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                            Henry Lewis: Italy and Law Make for a Unique Combination
                            [By Mahsa Khalilifar]
                            Third-year law student Henry Lewis just got back from studying abroad in Italy.

                            “I always wanted to do it as an undergraduate, but I never took the initiative,” 25-year-old Lewis said of his final decision to
                            take classes overseas.

“I was in Italy once for two days and thought        summer before he entered his senior year           “I like learning the intricacies of the legal
it was so beautiful that when I saw that my          at Columbia. Although it was not the easiest       system, especially since the American
school offered a program there, it struck            experience, he was thankful for what he had        system is so grounded in history, which is
my eye from the get-go,” Lewis said. After           to go through.                                     a topic I enjoy,” Lewis said. “I also like the
debating whether to go and study in Parma,                                                              idea that the system can be changed and
Italy, Lewis, a Seton Hall University School         “It was a good job, but it was unpaid, and I       developed.”
of Law student, said he knew choosing to go          had to commute over an hour from uptown
was the right decision.                              Manhattan to get there,” said Lewis. “I would      Lewis attributes much of his success so far
                                                     get in at 8:00 a.m. and get out at 3:30, then      to the help of his girlfriend and the people
“I was planning on taking summer classes             go right to my other job as a mortgage-            who have influenced him in the legal field.
anyway, and this way I could take them in            broker cold caller. It was good experience,
less time in Italy than in Newark,” explained        though, and I feel that it made me stronger.”      “I am influenced a lot by the attorneys I
Lewis. He also saw the chance to travel there                                                           work for. They show me what life is like as
as a great getaway, as well as a chance to           The study of law is one that really piques         a lawyer and how to deal with problems and
get out of Newark, NJ, for a bit, which is           Lewis’s curiosity.                                 time management,” Lewis said. “They also
where Seton Hall is located. His employer                                                               show me that it is not all work and that there
was also supportive of the chance to study            Q. What do you do for fun?                        is time for fun.”
abroad.                                               A. I like hanging out with my girl, my
                                                      friends, my family. I enjoy hitting up            Lewis is the evening division president of
“My work encouraged it when I presented               Lake George, NY, in the summer, where I           the Real Estate Law Society at his school,
                                                      wakeboard, cliff jump, and drink mojitos. I
the idea of me going, which really made                                                                 and he is a member of the Environmental
                                                      like going to and watching Yankees games.
the difference,” he said. “The credits were                                                             Law Society. He said that future students
                                                      When I do not have to study, I like playing
actually cheaper than they would have been                                                              should look into organizations because of the
                                                      video games.
if I had taken them at [Seton Hall].”                                                                   benefits.
                                                      Q. What CD is in your CD player right now?
Lewis studied political science at Columbia           A. Stephen Marley, Mind Control.                  “It is good to get involved in an organization
University in New York as an undergraduate                                                              that is based on an area of law that you are
                                                      Q. What is the last magazine you read?
and then entered the world of law.                                                                      interested in,” he said. “You learn more
                                                      A. Men’s Health.
                                                                                                        about the field and can meet your classmates
“I was always one to stick up for people              Q. What is your favorite TV show?                 and network. The meetings usually have free
when they were in trouble or needed help,”            A. Right now, The Bronx is Burning.               food, too, which is great when you have class
explained Lewis regarding his decision to                                                               until 0:00 p.m.”
                                                      Q. Who is your role model?
enter law school. “I also like politics and
                                                      A. My father.
thought if I ever wanted to get involved, I                                                             Looking into real estate law, Lewis is still not
should go to law school.”                             Q. What is something most people                  too sure what the future holds.
                                                      probably don’t know about you?
Lewis interned at the Kings County District           A. My second and third toes are webbed.           “I would like to work in a big city, preferably
Attorney’s office in Brooklyn, NY, during the                                                           in a real estate field...I have to think about

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what type of law I am going to concentrate        doing something such as studying abroad,         On The neT
on. I have a year left after this semester        even if it is through your law school.
where I plan to narrow my scope,” he said.                                                         Columbia University
“My father is a custom-home builder, and I        “I earned six credits for two classes and        www.columbia.edu
have always watched him buying and selling        had the time of my life,” he said of his Italy
property. Also, I am a real estate licensee,      experience. “I will never forget that trip.      Seton Hall University School of Law
and I have done my own investments, so I          I traveled all over [Europe], and it was an      law.shu.edu
have dealt with attorneys in that field.” Lewis   amazing experience. I recommend that
said he also enjoys studying criminal and         anyone who can study abroad does so              Men’s Health
constitutional law.                               because it is a fantastic way to learn.”         www.menshealth.com/cda/homepage.do

Lewis is planning to graduate from Seton          Lewis also said that law students should not
in December of 008. His words of wisdom          forget to enjoy the time they spend learning
to future law students are to branch out by       or “to have fun and be happy.”


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