Palaces in Cirebon by Jelajahloka


									                                        Palaces in Cirebon

       Palace-palace located in Cirebon has been a long history of witness Cirebon city since
the 13th century to the present, from the establishment of the Sultanate of Cirebon to split into
four leadership as it is now. History can be terceritakan back in detail when we visit each
available in Cirebon palace. Every site that left-PALACE PALACE has a noble philosophy (of
course) capable of being a philosophical potential of the city to thrive. Fourth, the palace is a
palace Kasepuhan first, then Kanoman Palace, the last palace and palace Kaprabonan

       As the first Cirebon sultanate palace, palace Kasepuhan has the longest history
compared to other third palace. Generally, a palace on the island of Java, this palace is located
south of the square with the Great Mosque in the western sense Sang Create the square. In the
early establishment of this Kasepuhan palace, part of which was first built Pakungwati palace
building. Pakungwati palace was built overlooking the Java Sea and Mount Ciremai backs. The
building is on the east side Pakungwati II palace building which was built in the further (building
a new palace will we find when signed by Siti Inggil). Many important history that is stored in
this palace, many also Cirebon first philosophy of life can be learned in this palace.

       Kanoman palace is about 1 km north Kasepuhan palace. Kanoman said Derived from the
word "Anom" meaningful degree. This palace was the second palace in Cirebon after
Kasepuhan. Although second in Cirebon palace but the first building in Cirebon, called the
building a berasaldari Witana said "Wiwit Ono" in Javanese means "over there first." In
architectural palace has the most unique architecture among other palace. The front of the
palace is not the same with the other palace in Java that most of them have a symmetrical
building. To reach the main building had to pass through several gates. Keraton this Kanoman
highly recommended to visit. It's just that you will be confused to get palace complex because
the only entrance through a very public Kanoman market.

       Third palace is a palace Kacirebonan Cirebon, this palace is less than 1 km from the
palace Kasepuhan westward. Whereas with Kanoman palace is about 1 km behind the palace
Kanoman. Among other palace palace most active Kacirebonan organize themed events
Cirebon culture. located in front of every month / Kacirebonan Square often called event. In
terms of architectural Kacirebonan a smaller palace from Kasepuhan or Kanoman. Building on
the palace building complex se also in the two other palace. Building core contains only palace
square, barns, and Jinem (Main Building), is a small place of worship just hit Jinem building on
left side. Kacirebonan palace entrance easiest among others in Cirebon palace, this palace is
right on the edge of the road Pulosaren Wungkuk Poor No.48, Cirebon.

       Last palace is the smallest palace palace is among the four, the palace is a palace
Kaprabon. Before the stand-alone become a palace, Kaprabonan is a padepokan for religious
study. In this palace there as befits components palace. Currently more Kaprabonan palace
looks like a guesthouse. Component is only a small house and mosque side of the house.
Currently gated entrance is on the west side palace, the entrance is small enough not only
lebbih from 2meter wide. Palace is actually the main entrance on the north side of the building
with other palace. Access to site easy enough Keraton Kapranonan's just trying to find palace
quite difficult because the building is no longer visible from the road, yangterlihat only wicket
on the sidelines of high buildings.

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