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New UK Study Asks: What Are Lawyers Made Of?
By Todd Schultz

According to a report published in The National Law Journal on Friday, would-be lawyers are likely to be facing a revised approach to
their legal training.

The Bar Standards Board sent out a press release that ‘’will          (2) What is required for persons and entities to continue
look at the likely shape and demands of the legal industry in         with a legal education, which includes the process by which
2020, as well as technological changes.’’                             they become accredited and any other method of quality
                                                                      assurance; (3) and what is required of legal educators by
Legal education has suffered across the world, in countries           educational institutions.
such as India, Japan, and Uganda. Law school graduates are
not only outweighing the number of lawyer positions available,        Antony Townsend, the chief executive of the Solicitors
but the quality of lawyer is lagging as well. In an effort to         Regulation Authority, ‘’Ensuring that solicitors and others
improve the quality of lawyer, the UK’s Solicitors Regulation         delivering legal services are properly educated and trained is
Authority, the Institute of Legal Executives Professional             just as important as making sure that firms and individuals
Standards, and the Bar Standards Board are banding together           conduct their business properly. The two areas of regulatory
to launch an investigation into the qualifications of the             work are interdependent.’’
incoming generations of lawyers.
                                                                      The Bar Standards Board additionally stated that the review
According to Local Government Lawyer, the group will review           would assess the demand for ‘’high quality, competitive legal
the following: (1) the educational requirements placed upon           services and education and training providers and high ethical
individuals entering the sector and their regulatory function;        standards for lawyers and legal services entities.’’


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