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									                           Beginner's Guide On How To Install IP Security Cameras

Like home security cameras, network cameras or more commonly known as Internet Protocol cameras
or IP cameras are becoming more popular each day. Anywhere in your home, you can position these
minute IP security cameras, which are typically connected to the internet through a distinct IP address.
This enables the user to access video images from just about anywhere in the world using the Internet.
Several models allow the users to maneuver the movements of the camera, scan remote areas and other
features such as zooming capability. You may be surprised to find out that installing IP security cameras
can be quite easy.

To start setting up an IP camera, connect the plugs of one of the Ethernet cable's end into the camera's
Ethernet outlet. Do the same thing for the other end and the computer's Ethernet port. To avoid
confusion, the Ethernet port is commonly located at the back of your desktop PC, while it appears on
either side for laptops.

Next, run the software and install it on your PC. There may be some differences in setting up and menu
system of the IP video camera but at some point, you will have to enter the IP address of the camera.
Make sure you keep this IP address as you may need it in the future if you want to view through your IP
video camera.

Now, turn the camera on and set the camera in one of the locations on your computer. Be sure that your
computer is connected to the internet. There are two options on how you can set up your IP cameras at
home. The first option is to make use of a really long Ethernet cable so you can keep the connection
between your cameras via the Ethernet port and the modem or your desktop or laptop computer. The
other option involves the use of a wireless adapter. The wireless adapter has a transmitter which you can
plug into the camera. It also has a receiver which you need to plug into your PC. Between the two, the
second option is believed to be the better choice. This is due to the fact that there is less wire cluttering
with the latter. This will also provide you more flexibility on where to place your IP camera.

 To view the video from your IP security camera, just enter the camera's IP address at the web browser
address bar to activate a pop up which will allow you to choose from any one of the options. Then, click
the "View Images" section so you can stream the images. Lastly, test the camera view at a different site
                      to make sure that everything is according to your preference.

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