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									                              Need for an Automated Translation Software

The cyberspace has gained prominence over the past few years and the way an enterprise manages its online
presence impacts its business expansion scope. Every business needs an appropriate mode of efficient
communication to connect with the audience at large nationally and globally and language plays a crucial part. This
is true for eCommerce, online shopping and other B2C websites.

According to a Forrester research on global communication and language translation, the modern day consumer
prefers websites in their native language. This helps them to connect better and establishes the trust factor.
Venturing into a new territory does not only mean having extensive marketing, branding and advertising budget
and plans at hand. It is equally important to find out the best possible way to approach the new target audience
for creating brand awareness and generating higher web traffic. This is the reason why most enterprises opt for
automated translation solutions. Simply put, automated translation is a process for translating web content using a
computer and having no human involvement. The process dates back to 1950’s and is also termed as instant

How does automated translation work?
Automated translation works in its own synchronized way offering high-quality translation. There are two types of
automated translation systems, the rule based and statistical translation. The rule based system utilizes the
language and grammar guidelines with dictionaries of common words for generating content translation. The
statistical systems too automatically learn the guidelines by ensuring bulk data for each language combination. In
addition to that, automated translation systems can also be trained for specific industry verticals and organizations
using additional data that is relevant to the domain.

Automated Translation Solutions Benefits
Today companies specializing in software language technology solutions have come up with high-end automated
translation software that provides a wide range of benefits. The software provides simple and easy method for an
enterprise to make its corporate website easily visible and accessible to the global audience. This automatically
improves the customer service and satisfaction. Using tools can improve on-demand translation to support
knowledge based content, cross-language chat and multilingual email assistance. Furthermore, it also assists to
enhance employee collaboration and corporate website through a general translation. This apart, advanced
automated translation software, by providing various language choices helps in faster service, assists the existing
consumer base and enables revenue generation from fresh markets.

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