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e-mail:           5293 NE Elam Young Pkwy, #140 Hillsboro, OR 97124                  503-844-7606

        Huntting Park: Another Neighborhood Completed
                               Five More Families Spending the Holidays in Their Own Home

  W            elcome to Huntting Park. A .66 acre parcel of land,
               it is located in Beaverton next to our Leadership
               Row neighborhood. In fact, the property served
  as our staging area in 2004 while Leadership Row was under
                                                                            IS THE EARTHQUAKE AN OMEN?
                                                                            In 2001, on Patti Huntting’s very first day volunteering with us,
                                                                            Portland experienced a 6.8 magnitude earthquake. “We ran out
                                                                            onto the little porch [of the office] wondering what was going
  construction. Then, in 2007, we purchased the land from the City          on,” said Patti. “Afterwards, I saw it as a good omen, that I was
  of Beaverton.                                                                        someplace where I could make a difference.” Patti
                                                                                       volunteered in the office for several years, and even
  Thanks to your generosity, we raised enough money                                    served on the board of directors, but her true passion is
  for the ‘sticks and bricks’ needed to build and sell all                             our families. She serves on the Homeowner Resource
                                                five homes in the                       committee and loves the day when she gets to deliver
                                                Huntting Park                          balloons and great news to families who have been
                                                neighborhood this                      accepted into our program.
                                                year. And it was
                                                done in a mere                        The Willamette West Board agreed that the Huntting
                                                356 days! Last                        family deserved having a neighborhood named after
                                                November, five                         them, and on August 24, 2009, the development name
                                                families were                         was officially changed to Huntting Park by the City of
  New Family Services Manager Erin Maxey        living in cramped,                    Beaverton. On August 28, 2012 the first family moved
  (L) sells her first home, to Horacio & Alicia, cold, substandard                     in.
  now living at Huntting Park.                  living conditions,
                                                and Huntting Park
  was a pile of dirt. Now those families are homeowners                               Elia (pictured right) and her two boys are excited to move into their
  with solid roofs over their heads, sealed windows in their                          new home. Before, she was paying $450/mo to rent a bedroom in a
  bedrooms and energy efficient furnaces and appliances to                             home that she shared with her boys. Now, everyone has their own
  keep them warm and save them money.                                                 room in her own house.

  Originally called ‘Barnes Acres’, the property had been called
  Leadership Row II internally until long-time board member
  Ed Brauner suggested naming it after volunteers and donors
  Bill & Becky Huntting and Bill’s twin sister Patti. Bill began
  volunteering less than a month after retiring from IBM. He
  designs our homes, working with any limitations caused by the
  physicality of the site while still accommodating the needs of
  our families. He serves as a site supervisor as well, maintaining
  an office on the construction site. As for Bill’s wife Becky, she
  helps by rewarding our daily volunteers by sending cookies to
  the site with Bill. In fact, if you ask our ongoing volunteers what
  the best thing about being on the construction site is, they will                     Mark Forker (back left) poses with representatives of Forest City
  enthusiastically say “Becky Huntting’s cookies!”                                      Trading Group (left side of room) and the Mohamed family in their
                                                                                        new home. Forest City Trading Group sponsored the Mohamed
                                                                                        house construction.
Board of Directors                                                         From the Board
Tom Reese, President
Stan Axtman, V.P.
Glen Fahs, Secretary
                                                             Tom Reese, president
Leon Taylor, Treasurer
Dan Fako
Anne Geser
George Griffith

Bill Hewitt
Steve Lord
Carol Mangan                                  ometimes challenges that we face tend to cast some doubts on our abilities
Karyn Smith                                   to grow and provide more decent, affordable housing for needy families
Brent Warren                                  in our community. Those challenges include our navigation through this
Robert Wood                             significant economic recession and uncertainties of our government providing
                                        funds to help us acquire property to build on.
Chris Criglow, Attorney
Perkins Coie                            Our board recently took some time out to spend a Saturday together and reflect
                                        on our accomplishments over the past year and look ahead to our strategic plan.
Emeritus:                               What came from our meeting in looking back over the past year was nothing
Ed Brauner                              short of amazing. I thought I would share some of those successes:

Staff:                                  •   Record breakfast/lunch fundraiser with over 600 attendees
Mark Forker, Executive Director
Hope Howard, Development &
                                        •   Our construction crew has increased the energy efficiency of our homes to
  Communication Manager                     Earth Advantage Platinum status
Erin Maxey, Homeowner Services          •   We purchased a subdivision that will provide another 26 homes for future
Mollie McAlpin Maughn,
 Community Outreach Specialist          •   We had our first golf tournament to help raise funds to build more homes
Mike Wille, Construction Manager        •   Raised funds through our capital campaign to purchase our office and
                                            warehouse space
Associates:                             •   Completed a Women Build and a Builders Blitz Build, adding two more
Marilyn Palma, Bookkeeper
Madison Weakley, Volunteer                  homes for needy families, and did a Global Village Build in Costa Rica
Services Coordinator - AmeriCorps       •   We are participating in a Capacity Build Grant that allowed us to add to staff
Rilen Lukens, Kevin McLain, and             and support new AmeriCorps site supervisors
Abe Thornagle - Construction Crew       •   Sold 11 homes during our 2012 fiscal year
Leaders & AmeriCorps Members
Newsletter Editor: Hope Howard
                                        These are very impressive and rewarding, but also inspire us to continue our
Our Mission:                            plans to build more homes for those in need. The challenges are difficult but if
 Willamette West Habitat for Humanity   we all work together we can succeed in our mission! Thank you for your past
seeks to eliminate poverty housing
and homelessness from Washington
                                        help and your help in the future.
County and to make decent shelter
for all a matter of conscience and
action. Through volunteer labor and                    Tournament
donations of money and materials, we                volunteer Miss
build simple, decent, and affordable
homes by partnering with low-income               Oregon (Nichole
families and the community-at-large.                Mead, pictured
                                                 right) handed out
  5293 NE Elam Young Pkwy                       tee bags to all our
           Suite 140                              golfers this year,
     Hillsboro, OR 97124                           including board
        503-844-7606                                 president Tom                                    Reese.
                                       From The Executive Director
                                                                         Mark Forker

W           hen most people think about Habitat for Humanity, images of volunteers
            swinging hammers, walls being raised and joyful families living in simple,
            decent homes are pretty typical. Very few think about the economic
benefits that Habitat brings to communities - better roads and schools, more funding for
police and fire fighters, and boosting local businesses. But they should.

Habitat for Humanity families pay property taxes, just like any other homeowner. This year, local Habitat
families will pay about $143,000 in property taxes. Since we built our first home in 1992, Habitat families
have paid over $775,000 in property taxes to Washington County. Every eight new Habitat homes add
about $1 million to the tax base annually. Beyond the feel good images, these are quantifiable benefits that our
ministry brings to the economic well-being of our community.

Habitat also benefits local businesses. Even with our many volunteers and thousands of dollars in donated
building materials, we spend well over $100,000 to build each new Habitat house. These are dollars put into the
pockets of local suppliers - businesses that sell concrete, lumber, windows, doors, carpet, siding and shingles,
just to name a few. In fact, since 2008 Willamette West Habitat has pumped over $2.2 million into the local
economy - during the worst recession in over 80 years!

I’m no economist. I can’t tell you how many jobs we generated as a result of our work. What I do know is that
Habitat is much more than just do-gooders pounding nails. We offer tangible results: decent, affordable housing
for low-income families, and stable, thriving communities through homeownership.

Thank you for partnering with us.

Major contributors to the Home for Habitat capital campaign enjoy
actually burning our former lease. A lease burning party was held to
celebrate the purchase of our office and warehouse space.

                                                                       The donor wall, thanking those who made large gifts toward
                                                                       the capital campaign, sits in our office. The wall was made
                                                                       out of recycled lumber and tiles, found at the Washington
                                                                       County ReStore. Check out the capital campaign web page
                                                                       at for a full-color
                                                                       picture of the wall.
                           First We Burned, Now We Build

T         wo years ago, we gave the Hillsboro Fire Department the opportunity to train recuits using their Burn to Learn program.
          By letting them teach, and burn down a dilapidated home on our BraunerBrook property, we were able to make room for
          new construction. In June this year, while still building at Huntting Park, we started Brauner
          Brook with a foundation pour using volunteers from NIKE. The progress we’ve made since you
received your summer newsletter is outstanding. We have finished siding our first two houses and are sheet-
rocking; we’ve got the roof on and have wrapped the next two houses; and we’re getting ready to pour the
foundation on two more houses. About the time you get your annual report next year, we’ll have the final
two foundations poured and all homes will be under way.

It seems fitting that the neighborhood we will be completing in 2013 – our 25th anniversary – is named after
Ed and Ellen Brauner (pictured right), who have been involved with the affiliate for those 25 years. We look
forward to bringing you their story in future publications. In the meantime, here are two families who are
half way through their sweat equity requirements, and actively building their homes at BraunerBrook.

                    Susantha and Dinusha Jayaratne are trying to raise a family and give their
                    children a brighter future. With a 4-year-old boy, Methul, and a new born
                    baby, Dijon, their current apartment is no place to raise a family. Mold plagues
                    the walls despite Dinusha’s repeated attempts to scrub it off, and Methul
                    has no place to run or play, since anything except tip-toeing around their current apartment warrants
                    complaints from the downstairs neighbors.

                              But despite all the hardships the Jayaratne family have faced the past year, like the premature birth of
                              their son Dijon, they continue to have hope for their future. Making their situation even more difficult:
                              the Jayaratne family pays 40% of their monthly income on housing expenses. Why did they apply for
a Habitat for Humanity home? Because of a dream, explains Susantha: “All in all, we have only one dream, our own house where
my kids can be kids…where all of us can breathe freely…our own simple, decent, affordable house.” They know if they purchase a
Habitat home, not only will their “rent” payment go down, but the energy efficiency of the home will bring down utility costs too.
With your help, their dream for a safe, decent home will not be a dream forever. Methul can be a little boy and run around as much as
he likes, and baby Dijon will grow up never knowing the ‘dream’ only the reality.

                     Haile and Jamila’s story starts five years ago in Eritrea. Haile was in the military, but he was also
                     an artist and owned his own gallery. They were well off and Jamila spent her time caring for their
                     three children and preparing for the birth of their fourth. Something happened that put Haile’s life
                     in danger and he had to flee the country, leaving his wife and children behind. He walked for days,
                     hiding out in the jungle until he reached the safety of the border. The Eritrean military seized his
                     business and threw Jamila in jail, convinced she knew his whereabouts. The family paid someone in
                     order to get her out of jail and she was forced to flee the country on foot, pregnant and through the
                     jungle, leaving her children behind, just like Haile.

                                An international organization helped the political refugees get to the United States, get a job and settle
                                in Oregon. They now have two sons who have never met their siblings who are living with relatives
                                in Eritrea.

Haile and Jamila have received INS approval for their children to immigrate here, but there is no U.S. Consulate in Eritrea to help
expedite the process and the government wants money from Haile & Jamila because they believe ‘anyone living in the U.S. has a lot
of money’. The alternate choice is to pay someone to smuggle the children out, but the dire consequences if caught are too horrible to
imagine. So these “wealthy” Americans are now living in a cramped apartment where they frequently smell marijuana fumes coming
from neighboring apartments. Haile works nights as a CMA in a nursing home, leaving Jamila home alone with her children, feeling
uneasy and unsafe in their home.

The Habitat home they are working toward keeps their hope alive for a future where their family is reunited, and their children can
sleep in peace and security under one roof together.

  Grandma DOESN’T WANT Another Pair of Slippers!

T       he holiday season is quickly approaching and thoughts are now turning toward those holiday gift giving
        lists. Why not support Habitat for Humanity during the holidays! This year, give your friends, family,
        co-workers and employees Gifts that Build. Your kindness will help build a Habitat home for a local
family. Any gift size is welcome, a $10 donation buys a box of nails, a $200 donation buys a shower/tub en-
closure. Your gift recepient will receive a special card and the joy of knowing a hardworking family will soon
have a home. Consider what your gift could buy:

        $20 ~ a gallon of paint to color their world
        $30 ~ a furnace thermostat to keep them warm
        $40 ~ the kitchen sink. Healthy kitchen = healthy kids
        $50 ~ landscaping supplies to beautify the neighborhood
        $65 ~ a bedroom door, many kids don’t have one
        $100 ~ 50 2x6 exterior studs
        $125 ~ a window to a happier world
        $150 ~ the front door! ‘Nuff said.
        $60,000 ~ the whole house!

After all, what does grandma really need? A $125 gift to Habitat in her name helps buy a new, insulated bed-
room window so a child stays warm and cozy through those long winter nights. Wouldn’t that warm her heart
more than another pair of slippers?

It’s easy to do. Simply send in a donation to Willamette West Habitat for Humanity. Enclose a note telling us
who the gift is for, and what their mailing address is, and we will send them a nice holiday card, telling them
you’ve made a donation to us in lieu of a gift. If we receive your gift before December 19th, the card should
reached your loved ones by Christmas. OR, we can fill out the card and send it back to you, and you can give it
to them personally. Think about this: you’ll never find a fruitcake or sweater that is tax deductible.

In Honor or Memory Giving:
While Gifts that Build is specific to Christmas, throughout the year, people make donations to Willamette West
Habitat in honor of someone’s birthday or anniversary or just because; we receive donations in memory of a
loved one who has passed away. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our donors who have made a dono-
tion in honor or memory of someone between July 1, 2011 and October 31, 2012.
In Memory Of Mariah             In Honor Of Craig Byrd        In Honor Of Brian Hahn        In Honor Of Jimmy Stewart
   Wayne & Marguerite Fine         Byrd Financial Group         Angelica Mofford               Ellen Yank
   Francis & Anne Hanchek
   Jack & Jerrie Johnson        In Memory Of Jeanette Clifton In Honor Of Colleen Hortley   In Memory Of Terry Taylor
   Stewart Levy                    Don & Rowena Aina             TM Pickett                    Robert & Wendy Archibald
  Arletta O'Hearn
   Jackie Sanders               In Honor Of Terry Crawford    In Honor Of Ron Leistra       In Honor Of Jim Walcutt
   Joe & Carol Squyres             Peggy Crawford                Individuals Anonymous         Bill & Gail Raymond
   Miles Stanton
   Vincent & Jacqueline White   In Honor Of Chuck Falconer    In Honor Of Joan Murray       In Honor Of Stephen & Carol Wheeler
   Mary Ellen Wilson               Individuals Anonymous         Constance Lord                Donald & Marion Scrivens

In Memory Of Leo Bianchi        In Honor Of Justin Gajewski   In Memory Of D Rust
   Individuals Anonymous           Tony & Sherri McCormick      Alvin & Theresa Meury

In Memory Of Brody Borlaug      In Memory Of John Gray        In Honor Of John Snyder
   David & Bonnie Bennett          Janet Voss                    Norm Thompson Outfitters, Inc.
By Women...For Women
The Roberts Home is Complete

T       his continues to be a year of
        implementing new programs in
        order to help our families out of
substandard living conditions as quickly
as possible - and Women Build is a perfect
example of that. The Huntting Park            CONSTRUCTION BEGINS
Women Build home was started about            Then came months of ladies coming out to
a year ago, with hundreds of women            the construction site every week, in rain,
attending public outreach meetings to         snow, wind, and finally beautiful sunshine,
learn about Willamette West Habitat and       to build Brandee’s house. The home was
the program.                                  completed in October, and the Roberts
                                              family (pictured above) moved in, just in
LETS START SMALL                              time to hand out Halloween candy to the
The ladies got right to work, building a      neighborhood trick-or-treaters.
playhouse (below) to raffle off. Nearly
                                                A JOB WELL DONE                             their friends, and so on, and so on. We
                                                The ladies are going to take a well-        really only need 120 people, each raising
                                                deserved rest now, but will be back in      $500, to pay for the house. To get you or
                                                2013 to start a Women Build home in         your company involved in sponsoring or
                                                Hillsboro at BraunerBrook.                  fundraising for the Women Build house,
                                                                                            contact Mollie McAlpin Maughn at
                                               WANT TO HELP BUILD?                 or call her
                                               If you are interested in helping build       at 503-844-7606 x 110.
                                               the next home, please contact Volunteer
                                               Coordinator Madison Weakley
                                              ( to
every weekend it was in some restaurant       let her know, or register yourself on our
or business parking lot - even at the Hippy   volunteer website at
Chicks Marathon - while volunteers                               volunteer. Construction
sold raffle tickets. Just                                         will probably start in
as school ended, the                                             February or March of
winning ticket was                                               2013.
drawn, and the playhouse
went to a Women                                                  WE NEED MONEY!
Build volunteer who                                              Fundraising for the        Brandee steps into her house for the first
bought just one ticket                                           ‘sticks and bricks’        time as a homeowner! She was surprised
“to support Habitat”.                                            needed to actually         to find her kitchen stocked from Grocery
It was later donated to                                          build the house has        Outlet, and her new Habitat friends there
St. Andrew’s Lutheran                                            also begun. If you are     to congratulate her.
Church in Beaverton                                              interested in
where it is being enjoyed                                        fundraising,
by the kids.                                                     there are lots of
                                                                 ways you can
CLIMB THE                                                        do that. Maybe
MOUNTAIN                                                         you have a
Next was an evening                                              block garage
with Stacy Allison,                                              sale, or invite
the first American                                                your friends
woman to summit Mt.                                              over for lunch
Everest, which raised                                            before you
an impressive $8,000                                             pass the hat.
toward construction                                              Or maybe you
costs.                                                           just ask your       Construction Crew Leader Paula Ohland (L), with
                                  Karen Mitchell-Yakimi          friends, who as        new homeowner Brandee (C) and Women Build
                              is excited for wall raising day       6                                            leader Lynne Johnston.
              Low Income Builder of the Year - That’s Us!
       Earth Advantage Institute Announces Winners of First Annual Green Home Builder Awards

                                   T      he Portland and southwest Washington region is a national leader in green building
                                          standards and high performance homebuilding. Earth Advantage’s residential certification
                                          program has certified over 12,000 homes to date, including 14 Willamette West homes.
                                   “It was high time to highlight the builders who have made that possible” thought the people at
                                   Earth Advantage, so The Green Homebuilder Awards were started.

                                     Construction Manager Mike Wille submitted an application in August for consideration for the
                                     new award. A panel of experts in the green homebuilding arena was assembled to consider the
applications and deliver the results. This year’s judges were Nate Bond, vice president of sales for ProBuild; Teresa St. Martin, eco-
broker, LEED green associate with Windermere Cronin & Caplin Realty Group; and Alisa Kane, the City of Portland’s development
manager in the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability.

The winners were announced at a luncheon held at McMenamins Edgefield facility. The winner
of the Low Income Builder of the Year was Willamette West Habitat for Humanity. Yay!

We’re proud that our Habitat homes offer a healthier living environment for our families, many
of whom are coming from moldy, damp, drafty houses. Healthy homes mean healthy kids who
don’t miss school, setting up themselves to succeed and break their cycle of poverty.

Mike recently told us that his construction team was “proud that members of the Energy Trust
team spent time at our Ramble Glen neighborhood while it was under construction. They used
it as a test site to get preliminary readings and then used the findings to come up with more
efficient methods for air sealing a house. We were also honored that they used our homes to
train their new inspectors.”

Congratulations Mike. You and your team always goes above and beyond, keeping the end
product, an energy efficient home for our families, in your sights.

                                               Thanks to these Huntting Park House Sponsors:

                                               House 1: Bill & Becky Huntting and Patti Huntting
                                               House 2: HomeStreet Bank, Sterling Bank, Intel Women, Mentor
                                                        Graphics Women, and lots of individual women
                                               House 3: Forest City Trading Group
                                               House 4: Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
                                               House 5: Mountainwood Homes and all the sub-contractors who
                                                        donated their time and materials

                                              The Mohamed family (pictured
                                              here) are happy to have a
                                              new, energy-efficient home at
                                              Huntting Park in Beaverton.
                                              And, thanks to Tony & Tina
                                              Slyter, owners of Grocery
                                              Outlte of King City, like all our
                                              new homeowners, they were
                                              surprised with a kitchen full of
                                              groceries and supplies they day
                                              they bought their house.

                                Can Old Cars Really Build a Home?
                                                        Only 40 cars are needed to finish this house

D         id you know that 75 percent
          of a car’s content can be
          recycled? Or that steel is the
most recycled material on the planet? Do
                                                                   The house, located at BraunerBrook,                            you could even get a tax deduction if
                                                                                                                                  you itemize (see your tax accountant for
                                                                                                                                  advice). All the while you’ll be helping
                                                                                                                                  Willamette West Habitat for Humanity
you have something in your garage, or                                                                                             build more homes with the funds raised
your driveway, that could find new life as                                                                                         from your vehicle donation!
recycled material?
                                                                                                                                  If you are ready to donate your car, visit
You do?! Then, the good news is our Cars                                                                                          our website at
for Homes™ program accepts donated                                                                                                Donate-Vehicles and start the process,
cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, RVs and                                                                                         it’s quick and easy. If you are looking
other vehicles and sells them through                                                                                             for more information, visit the Cars for
automobile auctions, recyclers or salvage                          is being jointly sponsored by Bank of                          Homes website at www.CarsForHomes.
yards to raise funds that help build simple,                       America, the Washington County ReStore,                        org.
decent, affordable homes for hard-                                 and donated cars. Since 2006, we have
working American families - right here in                          received over $50,000 in revenue from the                      If you are not ready to donate your car,
Washington County.                                                 Cars for Homes program. At an average                          truck, boat, or any other vehicle right
                                                                   donation of $500, we only need 40 cars                         now, that’s ok. If you donate later via
So if you’re ready to upgrade to a newer                           donated to raise the $20,000 we need to                        the website, your donation will still come
car, or have an old vehicle (doesn’t                               finish building this home. With a county-                       directly to us!
even have to be running!) that you don’t                           wide population of over 500,000, this
know what to do with, please consider                              shouldn’t be difficult.
donating it to Willamette West Habitat
for Humanity. The Cars for Homes™                                  Remember, there are lots of benefits to
program is staffed by Habitat employees,                           donating your old vehicle: protect natural
and 100% of the net proceeds will come                             resources by recycling end-of-life cars into
right back to Washington County to help                            new steel; save gas and reduce pollution
us finish this house in Hillsboro.                                  by getting old gas-guzzlers off the roads;
Even a field of golf carts can be donated to Cars for Homes! These carts, however, are driven by golfers at the first annual Golf For
Homes fundraiser. Here the players watch Miss Washington County’s Outstanding Teen Hayley Mueller start the tournament.

                                                          VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES
                                                                   for you, and your company                                  Our thanks and appreciation
                                                                                                                              to our 2012-13 AmeriCorps
                                                                              Join a committee:
 Help With:                                                                                                                   National Direct Members:
                                                                 Board of Directors
 Homeowner Selection - help find, review and                     Building (new, and green, building techniques)
 recommend potential homeowners.                                                                                              Madison Weakley -
 Family Resource - mentor families before and                    Development/Fundraising                                      Volunteer Coordinator
 after they purchase their home.                                                                                              Rilen Lukens - Construction Crew Leader
                                                                              Come out and build!
 Community Outreach - represent Habitat at fairs,               Sign up individually, or as a group of friends or             Kevin McLain - Construction Crew Leader
 festivals and trade shows.                                     co-workers, for as little as one day per year.                Abe Thornagle - Construction Crew Leader
Sign up at, or with our Volunteer Coordinator at 503-844-7606 x 102
                                                                                                                              Thank you in advance for your year of service
Willamette West Habitat for Humanity | 5293 NE Elam Young Pkwy, #140 | Hillsboro 97124 | 503-844-7606 |   with Willamette West Habitat for Humanity!
Congratulations 2nd Place Winners: (left to right) Carl Johnson,                                      Players (above) enjoy the beautiful course. Joey Har-
Greg Moser, Greg Marshall & Steve Lord                                                                rington (center) autographs a helmet for the auction.

  Golf Fore Homes - Why Didn’t We Do This Sooner?
                 Bank of America sponsored event nets over $34,000 to build a house in Hillsboro

W             hen we chose September 27th
              as the date for our first annual
              golf tournament fundraiser we
were a little nervous. And admittedly, we
                                                        was everywhere. But, to be fair, there was
                                                        a pretty good showing of orange and black
                                                                                                          Thanks to those who made
                                                                                                          our tournament possible:

were holding our breath that week to see                SPORTS FIGURES COME OUT TO                        Committee Members:
what kind of weather we would end up                    SUPPORT US                                        Stan Axtman
with, but someone was smiling on us and                 We were joined not only by Joey                   Jeremy Breunig
it ended up being a perfect day for golf:               Harrington, but also Jerome Kersey                Steve Lord
not too hot, not too windy, and beautifully             from the Portland Trail Blazers and Eric          Frank Susak
sunny!                                                  Brunner of the Portland Timbers. Players          Glen Fahs
                                                        checking in received their player goodie          Jeremy Breunig
The tournament at The Reserve Vineyards                 bags from none other than Nichole
& Golf Club was a hole-in-one. Golfers                  Mead, the current Miss Oregon, and the            Sponsors:
had a great time on the course, the                     tournament started after Hayley Mueller,          Title: Bank of America
food was delicious, and we had enough                   newly crowned Miss Washington County’s            Presenting: Bank of the West
interesting auction items to keep everyone              Outstanding Teen, made the first drive.            Event: Specht Development
bidding until the closing bell rang. When               Summer intern Sahar Petri even took               Golf Cart: Grocery Outlet of King City
all was said and done, the tournament                   a day from school to volunteer at the             Hole-In-One: Beaverton Toyota
saw a net profit of nearly $34,000!                      tournament.
Not bad for a first try. Some of that                                                                      Hole Sponsors:
money is going to the Harrington Family                 CAN’T GOLF? THERE’S STILL THE                     Columbia Community Bank
Foundation; the rest stays with Willamette              AUCTION!                                          Cosgrave Vergeer Kester LLP
West and is                                             Non-golfers were invited to participate           Farmers Insurance
being used                                              by attending the dinner and auction that          First Tech Federal Credit Union
to construct                                            evening. 25 silent auction items and 4 oral       Forest City Trading Group
this house                                              auction items kept people hopping and             Guild Mortgage Company
at Brauner-                                             bids flew back and forth across the room.          HomeStreet Bank
Brook in                                                At the end of the evening, auction items          Lateef Management
Hillsboro.                                              garnered over $7,000.                             Milgard Manufacturing
                                                                                                          NW Natural Gas
JOEY HARRINGTON JOINS THE                               SEPT. 12, 2013 - WRITE IT DOWN                    Pacific Continental Bank
FAMILY                                                  Sorry you missed the big event? Not to            Perkins & Company
The coming together of Willamette                       worry because we’re going to do it again!         Reliable Credit Company
West Habitat and the Harrington Family                  Mark your calendars for September 12,             Veritable Quandary
Foundation was a match made in Heaven.                  2013. This time we’ll be on the south             West Coast Bank
With Joey’s focus on children and our                   course. It’s not too early to reserve
focus on families our two missions were                 your foursome or hole sponsorship.
perfectly aligned. Golfers were excited                 It’s budget season, so contact Mollie
about Joey’s involvement and showed                     at for
their team spirit by wearing green &                    tournament pricing to so be sure your
yellow, and the University of Oregon logo               company’s involved in 2013.
   New Program Focuses on Critical Repairs of Veteran’s Homes

                                                to assist more veteran families in need of    will be repaid to Willamette West through
           re you are excited by the            decent housing.                               a zero interest loan.
           number of families we help
           each year, but want to help even     “We are excited to participate in the         “We are proud to partner with Habitat
more? The Board of Director’s strategic         launch of Habitat for Humanity’s Repair       for Humanity International as we aim
plan has a vision is to expand our outreach     Corps program and grateful to The             to ensure that every U.S. veteran has a
and increase the number of families we          Home Depot Foundation for funding             safe and accessible place to call home,”
help. So in 2013 we are launching a new         this project,” said Tom Reese, Board          said Kelly Caffarelli, president, The Home
program called Veteran’s Repair Corps.          President. “It is truly an honor to work      Depot Foundation.
                                                in partnership with former service men
An initiative of Habitat for Humanity           and women, and their families.”               If you know of veteran needing critical
International (HFHI) and The Home Depot                                                       home repairs on their home, visit our
Foundation, Willamette West Habitat was         In early 2013, veterans or their family       website after the first of the year. If you
selected as one of just 84 participating        members will be able to complete an           are interested in helping us reach out
Habitat afffiliates nationwide to participate    initial request for help on our website or    to veteran’s organizations to spread the
in the program. It provides critical home       by calling Homeowner Services Manager         word about the program, or if you want
repairs for veterans, including accessibility   Erin Maxey. Like our homeowner                to donate to the program to help with
features like wheelchair ramps and wider        application, income will be verified to        its sustainability, please contact Hope
doorways. Larger repairs such as roofing,        make sure the household income falls          Howard at hopehoward@habitatwest.
electrical, plumbing, HVAC and structural       within our guidelines of 30-60% of area       org. Check out below for the program’s
repairs are also available. Modeled after       median family income. A team will be          requirements.
Habitat’s successful partnership housing        sent out to inspect the home and record
program, Veteran Repair Corps families          the needed repairs, and if approved, repair
agree to repay a zero-percent-interest loan     work will begin. While the repairs are
that covers the repair costs. Payments          paid for with a grant from The Home                 Veteran Repair Corps
are then “recycled” into a revolving fund       Depot Foundation, a portion of the repairs
                                                                                                   Program Requirements
                                                                                               •    All branches of the military are eligible,
                                                                                                    but you cannot be active.

                                                                                               •    Veteran must show proof of honorable
                                                                                                    discharge (DD214).
                                                             Huntting Park (left) in the
                                                           early stages of construction.       •    Veteran does not have to own the
                                                                         ~                          house, but it has to be their primary
                                                                                                    residence, and the homeowners must
                                                           (note Leadership Row at the              live in the house.
                                                               top of both pictures).
                                                                                               •    Homeowner must show proof of current
                                                                                                    homeowners insurance policy and up-
                                                                                                    to-date property taxes.

                                                                                               •    Total household income must fall within
                                                                                                    30-60% of the median family income for
                                                                                                    Washington County (see our website
                                                                                                    home for current income levels).

     Huntting Park (right)                                                                     •    There will be some level of repayment
  completed and waiting for                                                                         required.
landscaping (see page 11 for
                                                                                               •    There will be a small amount of sweat
  the winning landscapers).
                                                                                                    equity required.

                                                                                               •    This is not for emergency repairs, the
                                                                                                    process will most likely take a few
                                                                                                    months from the time of application until
   *Our thanks to Bruce Miller for these                                                            the work begins.
   amazing ariel photos he takes for us.

                     Willamette West Habitat’s
                      Youth United Chapter

N         ot to be outdone by the adults, local youth have decided they want to raise
          money for, and eventually build, a Willamette West Habitat for Humanity home,

Habitat’s youth programs seek to engage young people ages 5 to 25 and involve them as
leaders in the work of Habitat for Humanity.

The program is called Youth United and a YU Chapter has been formed by Madeleine
McKerrow. You remember Madeleine, she was one of our intern’s this year. After her
summer with us, she decided she wanted to stay involved and help spread the word about
what Habitat does. She put together a proposal that was presented to the staff at Wil-
lamette West, showing how she would reach out to other young people, raise money, and
find youth volunteers to help build a house in Beaverton for us.

She brought in Allison Emmertt as Chapter co-chair, and together they began meeting with students and leaders at St. Mary’s Acad-
emy, Valley Catholic High School and Oregon Episcopal School so far to raise awareness for their program and find other young
people to serve on the Chapter steering committee. Madeleine and Allison are planning a fundraiser during the holidays and just today
learned they were successful in getting a $2,000 seed money grant from State Farm Insurance.

They also had to apply for, and were granted, official Youth United Chapter status from Habitat for Humanity International. For the
first year of the program, students will be raising money; by 2014 they should be working with Construction Manager Mike Wille and
                                                 breaking ground on the first home in our affiliate history built by Youth.
                                                                                             If you know of any students who would
                                                 Girls in the EXITE camp (L)                 be interested in helping raise money to
                                                 sponsored by IBM. Middle                    build a Habitat home - maybe your own
                                                 school aged girls spend the                 children and their friends, or members of
                                                 week at a camp focusing                     a church youth group - contact Madeleine
                                                 on science & math. Then-                    or Allison at wwhfhyouthunited@gmail.
                                                 volunteer services coordinator              com, or check out their Facebook page at
                                                 Erin Maxey gave the girls          to
                                                 house plans and supplies, and               see what they are up to and how you can
                                                 they build miniature Habitat                get involved.
                                                 home models.

                      Each year the Association of Professional Landscaping Designers, in collaboration with
                        Portland Community College, have students design landscaping for a newly finished
                      Habitat neighborhood. This year, Rebecca Gillenwater, Jesica Jabr, and Ginger Erwin-
                     Thomas (pictured LtoR) were selected to install their landscaping designs at Huntting Park.
                                              Congratulations ladies and thank you!

5293 NE Elam Young Parkway
Hillsboro, OR 97124

                Don’t Forget in 2013!
                                          May 14th
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