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					   Working for disadvanged people and reducing poverty through ensuring efficient utilization of resources

                                              Head Office

           Sheba Manab Kallyan Kendra (SMKK)
                              Dashani, Bagerhat Sadar,
                        District: Bagerhat-9300, Bangladesh
                    Phone: +88-0468-62692, Fax: +88-0468-62915
              Cell Phone: +88-01740912416, 01713419957, 01712 634508
                   E-mail:, Website:

SMKK capacity Profile                         -1-
            A Profile of Sheba Manab Kallyan Kendra (SMKK)
Name Of Organization              : Sheba Manab Kallyan Kendra (SMKK)
                                  : ‡mev gvbe Kj¨vY †K›`ª (GmGg‡K‡K)

Year of Establishment             : January 1996

Name of Contact Person            : M. Manjur Kadir, Executive Director

Contact Phone                     : Phone +88-0468-62692, Cell +88- 01740-912416

Address                           : Head Office
                                    Sheba Manab Kallyan Kendra (SMKK)
                                    Dashani, Bagerhat Sadar
                                    District: Bagerhat-9300, Bangladesh
                                    Phone: +88-0468-62692, Fax No.: +88-0468-62915
                                    Mobile: +88-01740912416, 01712-634508, 01713419957
                                    Email:, Website:

                                  : Dhaka (Liaison) Office
                                    Khan Manzil (3rd Floor west), 19/D/3, Uttar Tolarbag,
                                    Mirpur-1, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh
                                    Mobile: 88-01711-338026,
                                    Email:, Website:

Legal Status of the Organization:

  Sl                 Name of Department                        Registration No.         Date
  01   Department of Women Affairs (DWA), GOB               MBA-112                  28.04.1997
  02   NGO Affairs Bureau, Prime Minister office, GOB       FDR-1362                 06.04.1999
  03   Department. of Social Welfare, GOB                   BARI-676                 27.09.2000
  04   Joint Stock Companies & Firms, GOB                   S-3642 (431)             09.03.2004
  05   Department of Family Planning, GOB                   Affiliation- 191/05      15.02.2005
  06   Micro Credit Regulatory Authority, Bangladesh Bank   03182-00207-00143        07.02.2008
  07   PADOR under European Commission, EuropeAid ID        BD-2008-GGJ-2801701663   20.01.2010

Background of the Organization:
Sheba Manab Kallyan Kendra (SMKK) is a non-profit, non-political voluntary development
organization, established in January 1996 and registered with the competent authority of the
Government including NGO Affairs Bureau, Bangladesh. It’s main office is based in Bagerhat
and a liaison office in the Dhaka and also operated its field offices strategically located in
different areas of southwestern districts of Khulna and Barisal divisions. It has some other
project offices in Gazipur, Bogra, and Rangpur districts under Rajshahi division.

Since its inception the organization has been implementing integrated development
projects/programmes with the poorer section of the community with particular focus to address
the rights of children and women for bringing a positive change in their livelihood. Over time
SMKK has gained experience and capacity by working on various development issues with
technical and financial support from multifarious donors like; Winrock International WFP,
DFID, FAO, SDC, DANIDA, WorldFish Center, HOPE’87-Austria, Islamic Development Bank,
Muslim Aid-UK, Bangladesh NGO Foundation, STROMME Foundation, MWA, BRAC,
SMKK capacity Profile                  -2-
CODEC, NGO Forum DWSS, UNICEF, Islamic Relief, Bangladesh Bank, LGED, DAE, BWDB,
Care Bangladesh etc. Many of whom continuing for long. It has gained significant institutional
competencies to implement larger initiatives for achieving development objectives.
SMKK has at present team of 105 regular staff members and have more than 71 temporary
staff members who are well qualified and experienced to facilitate transfer of information and
technology for wider adoption by its target beneficiaries, thus enabling them to attain
improvement of livelihood standard. The organization has so far been involving a total of
175,635 people through development initiatives presently being implemented.
SMKK has experience in implementing income generation activities through off-farm and agro
based technology transfer, including Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry and Livestock. It has also
long working experience in building institutional capacity development of the rural community
people to address social issues through collective efforts. Participatory approaches are being
followed to identify issues and action-oriented program implemented to address these issues
that hindered the process of their development.

SMKK strongly believes in target population concept for its basic development efforts in which
the focus is the destitute and disadvantaged poor with emphasis on children and women. The
organization follows regular monitoring, feedback, sharing experiences and immediate action
for the successful implementation of the projects/programmes. It is dedicated to foster
qualitative and quantitative improvement in the living standard of the target beneficiaries.

SMKK has a policy to work in that area where the people are comparatively more vulnerable.
Its programmes specially targeted to render its support to establish rights of the women,
adolescent girls and children to remove social injustice and bring a society free from
The long term envision of SMKK is to empower its target beneficiaries through education,
training and development approaches ensuring social and economical development, free from
injustice and discrimination where children, women and men live with dignity and are capable
to remove sufferings at their own.

The mission of SMKK is guided in providing technical & financial supports enabling the target
beneficiaries through their active participation (men, women and children) in various
development programs to generate income and employment opportunities for their sustainable
development and improvement of livelihood standard. Building community based institutions to
address social issues those are dominating directly or indirectly the process of their


Implicit in the programmes strategy is a belief in the efficacy of strengthening the demand side
of the services equation based on felt needs of the target beneficiaries. The strategy of the
development and training programs included the following:

      To organize groups for the target male and female beneficiaries both in the urban and
       rural areas;
      To provide the target groups with different need based training for improving
       professional efficiency;

SMKK capacity Profile                  -3-
      To promote awareness on socio-economic issues through education, training and
       exchange of technical know how for sustainable development;
      To mobilize youths for playing effective role in socio-economic development activities
       leading to self – reliance;
      To create opportunity for exploring and mobilizing locally available resources;
      To undertake different government programs for raising awareness of the target
       beneficiaries emphasizing on employment, health, sanitation, food value, safe drinking
       water, MCH & FP, protection of environment and other programs for community
      To ensure women participation in the development activities and raising awareness for
       preventing child abuse; cruelty on women, strengthening sound gender relation,
       increasing income of women through various IGAs
      To afford access to the target beneficiaries to NGO and Government operated credit
       facilities for income generating activities;
      To establish contacts with credit and other support services offered by the NGOs,
       Government agencies, international donors etc.

The Ideologies:

      Participation in decision making and promotion of participatory approaches at all levels;
      Self evaluation and constructive criticism;
      Mutual respect, unity, discipline and cooperation;
      Honesty, transparency and accountability at all level;
      Dedication and sincerity;

Objectives of SMKK:
The long-term objectives of the organization include;
      To organize and mobilize the destitute and disadvantaged poor, women and men to
       implement, manage and control development issues for their own socio-economic
       development thus improve livelihood standard;
      To build awareness of the people on issues of socio-economic structure and their role
       in the development process;
      To improve health and sanitation situation of children, women and men through health
       education and mobilization of available public and private resources and services;
      To change the status of children, women and men through promotion of rights of
       children, women and the people of the community as a whole;
      To mobilize community based institutions and develop institutional capabilities to
       address the social barriers through collective efforts;
      To encourage people to come under SMKK umbrella to overcome the existing situation
       and improve livelihood;
      To eradicate poverty through utilization of internal and external resources;
      Campaign anti-drug education and to aware about AIDS & STDs;
      To improve health care facilities, MCH and FP services;
      To rehabilitate the affected victims of women & child trafficking & acid burns;
      To implement pilot projects to create employment opportunities for the target
       To afford access of the target beneficiaries to NGOs and govt. facilities.

SMKK capacity Profile                  -4-
SMKK Partners Group:
      Rural and Urban destitute
      Children from Rural and Urban poor households and
      Disables from poor households

Governance of the Organization:

SMKK has a General Body, which is the supreme policy maker and guardian of the
organization. The General Body meets once in a year in the form of Annual General Meeting
(AGM). Review overall progress and performance of the organization, discuss and take
decisions on the issues bestowed on it by the memorandum of SMKK. In the AGM, all project
activities are reviews and approves its physical and financial performances, audit reports of
the previous year, budget and work plan for the next year. The general body in the AGM elects
members of the Executive Body for two years term.
The Executive body consisting of seven members meets in every two months interval on
regular basis and takes decisions as per constitutional requirement to help management of the
organization. The Executive Body may call emergency meeting at any time as per need of the
organization. The Executive Director who is the Chief Executive Officer of the organization is
responsible for design, planning, manage, administer, implement, monitor and coordination of
the organization and authorized to raise funds for the organization.

Present Executive Committee Members of SMKK:
            Sl.                                                          Designation
                            Name                    Profession
                                                                          in SMKK
            01    Kazi Farhad Iqbal PhD.         Professor           Chairman

            02.   Mrs. Nazneen Kadir             Business            Director

            03.   Mrs. Soheli Akter              Teacher             Director

            04.   Mrs. Suraya Begum              Social Worker       Director

            05.   Diptiman Ray Chowdhury          Philan- thropist   Director
            06.   Mrs. Khaleda Banu              Social Worker       Director

            07.   Md. Nazrul Islam               Head Teacher        Director

            08    M. Manjur Kadir                Private             Secretary &
                                                 Service             Executive Director

Gender Equality in the Organization:
SMKK has its personnel policy, which is followed in operation of the organization. At least 45%
staff members are female who are equally treated in all cases. Women employee allowed
work with flexible duty hours and they enjoy other facilities, like annual leave, maternity leave
and earned leave. There is separate fresh room for the women employees and a congenial
working environment was ensured. No discrimination is allowed during recruitment and
salary/benefit fixation.

SMKK capacity Profile                      -5-
Functional Area Covered by SMKK:

Over the years SMKK has grown into multifaceted development organization covering a total
of 30 upazilas of 12 districts of the country till June, 2009 and gradually expanding its
programs to other areas.

      Sl.No    Division    District   Upazila        Union /  Villages
                           Gazipur   Kapashia          1           2
         1       Dhaka               Kotalipara        2           7
                                     Tongipara         2           7
                           Khulna    Sadar             3          12
                                     Phultola          2           8
                                     Dakope            1           3
                                     Koira             1           2
                           Sathkhira Tala              2           8
                                     Sadar             5          22
         2       Khulna
                                     Rampal            5          15
                                     Saronkhola        4          18
                           Bagerhat Morelganj          6          24
                                     Fakirhat          2          21
                                     Kachua            5          17
                                     Mongla            2           3
                           Barisal   Kotwali           2           4
                                     Sadar             4          24
                                     Betagi            5          35
                                     Bamna             4           9
                                     Amtoli            2           5
                           Patukhali Mirzagonj         2           5
                                     Golachipa         2           4
         3       Barisal
                           Bhola     Borhanuddin       1           3
                           Jhalakati Sadar             1           4
                                     Nesarabad         5          16
                                     Kawkhali          2           3
                           Pirojpur  Bhandaria         3          14
                                     Mothbaria         2           7
                                     Nazirpur          1           2
        4       Rajshahi   Bogra     Dhunat            1           3
      Total        4           12         30           80        207

SMKK capacity Profile                 -6-
Major Activities of SMKK:

                                       TRAINING COURSES

 1. Skill development training on Sewing for IGAs          2. Business Development Services
 3. Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA)                      4. Value Chain development Approach
 5. Maize, Paddy & Wheat Production Training               6. Training for Safe Delivery & Infant Care
 7. Disaster Preparedness                                  8. Nursery & Vegetable gardening
 9. Watsan, Health & Nutrition                             10. Gender Balance
 11. Poultry Farming                                       12. Fish Farming
 13. Handicraft Training                                   14. Vocational Training

                                 DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME

1   Group formation, Institution Building           2    Women and Child Rights
3   Savings Accumulation and Utilization            4    Non-formal Adult and Child Education
5   Micro-credit for IGAs                           6    Rural Enterprise and Agricultural
                                                         Development Project
7 Gender Equity Development Activity (GED)          8    Tree Plantation & Nursery gardening
9 Child Development Programme                       10   Low Cost Housing Program
11 Disaster Preparedness, Relief and                12   Integrated Community Based Arsenic
   Rehabilitation program for Disaster Victims           Mitigation Program-ICBAMP
13 Combating Child Trafficking                      14   Business Development Services
15 Aqua Culture Rehabilitation Project              16   Human Rights, Good Governance
17 Awareness Raising on HIV/STDs & AIDS             18   Rehabilitation of Disabled
19 MCH, Nutrition & Free Friday Clinic              20   Agricultural Development Program
21 Micro Enterprise Development Programme           22   Religious Program for the poor people
23 Social Mobilization & Advocacy program for       24   Construction/ Re-construction of Social and
   education of Early Marriages & Dowry                  Religious Institution.
25 Health, sanitation and Safe Water                26   Adolescent Girls education
27 SIDR/AILA Shelter & Rehabilitation Program       28   Sustainable Energy for Development
                                                         ( Bondhu Chula)
29 Poultry production                               30   Climate Change Development Programme
31 Bio-gas installation for ecological balance.     32   Pre-primary education for ultra poor

SMKK capacity Profile                       -7-
List of National and International Donor supported Projects implemented by SMKK:
SMKK has been implementing different programme aiming to improve the livelihood standard
and to remove social barriers towards achievement of its cherries goal since its inception.
Following Donors/Organization have so far been extended their cooperation through financial
and technical assistance to implement the projects.

 No    Name of Donor/Organization               Name of the Project         Duration
 01    Department of Women Affairs,       Women Development                1997-2005        260
       Under MWCA, GOB                    (Sewing Training for IGAs)
 02    International Resource Dev.        Women Development                1998-1999        360
       Management Inc. (IRDM) USA         (IGA Training)
 03    World Food Programme WFP &         Routine Maintenance Program      1997-2002      10500
       Bangladesh Water Dev. Board        (Embankment Maintenance)
 04    SMKK Own Fund                      Micro Credit Program             1998-          18500
 05    SMKK Own Fund                      Pre-primary Education            1998-           5000
 06    World Food Programme (WFP)         Lean Season Training             1998-2001       1120
 07    EIP-The Netherlands Embassy        Embankment Maintenance Work      1998-1999        700
 08    SMKK Own Fund                      Poultry Farming                  1999-2005        450
 09    Department. of Forestry, & ADB     Tree Plantation & Nursery        2000-2002        720
 10    Sunderban Bio-diversity            Water & Sanitation Program       2000-2004       5810
       Conservation Project (SBCP),
       World Bank, SDC & LGED
 11    CARE- Bangladesh                   Cages Program (fish culture)     2000-2003        300
 12    ASIRP- DFID & Depart of            Integrated Fish & Vegetables     2001-2002        300
       Agriculture Extension-DAE          Farming (IFVF)
 13    World Fish Center (WFC), USAID     Development of Sustainable       2001-2004        475
                                          Aquaculture. Project (DSAP)
 14.   NMIDP & DAE, GOB                   Khal Re-excavation               2001-2002       1750
 15.   Department of Social Welfare       Child Education Program          2003-2004         60
 16.   Islamic Development Bank &         Tree Plantation & Nursery        2003-2004        807
       Depart of Agriculture Extension-
 17.   Ministry of Primary & Mass                                            2003-2004
                                          Post-Literacy & Continuing Education             3000
       Education, GOB, World Bank &       for Human Dev. Project
 18.   Department of Agriculture          BPJ B- Smallholder Support       2003-2005       6400
       Extension- (DAE) & Islamic         Project (SHSP)
       Development Bank
 19    SMKK own fund                      Free Friday Clinic               2002-2006       1800
 20    Department of Agriculture          GMSP-Integrated Area             2003-2007       7500
       Extension (DAE) & Islamic          Development Program (IADP)
       Development Bank
 21    Bangladesh Bank (Grihayan          Low cost Housing for poor        2003-2014       1000
       Tahabil)                           Families
 22    Winrock International, U.S.A.      Maize Cultivation Program        2004-2006       1260
       Bread-II Project under USAID
 23    BRAC                               Education Support Program        2006-2009        450
 24    NGO Forum-DWSS & DANIDA            NGO & Civil Society Networking   2006-2010       1000
                                          Project (NCSNP)
 25    Muslim Aid-UK                      Social and Religions Program     2005-2008      14880
                                          (Ramadan & Quarban)

SMKK capacity Profile                     -8-
 No                                                                                           Target
      Name of Donor/Organization                 Name of the Project              Duration
 26   CODEC & STROMME Foundation          Micro-finance Program             2006-2015           6596
 27   CODEC & STROMME Foundation          Without interest Micro-credit       2008-               99
                                          Program for SIDR victims
 28   Dept. of Family Planning & SMKK     Reproductive Health               2005-2008           3900
 29   JBIC/BARC                           Poverty Alleviation in Southern   2006-2007            855
      ATTP/Winrock International          Districts through Agro-Technology
 30   DANIDA & BSAF                       Networking & Advocacy for Child 2006 -2009             150
                                          Rights in Bangladesh
 31   NGO Forum, European                 Integrated Community Based        2007-2009           1500
      Commission (EC)                     Arsenic Mitigation Program-
      & MISEREOR                          ICBAMP
 32   Bangladesh NGO Foundation           Water & Sanitation Program        2007-2009           3000
 33                                       Emergency Relief work and         2007-2008          10500
      Muslim Aid-UK                       Rehabilitation for SIDR Victims
 34                                       Emergency Relief work and         2007-2008           6300
      Islamic Relief-World wide           Rehabilitation for SIDR Victims
 35                                       Social and Religions Program      2007-2008           6600
      Islamic Relief-World wide,          (Quarban Program )
 36                                       Emergency Relief work Distribution     2007-2008       250
      HOPE’87, Austria                    for SIDR Victims for poor families
 37                                       Rehabilitation of Construction         2007-2008       535
      HOPE’87, Austria                    House in the SIDR affected area
 38                                       Rehabilitation of Sanitary Latrine &   2007-2008       475
      HOPE’87, Austria                    Tube well Installation in the SIDR
                                          affected area.
 39   Bangladesh NGO Foundation           Construction of Dwelling house of      2007-2008       377
      (BNF)                               SIDR Victims for poor families
 40   WorldFish Center & USAID            Cycle Affected Aquaculture             2008-2009      3353
                                          Rehabilitation Program (CAARP-1)
 41   Food and Agriculture Organization   Seed Distribution and Extension        2008-2009     30883
      (FAO)                               support to the SIDR affected Poor
 42   STROMME Foundation & CODEC          Education for Adolescent Girls         2008-2009       300

 43   HOPE’87, Austria                    Rehabilitation Program Distribution 2008-2009          381
                                          of Milking cow
 44   HOPE’87, Austria                    Construction of Dwelling Mosque of 2007-2008           450
                                          SIDR Affected
 45   Bangladesh NGO Foundation           Construction of Dwelling Mosque of 2007-2008           950
      (BNF)                               SIDR Affected

 46   STROMME Foundation & CODEC          Seed Distribution Support to the    2007-2008          500
                                          SIDR Affected Small Farmers
 47   Training & Technology Transfer      Increasing Rice Production, Quality 2008-2010         1000
      (TTT) under ATT Project JBIC &      seed production & HYV crops for
      BARC                                Food production.
 48   BURO-Bangladesh & Span              Emergency Relief work                  2007-2008     3950
      Embassy                             Distribution for SIDR Victims
 49   NGO Forum DWSS & Unicef             Early Recovery Activities for          2008 -2009    2150
                                          SIDR Response Project.
 50   ECHO & Muslim Aid – UK              Nomad Water Purification System          2008 -      5500

SMKK capacity Profile                     -9-
 No                                                                                                    Target
          Name of Donor/Organization                   Name of the Project              Duration
 51    UNDP                                      Family Shelter Construction in the       2009-            05
                                                 SIDR affected area.
 52    DEMOCRACYWATCH                            Emergency Relief work                     2009             450
                                                 Distribution for AILA Victims
 53    Mr. Habibur Rahman                        Emergency Relief work                     2009             200
       Programme Manager                         Distribution for AILA Victims
 54    Mr. Abul Hossain’s Family &               Emergency Relief work               2009                   560
       Friend Circle, Dhanmondi, Dhaka           Distribution for AILA Victims
 55    WorldFish Center & USAID                  Cycle Affected Aquaculture        2009-2010              4083
                                                 Rehabilitation Program (CAARP-2)
 56    Winrock International India               Harnessing Poultry Litter and Cow 2009-2010                100
                                                 dung for Bio-Gas to Empower the
                                                 Rural Women in Coastal Zone of
 57    Muslim Aid - UK                           Food for Disaster Preparedness      2009                   120
                                                 Training Program
 58    Bangladesh NGO Foundation (BNF)           Local Poultry Farming for ultra   2009-2011                550
                                                 poor families
 59    IDE, WorldFish Center & USAID             Dike-cropping Training Support    2009-2010              1000
 60    Muslim Aid - UK                           Dig A Well Project                  2009                  200
 61    Muslim Aid - UK                           Qurbani Program                     2009                  900
 62    SAWAB`                                    Qurbani Program                     2009                   60
 63    Power and Participation Center            Winter cloth blanket distribution   2010                  500
 64    SONNE International Austria               Winter cloths distribution               2010             655
 65    Ministry of Women Affairs & WFP           Vulnerable Group Development             2010-           2240
                                                 (VGD) Program

Cyclone, SIDR -2007- (SMKK –Intervention at a Glance):
Status of Relief and Rehabilitation Program:
Sl.   Source of Fund /           District                 Upazila        No. of                 Items
      Donor                                                             Families
01    Muslim AID -UK       Bagerhat                  Sharonkhola          2100        Distribution of Rice,
                                                     Morelgonj                        Potato, Pulse, Salt,
                                                                                      Blanket, Shari, Lungi,
                                                                                      ORS & Water
02    Muslim AID -UK       Bagerhat, Pirojpur,                           14880        Distribution of Meat
                           Khulna, Barisal,               35 Nos.                     (Per Family 2 kg)
                           Bhola , Barguna &
03    Islamic Relief       Bagerhat                  Sadar Kachua                     Repairing of roads and
      world wide                                     Morellgonj                       other earht work though
                                                     Sharonkhola          3000        cash for work
04    Islamic Relief       Bagerhat                  Sadar Kachua                     Distribution of Meat
      world wide                                     Morellgonj                       (Per Family 2 kg)
                                                     Sharonkhola          6300
05    HOPE-’87 Austria     Pirojpur                  Nesarabad             50         Distribution of Blankets to
                                                                                      the old aged and children
SMKK capacity Profile                       - 10 -
Sl.   Source of Fund /           District               Upazila        No. of              Items
          Donor                                                       Families
06    HOPE-’87 Austria     Bagerhat                  Sharonkhola &      146      Shelter Reconstruction,
                                                     Nesarabad                   Sanitary Latrine &
                                                                                 Hygiene Kits
07    HOPE-’87 Austria     Bagerhat                  Sharonkhola        75       Distribution of Milking
08    HOPE-’87 Austria     Bagerhat                  Sharonkhola        150      Installation of PSF &
                                                     Nesarabad                   Deep Tub-well
09    HOPE-’87 Austria     Barguna                   Sadar & Amtali     100      Distribution of RCC Pillar
                                                                                 for Shelter repairing
10    HOPE-’87 Austria     Pirojpur                  Nesarabad          350      Repairing of Religious
11    Bangladesh NGO       Bagerhat                  Morelgonj          73       Constriction of core
      Foundation                                                                 shelter (one Building per
12    Bangladesh NGO       Bagerhat                  Morelgonj         1250      Repairing of Religious
      Foundation                                                                 Center
13    STROMME              Pirojpur                  Nesarabad          500      Distribution of
      Foundaton &                                                                vegetables seeds to 500
      CODEC                                                                      farmers
14    World Fish Center    Bagerhat                  Sadar             3353      Distribution of fingerlings
      (WFC) & USAID                                  Rampal                      of Galda, Bagda White
                                                     Morelgonj                   Fish Juvenile, Fertilizer,
                                                     Sharonkhala                 Oil Cake, Lime, Cowdung
                                                                                 & etc.
15    BRAC                 Bagerhat                  Rampal             150      Distribution of School
16    Food & Agriculture   Barguna                   Bamna &           30883     Distribution of Seeds of
      Organization UN –                              Betagi                      HYV and Local Amon,
      FAO                                                                        Khesari, Mugbean,
                                                                                 Groundnut, Mustard,
                                                                                 Chili, Black Gram &
17    NGO Forum            Bagerhat                  Mongla             902      Installation of Sanitary
      DWSS & UNICEF                                  Rampal                      Latrine, RWH,
                                                                                 CBRWHS & ORS
18    Mr. Habibur          Bagerhat                  Sharankhola        75       Distribution of
      Rahman                                                                     vegetables Seeds
19    BURO Bangaldesh      Bagerhat                  Rampal             800      Distribution of Rice,
      & Span Embassy                                                             Potato, Pulse, Salt,
                                                                                 Shari, Lungi, ORS
                                                                                 Gamcha, Soap, Oil,
                                                                                 Match lighter,
20    UNDP                 Pirojpur                  Nazirpur           01       Family Shelter
                                                                                 Construction in the
                                                                                 SIDR affected area.
21    World Fish Center    Bagerhat                  Sadar, Kachua,    4083      Distribution of
      (WFC) & USAID                                  Sharankhola                 fingerlings of Galda,
                                                                                 Bagda White Fish
                                                                                 Juvenile, net etc.

SMKK capacity Profile                       - 11 -
Cyclone, AILA -2009- (SMKK –Intervention at a Glance):
Status of Relief and Rehabilitation Program:

Sl    Source of Fund/Donor          District          Upazila       No. of             Items
01    WorldFish Center &        Bagerhat            Bagerhat         4083   Distribution of
      USAID                                         Sadar,                  fingerlings of Galda,
                                                    Kachua,                 Bagda White Fish
                                                    Sharankhola             Juvenile, Net etc.
02    DEMOCRACYWATH             Bagerhat            Mongla                  Distribution of Rice,
                                                                     450    ORS, Water Can,
                                                                            Halogen, Health
03    Mr. Abul Hossain’s        Bagerhat &            Rampal,               Distribution of Rice,
      Family & Friend Circle,   Pirojpur             Nesarabad       560    Beaten Paddy, Treacle,
      Dhanmondi, Dhaka                                                      Salt, Fire box, Saline,
                                                                            Halogen etc.
04                              Bagerhat &          Bagerhat,               Distribution of Rice,
      SMKK Own Fund             Pirojpur            Sharankhola,     250    Pulse, Salt, Soap,
                                                    Nesarabad               Saline & Seeds for poor
05    Mr. Habibur Rahman        Pirojpur &          Nesarabad,       200    Distribution of
      Programme Manager         Bagerhat            Bagerhat                Vegetable Seeds for
      PRACTICAL ACTION                              Sadar                   poor farmers.
06    SMKK won fund             Pirojpur            Nesarabad        200    Distribution of Shari,
                                                                            Lungi, vegetable seeds.
07    Power and Participation   Pirojpur            Nesarabad        500    Winter cloth blankets
      Center (PPRC)                                                         distribution for poor
08    SONNE International       Khulna              Dacope           655    Winter cloth blankets &
                                                                            sweaters distribution

Cooperation and Networking with other Agencies:

SMKK has been implementing different programme through maintaining a strong and cordial
cooperation with National and International Agencies and Forum;
Among others, SMKK has built a strong network with the following organization/bodies
 No       Name of Organization                                                 Category
 01       Credit Development Forum-CDF                                         National
 02       Bangladesh Shisu Adhikar Forum (BSAF)                                National
 03       International Voluntary Services-Bangladesh (IVS),                   National
 04       Climate Change Development Forum (CCDF)                              National
 05       Community Development Centre (CODEC)                                 National
 06       Micro-Credit Regulatory Authority (MRA), Bangladesh Bank             National
 07       NGO Forum for Drinking Water Supply & Sanitation                     National
 08       DEMOCRACYWACH                                                        National
 09       Power and Participation Center (PPRC)                                National
 10       Muslim Aid Bangladesh-U.K                                            International
 11       Micro Credit Summit Campaign. USA                                    International
 12       Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC)                        International
 13       Islamic Relief World-wide                                            International
 14       SONNE International, Austria                                         International
 15       Pro-Poor                                                             International

SMKK capacity Profile                      - 12 -
Organizational Structure and Present Human Resources of the organization:

The sufficient manpower is available and working in the separate and independent discipline
of projects and programs. The management structure and system of management of SMKK is
well-defined and is clearly provided in its Human Resource and Administrative manual. As per
the constitution General Body consisting of 18 members is the highest body of the
organization. They elect 08 Executive Committee (EC) for two year term in Annual General
Meeting. Executive Committee is responsible for day to day policy making and its
implementation. EC appoint a ‘Executive Director’ who is EC Member secretary and Chief
Executive Officer (CEO) of the organization. Executive Director appoint requisites number of
staff Management. There is separate Human Resource Management (HRM) Section headed
by Executive Director to look after HRM issues. Human Resources Management is guided by
an approved Human Resource Management Manual.

SMKK has well infrastructure and decentralized organogram to ensure transparent
management system and accountability. The entire department is leading by competent
personnel having adequate academic background and professional skills.

Professional staff members with extensive experience and specialization in the areas of
agriculture, health, sanitation, nutrition, environment, human rights and good governance,
community development and micro finance management are presently working in SMKK. All
staff members are hard working and sincere to their assignments.

                               Present stuff structure is given below.

  Sl.          Categories of             Core Staff             Project Staff
  No.           Employees             Male         Female     Male        Female
 01         Regular/Permanent                35         18           37         15           105
 02         Temporary                        10         05           39         17            71
 03         Part-time                         -          -           03         04            07
 04         Volunteer                         -          -           22         20            42
            Total                            45         23           91         53           225

Administrative Strength

         Quick Decision Making Process
         Human Resource Department
         Internal Audit Department
         Accounts and Finance Department
         Monitoring and Evaluation Team

SMKK capacity Profile                     - 13 -
Financial Management System:

Financial Management of SMKK is based on the following basic principles

   1.   Transparency
   2.   Accountability
   3.   Access to information by all stakeholders
   4.   Inconformity with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
   5.   Close and regular monitoring
   6.   Internal and external audits
   7.   Incompliance with the law of the financial management

All transaction of the organization is maintained through bank account, which operated, by
joint signature of Executive Director and a Member nominated by the EC. Government
approved accounting system is followed to operate the financial management. Double entry
system is followed regarding maintenance of books of accounts. Accounts of each year is
dully be audited by a certified Chartered Accountant and is placed to the General Body of the
organization for its approval. There is a provision to open separate bank account for each
project as per suggestion of the donor. Monthly financial statement is prepared on regular
basis with its relevant bank reconciliation. Immediate steps are being taken if any dispute
occurs at the branch level. Internal Audit teams are frequently visits the branch office and
keeps close monitoring on the accounts including micro finance operated at the field level.

Planning, Reporting, Monitoring and Evaluation:

SMKK practices participatory approach in project planning. SMKK collect information from
stakeholders through Survey, Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and reflected their opinion
during planning. Beneficiaries are involved in project implementation process.

SMKK has Monitoring and Evaluation section. For monitoring purpose foffowing methods and
tools are in practice at present:
       Field Visit
       Focus Group Discussions with different stakeholders.
       Report Review/
       Monthly and Quarterly staff meeting
       Internal Audit
       Interview with direct beneficiaries.

SMKK conducts mid-term evaluation by its internal evaluation team. The external expert
selected by the funding partners or SMKK EC generally conducts project end evaluation.

SMKK provides report to the funding partners as per the requirements of the contract.
Generally these reports include Progress/Activities Report, Financial Report on monthly or
quarterly basis, Annual Audit Report, Monitoring Report ctc.

SMKK is maintaining the coordination with central and field offices by:

1) Close monitoring through field visit: SMKK has a head office based strong monitoring
   team. They have regular visiting schedule and practicing this schedule very seriously. After
   the visit they prepare a monitoring report and send it to the ED. Then sharing meeting with
   field coordinator arranges and by this way effective implementation of the program
SMKK capacity Profile                  - 14 -
2) Regular coordination meeting: In every quarter, SMKK arrange a coordination meeting
   where all field managers and central office staffs present. Every field manager has
   presented a progress report and after their presentation findings and queries of central
   office have discussed. By this way a good coordination between the field and central office

3) Reporting system: Every project has prepare a monthly progress report and send it to the
   head office. So monthly reporting system also helps to maintain regular coordination.

4) Sufficient communication materials: All field office has sufficient communication
   materials such as mobile phone, land phone and internet facilities where possible. So field
   office managers can communicate with the head office when required. This helps to keep
   close communication that leads effective monitoring.

5) Project wise separate monitoring guideline, tools and strategies: All programs have
   separate monitoring system. According to the guideline concern, head office staffs conduct
   monitoring visit to the field regularly.

Training Facilities of the Organization:

SMKK has its head office in Bagerhat and all field offices in all its working areas. All the offices
are well equipped with modern facilities including space for organizing different trainings. A
well equipped Training Team with a standard venue including OHP enriched the organization
in view of facilities.

Staff Members of SMKK participated in the Training Programme:
  Sl.              Name of Training Courses                   # staff   Organized by
  01    Rural Credit Management                                 20      Grameen Bank & CDF
  02    Family Law, women Issues and Gender Awareness           06      DWA, NGO Forum
  03    Right based development approach & Social               08      International Voluntary
        Movement                                                        Service- IVS
  04    Financial Management & Rc.                              03      Winrock International,
                                                                        TTT, FHI & RTM
  05    Training of PO on School Organization                   02      BRAC
  06    Training of Trainer (TOT)                               13      BRAC & NGO Forum
  07    Training of PO on class room Instruction &              02      BRAC
  08    PRA Tools for Community Action Plan & Hygiene           02      NGO Forum
  09    Aquaculture Technology for pond & rice fish farming     04      IGLARM
  10    Cages Program                                           04      CARE-Bangladesh
  11    NGO Orientation                                         02      DNFP, GOB
  12    Non Formal Education                                    29      DNFE, BRAC & CODEC
  13    Shrimp Farming Management                               01      WorldFish Center
  14    Base line Survey                                        22      Winrock International, World
                                                                        Fish Center & BRAC
  15    Office Management                                       19      IBM, FHI & CODEC
  16    Staff Management                                        22      CDF
  17    Monitoring & Evaluation                                 14      IBM, NGO Forum, BRAC &
  18    TOT Course on Group Formation, Development &            12      GMSP-IADP, BPJB-SHSP Under
        Credit Management                                               DAE, & CODEC
  19    Women & Child Rights                                    11      BSAF
  20    Watsan, Arsenic, AIDS                                   07      NGO Forum & BNF

SMKK capacity Profile                   - 15 -
  Sl.                Name of Training Courses                  # staff   Organized by
  21     Aquaculture Rehabilitation Project                      17      WorldFish Center/USAID
  22     Routine Maintenance Program                             08      WFP & BWDB
  23     Agriculture Technology Transfer Project                 02      ATTP/TTT & Winrock
  24     Irrigation & Water Management                           03      RDA & NGO Forum
  25     Maize Cultivation & Soil Testing                        03      Winrock International
  26     Health & Nutrition                                      09      FHI, Proshika, NGO Forum &
                                                                         Dept. of Family Planning
  27     Post Literacy Planning and Management                   02      CODEC
  28     Religious Leader, Teacher & Health Worker               02      NGO Forum
  29     Sanglap Animator Training                               11      CODEC STROMMEE
  30     Disaster Management                                     14      World Food Program-WFP
                                                                         World Fish Center
  31     Making earthen oven                                     02      Gtz


  Sl. No        Particulars                          Number   Occupancy     Remarks
  01            Television                           02       Own           May be increased
  02            White Board, Black Board etc.        22       Own           May be increased
  03            Fishing nets etc.                    04       Own           May be increased
  04            VCP                                  02       Own           May be increased
  05            Computer                             06       Own           May be increased
  06            Telephone                            04       Own           May be increased
  07            Mobile                               06       Own           May be increased
  08            Photocopier                          01       Own           May be increased
  09            Video Camera                         02       Own           May be increased
  10            Camera Ordinary                      03       Own           May be increased
  11            Overhead Project                     01       Own           May be increased
  12            Hand Mike                            02       Own           May be increased
  13            Flip Board                           06       Own           May be increased
  14            Magic Board                          10       Own           May be increased
  15.           Soil Testing Kit                     01       Own           May be increased
  16.           Moisture Meter                       01       Own           May be increased
  17.           Sheller                              01       Own           May be increased
  18.           Nomad Water Purification             01       Own           May be increased

Transport Facilities of the Organization:

                                                    Number Available
       Sl. No      Type of Vehicle                                                    Total
                                                 Own              Rented
  01.             Car                             01                 --                01
  02.             Motor Cycle                     06                 --                06
  03              By Cycle                        72                 --                72
  04.             Van                             02                 --                02

SMKK capacity Profile                       - 16 -
Banking Information: SMKK:
   (a) Account Operation: Operated by any two signatures of the Chairman /Executive
       Director / E.C. Member or others authorized by Executive Committee Sheba Manab
       Kallyan Kendra-SMKK

   (b) Particulars of the Accounts : SMKK

   Sl.             Name of Bank               Branch & Address              Account No.
  01        Janata Bank Limited          Rail Road Branch, Bagerhat       CA-1748

Audit Information of SMKK:

SMKK enlisted this audit farms by selection of NGO Affairs Bureau and Micro credit Regulatory
Authority, Bangladesh Bank.

  Sl      Name of Audit Farm                                      Year
  01      Rahman Anis & Co.                                       2007
  02      Rahman Anis & Co.                                       2008
  03      Rahman Anis & Co.                                       2009

M. Manjur Kadir
Executive Director
Sheba Manab Kallyan Kendra (SMKK)
Cell No. +88- 01740912416, 01713419957

SMKK capacity Profile                - 17 -

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