                                     Q. What is something most people don’t
worth of law school tuition, and Gibson said                                                           do, which I do, or else you won’t be able
                                                     know about you?
it provided a great hourly wage, which made          A. I used to host a teen talk show in high        to deal with the late nights and ups and
the program even “more attractive.”                  school called For Real.                           downs of being a leader,” he explained.

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STUDENT PROFILE                                                                             1. 800.973.1177

“Time management and discipline [are]            “Law school goes by incredibly fast, but you,     On The neT
key and making sure that you take care of        as law students, have a great opportunity
yourself...have a real balance in all areas      in front of you during this time in your life,”   Florida House of Representatives
of life—spiritually, mentally, physically, and   Gibson said. “Don’t hesitate to jump right
socially.”                                       in and take plenty of risks. Make the most
                                                 of the opportunity that is laid before you. I     American Bar Association, Law Student
Even though Gibson has had a busy schedule,      guarantee when you look back on your law          Division
he recommends that current fellow students       school career you won’t regret it.”     
and upcoming students cherish their law
school years despite their hectic schedules.                                                       Florida State University College of Law


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