Jami_ The Oldest Mosque in Bengkulu by Jelajahloka


									                              Jami ', Oldest Mosque in Bengkulu

       There have been many writings which reveal the existence of Jami Masjid 'Bengkulu but
the writings on the history of the mosque is still very minimal. The public only knows that the
mosque was built by the first president of Indonesia, Ir. Sukarno. And Jami 'already established
long before Ir. Sukarno was exiled to Bengkulu, which in the 18th century AD Prior to being at
the current location, according to an interview with the imam who is also a descendant of
Imam in exile bung Karno, the location of the mosque Jami 'is near the beach. The transfer of
this mosque by mosque imams because the old location frequently flooded.

       Mosque architecture was initially just using thatched wooden construction.
Construction materials of the mosque quickly obsolete material causes the mosque also rapidly
decay, so that in the rainy season the roof often leaked. Having moved to the current place in
the first mosque was put on roof shingles. Upon arrival Bung Karno to Bengkulu in
pengasinganya, look at the state mosque of concern with the initiative and kepiawain his
speech, arouse awareness of people around the mosque to work together to build a mosque.
Renovation mosque Jami 'done gradually with bung Karno as commander. The need for
building materials all come from the area around the village of Cold Water, Rejang Lembong,
North Bengkulu. In the original development section which is still the main room is left only the
walls and floors. The roof of the mosque in the form of overlapping 3 levels mean Iman, Islam,
and Ikhsan. The most interesting part of this mosque, the inside of the mosque does not have
pillars like other mosques in those days. Perhaps that is a hallmark of the buildings constructed
by native architect best time (Bung Karno).

       According to Imam Mosque, during the Bung Karno participate in the renovation of the
mosque, always leave home pengasinganya using bicycles guarded by Dutch troops. Before
heading to the mosque he always took time to pick imam whose home was not far from the
mosque Jami '.

       Currently Jami mosque 'has had great development the parking lot of the former
highway is now on the fence into the courtyard. The road south mosque is now no longer
passed later in east mosque is currently being undertaken construction of wudlu and
bathrooms to replace the bathroom in front of the mosque. Before the changes were made at
this time before the mosque Jami 'had several repairs. Repairs are carried out according to
Imam mosque to replace the roof of zinc then replace the floor and some improvements

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