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					                               V                ital
                                                                              S          igns
                                                           Publication of McDonough District Hospital

                                                                                                      A Publication of McDonough District Hospital

      Spring 2012                  McDonough District Hospital Contributes $9 Million
                                          Annually in Community Benefits
    In This Issue:
MDH Contributes in
 Community Benefits       1
                              D      uring the most
                                     recent 2010-2011
                              fiscal year, McDonough
                                                                                           McDonough District Hospital Rehabilitation Services
                                                                                           provided free grip strength and balance assessments to
                                                                                           visitors at the Western Illinois Ag Mech Club’s Farm
MDH Welcomes Two
                              District Hospital pro-                                       Expo on February 11 and 12, 2012.
 New Physicians           2
                              vided approximately $9
Service Excellence        3   million in contributed
Construction Update       5   annual       community
Development Council           benefits via programs
 Highlights               6   and services to indi-
Vital Friends            10   viduals receiving health
Charitable Trusts        13
                              care through MDH.
                                  Information com-
Memorials and
 Honorariums             14
                              piled at MDH follows
                              the recently released
Medical Staff            18
                              Illinois        Hospital
Vital News               20   Association        (IHA)
Leadership/Development        report of Illinois hos-
 Council                 23   pitals      contributing                                       who were expected to pay (bad debt) but did
MDH Board Officers       24   community benefits                                             not pay and did not apply for any financial
                              of more than $4.6                                              assistance; $2,114,806 in charges forgiven for
                              billion in programs                                            those qualifying for financial assistance (char-
                              and services in their 2009-2010 fiscal years,                  ity care); and absorbed $3.4 million in costs
                              according to the fifth annual IHA report. Illinois        due to underpayments by government-sponsored
                              Hospitals: Cornerstones of Health, Foundations            programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.
                              of the Community focuses on how hospitals in                  In addition to the approximately $9 million in
                              Illinois respond to the evolving healthcare needs         funds not received for services provided, the hos-
                              of patients in their communities as they strive to        pital offers a variety of free or reduced cost health
                              combat obesity and diabetes, lend a helping hand          and community benefit programs in Macomb,
                              when needed, and enhance the services they pro-           Bushnell, and other communities in and adjacent
                              vide in a multitude of ways.                              to McDonough County. Programs and screenings
                                  “McDonough District Hospital serves the com-          have included flu shot clinics; programs for seniors
                              munity in a variety of ways through providing             at local business locations; cancer education and
                              care to all citizens regardless of their ability to pay   screening programs through Outreach Services;
                              as well as providing educational programs and             blood glucose screenings at the annual Western
                              screenings to improve the health of our commu-            Illinois University Farm Expo; a Farm Safety day
                              nity residents,” said President/CEO Kenny Boyd.           for 5th graders; hand washing clinics for kinder-
                                  As a district not-for-profit public hospital,         garten students; and first aid, CPR, childbirth,
                              MDH is not required to complete the Illinois              and other health courses and seminars. The hospi-
                              Community Benefits Act reports; however, the              tal also uses private donations to provide financial
                              hospital has compiled data in several categories          assistance to breast cancer patients through Linda’s
                              listed in the statewide report.                           Fund, financial waivers for digital mammography,
                                  During the 2011 fiscal year, MDH provided             and support for an Adult Day Health program for
                              $3,481,829 in healthcare services for patients            seniors.
    VITAL SIgnS S p r i n g          2012

                     MDH Welcomes Two New Physicians to Macomb
     Meet Ronald D. Wheeler, MD                                        his orthopedic surgery residency at Stanford University

     M       cDonough District Hospital
             welcomed orthopedic surgeon
     Dr. Ronald D. Wheeler to the Medical
                                                                       Medical Center and Affiliated Hospitals.
                                                                          Office hours for the Western Illinois Sports Medicine
                                                                       and Orthopedic Center are 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday
     Staff on February 13. Wheeler is                                  through Friday; telephone (309) 833-5917.
     a hospital-employed physician who                                    Dr. Wheeler and his wife, Rebecca, were welcomed at a
     brings his Western Illinois Sports                                February 15 reception. In his spare time, Wheeler enjoys
     Medicine and Orthopedic Center                                    spending time with his family and raising quarter horses,
     practice to the MDH campus.                                       as well as all sports.
         The former MDH Orthopedic Building, 503 E. grant
     Street, Macomb, will house Dr. Wheeler’s practice. In                                  Meet Yousaf Jalil, MD
     addition to his office hours in Macomb, Wheeler will
     also provide Tuesday hours at the Carthage Memorial
     Hospital facility located at 402 E. Adams Street.
                                                                                            M      cDonough District Hospital
                                                                                                   welcomed Yousaf Jalil, MD, to
                                                                                            the MDH Medical Staff on January 9,
         Wheeler has been practicing in Quincy, Illinois, prior                             2012. Dr. Jalil is a hospital-employed
     to joining the MDH Medical Staff. He came to western                                   internal medicine practitioner, joining
     Illinois in 2005 after practicing medicine in Idaho.                                   noel Flores, MD, and David Reem,
         “We are expanding our Medical Staff capabilities to                                MD, of Macomb Internal Medicine.
     meet the needs for patients requiring orthopedic services         Their office is located on the first floor of Health Services
     in the community,” said MDH President/CEO Kenny                   Building 2 on the MDH campus.
     Boyd. “The community has been extremely fortunate to                 Dr. Jalil received his medical degree from Hamdard
     have the services of Dr. Drake White, but one orthopedic          College of Medicine and Dentistry in Pakistan. He com-
     surgeon cannot meet all community patient needs.”                 pleted his internal medicine residency at the John H.
         Since 2003 when Dr. Robert Randolph retired, the              Stoger Hospital Cook County in Chicago, Illinois.
     MDH service area has been served by Dr. White and tem-               In his spare time, Dr. Jalil enjoys basketball, fish-
     porary orthopedic physicians. With the addition of Dr.            ing, and cooking. A welcome reception was held on
     Wheeler, there will be greater coverage for the orthopedic        January 10 to welcome Dr. Jalil and his wife, Ali, to
     needs of the community. MDH is actively recruiting an             MDH and the Macomb community.
     additional orthopedist and other physician specialties to            Dr. Jalil is accepting new patients age 18 and older. To
     join the Medical Staff, according to Boyd.                        make an appointment, call (309) 837-9926.
         Dr. Wheeler received his medical degree from Mt. Sinai
     School of Medicine in new York City. He completed

       WIU Big Pink Volleyball Donates
       to MDH

       T    he 11th Annual Big Pink Volleyball
            Tournament held in October 2011
       at Western Illinois University raised more
       than $16,000 in support of breast cancer
       awareness. MDH entered a team along
       with 233 other teams for an impressive
       total of 1,717 participants. WIU donated
       a total of $8,203.65 to Linda’s Fund and
       Cancer Education & Screening at MDH.

       Pictured (left to right): Front Row: Trent Moore,
       John Biernbaum, Peggy Jones (MDH), Tera
       Monroe, Lauren Wolk, Jessica Butcher, and Milly MacDonell. Second Row: Sam Perkins, Bryan Schreder, Kelly Delehanty, Natalie
       Nocek, Alicia Pugh, and Sara Dam. Third Row: Judy Yeast, Dustin Van Sloten, Katelyn Kott, Eric Jaburek, Molly McKeogh, and
       Megan Thurston. Not pictured: Taylor Brace and Jenn Sanders.
                                               Publication of McDonough District Hospital

      Service Excellence and Efficiency Efforts Underway at MDH

E    fforts are underway to improve and strengthen the
     services offered by McDonough District Hospital
employees and medical staff.
                                                                 business processes: medication delivery, infection control,
                                                                 billing, etc.
                                                                    Delivery is getting the product or service to the cus-
   “MDH will be adapting and implementing best                   tomer when they want it; however, wasteful activities
practices in healthcare service excellence, quality, and         can get in the way of meeting that deadline, Hostert
efficiency through an ongoing process of improvement,”           explained. Eliminating waste is something Henry Ford
said President/CEO Kenny Boyd. “With the aging of the            started with his moving production line. Evaluating and
baby boomer population and individuals living longer,            improving transportation and inventory of material,
productive lives, it is imperative that health care stresses     motion of workers, and the entire delivery process will
best practices to the growing numbers of patients seeking        be involved. Elimination of unnecessary steps improves
our services.”                                                               quality and cost. MDH is planning to elimi-
   To coordinate initiatives in service excellence                           nate waste starting with the scheduling of tests
and efficiency, MDH has designated Terry                                     and treatment, patient flow through tests and
Hostert as Quality Improvement Specialist and                                treatment, and distribution of supplies.
Terri McHugh as Leader of Service Excellence.                                   Cost improvements will occur as a natu-
   As Quality Improvement Specialist, Hostert                                ral consequence of the quality and delivery
will facilitate hospital project teams that focus                            improvements, according to Hostert.
on improvement of quality, delivery, and cost                                   Service Excellence Leader McHugh is focus-
goals established by senior leadership for better                            ing on MDH proactive measures to achieve
customer satisfaction.                             Terry Hostert, Quality higher levels of patient satisfaction.
   “Quality is the reduction of defects to the Improvement Specialist           “We are working to determine what must
customer and is a journey, not a destination,”                               happen for MDH to become the provider of
Hostert said.                                                    choice and exceed patient expectations, to become the
   To reduce defects, MDH uses the Shewhart Cycle,               employer of choice and retain a staff of highly skilled and
which is a four-step recurring process                           engaged employees, and to become the partner of choice
of Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) used                                 for physician satisfaction,” McHugh said.
in many industries from small entre-                                MDH is dedicated to providing the residents of west-
preneurial startups to large global cor-                         ern Illinois with excellent healthcare services, working to
porations. MDH will use the PDSA                                 exceed the performance standards established for health-
process to reduce defects in clinical and                                                                                         3
                                                                                       “Service Excellence” continued on page 4

  Goettsche Named MDH Administrative                            Leadership Team, and she will report directly to
  Leader of Quality and Innovation                              President/CEO Kenny Boyd.
                                                                   “We want to strengthen our focus on providing the

                          M       aggie goettsche, Rn,
                                  has been named the
                           Administrative Leader of
                                                                highest quality care to our patients in an environment
                                                                that promotes innovation, efficiency, and service,”
                                                                Boyd said.
                           Quality and Innovation at               goettsche had a background in long-term care
                           McDonough District Hospital.         prior to joining MDH in February, 2000 as the
                              The new department will           Performance Improvement Rn Coordinator. She was
                           include the current areas of         named Director of Performance Improvement and
                           disease management, infec-           Quality in December 2004.
                           tion control, and performance           She leads a number of successful initiatives at
   Maggie Goettsche, RN
                          improvement as well as admin-         MDH, including chairing the Quality Council, The
  istrative responsibility for Service Excellence and a         Joint Commission Accreditation oversight, and the
  more robust quality focus utilizing Six Sigma and Lean        Risk Management program, Foster said.
  methodologies, according to Wanda Foster, Rn, Vice               goettsche recently received the Illinois Risk
  President/Chief nurse Executive.                              Management Services (IRMS) S. A. gross Award,
      As Administrative Leader of Quality and Innovation,       naming her the Risk Manager of the Year with IRMS, a
  goettsche will serve as a member of the Senior                division of the Illinois Hospital Association.
    VITAL SIgnS S p r i n g            2012

     “Service Excellence” continued from page 3

                             care providers in today’s medical                Training in Service Excellence for all employees will
                             environment. Hospital perfor-                provide them with the skills and tools to positively impact
                             mance data is shared to encour-              patient and employee satisfaction at MDH. The success
                             age public awareness of healthcare           of patient service improvement efforts will be reflected
                             service information and to com-              in the quarterly updates to MDH Patient Perception of
                             ply with government regulation.              Care Measurers.
                             The information assists the hospi-               Visitors to MDH will be able to monitor the hospi-
                             tal in evaluating performance and            tal’s clinical quality and patient perception care measures
                             implementing healthcare service              through a display in the main hallway. The same quarterly
      Terri McHugh, Leader improvements.                                  data will also be published on the hospital website at
       of Service Excellence    To meet these objectives,       
                             MDH has partnered with Custom
     Learning Systems, a national healthcare service excellence
     institute, to implement a Service Excellence Program to
     create and maintain a patient-centered culture at MDH.
     Improvement teams are being established to focus on
     developing and implementing a Service Improvement “Best
     Practice” system throughout the hospital organization.

                                                    Service Excellence Council


               The Service Excellence Council was developed to provide ongoing leadership to improve patient,
               employee, and physician satisfaction. This group is dedicated to the vision, exceptional teamwork,
               and forward momentum of the service excellence initiative.

               Pictured from left to right, front to back: Lindsay White, Emergency Department; Linda Sampson, Surgical Services;
               Kim Laird, Behavioral Health; Nancy Mason, Food and Nutrition Services; Kristi Green, Pharmacy; Scott Dexter,
               Plant Engineering; Maggie Goettsche, Quality and Innovation (Chair of Council); Michaell Zimmerman, Home
               Health; Kenny Boyd, President/CEO; Terri McHugh, Service Excellence; Wanda Foster, Chief Nurse Executive (Vice
               Chair of Council). Not pictured: Matt Thompson, Laboratory.
                                                    Publication of McDonough District Hospital

 MDH Renovations Continue; Planning Underway for Expansions

W      ith the expected completion
       of the west stair tower and
Laboratory expansion this spring,
McDonough District Hospital’s
construction efforts will focus on
the expansion and updating of the
Emergency Services department and a
proposed addition to Health Services
Building 2.
                                                                                 Artist’s rendering of the new addition to
                                                                             Health Services Building 2 on the MDH campus.

                                                                      the site of Western Illinois Sports Medicine & Orthopedic
                                                                      Center, the office location for Dr. Ronald Wheeler.
                                                                         A proposed addition to Health Services Building 2 will
                                                                      provide office space for Ear, nose and Throat (EnT) spe-
                                                                      cialist Dr. Jeff Sparks, who has entered into an agreement
                                                                      with MDH to begin practice following the completion of
                                                                      his residency in summer 2013.

The staff in the Laboratory are now occupying the new addition.

   “This spring, we will complete the Laboratory expan-
sion, the creation of a west stairwell and elevator, and
improvements to Radiology, which will accommodate a
new 128-slice CT scanner,” said MDH President/CEO
Kenny Boyd. “These improvements upgrade our patient
service areas and technology to enable community resi-
dents to continue to receive high-quality diagnostic ser-
vices and clinical patient care close to home.”
   The improvements complement 2010 enhancements                      The Laboratory expansion and west stair tower will be completed
to the digital mammography unit and dressing room area,               this spring.
outpatient surgical waiting areas, admitting, and patient
financial services on the main hospital entrance corridor.               “We are actively involved in strategic facilities plan-
   During January, the hospital renovated the MDH                     ning to determine how best to update our facility to serve
Orthopedic building at the west edge of the campus, now               outpatient needs more efficiently and renovate traditional
                                                                                        semi-private patient rooms into pri-
                                                                                        vate room space for inpatient care,”
                                                                                        Boyd said. “These efforts are impor-
                                                                                        tant as we prepare for the emergency
                                                                                        room expansion and other renovations
                                                                                        to create a more patient service-orient-
                                                                                        ed facility in the changing healthcare
                                                                                        services environment.”

Renovations are complete; Dr. Ronald Wheeler, Orthopedic Surgeon, has started his practice
at 503 East Grant, Western Illinois Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Center.
    VITAL SIgnS S p r i n g        2012

                                   Development Council Highlights

         Golden Apple Society
         Golden Apple Society
     I  n november, a Recognition Reception was held at the
        Macomb Country Club to honor 2011 new members at
     the $10,000 level as well as new platinum level ($20,000)
     members. new members recognized were Kenny and
     nakina Boyd, Bryce and Sue Dexter, Rosalie Severinsen,
     Carol and Wayne Steward, Jack and Linda Thomas, and
     Dr. Patrick M. and Donna Twomey. Platinum members
     honored were A. gilbert Belles, Barb and Jack Baily, Dave
     and Connie garner, and James R. garner.
        In addition to a slide show and program, members
     enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and entertainment by WIU Jazz
     musicians. Prior to the end of the year, Joanne S. Findley
     joined the golden Apple Society; and Dr. and Mrs.
     Jerome Anderson increased to the platinum level. Both
     will be officially recognized at the 2012 Recognition
     Reception along with other new members that join this
        Throughout the years, golden Apple Society members
     have supported the following areas at MDH:
     Acute Care
     Alzheimer’s Memory Support
     Baby TALK Program
     Cancer Education & Screening
6    Cardiac Rehabilitation
     Day Health Services
     DEXA Bone Density
     Digital Mammography
     Emergency Services & Expansion
     Employee Health & Wellness
     Home Emergency Response System
     Indigent Care
     Linda’s Fund
     Mammography Assistance Program
     gabbert, Peterson & Twomey nursing Scholarships
     Permanent Endowment
                                                                     Many of these services, scholarships, and advanced
     Podiatry Surgical Equipment
                                                                  equipment have been made possible through the financial
     Project RED
                                                                  support from the golden Apple Society. These philan-
     Pulmonary Rehabilitation
                                                                  thropic Society members have enabled MDH to provide
                                                                  exceptional healthcare services to the community, and
     Rehabilitation Services
                                                                  their generosity is very much appreciated. A complete
     Sexual Assault nurse Examiner
                                                                  Society member list can be found on page 10.
     Spiral CT Scanner
                                                                     If you are interested in becoming a member of the
     Surgical Services
                                                                  golden Apple Society, please call the MDH Office of
     Larry T. Westervelt Home
                                                                  Fund Development at (309) 836-1557.
                                                 Publication of McDonough District Hospital

                                Development Council Highlights
Area 6th Graders Receive Some “Straight Talk”                                         PROS “Big Game” Party

I  n January, members of the Community Outreach
   Committee of the MDH Development Council;
MDH health educators; and staff from the University of
                                                                                      P    rior to the Super Bowl, the
                                                                                           MDH PROS (employee giv-
                                                                                       ing club) hosted a “Big game”
Illinois Extension office, YMCA, Illinois State Police, and                            party for all employees, physi-
Western Illinois University coordinated the Straight Talk     cians & staff, and board members. A variety of boneless
program for approximately 280 6th graders at the WIU          wings, subs, chips, snack mix, celery sticks, and brownies
Union. Students from Bushnell-Prairie City, Macomb,           were served and catered by MDH Food Services.
St. Paul, and West Prairie took part in several programs
featuring a variety of topics from area speakers:
• Dr. Liberty Balbort and
    Dr. Drake White/MDH
    Medical Staff – Between
    You and Me (Puberty)
• Trooper Ed Howard/Illinois
    State Police – netSmartz
    (Internet Safety)
• Dana Moon/WIU – What
    not to Wear (Appearance
    and First Impressions)
• Drew Kramer/WIU and
                                       Dr. Libby Balbort
    Cindy Cavett/McDonough
    County YMCA – Physical Fitness/nutrition
• Tessa Hobbs-Curley/University of Illinois Extension –
• Amy Buwick and Cara Cerullo/WIU – Don’t Buy the
    Lie: How Marketing and Peer groups Affect Decision
    A special thanks to our presenters listed above and to
Citizens Bank for sponsoring the program.                                                                                  7
Straight Talk Committee
Cindy Cavett
Sara Druffel
Lisa Fulkerson
Mayor Mike Inman
Kathryn nees
Kelly Shiraki
Diane Tate                       Committee members Sara
nancy Wilson                     Druffel and Nancy Wilson

      Cindy Cavett, YMCA, teaches fitness and nutrition.
    VITAL SIgnS S p r i n g              2012

                             Festival Trees
                             Festival of Trees
                         T    he Festival of Trees Committee would like to thank everyone who gave so much to make this year’s
                              Festival a success. We appreciate the generous support with nearly 1,200 people attending, and we
                         hope you enjoyed the exquisite holiday trees, wreaths, table toppers, displays, entertainment, and special
                         activities. More than $22,000 was raised in support of an Endoeye Laparoscope System for Surgical
                         Services at MDH.
     Festival Trees
     Festival of Trees
     Festival Sponsor                                                                        Hy-Vee Floral
     Citizens Bank (div. of Morton                                                           Ralph Irish/Beck’s Snack Bar
       Community Bank)                                                                       Jones Sewing Supplies & Embroidery
                                                                                             Mary Kubasak
     Illumination Gala Sponsor                                                               Kim and Chuck Laird
     Women’s Health Center of Macomb, SC                                                     League of Women Voters of
                                                                                                McDonough County
     Gold Star Sponsors                                                                      Macomb Area Convention & Visitors
     The McDonough County Voice                                                                 Bureau
     Pella Corporation                                                                       McDonough County Historical Society
     REMLO/Drs. Ron Rigdon and Alvin                                                         McDonough County United Way/
       Weintraub                                                                                Jill Beck
     Wal-Mart SuperCenter of Macomb                                                          Mosaic
                                                    W. Garry and Marilyn Johnson             No Place Like Home
     Silver Bell Sponsors                           Chuck and Kim Laird                      Pircon Interiors/Carol Pircon
     Art City & Gallery                             Lamoine Valley Clinic/Dr. and Mrs.       Teddy Bear T Participants
     Larry Balsamo and Charlene Callison              David J. Greathouse                    The Wine Sellers
     First Bankers Trust Company, NA                Logonix Corporation/Kim and Lisa         West Central Illinois Arts Center
     Heartland Bank & Trust Company                   Limkeman                               West Prairie Middle School Staff
     Mitch and Brenda Melvin/Melvin                 McDonough Telephone Cooperative             & Students Angie Ackers, Kim
        Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, &               No Place Like Home                          Bentzinger, Julie Ann Bice, Brenda
        Electric                                    Oliver & Co. Tax and Accounting             Hance, Connie Lewis, Mary McMahon
     MidAmerica National Bank                       Purdum Gray Ingledue, Inc.
     Prestige Communications                        Table Grove State Bank
     State Bank of Industry                         Wal-Mart SuperCenter of Macomb
                                                    West Central Illinois Arts Center
     Wreath/Table Topper Sponsors
     Rosemary Aten                                  Tree Decorators
     Gil Belles                                     Altrusa Club
8                                                   Auxiliary to McDonough District
     First Bankers Trust Company
     Floor to Ceiling                                  Hospital
     Lois Ganyard                                   Barb Baily, Cindy Haines, and
     Macomb Beautiful Association                      Cyndi Lohrmann
     Dr. Idol and Jill Mitchell                     Julie Ann Bice
     Pumo Insurance Agency, Inc.                    Bickford Cottage
     Spoon River College Nursing Program            CASA/Judge Patricia Walton
     Terrill Title Co., Inc.                        Dough Delights/Rose Marie Lynn
                                                       and Sharon Parks
     Tree Sponsors                                  Pauline Dunn                             Jewelry Display
     Bice Construction                              The Enchanted Florist                    Charlene Callison and Marion Callison
     Cathy Early State Farm Insurance               Elaine Goldfarb
     Computer Masters International Inc./           Grand Prairie Assisted Living, LLC       Christmas Village
        Kim and Lisa Limkeman                       Jeri Harper and Cindy Haines             Rick and Jan Detrick
     First State Bank of Illinois                   Heartland ~ Macomb
                                                                                             Wreath/Swag Decorators
                                                                                             Barb Baily
                                                                                             Mary Brookhart and Marcia Twaddle
                                                                                             Country Pastimes
                                                                                             First Bankers Trust Company/Lynn
                                                                                             Mary Harn
                                                                                             MDH Radiology Department
                                                                                             Melvin Plumbing, Heating, Cooling &
                                                                                                Electric/Brenda Melvin
                                                                                             Lisa Patterson
                                                                                             Spoon River College Student Nurses
                                              Publication of McDonough District Hospital

Table Topper Decorators
Great Rivers Country Tourism/Roger
Jones Sewing Supplies & Embroidery
Carol Leenerts
Macomb Glass, Inc.
Melvin Plumbing, Heating, Cooling &
  Electric/Brenda Melvin
Nostalgia Decorating Co.
Precious Time Creations/Linda McPeak

Themed Baskets
Kenny and Nakina Boyd
Grand Escape Day Spa
New Copperfield Book Service
Phillip and Jacqlin Richmond
Vicky Wallen                             People’s Choice
Mike and Kathy Waters                    1st Place: Peppermint Twist
Richard and Mary Ann Watson              2nd Place: Gourd Tree
                                         3rd Place: Christmas Village

                                         Special Thanks
                                         Altrusa Club Volunteers
                                         Art City & Gallery
                                         Julie Ann Bice and “The Grinch”
                                         Celebrity Servers:
                                         Jack Baily, Dr. Libby Balbort, Steve
                                           Bice, Kenny Boyd, John Maguire,
                                           Noel Oliver, Kent Slater, and Dr.
                                           Mike Waters                              2011 Festival Committee
                                         Document and Publication Services
                                         George Hartmann                         Barb Baily, Chair  Mary Kubasak
                                         Hostesses: Rhonda Briney, Natalie        Julie Ann Bice    John Maguire
Gift Givers                                Divan, Mel Dorethy, Patty               Nakina Boyd       Nancy Mason
Dodsworth Piper Wallen Corman              Henness, Anna Schultz, and            Charlene Callison  Brenda Melvin
   Memorial Homes                          Kathy Sorenson                          Amy Connor         Dana Moon
Pauline Dunn                             Magnolia’s                                 Kay Derry       Tamara Parker
Larry and Joyce Gabbert                  MDH Environmental Services: Rick           Liz Duvall     Jackie Richmond
Grand Prairie Assisted Living, LLC         Simpson                                Cindy Haines      Amanda Schulz
Monica and Rick Iverson                  MDH Food Services: Kay Derry,              Mary Harn       Marcia Twaddle
Dr. SN and Linda Aylesworth Jani           Alyssa Detrick, Mary Flanagan,          Jeri Harper       Vicky Wallen    9
Ray and Nancy Krey                         Nancy Mason, Tamara Welty, and          Lois Iversen    Mary Ann Watson
Jim D. Lucie, Attorney at Law              Tiffany White
Harold and Beth Stiffler                 MDH Linen Service: Jim Dobbs and
                                           Bill Ellis
Entertainment                            MDH Plant Engineering: Don
Calvary Baptist Academy                    Kindhart and Terry Standard
Don & Kay Norton and Ruth Parks          West Central Illinois Arts Center and
Story-telling by Betty Lou Who and The     Its Board Members
  Grinch                                 WIU Jazz: Curtis Atchley and Jordan
Ukulele Macomb                             Nettgen
And the Winners Are . . .
$200 Cash Raffle Sponsored by Steve
   Silberer/Century 21: Lori Wagner
Massage Donated by Alicia Steele/
   Steele A Moment Of Tranquility:
   Brigid Pumo
“I Spy” Game: Benjamin Pollock
     VITAL SIgnS S p r i n g          2012

         Vital Friends
         M      cDonough District Hospital is very fortunate to have so many who recognize and respond to the needs of our
                community. Honorariums, memorials, bequests, contributions, and other gifts help provide the resources for new
         equipment, improved facilities, and expanded healthcare programs that benefit the entire community. We welcome your
         questions about special projects, endowments, memorials, capital needs, and other opportunities of support. For more
         information, please contact the MDH Office of Fund Development at (309) 836-1557.
            The MDH Board of Directors, senior leadership, and staff gratefully acknowledge those whose generosity supports
         McDonough District Hospital. Thank you.

                                                    Lillian I. Burnham,                    Karl and Eileen Rauschert
         Heritage Circle                               in memory of Ralph Burnham          Dr. David and Susan Reem
         Listed below are special friends           Charlene G. Callison and Larry T.      Al and Evie Reusch
         who have provided for McDonough               Balsamo*                            Paul and Alene Reuschel
         District Hospital through their            Dr. Ed Card and Margaret Ovitt         Dr. and Mrs. Max Rexroat
         financial or estate plan.                  Bill and Margie Carle                  Dr. and Mrs. Ron Rigdon
         Gertrude “Trudy” Ahern-Abbett              Dr. Chris and Becky Castillo           George B. and Renee Roodhouse*
         Mary Andrus                                Harriet Chadderdon & Sarah Slusher,    Rotary Club of Macomb
         Ruth and Sloan Aten                           in memory of Geneva F. Chadderdon   Dr. and Mrs. Stephan Roth
         Virginia A. Ayre                           Dr. T.K. and Dr. Gloria Cheng          Betty Ann Ruebush
         Esther Eloise Barker                       Robert and Sandra Collier              Dr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Samuelson
         Gladwyn Lee Barrett                        Ann A. Corman                          Rosalie Severinsen, in memory of
         Dorothy I. Burgard                         Chris and Linda Dace                      K. Norman Severinsen
         Nonda L. Cheatham                          Bryce and Sue Dexter                   Craig and Cathy Sheagren
         Elva M. Clark                              Dr. Don and Ruth Dexter                Bob and Betty Sherwood
         Mildred Clark                              Cathy Early                            Sue and Don Spencer
         Betty Bertha Post Cutler, in memory of     Scott and Christine Edwards*           Carol and Wayne Steward
            Orma Post Kennedy Butler                Ken and Lorraine Epperson              Patrick and Waneen Stout
         Wallace and Lulu Fellheimer                Jack and Kathleen Fayhee               Richard and Dolores (Kator) Switzer
         David and Connie Garner                    Joanne S. Findley                      Mrs. Nalini D. Tevar
         James R. Garner                            Rodney and Bertha Fink                 Jack and Linda Thomas, in honor of
         Bernard Hocker                             Cliff and Wanda Foster                    Eleanor Thomas
         Steve and Janet Hopper                     Larry K. and Joyce E. Gabbert          Malcolm S. Torgerson
         Harry A. Kelso                             Dave and Connie Garner*                Dr. Patrick M. and Donna Twomey
         Margaret Marshall                          James R. Garner*                       John E. and Mary R. Warnock
         Philip G. Marshall                         Charles and Karen Gilbert              Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Watson
         Lewis and Eula McKinzey                    Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Gines (deceased)   Dr. and Mrs. Alvin Weintraub
         Tim and Diann Pendell, in memory of        Al and Elaine Goldfarb                 Drake and Carol White
10          Robert and Virginia Pendell             Mary A. Haney                          Dr. Ron and Shelly Whitley
         Al and Evie Reusch                         Janice Heffner*                        Burt and Pat Witthuhn
         Dr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Samuelson           Bob and Alice Henry                    Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Woodrum
         Dorothy Marie Snyder                       Steve and Janet Hopper                 Jim and Kathy Wyatt
         Ruby Lucille Teel                          Rick and Monica Iverson                Larry Zigler and Judy Baars
         Jerry and Iola Vratis                      John and Malea Jessen                  * Platinum level: $20,000
         Jean W. Warneke                            Wayne and Fran Karanovich
         Marie S. Welch                             Ray and Nancy Krey
         Larry T. Westervelt                        Lamoine Valley Clinic
                                                    Jack and Nancy Laverdiere
                                                                                           Business Honor Roll
         Winona Winter                                                                     Ambassador ($100,000+)
                                                    Drs. Sherry Li and Zhong Ye*           Auxiliary to McDonough District
         Note: If you have provided for             Dr. and Mrs. An-Shih Lin
         McDonough District Hospital through                                                 Hospital
                                                    Jerry and Jan Lindsay                  Citizens Bank
         any form of deferred giving and would      Larry and Dorothy Loop
         like to be recognized in the Heritage                                               (div. Morton Community Bank)
                                                    Mildred Losasso (deceased)
         Circle, please contact the MDH Office of   Lowell and Lois Lueck
         Fund Development at (309) 836-1557.                                               Partner ($50,000-$99,999)
                                                    John C. Maguire                        MidAmerica National Bank
                                                    McDonough County Alliance of           REMLO
         Golden Apple Society                          Physicians’ Spouses
                                                    McDonough County Medical Society
                                                                                           Western Illinois Surgical Associates
         Commitments of $10,000+                    Dr. Jack and Kathy McPherson
         Mrs. Margaret Adams (deceased)                                                    Benefactor ($20,000-$49,999)
                                                    Eric and Christy Moe                   Farmers and Merchants State Bank
         Dr. and Mrs. Jerome Anderson*              Dr. and Mrs. Rajan Mullangi
         Tony and Kris Ashenhurst*                                                            of Bushnell
                                                    Sandra A. Nelson                       First Bankers Trust Company
         Stephen and Janice Ashwood                 Dave and Holly Norton
         Barb and Jack Baily*                                                              First State Bank of Illinois
                                                    Dan and Linda O’Neill                  Heartland Bank & Trust Company
         Brad Bainter and Amy Spelman               Mrs. Shirley Pawlias
         A. Gilbert Belles*                                                                NTN-Bower Corporation
                                                    Tim and Diann Pendell, in memory of    Purdum Gray Ingledue, Inc.
         Kenny and Nakina Boyd                         Robert and Virginia Pendell
         Leroy Brown                                                                       State Bank of Industry
                                                    Ron and Gayle Peterson                 Table Grove State Bank
                                               Publication of McDonough District Hospital

Golden Apple ($10,000-$19,999)         Rhonda Briney*                  Roger and Verna Everly
The McDonough Democrat                 Jeff Brown*                     Barbara Jo Flack
Wal-Mart SuperCenter of Macomb         Joe and Myra Bruketta           Mary Flanagan*
Westervelt, Johnson, Nicoll, and       Patricia A. Bruley              Robert and Phyllis Fleming
  Keller, LLC                          Karen Bucholz*                  Cathy Ford*
                                       Jody Budreau*                   Cliff and Wanda* Foster
Builder ($7,500-$9,999)                Tracey Burgard*                 Jill Foster*
Cathy Early State Farm Insurance       Pat and Amy* Burke              Nancy Foster
Watts Copy Systems                     Kathy Burton*                   Terri Freesmeyer*
                                       Chris Campbell*                 Dick and Jan Frowein
Pioneer ($5,000-$7,499)                Dr. Ed Card*                    Ed and Lisa Fulkerson
Collection Professionals, Inc.         Susan Carnes*                   Frank and Judy Fulkerson
Cox Construction & Electric            Joe Carrier                     Jessica Gale*
Dodsworth Piper Wallen Corman          Crystal Carson*                 Lois Ganyard
   Memorial Homes                      Megan Carter*                   Kent Garrison*
Jim D. Lucie, Attorney at Law          Don L. Cary,                    Brenda Gibson*
                                          in memory of Mary Ann Cary   Jacob Ginglen*
Seed Sower ($2,500-$4,999)             Daniel and Kathy Cassidy        Josh Ginglen*
Pumo Insurance Agency, Inc.            Doris W. Chaffee-Hasbargen      Kathryn Godard*
                                       Daniel Chenoweth*               Leslie Godfrey*
                                       Dean and Sharon Chenoweth       Maggie Goettsche*
Century Club                           Hank Chipman                    Good Hope United Methodist
Friend: Annual Gifts of $500-$999      Art and Roselyn Chown               Church/Missions
Marlise Rittenhouse*                   Cecelia Clark*                  George and Teresa Goodell
Jill and Mark Whiteside*               Gary and Letha Clark            Lisa Gooden*
Dan and Paula Wise                     Tom and Jenny Claudon           Patty Gould*
                                       Holly Clauson*                  Tamra Grafton*
Supporter: Annual Gifts of $250-$499   Judy Cleavinger*                Kristi Green*
Rodney and Rose Aten                   Megan Clemens*                  Maureen Greene*
Drs. Jill Brody and Bill Lambert       Ed and Sue Collins              Bill and Mary Ann Griffin
Jay and Linda* Cremer                  Dan and Nancy Colvin            Randy and Carolyn* Grove
Tom and Maria Dunstan                  Dean and Phyllis Cook           Patty Gutting*
Lynn Durso*                            Deb Corzatt*                    Bill Hagler*
Mrs. Gordana Rezab                     Stephanie Courtois*             Andrea Hall*
Bonnie and Skip Skripps                Angela Cousins*                 Donald and Fran Hamilton
Tim and Lynn Van Alstine               Robin Cramer*                   Jeannie Hamilton*
K.T. and Betty Wright                  Pat T. Crane                    Teresa Hamm*
                                       Jerry and Diana Cremer          Mike and Ina Hammond
Centurion: Annual Gifts of $100-$249   Brittany Cromer*                Wanda Hammond
Jodi Abernathy*                        Jennifer Crouse*                Deborah Hamrick*
Eldon and Helen Alton                  Evelyn Cuba                     Dawn Hardisty*
Theresa Anderson*                      Chris Cunningham*               Martha Harn*                          11
Bob and Sue Anstine                    Kim Cunningham*                 Richard Hattwick
Jason Arthur*                          Chris and Linda Dace*           Shannon Heath*
Audrey Ashenhurst                      Ken Dahlstrom*                  Kay Heaton*
Rosemary Aten                          Mary Ann Davis*                 Sherry Heaton*
Sandra Aten*                           Cindy Deener*                   Patty Henness*
Norma Atwater*                         Richard and Kay* Derry          Shirley Henninger
Annette Ault*                          Bob Deveraux*                   Ron Henry
Q. D. and Carol Baily                  Teresa Dewitt*                  Jalane Herndon*
Winifred Baily                         Scott Dexter*                   Pam Hill*
Harlan Baker*                          Laurie Dihle*                   Carol Hilliard*
Katie Barr*                            JoAnne B. Dittus                David and Linda Hillyer
Larry Bartels*                         Connie Dobbs*                   Elizabeth Hillyer
Laura Bartlett*                        Crystal Dobbs*                  Mike and Teri Hillyer
Paula Davis Baughman                   Margaret Donovan*               Donnamae Hocker
Gertrude Bean                          Melody Dorethy*                 Michael Hoffmeister*
David and Phyllis Beaver               Brenda Douglas*                 Lisa Hood*
Joy Beck*                              Ted and Ginny Doxstader         Jessica Horwedel*
Sheri Beck*                            Nicole Driver*                  Leland and Joyce Howe
Pat and Mary K. Benda                  Nancy Drummond*                 Jarad Huffman*
Jeff and Teresa Bennett*               Connie Duffy*                   Renee Huston*
Jim and Sally Jo Blackburn             Paula Duncan*                   Karen Ingledue
Marion Blackinton                      Ken and Charlotte Durkin        Tom and Mary Ingrassia
Margaret Bourke                        Samuel and Anne Edsall          Mike and Melissa Inman & family
Brandy Bowman*                         Julie Elliott*                  Jim and Kay Jacobsen
Kenny* and Nakina Boyd                 Bill Ellis*                     Brenda James*
Marilyn Bricker*                       Debbie Elsner*                  Mandy James*
Rachel Bride*                          Connie Elting*                  Debbie Jessen*
Sue Bride*                             Keith* and Linda Engel          Linda and Frank Jobe, Minus Muffler
     VITAL SIgnS S p r i n g       2012

         Heather John-Barnes*             Lori Moon*                           Amanada Short*
         Randy John*                      Janet Moore*                         Helen A. Short
         Sue John*                        Charlotte H. Morrow                  Bridget Sikes*
         Ken and Cindy Johnson            Tim Moss                             Rick Simpson*
         W. Garry and Marilyn Johnson     Marcia and Joe Moulden               Kent Slater and Penny Lawyer
         Danielle Jones-Koile*            Tracey Mowen*                        Melody Slater*
         Judith C. Jones*                 Pam Murphy*                          Donna Sloan
         Peggy Jones*                     Joann Mutch*                         Mary I. Small
         Julie Justice*                   Suzan Nash and Tim Howe              Erica Smith*
         Michelle Keeffer*                Brenda K. Neal*                      Nancy E. Smith
         Jim and Marilyn Keeney           Charles and Rosemary Neblock         Patty Smith*
         Maurice and Alice Kellogg        Debbie Negley*                       Margie Solomon*
         Emily Kelly*                     Donna Nelson*                        Kathy Sorenson*
         Nelda M. Kelly                   Karen Nichols*                       Marge Sorenson
         Sharon Kelso                     Dave Nissen*                         Duane and Mildred Sorrells
         Rosie Kesinger*                  No Place Like Home/Pam & Diane       Amber Sparrow*
         Kristena Kessler*                Phyllis Norris*                      Terry* and Linda Standard
         Ken and Marion Keudell           Judy and Noel Oliver,                Connie Starbuck*
         Wanda Killion*                      Oliver & Co. Tax and Accounting   Vince Staub*
         Pat Kindhart*                    Galen and Barb Olson                 Carol Steward*
         Lois Kissinger*                  Sandra Ortega*                       Eun Stidd*
         Meagan Kliffmiller*              Steve and Marilyn Pastorelli         Harold and Beth Stiffler
         Liz Knowles*                     Debbie Paul*                         Mary F. Stipanowich,
         Shirley A. Knowles               Jerry and Becky Peabody                in memory of Joseph J. Stipanowich
         Steve and Eileen Knowles         Kathleen Pearson                     Donna Stopplewerth*
         Bill and Ginny Knox              Jesse and Sally Pestle               Janet Sullivan*
         Fred and Judith Kohler           Karen Peters*                        Richard and Dolores (Kator) Switzer
         Richard and Sheila Krider        Alicia Pierce*                       Diane* and Dennis Tate
         Wayne Kubasak*                   Kim Pierce                           Joan Taylor*
         Kim Laird*                       Max and Diane Pierson                Marcia Teel*
         David and Mary Lane              Sandra Pinkston*                     Tracy Thome*
         Dixie Lane*                      Tracy Poffenbarger*                  Cindi A. Thompson*
         Janet Laurent*                   Lori Prather*                        Matt Thompson*
         Carol Lawson*                    Thomas and JoAnn Pratt               Vernon C. Thomson, Jr.
         John and Mary Leach              Kandie Promisson*                    Jessica Thorman*
         Jackie Lee*                      Jim and Becky Pumo,                  Marty Thurman*
         Kay Lee*                            Pumo Insurance Agency             Lee and Diane Tichenor
         Bill and Jean Lewis              Jerry Raby*                          Evelyn M. Toland
         Joan Keithley Lindsey            Todd Rash*                           Shea Trost*
         C. Michele Lorton*               Andria Rea*                          Don and Mary Ann Troyer
         Frank Lung*                      Harlan Reedy*                        Bill and Joyce Ulmer
12       Adrian MacGregor*                Vicki Reimolds*                      Glenda Sue Unger*
         Bernice Magin                    Brittany Richardson*                 Jolynn Utter*
         John C. Maguire*                 Phillip and Jacqlin Richmond         Doris Vancil*
         Genie Marshall                   Courtenay Ring*                      Ken and Beth Vancil
         Angela Martin*                   Martha Robbins                       Missy Vardaman*
         Heather Martin*                  Steven Rock and Denise Elston        Brenda Vaughn*
         Nancy Mason*                     Steve Rogers*                        Elaine B. Walker
         Melissa Mathis*                  Helen Rolloff                        Becca Wallace*
         Cindy McDaniel*                  Joyce Romine*                        Vicky Wallen*
         Vicki McDonald*                  Carol Rowland-Maguire*               Angie Waller*
         Melinda McGath*                  Linda Sampson*                       Marti Walter*
         Bill and Marcia* McGrew          June Sapp*                           Barb Walters*
         Melody McGrew*                   Cathreen L. Saunders                 Shannon Walters*
         Terri McHugh*                    M. Theresa Schaer*                   Jennifer Ward*
         Kamie McKee*                     Bruce Schellhammer*                  Sara Ward*
         Tonya McKelvey*                  Chris Schone*                        Rebecca Watson*
         Deckle and Pamella McLean        Dave Schonfelder*                    Sara Watson*
         Trish McMillen*                  Jack and Sue Schoonover              Jan Wayland*
         Connie McWard*                   Andrea Sears*                        Bea and Jim Wehrly
         Jeanne Meehan*                   Annette Sears*                       Norman and Virginia Welker
         Jean W. Meline                   Nancy Sears*                         Marilyn and Dick Weller
         Jean Mershon*                    Anu Sethi*                           Tamara Welty*
         Vicki Mershon*                   Rosalie Severinsen                   Rosemary Wenzell
         Gene and Linda Miller            Cheryl Sewell*                       Nicole Wetterling*
         James and Florine Miller         Avis Sexton                          Ann Whalon*
         Nichole Miller*                  Laura Shake*                         Barb Whedbee*
         Dr. Idol and Jill Mitchell       David and Lois Shane                 Betty White*
         Marcia and Hans Moll             Sandy and Ned Shearer                Lindsay White*
         John L. Moon                     Kelly Shiraki*                       Rick White*
                                        Publication of McDonough District Hospital

June and Wayne Wiggins
Cassie Wilcox*
Gene and Sandy Wilhelm
                             Charitable Trusts – Not Just for Rich People
Kim Williams*
Jason Williamson*
Ruth Ann Willis*
Barry and Judy Witten
Lindsey Woodford*
                                                           T       he Bill and Melinda gates Foundation chari-
                                                                   table trust contains assets worth more than
                                                             $30 billion. It was reported that when Jacqueline
Ruth and Louis Wyne
Sheryl Yoder*                                                Kennedy Onassis died, the majority of her estate
Barbara Young                                                was left in a charitable trust, saving literally mil-
Erma Young                                                   lions of dollars in estate taxes, as well as allowing
Darlene Zeh*
                                                             her heirs and selected charities to receive a sub-
* MDH Employee
                                                             stantially larger portion of her estate. However, I’m
                                                             guessing the vast majority of you reading this do
                                                             not have several million dollars to throw around.
                                                             Still, that doesn’t mean that “normal” people can’t
                                                             set up a charitable trust to help give needed funds
                                  Matthew P. Kwacala         to the charities you care about while at the same
  Save the Dates                                             time getting a tax break from Uncle Sam. But just
                                                             what is a charitable trust?
                               There are actually two types of charitable trusts: charitable lead trusts and
                            charitable remainder trusts. A charitable lead trust supplies a steady stream of
                            income to a designated charity, or several charities, for a specific number of years.
                            When the number of years comes to an end, any property still held in trust is
                            given back to the donor, or a beneficiary chosen by the donor. In contrast, a
                            charitable remainder trust provides a stream of income to the donor for a specific
                            period of time, or for the donor’s life, and then any property remaining in the
      MDH Golf
      Tournament            trust is gifted to the charitable organization(s) when the period ends. In simpler
   Saturday, September 8    terms, the lead trust gives the selected charities the income created by the trust,
         gold Hills         and then the remaining funds are given back to you; while the remainder trust
                            gives you the income created by the trust, and then the remaining funds are gifted
                            to the selected charities.
                               But why take the time and effort to set up a charitable trust rather than just
                            writing a check to your selected charity? The simple answer is tax breaks. Since         13
                            a charitable trust allows an individual to make gifts to charitable organizations
                            without giving up all rights over the property contained in the trust (either cur-
    Tevar Run/Walk          rently or at a later time), it is an exception to the general tax rule that an indi-
    Saturday, October 6     vidual can’t claim a current tax deduction by making a limited, or postponed,
      The Old Dairy         gift to a charitable organization. By setting up a charitable trust, an individual
                            can make a future gift to a charity and still claim a current income tax deduc-
                            tion for the gift. Another example of tax savings involves capital gains taxes since
                            charitable organizations are not required to pay them. Therefore, if you fund a
                            charitable trust with stock that you own, your chosen charitable organization
                            can sell the stock (without paying capital gains taxes) and invest the money in
                            something else, like a mutual fund. Then, you can receive income from the value
        Festival of Trees
        Festival Trees      of the stock for your life. If you had sold the stock yourself, you would have had
    Festival of Trees       to pay capital gains tax on any profit from the sale of the stock.
 november 30-December 3        There are countless other incentives you can take advantage of by setting up a
        West Central        charitable trust, but the most satisfying is that you will be giving needed funds to
    Illinois Arts Center    the charities you care about and the people in need that they serve. If this interests
                            you, I encourage you to contact your financial advisor or attorney for assistance
                            as everyone’s financial situation is unique.

                            Have fun giving!
                            Matthew P. Kwacala, Attorney at Law, Flack, McRaven & Stephens
                            Member, Planned gifts Committee/MDH Development Council
     VITAL SIgnS S p r i n g        2012

      Memorials and Honorariums
      A    n “In Memory of ” gift is given to remember a loved one who has passed away. An “In Honor of ” gift is given to honor
            a friend or relative, sometimes to recognize a special occasion or accomplishment. Individuals who made contributions
      are listed below the name of the person or special fund they have chosen to remember or honor. These gifts were received
      between September 1 and December 31, 2011.

                                                   Bonnie and Skip Skripps                  Alicia Pierce
          Memorials                                Mr. and Mrs. Bret Smith                  Janet and Mark Sullivan
                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ulmer               Denise Thomas
          In Memory of Jean C. Adams               Mr. and Mrs. Larry Waters                Mary and Dale Thompson
          to Hospice                               Dr. and Mrs. Michael Waters              Marsha L. Weaver
          Macomb Lodge #17 AF & AM                 Mr. and Mrs. Denny Wherley
                                                   Mrs. Marjorie Wherley                    In Memory of B. Joan Cole
          In Memory of Melba Applegate             Mr. and Mrs. Glenn R. Wilcoxen           to Hospice
          to Cancer Education and Screening        Sara Wood                                Anonymous
          Max and Joan Ford                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hutchins
          Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harwick              In Memory of Dianna Beck
          Shanda Mainland                          to Hospice                               In Memory of
          Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Tate                 Mr. Gary Beck                            Judith A. “Judy” (Lidwell) Ellsworth
                                                                                            to Hospice
          In Memory of Winifred H. Baily           In Memory of Wanda Lee Brown             Mr. and Mrs. Donald Allison
          to Home Health Care                      to Hospice                               American Family Insurance
          Mr. and Mrs. James L. Abernathy          Mr. and Mrs. William A. Black               Matt Glaser Agency
          Bob and Sue Anstine                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Coats             Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bainter
          Steve and Janice Ashwood                 Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Heaton               Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. Barrow
          Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Ashwood           Shawn and Heather Jones & girls          Paula and Byron Baughman
          Mr. and Mrs. Sean Bedwell                Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kirkbride           Mr. and Mrs. Richard Berry
          Jerry and Pamela Brown                   Gerald and Rhonda Leadley                Mr. and Mrs. John Brewer
          Mr. and Mrs. Tom Brownfield & family     Maurice and Georgia Litchfield           Mrs. Betty Burger
          Joe and Myra Bruketta                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Loring               Chic and Jay Carter
          Mr. and Mrs. John Bruketta               Mr. and Mrs. Merle McCormick             Mr. and Mrs. Allan L. Conner
          Barbara Carson                           Rebecca and Kerry Nielsen                Mike and Jane Coplan
          Mr. Curtis Cassidy                       Scotty and Susan Parr                    Linda and Jay Cremer
          Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cassidy              M. Anne Richardson                       Mr. and Mrs. David G. Eck
          Mary Cassidy                             Mr. and Mrs. Gale L. Shepherd            Mr. and Mrs. Don Ellsworth
          Mrs. Marilyn Chenoweth                   Mr. and Mrs. Neil Skiles                 Mr. and Mrs. John Ellsworth
          Tom and Jenny Claudon                                                             Mr. Marshall Ervin
14        Mr. and Mrs. George C. Craft             In Memory of Marvin S. Bunch             Dick and Jan Frowein
          Crossroads Insurance Services            to Hospice                               The Gettinger Family
          Richard and Kay Derry                    Macomb Lodge #17 AF & AM                 Mr. and Mrs. Lou Gilbert
          Barbara Douglas                                                                   Mr. R. Linden Glaser
          Sue and Randy Farr                       In Memory of                             Joe and Norrita Hammond
          Joanne S. Findley                        Rebecca A. (Brown) Campbell              Mr. and Mrs. Richard Helmers
          Kandy and Ed Hammond                     to Hospice                               Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Hudgens
          Mr. and Mrs. Sam Harper                  Melody Dorethy                           Jim and Marilyn Keeney
          Rick and Donalene Harris                 Patrick and Ellen Dowdall                Dr. Joe and Carol Kersting
          Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Iversen              Larry and Jaynne Mason                   Virginia Kessler
          W. Garry and Marilyn Johnson             Mr. and Mrs. Jack Silberer               Mr. and Mrs. James M. Lantz
          Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Keefauver            Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Thorman              Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Lotz
          Mr. and Mrs. Roger Keithley                                                       Te and Peggy Ma
          Anna Kost                                In Memory of Christina Elise Carle       John Maguire and Suzanne Boussaard
          Richard and Sheila Krider                to Linda’s Fund                          Mr. and Mrs. Mathew Maupin
          Debra and Marc Lawver                    Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hamm                 McDaniel Accounting
          Bea LeMaster                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Harry McDaniel
          Bill and Jean Lewis                      In Memory of Mary Ellen Carman           Mr. and Mrs. James K. McKinney
          Mr. and Mrs. John Marshall               to Hospice                               Mike and Julie Melvin
          Rob and Judy Marshall                    Tiffany Bentz                            Steve and Marilyn Pastorelli
          Joyce Maxson and John Trotter            Nicole Carithers                         Jim and Becky Pumo
          Mr. and Mrs. Gene McGrew                 Susan Carnes                             Patricia Sue Raftis
          Red and Verona Nelson                    Julie Crow                               Jungil and May Rhee
          Rebecca and Kerry Nielsen                Lynn and Dave Crowell                    Paula Rhodes
          Steve and Marilyn Pastorelli             Crystal Dobbs                            Dwaine and Jo Roche
          Ray and Ann Patridge                     April Eddington                          Marilyn Saliares
          Mr. and Mrs. Curtiss R. Richmond         Linda Greene                             Michael and Sandra Taylor
          Mrs. Wanda M. Ruebush                    Danielle Jones-Koile                     John and Joy Thompson
          Bob and Pat Rutledge                     Mrs. Patricia Keever                     Delores A. Weaver
          Sterling and Jeffrey Sims                Macomb Lodge #17 AF & AM
                                              Publication of McDonough District Hospital

In Memory of                         In Memory of Alvin L. “Al” Keithley   In Memory of Albert Miller
Tommy Lee (Tom) Garrison             to Hospice                            to Hospice
to Hospice                           Macomb Lodge #17 AF & AM              Mrs. Gertie M. Miller
Macomb Lodge #17 AF & AM
                                     In Memory of Connie S. Kenneday       In Memory of Irene Morrell
In Memory of Alan R. “Ray” Harding   to Ambulance and Emergency            to Hospice
to Day Health Services               Services                              Helen M. Amor
Day Health Services Staff            Joan Keithley Lindsey                 Mrs. Elsie Archer
   and Participants                                                        Debbie and Chuck Bainter
Mrs. Anne E. Williams                In Memory of Davis Maguire            Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bainter
Jim and Kathy Wyatt                  to Permanent Endowment                Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Baker
                                     Mr. and Mrs. George W. Maguire        Marie Bell
In Memory of Zelma A. Harman                                               Mr. and Mrs. Terry Bigham
to Hospice                           In Memory of Martha M. Maguire        Mrs. Rose Blackburn
Richard and Mary Ellen Hainline      to Permanent Endowment                Mr. and Ms. William Buchholz
Mrs. Helen L. Koester                Mr. and Mrs. George W. Maguire        Donna Lee Burnham
                                                                           Hope Caldwell
In Memory of                         In Memory of                          Guy and Diana Cale
Angelita (Angie) Espiritu Haulk      Winona “Win” Helen Cassin Malpass     Mr. John G. Carlberg
to PROS                              to Hospice                            Mrs. Norma Chatterton
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Warnock         Mr. and Mrs. William E. Brattain      Mr. and Mrs. Tim Clark
                                     Audrey R. Bueche                      Mrs. Carol Coker
In Memory of Lisa L. Havens          Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Epperson         Mr. and Mrs. Myrlen Daniels
to Linda’s Fund                      W. Garry and Marilyn Johnson          Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Fargusson
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Maxwell         Mrs. Shirley J. Pawlias               Lisa A. Fentem
                                     John E. and Mary R. Warnock           Jo Flack
In Memory of Carl H. Hayes                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Dick Foster
to Hospice                           In Memory of Lena McFadden            Mr. and Mrs. Gary Fowler
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bucher              to ICU-Comfort Cart                   Mr. and Mrs. Karl Gossel
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Caldwell            Mary Bennett                          Bryan and Angela Graves
Melba B. Collins                     Mrs. Janet S. Billeter                Mr. and Mrs. Roger Gray
Mrs. Pauline Ford                    Mike and Pam Carson                   Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Hare
Kathy and Ricky Heller               Mr. and Mrs. Steven Dallefeld         Mr. and Mrs. Jack Harn, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Holloway        Mr. and Mrs. William Hayes, Jr.       Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harwick
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Wise          Harry and JoAnn Hoerner               Mrs. Barbara Heaton
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Kay Kennedy              Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Heaton
In Memory of Mavis E. Ingalsbe       Marsha and Carl Kimler                Mrs. Elizabeth A. Hillyer
to Hospice                           Mr. and Mrs. Jack LaFary              Mike and Teri Hillyer
Howard and Marcia Curtis             Mr. and Mrs. Ronald McFadden          Mr. Duane Hood
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Miller              & family                           Lisa and Steve Hood
Bob and Pat Rutledge                 Ronald and Linda Peters               Susan Hood
Mr. and Mrs. Denny Wherley           Mrs. Phyllis B. Rowland                                                15
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Tom Horrell
Vivian Worthington                   Mr. and Mrs. Donald Snowden           Ruth Nadine Hume
                                     Jeff and Martha Wooldridge            Karen Ingledue
In Memory of Marion F. Jackson       Dora Young
to Hospice                                                                 E. Darlyene Jarvis
Mr. and Mrs. Herb Adams & sons                                             Eileen G. Johnson
                                     In Memory of Scott D. McMillan
Mrs. Linda Beck                                                            Mary Lou Kerr
                                     to Hospice
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Burton                                                  Marsha and Carl Kimler
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Jason Bainter
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Butcher II                                             Mr. and Mrs. Richard Krohe
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Ken Betz
Evana Cassel and family                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Lewis
                                     Dick and Jan Brewer
Mrs. Mary J. Cook                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Gene Lewis
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Lance Chambers
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Frakes & family                                          Marshall and Joyce Litchfield
                                     City of Macomb
Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Hodges                                                  Maurice and Georgia Litchfield
                                     Mr. Mike Cromer
Mr. Denny Humes                                                            Mrs. Eloise Lowderman
                                     Bob and Sandy Dowell
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Humes                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lowderman
                                     Melanie and Michael Falk & family
Fran Jackson and Ken Goodroe                                               Cindy Mason
                                     Mr. and Mrs. James R. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jackson                                               Mrs. Dorothy McKee
                                     Tim Howe and Suzan Nash
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Jackson                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Greg McKee
                                     Mr. Scott Kelly
Mr. William Jackson                                                        Vicki and Larry Mershon
                                     Mr. Todd Lomer
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Leighty                                                 Jim and Cindy Moon
                                     Donna J. Marlowe
Dave and Kathy Livingston                                                  Mr. Kenneth Morgan
                                     Mr. Joe Medina
Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Marsh                                                   Mrs. Sharon Myers
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Harold Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard McKee                                                 Jane E. Nissen
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Trenton Patrick
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd B. Mills                                                Bill and Jan Oliver
                                     Shawna Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. James Mumley                                                  Kathryn L. Potter
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shult
John and Ginger Rexroat                                                    Joe and Marilyn Pruitt
                                     Roxilee and Jerry Vawter
Helen Smallwood                                                            Mrs. Wilma Ren
                                     Brad and Brooklee Whitford
Mr. and Mrs. Darvy Spoor & family                                          Mr. and Mrs. Andy Riggins
                                                                           Carrie Riggins and Rob Walsh
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Riggins
     VITAL SIgnS S p r i n g        2012

         Mr. and Mrs. Roger Riggins        In Memory of Jack C. Promisson            Mr. and Mrs. Tom W. Carley
         Diane Sayers                      to Hospice                                Mr. and Mrs. John Cook & family
         Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Smart          Mr. and Mrs. Max Murphy                   Mrs. Patricia Cooper
         Mr. and Mrs. Donald Snowden                                                 R. Giles Cooper
         Tom and Doris Taylor              In Memory of                              Don and Lorraine Crawford
         Mr. and Mrs. Terry Thompson       Walter L. “Bud” Richey                    Betty Dimmitt
         Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Tones        to Hospice                                Mr. and Mrs. Don Eddington
         Mr. and Mrs. Keith Waller         Anonymous                                 Anne and Bob Emory
         Rob, Patty and Pat Walsh          Judith Button                             Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Fayhee
         Mrs. Erma E. Young                Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Carr                 Mr. and Mrs. Greg Fayhee
                                           Rose Fisher                               Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Fayhee & family
         In Memory of Jean Murphy          Gene and Rosie Grove                      Bud and Deb Hobbs
         to Hospice                        Steve and Irene Hodgkins                  Jay and Gloria Hornbaker, Carolyn
         Dr. and Mrs. Edward Baker         Mr. Herman Hofstatter                        and Cim
         Mr. and Mrs. Terry Bigham         Glen and Pat Housh                        Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Knapp
         Mr. Jack D. Blevins               John Howard & family                      Mrs. Eileen Knapp & family
         Jo Flack                          Rhonda Kline                              Mr. and Mrs. Jerry J. Knapp
         Mr. and Mrs. John C. Jessen       Tim and Danielle Koile                    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur McEwen
         Mrs. Charlotte R. Keithley        Mike and Marilyn Kromingay                Mr. and Mrs. Brian McEwen
         Mrs. Betty F. Leefers             MDH Environmental Services Staff          Mr. and Mrs. Ed McEwen
         Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Lewis     Mr. and Mrs. Mike McFadden                Caroline S. Mensink
         McDaniel Accounting               Vicki and Larry Mershon                   Gloria Miller
         Mrs. Barbara Monninger            Mr. and Mrs. Larry L. Plate               Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Nayden
         Charlotte H. Morrow               Daryl and Kirk Reid                       Mr. and Mrs. Larry Riden & family
         Darlos Mummert                    Maureen Richey                            Henrietta J. Serven
         H. L. Tweed Mummert               Sandra Richey & family                    Mr. and Mrs. David Serven
         Mr. and Mrs. Tim Pendell          Mr. and Mrs. Willard Richey               Viola Shaw
         Mr. and Mrs. Rob Powell           Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Smysor
         Candy Scanlan                     Allan and Jan Swise                       In Memory of Miriam Edie Stahl
         Mr. and Mrs. Duane Sorrells       WIU Planning, Budget, and Institutional   to Hospice
         Mr. Victor Tatham                   Research Staff                          Barbara Carson
         Lance, Missy, and Lily Vardaman                                             Chic and Jay Carter
         Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wallen       In Memory of                              Margaret L. Cary
         Lotus Hilton Webb                 Cathreen L. “Kay” Saunders
                                           to Hospice                                In Memory of Floyd D. Stoneking
         In Memory of Lois Nickson         Laurie Black                              to Hospice
         to Asthma Care                    Eileen Haas                               Mr. LeRoy Brown
         Anonymous                         Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Handley              Mr. and Mrs. Bob Canavit
         Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Buchen      Tom and Lorene Hull                       Lola Canavit
         Mrs. Millie M. Cale               Ken and Marion Keudell                    Mr. and Mrs. Tom Canavit
         City of Macomb                    Ms. Karen La Rue                          Mr. and Mrs. Everett Ferris
16       Mr. Jack Dorsett                  Lowell and Lois Lueck                     Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Glaser
         Mr. Lee Egerton                   Dale and Duane Mansir                     Madelyn Hocker
         Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Garcia        Lotus Hilton Webb                         Mr. Edward Holzwarth
         Mr. and Mrs. James M. Garcia                                                Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Kreps
         Pat Harris                        In Memory of Dorothy E. Savage            Mr. and Mrs. Warren Litchfield
         Mr. and Mrs. Roger Hodges         to Hospice                                Jeanine and Cora Pollmeier
         Lois Nickson Family               Mr. and Mrs. Terry Bigham                 Ronajalene Vail and Clay Vail
         Mrs. Donna McMahon                Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Cottom
         Martha Mitchell                   Illinois State Police, District 14        In Memory of Stella Marie Tillotson
         Dwight and Kay Morrow                 Employees                             to Hospice
         Mr. and Mrs. James A. Norris      Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Walker              Friends and Family of Stella Tillotson
         Al and Evie Reusch
         Candy Scanlan                     In Memory of Mr. Ova Scrivener            In Memory of Don Truelove
         John E. and Mary R. Warnock       to Hospice                                to Auxiliary to MDH Scholarships
         Mr. and Mrs. Merton Wetterich     Colchester United Methodist Church        Mrs. Marilyn Ward

         In Memory of Kenneth Gale Ohler   In Memory of Helen Seitz                  In Memory of Leona A. Waller
         to Hospice                        to ICU-Comfort Cart                       to Hospice
         Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Carr         Mr. and Mrs. Kay Kennedy                  American Legion Auxiliary Unit #6
         Mr. and Mrs. Max Cottrell         Susan Kennedy
         Mr. and Mrs. Milford Eckhoff      Jeff and Martha Wooldridge                In Memory of Hazel Marie Watson
         Mrs. Virginia Effland                                                       to Hospice
         Della Elder                       In Memory of                              Macomb Lodge #17 AF & AM
         Dr. and Mrs. David Jameson        Alma Lorene (Graham) Serven
         Mr. and Mrs. Arthur McEwen        to Hospice                                In Memory of Chalmer Wendling
         Mr. and Mrs. Kent Pico            Mr. and Mrs. Brett Brooks                 to Hospice
         Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wilson       Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Brown                 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hutchins
         Mr. and Mrs. Ronald I. Zuck       Mary Brown
                                           Mrs. Mary Jane Buchen
                                           Jean Buffalo
                                                  Publication of McDonough District Hospital

In Memory of Robert E. Winner
to Hospice                               Additional Gifts
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Derrick Anderson            Cancer Education and Screening
Anonymous                                G - M Mechanical of Canton, Inc
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Blemler                Rahul D. Tevar
Bud Briney                               West Prairie CUSD #103 Volleyball
Mr. and Mrs. Othello Burgard
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Butterfield & family   Home Health
Evelyn E. Danner                         Mr. and Mrs. David G. Eck
Philip Lynn Dixon
Phillip and Lenora Dixon                 Hospice
Dusty Farms                              Mr. and Mrs. David G. Eck
Mike and Angie Dyche                     Heartland Health Care Center
Mike and Joyce Dyche
                                         Linda’s Fund
Marianne Edlin
                                         Curves For Women
Mr. and Mrs. Chet Esther III
                                         The Elms
Dorothy Etter
                                         Mr. Richard P. Hampton
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Kessler
                                         Macomb Area Chamber of Commerce
Mrs. Shirley Briney Kost
                                            & Downtown Development Corp.
Richard and Sheila Krider
                                         The McDonough County Voice
Mr. and Mrs. James McNelly
                                         No Place Like Home
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Miller
                                         Nostalgia Decorating Company
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Park
                                         Rosemary Padorke
Sheldons Grove Ladies Aid
                                         Pella Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Stambaugh
                                         Pella Corporation Team Members
Mr. and Mrs. Virgil L. Stambaugh
                                         Petersen Health Care, Inc.
Sandra Stower
                                         Rally For A Cure
Jerry and Sue Tomlinson
                                         David Riecks and Anna Barnes
Two Rivers F.S. Inc.
                                         Jeff Teel
Mrs. Patty Winner & family
                                         Pam Teel
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Winston
                                         Tom and Kim Twaddle
In Memory of Viola M. Worthington        Barbara Udell
to Hospice                               Mr. Richard Utter
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Worthington         Cassie Yeoman

In Honor of Juanita Bainter
to Linda’s Fund                                                                                17
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Bainter

In Honor of Lisa Hood
to Hospice
Carrie Riggins and Rob Walsh

Day Health Services
WIU RPTA 230 Cordial Crew

Food and Nutrition Services
Charlene Callison

Mrs. Barbara Bean

WIU RPTA 230 Cordial Crew

Mrs. Barbara McEntyre
     VITAL SIgnS S p r i n g     2012

        Medical Staff

        Hani Alboushi, MD*    Jerome Anderson, DO*         John Arnold, MD            Liberty Balbort, MD    Philip Berent, MD*
        Family Practice       Pathology/nuclear Medicine   Family Practice            Pediatrics             Psychiatry
        (309) 833-1729        (309) 833-4101               (309) 772-9444             (309) 833-1303         (309) 836-6400

         Jill Brody, MD       Edwin Card, MD*              Christopher Castillo, MD   Sukhdip Dhillon, MD*   Troy Eckman, MD
        Ophthalmology         general/Vascular Surgery     Urology                    Family Practice        Obstetrics/gynecology
        (309) 836-3937        (309) 833-3706               (309) 837-2100             (309) 833-1729         (309) 833-5959

        Curt Farr, MD         Noel Flores, MD*             David Greathouse, DO       Yousaf Jalil, MD*      Sherry Li, MD
        Family Practice       Internal Medicine            Internal Medicine          Internal Medicine      Family Practice
        (309) 833-1733        (309) 837-9926               (309) 836-3387             (309) 837-9926         (309) 837-2000

        An-Shih Lin, MD       Mary Kathleen Lockard, MD    Chris Martin, MD*          Robert McEntyre, MD*   David Miller, DO
        Pediatrics            Pediatrics                   general Surgery            Emergency Medicine     Internal Medicine
        (309) 833-3068        (309) 833-1303               (309) 833-3706             (309) 833-4101         (309) 833-3536

        Idol Mitchell, DPM    Charles O’Neill, MD          Mario Raso, MD*            David Reem, MD*        Michelle Reeves, MD
        Podiatry              Family Practice              Emergency Medicine         Internal Medicine      Family Practice
        (309) 837-3964        (309) 833-1733               (309) 833-4101             (309) 837-9926         (309) 833-1733

      Physician Referral Service: (309) 836-1505 •
                                                                   Publication of McDonough District Hospital

                                                                                                                     Visiting Physicians
                                                                                                               In order to serve the healthcare needs
                                                                                                               of the community and for convenience
                                                                                                               to patients, several specialists schedule
                  	                         	                           	                          	           appointments at MDH on a regular basis.
Ronald Rigdon, MD          George Roodhouse, DO* Erica Rotondo, DO*               Christopher Stortzum, MD
                                                                                                                  Allergy & Asthma of Illinois, SC
Radiology                  Emergency Medicine    Family Practice                  Family Practice                           Peoria, Illinois
(309) 833-4101             (309) 833-4101        (309) 837-2414                   (309) 833-1733                         Stephen Smart, MD
                                                                                                                           (309) 691-5200

                                                                                                               Burlington Neurology and Sleep Clinic
                                                                                                                       West Burlington, Iowa
                                                                                                                       Anil Dhuna, MD, and
                                                                                                                       Luanne Johnson, C-nP
                  	                         	                           	                          	                      (319) 754-4400

Shea Trost, DO*            Amy Waschull, MD            Michael Waters, MD         Richard Watson, MD*              Galesburg Dermatology Center
Anesthesiology             Family Practice             Family Practice            Pathology/nuclear Medicine               galesburg, IL
                                                                                                                         Sam Fayman, MD
(309) 833-4101             (309) 833-1733              (309) 833-1733             (309) 833-4101
                                                                                                                          (309) 344-7546

                                                                                                                       Galesburg Orthopedics
                                                                                                                         galesburg, Illinois
                                                                                                                        Michael gernant, MD
                                                                                                                          (800) 373-2663
                                                                                                                         Heart Care Midwest
                                                                                                                            Peoria, Illinois
Alvin Weintraub, MD        Ronald D. Wheeler, MD*      Drake White, MD            Ronald Whitley, MD*                      (309) 691-4410
Radiology                  Orthopedics                 Orthopedics                general/Vascular Surgery
(309) 833-4101             (309) 833-5917              (309) 833-3800             (309) 833-3706                    Illinois Neurological Institute
                                                                                                                             Peoria, Illinois
                                                                                                                          Todd McCall, MD
Associated Practitioners                                                                                                    (309) 676-0766
                                                                                                                     Oncology & Hematology
                                                                                                                    Associates of Central IL, PC
                                                                                                                            Peoria, Illinois
                                                                                                               Mike Veeder, MD and Diane Prager, MD
                                                                                                                           (309) 833-3503

                                                                                                                 Prairie Cardiovascular Consultants
                 	                      	                   	                     	                      	                Springfield, Illinois
Susan Adams*          Sharie Harden         Sybil Mudloff           Melissa Pounders*   Brenda Powell Allen                (217) 788-0706
Family nurse          Certified nurse       Women’s Health          Family nurse        Women’s Health
  Practitioner          Midwife               nurse Practitioner      Practitioner        nurse Practitioner
(309) 836-1700        (309) 833-5959        (309) 833-5959          (309) 833-4101      (309) 833-5959               Hospitalist Services
                                                                                                               Hospitalists are internal medicine or
                                                                                                               family practice physicians who specialize
                                                                                                               in practicing medicine in the hospital
                                                                                                               setting and care for patients from the
                                                Members of the MDH Medical Staff include
                 	                                                                                             time of admission until discharge.
                                                 both hospital-employed* and independent
                                                   practitioners with hospital privileges.
                                                                                                               Inpatients in Acute Care, the Intensive
Mary Thompson         Jan Whitehead*                                                                           Care Unit, or the Transitional Care
Certified nurse       Family nurse                                                                             Unit will be cared for by a hospitalist
  Midwife               Practitioner                                                                           if the patient’s primary care physician is
(309) 833-5959        (309) 836-1700                                                                           utilizing this service.
     VITAL SIgnS S p r i n g            2012

                                                               Vital News
      MDH Partners with WIU for Art Exhibit

      M       cDonough District Hospital and Western Illinois University have entered into an exhibition agreement that is
              designed to allow the art of students, faculty, and selected works from the WIU Art gallery collection to be dis-
      played in the front lobby of MDH.
         The project to use the lobby of the hospital got underway after Professor Bill Howard; WIU Art Studio Technician
      Robert Brownlow; and Charles Wright, Chair of the Department of Art at Western met with the MDH Senior
      Leadership Team about interior upgrades in the front lobby of the hospital. MDH modified the lobby area to create
      the display space that will benefit Western’s exhibition programming and enhance the hospital lobby.
         The purpose of the project is to provide a welcoming visual respite to visitors as they enter the hospital. The works
      of emerging student artists, along with works of Western’s alumni artists and faculty will be exhibited. Appropriate
      selections from the WIU Art gallery will also be exhibited.
         Exhibits will be updated on a regular basis throughout the year, and the focus will be on one single artist or a group
      of artists. 3D work is also acceptable and can be exhibited along with 2D work.

       Pictured in the MDH lobby are, from left to right, Maggie Goettsche, MDH
       Administrative Leader, Quality and Innovation; Wanda Foster, MDH Vice President/
       Chief Nurse Executive; Shawn Spangler, faculty ceramic artist from WIU; Tim              People passing through the front lobby of
       VanGinkel, WIU Art alumnus; Kenny Boyd, MDH President/CEO; and Bill Howard,              the hospital have enjoyed oil paintings by
       WIU Art professor and contact person for Western Illinois University art exhibit items   Selena Stevens and a display of unique
       at MDH.                                                                                  metal jewelry by Kat Myers.

      Behavioral Health Services Licensed to Provide DUI Evaluations

      M      cDonough District Hospital’s Behavioral Health Services was recently licensed by the
             Illinois Department of Human Services Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse to pro-
      vide DUI evaluations.
         People charged with a DUI, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, must complete
      an evaluation from a state-licensed program as a requirement to maintain a license to drive.
      Behavioral Health Services will also provide risk education, which is the minimum care someone
      convicted of DUI needs to complete.                                                                                  Jen Smith
         “State licensing enables our department to offer these services and expand our offerings to the
      community,” said Behavioral Health Services Director Kay Lee, MSEd, LCPC.
         The license will be up for renewal in november 2014. Other area providers of DUI services are
      Bridgeway and the Hopewell Clinic (one day per week).
         MDH staff providing the service will be Jen Smith, MSW, LSW, CADC, and Amy Hofmeister,
      MSEd, LCPC, CADC.
         For program information, contact MDH Behavioral Health Services at (309) 836-1582 or visit
      the lower level of Health Services Building 1 on the MDH campus in Macomb.

                                                                                                                        Amy Hofmeister
                                               Publication of McDonough District Hospital

                                                    Vital News
MDH Emergency Services Receives Pediatric                      United Way Recognizes MDH Contributions
                                                               M      cDonough County United Way Executive Director
                                                                      Jill Beck presents Tobie Richey, Human Resources,
M       cDonough District Hospital Emergency Services
        was recertified as an Emergency Department
Approved for Pediatrics (EDAP). Approximately 110
                                                               with a Platinum Award recognizing McDonough District
                                                               Hospital and its employees for contributing more than
hospitals within Illinois have received recognition by                                         $5,000 to the 2011 cam-
the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and                                            paign. MDH is one of
the Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC)                                             only five local businesses
program for having the essential resources and capa-                                           which contribute at the
bilities in place to meet the emergency and critical care                                      highest level of support
needs of seriously ill and injured children. MDH is the                                        recognized by the United
only EDAP-certified hospital in McDonough, Fulton,                                             Way. The presentation
Hancock, Warren, Henderson, and Schuyler Counties.                                             was made at the annual
   This program recognizes hospitals that enhance their                                        Awards Luncheon held
emergency departments and pediatrics departments to                                            January 25.
meet the unique needs of pediatric patients. Children are
not small adults. To provide the appropriate care for chil-
dren requires special training, equipment, and supplies,       MDH Auxiliary Accepting Applications for
according to Chris Dace, Director of Emergency Services        Health Career Loans and Scholarships
at MDH.
   Frank Lung serves as the Clinical Care Coordinator
and EMSC Coordinator for MDH. Lung ensures that                T     he Auxiliary to McDonough District Hospital is now
                                                                     accepting applications for health career loans and
                                                               scholarships for the 2012-2013 school year.
MDH equipment needs, staff training, and performance
improvements are in place for the certification process.          The Auxiliary Scholarship Fund offers assistance to
The MDH Emergency Department also participates                 students enrolled in a curriculum leading to a career in a
in a required Region 2 EMSC Continuous Quality                 health-related field or to MDH employees who wish to
Improvement (CQI) team meeting held quarterly                  expand their skills through additional coursework, job-
in Peoria. Sue Bride, Rn, serves as the MDH CQI                related seminars, or professional certification programs.
representative.                                                Also available is the Ruby Teel Health Career Scholarship,
                                                               the gabbert nursing Scholarship, and the gayle and            21
   “At MDH, we utilize a system that segregates pediatric
equipment from adult equipment with color-coded draw-          Ron Peterson nursing Scholarship. A new scholarship
ers.” Dace says “We have a well-trained staff in pediatric     was established in 2011, the Donna M. Twomey nursing
advanced life support, and we’re also fortunate to have        Scholarship, for a student pursuing an associate’s or bach-
board certified pediatricians on Medical Staff who are         elor’s degree in nursing. Applications for all scholarships
available if there is an emergency involving children.”        are made in conjunction with the Auxiliary scholarships.
   Hospitals seeking this voluntary designation receive           Interested persons may also apply for additional fund-
a site visit by the EMSC program staff to verify that          ing through the MDH and Auxiliary loan program.
the emergency and pediatric departments are capable            Upon completion of the education, loan recipients may
of meeting key pediatric care standards. Requirements          repay their loan in full or, if employed by MDH, they
include having professionals specially trained in pediatric    may apply a portion of their salary or hourly wage ($1 per
emergency and critical care; adequate staffing and provi-      hour worked) toward repayment of the loan. Recipients
sions for pediatric consultation and backup; availability of   who are not employed at MDH can make arrangements
essential pediatric equipment, supplies, and medication;       for an interest-free repayment plan.
protocols in place for the treatment of critically ill and        For more information, call (309) 836-1577, or pick
injured children, and protocols to assist in the transfer      up an application in the Human Resources department
process; and conduction of pediatric quality improve-          on the lower level of the hospital. You may also down-
ment activities. The recertification process takes place       load an application from our website at
approximately every three years. The on-site evaluation        Completed applications must be submitted no later than
for MDH was held May 25, 2011. MDH was originally              June 1, 2012.
certified in 1998. The EDAP recognition status is effec-
tive until 2015.
     VITAL SIgnS S p r i n g          2012

                                                          Vital News
      Recording Your Wishes

      M     cDonough District Hospital cordially invites
            the community to attend an open house on
      Wednesday, April 18, for education about Advance
      Directives. Advance Directives are initiatives that allow
      a person to provide healthcare instructions should they        Baby TALK Celebrates 5,000th Visit
      become incapacitated or unable to make decisions for
         Some options available include Living Wills, Healthcare     B   aby TALK volunteer and past director Peggy
                                                                         Scharfenberg (below, left) beside Sheila Shearer, vol-
                                                                     unteer and co-director of Baby TALK, recognized Kim
      Power of Attorney, Mental Health Treatment Declaration,
      and Do not Resuscitate (DnR) forms. With these docu-           Laswell and her son, Dakoda Miller, for being the
      ments, healthcare authority can be appointed to an agent       5,000th family visited by Baby TALK.
      and written instructions specified.                               Recipients Laswell and Miller were presented with a
         The open house highlights national Healthcare               book, a certificate, and a stuffed animal. The Baby TALK
      Decisions Day (nHDD), a collaborative effort of com-           Program was implemented at McDonough District
      munity, state, and national organizations committed to         Hospital in 1997 to positively impact child development
      ensuring that all adults with decisionmaking capacity in       and nurture healthy parent-child relationships during
      the United States have the information and opportunity         the critical early years. A Baby TALK volunteer visits
      to communicate and document their healthcare decisions.        new mothers when they deliver their baby in the MDH
      This year, nHDD will be on April 16. For more informa-         Obstetrics Department.
      tion on nHDD, visit
         The event at MDH will take place in the hospital’s
      Admitting/Registration Department, located at the front
      entrance, on Wednesday, April 18, 2012, from 12:30 to
      3:30 pm. Staff will be available to assist in completing the
      documents free of charge. Please be aware that our servic-
      es should not be a substitute for the advice and direction
      provided by legal counsel.
         We encourage everyone to become more proactive
22    in their future healthcare decisions. Preregistration is
      encouraged. For more information and to register, please
      contact Denise Reed in Advocacy Services at (309) 836-
      1636 during business hours. People who are unable to
      attend April 18 may contact Advocacy Services.

        Moore Appointed to MDH Board

                             R    ita Moore, CPA, CISA, of Macomb, was appointed to the Board of Directors at
                                  McDonough District Hospital for a three-year term starting January 2012. Her duties on
                             the board include serving on the Finance Committee.
                                Rita is a graduate of northwestern High School in Sciota, Illinois. She received her Bachelor
                             of Business degree from Western Illinois University. She is currently the Director of Internal
                             Auditing at Western Illinois University.
                                Rita is a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors, the Association of College and
                             University Auditors, the McDonough County Farm Bureau, the American Sewing guild, and
        is the McDonough County representative for the University of Illinois Region 10 Extension Council.
            In her spare time, Rita enjoys sewing.
                                              Publication of McDonough District Hospital

                MDH Leadership/Development Council Directory
Board of Directors                        Community Outreach                     Festival of Trees
Kent Slater, Chairman, Macomb             Lisa Fulkerson, Chair                  Barb Baily
Crystal Bedwell, Vice-Chairman,           Robert Baumann                         Julie Ann Bice
   Bushnell                               Sara Druffel                           nakina Boyd
Jack Baily, Secretary/Treasurer, Macomb   JoAnn Hairston-Jones                   Charlene Callison
Chuck Butterfield, Colchester             Mike Inman                             Amy Connor
Richard Iverson, MD, Macomb               Marsha Moulden                         Kay Derry
Rita Moore, Macomb                        Msgr. Richard Pricco                   Liz Duvall
noel Oliver, Colchester                   Dwaine Roche                           Cindy Haines
Allan P. Reusch, Macomb                   Kelly Shiraki                          Mary Harn
Kenneth T. Wright, DVM, Blandinsville     Diane Tate                             Jeri Harper
                                          nancy Wilson                           Lois Iversen
                                                                                 Mary Kubasak
Senior Leadership Team                    Annual Support                         nancy Mason
Kenny Boyd, President/CEO
                                          PROS                                   Brenda Melvin
Linda Dace, Vice President/Finance
                                          (Professionals Reach Out in Service)   Dana Moon
Sue Dexter, Administrative Leader/
                                          Employee Giving Group                  Tamara Parker
   Human Resources
                                          Jill Foster, Chair                     Jackie Richmond
Wanda Foster, Rn, Vice President/
                                          Linda Cremer                           Amanda Schulz
   Chief nurse Executive
                                          Mel Dorethy                            Marcia Twaddle
Maggie goettsche, Administrative
                                          Connie Duffy                           Mary Ann Watson
   Leader/Quality and Innovation
John Jessen, Administrative Leader/       Carolyn grove
   Support Services                       nancy Mason                            Vital Signs is produced by the
Lori Moon, Rn, Vice President/            Cindy McDaniel                         Public Relations and Fund
   Clinical Operations                    Trish McMillen                         Development team at McDonough
                                          Tracey Mowen                           District Hospital, 525 E. Grant
                                          Connie Purdy                           Street, Macomb, IL 61455.
Development Council                       Todd Rash
Don Dexter, MD, Co-Chair                                                         Rhonda Briney, Assistant
                                          Vicki Reimolds
Ron Peterson, Co-Chair                                                           Patty Henness, Specialist
                                          Linda Sampson
                                          Kathy Sorenson                         John C. Maguire, Director
Planned Gifts
                                          Terry Standard                         Anna Schultz, Specialist
Tim Moss, Chair
                                          nicole Wetterling                      Vicky Wallen, Coordinator
Marlin France
David garner                              Barb Whedbee
                                          Lindsay White                          Vital Signs can be downloaded
Eric Jameson                                                                     or printed from the website at          23
Matt Kwacala                              Jason Williamson
Bob McMahan
                                          Golf Tournament
Judy Oliver                                                                      This publication was printed by
                                          John and Malea Jessen, Co-Chairs
Allan P. Reusch                                                                  The McDonough Democrat.
                                          Keith Engel
Herb Strong
                                          Tracey Hamilton
Alice Thorman                                                                    If you would like additional
                                          Tom Hardy
                                                                                 information about McDonough
Golden Apple Society                      Karen Helmers
                                                                                 District Hospital, please call Public
Connie garner, Chair                      Jim Keeney
                                                                                 Relations at (309) 836-1557.
gil Belles                                Laura Swanson Leezer
Charlene Callison                         Jerry Lindsay
Becky Castillo                            Milly MacDonell
Don Dexter, MD                            Jack Schoonover
Jack Fayhee                               Matt Streit
Christy Moe                               Dan Torrance
Ron Peterson
Bob and Betty Sherwood
Larry Zigler

Business Relations
Cathy Early, Chair
Tom Claudon
Keith Engel
nancy Foster                                                                        McDonough District Hospital
Laura Swanson Leezer                                                                     is accredited by
Holly norton                                                                          The Joint Commission.
Marcia Twaddle
Joyce Watson
                                                                                                                       Non-Profit Organization
                                                                                                                           U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                          District Hospital
     525 East Grant Street                                                                                                    ECRWSS
     Macomb, Illinois 61455

                                                 POSTAL CUSTOMER

               MDH Board Elects Officers, Recognizes Former Chair

        A    t the December 19, 2011, meeting, Kent
             Slater of Macomb was elected Chairman of the
        McDonough District Hospital Board of Directors.
        Slater has been a member of the Board since 2007.
           The Board recognized Dr. Donald Dexter of
        Macomb who has completed his term on the Board.
        Dr. Dexter has served as Board Chairman since 2006
24      and has been a member of the Board since 1995. Dr.
        Dexter and his wife, Ruth, were honored at a recep-
        tion held earlier in the day.
           Crystal Bedwell of Bushnell was re-elected Vice
        Chairman. Bedwell has been a member of the Board
        since 2003. Jack Baily of Macomb was re-elected as
        Secretary/Treasurer of the Board and Chair of the
        Finance Committee. He has been a member of the        On December 19, Dr. Donald Dexter and his wife, Ruth,
        Board since 1999. Terms for officers are for 2012.    were honored at a reception for their contributions to Macomb
           Other members of the Board include Macomb          and for their support and dedication to McDonough District
        residents Al Reusch, 2006-present; noel Oliver,       Hospital since it opened in 1958. At the reception, Macomb
        2011-present; Dr. Richard Iverson, 2011-pres-         Mayor Mike Inman read the official proclamation claiming
        ent; Kenneth T. Wright, DVM of Blandinsville,         December 19 as Dr. Donald and Mrs. Ruth Dexter Day. The
        2010-present; and Chuck Butterfield of Colchester,    Dexters have been happily married for 58 years.
           In January, the McDonough County Board
        approved the appointment of Rita Moore of Macomb
        to replace Dr. Dexter on the MDH Board of
           The Board is responsible for oversight of
        McDonough District Hospital.

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