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Welcome to Vietnam!
Booking Vietnam Tours where you can experience the local charm as well as an ideal place we
can share our unique country with you . We have some great holiday guiding, hotels deals and
best rate accommodation bookings for you wherever you are spending your time in Vietnam.
Travel news, tours and attractions we have it all!. Explore Vietnam and discover what makes it
amazing. You will find many information to help plan your Holiday and Travelling Experience
so you can have the trip of a lifetime. Booking Vietnam Tours will assist with planning and
booking accommodation, tours, flights etc...

Company Profile
The website "Booking Vietnam Tours" is powered by Hailong Travel Company. The
company profile of one of the Vietnam's leading Tour Operators

      International Trading name in English: Hailong Trading & Tourism Joint stock
      Company name in Vietnamese: Công ty Cổ phần Du lịch và Thương mại Hải Long
      Company License: 0103122994
      Issued by Hanoi Department of Planing & Investment
      International Tour Operator License No: 01-240/2010/TCDL-GPLHQT
      Issued by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism

With our experiences in Tourism Industry in Vietnam, Hai Long Travel not only provide full
travel information, High Quality travel services such as: visa, tickets, transport, guide, M.I.C.E,
special interest tours and other travel services within Vietnam, but also give you the confidence
that you are not going to miss something when you travel in Vietnam and Indochina.

Beside that we have some good working relationships with local suppliers in the tourism
industry. We are seeking the tourist business market, the chance of cooperation, working with
some good partners for long-term mutual benefit, all over the World.

We now opens it's doors to you, your family, and your friends, while promising a tour in
Vietnam that invites you into the heart of Vietnam, while ensuring each day has a special touch
to remind you this is your holiday. Our mission is to provide customers with a tour that
intimately connects you to the people and culture of Vietnam while providing guides that lead
you on a true vacation. From the smallest details to the larger picture, Our company seeks to
share the Vietnam that Vietnamese people live, day in, and day out, while making you feel like
a special guest, in our home.

Once again, thanks for your valuable time with us
Looking forward to welcoming you soon!
Yours sincerely,
Michael Hai

                       HAVE A NICE TRIP WITH HAI LONG TRAVEL!

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