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Michael John Cook and         Great Yarmouth County     158       1993     MERCHANT NAVY MEDAL
Derek Blake                   Court
                                                                           TRAFALGAR DAY, OCTOBER 21ST, 2009
Martin Bernard Crawley        High Court of Justice     8568      2005
James William Edney           Medway County Court       341       1996     The Chairman, Capt. Matthew Easton is pleased to announce the list
Amanda Jane Gradidge          Bury St Edmunds           103       1996     of awards for 2009:
Charles Harris                High Court of Justice     132       1996
Yvonne Caroline Sophia        High Court of Justice     4935      2007
                                                                           Capt. E.H. Beetham for services to merchant shipping, to safety at sea
Hames                                                                      and to the Marine Society/Sea Cadets.
Michael David Hames           High Court of Justice     1668      2007     Mrs. I.M. Bonnici, lately Administrator, Dreadnought Medical Service
Paul Victor Kinshott, Susan   Banbury County Court      89        1995     (Guy’s and St. Thomas’s Hospital Group, London) for services to the
Jane Kinshott                                                              care of sick and injured merchant seafarers. (Honorary)
Paul Victor Kinshott          Banbury County Court      89        1995
Susan Jane Kinshott           Banbury County Court      89        1995     The Revd. Canon R.J. Christianson, lately Secretary General, Mission
Brian Albert Lawes            Brighton County Court     1481      1993     to Seafarers for services to merchant seafarers and to the International
John Lovell (Deceased)        Milton Keynes County      242       1992     Christian Maritime Asssociation. (Honorary)
                              Court                                        Capt. N. Cooper, Master, MAERSK MARYLAND (A.P. Moller/
Joyce Peggy Newberry          Exeter County Court       272       1993     Maersk) for services to merchant shipping and to the Nautical Institute.
Satishchandra Vallaybhai      High Court of Justice     3051      1989
Patel                                                                      Capt. J.S. Earl for services to merchant shipping and to the Bristol
Suryakant Raojibhai Patel     High Court                7328      1992     Branch of the Merchant Navy Association.
Gary Colin Peters             Southend County Court     213       1998     Capt. J. Evans, MBE, RD,RNR, Hon. President, Anglo-Scottish
David Alexander Pettit        High Court of Justice     11030     1993     Fishermen’s Association for services to commercial fishing and
Joan Mary Presnell            Guildford County Court    213       1990     fishermen in Scotland.
Charles Quinlan               Kingston Upon Thames      55        1998
                              County Court                                 Chief Engineer W. Findlay, Associate Lecturer, Warsash Maritime
Andrew Craig Talbot           Truro County Court        180       1999     Academy, Southampton Solent University for services to marine
Joseph Thomas                 High Court of Justice     6685      1996     engineer education and to the Guild of Benevolence, Institute of Marine
Ashley Graham Thrale          Peterborough County       109       1999     Engineering Science and Technology.
                              Court                                        Capt. J.R. Harper, Master, RRS ERNEST SHACKLETON (British
Ian Alexander Timson          Chelmsford                374       1992
Malcolm Walker                Eastbourne County Court   82        1998
                                                                           Antarctic Survey) for services to polar exploration, especially ice
Clive William Wherry, Susan   Truro County Court        358       1993     navigation and pilotage.
Jennifer Wherry                                                            Mrs. F. Manson, Cook, Scrabster Mission, Royal National Mission
Clive William Wherry          Truro County Court        358       1993     to Deep Sea Fishermen for services to the welfare of fishermen in N.
Susan Jennifer Wherry         Truro County Court        358       1993     Scotland. (Honorary)
Peter Charles Aymer Wood      Croydon County Court      9         1993
                                                                           Chief Engineer J. Parry, Consultant, BP Shipping for services to
                                                                           merchant shipping, especially the design and operation of LNG tankers.
P D Gordon-Saker and E Masters, Joint Trustees
                                                                           Mr. I.C. Petrie Communications Officer, WIND STAR (Windstar
16 October 2009.                                                (951770)
                                                                           Cruises) for services to merchant shipping, especially cruise ships.
                                                                           Capt. J. Pinder, RNR, Port Hydrographer, Port of London Authority
INSOLVENCY ACT 1986                                                        for services to the Port of London and to youth maritime training.
NOTICE OF REMOVAL AND APPOINTMENT                                          Mr. J. Rimmer, Mess Man, MERSEY VIKING (Norfolk Line) for
                                                                           services to merchant shipping and to the RMT Union.
Notice is hereby given that pursuant to an Order of the High Court
dated 2 October 2009, Neville Richard Eckley, of Synergi Partners          Mrs. D. Simco for services to the welfare of serving and retired
Limited, Carter Place, Gisborne Close, Staveley, Chesterfield,             seafarers and to the Queen Victoria Seamen’s Rest. (Honorary)
Derbyshire S43 3JT, has been removed as Office Holder in the               Capt. P.G. Stapleton, Master, HURST POINT (Foreland Shipping)
insolvency matters listed below and has been replaced by:                  for brave conduct in attempted hijack of MV BOULARIBANK, Gulf
Paul Declan Gordon-Saker and Elaine Masters, both of Synergi               of Aden, April, 2009.                                           (951762)
Partners Limited, Carter Place, Gisborne Close, Staveley, Chesterfield,
Derbyshire S43 3JT, acting as Joint Liquidators in all cases as detailed
below.                                                                     RULE 4.228 OF THE INSOLVENCY RULES 1986
Any act required or authorised under any enactment to be done may          NOTICE TO CREDITORS OF AN INSOLVENT COMPANY AND
be done by any one or more persons holding the office of Liquidator        THE RE-USE OF A PROHIBITED NAME
from time to time.
Creditors have liberty to apply, within 21 days after this notice has      PLANSCAPE ENVIRONMENTS (EUROPE) LTD
been advertised, to vary or discharge the Order made.                      (Company Number 03175021)
Creditors are advised that the Joint Liquidators do not intend to          On 17th August 2009 the above named company was placed into
convene a General Meeting of the Company’s Creditors under section         insolvent liquidation.
141 of the Insolvency Act 1986, for the purposes of determining            The following individual was a relevant director of the above named
whether the Liquidation Committee should be established in the matter      company during the 12 months ending with the day before it went
of Micom Ltd, however Creditors representing one-tenth in value of         into liquidation.
the Company’s Creditors may, if they wish, request the Joint               Simon Peter Sparrow, of Stocks House Farm, 392 Blackburn Road,
Liquidators to summon such a Meeting of Creditors.                         Higher Wheelton, Chorley, PR6 8HS.
TRANSFERRED TO PAUL DECLAN GORDON-SAKER AND                                I hereby give notice that it is my intention to act in one or more of
ELAINE MASTERS                                                             the ways specified in section 216(3) Insolvency Act 1986 in connection
                                                                           with, or for the purposes of, carrying on the whole or substantially
Name of Case                                                               the whole of the insolvent company under the following name:
Compulsory Liquidation                                                     Planscape Group Limited
Jackson & Co         High Court of      3293            1992               Simon Peter Sparrow, Director
Financial Services   Justice                                               16 October 2009.                                              (949586)
Micom Limited        Chelmsford         5               2008
                     County Court

P D Gordon-Saker and E Masters, Joint Liquidators
16 October 2009.                                                (951455)

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