Destruction Shadow Palace in Cirebon by Jelajahloka


									                              Destruction Shadow Palace in Cirebon

       Fading existence as ruler of the palace followed by weak controls on its territory. Not
surprisingly, many land conversion occurs around the royal palace either Kasepuhan, Kanoman,
Kacirebonan and Kaprabonan. Many palace has turned ownership of land is legally not a few
who have been certified and not a few are illegal tenant status. Land fringe area around the
palace used in an uncontrolled manner, causing a threat to the existence of cultural
preservation. Several heritage buildings altered and destroyed for settlement. For example, the
wall behind the palace fortress palace Kasepuhan many have turned into walls of houses. Not
only in Kasepuhan land conversion also occurred in three other palace, on the edge of the
square Kanoman palace becoming toilet Kanoman market, homes outside the fortress / palace
wall wall attached directly to the walls of the palace. In kacirebonan, because some inheritance
of land used for new buildings as well as the royal family palace Kaprabonan. In kaprabonan not
just land in serobot until the pavilion is no longer a part of the palace.

       Not only a palace buildings the situation is very sad, Water Parks Sunyaragi Goa was
currently less well preserved after Cirebon managed by the City Government. current of water
into the core of the building is no longer there. Vandalism and destruction going on in this place
every day. In 2011 the four sultanates ever make the show site clean-up followed by students in
Cirebon in Goa Sunyaragi Water Park, the results are visible but not soon be seen again on
Sunyaragi vandalism.

       From the fourth heritage building damage Palace in Cirebon and other sites now have
damage in moderate to severe. Even some of these sites have been destroyed or lost. This is
unfortunate as the wise saying "great nation is a nation that respects its history". The cause of
the destruction of the Cultural occur due to various reasons such as natural factors (age) as well
as man-made. The absence of cost to maintain the heritage is also a constraint on the
conservation efforts. Lack of regulation in protecting this heritage and the work of some people
who are not responsible for damage the site is also an issue that needs to be addressed

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