Souvenir from Cirebon by Jelajahloka


									                                     Souvenir from Cirebon

       Many of the city's nickname, in the colonial Dutch town already has been speaking Latin
motto Ad Astra Per Aspera, which means less is more "From thorns and thistles to Star City" in
the era of independence from an unknown signal again and replaced with references to the City
Mayor or shrimp city since it's a great history of this city as a citadel of Islam by Sunan Gunung
Jati and shrimp is the result of the city's main sea. The most recent occurrence of the Cirebon is
Gate Of Secret as Cirebon city branding. The last epithet that I think is very interesting,
according to the mayor of Cirebon made branding because still many secrets yet to be revealed

       May be many interpretations of the word "many of which have not been revealed"
there, it could be in question from the side of history, historic buildings, a community, or of its
unique traditions. Perhaps some of the writings to be released further about Cirebon, could a
little opening "Secret Gateway in Cirebon".

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